A Sweetie Dreamland

by Lucar

Chapter 23: Nova and the Traitor

Now possessing the power of all the Fountains of Dreams, Kirby and Sweetie Belle leave the dark world behind, going deep into space. A few minutes later, they finally stop in the middle of nowhere, and Kirby separates the Warp Star into eight stars of different colors of the rainbow that start to turn around both him and Sweetie as they float in the void.

"Oh boy... Oh boy..."

The filly is beyond excited at this point. They are about to invoke Nova! A being so powerful that he can stop the fight between the sun and the moon! He will probably be as powerful as Celestia, maybe even more! She can feel her heart about to explode!

The stars then fly away far into space, until reaching a single point that illuminate everything around, almost blinding them. And then, with lightnings flashing around, he appears. And Sweetie's jaw drops.

He is HUGE!!! About half the size of Popstar! He looks like a giant yellow pocket watch, the center looking like a sun with a red shooting star above his right eye, while there is a hole above his left eye, showing a giant gear. All around him are various giant items, in clockwise: a weather vane, several gears, a telescope, a wind-up key, a drafting compass (beside his cat-like mouth), a globe, two atomic tubes, a grandfather clock pendulum (at the bottom), a pocket watch without numbers and its hands bent (at the other side of the mouth), a triangular ruler, a chain, several piano keys, a compass, and a light bulb. Sweetie would ask herself why there are all those objects, or why he has the mouth of a cat, but she is too occupied by being amazed to be concerned about this.

Because, that's him.


A giant, planet-sized clockwork comet.

And he talks. "READY." He then looks at them. "I WILL GRANT YOU ONE WISH..."

Sweetie's jaw drops even further. He can grant wishes? That's beyond powerful! He could help me go back home! But... We have to ask him to stop the fight between the sun and the moon... She sighs, only to smile just after. We can always invoke him again.

Kirby opens his mouth, about to make the wish in his poyo language, but then...

Someone comes, and kicks him into Sweetie, sending them away.

And they hear a familiar voice shout "Well, I want to control Popstar!"


They look back at the being that has kicked them away, stealing their wish, and see than it's none other than him.


"OK," says Nova, closing his eyes.

Oh no! He will grant his wish!

"3... 2... 1..." He starts shaking, before opening his eyes, emitting a great light from them, saying "GO!"

Everything flashes for a moment, and when they can see again, Nova is flying away, seeing that his back has four nozzles making him move. When they follow the direction he takes, they recognize, far away, the star of Popstar.

"I did it!" shouts Marx, the jester floating beside them, watching them in victory. "It all went according to plan! I got the sun and moon to fight. I got you to go into space..."


Light suddenly emits from Marx, and in a few seconds, they can see him transform. Big yellow bat-like wings appear at his sides with two sharp claws that look like fangs jutting out of them and also a red heart. Rather than skin under the wings, there are flashing mirror-like, multicolored, hexagon-shaped scales. As for Marx himself, he his a little bigger, his eyes are now huge, with big black pupils that look in opposite directions, and his mouth is larger with two fangs. His bow is almost undone, and his shoes are now round at the end.

"It was all according to my perfect little plan!"

Sweetie looks at him with pain and betrayal, tears in her eyes. How could he deceive them like that? So all this time, all those pranks, making them laugh, being friendly and all, it was false? Just him playing them?

Is it what Rarity and her friends felt when Discord betrayed them for Tirek?

He continues talking, as he starts to fly away toward Popstar. "So now Popstar is mine! All mine! Now I can cause all the mischief I want! Haha! See you later!"
Sweetie grind her teeth in rage. "We will stop you! You will pay for betraying us! You hear that, YOU JERK?! YOU WILL PAY!!" Sweetie shouts.

"I would like to see that!" he replies back, laughing crazily.

"What do we do Kirby?" she asks, looking at the pink ball.

