A Sweetie Dreamland

by Lucar

Chapter 46: Drawcia

Sweetie Belle and Kirby, still in the minecart, roll out of the portal, roll on a switch, and jump out of the chariot in panic as it is crushed under falling ice forming a stair As sweetie gets back up after the jump, she looks at the crushed minecart visible through the transparent ice, then back at where the portal has been, rubbing her head.

"Boy... That was intense. Blowing a whole mountain to kill us, Drawcia is crazy. And if we had come a little too late, she would have succeeded."

Kirby nods. Knowing that their enemy can go this far to kill them is scary. And it shows that she must really be stopped.

They look around, and quickly see that they are in another ice cave in the cold mountains. Remembering all the area they have traversed until now, it was either that, or the factory one. Now that they are in the ice mountains, this means that the next area should be the factory. Knowing that there are so little areas left makes them smile, because it means that they are close to the end of their adventure.

The downside... Who knows what kind of traps is awaiting them in those last areas.

With this in mind, they jump up the icy stare, and Kirby gives up the Stone to eat a Chilly, gaining Ice. After that, they have to search for a new switch to drop a wall of ice and free the way. Once done, they go up in a pathway full of spikes, then glide through another, smaller pathway with spikes getting out of blocks in the floor and the ceiling. At the end of this path, there is an accelerator that would propulse them back into it if they walk on it, so they have to go around before pressing a switch that destroy a wall of stone block just after it, revealing a dead end hidden behind it with another switch. Pressing it causes ice above them to drop, opening the way.

Going up, they find the path yet again blocked by ice, so they have no choice but to take another path full of spikes. At the end of this path, in a big room, they find a switch. With nothing else to do, they return to where the ice has been blocking the way, and find that they can continue. After passing another section full of spiked blocks, they have to avoid another accelerator, followed by falling stalactites, and a third accelerator. Reaching the level above, they spot the black door at the other side of some ice blocking the way. Yet again, they have to go through another path to find the switch, this one with falling icy boulders. Pressing the switch at the end, they return to the ice, and they finally reach the door.

They appear in front of a giant static area with two green painted platforms waiting for them. Jumping on one, they have to wait on it as it moves through the static area while they are assaulted by many enemies, forcing Sweetie to fight with all she has until reaching the end. once out of the static area, they have to pass a few other that are forcing them to jump on small floating ice blocks between platforms while avoiding Gordos. Thanks to the Ice, they don't slip on them. After this section, still in a static area, they ignore the moving green painted platforms to directly walk on the floor, simply jumping here and there to reach the door.

They now are in a room partially submerged, the exits blocked by green blocks. Searching for the green button, they find it after destroying a fragile wall just under where they have appeared. From there, they have to navigate through a puzzle maze made of the buttons activating green and purple blocks with a few traps and obstacles, alongside a water section at the bottom.

Many annoying back and forths later, they find a green button opening a path toward a purple button that forces them to go under a squared falling block enemy above spikes and a few saws. With both the green and the purple button pressed without having to press any of the green and purple ones that are everywhere in this maze, they now can go everywhere, and it doesn't take long for them to find the portal.

As predicted, they are now in a factory, starting in an empty room where they have to destroy a fragile wall to get out. Entering a tube, they enter a long hallway with the floor going up and down, threatening to crush them against the ceiling. Thankfully, holes in the ceiling prevent them to get this fate. Strangely enough, the enemies and obstacles, Shotzos, Gordos, lasers, or spikes, for example, are phasing through the moving floor as if the floor doesn't exist for them! In the way, Kirby eats a Needlous, some kind of larval creature with a yellow and black striped body and spikes on their back that can curl into a ball like a hedgehog before rolling around, gaining Needle. Thanks to the needles, they can grip the ceiling if they need to avoid something while making sure that any enemies getting closer are turned into cheese.

About the spikes, a little further, the whole hallway is covered in these, forcing Sweetie and Kirby either to use the paintbrush or to jump on floating platforms. This section is rather long, with many Shotzos in the way, but eventually, they reach the end of the hallway where the door is waiting for them.

The door leads them in front of a static area. Passing Gordos, they follow the path forced to walk, until they reach a grapnel that lift them above spiked floors and hole. Looking down, they see that the second hole is actually where they have to go as it doesn't end in a dead end, so Sweetie hits some buttons on the grapnel, forcing it to release them. After a small drop, they are now in front of three successives robotic orange faced blocks with the prods and the electric wall. Destroying and passing them, they reach another grapnel, and like with the first one, they have to wait until they pass above the right hole before forcing it to release them. As they drop, they finally exit the static area.

They then enter a room with floating mines and balloon bombs, a metal door in the floor at the center, and four small walls made of stone blocks. Putting two and two together, it's easy to guess that they have to use those mines while avoiding the balloon bombs that explode at contact to destroy the stone blocks and find the switch to open the door.

