Anonymous And The Nightingale

by Thunder Wolf

First published

Anon asks out Rainbow Dash, only to be shot down

Anon Has His Heartbroken For The Last Time, And Now Ponyville Sees How Much They've Hurt Him. During One Of His Bar Exploits Anon Meets A Bat Pony That Goes By The Name Nightingale.

The Day That We Changed Him

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"W-What did you say, Anon?" Rainbow Dash said with the most shocked and dumbfounded look that you've seen. You grab and tug nervously at the insides of your pants pockets,

"I love you Rainbow, I have for a long time now and I felt that since today is Hearts and Hooves day...It was the perfect time to ask you." You looked on at Rainbow, still wearing a look of massive confusion her face until she gave you a look of sympathy"On no." You thought,

"I'm sorry Anon, but I can't date you. You're just not a-a pony and I need a stallion that's athletic, somepony to keep up with me. I'm not trying to hurt you but you don't really fit the athletic type."

"So that's why?"

"Yeah....I'm sorry but I just don't see you like that." Your mind and body were brimming with sadness as you contemplated ways you could hopefully change her mind, even though her mind is made up. Looking down at the ground on the brink of tears, you grab the shattered remnants of your heart, humility and pride. You then made your way out of her home,

"Anon wait, we can still be friends right?" She said wrapping her hoof around your left arm, upon feeling her soft fur make contact with your naked skin sent a shiver down your spine as you turned to her. As you looked down at her you became lost in her features, those big beautiful magenta eyes, her rainbow colored mane and tail, and that cute little nose. Mustering a fake smile you respond to her question,

"Y-Yeah of course, Rainbow Dash." When she heard your answer she gave a smile.

"Cool, and not to sound rude or anything but I have to get to go to work for a night shift, aaand I'm kinda running late." You nodded and opened the door to leave, during the short trip over to Twilight's hot air balloon, thoughts ran through your head,

"Why can't she see past the fact that I'm human? Am I really that repulsive to her? Will she ever love me?"

"Anon!" Twilight shouted waving, you took a seat as she began to feed the hot air balloon with the much needed fire.

"How'd it go? What'd she say?" Twi asked while tending to the balloon,

"She said no." This made Twilight's ears fall to the side of her head as she turned around,

"I'm sorry, a-are you okay?"

"Yeah, I'm fine. But, can you drop me off at the bar instead, I could use a drink."

"Sure." The ride was about 5 minutes but the lingering thoughts that plagued you made it seem exponentially longer. Once you got to the bar, Twilight rested a hoof on your shoulder,
"Take it easy, Anon."

"No problem." You said rather flately, as you step into the bar. The bar keep turns around when he hears you sit on the stool,

"What can I get ya?" He asked cleaning out a cup with a magically manipulated cloth.

"Strongest whiskey you got."

"Comin' right up." He says levitating a bottle of whiskey over to a shot glass.

"Leave the bottle,"

"Well, now. Sounds like your drinking to forget."

"Oh, trust me I am. How much is a bottle?"

"37 bits." You set down the bits, grabbed the bottle and made your way towards a dimly lit booth on the right side of the main entrance. You took off the cap of the poison but before you could indulge in it, you heard a certain tomboyish laugh that you had come to love.

"Soarin stop!" She said playfully while slugging Soarin with a hoof. From what Rainbow Dash told you, Soarin was a member of the Wonderbolts. After he rubbed the spot Dash punched, Soarin then proceeded to take his hoof and slid it down her back to her plot. She reacted by turning her head with a lustful look in her eyes, then she kissed him on the lips. When they broke from each other's lip lock, Rainbow Dash opened her eyes to see you staring at them both with the flickering light of the booth giving a sinister tone to the already malevolent face you were shooting at them. Seeing that blue angel you fell in love with kissing with that pie obsessed fuckwit ignited a bitter, resentful, rage inside of you, you didn't feel sad and heartbroken anymore. Then, Dash spoke,

"A-Anon what are you doing here?" This made Soarin give you a quizzical look. You stayed silent while taking a swig of the whiskey, putting the bottle down, you look back up at them.

