A Sweetie Dreamland

by Lucar

Chapter 67: White Wafers

"That's weird. Because of how it's named, I thought that this Dark Matter thingy was like dark magic, but he said that it's okay to use it," says Applejack. "Then why is it named Dark Matter?"

"Because the idea of darkness equals evil is a misconception," says Luna. "You can use powers linked to darkness without being evil. I can turn into shadows, and yet I'm not trying to conquer Equestria. It's just that the darkness is full of mysteries, and ponies tend to fear what they don't know, and if it's scary, then it's evil. And that there's the sad fact that most evil beings tend to use darkness or to hide in it. But the truth is that darkness is no more evil than Light. It's the beings that use darkness that are evil, like there can be evil beings using light. The difference with dark magic is that dark here refers to black which itself refers to evil. Dark magic is evil, and Dark Matter is darkness. You understand?"

"I think so. But this means that anypony here could use this Dark Matter?"

"It seems like," answers Twilight. "However, there aren't any Dark Matter here, so this wouldn't work. From what I understood, unless our body produces Dark Matter, or is made of it, we have to draw the Dark Matter in the environment to use it. Maybe if we could find a way to produce or stock it..."

"But if Dark Matter is the energy of the void, then doesn't this mean it's everywhere where there's void?" asks Fluttershy.

"But the Dark God created it, so I don't think this works that way," replies Twilight.

"Unless this isn't the God who created the Dark Matter, but the Dark Matter that created the God," says Pinkie Pie. Seeing everypony looking at her weirdly, she adds "I mean the God has to come from somewhere, right?"

Sweetie Belle and her friends land in the icy mountainous region of White Wafers. Again, nothing to do with wafers. Instead, there are something that Sweetie Belle would have never thought to see one day: ice volcanoes! Volcanoes that are expelling ice! Some of the ice is even floating! But best of all, ICE CREAM TREES!!!

Too bad it's too cold to eat them. But if she craves ice cream one day, she now knows where to go!

Forgetting about the ice cream trees, she raises her right forehoof and looks at it, focusing. If she could do like Magolor and use Dark Matter, then their chances to beat that dragon and the Dark God would rise a little, without forgetting that she would have a new weapon to one day defeat Kirby. She could do the same dark lightning as the Dark Matters and Gooey, she could throw those weird black balls like Magolor has shown them... Maybe she could even create black holes! She could probably create one with her normal magic, but it would take so much power, and she has absolutely no idea how to use it this way. But with Dark Matter...

Sadly, she has no idea how to draw Dark Matter to use it, and no matter how much she tries, no black ball appear above her hoof. She will have to ask Magolor when she has the occasion. He could train her.

She looks at Kirby. Will he be able to use it too? Maybe he's already using it without knowing, when he inhales others. By the stars, if he ever masters those four Matters, he would become almost invincible.

Then she needs to master those four Matters too. She already controls Soul Matter rather well thanks to the training she has started with the help of Knuckle Joe. Dream Matter is harder to think about. Has she been unknowingly using it with her magic to fire all those magical attacks, like the fireballs or lightning bolts? Or is her magic just an imitation? The Matters don't exist in her dimension, and yet, thanks to magic, ponies can do things really similar to what Magolor described. If that's the case, then what if she adds Dream Matter to her magic? What about both Dream Matter AND Dark Matter? No, ALL four Matters with her magic?

It would be her advantage. Kirby doesn't know how to use magic like Meta Knight (unless Meta Knight uses Dream Matter), yet. If they both end up mastering the four Matters by the time they fight each others, then her magic could make the difference.

Or he could dodge everything she throws at him and counterattack, like he does so well. No need to be powerful when you know how to dodge.

Wait, are the shockwaves that he can send with the Sword ability a result of Dream Matter, or are they magic? And the mirrors from the Mirror ability? Dream Matter and magic are so similar, it's hard to say. Maybe those are magic resulting from Dream Matter?

While Sweetie has been thinking all this, the party has started its journey through the snowy landscape, quickly destroying a mechanical version of those cardboard Waddle Dees before Kirby inhales a Knuckle Joe to gain the Fighter ability. They walk on a few parts of the floor covered in ice, pass through igloos, destroy many blocks including fire blocks and ice blocks (finding an Energy Sphere thanks to this), and defeat many creatures wanting to try their chance.

