A Sweetie Dreamland

by Lucar

Chapter 50: Jam Jungle

"Welp. Another thing they fought that we haven't fought yet: a mad scientist with a crazy machine," says Rainbow Dash, sighing. "This would be so cool to fight..." She then looks at Twilight. "Twilight. You who sometimes turn crazy, and who love science stuff, could you create a machine that we would have to fight?"

Twilight glares at her friend. "In your dreams."

Discord snaps his fingers, and Twilight finds herself in a lab coat with glasses and a wild mane going in all directions as if she has been electrified. "That's too bad Twilight. The mad scientist look goes so well with you. Could you do a crazy mad scientist laugh, just to see?"

She groans.

"No. I said laugh, no groan. Groaning is the monster's thing."

"Discord. Sometime, I swear..."

Rarity shakes her head at her friends' antics before looking back at the portal to see Sweetie Belle and Kirby land in the jungle, the filly now fully healed thanks to the bottle, but still a little tired after that powerful attack. She hopes that she will watch out, because jungles can be very dangerous, but she remembers that this is not the first jungle that she explores, and that she is now powerful enough to not be bothered by most of those dangers. But still, she wishes for her sister to be careful. Who knows what kind of traps there are.

After resting a few minutes so Sweetie Belle can recuperate, Sweetie Belle gives the sunglasses that she has taken from Spinni to Kirby.

"They are cool, but I'm better without them. can you keep them until I return to Dedede's castle?"

Kirby nods and eats the sunglasses.

They start their exploration of the jungle from the place where they have landed, which they can see, is not far from a ruin, visible at the other side of the river. After a small walk, Kirby decides to eat one of the Sir Kibbles in the way so he will be able to use the Cutter to cut the vegenation hampering them. Not long after, they find a switch opening a door above very briefly. As in, they press it, and not even one second later, the door already closes. So Sweetie Belle decides to remains behind to press the switch while Kirby passes the door. The next instant, the ceiling of leaves above Sweetie Belle catches fire, and once it disappears, Kirby falls from it with a chest that he eats.

Passing the door that follow, they find themselves facing a Box Boxer, so kind of dog-faced creature with long ears that also serve as arms and two paws for feet. It is just the head of a dog with limbs, which is a little disturbing, but Sweetie Belle quickly gets pass that to avoid a jab from one of the ears before counterattacking with her own jab in the muzzle, slamming it against a wall. While he is stunned by the impact, Kirby finishes it by taking a cutter before using it to slash the Boxer a dozen times, finishing with a big vertical slash with Kirby jumping in the air, knocking it out.

They pass the door that the Boxer has been guarding, and enter a room full of star blocks above them, and a Starman in front of them, a star creature with a blue cape. Seeing that going up through the blocks is the only way, Kirby gives up Cutter to eat the Starman and gain the Hi-Jump ability, giving him a winged circlet with a red and blue cape. Kirby then jumps on Sweetie's back, replacing her normal cape by a similar blue and red one, along with a blue suit with a golden colored diamond shaped symbol on her chest with red rims and a red S.

She looks down at the symbol with a raised eyebrow. "So now I get to be Supermare? Or... Superfilly?"

Scootaloo groans. "Not fair... I want to be Supermare."

"So we got Spidermare, and now Supermare," says Discord. "What next, Batmare?"

"Dude, this would be awesome. Batmare is my favourite superhero behind the Power Ponies," says Spike.

Scootaloo huffs. "Supermare is better. She has all those cool powers and is almost invincible."

"That's why I prefer Batmare. She has no superpowers, and yet, just with intense training, cool gadgets, and her intelligence, she is able to rivalise with Supermare. And she has the better villains."

"But Supermare is the leader!"

"Only because Batmare prefers to remain in the shadows and lets Supermare get all the spotlights! She could be a really good leader if she wanted!"

"Hey now, let's not start a debate about who is the better superhero," says Apple Bloom. "The two are awesome. It's all that count."

Thanks to the power of Hi-Jump, while she can't fly like the real Supermare, she can now go really high with just one jump, and while jumping, all the blocks in the way are destroyed, and the creatures knocked out. Thanks to her knowing how to air jump, the effect of the Hi-Jump is infinite, until she reaches the top of the room where there is the door.

