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Zach, the Lone Wanderer, just returned after clearing out an alien mothership. With him, he brought some pretty interesting technology. After selling it off to Craterside Supplies's very own Moira Brown, the scientist/engineer/possibly-slightly-entirely insane woman tinkers around. Soon, she's off to a place full of new things to force her experiments on...

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After the Timberwolf accident where Spike saved her life, Applejack suffers muscle damage in her hoof. Her pride keeps her from admitting it and she continues to work. This all stops when Spike pays a visit and witnesses her work herself a bit to hard trying to prove she's alright. He decides to care for her and she ruefully agrees to it. But as the days go by, something more starts to bloom between the dragon and the farmer.

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This story is a sequel to Past Sins

Hearth's Warming is a time for friends and family to come together, celebrate harmony, and welcome the new year. Nyx is looking forward to just this as she rides the train to Canterlot with Spike and Twilight. She's going to meet her extended family for the first time and wants nothing more than to make a good impression. Yet, the sheen of the holidays can't hide the trouble caused by meddling grandparents, relentless reporters, and a paranoid uncle.

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This story is a sequel to Memory Pending

The story of Moon Mender continues after his dream of an ending ceases. He continues his struggle to belong in a world so far divorced from the only other experience he can remember, but as an outsider of truly alien mindset, will he ever be able to find a place in Equestria? More importantly, will the life he left behind give up on its death grip so easily? The most important thing to remember is that things are rarely as they seem and sometimes, some things are better off forgotten.

This story is a direct sequel to Memory Pending. Without having read that, this story might be a little strange to most, which is frightening considering how strange it is already. It can be read as a standalone story of course, but you won't get the most out of it.

Further, I’m fully aware that not everypony enjoys more mature themes, so any scenes containing things of an M rated nature shall only be released in a separate story when the time comes. This story deals with more mature themes on a whole, as a warning. This version will do its best to censor the really sensual or graphic content out, of course.

Last but not least, this story has reached this final format through combined efforts of not just myself, but many a helpful pony along the way! Here’s an abbreviated list of those involved and the rolls they played:
Kiroberos – Author (Obviously)
Julia – Editor (Corrections, Grammar, and Flow)
Azu – Beta Reader (Corrections, Flow) (Until Chapter 35)
ExplosiveBrohoof – Beta Reader (Grammar) (Until Chapter 22)
Muffinking – Beta Reader (Corrections, Grammar) (Until Chapter 22)
All of my readers for being amazing, supportive, and best of all, enjoying the world we read and write about.

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A slightly more realistic take on the "Human in Equestria" story concept.

... For a given value of "realistic."

Okay, it's barely realistic but it is a hell of a lot of fun...

Now with an image graciously provided by Page Turner, and an audiobook version narrated by multifanficaday and if you prefer it in German, FrankyDoodle has got you covered!

And a TVTropes Page!

Last Featured: 11/26/2019! Thank you so much!

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After a horrible accident, Twilight Sparkle falls into a deep coma. Will Twilight wake up? Will anything ever be the same?

Chapters (11)

You, a young human living in Canterlot, have never fit in with anyone. It's been years since you were found in Equestria, and you've become a small outcast in this world of ponies. Hiding away from everyone, you find solace in another strange being, a weird black bug-like filly that calls herself Chrysalis.

Chapters (14)

After watching another majestic night, Twilight is told to make a wish because wishing on a star always grants wishes. She refuses. After all, it's only an old pony's tale. Climbing into bed, she has a strange dream, yet little does she know, dreams are the desires and wishes of the heart. Upon her waking, she may just find that the stars are rather lenient in their rules and methods.

New installments are on a weekly schedule. Updates most likely to take place on Friday/Saturday CT. Occasionally I may do a surprise Monday update as well. Until then! Ciao and enjoy!

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Mort, also known as the Pale Pony (of Death), has been tasked to take time off from his rigorous duties of reaping souls. Seeking guidance, he is directed towards the town of Ponyville, to learn about the magic of friendship from Twilight Sparkle and her friends. All he needs to do is keep his true nature a secret. That shouldn't be too difficult...right?

Special thanks to Specter-Von-Baren and Pyrite Foolsgold for their help in proofreading and editing this story, as I really needed it. Additional thanks to Pilate, Chuckle5, Unimpressive Vagaries and Admiral Biscuit as well! Couldn't have done it without all their help!

Credit for the title card goes to Siansaar, AKA Carnifex.

For another excellent take on Mort, check out Sip's version!

Chapters (14)

Twilight wakes up and finds out that she's changed back into a filly! What kind of trouble will she get into? How will her friends react?

Chapters (7)