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Hello! I’d love to have comments on my story, I appreciate them! It shows me support and keeps me motivated. We are welcome to be friends too!

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    Story ideas

    Some story ideas I have. Vote which one looks more fun

    Sunny having a bad, cold, autumn day

    M5 vs poison joke

    A crossover story of G5 and Amphibia that’s based on the first EQG film/special. Had this idea for a while but Amphibia doesn’t seem to be that popular and there aren’t any other Amphibia crossover stories in here to my knowledge

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  • 1 week
    A question

    What does the referrals box mean in a story’s stats?

    At first it only showed Google so assumed that some readers stumbled upon it from looking around in google but now it’s starting to show other things and now curious on what it is for

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TTwo Birds With One Stone
She's dead. She sacrificed herself so that I could live to see another day. ...But she shouldn't have.
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Aww, don't feel down, lovely ❤️

Aw, sweet, and I was feeling down at the moment too, thanks :heart:

Thanks for following my G5 story to your read list. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did writing it.:scootangel:

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