A Sweetie Dreamland

by Lucar

Chapter 13: Cloudy Park

They are dropped on a cloud, somewhere around the volcano of Cloudy Park. Kirby jumps on Rick so he can better defend himself. Thanks to the cutter ability, Rick can throw Kirby aroud like a boomerang, with the puffball cutting all enemies that touch him. Some meters, enemies, and blocks later, they can already see that this area, and potentially this whole island, will be a pain. The following path is full of Scarfys that they have to eliminate to jump from cloud to cloud. At the edge of a cloud, Sweetie makes the mistake to look below, seeing how high they are. She gulps, before quickly taking a big breath to resolve herself. She has to continue, she will not fall, Kirby, Coo and Gooey are here to catch her if she misses her jump.

A Propeller tries to ram Kirby and Rick from below a cloud in front of her, but they are saved by the filly shooting a lightning at it. Well, lucky for them that she stopped because of her curiosity!

They reach a bigger cloud, with two Poppy Bros. Jr running on fruits. The first one is an apple, while the second one is a tomato!

They don't last five seconds.

The group now healed, they continue. Kirby jumps from Rick to go in Coo's claws, while Sweetie asks Gooey to hop off of her back so she can go on Rick while digesting, not being able to move too much with how stuffed she is now. Gooey decides to go inside Kine's mouth instead, giving him the possibility to spit lightbulbs from his mouth.

From the next cloud, they see that they now have to jump between two Gordos moving up and down between this cloud and the next one. This repeat two more time until they can reach the door. This force Rick and Kine to time their jumps, while Coo just have to fly above the Gordos, lucky owl.

After the door, they appear on a tall pillar of stone, the base hidden by clouds. When they look around, they find that they are in a true field of pillars of stone, going beyond the clouds. They have to jump from pillar to pillar, Coo dealing with the flying enemies again while Sweetie shoots beams at the enemies on the pillars. She also has to shoot some star blocks to drop a Shotzo.

After the Shotzo, they discover the cloud equivalent of the snow and stone blocs from the previous islands, forcing them to jump quickly to continue and pass a door that is on one of them. Behind the door, they are back on clouds, with a small bridge linking two of them. On the opposite cloud is another of those brown parasols, that quickly fall from the assault of Coo's sharp feathers, Kine's lightbulbs, and Sweetie's beams.

This whole thing is revealed to be a lost of time, because they gain nothing of that fight, and the door leads them back to the previous area. Thankfully, the cloud blocks have reappeared, so they don't fall, but they quicly have to jump to not fall anyway after their destruction.

Sweetie drops a second Shotzo the same way as the previous one, before they have to jump on more pillars. They then reach a bridge made of cloud blocks, but they can also choose to go below and continue jumping from pillars to pillars. Kine decides to take the pillars while Rick runs on the bridge, Sweetie shooting the Bronto Burts trying to stop them helped by Coo. They then reach another group of cloud blocks with another door, this one floating in the air. Some carefull jumping later, they pass it.

After it, they have to climb. To do it, they can choose between using the clouds, or using air currents to propulse themselves. They would gladly take the air currents, but there are Gordos in the way, so they alternate between taking the air currents, and jumping on the clouds to avoid the Gordos and some projectiles from Sir Kibbles.

Reaching the top cloud, passing through it, they find another tomato by destroying some blocs on an indestructible one. Stopping resisting, Sweetie just eats her part without saying anything. The door is hidden behind another pair of blocks.

They find themselves on a platform made of indestructible blocks like the one a few seconds ago, the platform being on a big cloud with other similar platforms. Gordos are turning around some of those platforms, forcing the group to watch out. Further, they find transparent blocks with a penguin on them. It's not hard to find the link.

Kirby gives up the cutter ability and eats the penguin to obtain the ice, and is able to destroy the blocks thanks to Coo launching three ice projectiles on them, only to find nothing under. After that, they end up fighting a few knights like the ones earlier. Among them are knights that Sweetie has not seen before. They possess a black body like the others, but also heavy purple armor with a light purple cross in the front, and the head is smaller than the body. They use a big spiked flail as big as Kirby, making Sweetie gulp. Thanks to the abilities and the filly's beams, they don't have any problems fighting them. They reach the door, which is trapped between indestructible blocks and the transparents blocks. Destroying them with the ice, they are able to go through it with a jump.

