A Sweetie Dreamland

by Lucar

Chapter 28: After the Dark Storm

They return to the fortress of Iceberg, victorious. When they land, the wand, like the Rainbow Sword, disappears, not needed anymore, giving Sweetie her normal appearance, her white coat now however drenched by Zero's blood. Kirby and Gooey also have some blood on them, but not as much as the filly, who tries to shake it off in disgust. Knowing that this blood comes from something she has killed, for real this time, doesn't help. It makes her look like a murderer, when she has simply done what has been expected: ending the threat, and for this, Zero has had to be killed. She has accepted that she would have to kill a bad guy to save Popstar, and she has prepared herself for such an eventuality. However, she can't deny the fact that deep down, she has really wanted to kill Zero, for everything he has done, and what he has forced her through.

She has killed him by duty, but she has also killed him for her own reason. Vengeance, anger and hate.

Does that still make it right? Or does that make her no better than him?

She tries not to think about this as everyone is gathering around her, Kirby, and Gooey to congrat them in saving Popstar. She turns toward Dedede, and salutes at him, forcing a smile.

"Zero is dead, king Dedede. You should be happy to learn that I am the one who gave the finishing blow."

"Seeing the blood, I'm not surprised. I didn't even know they could bleed," says Dedede.

She laughs sheepishly. "One of Zero's attacks consisted in shooting his own blood at us, and his eye was literally made of blood so when it exploded... it was messy."

"This doesn't matter," replies Dedede, lifting Sweetie Belle of the floor so they can be face to face. "I'm proud of you. Even if it must have been hard, you have done it." He smiles widely at her. "I didn't wait any less from my trump card."

Sweetie giggles at his compliment. "Thank you." But soon, she stops giggling, and looks at herself, at her bloody coat, and remembers. Her attacking Zero's eye like a raged beast. The eye bleeding so much. The eye being expulsed of the body in even more blood. The red hole in the body. The eye exploding with yet again more blood. Blood. Blood. All that blood. Caused by her own hooves.

Dedede sees her starting shaking, and immediately puts her against his chest, before running toward the stairs to enter the fortress, shouting "I must go! She needs a bath! Nago, you come with me! She will need a plushy, and you are like an oversized one!"

"Meow!" replies the cat, following the king.

Kirby looks as they take the stairs to enter the tower, understanding what is going on. Even him is a little... perturbed by what has happened up there. It's also his first time seeing blood in such a great quantity. But it must be worth for Sweetie. She has not been as prepared as him for so much violence.

He looks at his friends, Gooey and the animals, and says "Poyo," before pointing at the stairs.

They all understand and nod, ChuChu wanting nothing more than to hug the filly. She has not seen the fight, but seeing the blood and hearing what Sweetie has said earlier, the poor dear will need all the comfort in the world.

They shouldn't have let her fight. She has already not been so good mentally after being possessed and forced to hurt innocents, Zero has only worsened it.

"You are going after Sweetie Belle?" they hear someone ask. When they look, they see that it's a Waddle Dee alongside a familiar Broom Hatter with sunglasses and a Knuckle Joe. "Let us come with you. We also want to help her."

Kirby smiles at them, and nod. And together, they enter the tower.

A few minutes later, they find Sweetie on a big bed, in Dedede's personal chamber in the fortress, without her cape, kerchief, and headband, her coat without blood anymore, and her eyes closed, but not from sleeping. Right now, she is curled against Nago's belly, the cat putting as much of his small tail as he can around her, which is not much. Dedede is beside the bed, petting the filly.

ChuChu rapidly jumps on the bed to hug Sweetie, her motherly instinct taking over, and she is soon followed by all the others trying to give her some comfort one way or another, Broom Sunglasses taking off his sunglasses and hat before getting on the bed, not saying anything for once. Before long, Sweetie finds herself in the middle of a pile, hugged from all sides. Dedede decides to just sit down beside the wall and watch.

Then Sweetie talks, not opening her eyes.

"Thank you, everyone..."

"You can count on us to be there for you!" says Knuckle Joe.

"Was it really that horrible?" asks Waddle Dee.

Gooey and Kirby nod.

"You can't get out of a bloody fight without being disturbed if you aren't used to it," says Broom Sunglasses.

They can hear Sweetie sighs. "The blood is not the only reason why I'm like that..."

"It's because of the fact that you are the one that killed Zero?" asks Dedede. "Despite you telling me that you had accepted this, it must still be hard, knowing that you have killed."