After passing a door, they find a Cracker and use its bullets to eliminate many Nruffs and other enemies before destroying a bunch of metal blocks, finding many ice creams. They pass another door, and they find themselves in a small cave with a cannon in the exit. From there, it's a succession of cannons, with another Energy Sphere in a small passage out of the way as they pass under a mountain. Toward the end, when they have to choose between two ways, Kirby makes them choose the one passing again under the mountain, where they reach a door hidden in a small cave. In the cave that follows the door, they have to watch out for many falling spikes of ice as they walk on icy floor and jump above more icy spikes. They are also surprised by a living blob of water falling from the ceiling named Pluid, looking like those water blobs they have encountered in their journey to Ripple Star, excepted that this one has two red eyes. They easily find a third Energy Sphere on the way, above spikes, before they reach a level that open a door to the next black door.

They encounter a Gigant Edge that they easily beat after Sweetie breaks his sword with a well placed soul energized punch, leaving him with only his shield to defend himself. The Gigant Edge defeated, they pass the next door, and they reach an area mainly made of icy floor, with some ice geysers expelling Mopoos, ice owls, and even trees turned into giant snowmen falling on them as they pass. After passing the first series of tree snowmen, Kirby inhales a ninja creature named Moonja, purple round body, yellow around the eyes, with the usual ninja hat with the silver headband, obviously gaining the Ninja ability. Then they pass a second series of tree snowmen before entering a cave.

Inside, they encounter some blue creatures with a pink underbelly without hands and wearing metal helmets with a horn on the front, like a rhinoceros, named Sheld. When the party is able to knock away the helmet, then the Shelds run away, letting them pass.

A little later, after destroying some ice blocks, they find a fuse that Sweetie lights, and they immediately run to reach the cannon before the fire. Thanks to the cannon, they are propulsed through a big yellow block, and they reach a place near the top of the mountain where one of them, Dedede is the chosen one, has to remain behind to press a red switch that opens a door for only two seconds, while the others pass said door and take the Energy Sphere, Bandana Dee almost impaling himself on a spiked wall because of the slippery icy floor, saved just in time by Meta Knight. They then pull a level, destroying a wall of iron blocks, and join Dedede before passing the door that lead back to the cave, beside the cannon.
As they continue their way, Sweetie Belle starts to talk to Meta Knight.

"Meta Knight, when you send your tornadoes and your shockwaves, do you use magic, or Dream Matter?"


"What about Kirby when he uses the Sword ability?"

"Magic too, the same kind that I use. But the Sword itself is a result of the Dream Matter, so I wouldn't be surprised if this magic is a result too, or else, he would also use it with the other weapons."

"So Kirby can use magic, but only magic gained thanks to his Copy ability." I don't know if it's good or bad... "Do you know how to use Dream Matter?"

"No. I never thought about training myself to use it."

She sighs before they pass a door, exiting the cave.

"If you search for someone to train you to use Dream Matter, you could ask Marx," says then Meta Knight.

"Uhh... I don't know if he would be a good trainer... But I will think about this. Thank you."

They have to jump from icy platform to icy platform before they reach a Stomper Boot, Dedede being the one entering it this time, wanting to have some fun. Stomping on Snowls and Mopoos, he's able to reach, and destroy, two yellow blocks, freeing two bottles of milk, before the boot explodes, Dedede taking the milk and giving a bottle to Sweetie Belle who jumps in the next Stomper Boot, and uses it to destroy a yellow block that has been blocking a black door. Taking it with the boot, Sweetie ends up in a place where she has to use it to stomp on Mopoos and reach a high ledge where there are yellow blocks (and two carrots). With the boot, she destroys them, and finds an Energy Sphere in a small room, before giving up the overheating boot, destroying a bomb block to exit the small room and form a bridge of blocks above the Mopoos, and returning to the door where the others are waiting and congratulating her.

Back where they have found the boot, they reach a succession of icy slopes with Rockys sliding on them, and Kirby gives up the Ninja ability to eat one of them and gain Stone. After passing a door, they enter another cave with more slopes full of dangers that are nothing for the stone ability. They then enter another section of the cave where they encounter a Bonkers.