"Don't worry about that. How was the night shift?" You say flately. That remark made Rainbow's eyes widen. Fed up with sitting through this awkward "Mexican Standoff", you got up and spoke aloud so that everypony in the bar could hear you, "Hey Soarin, good job buddy! I thought you just loved pies not mares but awesome work getting the most sexy and amazing pegasus mare in all of Equestria! Well, that's what I thought her." Your loud sarcastic tone got everypony's attention. "I mean what was I expecting, I'm a human and she's a pony?! Yep, that's it isn't it? Anon: a scrawny, pitiful, ape; that's what I am!" That made everypony gasp. Rainbow Dash was on the verge of tears at the sight of her devastated and distraught friend. Soarin saw her eyes glazing over and decided enough was enough. He flew towards you,

"Listen up Anonymous, I don't know what happened between the two of you, but I do know that if you make her cry I will kick your ass!"

"You know what? To hell with love, to hell with holidays, to hell with friends!" This made silence fall upon the whole bar, you lost all control and like a dying star, all the anger burned out of you, only to be replaced by repressed sadness and the tears streamed freely down your cheeks, "Do you know what I've been through?! Huh?! Do you?! Ever since I have come here, I have been loveless! Every Hearts And Hooves' Day, every Hearth's Warming Eve! Alone! I took up dating, but that was a monumental failure, every date couldn't get to 3 minutes when ponies found out it was with me! So guess what, fuck all of you!" You screamed at them all. With no more words, you crumbled to your knees with everypony trying to comfort you, pushing them back, you snarled, "Stay away from me." And with the whiskey bottle in your grip, you ran home never turning to look back.

The Sound Of Silence

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When you returned home, you collapsed out of grief and heartache. Slamming your fist into ground repeatedly until it begun to hurt, you let out a wail of pure sadness as you thought of Rainbow, you wept and wept on the floor. As you lie heartbroken, you replayed of all the painful moments you had gone through during your fruitless attempts at dating, to name a few, Spitfire, Vinyl Scratch, Lyra, Bon Bon, Hell, out of desperation, you decided to try and date Derpy. But you later found out that she was invested in that Doctor Whooves. After your pitiful grieving process was completed, you took an oath to yourself, pledging that you would give these ponies the feeling of rejection and what it feels like to hit rock bottom. The morning that followed, you sat on your couch while sipping on the bottle of whiskey. It stung as the liquid snaked it's way down your throat, you paid no mind as guzzled it all down. Suddenly a knock came through on your door, reluctantly you got onto your feet. It was a bit of a challenge due to the massive intake of alcohol you were putting into your system. You looked through the eyehole of your door, only to see all the ponies of Ponyville behind it, "Fuck That." You say turning to walk back to your couch. But before you could however, Twilight uses her magic to unlock and open your door. You rub your eyes and groan.

"Anon, can we talk?" She said.

"No, go home."Then, you heard her voice.

"Anon please, I'm sorry for lying to you, just talk to us. Things will be different I promise." Dash's voice made you turn around so quick, you almost fell out of drunken stupor. Here you are, drunk and emotionally broken and she just says "Sorry." You had enough, regaining your balance, you put on a face of intoxicated malice. Then, with venom dripping of off every word, you gave her your answer.

"I have been emotionally trampled by these ponies over and over, including yourself, and you just come here and say you're fucking SORRY?!" Rainbow Dash's ears fell, but she got defensive and shouted back at you,

"I'm sorry you got rejected, but you already know that happens every now and then!"

"Every now and then?! Dash that shit happened all the damn time!"

"Why do you even care about dating anyway, were friends never enough?"

"It's because I couldn't fucking stand it, every goddamned day one of you came to me talking about how you met this awesome stallion! Meanwhile, I'm pouring my heart out, only to have it thrown away!"

"You've dated before right? Another human?"

