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A DnD dungeon master, artist, writer, and avid entertainment enthusiast. I also happen to like stretching the ol’ noodle.

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I’m LIVE!!! I can write! · 9:40pm Oct 22nd, 2020

So it’s been a good fat minute since I’ve updated on my situation. Went through a period where I had $0 on my bank account for a solid month, rescued a puppy, built a barbwire fence for a horse pasture, and FINALLY my fiancé has a job! We’re doing fine, living paycheck to paycheck, but we can pay all our bills while saving up a hundred here and there for emergencies. It took a long time, but I think I’ve reached the point where I’m comfortable and low enough stress to begin writing again. No

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To whom it may concern,
someone in this community has lost their father in the last weeks. Their name is Lord Of Dorkness, and as I understand the situation, he is a good person who thankfully doesn't SEEM as badly hit as one could be by his fate.

I thank you from the bottom of my heart, you who says to him, as you would like to be said upon yourself in his situation.

Thank you.

My plan is to finish it whenever I am able, but over the past few weeks/few months I have been burdened with things I’ll get into when I am able to make a blog post.

Im just here to say that I love the anon fillies concept to death and i'd love to see it completet.
If that won't happen anytime soon, then I will stay until you can! Cudosl

What's a bagel?
*Looks it up*
Oooh. It's a bread! Do you want some bread?
No? Ok.

Thanks for the favorite, hope you enjoy my other works too ;)

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