A Sweetie Dreamland

by Lucar

Chapter 38: Vacation

That night, as they are together for dinner, Sweetie Belle tells the others about the Dark God.

"You really think we will one day fight this God?" asks Dedede.

"There is a possibility," she replies. "I mean, in the space of a few months, we have had no less than five crisis concerning artefacts or beings created by this God, or by the Ancients with his help. First, the Fountain of Dream, the Star Rod, and Nightmare. Well, this is not confirmed that Nightmare was created by the God, but there is a big possibility, with the God being the creator of the dreams. Secondly, the Dark Matters, three times. While the God hasn't directly created the Dark Matters, he did create Zero, who himself created the Dark Matters. And then, there was Nova, using the power of dreams, and so the God's power, to grant wishes. So, you see, I really wouldn't be surprised if we do fight the God himself at some point in the future."

Adeleine rubs her head in nervousness. "I see your point. But do you think we would be able to fight something so powerful?"

Sweetie Belle sighs. "I don't know... Queen Ripple said that four heroes were able to seal him, so this shows that he is not invincible. We could do it too. But we will certainly need to get stronger. And having more allies would not be bad too. I know we could count on the animals and Gooey to join us. And..." She smiles sheepishly at Dedede. "there is Marx too."

"What?!" Dedede falls from his chair, and quickly gets back up, looking at Sweetie Belle in disbelief. "He is alive?!"

She nods. "He survived the explosion of Nova, and I convinced him to stop trying to conquer Popstar. Seeing how he hasn't tried anything bad since then, I think we can now count on him."

"And why haven't you told me?" he asks annoyed.

"You were too angry at him. If I had told you, you would have gone to fight him."

He grumbles and crosses his arms while sitting back on his chair. "True..."

Adeleine looks at her plate for a few seconds, then looks at Kirby and Sweetie Belle. "You can count on me too. I will be there if the day come."

"Me too," says Ribbon. "I'm not a great fighter, but I could be of help."

Adeleine smiles at her. "You could lift me, like you did in our adventure."

Ripples nods. "I will also ask the fairies to forge a crystal that you could use to shoot projectiles. It would not be as powerful as the Crystal, but it would still be useful thanks to the Heart energy of our world. We are not much for weapons, in Ripple Star, but against the Dark God, we are willing to do something."

"And of course..." Dedede bumps his chest. "I will be there too! It would be a shame if I, the Great King Dedede, will not help saving the universe when my second in command will do it!"

"Me too!" shouts Waddle Dee.

Sweetie Belle smiles at them. "And I think we can add Meta Knight too. Even if he tried to conquer Dreamland, in the end, he only wants to protect Popstar. He was just... misguided."

Kirby raises an arm. "Poyo!"

Sweetie giggles. "Of course. We already have a big and powerful team ready to fight this God if he shows up."

Dedede smirks. "If he does, he will regret it! With all of us, he will not stand a chance!"


Queen Ripple smiles at them. "Yes. I believe in you." And after a moment of silence, she adds "I have heard that you wanted to return to that world of water, which, by the way, is named Aqua Star, to pass some vacation. So, how about I guide you to it tomorrow?"

"Yes, please! We don't know where it is exactly!" says Sweetie Belle.

It's a nice day today in Ponyville. Warm with a few clouds here and there, perfect for a small tea time. So it's only natural for Discord and Fluttershy to have one outside the pegasus' house. That, and Discord wants to make sure that his friend doesn't have any... sequels from the violent spectacle from the previous day. Already, the poor dear has been getting agitated at seeing Zero Two, whose appearance has been quite unsettling, so when that thing has started leaking blood from his eyes, she has had a hard time keeping her eyes on the fight. And when the bandage has been destroyed to reveal that big bloody hole in the head, she has passed the rest of the fight hidden behind her chair not looking at it.

He thinks that he should have closed the portal at this moment, or at least, he should have told Fluttershy to not look.

