• Published 2nd Dec 2012
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Just Like You - TechyConversant

A lonely young human finds a friend in another outcast, a black bug-filly named Chrysalis.

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Chapter 2 - Promises

*ring ring ring*

Off goes the lunch bell All the colts and fillies get up from their seats. They grab their lunches from the cubbies, and rush outside. The picnic tables fill up quickly. At this point, Cadenza would happily trot over to you.

'Anon, come sit with me!' She would say.

That is of course, if you attended school today. But you didn't, so you'd have to imagine this is what's going on. Walking through the royal gardens is much more peaceful. You grip your apple and take a large bite. Always delicious. You have plenty more, too, so you feel free to enjoy them. You had to bring enough for two, again. Not one to go back on promises, it's time to make good on what you said to Chrissy.

"I'll come by every day..." You softly recollect. Maybe she'll ease up after the first 10-20 days.

The entrance of the Labyrinth appears in front of you once again. You may as well install a ramp leading here from your bedroom. As you have before, and are sure to do many more times, you enter. Left, right, right, left, straight, left...like clockwork. The visage of the Princesses comes into view, in it's stone glory. As does the stone bench you love so much. Well, most of it. This time it happens to feature a small black ball with green mane. Upon closer inspection, it's Chrissy, fast asleep. Not the most comfortable place to sleep, you'd imagine. Well, it's not like you haven't slept there before. Who're you to judge?

Careful not to wake her, you take a seat on the other end of the slab. Pulling another apple out of your pocket, you take a bite. The crunch was a bit louder than you expected. Evident by the stirring changeling to your right.

"Mmnnhh..." It lives.

She rolls onto her back and stretches out her holey hooves. "Not yet...5 more minutes..."


"Alright then, more apples for me."

That wakes her up. She shoots upright, happily standing on the slab.

"Anon!" If she was a dog, you could swear she'd be wagging her tail. She almost is. "WHAT TOOK YOU SO LONG?!?"

Stamping her hoof on the bench, you turn to her unamused. "I'm here pretty early, you know. Usually you have to wait until school lets out."

"Oh, scho~ol, I'm sure." She giggles lightly. "Anything for me?"

You reach into your goodies and pull our her prize. The shiniest, reddest, most delicious apple of the bunch. At least that's what she thinks. She sits down and opens her mouth.


Really? You bring your near trademark deadpan stare. After a few seconds, she notices the distinct lack of apple in front of her.

"Come on, gimme!"

"Get it yourself." You hold the apple up, and she outright refuses.


"Then you don't get an apple."

"Nnnnnn...." She makes this noise that's a cross between a whiny pout and dying of hunger. She's really gonna make you do this. With a sigh, you hold the apple in front of her face.


Just like that, it's gone, and she's happily munching away.

"Delicious!" Mouth still full, a piece of apple flies onto your cheek. Ew.

You wipe it off and flick it away, taking a bite of your own apple. The sun's high in the sky, a beautiful day, as usual. It almost never rains in Canterlot. Like Celestia would ever want such blemishes on her city. That sucks, though. You like rain.

Chrissy swallows her morsel of deliciousness. "You know, you should show up sooner next time."

Well now.

"Excuse me?"

"You heard me! You promised to see me!"

"I never said WHEN, I just said tomorrow."

"And every day after that!"

She ain't letting this go.

"Yeah yeah, but I didn't say it'd be early."

"I wish I knew that before..."

She WAS sleeping just a second ago. She might have been waiting here a while. A long while. Now you just feel like a jerk.

"Well, I'm sorry."


She turns her head towards you once more.



A few apples later, and you're all out.


"Sorry, Chrissy, ya ate 'em all."

"WHAT?!?" The disbelief in her voice makes it seem she thought the apples were eternal.

"But I'm still hungry..."

"How can you still be hungry? You ate like 4 apples! Is there a hole in your..." You stop yourself halfways, but it's too late. You can't contain yourself. "...pffffttHAHAHAHAHA~"

The first good laugh you've had in a long while, and at her expense! It's a good day. The red rising on her cheeks doesn't seems to agree. With a holed hoof, you're shoved off the bench.


You even drop your apple on the ground. However, you're still in a fit of laughter, so you could care less. Once the giggles subside, you sit up.

"Well now we need more apple, don't we?" She sneers.