Kirby looks back at her for a moment, before closing his eyes and taking her hoof. The next instant, the colored stars reappear around them, before engulfing them in a rainbow light, forcing Sweetie to close her eyes. When she opens them, she finds herself now behind Kirby in a flying chariot with a yellow star at the front and white-blue streamers for walls. She is awed at this.

Immediately, Kirby takes control of the starship, and flies at the pursuit of Nova.

"How will we stop him? He is so big!"


It takes them a few minutes to catch up to Nova close to Popstar, only to witness an unbelievable spectacle: the sun and moon working together to push him back! They have stopped their fight to protect the world! They can't help but smile at seeing this, giving them the occasion to go in front of Nova and find a way to stop him for good. Kirby then leads them inside Nova, passing by the hole above his left eye.

"We are going to destroy his core?" asks Sweetie.

"Poyo," he nods.

"But... This will kill him..." she says sadly.


"We have no choice, uh?"

"Poyo." He shakes his head, making Sweetie sigh.

Now in their way to Nova's core, they are attacked by many defenses trying to stop them, like cylinder-shaped blue missiles, some sort of discs with spikes and blue fins, or dome-shaped gun turrets, all coming in great numbers from all directions. Kirby does everything he can to avoid being hit by all those defenses, maneuvering to dodge them, or shooting them with star-shaped projectiles from the starship. Sweetie helps him, either by shooting beams, or placing a magical shield around the ship.

One wave of missiles come from below, and Kirby shoots them while he dodges the projectiles from a turret that Sweetie destroys. Discs come from the left, then the right, followed my more missiles from above. They slalom between giant gears to avoid them, shoot a few missiles coming from in front, shield from a few turrets on giant cylinders left and up right. They are hit by a disc coming from behind, then dodge the ones that follow, and Sweetie shoots another turret and a few other missile coming from up left.

They avoid things that look like circular saws, and pass beside giant ball-things with blue glowing lines on them, while avoiding more missiles coming from up, down, left, and right by accelerating. Discs try to force them to crash into the numerous obstacles in the way with more and more saws, and less and less space to fly, before they enter a small tunnel, leading them to their destination: the core.

They are now in a huge room, where the main colors are grey metal and purple. The core itself is heart-shaped, spinning counterclockwise and floating inside a forcefield between two giant machines above and below, the machines themselves each surrounded by three rings parallels. All around at the edge of the room of the core are 8 clusters of red, blue, green and yellow spheres floating up and down between moving pillars. Kirby immediately shoots at one of the clusters of spheres, destroying them and a part of the pillars above and below them.

Nova doesn't seem to like it, because the pillars start to move faster, giving Kirby a hard time to target the spheres. Sweetie helps him again, shooting her beams at the spheres. A second cluster is destroyed, then a third. Nova suddenly stops the pillars and makes them move the other way, almost making Kirby crashes into one of them. Three more clusters are destroyed, and now Nova is getting desperate, moving the pillars erratically back and forth, making them unpredictable. But this just delay the inevitable, because without anything trying to stop them beside the pillars themselves almost making them crash a few times, they eventually destroy the two last clusters, destroying the forcefield around the heart.

The heart vulnerable, both Kirby and Sweetie shoot at it, until electricity surround it as the heart falls and hits the machine below. Seeing it's about to explode, Kirby does a U-turn and take the way back to get out of there, followed by the sound of the heart exploding, and the explosion itself following them, getting closer. Going as fast as they can, they are able to get out of Nova just before the explosion reaches them, causing the hole abole Nova's left eye to become bigger and sending the giant gear flying into space, forcing him to close his left eye and stopping his advance toward Popstar.

Outside of Nova, the starship disappears to reform the colored stars, giving Kirby back his Warp Star. To Sweetie's surprise, they leave her with her very own Warp Star, flying beside Kirby!

They have no time to wonder about it, because they spot Marx flying toward a giant asteroid, and they follow him, not taking long for Sweetie to understand that her Warp Star works with her thoughts, however, she is flying slower than Kirby, not yet used to it and not wanting to take risks.