They end up on ground, with a pipe propulsing a strong current of air at the edge before them. This current helps them reaching a flying platform of similar ground with another pipe releasing a current. They see before them a platform too far to reach, but they can fall on it from other platforms similar to the actual one above it. To reach them, they just have to use the pipe, then another before letting themselves fall. They reach the platform in a pool of water between two Glunks, where there is a door. This is a one way door leading to an underwater area with strong currents, but thanks to Kine, they are able to go against it to reach another door by clinging to him.

They get themselves in a room against a green jellyfish. After avoiding his tentative to shock them, they have no problem beating him. But they then discover that this whole thing is another lost of time, returning to the area with the pipes. They still return in the water area to let themselves being pushed by the water current, reaching more doors, only to get the same result. Sweetie's left eye twitches.

They finally pass the platforms with the pipes and pass the door that really leads to the next step of their journey, finding themselves in a room with two Shotzos on blocks made of electronics. Understanding that they are vulnerable to the spark ability (so the jellyfish was for that?), Gooey goes back on Sweetie, and she aims at the blocs, destroying them and dropping the Shotzos in the void below... only for nothing to happens, the door already there since they have appeared in the room. This makes Sweetie and the animals deadpan at nothing.

The next area, back on clouds, has a strong wind pushing them back, but they can see that they have to go against it to reach what is probably another door behind some indestructible blocks. However, only Coo can fight the wind, so he has to go alone with Kirby. They come back one minute later with the cutter ability. With nothing else, they let themselves being pushed by the wind, having to avoid many Gordos in the way until they reach another door that lead, to everyone's joy, to a Rainbow Drop Room. And it turns out that the blocks in this room can be destroyed by the cutter ability! A few seconds later, they leave the room, the sixth Rainbow Drop warm inside Kirby's stomach.

After the next door, they just have to walk on more clouds linked by bridges made of cloud blocs. While running, they end up chased by a group of Waddle Dees with a Bouncy, but some beams from Sweetie stop them in their momentum. After some time, they have to destroy star blocs blockind their way, with a Sparky hidden inside, before finding themselves having to jump in water. Liquid water in a tunnel made of cloud. Go figure. And there are frogs in it. Frogs in liquid water... on clouds. Yet again, go figure. After everything she has seen, this doesn't surprise Sweetie anymore.

The next area is the most annoying one as of yet. They are not on clouds anymore, but another air current pushes them until they have to fall in a pit. In their fall, they pass by a few star blocks in the walls. Coo is able to fight the air current to destroy them with Kirby, but the others are forced to continue down, then back, then up again beside other blocks, before returning where they have started, revealing this place to be a loop. Still pushed by the wind, they end up falling again, this time going through the hole in the wall that Coo has been able to create, only to end in another, smaller loop. Coo has already destroyed the blocks of this one and the next ones too.

After a few more loops, they finally reach the door at the center, the animals stopping to take their breath.

"I hope there will not be more areas like this one. This island is one annoying moment after another."

After the door, they appear on cloud blocks above a Sparky. From there, they have no choice but to walk on more cloud blocks to go down a few levels. After that is a serie of falls with star blocks and cloud blocks blocking their way. In their fall, they encounter a new enemy that creeps them out: a disembodied floating head of a mummy! And more than one too! They can't see the head itself with all the cloth around it, but they still can see an eye through a hole. The mummies are floating toward them, until Coo deal with them. Sweetie hugs Rick, trying not to think of them.

If that wasn't for the Fountain of Dreams, I would probably have nightmares tonight. Why are there things like that here? I though that Dreamland was a land of dreams. Those things are more from a nightmare!

After more falls and eliminating more of those mummy heads, they finally reach the door, putting this awful area behind them. Excepted those mummy heads come back in the next one, where they reveal that they can appear like the Kabus. Speaking of Kabus, they are there too, but the group is able to avoid them, as well as the Propeller embushing them from under a cloud. They enter a room where they fight a big Gordo, as easy to beat as the previous one. After the Gordo, they appear in a tunnel of cloud going up in diagonal and full of Gordos. Coo get hit by one of them, getting trapped, and Kine end up jumping on another by accident. The door at the top of the tunnel lead to a similar tunnel, this time underwater, with more Gordos. This time they are able to avoid them, even if they got some close call.

Passing the next door, they are now in the sky, pulled up by a wind, so they don't fall despite the absence of floor. But the wind makes Coo, Kine and Sweetie hit their head against star blocks above them. Ouch... There are yet more Gordos in the way, and many more blocks, and by the time they reach the end, Sweetie has some more bumps on her head. Luckily, they have found two energy drinks and a tomato in the way, healing say bumps alongside a few other injuries, excepted the pain coming from her stomach. Urg... Destroying one more block hiding the door, they pass it.