Guess so.

"Go get some!" She orders.

Pretty demanding.

"Why do I have to do it?" You retort.

"No one can see me, stupid."

Oh, right.

"Not to mention..." Queue the most heart wrenching puppy eyes you've ever seen. "You hurt my feelings..."

...girls are dumb.

"Whatever." Unfazed by the look, you brush yourself off and start walking towards the exit. "Hey, you'll be back right?"

Worried, eh? You turn back.

"I promise."

Satisfied with your answer, she lays down on the bench. And off you go. Right, straight, right, left, right, right, left...like clockwork. As the gardens reappear, you casually stroll towards the-


And now you're flat on your back.

"Found you!"

Glaring pink p0ny with purple eyes pressed on your chest.


She smiles. "Didn't see you at school today." You can feel the poison in those words.

"You must have missed me." You return, equally venomous.

You go to push her off, but she simply presses down harder. "No, I didn't. YOU skipped!"

Guilty as charged. "So what?"

"Soooo, Aunt Cel's not going to be happy when she hears this!"

Stupid watch dog.

"You're gonna rat me out?"

The devilish grin appears in a flash. "Not if you listen!"

Oh boy.

"If you don't want your mommy finding out about this..."

"Not my mom."

"...then you'll do what I say."

You don't have time for this. "Fine, just get off me."

She obliges, moving as you stand up. At the first moment of freedom, you start walking away.


She runs after you, stopping in front of you. "Stop right now or I'm gonna tell!"

"You wouldn't."

Calling the watchdog on her bluff. The next moment, you see she wasn't bluffing. A deep breath is followed by an ear piercing shout.


You stop her with your hand halfway.

"Okay, okay, okay, just stop!"

You pull your hand away, and she smirks in victory.

"Come on, follow me!" She trots away from the gardens.

You have no choice but to follow, and you feel like you won't be back for a while. Sorry, Chrissy...



Lil' filly Chrysalis sits on the stone bench, watching the entrance to the statue area intently.

'He's been gone for a long time now.' She thinks to herself. 'A really long time.'

'I'm still hungry...those apples weren't enough.' She rubs her stomach. 'But more importantly, I'm bored!'

She kicks the ground with her hoof, kicking up dirt. 'He's supposed to be back by now. With apples! And entertainment!'

She slumps down. Looking around, seeing no one, she realizes something, but does not want to admit it to herself. She's lonely.

A few moments later, she shakes her head. 'Cheer up! He'll be back soon, he promised! He doesn't break promises.'

Looking to the sky, she sees the sun setting.

'It's getting dark already? ...where could he be?"


You really hate tea. You really hate parties. Whoever invented tea parties needs to be kicked in the rear.

"Alright, Anon, would you like more tea?"

You groan audibly. This is torture.


As Cadenza holds up the kettle full of imaginary tea, your gaze shifts to the window.

The sun is going down. THE SUN!!! You quickly stand up, knocking the kettle out of her hand.

"HEY, wha-"

"The sun's going down, I gotta go!" With that, you rush out of Cadenza's room, and out of her house.

The streets of Cantorlot are nearly empty as the night approaches. This makes it easier to bolt to your destination. Snagging a red treat from a nearby shopping cart, you drop a few bits on the ground in it's place. You aren't one to steal.

A few minutes later, you arrive at the entrance of the infamous Labyrinth. Left, right, right, left, straight, left...you almost feel like plowing right through to the center. As you arrive, the stone statue glistens in the dark, radiating the moon's light. That light, however, reveals an empty stone bench.

She's gone.

You lurch over, the ache and exhaustion from your run catching up to you. One final look around reveals...that you really are alone. Taking the tasty fruit from your jacket, you solemnly take a bite. Stupid Chrissy. You said you'd be back...you just didn't say WHEN.



Chrysalis returns to her clutch's cave. At the time, she felt...odd. Not hungry, for sure...she had enough apples. She felt...like something was missing. She makes her way to the thrones, where her mother and father sat. Her mother more excited than usual.

"Chrysalis, my dear daughter!"

Her mother steps out of her throne and bends down to give her daughter a hug. However, the fervor of her welcome quickly dissipates.

"...Nothing." She gets up, collecting herself, and returns to the throne. "What a shame...I feel so empty..."

That was it. Chrissy now knew how to describe her feelings.


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