After it, they are attacked by a laser ball, and seeing that they don't need apparently to jump, along with the few angled surfaces on the way, Kirby decided to eat it for Laser. Thanks to the angled surfaces, the lasers help them eliminating the enemies before they can even see them. One of the lasers eventually hit a bomb block in the ceiling, opening a passage that leads to another bomb block behind some spikes making it impossible to get close to it. With a laser, the bomb is destroyed, and further in the opened passage, another bomb is destroyed, revealing a chest before a door.

After going down and passing another door, they are able to find a big chest in a bush, seeing it shining through the leaves. However, once they take it, a bomb is suddenly dropped beside them, and they barely have time to acknowledge its existence before it explodes, knocking away the Laser ability that is then destroyed by a laser.

"Aaaaah ahahaah!!! I got you! Now that you have no abilities, it will be childsplay to defeat you!" they then hear Doc shout.

Quickly getting up, they spot Doc in his flying saucer a little more up, along with a few Squeakers, mainly green ones with a few red and blue ones on the platforms around.

Sweetie Belle groans. "You again? How many times do we have to teach you this lesson old mouse!?"

"As much as it will take before I finally eliminate you! Or until you stop chasing us!"

"Sorry, no can do. I must take back that chest, and Kirby wishes to recuperate his cake. And by the way Doc."


"I don't need an ability to kick your butt."

And she shoots a charged beam at the saucer, causing it to jerk around. "Arg! Not again!" When he crashes, he is expulsed of the saucer, stunned.

"You should really upgrade the defense of your saucer."

"Curse... Squeakers..."

"Yes!" shouted the small mice before they start to throw bombs.

Kirby then runs toward the saucer while Sweetie Belle destroys the bombs with her beams. Once he is close enough of the saucer, Kirby starts to inhale it, having to use more strength in is inhaling to be able to eat it.

"Hey!" shouts Doc, angry. "You don't eat others' saucers like that!"

Once Kirby swallow the saucer, he finds himself inside his own flying saucer, golden colored with a small cannon at the front.

The UFO ability.

Doc visibly deadpans at this. "You are kidding me..."

Kirby starts to disappear and reappear while zigzagging around to avoid more bombs of the now scared Squeakers. Everynow and then, he shoots a laser from the cannon at them, shocking the ones that he hits, and some more charged lasers even put them on fire. When he comes close to a small group of Squeakers, he then uses a chain beam similar to the Beam ability's main attack, electrifying all of them.

While the Squeakers are being trashed by Kirby and Sweetie Belle, Doc pulls out some kind of phone and pushes a button on it, and very quickly, a new saucer comes before he enters it.

"Ah! Now let's see who has the better flying saucer!"

Kirby quickly sees him and lets Sweetie Belle deal with the remaining Squeakers as he shoots a laser at Doc. The old mouse is able to dodge it, and shoots his own laser in return that Kirby dodges. The next instant, some electric orb suddenly appears from Kirby's saucer and starts to orbit it, before he charges toward Doc, avoiding more lasers. Doc starts to fly back, only for Kirby to do his disappear-reappear move, quickly appearing behind Doc's saucer. The electric orb hits his saucer, causer a small shock to spread in it, making the saucer tilt left and right as Doc tries to regain balance. Kirby then charges a laser, and after about t seconds of charge, releases it, and Doc's saucer is sent a dozen meters away before it crashes, with Doc finding himself expulsed again.

"D-darn it..."

But Kirby hasn't finished and flies above Doc. When the old mouse looks up, a light appears under the UFO and surrounds him. The next instant, Doc is lifted from the ground.

"Wh-?! A tractor beam?! Nonononon-!"

And he disappears inside the UFO.

Done with the Squeakers, Sweetie Belle has seen this and can't help but ask. "What happened to him?"

To answer her, Kirby opens his mouth.

"Oh, it's as if you ate him?"

He nods.

"So we should get away from there before he comes back."

He nods again, and they pass the door. Once at the other side, now on a wooden path, Sweetie Belle looks again at the UFO.

"I wonder what will happen if you go on my back. Can you even go on my back?"

Kirby tilts the UFO. "Poyo..."

