A Sweetie Dreamland

by Lucar

Chapter 53: Prelude to the Revenge

Kirby bows before king Dedede on his throne, a pile of chests beside him. "Poyo poyo poyo poyopoyo..."

Sweetie Belle also lower her head. "I'm sorry too Dedede. By the time we reached their hideout, we didn't have time to look among the treasures to find the ones that have been stolen from your fortresses."

Dedede breaks into laughter. "With all those treasures that you found, I can get pass the ones that have been stolen! That you successfully convinced the Squeaks to not come back to steal me is also a great bonus!" He then looks at Kirby. "As for you Kirby, it is nice to see that you are willing to apologize for attacking me like that, and seeing you bow before me is one of the best things that I have dreamed. So I suppose that I could forgive you."

Kirby sweats. Dedede has used the conditional.


Yes, thought so...

Dedede smirks. "I will not be able to fully forgive you if you don't offer me something that I really want."


"A revenge!"



"You want to fight Kirby again?" asks Sweetie Belle.

"Exactly. But not just any fight like the one from a few hours ago. A real fight, with everything we have. The serious stuff."

"So, right now?"

"No. We will need to prepare first. Here is how it will go." He takes a big breathe. "Remember the first time Kirby?"

Hard to forget, it has only been a few months.

"We have sure gone far since that day. We both became stronger. My army became stronger. Kracko became stronger. Heck, even Whispy Woods became stronger. I now have Sweetie Belle. And one of my Waddle Dees became an elite soldier. So, what do you think would happen if we reenacted that day with everything we have gained since then? Without me stealing the food, of course. Do you think that you still have enough skill to take on my more powerful army, or will it be too much for you? Remember, you would be alone in this. Sweetie Belle wouldn't be at your side, but at my side. it will be only you and your own skills. So, what do you think?"

Kirby looks at Dedede insure. "Poyo..."

Sweetie Belle sighs. "Whether you win or lose, there will be cake for you."

He starts bouncing in joy. "Poyo! Poyo!"

Dedede laughs again. "Thank you Sweetie Belle. So it's settled. Next week, from 4pm, you will start your journey from Greens Greens. No wait. with you being stronger, Greens Greens, Float Islands, and Bubbly Clouds would be too easy. Spicing the areas that you will traverse is only right. So... Mmh... I will have to go look. I will send a Waddle Dee to inform you of your new path. Until then, you can return to your home and do what you want."

Kirby nods. "Poyo!"

"Goodbye girls! See you tomorrow, maybe," says Twilight as she bids goodbye to her friends.

Not long after that Sweetie Belle has beaten Dark Nebula, Discord has closed the portal seeing that it has been the end of the adventure. The ponies have remained a little after to discuss about what has happened until they have been ready to return to their homes.

Then, Discords appears again, a letter in a claw.

"Ah. Good. You are still together. I just got a message from Mini-me."

"Oh! What does it say?!" asks Pinkie Pie excitedly.

"Already?" asks Applejack.

Discords puts then swirly glasses. "Let me read it for you." He clears his throat and starts to read. "'The penguin challenged the puffball in a fight. Next week at 4pm, a new adventure will begin, and Sweetie Belle will fight him. Be ready!' End of the message."

"We will see Sweetie Belle fight Kirby?" asks Scootaloo.

"Yeperoni. Despite being friends, they are also rivals. This was bound to happen someday. She has been training for that."

"Oooooh! The fated battle between the two best friends who are also rivals! I will not miss this!"

"Me too!" shouts Apple Bloom. "We should warn the others at school! I am sure they will want to see this!"


Discord then turns to Twilight and the others. "So. Next week, five minutes before 4pm in the castle?"

Rarity giggles. "It looks like you are giving us a date."

"Oh please!" shouts Rainbow Dash. "Don't say that! Anyway, of course I will be there! I don't want to miss this fight!"

"Me too!" shouts Pinkie.

The next day.

Dedede puts a map of Dreamland on a table, surrounded by Sweetie Belle, Bandana Dee, and Cape Knight.

"So, we have to find three areas similar to Greens Greens, Float Islands, and Bubbly Clouds, respectively a likeside grassland beside a forest, an archipelago with a castle, and clouds with structures, but each of them must be more dangerous. Any ideas?"

"For the cloud area, I already have an idea: Crash Clouds," says Cape Knight while pointing at a cloudy area not far from the castle.

"Oh yeah," says Sweetie Belle. "Those dangerous looking clouds where it always seem ready to storm."

"Perfect!" shouts Dedede.