Right now, she seems to be better, probably thanks to her friends, both ponies and animals, and that tea party is probably helping her relaxing too. Or it may be Discord goofing with his magic to make her laugh that actually help.

Right now, he is having a musical number with a bunch of tea-pots, making them expulse steam with different sounds to form a song, Discord himself acting like a conductor.

"No, yellow tea-pot with the pink flower, you must do two short puffs followed by a long one. And blue tea-pot, red tea-pot, and purple tea-pot with pink dots, can you do your 'puff PUFF puff puff' a little faster? Alright, we restart. Three. Two. O..." He is interrupted by a letter popping in front of him. "Oh. Bummer."

"What is it Discord?" asks Fluttershy.

Discord catches the letter and start reading it. "Oh! It's a report from the mini me that I sent to watch Sweetie Belle. Already?"

"I hope she is not in another scary adventure so soon..."

After some more reading, Discord says "No. Nothing like that. She has actually gone in a small vacation with the others and that queen fairy in that waterworld."

Fluttershy sighs in relief. "Thank Celestia..."

"Oh..." suddenly half shout Discord, surprising her.


Discord starts sweating. "Well, that's unexpected..."

"What?" repeats Fluttershy.

"Erh... Apparently, Sweetie Belle may, and I say 'may', end up fighting in the future a dark god from the origin of time. As in, Zero's daddy."

Fluttershy cringes. "That monster's father? A dark god?" She gulps. "How bad is it?"

"Really bad," Discord answers. "He is a god... a dark god... and he is named 'The Destructor'. When a dark god is named 'The Destructor', this translates by 'this guy can destroy the whole universe if he is not stopped'. All the villains that you and your friends have faced, me included, would be worms compared to his power. Yes, even Tirek when he possessed all that magic. That bad."

Fluttershy starts to shake. "M-maybe you should bring Sweetie Belle back..."

"I'm thinking this but... this could be her purpose. What if she ended up in that universe to help save it from that god? So what would happen if I bring her back? Would they be able to fight that god without her?"

She looks down thoughtfully. "So this means that if you bring her back, you take the risk of this universe being destroyed?"

"This one, and maybe many others. There is a possibility that this god can open portals to other dimensions."

"Eep!" She half hides herself under the table. "Like, he could come to Equestria?"

"For him to enter our dimension between all the dimensions of the multiverse, there is a really small chance. But yes, there would be a very, very, VERY small possibility." He crosses his arms, and after a moment of silence, he asks "So, should I take the risk?"

"I... I think this is not for us to choose. You should ask Sweetie Belle's family. Rarity and her parents."

In the house of Sweetie Belle's parents...

"We are okay with her remaining in this other universe," says Hondo Flank, Sweetie Belle's father, a white unicorn with a brown mane and tail and possessing a mustache.

Discord raises an eyebrow. "Really? Just like that?"

"Father, are you sure? He just told us that Sweetie may have to fight a being more powerful than anything we can think of!" shouts Rarity

Cookie Crumbles, a pink unicorn with a two-toned purple mane and tail who is Sweetie Belle's mother, nods. "Yes. We trust in her." She giggles. "I still have a hard time believing that Sweetie Belle is now fighting evil and saving worlds in another universe. She may still be a filly, but if your previous tales are to be trusted, then I'm sure that with the help of the friends she made in this universe, she will win her fight against that god if this happens." She turns to her husband and smiles. "And who knows, she may get her Cutie Mark thanks to this. If this is really 'her fate', then I don't see better occasion."

Hondo Flanks puts a hoof under his chin. "So, a Cutie Mark in God Slaying? Oh, I already see it." He then changes his voice, making it lower. "'My daughter's Cutie Mark is a wand! She will be a prodigy in magic! Maybe she could even become princess Celestia's protégée!'" He talks back in his normal voice. "'Oh please! That's nothing! My daughter has a Cutie Mark in God Slaying! Princess Celestia should become HER protégée!'"

"Father!" shouts Rarity horrified. "Watch what you say!"

Discord suddenly rolls in laughter. "I totally have to propose that to Celestia if it happens!"