He flies above Sweetie Belle, and slowly lower himself above her back, avoiding her head. Once the bottom of the UFO touches her back, a light envelop the two of them, and when it disappears, the UFO is now a little bigger, and Sweetie Belle is the one inside a cockpit piloting it. Kirby finds himself in a turret under the cockpit, upside down, with the possibility to look down to use his inhaling to do the tractor beam's job. The turret itself can turn around at 360°, and instead of a cannon, there is some kind of artificial horn, wires linking it to Sweetie's horn. The UFO also keeps the small cannon to shoot lasers at the front.

Sweetie Belle looks down at the lever where a wheel should be, and moves it left, making the UFO go left, then move it right, making the UFO go right. She sees that she can also move it forward and backward, and up and down. She then pushes a button, and it uses the chain beam. Holding the button a little makes her use the laser, and the more she holds it, the more the laser becomes powerful, to the point that it can shock and burn what it hit. When she holds it until reaching the maximum charges, it causes three beams to be shoot at the front, two small and one big, and a fourth to be shoot behind, also small.

But how does she do the electric orb?

"Kirby. How do I use the electric orb?"

She is answered by Kirby tapping the turret repeatedly. Understanding, she rapidly pushes the button repeatedly, and indeed, an orb appear, orbiting around the saucer.

"What about you Kirby? What can you do?" Kirby shoots from the turret a beam, and Sweetie Belle can feel her magic being used. She focuses her magic and says "Can you shoot again?"


So Kirby shoots again, but this time, the turret shoots a fireball. Smiling, Sweetie says "Again!" and the turret now shoots an ice ball. Another shot, and this time, it's a lightning bolt.

She giggles. "Time to show the Squeaks a power that is not of this world!"

And the UFO flies forward.

"I swear they do it on purpose to make me jealous," says Rainbow Dash.

"It's me who should be jealous," says Twilight before sighing. "When I was a filly, I loved reading stories about UFOs, and I dreamed of going inside one to discover all their mysteries."

"Maybe if you do G, A, F, F, C, a UFO will come to let you get in," says Pinkie Pie.

Twilight sighs again. "If only..."

Thanks to the UFO, Sweetie Belle and Kirby have reached the door in record time. Climbing the many slopes that follow the door while avoiding the Metaluns and Gordos is also really easy, and they reach a second door in just a few seconds. After the door, Kirby has to destroy some kind of glass container with a fire inside so the fire can spreed and burn the wood blocking the path. Breaking more of those glass containers, including one hidden inside a pile of leaves, eventually reveal a chest not long before reaching a third door.

In the next section, they spot a big chest on a golden moving platform moving away. Following the platform trying to catching by air jumping is none other than Spinni, who hasn't spotted them yet. Rapidly, sweetie Belle goes behind Spinni and charges a laser, but not to the point of releasing the four beams. Shooting the laser, she hits Spinni from the back, putting him in fire and making him crash. After that, Sweetie Belle puts the UFO above him, and Kirby starts inhaling. Despite Spinni trying to grab the floor or to air jump away, he is eaten by the puffball. Sweetie Belle giggles before putting the UFO above the chest, and Kirby eats it too before they pass a door a little further.

They appear just in front of the spiral tower. Entering it, they have to shoot at a switch to open a door and continue. Destroying a wall of stone blocks blocking the way with a bomb block cause a giant boulder to fall behind them, but it's easily avoided by entering a hole in the path, letting it pass above them and destroying another wall of stone blocks before it is destroyed once ramming the ruin's wall at the end.

Flying between spikes poking out of the floor and the ceiling, they hear something suddenly explode, and as they reach a vertical hallway full of platforms with some Snooters, green creatures with a round body, two round legs, two round arms, and a big mouth with big green lips, water suddenly comes from below them and everything is soon flooded, the force of the water destroying many stone blocks, freeing the way.

They get out of the water as it drops in a waterfall. After letting Kirby eat some cherries, Sweetie destroys a bomb block so they can continue, only to see that they now have to choose between two doors, one up, and one down. Kirby decides to separate from Sweetie Belle, causing a light to surround the UFO. With Kirby now back in his normal UFO form, he nods at Sweetie Belle before taking the upper door, leaving Sweetie Belle to take to lower door.