Pushing a first mine to a first wall, the following explosion reveal the switch. Pressing it, they hear a door opening, but they can see that it is not the door in the floor, meaning that there are more than one door. Probably four, one for each wall. And indeed, behind the three remaining walls, they find three more switches. once they are all pressed, they can reach the black door.

In the new part of the factory, they start by following a hallway, fighting a few Spear Waddle Dees, passing a few lasers, before landing on a moving green painted platform going down. Seeing more lasers coming as they follow the path of the platform, Sweetie Belle has to use the paintbrush to block them before they reach the end. At this moment, they have to go either up, or down. Up, they discover that it's a dead end, so they have to go down, landing on another platform, this one not moving, in a room entirely covered in spikes with electrical blocks forming a giant electric cube at the center.

Jumping from the platform, they fall beside the electric cube and fall on bubble blocks, forcing Sweetie to quickly use the paintbrush before they disappear under them to exit this room. Quickly, they reach another green platform that move above a bottomless pit, with more lasers in the way. The platform doesn't go all the way to the other side of the pit, so when it stops, they have to glide on a line, using it to pass another laser. Yet another laser is in the way, this one coming from the ceiling, which forces Sweetie to create a ramp, and as they jump while approaching the laser, she draws another line to block it. Once pass the laser, she quickly draws another line under them, leading them back on the ground.

Now they have to go up in a path that they see has electrical walls. Using a spring to propulse them up a little, they carefully glide up between the walls, and rapidly pass this section. After a small walk, they jump on another moving green platform beside an electrical wall. Moving down, they reach the bottom end of the wall, and spot at the other side the portal randomly teleporting in a room formed by those electrical wall. Gliding through the hole, they enter the electrical room and go after the portal, only to miss it as it teleports, almost making them ram into the electrical wall behind it. Annoyed, Sweetie makes a rapid turn and spots again the portal. Gliding around the room, she waits until the portal appear close to her before rapidly gliding into it with Kirby, leaving this Tartarus darned place.

It turns out that this is not the last area, because they find themselves now in a space area! There is solid floor here, but it's black with small colored squares.

Sweetie Belle sighs. "Of course. All that remained was a space area." She then looks at the background. "At least, it's beautiful, and very... cubic. Is it Cubism?"

Kirby puffs some air. "Poyo poyo..." It's not time to get distracted by the art...

Getting the message, Sweetie Belle giggles before starting gliding in a path covered in spikes. Reaching an opening in the ceiling, she sees the path continuing up, still with spikes everywhere. At the end, there is an intersection, and the two new paths are still covered in spikes. Spikes. Spikes everywhere! Choosing one of the two paths, they follow it, and continue to go up, entering a new path going diagonally.

"Darn it! This whole area is like a giant game where we must not touch the edges! That's so stressful!"

Carefully, she goes up, then down, then up again in the diagonal path, before reaching a last straight way leading to the door, but very compact with barely enough space for them to enter without touching the spikes, forcing her to be very slow. She is happy to reach the door, hoping that the next part will not be as stressful.

They appear in front of an enemy giving Missile, and seeing the big space they are in, Kirby find it a good choice to eat it to gain this ability. Now giving Sweetie Belle the rocket hooves, she has to search the immense area, and avoiding many obstacles in the form of bombs, missile enemies, Gordos, burning floating cubes, and many other enemies. She has seen the Green blocks at the place they have appeared, so it is easy to guess that she has to find the green button to make them disappear. And if there are green blocks, it's very probable that there are also purple blocks too, so she searches a potential purple button too. Not going too far to not get lost, they rapidly find the green button, but as they have guessed, they now have to find the purple one. Flying around, going beside some cubic burning 'star', they eventually find the purple button at the opposite side of the green one. Returning where they have appeared, they now see red doors with colored switches. Turning all the switches red, the way to the door is finally opened.

They land on a platform in what seems to be hyperspace, sweetie's eyes going wide at seeing the space move so fast around her. But as she looks back, she see a wall of... grey space matter or whatever approaching, seemingly erasing everything it touches. quickly flying away of this horror, she has to avoid meteors and cubic platforms covered in spikes before entering a tunnel that she has to rapidly follow as the wall is rapidly catching up. there are some spikes in the tunnel too, but nothing compared to the first part. Or they have thought, because after some time, the floor and the ceiling of the tunnel get entirely covered in spikes as wide and tight spaces are succeeding one another.

They exit the tunnel, only to have more cubic platforms covered in spikes in the way, in greater number, leaving too much space to fly between them. with the wall still following them, Sweetie Belle can't slowdown, and by the time she reaches the portal, she is covered in scratches.

As Sweetie Belle passes the portal, the ponies release their breaths.

Rarity fans her head. "Oh... I will have grey hairs before the end of..." She then sees the new area where Sweetie Belle and Kirby appear. "AAAAAAARGH!!! What is this horror?!!"

