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Co-Created by Red Thunder & Branded-Rose
Cover Art & Future Art by Branded-Rose
Adapted from The Bridge by Tarbtano

Two years have passed since the Dark Hunters broke free of their agreement with Bagan and the Dazzlings faced off against The Battle of the Bands. Two long years since the Dark Hunters gained freedom and the Dazzlings lost their gems. Most humans would move on with their lives and leave things in past especially after so much time has passed.

However, the Dazzlings aren't normal 'humans' and neither are kaiju.

Living amongst the human populace is an easy task when a siren has their gem or when a kaiju has a mission to complete. However, without any magic or guidance, they found themselves forced to adapt to their new powerless life and deal with not only their new situation and freedom but also new enemies and the demons that have plagued them internally for so many years.

But can such beings really conquer said demons and stop being prisoners of war?

Kaiju Characters © Toho & Daiei

(NOTE: While the title stated 'The Bridge' and the story does involve a few kaiju from Tarbtano & Faith-Wolff's The Bridge, certain events and origins (both past, present and future) have been drastically changed due to this story being based off of both me &Branded-Rose'stimeline/universe. That being said I wish you all have a good time reading this story!)

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