After a rather straight path full of creatures attacking her, Sweetie pass a door that reunite her with Kirby, who confirms to her that he has found a chest. But now, they have to choose between two cannons. Sweetie Belle takes the left one and leaves Kirby to take the right one. After going from cannons to cannons, breaking through dozens of blocks, Sweetie Belle eventually enters a small room where the door closes behind her, leaving her no choice but to pass the black door alone.

She is now in a dark room, which is not a problem thanks to her light spell. Not needing to light the candles in the room, she only stop to break some barrels, finding in the last one before the next door another chest. She puts the chest on her back, and passes the door, seeing Kirby already here, but now with the Wheel ability, saddening Sweetie Belle, but seeing the path, she understands why. So Kirby climbs on her back, and now with her hooves turned into wheels, she rolls on the many slopes forming the hallway they are in.

In the way, they encounter Doc, again, lifting a chest with the tractor beam of his saucer as he flies toward the exit. Passing under his saucer, Sweetie Belle says "Yoink!" while grabbing the chest, before quickly rolling away and leaving Doc in the dust.

"Wha- Hey! Come back here!"

"Catch us first!"


The old mouse starts chasing them, but is not able to target them because of all the slopes. Sweetie Belle giggles, then starts to use her magic to create a field of black bubbles behind her. A couple of seconds later, she hears explosions followed by Doc's scream of rage, informing her that her trap has worked. Just in case, she creates more fields of bubbles before she passes the door, exiting the spiral tower.

Now rolling in the jungle, she has to jump above a few holes and use a few platforms to pass above the river before reaching the abandoned factory. Passing a door to enter it, the Wheel help her gain much time once inside it, passing through a wall of star blocks before quickly reaching another black door after jumping above two doors in the floor opening in her way. After rolling through a small hallway, she now has to roll down many slopes in a vertical room until they have to choose between two paths again, each starting with crumbling blocks.

Sighing, they separate again, leaving Kirby to take the first path while she take the second path. Passing the blocks, she goes down a few more slopes before reaching a door. She enters a tunnel where she encounters a Golden Waddle Dee. A quick punch later and Sweetie Belle leaves the knocked out Waddle Dee behind, a chest on her back. Careful to not make it fall, she continues to follow the tunnel until reaching another door after climbing a ladder, lifting the chest with her magic.

After the door, she is back in the factory, alongside Kirby, still with Wheel. With Kirby on her back again, they quickly spot a black door. However, they also spot a switch opening a normal door above, and looking beyond it once it is open, they see that it leads to a big room with a cannon at the other side going up. Deciding to see what is beyond, they pass the door before it closes and enter the room, only for a very special enemy to suddenly appear in front of them: a Tedhaun. A big ghost with a single eye and wearing a purple wizard hat.

Smiling maliciously at them, the Tedhaun creates Capers, smaller capsule-shaped ghosts with an eye, that charge at them. Thinking that the Wheel will not be very useful in this fight, Kirby gives it up before inhaling one of the small ghosts to spit it back at the Tedhaun while Sweetie freezes the others and kicks them back at him. Tedhaun disappears, only to reappear above Sweetie Belle, grabbing her. He then creates a Caper that charges at her, only for Kirby to inhale it and spit it at the big ghost, freeing the filly who quickly buck him, stunning the ghost. Kirby then inhales Sweetie Belle and spits her at the ghost to finally knock him out.

And then, he eats him.

By eating the Tedhaun, Kirby turns himself into a ghost becoming all white and translucent while losing his feet for a ghost cloak.

"A Ghost ability? What will you be able to do with it? Pass through walls?"

Kirby puts one of his arms under his chin to think for a moment before he signs Sweetie Belle to follow him. Nodding, they enter the cannon and let it propulse them through iron blocks in the way up. Once at the top, they are now in front of a Hot Head, a round orange creature with two yellow feet and a round pipe-like mouth from which he can spit fire, and has his back on fire, on a bridge of star blocks above spikes. Seeing the Hot Head, Kirby charges at him, and enter his body. After shaking a moment, the Hot Head looks at Sweetie Belle and jumps in joy, shouting "Poyo!"

