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Co-Created by Red Thunder & Branded-Rose
Cover Art & Future Art by Branded-Rose
Adapted from The Bridge by Tarbtano

Two years have passed since the Dark Hunters broke free of their agreement with Bagan and the Dazzlings faced off against The Battle of the Bands. Two long years since the Dark Hunters gained freedom and the Dazzlings lost their gems. Most humans would move on with their lives and leave things in past especially after so much time has passed.

However, the Dazzlings aren't normal 'humans' and neither are kaiju.

Living amongst the human populace is an easy task when a siren has their gem or when a kaiju has a mission to complete. However, without any magic or guidance, they found themselves forced to adapt to their new powerless life and deal with not only their new situation and freedom but also new enemies and the demons that have plagued them internally for so many years.

But can such beings really conquer said demons and stop being prisoners of war?

Kaiju Characters © Toho & Daiei

(NOTE: While the title stated 'The Bridge' and the story does involve a few kaiju from Tarbtano & Faith-Wolff's The Bridge, certain events and origins (both past, present and future) have been drastically changed due to this story being based off of both me &Branded-Rose'stimeline/universe. That being said I wish you all have a good time reading this story!)

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8192089 Thank you. I've done a lot of research and conversation with Tarbtano and my girlfriend to make sure thatI had everything right. XD

I'm a little nitpicky in that regard.

8223441 There is a lot that goes into it. One of the biggest problems I had was making sure the blasted characters were not OOC.

Not to mention countless hours of watching sisters bicker at one another (I am only kidding....partly.)

Answer but one question: Kaiju Aria or no Kaiju Aria?

8236327 Kaiju Aria? Sorry, but I don't exactly know what you mean by that.

However, if you're talking about Kaizer Aria she is her normal regular self here, so sorry bro no Kaizer Aria. The Dazzlings all lost their gems after the Battle of the Bands and don't have the ability to siphon magic anymore.

Yes, I meant Kaiser, going on the assumption that if a you pumped enough energy into her, she'd go full Kaiju. Hope she hasn't permanently lost her Kaiser mode, but your the author here, not me.

I like it!
Top kek! -thumbs up-

Comment posted by Red Thunder deleted Jun 18th, 2017

8239387 It's all good dude. Hey, I like being asked questions so don't be afraid to ask!

In all honesty, I don't think Aria would have been able to go full Kaizer mode after the first incident (in The Bridge timeline of course) due to the fact that she expelled a good amount of the Kaizer energy after the whole fight with Enjin. Sure a tiny sliver of it remained but from what I've learned from Tarb and his posts is that she can't access the Kaizer form anymore, at least not on her own accord.

Anyway, that's pretty much here nor there in this story seeing as how she doesn't have her gem anymore (her conduit for her magic being gone) her Kaizer form is permanently lost.

In that case, I apologize if I have disappointed you and I hope that doesn't diminish your enjoyment of the story in the future to come.

8239698 Thank you! Trying my hardest to write but the 88 degrees plus weather coupled with the fact that my AC in the house is currently being a fart nugget, prevents me from devoting as much attention to writing as much as I would like.

That being said, I hope you enjoy future developments!

That's cool man. Kinda hope Tarb changes his mind on Aria. Let one of the characters from the MLP side of the crossover (who isn't one working with Grogar, or is Grogar) fight alongside and against the Kaiju on an equal playing field. It's a bit annoying that the only non-Gragar aligned MLP character he gave that sort of power was immediately nerfed, especially after building it up for so long. Crossovers need some balance, y'know?

Also... You accidentally double-posted.

8240434 That's how hot it is inside of my house, not outside. XD Outside is hotter, but inside is still a furnace.

8240433 Yeah, my power went out and came back on as soon as I finished typing my response, so that probably explains why the post appeared twice.

As for the whole Aria being nerfed thing, I don't know what to tell you. Maybe he felt like there was a very egregious imbalance between Aria and the other Dazzlings when it came to power and was trying to even everything out (though I'm pretty sure that I'm wrong in that regard.) Also, you have to remember that Aria absorbing the Kaizer energy was pretty much akin to someone taking steroids except MUCH worse. She became ultra-aggressive and more of her negative qualities showed because of it. Sure she maintained peace of mind when around X, but what if she lashed out at Adagio and Sonata during that state? She might have killed them.

It does kinda suck that her strength was built up for that long but depowering her was better for her mental stability. Let us also not forget that the non-Grogar allied powerhouses on the MLP side are Celestia & Luna who are pretty much kaiju-tier level in strength (Maybe if not more?). Also, MLP heroes have never been stronger than their villains individually and have always used their strength together or their words to defeat foes. That being said, you never know if Tarb has something planned for the Dazzlings in the future so don't count them out yet.

Sorry for rambling, just my thoughts. XD

This was interesting and funny (kinda hard not to be when you have Sonata in it XD).

8264808 Thank you. I'm trying to get the next chapter out soon, but I'm currently going through a bunch of technological issues (like losing the entire outline of the chapter & my laptop needlessly restarting itself) and some personal things, but I am glad that you enjoyed it!

The main goal here is to keep Sonata in her ditzy character but also portray her in a way that she can be taken seriously.

Keeping them in character can be hard; God knows I fail most of the time.

8265966 In my opinion, it's all a matter of how much time and effort you put into understanding a character. If I were to take a page out of Spongebob, I'd definitely state that in a way you have to BE the character.

That being said it's never easy.

8239698 First off I want to sincerely apologize for not seeing this comment, that was careless of me. Second, I wanted to thank you for commenting and liking the story. I really appreciate hearing feedback and ideas from the minds of readers.

Hey it's ok, you seem to be a busy person and I got no problems with that. I do hope I see more of this story. It's a good story... wait no, a great story so far and I love how you're portraying the characters. I can see them acting that way if tarb was writing this.

8266581 Thanks man! You SERIOUSLY don't know how much hearing things like that means to me. I'm trying. I'm really trying to get this next chapter out, but as I responded to the other person I'm running into a few life problems at the moment (one of them being related to that of my ISP) so it's made a couple of roadblocks. However, I'm not giving up on this. There's so much that you haven't read or know about that I want to be able to share yet at the same time I don't want to spoil so soon.

I really needed to hear something like this because I've been feeling kind of down lately so thank you. Really, from the bottom of my heart, thank you.

this feels right like if "the bridge" ended it would be a natural progression for how things would go. X would learn of the bonding ceremony we humans call marriage, he would propose, Aria would be happily embarrassed that her boy friend is proposing, Sonata would be relatively happy at getting a brother in-law and her siblings happiness, and Adagio would be the puff ball of spite and fear over the drastically changing situation. i wonder how the story will unfold?

This is one story in which I do not have confirmation of either, and I got good confirmation but this story...I wonder if this story has been canceled or not.

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