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My Argument For Fimfiction Thumbs Up/Thumbs Down Disabling · 9:14am February 5th

I made it clear how much I hated the gimmick from the very beginning, and this short rebuttal below was a response to a friend regarding their own opinion on the subject. I respect his and anyone elses' opinions. However, I'm putting my foot down regarding the subject in question:

"I must respectfully disagree on all points; I find the likes/dislike ratio a contradiction to what the fandom should be about, and an excuse for trolls to take advantage of. Criticism I accept when people comment on my stories, telling me what I've done wrong and offering suggestions for improvement rather than just leaving a dislike and keeping the writer wondering where they went wrong. Communication is key.

I find it's better for people to dive headfirst into a story by their own indulging and curiosity, rather than be driven away by likes and dislikes. The ratio gimmick is just discouraging to write; I don't write my stories to be judged, I write them for my own passion. My entertainment. It's up to people who bother taking a read and leaving comments, but in the end, what matters is what the writer wants to do. If people want to dislike a story, they can just say what they think's wrong and be done with it.

Leaving a down thumb on a story without any explanation isn't criticism. And not everyone can handle criticism; some write and read stories because they enjoy it, not to succumb under stress."

No one should feel expected of anything for writing their stories. Do them in your own time. Write them your own way. If people want to criticize they can just express what they think should be improved rather than leave you in the dark. Nothing will change if all readers do is leave a dislike without any clarification so the the author can learn.

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Comments ( 24 )

Count me in. Tis not a professional publishing house, yet some get on their high horse, booing down others' work (offered everypony for free), yet providing no actual criticism (constructive and helpful). Even then, every judgement is subjective...

I'd say, allowest them put thumbs up/down... but after leaving a comment ONLY. Although, tis can't eliminate inane comments like "Thou suck!" unfortunately. Yet that may provide some sort of protection against lazy "boo-neighers".

Preach brother, PREACH. ✊✊✊

I strongly agree with you. I read a bunch of stories years ago but recently I felt like reading them again because I loved then but when I found them they had a lot of dislikes and I wonder why people dislike these stories when they were really good.

Same. I feel it's just trolls. My first story stressed me out at first with dislikes coming left and right before many people gave me support. πŸ˜‹

Just wait, someone's gonna come here and dislike EVERY comment here. 😝

I personally don't have a strong opinion one way or another. However I will refute one of the many good and well thought out points you made. The likes and dislike mechanic can be used for improvement. As I write I often experiment with different styles, ways, and even outright gimmicks to expand my own style. The like and dislike mechanic, when you look at those numbers alongside traffic data can give a good idea of what a writer can do successfully and what perhaps needs to be retooled or taken in another direction. The only other point I wish to make is that not everyone is comfortable criticizing another's work, either because of shyness, or a lack of faith in their own ability. Hell, sometimes I will drop a like on a story merely because I don't have time to shot out a reply. We all have busy lives, after all. But they do know what they dislike and like. So the mechanic when looked at over all written stories of a specific author can provide information and allows for a certain opportunity to self critique.
There will always be trolls, I personally love them, they make the cutest faces when they get so butt hurt over something stupid. But, as always I say this all with respect and acknowledge that you're opinion is just as valid as my own. Just wanted to weigh in myself.

Thank you for a respectful rebuttal. Though I can't bring myself to see the like/dislike ratio in any positive light, I could see why others prefer it. Have a nice day!

You have a nice day too. Thank you for a well thought out and respectful statement, it is always a joy to read such things.

Just here to help out the community. Love the Sombra/Radiant art! That's a canon ship in my main fic. :twilightsmile:

Just waiting for that 100th like, it's driving me BANANAS. β˜ΊπŸ™ƒβ˜ΊπŸ™ƒβ˜ΊπŸ™ƒ

Yeah, I was Sombra for way to long in my own life. Fortunately my own Radiant Hope found me. Discord and Fluttershy works too. :raritywink:

I'm glad. One day I'll hope to find my own Twilight. XD

So very much this. There's occasions where I know why a story of mine has been downvoted, but there's plenty of others where I feel they've just been downvoted because the person responsible is being a jerk. I had a couple stories that were never downvoted for years, only to get one downvote each after I pointed it out in a journal. If that isn't evidence of someone being a jerk just for the sake of it, I don't know what is.

Hither, thou hast it now *insert generous Luna emote here*


Now thou can hit the Good HiE group with thy story :raritywink:


Oh-oh, is that spot still open?

For anyone who gets a dislike moments after putting their story in a folder, say 'Aye'...


I know. It's been in Submissions for MONTHS.

*applauds* very, very well said

"I must respectfully disagree on all points." That's always a good way to start a response :pinkiehappy:

I write them for my own passion. My entertainment.

And other people read them for their own entertainment. That's the whole point in sharing stuff online.

Leaving a down thumb on a story without any explanation isn't criticism.

It's as much criticism as saying "l don't like your story." which is not constructive, but certainly criticism. With some stories, it would be faster to list what isn't wrong with it, rather than the other way round.

And not everyone can handle criticism

Tough. But it's like I said above, that's what you get, when you share your stuff with others, especially strangers, who might not care a whole lot about your feelings. Maybe grow a thicker skin? Or improve your writing so the praise/criticism ratio tilts more the other way?

I don't know how many low-effort/low-quality fics get uploaded here everyday, but from my gut feeling, it's a lot.
Having a like/dislike or any kind of rating system in place helps sift through the dregs and find the gems that are truly worth noticing, which would otherwise get buried in the trash. Featuring some stories on the front page is there for the same reason.
My original comment was somewhat longer, but my browser crashed while I was writing it, so I cut things short.

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