Sweetie's jaw drops. "You... You can possess others?!"

He nods. "Poyo!"

"Whoa... That's... creepy. But cool too. Just let's try to not abuse it. We don't want to become like the Dark Matters."

He nods again. "Poyo."

With this, they pass the bridge, go down a ladder, and pass a door. Now in a small room, they spot metal blocks in one of the walls. Kirby, still in the Hot Head, runs toward the blocks and spits a steam of fire at them, causing them to melt and revealing a chest. Once beside the chest, Kirby's ghost appear briefly above the Hot Head and eats the chest before disappearing back in.

They have to take back the door because there are no other ways. Back in the previous room, they take a ladder, destroy a couple of barrels, and walk on crumbling blocks to fall back in the room with the switch, before their fight with the Tedhaun. With their tour done, they pass the door that they have ignored the first time.

In the next room, they have to climb a few ladders. Quickly, Kirby leaves the Hot Head to take possession of a Bio Spark, because ninja. After destroying a ceiling of stone blocks, Kirby has to jump on Sweetie Belle's back so the filly can fly with him and reach the top of the room. Passing a platform, Sweetie Belle shoots fire from her horn to melt metal Blocks and reveal a door that leads them in front of a big chest. Surprisingly, no Squeaks in sight. They take the chest, and pass the door.

They are now in a big room, with Storo waiting for them, hammer tapping his palm.

"Here you are you t- Uh? Where is the puffball?"

Sweetie Belle giggles. "He is here."




Kirby, still in the Bio Spark, appears in front of him. "Poyo!" He then grabs Storo, and despite the weight of the mouse, he is able to jump in the air with him before pounding him head first on the ground. This left Storo totally stunned on the ground.

"Poyo...? What...? Why did he say poyo...?"

Kirby then leaves the Bio Spark, and goes on Sweetie's back, turning her into a ghost too, all white and translucent like him, her lower half replaced by a white smoke-like trail. With Kirby not leaving her back, they look at each other, smile, nod, and charge toward the now scared mouse. "No..." is all he can say before they enter his body. After a few seconds of shaking, Storo putting his hands on his head, he becomes still. Another few seconds later, he slowly gets up, and looks at his hands, fingers wiggling, a smile slowly appearing on his face.

"It worked. I'm possessing Storo. Whoa, that's so weird. I feel so heavy too, and my vision is a little weird. Poyo. Wait Kirby, I must get used to this body first." He slowly takes a step forward. "I have rarely walked on two legs until now. I don't want to faceplant. Poyo. Maybe I should let you control him for now. It should help me. Poyo."

With a last nod, the now possessed Storo takes the hammer and leaves the room, exiting at the same time the factory.

"Boy. This should get interesting," says Discord.

"I don't know what to think," says Twilight. "Possession is wrong but in their journey, they may need it."

Rarity nods. "I'm sure that they are about to fight a powerful enemy. Storo's strength may be helpful against whatever it will be."

"And they can also fool those thieves and discover where they put what they search!" says Scootaloo.

"You are right Scootaloo," replies Twilight. "It gives them many ways to make their adventure easier."

Sweetie Belle and Kirby, still possessing Storo, enter another ruin where they have seen Daroach enter. They press a switch and pass a door, and another door, before reaching a black door. After it, they have to destroy a bomb block, opening a hole that they jump in. Thanks to Storo's weight, they destroy all the blocks in the way. Once at the bottom, they go down a few slopes as they hear things continuing to be destroyed. Once they reach the door, they wait in curiosity to see what will happen, and soon, they see a block exploding, dropping a chest that they catch.

They pass the door, and follow the path, finally catching to Daroach, who is beside a giant robot looking like a hermit crab with a spiky green shell. They spot Doc in a cockpit above the head. As Daroach and Doc are busy talking, they haven't spotted Storo yet, so they quickly hid behind a wall.

"What do we do Kirby? Poyo." Kirby spits a big chest before doing a few signs with Storo's body. "Poyo poyo. Poyopoyo poyo poyo. Poyo poyo. Ooohhh. I understand. That's awesome Kirby. Alright, let me do it." She takes the chest and gets out from behind the wall, approaching the Squeaks, shouting "Boss!"

