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The Dazzlings were once high and mighty sirens, able to feed off of the hate of other species to enhance their powers of singing and manipulating others to their will.

But after the Battle of the Bands, the three of them were left powerless, deprived of what made them what they once were, and with no way to reverse it.

Or so it seemed, as one day, Sonata catches a perfect replica of all three of their gems being sold at a nearby pawn shop. Sparing no time, the girls decide to immediately purchase them and slip them around their necks to give them some sense of comfort after their tragic loss.

However, little do they know that these gems have some rather... different powers.

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Oh, boy. This'll be hilarious...

You've definitely got my attention. I look forward to more! :twilightsmile:

I'm so excited for this adventure! Nice job.

Well this is off to an interesting start.

................:rainbowlaugh: Great story.

Show of hands/hooves: who was surprised that Ye Olde Chaosbringer was involved?


No one? Didn't think so. Just checkin'.

So, each Siren is a couple centuries apart? Interesting. You are off on a great start with this, can't wait to read more.

Aria looked down and reviled at the clothes that she had been wearing ever since they came to the human world. They weren't anything special by any means, but they were still hers. "These things? They're nice, but I feel like they've gone out of fashion. So, we've gotta get some new clothes that match us better."

One, they've been wearing the same outfit for a millenium? That's some hard-wearing stuff.

Two, women could wear outfits like this http://vignette2.wikia.nocookie.net/spongebobandfriendsadventures/images/f/f1/The_Dazzlings.png/revision/latest?cb=20140927215309 out in public in the Middle Ages? The Equestria girls world is clearly a bit different from ours. :pinkiehappy:

Too much bickering. Not enough funny. I got bored waiting for the body switching to happen. Add an appetizer if you're going to make me wait for the main course.

7285726 It's gonna get funny in the next chapter, so don't go anywhere...

Look, there are a lot of fics on this site, and life is too short to waste my time on something I won't enjoy. You had me with the premise but my patience was lost on the first chapter.

If there's stuff worth waiting for, then release it when it's worth reading. You don't start a joke and tell people to come back later for the punchline.

7286073 Yes, but at the same time, you can't rush comedy. Sometimes, the best humour just can't be blurted out.

But as a side note, I am sorry that you didn't like it. Some people just have different senses of humour. That's all I have to say.

Okay, this is amazing! The whole idea that Aria was older anyway was genius! All though I always thought Adagio was the oldest. Maybe it was just her hair that made me think that. This is a really good start, can't wait for more!

Poor Aria done got Bugs Bunnied.

Nah, it was always Bugs using that to trick Daffy Duck. Would be more accurate to say she got Daffy'd.

7288030 Maybe, but the one time I heard that trick used as a verb, it was done with Bugs' name rather than Daffy's.

I wonder if they will get used to having to use each other stuff, at least a bit. It would be funny to see Aria slowly getting used to Sonata's room.
Still this is great even if it doesn't happen. First bodyswap story featuring the sirens that I know of.

Oh gosh! The Struggle just got real!

Nice. I do hope that they begin to slowly act like their bodies too. XD


Some ideas that I can see happening with this switch
>Sonata wants to eat tacos, but Adagio's tastebuds are different than her, which cause her to cant enjoy tacos with maximum satisfaction. She switch into eating a healthier food instead, which thankfully carried over when she got her body back later. Also, when she were bored, she began reading stuffs that were stored in Dagi's room. She realized how much little sister (Adagio) thinks of her, and Sonata tries to mature up a bit to be a better older sister.

>Adagio set on a quest to tidy up Aria's bedroom. She surprisinhly stumbles into Aria's diary, which tells more about her grumpy behaviour. Besides some embarassing moments that got chuckles out of her, she's learns how to treat her older sister with the respect she deserves.