They are now... Oh Celestia. Cloud blocks! Cloud blocks everywhere! They are literaly in a tunnel made of cloud blocks! With a Gordo blocking the way! Kirby gets out of Coo's claws, and Sweetie reluctantly gets down of Rick. Everyone immediately starts to sprint, avoiding the Gordo in the way even if the animals have to press themself against the wall. At the end, they have to jump up on a platform where they take their breath, before running the other way, avoiding another Gordo. Another jump up on a platform with another small break, and they still have to run, jump, run, jump, run again and again. After a few more jumps on three platforms in a row, they see that they are at a dead end.

Turns out the cloud blos of the floor at the end have been hiding the rest of the way, leading to more cloud blocks that they have to wait to disappear under their feet. After that is more platforms to jump on, leading to more cloud blocks hiding the way below. This goes on another time before they can continue after jumping a few more platforms. After some more running, they finally reach the door, getting out of this torture! At the other side, Sweetie, Rick and Kine are on the floor, breathing heavily, while they feel a wind against them, not strong enough to push them.

Sweetie Belle turns her head to Kirby. "And it's the third time you do this? How are you doing it?" she asks him. Kirby only shrugs in answer.

Ten minutes later, they decide that it's enough and resume their journey with Sweetie going back on Rick, only to end up having to fight against the wind to go forward, making their jumps more risky. Coo, again, is the one with less problems, so Kirby and him lead the way, beating all the enemies. They jump above pits, then above a few Gordos, and they reach two bridges made of cloud blocs, forcing Rick to run and Kine to jump quickly, Sweetie hitting the enemies on the bridges with her beams so they aren't stopped to fight.

After the bridges, they reach the door, only to be send in a small room with five other doors. Having already found the Rainbow Drop, they don't have to take risks, so they decide to test the doors one by one, starting with the one in the center. This door lead to another small room full of Scarfys that they don't have any problems to beat, being able to avoid their explosion. Back in the previous room, they test this time the door at the right of the first one they have taken, leading to... nothing. Third time is the charm. They take the door at the left of the first one and they end up in a room with five energy bottles!


Sweetie decides to let the other have their pleasure, still full. But that's not counting their generosity, Kirby, Gooey and the animals all letting a small part of their bottles for her. How could she refuse after that?

After the door, they are back on rocky floor, having to fight a jellyfish with a small wind from behind. Like the previous one, he doesn't last long against all of them. The next room has nothing of interest excepted a single block vulnerable to spark, too bad destroying it doesn't help. After the room, they are in another tunnel area with wind pushing them. Gooey then gives up his actual ability and eats one of the Poppys in the way to gain the bombs. With Gooey having the bomb, and being inside Kine's mouth, the blob release bombs that are actually round mines that can float and explode underwater.

Pushed by the wind, they have to fall through a few levels of clouds while fighting more Poppys, some of them on apples that Kirby and Gooey eat. They also have to pass a few cloud blocks in the way, and a few other enemies including Gordos, before reaching a section of the tunnel submerged, finding another bottle that Rick take in his arms, before passing the door at the bottom.

After an annoying underwater maze that seems to take hours, they find the exit door leading to another submerged cloud tunnel with a current pushing them up until they get out of the water, where Rick finds himself embushed by two Gordos, taking heavy damages while droping Kirby. The current still pushing them up, the puffball doesn't fall back in the water, instead helping taking out the many flying enemies in the way, mainly Bronto Burts, but also some Propellers and Waddle Dees with the living parasols. Once at the top, they reach a cloud where they can rest, where they find another bottle of energy drink and a tomato somehow floating in the air.

Now even the food can float...

Drinking the now two bottles and eating the tomato, the group is ready for what waits them after the door.

They find themselves on a giant cloud arena, and they immediately understand that they have reached the lieutenant of the island. The thing is... where is the lieutenant?

They look around, searching for... well, anything, really. After the living tree and everything else, they can end up fighting anything. Although Kirby has an idea of who they may fight. Cloudy area are HIS playground after all.

Then in the middle of the group, a bump appears in the cloud. They take a step back as the bump grows in size, until something appears in it: an eye, looking right at them. Kirby doesn't lost time and throws blades after blades at the eye until it gets back in the cloud, only to repop beside Kirby, shooting lightning at them. They are all able to jump out of the way, before they counterattack. The eye gets back in the cloud, and pop out again in another place, but this time the eye flies out of the cloud, floats in the air and surround itself of four smaller orbs that rotate around it.

Yep, that's him.