A Bonkers with a glowing aura, and a star on his forehead. And his clothes have fire motifs.

And his hammer becomes huge.

Dedede huffs. "He thinks he looks great with his giant hammer?"

They all quickly jumped back to avoid the Super Bonkers' giant hammer slamming on the floor, shaking the whole cave and causing a shockwave to spread on the surface, forcing them to jump above it. Once Kirby lands, he runs toward the Super Bonkers, and to everyone's amazement, force a fist made of stone around his right arm and gives an uppercut, sending the Super Bonker on his back.

"Whaaat?! He can do that now?!" yells Dedede.

"Hehe. I can do the same by turning my hooves into metal, but I don't need it thanks to those gauntlets," says Sweetie Belle before she quickly walks on the Bonkers' chest and punches him on the chin just before he can go up until he loses consciousness. Once done, Kirby gives up Stone to inhale the Super Bonkers, and obtain the boosted version of the Hammer ability, the puffball now wearing a bigger version of the rope, now blue and red colored, with a star on the forehead and a hammer almost two times bigger than him.

"So, this will be like the Sword?" asks Bandana Dee.

"Seems like it," replies Sweetie Belle.

They quickly reach a giant stick that Kirby has no problems pounding with his actual hammer, creating by the same occasion a shockwave that knock out every creatures around it, and dropping a big part of the floor with it and revealing a great quantity of food. They then reach two weird boxes, decorated with cracks and a star. From one of those boxes comes out a pillar looking like an owl, and its two slats resembling wings open, revealing a hole from which it shoots ice, that they have no problems to avoid. The pillar then enters its box, and another similar pillar comes out of the second box, but before it can open its wings, Kirby jumps above it and raises his hammer, and slams it on the pillar, pounding it back in its box with so much force than it destroys the box, and somehow, it destroys the other box too.

Kirby pounds another stick, which has for effect to bring platforms to form a passage for them to pass without having to fly, and they reach three more of those boxes that are easily destroyed. More sticks and more boxes are pounded, before they reach giant version of those boxes. Kirby rapidly jumps above the actual raised pillar as it charges its cannon, and raises his hammer, which grows two times its size and changes appearance, gaining festive colors with flowers and stars. But then, the hammer grows even more, becoming gold, with diamonds inlaid in it, and giant stars on the sides. Kirby then slams it on the giant pillar, and destroys the boxes in one it, shaking the whole mountain.

They all look in awe at this monstrosity of a hammer, and at such destructive power.

"It... It could crush the head of a full grown dragon..." says Sweetie Belle with a small voice.

"And a dragon wears a crown that can use the same power," says Bandana Dee. He starts taking big breath. "Breath Bandana... Breath... Kirby is here, everything will be alright."

"Hey, don't worry. I don't think that Landia will use a hammer," says Sweetie Belle.

Meta Knight nods. "As a dragon, he should mainly use fire."

"This isn't reassuring when we know what Kirby and Sweetie Belle can do with the Fire ability boosted by the power of the crown..."

"Let's just stop thinking about this," says Dedede as he points at a portal that has appeared after Kirby has destroyed the giant boxes. "We should go." Before I run away in fear.

They nod, and they jump in the portal, Kirby losing the ability again. In the other dimension, they have to use keys to open doors to be able to continue, and toward the end, they find a Cracker that they use to rapidly destroy dozens of blocks and reach the door.

They encounter a new kind of Doomer, a green one with four tail feathers, attacking using electricity, meaning that when Kirby inhales one of the balls that it drops, he gains the Spark ability. With its ability to fire lightning bolts, this kind of Doomer is a little more dangerous than the red ones -it's hard to dodge lightning bolts after all-, but it's as resistant as the others, so despite a few shocks, the fight doesn't last long, and the Doomer is killed with a giant slash from Meta Knight, cutting it into two pieces that disappear, leaving the two Energy Spheres.

They leave the other dimension, and pass the door not far from the portal, entering a small room without any exit, and with only a lever. Pulling it, the floor of the room opens, and they jump, discovering that they are now in a different cavern with an underground lake, pillars of ice going from the lake to the ceiling, and many colored rocks on the surface. They have to pass a few Coldtzos, big blue and white cannons firing big projectiles of ice, before destroying a bomb block to reach a door that is in the cold water.