"There is that..." answers Sweetie. "It's... I feel like a murderer..." At this, she can feel the hugs getting stronger.

Dedede shakes his head. "You aren't a murderer. Are soldiers considered as murderers? They do their duty, like you have done yours."

"He is right, Sweetie," says Waddle Dee. "You saved Popstar."

"Was there anyway to spare Zero?" asks Broom Sunglasses.

"No... If he could have been given the capacity to dream, like Gooey, then maybe. But there was no ways to do this right now."

"Then that's okay. Killing Zero was the only way to save everyone. If it wasn't you who finished him, then it would have been Kirby, or Gooey."

"It's just... I... I have not just killed Zero because I had to..."

Kirby looks at Sweetie, understanding what she means, seeing how she has been violent against Zero in the fight.

Surprisingly, Dedede is the one nailing it. "You let your feelings get the best of you? You killed Zero in anger?"

Sweetie nods slowly, tears appearing in her eyes. "I hated him... I... I wanted to kill him... I wanted to make him pay... Because of him... I... I..."

"I wanted to kill him too," suddenly says Dedede, stopping her, the filly looking at him in surprise. "You aren't the only one that wanted to tear him apart. Remember, I got the same treatment than you because of him, twice. If I could have gone up there and fight him, then I would have done everything to make him suffer. And I'm speaking about me, but I'm sure the majority of my army wanted the same thing, right you three?" he asks to Waddle Dee, Broom Sunglasses, and Knuckle Joe.

They nod.

"See, Sweetie? Don't feel bad about letting your feelings talk for you. In this situation, it was only natural. We will not look down on you because of this. We would have done the same in your place."

"Because we aren't robots," she suddenly hears coming from the entrance. When she looks, she sees that it's Cape Knight who has joined them. "Only someone with a great mental training would have been able to fight Zero without losing control of their feelings after what happened. And you have only started fighting for a few months. You weren't prepared. At least..." He looks at Sweetie Belle in the eyes. "you can now use this fight to learn and get better. Telling yourself 'never again'."

"Never again..." Sweetie Belle repeats, closing her eyes. "Yes... Never again." She then feels someone pet her head. Opening her eyes again, she sees that it's Kirby, smiling at her.


"Like Kirby says, you can count on us to help you," says Broom Sunglasses.

"That's right," continues Cape Knight, now sitting beside Dedede. "You will probably encounter other villains, and some of them may be even more horrible than Zero. Their action will probably anger you again, and you will want to make them pay. Again, this is natural, and that's ok if this happens. However, remember that you have friends at your side that can help you keep your emotions in check, and not do something you may personally regret, like what happened just now."

"Yes..." says Sweetie. "I'm so happy... to have you all. Thank you."

Dedede smiles warmly at her. "Also, even if you have killed Zero by vengeance, you still killed him to save the world, right?"


"Then it's okay! You still have done the job of a hero! You just put some personal feelings in the matter, that's all. I'm sure Kirby also wanted a piece of Zero for forcing him to fight some of his friends."


"See? Even Kirby! So stop feeling guilty about that. It makes everyone sad when you are sad."

Broom Sunglasses then talk. "You could say..." He takes his sunglasses and puts them on. "our moral is at zero."


ChuChu hits him at the back of the head.

"That was bad and you should feel bad!" adds Knuckle Joe.

But then, they hear Sweetie Belle starting laughing.

Seeing this, Broom Sunglasses says "No. I actually feel good."

They all pass the night in the chamber, sleeping together in the bed, excepted Dedede and Cape Knight who have slept against the wall. The next day, Dedede says to everyone that it's time for him to return in the castle with the army. At this, with signs and poyos, Kirby propose that they all take a picnic together tomorrow, to relax and let those events in the past, and everyone accept, Dedede with reluctance, but seeing Sweetie happy at the idea, he couldn't say no. Beside, he can put his grudge against Kirby aside to pass some good time. He needs that after the drama from the previous day.

They will just have to bring a LOT of food.

At that, the animals return to their homes, and soon, everyone else return in the mainland, Kirby taking a Warp Star to fly around Dreamland, probably to bring more friends to the picnic. As for Gooey, he has just decided to wait the next day in the castle with Sweetie Belle.

While waiting for the picnic, Sweetie has decided to test some... new skills that she has picked up from the Dark Matter possessing her. And so, accompanied by Dedede, Waddle Dee, Broom Sunglasses, Cape Knight, Knuckle Joe, and Gooey, she goes on the boxing ring.

