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If you were thrown into a world of technicolor ponies, what would you do? For the lone human Anonymous, he'll discover the insane and wacky world of Equestria after being whisked away from Earth via portal. With a few interesting side effects, Anon will go on a quest to remember his past while also learning about friendship...and all that fruity stuff.

"Mysterious alien-like being to ponykind equals riveting tale."
~The Gracious Articuno

"Watch how he dominates animals with this one weird trick!"

"Kind of slice of life. I can just keep reading."

And before you BLINDLY hit the 👎, read THIS please.

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In your still groggy state, you dash through the woods, heart pumping, zigzaging past trees hoping to lose this Pokemon wannabe only to realize you attracted TWO MORE of these creatures. Your hands begin to feel like they're on fire again.

Lol, Pokémon wannabe for sure, a grass dark type Mighteyena I would guess

Lol. But tbh the upcoming film does look promisingly funny. Like they KNOW they're stupid.

it's a really good story, especially I liked the references.

Thanks. Glad you like it. I'm trying to give a bit of a Deadpool vibe in the story.

"And I'm WAAAAY funnier than him!":pinkiehappy:

Это одно из лучших произведений, которые я читал на этом сайте. Продолжай в том-же духе. Жду продолжение)

Now Anon tells them about the bird being the word (Curse you, Family Guy.)

Ha! Let's hope Pinkie doesn't come across that song.

Teen Titans Go has always known it's a failure. They've even made like 4 episodes just acknowledging how shitty the show is.

Anyway, good so far but the chapters are a little small....hoping this turns into a 100k story though

Randommm super powers but OK

I was planning on making 24 chapters and a few sequel stories, but I have lots of stories to tell. /)

Actually she has.

Much to Twilight and Applejack's dismay.

Comment posted by DAMN HAMSTER deleted Aug 1st, 2018
Comment posted by 23 KM To Nerdiness deleted Jan 8th, 2019

The Dragonlands?! Quick! To the Peterang!

Why am I getting dislikes with every single chapter? Did I do something wrong?

No my friend, you aren't doing anything wrong, there are sadly just some retarded assholes that are only on this site to be haters and down vote every story they see, it is not your fault that they are gutless dicks, i think your story is great

You know, this is the second story where I'm wondering if something in the story happens because of a comment I made.

your next line is "so what planet are you from" right?

Though I will admit, I'm a little sad that she didn't utilize the newspaper

Damn it I have to say it "D'awwwwwww!"

HAHAHAHA "The best layed plans of Mice and Men!" Indeed :rainbowlaugh:

I wonder if Silverstream has something of a schedule for stupidity. Like, Anon is driven to the point of sarcastically asking her if she has to be stupid somewhere else, and her innocent response about said time takes him aback.

I think Deadpool would disagree on that.

“Most certainly my friend.”


“Yep here in the metaphysical flesh so to speak.”

What, no Peterdactyl? Kidding. Besides, the Peterang would allow you to be their for a brief moment.

That was a nice chapter, sweet and tender moment at the end there.

THe Ttitle is confusing, is this the end of the story or just an End of this part?

Either way Loved the chapter and the tender moment twords the end there :pinkiehappy:

To quote Trixie:
"It's a working title."
Was just thinking about it actually. Lol

FIRST (For Once)

So are you planning to Continue with a Sequal off the bat? or do you have another story in mind?

I plan on making a few spin-off stories of its own book (currently working on Halloween chapter), and a sequel book. In the meantime, I'm gonna work on a Button Mash fic and a few Pinkie-Pool chapters.

Button Mash Fic? Romance or Adventure?

Also I have yet to read Pinkie-pool, Though I know I am gonna catch the Crazy when I do :pinkiecrazy:


Sweet I will give it a read once I get the chance :pinkiehappy:

Enjoyable. And you gave a reason for Anon's powers, albeit not a good one in my mind (still glad there's a valid reason tho). And I'm chuckling at the little comedy bits I see. Probably going to favorite this fic after I finish it.

Not everyone likes Anon in Equestria stories. Some do, but some don't. Assume half of them are from people who assume this is just a shitty AiE story and they didn't bother reading. Or maybe they don't like something really tiny. Focus on the downvotes and let them inspire you to write better. Or just write for fun and don't give two shits about what others rate it. Write it for you and the others that enjoy it. Just don't drop a story because it isn't popular.

(all the 1k+ upvote stories have been here for years accumulating the votes)

Cliqued, I know

Clichéd is the word you're looking for.



"Roll credits!!!"

Cinemasins: Damnit pinkie that's my line

"Whew, I thought those things for some sort of strange cult. I should know better, ponies like Starlight wouldn't do such a thing, right...?"

Damnit me

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