They appear in a cave underwater, and as they swim, they have to avoid giant spiked shells bouncing from the floor and the ceiling. Thanks to his spear, Bandana Dee is able to reach a switch that causes a part of the floor to move up, releasing a spiked shell that they avoid, before moving down, revealing an Energy Sphere, before passing a door.

They come out of the water at the bottom of a succession of slopes, where many boulders of ice roll down, threatening to crush them. On the way, they find an Invisibility Stone that Bandana Dee takes so he doesn't have to go on Dedede's back anymore to dodge the boulders, and he uses it to pass a crystal wall, destroy a bomb block, and take an Energy Sphere, before they all pass the next door.

They enter a section of the cavern full of waterfalls that they have to swim through. At that moment, they spot a black door above a metal platform attached to the ceiling by a rope, beside a waterfall. Because of the platform, they can't reach the door from below, but because of the waterfall, which the current is too fast, and a wall at the other side, they can't reach the door from there. So Sweetie throws a cutter blade from her tail through the waterfall, charging it. The blade moves up, then starts coming back, only to bounce on a wall beside the waterfall, above Sweetie Belle and facing the rope, and it successfully cuts the rope, dropping the platform.

The door leads to a room where there's a switch, iron blocks above it, and stone blocks below it. They press it, which destroys the iron blocks, and a giant ice boulder falls on them. Quickly, Meta Knight cuts it into pieces, and Sweetie Belle melts some of the piece with streams of fire while Dedede and Bandana Dee deal with the other pieces. The boulder destroyed, they can reach the Energy Sphere that has been hidden behind it.

Back in the section with the waterfalls, they continue their way, having to swim through more of them, some of them going from the floor to the ceiling rather than the ceiling toward the floor, and others with the giant eels. They then enter another section of the cavern, with a Balloon Bomb that they use to destroy some yellow blocks, making it easier for the one holding the key that they find just before said block to reach the door that it opens, which lets them get their hands to a second Balloon Bomb. They use it on a Water Galboros that they encounter just after, hurting it very badly to the point that just one thrust of Bandana Dee's spear is enough to end the battle, and Kirby eats it to gain Water.

After the Water Galboros, they find another key, and thanks to it, they find an Energy Sphere, before exiting the cavern, entering a small passage where they simply have to press a switch to open the way and exit the mountain. But now, they find themselves pushed by a strong air currents coming from behind, and like every time this happens, they have to watch out for the many obstacles in the way, especially for the Gordos, always present to play their role as the worst pests of Popstar.

Timing their jumps, they reach a cannon that propulses them to an Energy Sphere, before they enter another cavern similar to the one they have just left, with many Coldtzo raining projectiles. Thankfully, they find a Prism Shield, and thanks to it, they can easily walk through that rain of ice, and Pluids too, with a few other creatures. Before it overheats, they pull a lever, finding another among a few Waddle Dees, and they use it to protect themselves from more Coldtzos while they use currents to float and pass a large pit.

After a door, they have to go down through a narrow passage, then move forward until reaching two doors. Wondering where the keys are, they then see a Key Dee coming, charging toward the door above. Thinking quickly, Kirby stops him, takes the key, and opens instead the door below, finding an Energy Sphere.

The next door leads them inside an ice palace, beside a city of ice with many bridges, where they find a Super Chilly, followed by giant frozen bowling pins, the ice on them forming spikes.

Seems like the giant snowball form of Kirby will be needed, so Sweetie Belle decides to wait before asking him if she can try the boosted ice. Besides, she already guesses that it will be similar to the Fire ability.

So Kirby eats the Super Chilly, and using the snowball, literally plays bowling, with him as the ball. Each group of pins that he knocks down causes some ball at the end of said group to grow before opening, releasing food. The better Kirby plays, the better the reward. When Kirby is able to knock down a whole group of pin in one try, the reward is the best, in the form of Maxi Tomatoes. At the end, they come to a giant snowman without its head, and so, Kirby, as a snowball, places himself where the head should be, which somehow destroys the snowman and reveals the portal to the other dimension.
Before they enter it.

"Wait Kirby! Before we go in, can I try this ability?" asks Sweetie Belle.