"NO!! I've never even had my first kiss. Why do you think I drink so much to the point to where I make Berry Punch look a lightweight?! Things weren't any better on earth, as a man you had to act like an asshole just to get a fucking pubic hair of a chance with a woman! Believe it or not, I've drunken so much alcohol, that my liver is teetering on the point of total failure! I drink whiskey and vodka not because I am an alcoholic, but because it's strong enough to help provide a temporary relief to the absolute shame, disgust, and self-pity I have for myself!" You were huffing from the massive barrage of words you gave them. Fluttershy emerged from the crowd,

"I-Is this true Anonymous?" Lifting up the bottle, you growled,

"What do you think?" Almost immediately the citizens of Ponyville began to apologize, but there were so many ponies speaking at once, that you couldn't make out what the were saying, "Oh Shut The Fuck Up!" Silence befell them immediately "This whole time you all rejected and belittled me, never once bothering to say sorry to me, but now that you have seen the actions I secretly take part in, you wanna hit with me a barrage of half-assed apologies? Fuck off." You say grabbing the door handle, "And get the fuck off of my property!" You screamed, slamming the door. Slowly but surely you heard the sound of slow hoofsteps Good riddance, you turned and plopped into your couch. You took a sip of the bottle, only to find that it was empty. Oh well, deciding it was time to start the day, you stumbled into your kitchen, still drunk. You rummaged through your cabinets, until you found a box of oatmeal. Reaching to turn the stove on, you pull your hand back. "Maybe oatmeal can wait until I sober up. Don't wanna turn my house into a bonfire."

*Meanwhile At Twilight's Castle*

The mane six were the ones to take you words the hardest. Once they made it into the castle, they stood frozen, statuesque, the silence broke however when Pinkie's hair deflated and the color of her fur had grown dull, then she let out a few whimpers. Failing to stifle her sadness, she let her barely suppressed sobs, which was followed by her crying. But Pinkie wasn't the only one, Rarity, Fluttershy, Twilight, and Applejack soon followed suit. They're sorrowful wails enveloped the castle. After the wailing had died down to soft crying and sniffling, Rainbow Dash shakily spoke,

"I-I-I didn't know what he was going through. I hurt him so much." Twilight hears her and lifts her head to respond with a choked voice,

"No Dash, we did this to him, everypony did this to him. All he ever wanted was a pony to help him feel special, like we did with our coltfriends. We got greedy and neglected our friend the attention he desperately needed. We failed to see that he was a more than a human to us, Anon always helped with our problems and what does he get from us for appreciation? Nothing but heartbreak." Suddenly Rainbow Dash felt weak, her eyes were welling up, and her throat ached. And finally, she lost her composure and collapsed, her wail of sadness started off low until it built up into a full cry.

Today, Silence Befalls Ponyville, No Colts And Fillies Playing, No Shopping, Only The Citizens Of Ponyville Silently Grieving For Their Lost Friend. A Friend Of Which They Never Realized How Much They Cherished And Cared For Until Now....


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In the months that followed, drinking at the bar became your only pastime after your working hours. Once you were finished at work, you would come here, have a drink and leave. The bartender, Moonshine, was the best guy to speak with while you were consuming his stock at an immeasurable rate. You often talked about your work experiences, like weird friends that hang out a lot, yet, still don't know each other that well. Today, he retold the story about the time a stallion walked into the bar and came out so drunk he was saying that " Queen Chrysalis was hiding out in his attic and lived off of his love, also jelly donuts." Why jelly donuts? You had no clue, but the story random enough to make Moonshine nearly drop the glass mug while he told the tale. During your laughing fit, the bar door creaked open, only to reveal a pony. What really made her catch your attention, was the armour that graced her body, it possessed a color of midnight blue, equipped with a crescent moon gracing the helmet and shoulder plates.

"Hey there, Nightingale." Moonshine greeted, it seemed that he knew her.

"Hey, Moonshine." She said, returning the greeting. Walking up to a stool stationed next to you, Nightingale took a seat. Sliding her a full mug from across the table, Moonshine asked,

"How was work?" Nightingale sighed and took off her helmet, and let's just say that she was not the gruffy and tomboyish type. She had a visibly lustrous navy blue coat, it was easy to identify that her coat was more fluffy than that of a normal pony coat, her eyes had reptilian pupils. The color of her mane, tail, and eyes were defined by a magnificent sapphire. Last, but not least, her ears and mouth were especially different, her teeth, sharp and glistening and her ears sporting a knife like point at the tip. All in all, Nightingale was not like the others, but, will she... You shook your head vigorously to knock some sense into yourself. Seriously, what are you thinking? Here you are, saying that you won't let the same things happen to yourself ever again, but here you are already thinking about dating this mare, Good job Anonymous.

