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Wax On, Wax Off · 1:41am 9 hours ago

Thanks again, everyone, for contributing to the last blargh. It's a hell of a lot of music, and it took me a while to compile the most that I could from it.

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Lemur Detritus

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thats beautiful. Thank you.

I don't fully understand your question, but I'm guessing you are asking what my comment means?

Interesting discovery: "Background Pony" has been used to benchmark a BBCode compiler. Link.

Sorry, I didn't notice how many technical terms I was using!

  • BBCode is a notation for describing what you want text to look like. For example, [color=#afa426]banana[/color] is BBCode for "banana". Fimfiction allows you to use BBCode to format your stories, comments, and blogs.
  • HTML is the notation used to tell a web browser what a webpage should look like.
  • A BBCode compiler is a program that translates BBCode into HTML. In other words, it takes your description of what your comment or story should look like, and translates it into something your web browser can understand.
  • To benchmark code is to test how long it takes to run. If you want to make your code faster, the first step is to see how fast it is.

So, someone wrote a program for turning BBCode into HTML. They wanted to see how fast it is, so they needed a large BBCode document to test their code on. And the first chapter of Background Pony is a quarter-megabyte BBCode file.

Not to be Frontier Psychiatrist on main, but What does that mean?

Interesting discovery: "Background Pony" has been used to benchmark a BBCode compiler. Link.


Magic. It's the way I found it and the only archive that was made.

Ah, careful. He's a hero

Happy birthday you magnificent octopus


Hah, nice.

By your hand or just by the general magic of the internet?

~Skeeter The Lurker

To Shortskirtsandexplosions
Can I talk to you about Lyra meets The Punisher

  • Viewing 3,262 - 3,271 of 3,271
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