"But aren't you worried for her?" asks Fluttershy. "I mean, she could die."

"Of course we are worried," answers Cookie Crumbles. "We are worried since the day we learned that she has been sent to that other dimension. But again, we trust in her. And we also trust in her friends to protect her. If we just give in and not let her take some risks, then she may miss opportunities, and it could ruin her life. Until now, she has won all her fights against foes both powerful and dangerous, so I have no reason to believe that she can't win against this god." She turns to Discord. "But if things come to worse, then I'm sure that you will be here to stop her from being killed. You always watch her, right?"

"Now that I have sent a mini me to keep an eye and warn me once things start to get interesting, yes, I will always be there to assure that she will not be killed."

"Speaking of this... Can... Can you open a portal so we can see her?" she asks.

"Of course!"

At this, Discord snaps his fingers and a portal opens on one of the walls. Quickly, it shows a beach, where they can see Sweetie Belle in the water with Waddle Dee, Adeleine, Ribbon, the queen of the fairies, and an orca, probably Acro, playing with a beach ball. Kirby and Dedede are napping on the sand of the beach, bathing in the warm sun. At a moment, some orange mole-like creature with a round body digs out of the sand beside Dedede, only to be crushed by his hammer, the penguin still sleeping. But then, the ball is sent too far by Queen Ripple, and it hits Dedede on the head, waking him up with a surprise bounce.

"What? What? What? What hit me? What happened?"

"Sorry Dedede!" shouts Sweetie Belle while the fairy queen hides her eyes behind her hands, head half in the water in embarrassment. "Queen Ripple has hit the ball too hard! Can you send it back, please?"

He huffs, and take the ball. "Alright, I will send it back to you." He smirks. "But I still have to make you pay for waking me up, so..." He takes his hammer, and tosses up the ball. "TRY TO CATCH IT!" He hits the ball with his hammer, sending it toward the group in the water like a cannonball.

"It's too fast!" yells Waddle Dee in panic.

However, Sweetie simply puts herself in the path of the ball and readies her right hoof with a grin. The next second, when the ball is about to hit her in the face, she uppercuts it with her hoof now enveloped with energy, sending the ball flying high towards the sky. She then shouts at Dedede "Thank you!"

The king grumbles and sits back on the sand, his arms crossed.

Once the ball goes back down, the game restarts as if this event has never happened.

"That's my girl!" shouts Hondo Flanks. "Have you seen it? She has intercepted that cannonball as if it was nothing! I'm so putting her in Ponyville's hoofball team once she comes back! She will wreck all the others and make us champions!"

"We have a hoofball team?" asks Rarity.

"Erh... no. But I'm sure that we will be able to form one once I show Sweetie Belle's skills!"

"Honey. If Sweetie becomes a God Slayer, don't you think she will have better things to do than playing hoofball?"

"Darn, that's right."

Discord looks at both parents, then bends toward Rarity, whispering "They see their daughter punching to the sky a beach ball charging at her like a cannonball, and that's all the effect it gives them? You, I understand, you are now used to it, but them?"

She sighs. "That's my parents for you. If a cyborg from the future suddenly appeared in the middle of the living room, they would just ask him to join them for dinner, and father would probably ask him to join a hoofball team. So Sweetie Belle punching a cannonball is nothing outside of making them even more proud of her. And her eventually becoming a God Slayer? They will accept it as if it is something like becoming Captain of the Royal Guard."

"So they are the opposite of you? You over dramatise everything, while they under dramatise?"

She glares at him. "You can resume it this way..." she says with a growl.

Fluttershy hides her chuckles behind her hoof.

In the end, they continue watching Sweetie Belle playing with her friends or exploring under the ocean for a whole hour, before they decide to close the portal, both parents happy to have finally seen their daughter after all those months, and seeing that she is alright, and not alone, and that she will do great things.

And seeing how she has seemed pretty close to that pink ball once he has joined them after his nap, that she may have gained more than friends.