Kirby accepts, and goes on her back. This gives her an appearance similar to the Fire one, but with ice instead of fire. If an Alicorn of ice were to exist one day, they would probably have this appearance, with normal wings instead of ice ones like Sweetie currently possesses.

And so, with this ability, she can: create blizzards, freeze a large area around her, create giant ice punches or ice objects, cover herself in an ice armor, and like Kirby, turn into a giant snowball, but to add effects, she can cover it in ice spikes. Among other things. Kirby can probably do some of that, but he seems to like simply being a ball. While trying the ability, she tries to focus on the power that she feels inside her, which certainly comes from Dream Matter, in the hope that in the future, it'll help her learn how to use Dream Matter without needing Kirby.

Once she's done with testing the ability, they enter the portal, and for the second time, they have to escape the purple space-wall coming from above, meaning that they have to go down, walking down slopes and stairs, and pressing switches to move platforms down, while fighting enemies -mainly Broom Hatters, which Kirby eats to at least have an ability, even if it's just the Cleaning ability- and avoiding spikes. On the way, Kirby learns that he can fly on the broom, and that he can now send a gust of wind when he sweeps, even creating a small tornado with he twirls it.

Maybe this ability is not useful just to clean. Well, now.

At the bottom, they reach the door, fight another green Doomer, take the two Energy Spheres that it drops, and leave the dimension. Back in the palace, they take a door to another section, where they just have to go down a ladder before taking another door. In the next room, they find out that one of the ways is blocked by a locked door, so they go in the opposite direction, where they find a jar from which comes what seems to be the ghost of a Waddle Dee that slowly floats up. When the ghost reaches the ceiling, he disappears, and another (or is he the same?) comes out of the jar. So they destroy the jar, and pass the door just after it, leading to a small room where they find the key. So they open the locked door (after destroying more of those jars), and pass yet another black door, entering another small room with yet again another black door.

In the next room, giant blocks of ice are moving back and forth, threatening to crush the party between them, so they have to jump from block to block without falling. On the way, they find a Cracker, and not long after, between two blocks, a door that they quickly pass before being crushed. In the new room, with the help of the Cracker, they easily destroy a good number of metal blocks blocking the way, finding an Energy Sphere at the end. Leaving the overheated Cracker behind, they return in the room with the moving blocks, and quickly jump to avoid being crushed, before passing another door a little further.

They discover another door after breaking some ice blocks, and in the room that it leads to, they have to destroy a bomb block to continue, only for the chain reaction to create a wall of indestructible blocks in the way, making it impossible to pass. Thankfully, leaving, and returning in the room makes the bomb block reappear, and the blocking wall disappear, so they try again, and this time, they are able to pass. They also pass the next sections, and reach the Energy Sphere at the end. Some cannon brings them back at the entrance of the room.

Back in the previous room, they pass another door leading to a room where a locked door blocking one of the ways, so they take the other, pass a door, and find the key. Excepted that the local Scarfies don't seem to like that they touch the key, because they all turn into their monstrous form and start to chase them. So while the key bearer (Meta Knight) go to the locked door, the others eliminate the Scarfies, and soon, they are able to continue.

Two doors later, they enter a dark room, so Sweetie lights her horn to guide them until they find a candle. Eventually, they find ice blocks that they destroy, finding a door leading to a room with a Chilly, Mopoos, a very small passage full of spikes, and iron blocks in the floor. Easily understanding what to do, Sweetie freezes one of the Mopoos, and kicks the formed ice cube into the passage, the cube reaching a switch that destroys the iron blocks and frees an Energy Sphere. Back in the dark room, they have to walk on a few moving platforms before reaching the next door.

Leaving the melted candle behind, they take a key that is just in front of where they appear, again making the locar Scarfies angry, and they use it to open a locked door further, getting another Energy Sphere along with another key to open a second locked door blocking the way, and they exit the palace.

They climb a small mountain, and reach a bridge, only to be suddenly stopped by a creature falling in front of them. The creature looks like a white ape with a round body, red markings on his face and wrists. The ape sports a grey goatee as well as a long lock of grey hair. Particularly, he possesses long arms, normal for an ape, but no legs, only feet directly attached to his body. The ape pounds his... cheeks (?) the same way as a normal ape pound their chest before roaring. He then smashes the ground, destroying the bridge, which makes all of them drop to another bridge below, this one trapped between two walls.