Kirby immediately pushes everyone out of the way, just in time to avoid a charge of the eye before it starts to fly around in an impredictable manner. Despite that, they are still able to hit it many times, until they knock it out of the air. The eye then rolls on the cloud, seemingly already beaten.

"We have already beat it?" asks Sweetie Belle, only for Kirby to shake his head and signing them to step away from the eye. "You know about that thing?"

Kirby nods, before saying a single word: "Kacko!"

"Kacko? Wait..." Sweetie remembers, back at the day of the Nightmare incident. Dedede had given the pieces of the Star Rod to a few lieutenants and other creatures that he trusted. She remembers him saying their names. One of them was Whispy Wood, that they fought this morning. Then their was Mr Bright and Mr Shine, that they fought just in the previous island. And then, he had say that name: Kracko. Is this that Kracko? The one that Dedede qualifies as 'his strongest lieutenant'?

The eye then starts to float again in the air, but this time, clouds are getting around it, growing, and growing. Spikes appear all around the cloud, and it starts to take a pink color at the bottom and a blue color at the top. Before long, the cloud is at a side that dwarf all the other lieutenant excepted Whispy Wood, and the eye opens, looking angrily at them. They can hear the cloud rumble, like during a storm.

That's Kracko.

He charges at them, beams of spark going around him trying to shock them. They barely avoid it as Kirby already sends everything he has against the cloud while being carried by Coo. Smaller Krackos then pop out of him and try to ram them, only for Sweetie to destroy them with her beams. Gooey attacks Kracko, sending bombs after bombs from inside Kine's mouth as the fish hop around, always facing the cloud. Rick follow is idea and starts to run around farther, letting Sweetie on his back shoot at the eye.

Lightning then rain under Kracko as he flies around the arena, electrifying Kine and Gooey while ramming Coo and Kirby. Following this, he shoots lightning projectiles from his eyes in Rick's trajectory, the hamster jumping at the last seconde. Seeing his attacks on the hamster not working, he creates a strong wind, pushing both Rick and Sweetie toward the edge of the arena, threatening to make them fall. Rick finds himself having to run against the wind to avoid this fate, even able to gain some distance, only to be surprised by the wind suddenly stopping before being charged by Kracko, almost being sent beyond the edge. He saves in extremis Sweetie, who as been sent a little further and has started to fall, catching her hooves with his paws before pulling her back.

Kracko is suddenly attacked in the eye by Kirby, back in Coo's claws with the cutter ability, stopping him from focusing on Rick and Sweetie Belle. He then feels a bomb explode behind him, sign that the blue blob is also back. Rick takes Sweetie on his back and benefit of the distraction to run away from the edge back at the center of the arena, Sweetie hugging him. Kracko then shoots a lightning directly at Coo, the owl avoiding it by some miracle, still getting some feather of his left wing burned. He then charges at Kine, hitting the fish who is sent flying, before he shoots another lightning at him, this time knocking him out for good. Gooey get out of the unconscious fish's mouth, takes back the bomb ability, and goes toward Sweetie and Rick.

Sweetie sees him and understands what he wants to do. She takes a big breath, not thinking anymore about almost falling to her death, before she jumps from Rick's back. Gooey then jumps on her, and Sweetie can now materialise bombs again. She immediately attacks Kracko with them, while Rick stays close behind, just in case. Little Krackos pop out again of his cloud and start to approach the filly, only for Rick to destroy them with some good punches. Coo comes back without Kirby, and scratches his claws against Kracko's eye. He only gets for reward another lightning, before being rammed by the cloud. The owl hits the floor, and doesn't wake up. Kracko then sends another lightning toward Kirby, who dodges before attacking with more blades.

A last bomb as finally reason of him, the cloud disappearing, and the eye closing, falling, rolling on the cloud, and finally falling from the arena.

Gooey jumps from Sweetie's back and go toward Kine alongside the filly while Rick join Kirby at Coo's side. Soon, the two animals are back to consciousness, badly hurt. Helping them, everyone regroup to recover from the battle at the edge of the arena. They decides to rest for a few hours as they admire the end of the sunset, the stars appearing in the sky with the moon coming from the other side.

As the sun disappears beyond the horizon, Sweetie turns her eyes toward the last island, their ultimate goal: Dark Castle. Kracko has been a pain, he is not the strongest lieutenant of Dedede for nothing. So... how much harder will be the fight against the king himself?

Kirby sits down beside her, looking at the forteress too with determination, followed by the others. Many hardship probably await them, but as long as they are together, they will not fail.

They are ready to end this.