"Then let's try to look at the areas around Crash Clouds!" proposes Bandana Dee.

"It shouldn't be hard. they are not far from the ocean too. So..." Dedede looks at the ocean part of the map along with the others, before smiling and pointing at an archipelago not far off the coast. "There! Illusion Islands!"

"Oooh! And they are not far from that poisoned forest!"

"Yes! Purple Plants!"

Sweetie Belle looks at the forested area shown. "A poisoned forest? I haven't explored it yet. It looks really dangerous."

"Yeah. Those three areas are some of the most dangerous areas of Dreamland," explains Bandana Dee. "Not many are willing to go there." He looks at Dedede. "And this include our army, my king."

"Good point, but I already thought about it." He smirks. "Those areas are already full of dangerous animals. And to add to them, I will... recruit. I will have to use some of the gold brought back by Sweetie Belle and Kirby though."

sweetie Belle raises an eyebrow at him. "You will recruit mercenaries? Isn't it cheating?"

"I will use my resources to recruit them, so no, that's no cheating." He then turns toward Bandana Dee. "Go warn Kirby."
Bandana Dee salutes. "Yes Great King!" And he leaves the room.

Dedede then turns to Cape Knight. "Assemble Whispy Woods, Lololo and Lalala, Kracko, and Kabula."

"Yes my king."

"What about me?" asks Sweetie Belle.

"You do what you do best beside saving the world: train."

"Alright. I wanted to test something with my singing anyway."

"However, you should find another place to train. I will prepare the boxing ring for the fight against Kirby."

"Then I will go to the Fountain of Dreams. I will be able to train a lot over there."

"Ok. Just try to not accidentally destroy the fountain."

"I will make sure to train far enough. Don't worry."

Later that day, outside the castle.

Dedede is Walking back and forth in front of Whispy Woods, two spherical creatures with a tubby tail and no mouths, one blue, the other pink with a yellow bow, that are Lololo and Lalala, Kracko (without his cloud), and a tan blimp hovering above the ground with a menacing face composed of two angry eyes and a big sadistic smile with sharp teeth spray-painted at the head, bearing a cannon below with an orange fin at the top, and a propeller at the back named Kabula.

"So," says Dedede. "Did Cape Knight tell you about what will happen next week?"

"Yes," answers Whispy Woods. "We will redo what happened the first time that we fought Kirby."

"So we return in our castle and prepare to receive Kirby?" asks Lololo.

"No. We will use different, more dangerous areas, because will all know that Kirby has become far more powerful since then."

"Logic," replies Lalala.

"So, where do we go? I suppose that you already decided about those areas," asks the tree.

"Well, Whispy, you will go in Purple Plants."

"Purple Plants?" asks Lololo. "Wow. Yeah. Very dangerous."

Dedede nods. "You two, Lololo and Lalala, you will go in the Illusion Islands."

"Okay!" replied the two.

"Kracko, you have Crash Clouds."

If Kracko could smirk, he would do it.

"And finally, Kabula. You will be the first line of defense of the castle in the sky. I'm sure that Kirby will come from the air, like the previous time."

The blimp nods before going up and starting to patrol the sky around the castle.

Dedede chuckles. "You should do like her and prepare. Give Kirby Hell."

And so, for the following days, everyone prepare for the big day as best they can.

"Alright Discord! I'm ready!" shouts Sweetie Belle.

Mini-Discord nods with a laugh before snapping his finger to materialise a replica of Sweetie Belle.

"Good luck. She possesses everything that you possess, nothing more, nothing less. And I will be there to make the fight more chaotic. Prepare yourself to see the ground become slippy, upside-down, apocalyptic, and everything that you can think of and even more."

"I don't expect less from you."

Mini-Discord then teleports between the two Sweetie Belle, wearing a referee uniform. "Okay you two! Are you ready? Three! Two! One!" He blows a whistle.

And soon, the two Sweetie Belle charge at each other.

"Higher! Higher! We must be sure that Kirby can't see it!"

"Yes my king!"

"Isn't it dangerous to use an electrical cage?" asks Bandana Dee.

"Of course it's dangerous! That's what I want! Danger! We will give Kirby the fight of his life! Bwahahahaha!"

Sweetie Belle jumps from floating island to floating island before charging at her replica, and the two collide in the air locked in a showdown using an ice sword and an ice spear. When they jump away from each other, the replica uses her tail to send a dozen cutter blades made of energy at Sweetie Belle, only for the filly to take a floating rock in her magic and use it as a shield before kicking it to send it toward her replica.

Mini-Discord is sitting on a floating chair, admiring the fight with 3D glasses while eating popcorn.

