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Please do check out the Reading List by Lance Omikron to navigate the Amalgam Universe most clearly :raritywink:

A massive war of titanic forces is taking place in the Kaiju's world. However, when two faction's leaders, the current Godzilla and his 'brother' Xenilla duke it out; humanity unleashes its most devastating weapon. Something beyond comprehension occurred and the boundary that divides worlds, if only for the briefest of moments, was torn to shreds. New forms are taken, new bodies assumed. But old hatreds die hard. But how well can hatreds continue in the world of love and tolerance? Especially with its own demons follow it there?

Godzilla Franchise by Toho Company Ltd.
My Little Pony is owned by Hasbro Studios.
This is a non profit fan-work and I claim no ownership on the IP itself.
Story created by Tarbtano
Co-created and Contributed by Faith-Wolff and Skylark8756

Now on TV tropes (Thanks Raidrik, VampyGirl; Lance Omikron, Ultimomant, and ZimFan!)

Kaiju Cast:

Godzilla a.k.a Gojira

[Character copyright of Toho and Daiei Company, artwork property of Matt Frank]

(for any G-fans, Xenilla is the kaiju you may know as Spacegodzilla. I changed the name because I got quirked about typing it repeatedly and am writing the story so it can at least be understood by just an MLP or just a G-fan; and thought it get very confusing that one character's name was just another character's name with an adjective. Also... don't pretend it's the most imaginative name Toho has every made)

Chapters (92)

Featured on May 14, 2013. And again on November 29, 2014 more times than I can count thanks to you guys.

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Holy crap we've got a trailer too!

MLP:FIM is the property of Lauren Faust
Bleach is the property of Tite Kubo

Plot aspects for chapter thirty six onward contributed and improved by Ketvirtas and Alondro
Chapters 0-88 proofread by xbox432
Chapters 89-onward proofread by LyonAzakura
Partially inspired by Dirty Bit's story Cuatro
Further inspired by Christopher28's story A Different Viewpoint of Equestria
Further inspired by Trinary story Friendship is Empathy
Random plot elements inspired by SwimmingDalek98 and Phoenix Archangel
Story structure and pacing inspired by Tite Kubo

Ulquiorra Cifer was defeated at the hands of a mere human and died in Las Noches. Or at least that's what he thought. In the boundary that separates life and death for all Hollows, he's found by one that finds him interesting enough to give a second chance at life free from Aizen's control, and free to do as he pleases; he was just never told that his second chance of life would take him to an alternate world he never could've imagined even if he tried.

The land of Equestria is a magical place full of hope, and second chances. In this land where friendship is considered the most powerful magic in existence, can the Cuatro Espada find something that's been missing and learn how to live? Or will his presence be the downfall of the peaceful world and all of its inhabitants?

Chapters (153)

This story is a sequel to Sunburned

After spending more time with his cherished friend, Sunburst finally decides to work up the courage to propose to Starlight Glimmer.

But mentor Twilight Sparkle and big sister Sunset Shimmer have mixed feelings about this.

Cover art by Cover Designer Novel-Idea

Chapters (4)

The Dazzlings were once high and mighty sirens, able to feed off of the hate of other species to enhance their powers of singing and manipulating others to their will.

But after the Battle of the Bands, the three of them were left powerless, deprived of what made them what they once were, and with no way to reverse it.

Or so it seemed, as one day, Sonata catches a perfect replica of all three of their gems being sold at a nearby pawn shop. Sparing no time, the girls decide to immediately purchase them and slip them around their necks to give them some sense of comfort after their tragic loss.

However, little do they know that these gems have some rather... different powers.

Chapters (19)

After the Battle of the Bands, a new threat makes itself known in the human world. The problem is, when the creature you need to defeat gains power from the magic of love and friendship, how do you defeat it? The answer seems simple enough: use the power of negative energy.

The only ones who can use the power of negative energy? The Dazzlings.

Oh, dear.

7/7/2016: Now with cover art designed by the very generous Novel-Idea! Thank you so much!

Chapters (5)

It has been two years since the human TD ascended to become Princess Antares, and he is settling into his role as one of the rulers of Equestria quite nicely. His loyal guard is strong, his palace is awe-inspiring, and he is beloved and worshiped by ponies everywhere. However, when the Element of Magic is stolen by an old student of Celestia's and taken through a magic mirror while he is visiting the Crystal Empire with the Mane Six, he discovers that another world has been very close by during his whole reign. A rather familiar world at that. Deciding that he is the best pony for the job, he takes his two best soldiers through the portal with him to get the Element back. So, pretending to be a foreign exchange student from Canada, he infiltrates of all things... a high school.

He is less than pleased.

Buy a print copy of the original here!

Edited by the magnificent Strike89

Cover art by the perpetually awesome SoaringSketches

Chapters (27)

A collection of short stories about the Dazzlings going through their daily lives of annoying each other and pretty much everyone around them.

Cover art used with permission by the awesome thegreatcat14!

Will be updated as more stories come to me.

Chapters (50)

After having a falling out with Discord about a misunderstanding, the draconequus sparks the Mane Six's interest in his past with Princess Celestia. What really happened all those years ago? Well, after visiting the Princess, she tells them that there IS more to the past than just Discord trying to take over. There was something that happened much sooner than that. Something that the Six don't expect.

Celestia and Discord were best friends.

The Six sit back as Celestia unravels the untold story of how she and Discord met, their budding friendship, and how it all came to the moment of Discord's takeover.

Chapters (10)

Life is looking up for Sunset Shimmer.

With her grandstanding at the Battle of the Bands, Canterlot High has taken a new approach to her. Amends have been made, friendships have been restored, and Sunset is on the fast track to becoming a better person.

But even now, there are still apologies that have to be said.

For her Spring Break, Sunset returns to Equestria to make up with her estranged family: the parents that raised and provided for her, and the sister she left behind. But a lot has changed since then, and some wounds won't heal by just saying 'I'm sorry.'

Fixing friendships is one thing. Sunset will be put through her hardest test yet when she tries to bring her family back together.

Another one edited by Cerulean Voice.

Stunningly amazing cover art drawn by Ayemel!

Featured on Equestria Daily.

Listen to the audio book here!

Chapters (11)

Twilight Sparkle, a new ruler in Equestria, has only been a princess for a few weeks. She just returned from an adventure in a new world that she never knew of, but she still doesn't feel ready for life as a leader. On the other hoof, Flash Sentry is just a new member of the Canterlot Royal Guard. As a member of the guard, his job is to protect the three princesses in Canterlot, as well as tour with them wherever they go. This turns into a romantic relationship, and they live happily ever after.

Actually, no they don't. That only happens in fairy tales.

Rated Teen for suggestive scenes and innuendo jokes, but if you know me you know that my stories are always the PG rated version, where the acts aren't described after kissing or touching. This story takes place after Equestria Girls but before Season 4, not including any new developments in the series or comics after the movie.

Artwork by: cat4lyst.
Edited/Pre-read by: Gemstone The Unicorn (final chapter only).
External Links: Goodreads.

First Story: A Guard and a Princess.
Second Story: A Prince and a Princess.

Chapters (21)