• Published 2nd Dec 2012
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Just Like You - TechyConversant

A lonely young human finds a friend in another outcast, a black bug-filly named Chrysalis.

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Chapter 1 - Playdate

"C'mon Anon, let's go play!"

A pink pony skips happily through the statue garden. Another lovely day in Equestria... The weather, that is. The quality of the day itself is pretty low. You're stuck hanging out with the Princess' stupid niece.

'Mi Amore Cadenza'

Dumb name. You walk through the statues slowly, Cadenza skipping to and fro.

"I love this place!"

You don't respond. Not that you don't agree, the statues in the garden are quite beautiful. Some of them, at least. The one with a large dragon-esque thing that looks like it's singing an opera. A tiny bit unnerving. The rest are impressive, however. Some look like champions of war. Other, dressed in fine gowns, ambassadors or peace-pushers. Was an interesting sight the first few times. It quickly loses it's luster.

Cadenza walks over to you. "C'mon Anon, let's play!"

The Princess, Celestia that is, assigned this one to play with you today. By that, she means to keep you in sight 24/7. She's no more a playdate than she is a pink watchdog.

"I'm alright, thanks."

"Aww, come on, you need to cheer up!" She skips around you. "Let's play a game or something!"

Either she's getting horribly bored of being around you, or she actually wants you to feel better. Option A.

"A game?"

Her eyes light up, as those are nearly the first words you've spoken all day.

"Yeah! We can play I Spy, Charades...uh..."

A bit of devious thinking later, you respond, "How about hide and go seek?"

"Ooo, okay! I LOVE that game!" She starts fluttering her wings in excitement.

"Hey, no flying."

With a pout, she returns to the ground. "Fiiiine."

Like a gentleman, you offer, "You can go first, Princess."

She audibly groans. "Princess is such a dumb title. Call me Cadence."

"Fine, Cadenza." You say, rolling your eyes.

She glares, clearly upset with your choice of name. "Hmph. You better start running, because when I catch you, you're getting a smack!" She giggles and hides her face, starting to count.


Now's your chance. You bolt out of the garden area, leaving her to her counting. Heh, what a sucker... A game where the goal is to avoid her? You could play that all day. Where to spend this time, however, was a puzzle. How could you find an effective place to hide? She knows this castle better than you do. Guess you have to go with what you know. You take a sharp turn, heading for the one place you know she won't find you.

The Labyrinth.

Left, right, right, left, straight, left...like clockwork. The statue of the Princesses comes into view. The comfortable stone slab awaits you, as usual. Taking a seat, you can only hope it takes Cadenza a while to find you...if she finds you at all. Maybe someone will find you though.


Looking to your left, the black holed being is already sitting next to you. She holds out a hoof in your direction.


You don't respond, turning back towards the statue. The lack of an offering confuses the changeling.

"What, no apples today?"

You roll your eyes. "Sorry, Chrissy. I was hoping me visiting would be enough."

After a small pause, she responds. "I guess so."

Now that she mentioned it, you could also go for an apple.

"So, Cadenza's all over your flank again?"

"Yeah, another Celestia Playdate."

You told her about these often. You're pretty sure she knows as much about the young Princess as you do, considering how much you share.

"No matter how much you push her away on these, she always keeps playing with you."

Sighing, you turn towards Chrissy. "When your m-...aunt...is the Princess who raises the Sun, you don't have much of a choice."

"You suuure? Maybe it's just because she likes you!" As she says that, you shudder.

How could anyone ever think that? You liking a girl? No way! Girls are gross.

"Yeah, as if I'd ever like a girl."

"Oh so, you don't LIKE girls?"


"So you LIKE boys?"

And THAT just makes you gag. Chrissy laughs at your expense.

"Just shut it, I don't LIKE anyone. And Cadenza surely doesn't LIKE me."

"If you say so~" She snickers lightly. "I don't get why you just try to enjoy time with her."

You fold your arms, pouting. "She's not my friend...she's just the Princess' watchdog, keeping an eye on me." You turn to your companion. "Besides, it's much nicer relaxing here with you."