They both reach the asteroid and crash on it, Sweetie now understanding that it's not easy to land with a Warp Star. She can forgive Kirby for all the times they have crashed.

"You have been able to stop Nova," says the voice of Marx behind them, causing them to turn around to face him as he flies, glaring at them. "But I don't need him anymore. With the power he gave me, I will be enough to control Popstar. But first, I will show you that you can't stop me ! Prepare to die!" he shouts, following that by a crazy laugh, before disappearing.

Kirby readies the wand of his mirror ability, while Sweetie takes her whip and lights her horn to charge a beam, both of them looking around. Marx reappears not far at Sweetie's left, and she shoots her beam at him, only for him to teleport above her and Kirby and send crescent blades that Kirby counter with his mirror. Marx teleport again, avoiding the projectiles sent back to him, and throws more blades. Sweetie runs between the blades and cracks her whip, but Marx teleports again, this time, behind Kirby, and throws a third wave of blades. One of them cut the puffball, only for him to counter attack, turning around and sending mirrors, some of them hitting Marx before he teleports away.

Marx reappears between them and flies up in the sky, suddenly making raining a dozen seeds all over the battlefield, Sweetie and Kirby being able to dodge them, only for dark branches of energy to sprout out of the ground where the seeds hit, almost hitting Sweetie Belle who has been about to walk on one of those spots. Sweetie then sees a big shadow appears under her, and before she can understand what is happening, Marx pops out of the shadow and sends her flying. Marx comes back, only to be hit again by more mirrors of Kirby, and he counter attacks by making raining a stream of arrows at him, that Kirby run away from, the stream following him with Marx laughing.

The whip hits him from behind, stopping his attack, and he turns around to see Sweetie before he teleporte one, two, three times around her and throws more of his blades at her, then at Kirby, then at Sweetie again. Dodging the blades, Sweetie is able to hit Marx with a beam before he teleports above Kirby, spitting some sort of bomb on him. Kirby runs out of the way, only for the bomb to explode and send ice balls all around it, one of them hitting Kirby and freezing him while Sweetie jumps above. At least, Sweetie is able to hit him a few more times with her beams.

Two teleportations later, he appears further away, and his eyes suddenly become all black, and black blobs fall of them and bounce from the floor toward them. They dodge them, only for the blobs to follow them, forcing them to run around a few more time. Sweetie wrap her whip around Kirby and send him toward Marx, but the jester disappears just before the puffball reaches him, and he reappears beside his trajectory, spitting a giant laser right at him, badly hurting Kirby and knocking the mirror out of him.

While Kirby recuperates the mirror, Marx goes back to Sweetie and shots more arrows at her, only for her to jump and send a Force Blast at him, sending him back. He then teleports a dozen time around both Kirby and Sweetie Belle until he stops, facing both of them. His eyes suddenly grow bigger, to the point that they protrude out of their pockets, forming big white balls with many pupils appearing all over them, and they shoot small lasers all over the place, the lasers moving around. Sweetie and Kirby are both able to dodge the lasers, jumping between them, slightly disgusted by the attack, and they reach Marx before attacking him with the whip and the mirrors until he teleports away again.

He teleports once and spits another ice bomb, and the two jump above the ice balls. He teleports again, and he flies up, sending his seeds to the floor, only for it to be for nothing. He then teleports between them, and he suddenly retracts his wings, spreading in their places countless red veins, one of them grazing Sweetie and burning her a little while Kirby counter attacks by throwing mirror images of him at Marx. Sweetie attacks him too a few times with her whip while sending a beam.

Marx grind his teeth, and teleports away, making a shadow appears under Kirby. The puffball runs around, followed by the shadow, but he is able to avoid Marx getting out of it, and Sweetie punches him just as he gets out, sending him back on the floor where he takes a charged beam from the filly and some mirrors from the pink ball.

"RRAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!" he suddenly yells, the area around them glowing red, blue, and green a few times until it stops. Marx then teleports again, and reappears between the two heroes. "Why..." He throws his blades that are dodged, and teleports. "Won't..." He spits his laser at Sweetie, there again dodged, the filly seeing it coming. He teleports. "You..." The black blobs. One of them hits Kirby from behind, but he takes damage from a beam. He teleports. "DIE?!" He splits himself in two, to both Kirby and Sweetie's surprise, and A BLACK HOLE appears between the two halves. They run away from it as it tries to suck them in, before it disappears, and Marx reappears. Seeing that the black hole has not worked, he starts shaking in rage.

"Because we will not fail!" shouts Sweetie, wrapping her whip around him and pulling at it, forcing him to approach her, right into her hoof, sending him back. She pulls again, and Marx takes another punch, another pull, another punch, until he has enough and teleports away, only to be attacked almost as soon as he reappears by Kirby's mirrors. Flying away, he throws blades at him, only for Kirby to deflect them with his mirror shield, getting Marx hit by his own attack, before taking a Force Blast in the back. He then starts teleporting erratically everywhere, throwing one attack after another, turning the battlefield into chaos as it flashes red, green and blue again and again, showing how much Marx is now straining his power to the maximum to beat them. Dodging all those attacks is almost impossible, and they are hit many times as they run left and right.

"You have to fail! I have been given the ultimate power by Nova himself! I can't lose to simple beings just like you! You will die! And the whole world will become my playground!"

Seeing the battle getting desperate, both for them and for Marx, Sweetie quickly gets beside Kirby and whispers something to him. Kirby nods at her idea, and he jumps on her back, giving her the mirror ability. Jumping out of the way of a laser, she then throws a Force Blast at Marx, only to miss him as he teleports. But then, a mirror appears in the way of the blast, and deflects it. Dodging some blades followed by a stream of arrows, she shoots another blast right at the first one, the two blasts fusing to get bigger and more powerful. Kirby makes another mirror appears in the way of the blast and deflects it again.

What follows is Sweetie throwing dozens of blasts everywhere, trying to hit Marx, only for him to teleport out of the way, but each time, her and Kirby would make a mirror appear and deflect the blast. After a moment, dozen of blasts are flying around the battlefield, deflected by mirrors, fusionning, of hitting Marx even if he tries to teleport to avoid them and attack Sweetie and Kirby again. One of the blasts eventually become really huge, result of the fusion of many blasts, until it become four time bigger than Sweetie. The filly then charges a Giga Force Blast.

She shouts "Hey Marx! I have a question!"

Marx stops teleporting, curious. "Yes?"

She jumps right beside him, smirking. "Why did you stop?"

And she throws the Giga Force Blast at him at close range, hitting him and sending him flying. Before he can recover, he finds himself in the passage of the giant Blast, deflected by another mirror below him created by Kirby, and he impacts it, the giant ball of energy flying up, up, up into space, carrying him with it.

The ball, with Marx, flies right toward Nova's hole, and the planet-sized clockwork soon explodes in the biggest explosion ever, illuminating the sky for almost a whole minute as the various objects composing him are expulsed throughout space.
Seeing they have won, Kirby and Sweetie hug each other, jumping, and the filly shouting "We have won! We did it!" and the ball shouting "Poyo! Poyo!" before they let themselves fall on their back on the floor, looking at the sky that become little by little black again.

They remain here, just laughing, for a few minutes, before Sweetie finally talk. "That was the most crazy thing ever!"

"Poyo," Kirby says, nodding.

"We... We beat... This guy had power that could have rivaled princess Celestia, and yet, we beat him! In a fight! Not even using an artefact like against Dark Matter!"


"And we caused the destruction of a machine the size of a small planet! Kirby, am I dreaming?"

Kirby punches her on the foreleg.