Daroach and Doc look toward him, and the leader starts to talk. "Storo? What are you doing here?"

Sweetie Belle shows the chest. "I successfully found this chest, but now I need a Squeaker to bring it to the hideout."

"Good job Storo!" shouts Doc. "However, we don't have any Squeakers here. As you can see, we are preparing our embush to give those two pests a taste of my last creation..." He raises the robot's legs and make it roar. "The Yadogaine! Bwaahahahahahaha!!!"

"So where is Spinni? He probably has some Squeakers with him."

"He is already at Vocal Volcano," answers Daroach. "You should find him there along with the Squeakers."

"The airship will be waiting for us at the coast at the end of the volcanoes," says Doc. "With it, we will finally return to the hideout with all the booty and we will get to open this chest! And all the treasures of the world will be ours! Aahahahahah!"

They will open the chest? This means that they probably have the key at their hideout. This is bad.

"Calm down Doc," says Daroach. "Kirby and Sweetie Belle are still following us."

"Not for long! With the Yadogaine, those ruins will become their tomb! You should go boss, you too Storo. I'm sure that they are almost there."

They both nod and walk past the Yadogaine. At this, a smirk appear on Storo's face as the grip on his hammer becomes stronger. He slowly gets behind Daroach and raises the hammer high above him, covering him in his shadow. This gets Daroach to look above his shoulder.

But it was too late.



Daroach is crushed under the hammer, the force of the hit being so much that it forms a crated around him. Once the hammer is raised, it left a Daroach totally unconscious. Of course, this has attracted Doc's attention.

"What the-?! Storo?! What have you done?!"

Storo turns toward Doc, and smiles as Kirby's and Sweetie's ghosts appear above him. "Poyo! Surprise!"

"WHAAAAAAAAT!?! WHAT?! WHAT?! WHAT?!" Doc then becomes all red. "You... You DARE to use one of us to... I..." The Yadogaine starts to charge toward them. "I will make you regret this! I will knock you out of Storo's body, and then, I will kill you!"

"Sorry Doc. That was the best occasion we got." By then, the Yadogaine is just in front of them, the two legs raised ready to attack. they smile. "Kirby. Poyo!" Kirby raises Storo's hands in the trajectory of the legs, and is able to catch them, stopping them.


"POOOOOOYOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!" With all the strength of Storo's body, Kirby tears the legs from the robot.


"My turn. Poyo!"

Doc shouts a large laser from the mouth of the Yadogaine, but with a swing of Storo's right arm covered in her energy, Sweetie Belle is able to deflect it with some little difficulty. Once the laser is out of the way, Sweetie Belle readies the arm, rotating it with all the energy she can gather in it, a giant smile on Storo's face. "METEOR PUUUUNCH!!!" And she hits the Yadogaine right in the head. The accumulated power of the attack crushes the head and propulses the robot directly through the ruins until it explodes in the distance. Just after the explosion, they see Doc propulsed toward the ceiling.

"I'm blasting off ag-" Crash! He passes right through the ceiling.

Sweetie Belle raises Storo's arms in victory. "WOOOHOOOO! that was awesome! Poyo!" kirby readies Storo's left hand, and Sweetie fistbumps it with the right hand. "Poyo! Yeah! Gosh! I will never forget this day!" They then turn toward the still unconscious Daroach. "And it will get even better very soon. Poyo."

At this, the two ghosts leave Storo's body and enter Daroach. A few seconds later, Daroach wakes up, and gets up.

"Uugh..." he hears. Turning around, he sees Storo rubbing his head. "What happened? Boss?"

Daroach smiles, and raises his wand, energy charging.

"Wait. I was possessed. But I'm not possessed anymore. So where..." Storo then looks at Daroach in the eyes. "Oh..."

Daroach points the wand at Storo, and an ice beam is shot from it. When the beam stops, Storo is covered in ice.

Daroach's smiles becomes bigger, then he starts to giggles, before bouncing in excitation. "Oh my goshohmygoshohmygosh! I don't believe it! I'm Daroach! Poyo poyo! I can't wait to fight as him! Poyo!" They turn toward the exit of the ruins. "Let's go! To the volcanoes! Popoyo!" And they run, going toward the next step of their adventure.