"I'm surprised you want to return training so soon," says the king.

"I wouldn't call it training," replies Sweetie. "It's more like 'testing'. You see, the Dark Matter possessing me used my shields in a way that I didn't think before. And it gave me an idea to use them to... 'fly', so I don't have to always go on Kirby's back to pass path that can't be passed on hooves, or feet. I think it would be a good alternative until I can self-levitate."

"You can already levitate stuff, why can't you self-levitate?" asks Waddle Dee.

"Probably too heavy. Maybe she should stop the cakes," says Broom Sunglasses.

The hatter suddenly finds himself levitated, before being thrown above one of the stands, and they can hear him hit a pile of stuffs, and for some reason, they hear a cat. Everyone raises a sign with a number at this:
Dedede: 9
Waddle Dee: 10
Cape Knight: 7
Knuckle Joe: 100!!! ("WOOOO!!!" he screams)
Gooey : 10 (he lifts the sign upside down, making it look like 01)

This makes Sweetie giggle, before she says "I'm definitely not too heavy. Thanks to my training, I could now levitate another filly or colt my size. It's just that it's harder to focus in levitating our own body."

"But you will be able to do it! I know it!" shouts Knuckle Joe.

"Of course I will do it! I will train hard for this! But until then, I may have found another solution with my shields."

"Now I'm curious to see how you can use shields to fly," says Dedede.

"Well, see?" She materialises a flat shield on the floor, and makes it go up. "The Dark Matter used this to..." She rubs her head sheepishly. "to crush Kine against the ceiling. And with this, I understood two things. I can use my shields to attack, and I can use my shields as platforms for someone or something to go on."

"I think I see where you are going with this," says Cape Knight.

Sweetie makes the flat shield disappear, before she materialises another one a few inches above the floor, a little bigger than her, and she jumps on it. With her on it, she then makes the shield slowly go up, successfully lifting her. "It works!"

Everyone applauds her, including Broom Sunglasses who has come back with some scratches on his head.

"That's impressive, Sweetie Belle! I'm so jealous!" shouts Waddle Dee!

"I can lift you too, you know?"

At this, she materialises another shield in front of Waddle Dee. He screams in joy before jumping on it, the shield lifting him up. However, they can see that the filly is starting sweating.

"Seems like lifting two persons at the same time is a little too much for you," says Cape Knight. "You should go back on the floor before the shield disappears under your hooves."

"Yeah... Urg... Twilight could probably lift all of us at the same time..."

The rest of the day, wanting to remain beside her in case, Dedede decides to play some chess with Sweetie until dinner, where he orders his chef to cook for the filly their best Maxi Tomato Pie. Because of this, it's a very stuffed Sweetie Belle that goes to sleep that night, letting Gooey sleep with her.

The next day, she, with Dedede, Waddle Dee, Broom Sunglasses, Cape Knight, Knuckle Joe, and Gooey, joins the emplacement that has been decided for the picnic, at lunchtime. The place is none other than her picnic spot, with the tree and the lake, the blanket just beside the water, and she can see that they are the last to come, and is surprised by some of the friends that Kirby has invited.

She easily recognizes Whispy Woods and Adeleine, but she also sees a bipedal pudgy raccoon, a bipedal yellow fox, and in the lake beside them an orca. She also sees beside Rick a female hamster that look like him, but with pink fur where he possesses brown fur, and she wears a red bow on her head. Beside Nago is a cat like him, but all white. With ChuChu is a similar yellow octopus with a white sailor hat with a pink band around it. Pitch is under the wing of a bird that looks like him, but is bigger, and pink instead of green. And in the lake, she can see a pink fish beside Kine. After the greetings, it's Adeleine who presents the new ones.

"The pink hamster is Pick, and the white cat is Shiro, they are Rick and Nago's girlfriend. And Mine, the pink fish, is Kine's wife." She points at the yellow octopus. "This is Nyupun, ChuChu's best friend. And the bird is Pitch's mom, Twitch. The orca is Acro, the raccoon is Pon, and the fox is Con."

"Hello, nice to meet you all," says the filly. She suddenly finds herself in a bear hug by the white cat, while she is surrounded by all the other females, excluding Adeleine and ChuChu, awwing at her. ChuChu goes beside Nyupun and bumps her while giggling.

Told you she was adorable, she says in her animal talk.

You were right! I just want to pinch those little cheeks! replies Nyupun.

Sweetie is able to get out of Shiro's hug, only to be tickled in the belly by Pick, her laugh making all the females awwing again.