"Ow! No, I'm not dreaming..." She giggles, before stopping, losing her smile. "But this also means that I killed someone... I don't think that Marx survived such an explosion." She takes Kirby in her arms and hugs him. "I killed him... Kirby... What does that make me?"

"Poyo..." Kirby looks at her sadly, before pointing at himself. "Poyo."

"That makes me... like you?"

He nods.

"Right... You killed Dark Matter back then. Even if he was a being of darkness, he still was someone. So... Is it part of being a hero? Sometime having to kill the bad guy for the better of everyone?" She then remembers something that Meta Knight said. "Having to take hard decision, to do what is right?"

He nods.

"Will I have to kill again in the future?"

He shrugs.

She looks back toward the sky.

Sweetie is walking on a road, exploring some part of Dreamland a little farther of the castle. Sometime, an inhabitant of Dreamland, half the time a Waddle Dee, would pass beside her, some of them waving at her, and she would wave back.

"Hey, hey, hey! Are you new around? I never saw you before!" says a new voice behind her. Sweetie turns around, and discover a strange little guy hopping on a ball and wearing a jester hat.

"Yes. I arrived in Dreamland not long ago after an accident, and I now live in Dedede's castle. My name is Sweetie Belle, what is yours?"

"My name is Marx, nice meeting you. I would like to shake your hoof but like you see, I don't have a hand to shake it."

This makes Sweetie giggles.

"What are you doing Marx?"

"I'm about to do an imitation! Look!" He takes a balloon, and inhale the helium in it. He then starts to talk in a squeaky voice. "Hello everyone! My name is Sweetie Belle, and I'm adorable!"

This causes Sweetie's cheeks to puff, trying to hold back her laughter. "S-stop it!"

"S-stop it!" he repeats.

"Stop talking like me!"

"Stop talking like me!"

Sweetie thinks a moment, before saying "I'm stupid!"

"You're stupid!"

Sweetie glares at him, before laughing loudly, followed by Marx.

"Woah! You can really give life to your painting!" says Sweetie Belle, seeing the painted Waddle Dee moving around.

"That's right!" replies the human girl with a green smock and a red beret, Adeleine. "I can paint anything, and make them real!"

"That's so cool!"

"I have the same power!" shouts a familiar voice.

Adeleine facepalms. "Oh no... Not him..."

"Oh! Hey! Marx!" shouts Sweetie, waving at the approaching Marx with a paintbrush in his mouth.

"Look! With this paintbrush, I can make a red Adeleine!"

"Really? How?"

"Like this!" He jumps toward Adeleine, and swings his brush a few times on her face. When he jumps back, Adeleine has now a black mustache, black fangs on her mouth, and black big eyebrows that frown above her eyes.

Adeleine takes a mirror and sees what Marx has done. Her face immediately turns red, and she screams "You jerk!" before chasing Marx who is running away laughing loudly.

Sweetie rolls on the floor laughing.

Sweetie starts to cry. "Why... Why has he done this? Why did he betray us? Why did he try to take over Popstar? He was my friend... Kirby... It hurts... It hurts..."


One hour later, the two of them are flying back toward Popstar, each on their own Warp Star, Sweetie getting used of it. Any other time, she would laugh, and have the time of her life.

But now...

They pass the atmosphere of the planet, seeing the sun back at its place, about to set, and no moon trying to push it away. They fly above Dreamland, taking in the view, taking their time to return home. Kirby then sees his house, and waves at Sweetie, and she waves back at him, saying goodbye to him with a small smile. The ball then dives toward his house... and crashes beside it. She giggles a little. At least, she can count on Kirby.

It's not long before she reaches Dedede's castle. She goes down toward the entrance, only to not stop in time, and she crashes through the doors, startling the guards beside them as she ends up on her face. She groans, slowly getting up, and looks around her at the guards with a sheepish smile.

"Sorry everyone. I'm getting used to my new Warp Star."