"Gosh. Too bad real me is missing this. Mmh... Maybe it's time to spice it a little more." He snaps his fingers, and air currents appear between the floating islands, and the smaller rock start flying around carried by them. "Better."

"It's almost finished sir! It should be ready the day before the fight!"

"Good! It should give me enough time to train with it."

"At least, the mask is finished."

"Yes, but I will wait until our fight before putting it. I wonder if I should give Sweetie Belle something too."

"Well, to make her look more serious, maybe some uniform that would go with her cape?"

"Mmh... Yes. I'm leaving it to you."

"Yes sir!"

"Follow my lead!" shouts Bandana Dee at all the Spear Waddle Dees in front of him before he starts doing thrusts with his spears, followed by the others.


The Knuckle Joes are busy training too, doing jabs, in the hope to at least hit Kirby once.


"Everybody was Kung Fu fighting!"


The replica is violently projected into the ground. When she looks up, she sees Sweetie Belle's silhouette quickly falling toward her and rolls out of the way just beside she impacts her, a small crater and a cloud of dust appearing where she has crashed. The replica gets up and readies half a dozen ice weapons around her, all pointed toward the real filly who now has a body made of metal.

A whistle suddenly interrupt them.

"You got mail" shouts mini-Discord.

"Really?!" shouts back Sweetie Belle.

Mini-Discord teleports beside her and gives her a letter. "Really!"

"Yay!" She opens it and reads it, her jaw dropping. "It's Scootaloo and Apple Bloom! They say that they befriended Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon!"

Mini-Discord looks at the letter from above Sweetie Belle. "Really now?"

"Yes, something about Diamond Tiara's mother being the one that was causing Diamond Tiara being mean, and my friends convinced Diamond to stop following her. And Pipsqueak is now the class president. And... THEY WILL ALL BE THERE WATCHING ME FIGHTING KIRBY?!!"

"Oh my. This is quite the public."

Sweetie Belle takes big breaths. "Alright! Alright. This means that I will not screw it. I will have to give the best fight that I can."

"Wasn't it already what you wanted to do?"

"Uh, yes. Right. So, no need to freak out. Thank you Discord. I'm returning training. At least, it's nice to know that Diamond and Silver are friends."

Dedede looks down at the new weapon that is presented to him. After looking at it for a few seconds, he grins, and takes it.

"Yes... YES! With this... I WILL WIN!!!"

An explosion blows a boulder the side of a small house. Sweetie Belle, her replica, and mini-Discord look in shock at this, the filly still in the pose that she takes when she throws a Force Blast.

Mini-Discord whistles in amazement. "Well. I think that this test is a success. Should we call it the Giga Force Blast DX?"

Sweetie Belle giggles sheepishly. "No-no need. Or else, I would have to add a DX at all my attacks. I... think that we should return to the castle. Tomorrow is the day, and I need to rest after this."

"Very well." He snaps his fingers, and the replica disappears, and everything returns to normal around them.

"Uh? What is this blimp flying around the castle?" asks Mini-Discord as they approach the castle on a Warp Star.

Sweetie Belle spots the blimp ans smiles. "Oh! That's Kabula! Dedede's personal airship! It's the first time that I see her, but Dedede talked to me a few times about her. And yes, we consider her a girl."

"Then I will leave you. Wouldn't want it... HER to spot me."

"Alright, see you tonight."

Upon coming back, Sweetie Belle is quickly greeted by Bandana Dee.

"Hello Sweetie Belle. Welcome back. Ready for tomorrow?"

"Yep. I have trained hard and gained a few new moves. And you?"

"I was busy training the other Spear Waddle Dees, but I'm ready too. The king is still training however."

"He is determined," remarks Sweetie Belle.

"Very. Between his training, the preparations, the recruiting of the mercenaries, and everything else, it's actually the first time that I saw him working so much. He is really doing everything to assure his victory over Kirby tomorrow."

She frowns. "I'm sorry for Kirby, but I hope that Dedede will win tomorrow. After putting so much of himself, it would crush him to lose."


"That's why we will give everything to at least weaken Kirby for him."

"Yeah! By the way, the king has made something for you. You will get it tomorrow."

"Oh? And what is it?"

"An awesome uniform!"

And so, the big day finally comes.

"Well, here we are..."

It's almost 4pm. Time to get ready.

First, she puts a pink cloth covering her all the way from her neck to her flank, including her forelegs. She has to pass her tail through a hole. A yellow star with Dedede's symbol in red has been added at the flanks, where her Cutie Marks should be. The clothes are slightly armored at the chest, the armored part forming a darker pink heart.