To think that she helped save the world! exclaims Twitch.

I know right? It's hard to believe that such an adorable little thing has done so much! says Mine.

Pick then takes her bow. I will put it on her mane! She will be even more adorable!

Ooh! Before, I wanna put my hat on her! says Nyupun.

Shiro takes a brush. Girl time with the cutie!

"Help! Someone!" shouts Sweetie.

Dedede guffaws. "Sorry Sweetie Belle! You are alone this time! The women must sate their thirst of cuteness!"

"Why aren't they after Kirby?! He is as adorable as me!"

"They have already done it!" says Adeleine, showing Kirby who has his back turned, sweating. "Actually... Let me join you girls! I wanna brush her mane!"


Waddle Dee can only watch the scene sweating. "Being adorable can be a benediction... but it also can be a curse..." he says.

"No... truer... words..." says Broom Sunglasses, back on the floor, all red, with steam getting out of him, with Knuckle Joe waving a fan at him.

Sweetie Belle is now sitting close beside Dedede, a sailor hat on her head, a red bow attached to her tail, and eyes going from girl to girl, ready to bolt if one starts to approach her with THAT look. At least, Adeleine looks at her with an expression that says "Sorry, I couldn't resist."

"Eventually, the Dark Matter in me got angry, and I found myself chasing Kirby trying to eat him," she then hears Whispy Woods say.

"Wow, you too?" says Dedede.

Kirby, Gooey, and the animals get goosebumps at what they are saying.

"Wait, you two tried to eat Kirby?" asks Sweetie. "I tried to eat Pitch!"

"Tweeeeet?!" shouts Twitch in horror.

"Well... This is one way like any other to get rid of an enemy..." says Waddle Dee. "Kirby does it all the time."

"Excepted that when he eats someone, they just reappear elsewhere not far. I don't think the same thing would have happened here..." says Broom Sunglasses.

"Eheh... It would have been ironic for Kirby to be eaten," says Cape Knight.

Dedede laughs. "The eater eaten! This is hilarious!"

"Poyo!" exclaims the puffball outraged. This makes some of the others shuckles.

"There is something that I don't understand," says Knuckle Joe. "Gooey told Sweetie about Zero's existence, but..." He turns to Gooey. "Why didn't you tell us earlier that he was coming?"

"Goo..." says Gooey, doing a shrug with his tongue.

"You didn't know?" asks Sweetie Belle.

He nods.

"How could you not know?" asks Dedede.

"Goo... Scout."

"I think I see," says Cape Knight. "You were going from world to world, trying to find targets?"

"Goo!" He nods.

"But what about the Dark Matter that possessed me the first time?" asks Dedede. "Surely he was a sign."

"Dark Matter... powerful... alone..."

"A Dark Matter powerful enough can attack a world by themself?" says Waddle Dee.

Gooey nods.

"it's true that this Dark Matter was more powerful than the ones we fought in that dark cloud," says Sweetie Belle. "So you thought that he was just a lonely attacker, rather than a soldier sent to weaken Popstar for an invasion?"

He nods.

They all sigh at this. Nothing could have been done...

"I... have one last question, Gooey," then says Sweetie. "When we were possessed, the Dark Matters were calling Kirby 'the Incarnation'..."


"Oh right..." says Dedede. "They named him that when they were talking about you and how you were pushing them back."

"Yes, I remember," says Whispy Wood. "The Dark Matter in me was warned that 'the Incarnation was coming'."

"Same," says Adeleine.

Acro, Pon, and Con confirm it too with a nod.

Gooey only answer with a shrug of his tongue. "Zero old... Knew things... Gooey not told."

"He probably recognized Kirby as something and told the Dark Matters that were with him," says Dedede.

"So Kirby is the incarnation of something?" asks Sweetie Belle. "Now I wonder what."

"Probably gluttony," says Broom Sunglasses.

This makes Pitch roll in laughter and Dedede guffaw, soon followed by giggles from all the others, even Kirby.

And so, the picnic continues, with more laugh, some games, and a really good ambience overall. They learn that Acro will go live in another world somehow, Sweetie recounts some of her crusadings, they swim a little in the lake, Adeleine makes some drawing of everyone...

Sweetie really regrets that her friends and family from Equestria aren't there.

But one day... One day, she will be with them again, and she will have another picnic, this time really with everyone.
And it will be the best day ever.

But right now, she is glad to be with so many good friends. Already, it's almost like the events with the Dark Matters have never happened.