No way to escape except by jumping or flying.

"I didn't think that we would end up fighting an ape in this snowy land," says Bandana Dee.

"And I suppose there's no way to convince him to stop," says Sweetie Belle.

Meta Knight shakes his head. "He seems determined to fight us."

Confirming him, the ape jumps on the wall behind him and scales it a little before throwing big snowballs at them. The snowballs are easily stopped by a shield from the filly who counterattacks by firing a magical beam from her horn, only for the ape to jump from the wall all the way to the other behind them. The ape then jumps again, fists raised ready to smash them, but they are all able to move out of the way just before, but the narrowed space of the bridge makes it harder than usual, so Meta Knight decides to fly while Sweetie Belle air-jumps.

After the ape's fail, Kirby suddenly sweeps his broom on the ape's eyes, the water full of cleaning products of the broom entering his eyes which he closes in pain with a scream. Dedede takes it to jump toward the ape and pounds him on the head with his hammer while Sweetie Belle, on a shield, attacks with her magical projectiles. But just as Meta Knight comes to slash him, the ape recovers and grabs the knight before slamming him on Dedede again and again and again until Bandana Dee stops him by throwing his spear. As the ape yells in pain again at having a spear in him, Bandana Dee runs toward him and takes it back before twirling it, hurting the ape even more, only for the ape to finally punch him, making him fly out of the bridge. He's saved by Sweetie Belle getting him on her back, only for the ape to punch them all the way from where he's, his arm extending! Sweetie Belle quickly air-jumps again, recovering the falling Bandana Dee, before coming back on the bridge.

Again, Kirby is able to sweep the ape's eyes, only for the ape to punch him away despite being blinded and the pain, knocking out the ability that Kirby quickly recovers before it falls off the bridge. Meanwhile, everyone else attack the ape while he's blind, until the ape just has enough and spins on himself with his arms stretched, punching everyone away. Once rid of his attackers, the ape pounds his cheeks in anger before roaring, and in a flash of light, his hair and goatee turn blond, and his eyes are now red.

"Not good..." says Bandana Dee.

The ape then smashes the bridge and destroys it, dropping everyone on another, smaller bridge below, the middle of the bridge made of ice. The ape then places his hands beside him and starts to charge energy.

"Oh oh... Leave it to me!" shouts Sweetie Belle before she places her forehooves beside her and starts charging energy too while the others move out of the way.

The two of them fire big energy balls almost at the same time, and the two balls hit each others above the middle of the bridge in a big explosion that push everyone back, including the ape. But the ape recovers and jumps toward Sweetie Belle and roars at her before attacking her. She counters his right hook with her own right forehoof, then attacks with her left hoof only for the ape to counter with his left fist. She suddenly flashes her horn, blinding the ape, and uppercut him, but the ape quickly counters by spinning around and back-kicking her, only for Sweetie to punch the foot to stop it.

The ape is then bonked on the head by Kirby, the puffball having jumped above him before attacking with the wooden part of the broom. He follows it by sweeping the eyes, again, before jumping away to avoid being punched. Blinded again, the ape decides to smash the bridge again, dropping everyone on another bridge, bigger than the previous one with elevated parts, and no ice.

The ape, his eyes open again, scales one of the walls and starts to bounce from wall to wall before charging at Kirby, about to crush him, only to be intercepted by Dedede jumping and violently hitting him with his hammer, propulsing him against a wall, where he's hit by an energy ball from Sweetie Belle. Not giving up, the ape recovers, only to be struck by Meta Knight who quickly flies away to avoid being countered. Losing it, the ape starts throwing punches toward everyone, being able to reach everyone thanks to his extensible arms. After a moment of avoiding or blocking his punches, Dedede is able to catch one of his arms, use it to lift him, before slamming him on the bridge, destroying it and making all of them fall on yet another bridge, this one being smaller, having elevated parts and having a good part of it covered in ice.

The ape recovers and, seemingly at his end, go on one of the elevated parts near the walls and places his hands at his sides again, charging energy, even more than before. So Sweetie goes on the opposite elevated part and does the same. With a mighty roar, the ape unleashes a powerful energy beam that is immediately countered by the filly's own energy beam, and the two are now stuck in a stalemate while the others are all flying (or on Dedede's back in Bandana Dee's case). Then, the ape smirks, and places one of his feet with his hands, and his energy beam becomes more powerful, enough to start pushing Sweetie's beam.