>Aria got in touch with the girly sides of her that she though to had been buried a long time ago. She's also able to see that, beneath her kiddy exterior, Sonata also plans ahead with all of her toys ( She had written scripts for kids shows using pseudonym/ She stored some mint condition dolls that can be auctioned for much money/ She had written concise list on how to dispose thr Rainbooms in the most painful way, hidden inthe pocket of her favorite Teddy Bear, with some of the preparation stage already been done/ She hoards gold and hid them behind her toy cabinet, to be used in the time of needs)

7288455 What do you think is the funniest moment so far?

7289196 That part where Aria is complaining about sleeping in Sonata's room.

You're right on avoiding the trope "voices are mental."

I can't wait to see a situation like this:

7288496 oh my god same. I would so love it if that happened. Adagio acting like Aria and Sonata being more like Adagio. Oh boy. :rainbowlaugh::pinkiehappy:

7291976 And best of all, Aria more like Sonata. XD

7292129 Heh.^^ Oh, another Dazzling idea I had before... Imagine a circumstance where Sonata made a wish that SHE was the smart one of the group for once, having been tired of the insults. Then, she gets it... by Aria and Adagio changing, not her herself changing. Careful what she wishes for! XDDD

7292132 oh my god yes. Someone should write that.

7292140 Oh, and nice avatar, by the way.^^ You draw it, or just someone else draw it for ya?

AHAHAHAHAHA! :rainbowlaugh:Going back to that little Pinkie and Iron Joe argument was classic.

I'm enjoying this madness. I wonder how they'll act in public.

Another thing for body swapping is to tell who is speaking and not mess up over the span of 1000+ words.:derpytongue2:
(Imagine Sonata's body swearing and acting like Aria.)

Oh dear, they're becoming the masks...sort of. As for the church idea...could work, but dark magic on holy ground? Seems like a bad idea.

Oh I'm so confused... I'm sorry, I know you explained who's in who, but even with that knowledge, I'm still confused.

7298454 Remember, Sonata's Adagio, Adagio's Aria, and Aria's Sonata.

If it's confusing, remember how the artwork looks, and you'll get a good idea of who's who.

7298548 I was debating on using those models, but I decided against it, as it's better comedic value if their minds are in different bodies altogether, so that they have trouble adjusting at first, and even when they do, they slowly get the same personalities as the bodies they have.

And that's another hard thing about bodyswap stories. If you're swapping the bodies, it's not always a good idea to have their bodies change with the mind swaps, even if the voices don't. It breaks the immersion and doesn't really equate for good writing value. The best way to make bodyswap moments is if their minds change, but not the bodies or voices. Vocal chords are not in the brain, and looks are not dictated by the character's mindset.

But anyway, what did you think of the chapter?

And so begins the second of the great Holy Crusades. After all, what better way to start a war than to get religion involved. Its not like that has happened in the past... right? :rainbowderp:

I am also holding onto the thought that they haven't really done a body swap, but more of a mind meld sort of thing where they think they are one another, while they are still in fact themselves and are slowly reverting back to such.

Wow! Just wow! The fact that they are slowly becoming the vessels that they are in is so cool!

Liking this. And I so hope they'll soon find one more complication: they feed on positive energy now instead of negative. XDDDD

Shame on you Adagio you stay out of my church you big meanie! No one uses the church for a source of negative energy! No one!:twilightangry2:

7299110 Don't worry, I got M.A Larson to perform an exorcism on this shit.:trollestia:

7299110 I tought it already was a source of negative energy.


Really, a church? Man...

I thought they were going to a club or something.:rainbowlaugh:

I wouldn't be surprised if these guys had about a week to turn back before they were stuck this way. I like where this is going.

So it seems at some point they are going to act so much like another that it will drive them crazy.

Why don't they just go to a Trump rally? Between the protesters attacking the rally and the rally itself, I'm not sure they'd have to do any singing at all.

Saw it in group. Will check out later and let you know how it is

The cat fight scene reminds of the Fry Cook Games from SpongeBob.

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