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To learn from the past to make the future, to see mistakes and remedy them, it is our duty to eternally improve upon our past.

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The Cakes have received a special commission: making some of the desserts for a global conference which will be hosted by the Diarchy themselves. As such, they're a little nervous about creating the right dish. And so after consulting a very old book, they're going to make something which nopony has seen (or smelled) for a very long time, a cake which requires one extremely special filling.

A very old book, the Princess, and a certain fruit.

Combine, then bake recipe for disaster for one day on low simmer.

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Ponies are only scary until they are snuggled.

A baby dragon learns this first-handly.

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Spike carries each of the most important ponies in his life home after a long day.

A commission-turned-gift for B_25

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King Sombra’s dark influence was obliterated by the Crystal Heart, and the villain is well and truly dead. But when he attempts to steal the afterlife of an innocent victim, a human spirit is left hurtling towards Equestria, where this unfortunate soul is revived into the only vessel available: the reconstituted body of King Sombra himself.

Thus, a cheerfully oblivious alien is crammed into the form of the most evil and malicious being Equestria has ever known. Not that Shining Armor and Cadence know this, of course. As far as they are concerned, the King is back and he’s lost his fricking mind.

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It's finally over. The games, the traps, the taunts, the meddling...it's finally all over.

With his most hated foe finally gone, Ahuizotl does what any good villain would do:


It's a good thing Daring Do is such a good listener.

Art by Kna

Approved for Celestia's Library.

Approved for Twilight's Library

Featured on Equestria Daily.

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