"I just got fired, I fell asleep during a 24 hour shift and my CO (Commanding Officer) caught wind of it and ejected me on the spot. Now I have no way to pay for my home, so I thought I could live with you until I get back on my hooves."

"Sorry, but I don't make enough bits to support two ponies, let alone, pay for this place. You haven't asked anypony here in Ponyville?"

"Of course I did, ponies are still scared of bat ponies, so "Can I live at your place" instantly translates to "Let me live with you so I can kill you in your sleep." Man she's got it rough. In a way she reminded you of yourself when you first arrived here, scaring everypony witless. Maybe you could let her crash at your place, just to help her out. But where was she gonna sleep? While you were pondering possible places she could reside in your home, you remembered a room door across from yours, strange as it may seem, you never really went in there. Before you could ask her if she would like to stay with you, she speaks to Moonshine, "Well, thanks for the drink, Shiny, see you later." She turned and hopped down from the barstool, you stopped her before she could leave,

"Wait! You could crash at my place just until you could get situated." After you finished your words, Nightingale turned to look at you with those luminescent sapphire gems,

"Really? You'd do that for me? But, I have no way to pay you."

"It's fine, I wouldn't be able to sleep at night knowing you're out there in the cold with no shelter. Especially since Hearth's Warming Eve is in a few weeks." Slowly Nightingale's face shifted to a smile, a sharp and slightly intimidating smile, but a smile nonetheless.

"Thank you so much. Honestly, I don't know what I would have done if you hadn't shown up."

"No problem, it's getting late so we best get going before it becomes cold."

"I hear you loud and clear um, what's your name by the way?"

"Anonymous, Anon for short."

"Alright then, Anon, let's go." Walking up to the door, you pushed it open for her. Your actions elicited an,

"Oooh, what a gentlecolt." From Nightingale. During the walk to your home, you conversed with her about your interests and hobbies, the basics. Upon reaching your doorstep, your pull the keys out of your back pocket and unlock the front door.

"Follow me." You told her as you made your way over to room you never explored.
After you got to the door, you wrapped your hand around the knob and opened the door to reveal a bed, a nightstand, a dresser, and a lamp. That was more than you bargained for, that's for sure.

"Hey, this is a nice room. Oh, could you show me to the bathroom. I need to take a shower."

"Of course, it's that last door down on the right end of the hallway."

"Awesome, and can I just say that not many ponies would do something like this for me, so what you've given me here really means a lot."

"It wasn't a problem. And let me just say that I know what you've been through.
With ponies fearing your presence and all."

"Yep, that's for sure. But ponies have always been so reluctant to accept other species. I just thought that with Luna's return, things would change."

"Yeah I know how you feel."

"Anyway, I need to jump in the bathtub. This armor causes me to sweat so much." And with that, she turned around and the sound of bath water came into play. Well, you should start on dinner, she was probably hungry.

*30 Minutes Later*

You set down a serving of hay fries for Nightingale, while you put down a burger for yourself. You had bought your meat from griffons since you hated fruits and vegetables.

"Mmmm, is that a burger I smell?" Nightingale made her way into the kitchen and sat at her side of the table. "Anon, what is this?" You looked up at her,

"Hay fries?" Nightingale gave you a look of pure terror,

"Ugh, I hate fruits, vegetables and especially cheap imitations of good food."

"Well, I guess you'll just have to wait until tomorrow."

"Anon, look, you left the oven on." You looked at the oven to see that the coils weren't even close to orange. Turning around to face her, you quickly came to the realization that you've played yourself.

"Where's my burger?" Belching, she gave you an ear to ear grin,

"Wow, Anon. You sure do know how to cook." Hell, it may have cost you and your stomach a delicious burger, but that smile had enough calories to give you heart disease.