Kirby then falls on the ape's head and sweeps his eyes before being taken away by Meta Knight, totally ruining the ape's focus, and he ends up hit by Sweetie's beam, burning him very badly. When the beam disappears, destroying a small part of the wall behind the ape before that, the ape falls almost unconscious, but still resisting. Kirby then lands beside him, grabs his hair, and starts spinning on himself, spinning the ape with him, before throwing him out of the bridge. The ape starts panicking, moving his arms and feet around in the hope of somehow flying, before falling in the dark pit below.
They all take a big breath, before Kirby jumps from the bridge, only to land on the floor directly under it, where the emblem of the Lor is waiting for them.

"Welcome to Popstar, a world of dreams, where apes can kick your butt with energy beams," says Discord.

"And don't forget the fish that spit geysers out of their mouth," says Rainbow Dash.

"And flying trees," adds Pinkie Pie.

"And angry storm clouds," continues Applejack.

"The perfect world," finishes Discord.

"How can anypony survive in this world?" asks Starlight.

"Just by living their peaceful life without going on adventures," answers Discord.

"If Sweetie Belle could survive here, then anypony can survive here," says Scootaloo. "But can she hurry up to come back? I want to learn how to fire energy beams!"

The party returns to the Lor Starcutter, and places the emblem back where it belongs. Now, all that remains is the mast. Back in the living room of the ship, Magolor congratulates them.

"I can feel that we'll be able to go to Halcandra in just an hour! It's wonderful how fast you are working to repair the Lor Starcutter."

"We have a rampaging dragon to stop, it's normal that we work fast," says Dedede.

"That, and also because when helping a friend, we do our best!" says Sweetie Belle.

"Thank you. So, what will be the question this time?"

Sweetie Belle looks at Kirby. "Since you are an Ancient, or rather, one of their descendants, do you know anything about the origin of Kirby? I have been waiting to ask this for a while."


Magolor looks at Kirby as he speaks. "I don't know anything about the origin of Kirby, but I've suppositions. From what I understood, he's not a Child of the God like the others, so I understand that he was born in a special way. As for this special way..." He looks at all of them. "So, you know about everything that led to the God becoming a Dark God before being sealed. Well, first, a little precision. When the mages and the God were exiled, they were exiled in this dimension. This will be important for what follows.

As you probably know, the God could be influenced by the positive and negative energy that he constantly absorbed, but never to the point of changing into a Holy God, or a Dark God. While being worshipped by the Ancients, the God was mainly absorbing positive energy, but then, all those events happened. From what I know, during his exile, something happened with the God. A snap. Something like that. And suddenly, all the positive energy that was still in him was expelled out of his body into the universe. My supposition is that with time, this positive energy slowly merged, and formed a new being."


"Again, this is just a supposition. It's the only conclusion that I could find to explain Kirby's existence. But this means that, in a way, Kirby is a part of the God himself, and since he's still growing, then he may be fated to become a new God."


"You know, I actually heard about Kirby before coming here."


He nods. "I encountered someone who knew about you, and he wanted something, so I told him about the clockwork stars having the power to grant his wishes. This is not a hazard if I opened a portal to Popstar, of all places. It's because I knew that there would someone here to help me. To think that this someone would be the potential successor of the God..."

Sweetie and her friends look at each other in wonder, before Dedede asks "Was that guy a little jester a little coocoo in the mind?"

"Yup, he was flying around in space, in search of something, and we encountered each other as I was myself exploring a planet in search of... something. So you know about him?"

"Yeah. He made the Sun and the Moon fight each others, and convinced us that to stop them, we had to invoke Nova. But he stole the wish and tried to conquer Popstar," says Sweetie Belle. "Me and Kirby defeated him."

"Oh, of course he failHUMHUMHUM! I'm sorry that I caused problems. I didn't know that he would use the knowledge that I gave him this way."

Sweetie Belle giggles. "It's in the past." She then looks up, thinking. "It's weird that he didn't say anything about you."

Magolor shrugs. "Probably because you didn't ask."