Dedede walks in the throne room, rows of Spear Waddle Dees at both sides. Beside the throne, waiting for him, are Bandana Dee and Cape Knight.

When he sits on the throne, he asks "Everything is ready?"

"Yes my king!" answer both the Waddle Dee and the Blade Knight.

"We just have to wait for Sweetie Belle. She should be there soon," adds Bandana Dee.

"She is probably putting her new uniform," says Cape Knight.

Dedede grins. "Good."

Now are four gauntlets made for her hooves, made of gold. They have probably melted some of the gold that has been in the chests she has brought in her previous adventure. Heart-shaped rubies have been added at the front.

After that come her red cape and her kerchief.

Kirby is flying on his Warp Star toward the dreaded Purple Plants, ready to start this 'adventure', for the cake for Sweetie Belle and Dedede, especially Dedede.

He could tell that the king really has this day to heart. He has probably been dreaming of it for months.

And so, he will give the king what he wants: the best fight.

No headband anymore. Now is an armored golden circlet with a star at the front, below her horn. It could almost pass for a crown similar to the one that Dedede wears around his hat!

With this, her uniform is complete.

"You really look like a warrior princess now," comments mini-Discord.

She looks at herself in the mirror. She has a hard time believing that who she sees in it is her, and yet, it's her! She now wears a uniform that she could use to go to war, she has gained some muscle and... a little weight, she has lost that innocent look in her eyes, and yet, that's her. Green eyes, white fur, and purple and pink mane and tail. That's her alright.

She has changed so much. As Discord has just said, she is now a warrior princess. The princess part is left for debate. maybe something else would be better...

She smiles. "Actually, I think that a Star Warrior is better. It sounds... right."

Mini-Discord laughs at this. "This is a title that Moonbutt would love!"

She giggles. "Well, I'm going, wish me good luck."

And she exits her room.

"I can't believe we are gonna see her fight!"

"And me, I can't wait!"

"Yeah. And if what Apple Bloom and Scootaloo said is true, this is gonna be awesome!"

"That's why I can't wait!"

To say that the foals are excited would be an understatement. Half of them just can't remain in place! That is, until Discord comes, and all eyes turn toward him. Seeing all the little ponies present and looking at him, Discord snaps his fingers, and cotton candies of various colours appear in the floals' hooves, making them cheer while also calming them.

Pinkie Pie suddenly comes in front of him and gives him the puppy dog eyes. Discord chuckles before giving her a cotton candy. Cheering, the pink pony places herself among the little ones.

Twilight looks at a clock. "Five minutes left before it starts."

"Right in time!" says Discord. A mic appears in front of him, and he catches it before yelling "Are you ready everypony?!"

"Yes!" answers the foals and Pinkie.

"I haven't heard!"


He turns toward the remaining mares and Spike. "You haven't answered. Are you ready?"

"Do you need to ask this question? Of course we are!" shouts Rainbow Dash.

"What she said!" shouts Spike. "Now hurry!"

"Hey! Hold your horses!" says Discord. A ba dun tss is suddenly heard, making most of the foals and Pinkie laugh while the others are groaning. "I'm opening the portal."

And so, with a snap, a portal opens on the wall in front of everypony, and all jaws drop immediately upon seeing Sweetie Belle's new attire.

"That's Sweetie Belle?" asks Diamond Tiara.

"Dude. She looks awesome," says Spike.

"Oh my... That circlet! Is this gold? And those heart-shaped rubies... Oh, she is beautiful! She looks like royalty!" comments Rarity. "The day I come to this world, I must have a talk with whoever made it!"

"A royalty ready to go fight," says Applejack. "That's clearly armor on her hooves."

At this moment, Sweetie Belle enters the throne room, and again, the ponies are awed at seeing all those Waddle Dees with weapons ready.

"Here you are Sweetie Belle!" they hear Dedede say on his throne. "So, what do you think of my little gift?"

"I like it." She looks at her hooves. "With those, my punches will hurt even more! And I can use them to protect myself!" She giggles. "Maybe I will win against Kirby before you can even fight him."

"Then, I would have to fight you to assure my superiority," says Dedede with a smirk.

"Whenever you want."

At this moment, Cape Knight salutes. "It's almost time, sir!"

Dedede nods, and shouts "Prepare the screen!"

At this, a screen linked to the ceiling comes down and turns on just in time to see Kirby lands in an area with purple grass.

"Good. The cameras work. We will be able to follow Kirby." Dedede then smirks. "Let the fun begin!"