After a flash of silence, you hear hooves coming closer. That was a LOT faster than you had hoped.

"Ano~n, I know you're in here! I'm gonna find you!"

There goes the relaxing. Chrissy starts freaking out. This is normal, unfortunately. Ever since you met her, she never wanted to see anyone else. She said normal ponies won't understand her like you did. It seemed touchy, so you never questioned her.

"Chrissy, calm down."

That won't work. It was worth a shot though.

"Anon, she can't see me, I need to hide..."

"Then hide!"

"But I don't want to leave yet!"


"What do you mean, you have to stay hidden!"

"Yeah, but you were only here for like 5 minutes..."

She's getting all prissy NOW, of all times?!? Stupid girls!

"Chrissy, I'm sorry I didn't get to stay long, but you need to hide!"

"I'm TIRED of hiding..."

Now she's slumping on the stone bench, tears in her eyes. STUPID GIRLS AND THEIR EMOTIONS! You start shaking her.

"Come on, get up, she's coming!"

"I don't care, I don't want to go back to doing nothing!"

Does she really do nothing else except see you, here? You hear Cadenza's footsteps approach ever closer. Think fast, kid.

"Look, if you hide, I promise I'll come see you tomorrow!"

"But you always come here!" Doesn't do much to stem the tide.

"Ugh...I'll come by every day!"

She looks at you, the tears stopped. "Really? You mean it?"

"YES! Every day! But you need to hide, NOW!"

Chrissy stares at you for a brief moment, her horn glowing a dim green. With a smile and a nod, she runs off into the maze, dashing out of your view...

...and barely escapes being noticed by Cadenza.

"Found you, Anon!" She runs up to you, hoofing you in the gut.


"THAT'S for not saying my name correctly!"

You walk out of the Labyrinth with Cadenza. Purposefully taking a few wrong turns. Wouldn't want her knowing the quick way to the center, would you? When you finally escape, she sighs.

"I'm glad we're out of there. That place gives me the creeps."

"Not me, I like it in there."

"Oh..." Silence.

"Anon, was there anyone in there with you?"

You freeze. She turns back to look at you.


"No, there wasn't."

"You sure? I heard voices..."

"I was talking to myself."

"...you're a weirdo, you know that?"

Whew. You're lead back to the Princess of the Sun, who is lowering the sun and raising the moon past the horizon.

"So, Anon, how was your day with my niece?"

Before you can get a word in edgewise, she explodes.

"It was GREAT! We were in the gardens, and played games, and we we were in the Labyrinth, and it was a lot of fun!!!"

Wow, she really played up a boring day. Did she really enjoy it that much?

"That's wonderful. I trust you'd want to play with him again sometime?"

She nods happily. Well, there's the death sentence. Now you CAN'T avoid it.

"You can run along now, Cadenza."

"Bye Anon, it was fu~n!" She trots off and out of the castle.

Good riddance.


Meanwhile, in a hive, hidden away from Canterlot...

Chrysalis returns to her clutch. She enters the cave where her hive sleeps... The changelings there are vast in number. As she walks through, she approaches the center of the hive. There two changelings are seated, upon large thrones.

"Chrysalis, my dear..." Her father greets her.

"Hi Mommy, hi Daddy."

She hugs the two figures in the thrones, clearly the queen and king of this clutch. She was, after all, a princess. The queen talked to her husband.

"My King...I am starving..."

"I know, my Queen. I'll have the drones bring you some food right a-"

The Queen slams her hoof down upon her throne. "No, not for food! I'm famished...I feel powerless..."

Chrissy watched as her parents discussed. Every day, her mother grew weaker. She walked up to her mother and rubbed against her leg.

"There there, mommy, you'll be okay."

As her head nuzzled her mother's leg, a green energy escaped her horn. It floated in the air, above her head. The spiraling mass of energy caught her mother's attention.

"What..." The mother drew her hoof towards the energy. "This energy..."

The mass flew towards the Queen's horn, being absorbed. A sigh of relief comes from the Queen.

"Is this...love?"

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