Just Like You

by TechyConversant

Chapter 6 - Reunion

The stone slab of the Labyrinth is as inviting as ever to Chrysalis. Having failed in her daily mission, she relaxes on the bench. Normally she was always able to find him, but he wasn't with Cadenza today.

'So much for watch from afar...' She solemnly thought. Reaching into her pack, she pulls out a shiny red apple. The changeling stares at it for a brief moment. Happy memories...with a sigh, she takes a bite out of the apple.


Just as delicious as ever.

As she eats the apple, she looks over the statue, as she has many times before. The Princesses. While she has no knowledge of the Lunar princess, she has more than a mind about the reigning ruler. All she knows is that it's HER fault that she can't be seen...and oh how she wants to be seen.

Luckily for her, that wish would soon be granted.

Left, right, right, left, straight, left...like clockwork. It's been years, but the way in was still etched into your brain. Making the last turn into the courtyard, the familiar statue comes into view. It's just like before. The stone bench, the changeling girl, the Princes-


Unable to believe your eyes, you do a double take. It's Chrissy. It's really her. She's...grown. And she's eating an apple.

"Have one for me?" you say. You're half expecting her to not respond. But she does. Oh does she ever respond. Turning towards you, her face morphs from disbelief to ecstatic.

"ANON!!" Her apple hits the ground as she runs full gallop at you. You deserve this. Bracing yourself for the hit...you're met with a hug. A warm tight hug. "I'm so happy to see you..."

You wrap your arms around her, returning the hug. The moment of pure joy quickly lapses into that of panic. "CHRISSY!!!"

She looks at you, shocked to be pulled from the embrace. "What?"

You remember what happened before. You don't need another Cadance blackmailing you, and you CERTAINLY don't need Chrissy in danger. "What are you doing here, somepony's gonna see you." Your tone is a mix of concerned friend and scolding parent. Chrissy smiles, lightly pushing you on the forehead.

"As serious as ever!" With that, she giggles lightly. You, however, don't think this is a laughing matter.

"Chrissy, seriously, we need to get you out of here. Now."

She can tell the fun and games have stopped. "Don't worry, I have a place. Follow me." As she walks toward the exit, her horn glows a bright green. In a flash, Chrissy's long gone. In her place, a fully armored, much tougher looking Royal Guard.

"Come with me, boy." He sounds frightening...she. She sounds frightening.

"Lead the way, SIR." You place heavy inflection on that last part. Sighing, the Royal Gu-Chrysalis leads you out of the labyrinth. She knows her way out just as well as you do. Before long, you're walking through town. It's no new sight to see you accompanied by a Royal Guard, so no one pays mind. In fact, you're fairly certain that she changed into the exact same guard who tends to bring you around like this.

How would she...

Before you can finish that thought, you're far away from town. The sun continues to set as she's leading you down a small path, the castle above looking farther and farther away. It's very tough to spot, not a soul would be able to find it unless they were looking. Before long, you're met with a cave entrance.

"Here we are." Says the Royal Guard. With another flash of green, her normal self appears once more. With a coy smile, she gestures forward. "Well, coming?"

You follow obediently as she walks into the cavern. This is far more out of the way than the inner labyrinth ever was. As the entrance grows farther away, the natural twilight fades, the glow of the cavern's crystals becoming more and more prevalent. And it is b-e-a-utiful.

"Wow..." Is all you can muster, taking in the beauty.

"Yeah, it's pretty nice. I've been sleeping here for a while."

How long is a while? And what about... "Wait, this is your home? What about your, uh..." You struggle to remember what she called it, "...clutch?"

She laughs lightly. "I still LIVE there...I'm just...crashing here?" A sheepish smile creeps across her face.

A moment later, the two of you stand facing each other. You hardly know what to say. It's been forever since you two have seen each other, and now that you truly have peace and solitude, neither of you speak. Occasionally, when your eyes meet, she'll give you a smile. But that's the extent of your communication for about 10 minutes.

Chrissy finally manages to break the silence.

"Anon...did you miss me?" As she says that, her eyes meet yours. You notice the tears beginning to form in her eyes.

"Yes." You say sternly. All those mornings in the labyrinth, those skipped days of school, relaxing in the daylight next to her. You haven't stopped missing her. You know you're going to miss her when you have to leave and go to the pa-


You turn towards the entrance, noticing how late it has gotten.

"The party should be in full swing right now..." You mutter to yourself. The echo of the cave is enough for Chrissy to catch it.

"Cadenza's birthday." She affirms.

"How did you know?" Turning away from you once more, she doesn't respond. It's odd how much she seems to know about you and your life.

She knew exactly what the guard looked like. She knew today was Cadance's birthday. She even sleeps close to town...

Has she been...stalking you?


Turning back towards you, the tears have begun to fall. "Anon, you need to understand..."

You should be mad about this...she's been following you this whole time without letting you know, and that's not cool. Especially considering how worried you've been for her safety. However, you let her continue.

"I've been...following...you for a long time..." You got THAT much figured out. "But I've never been seen, I swear!"

"So why didn't you ever let me know?"

With a sigh, she lowers her head. "Follow him. Watch from afar. Do not be seen." She recites. The tone of her voice seems odd. Were these...orders?

"Chrissy..." You jerk your head back to the cave entrance. It's well past sundown now. "...we'll talk about this later, but I need to go to the party."

"Oh, so you can see your special somepony?" The acid in her voice burns.

Raising your voice, you nearly shout, "If I don't go, she's going to reveal you! If I don't be her special somepony, she's going to reveal you! If I don't listen to her every single order, it's over!" Chrissy steps back as you continue your rant. "For years I've been putting up with her to keep YOU hidden! You CANNOT be seen, and I'm going to ENSURE that you stay safe!"

You cooldown, nearly panting. Chrissy is dumbstruck. "All this time..." Through heavy breathing, you nod. Chrissy walks towards you, and gently puts her hooves around you.

"Thank you..." She says softly. Your breathing stabilizes, and Chrissy lets go. Her horn's been glowing a bright green for a while now...but as she let you go, it's subtle radiance is astounding. You turn, and start to make your way to the door.

"WAIT!!" Chrissy shouts. As you turn back, you see her run to a small corner of the crystal cavern. Magic-ing her bag, she pulls out a small crystal, and trots back.

"Don't...forget about me. Okay?" The small crystal levitates towards you. You hold out your hands, and when it lands in your grip, you see it's true beauty.

In your hands lies the most beautiful heart, formed of translucent crystal. You can't help but stare at it for a brief moment. Looking up at Chrissy, you hold the heart firmly in your hand. With a nod and a smile, you dash towards the exit. Running up the hidden path, the castle comes closer into view. You wish you didn't have to go to this party. It would have been far nicer to just be with Chrissy...

A few minutes pass, and a certain changeling starts flying towards the castle. She would have no problem infiltrating this party.

After all, her Cadenza transformation was still flawless.