Sweetie Belle, Kirby still on her back and hovering in the air thanks to her rocket hooves, is now in... probably what Discord must think is a masterpiece. The ground in a mess of colors, and the background... it's chaos. It's not as colored as the ground below Sweetie, being mainly brown or orange, but it's no less a mess, this time of objects forming what seems to be building, stairs, or even ladders going in all directions. At all this, they can add the atmosphere that just feels... wrong.

"Before anypony says anything... Yes, I like the style of this world -let's call it that-, but it's also giving me the heebie-jeebies," comments Discord. "I can't feel anything coming of this but pur folly. At least, my chaos has some feelings in it, but there... It's empty."

"And now, they are about to fight the being that created this," says Twilight, frowning. "This fight may be worse than the one against Zero Two. At least, Zero Two wasn't crazy to the point of making Discord pass for someone sane. I don't believe that I'm saying that."

Spike is shaking. "Brrrr... Discord is not the only one having the heebie-jeebies because of this place. I wouldn't want to be Sweetie Belle. Just watching makes me want to run away."

It seems like sweetie Belle has resolved herself, because she starts advancing, clearly nervous. Quickly, they discover something else that makes this world even more 'empty': there is not a single enemy. Not even a Waddle Dee. After passing a path covered in spikes, again, they reach a door up a stair.

Entering a new part of this crazy world, the filly spots an empty portrait, a void instead of an image. But as she approaches...

Hihi hihihi hihihi!


A ghostly face appears in the void of the portrait, with two round, blank eyes, and a white, wrinkled, wicked mouth, uttering a frightful giggle as it stares at Sweetie Belle and Kirby without moving.

"Uhh... I think that I need to change my pant..." says Pinkie.

"You don't have a pant," replies Applejack.

"Oops... Right..."

Sweetie has her whip ready to attack the portrait, but it just remains here, staring, doing nothing else.

"Alright. Drawcia has just beaten every other bad guys in the creepy domain," she says.


"If it's not gonna attack us, they let's just forget it and continue."


More of those creepy portraits follow the first one as they start to glide up.

Hihihi hihihi!

Hihi hihihi hihihi!

Hihi hihihi hihihi!

Hihihi hihihi!

"They are turning me crazy!" shouts Rainbow Dash. "How is Sweetie Belle resisting this?!"

"I don't think she is..." answers Discord. "Look at her face."

Sweetie Belle is clearly becoming annoyed with these portraits, if her gritting teeth and frown are any indications. And as she reaches the final room possessing no less than five portraits...

Hihi hihihi hihihi!

Hihihi hihihi!

Hihihi hihihi!


Crack! Crash! Bam! Crack!

"Yep. She was not resisting."

By now, Sweetie Belle is in the middle of the remains of the five portraits, huffing. "Who is laughing now?!" she screams.

Kirby is rubbing himself against her, hoping to calm her. "Pooyo. Pooyo. Pooyo."

"Th-thanks Kirby." She takes a big breath. "I'm calm. I'm calm."

Rainbow Dash waves her hoof, gulping. "I wouldn't want to be there if she has a temper tantrum."

"I don't remember her getting so violent when she got angry," says Rarity.

"Probably comes with her learning to fight," replies Applejack.

"Or she was REALLY annoyed against those portraits," continue Pinkie.

"Let's not forget that they are at the end of a long adventure full of mortal dangers that must have been taxing on her mind," adds Twilight.

"That's right."


At this moment, Sweetie Belle approaches the portal, this one bigger than the others, with a frame possessing various colors forming chaotic patterns.

She passes it. Everything turns black




Chill creeps up everypony's backs. They now can see Sweetie Belle on the colored floor, Kirby still on her back, and yet she doesn't have the rocket hooves anymore. Then Drawcia materializes like a ghost in front of them, and from her, the world forms around them, the colors and forms warping, going left and right while cascading.

"Drawcia!" shouts Sweetie Belle, pointing the paintbrush at her. "Give Dreamland back its normal appearance! And give us back my horn and Kirby's limbs! It's our last warning!"

Drawcia answers with another laugh before she reveals her body under her cloth and shoots from it one of her purple balls. Sweetie Belle swings the paintbrush, forming a line in the path of the ball. It bounces on the line, to Drawcia's surprise, and it hits her, stunning her.

Sweetie Belle takes her canvas and lets the paintbrush float beside her as she takes her whip too. "Alright then! Let's go Kirby!"

"Poyo!" shouts the ball in determination. He then charges toward Drawcia as she is still stunned, and rams her, sending her back in the air. Quickly, Sweetie Belle follows Kirby, bounces on him, and punches Drawcia in the face, sending her back crashing on the floor. Kirby charges her again, dealing one last hit, before Drawcia regains her senses and flies up.


Suddenly, the background turns red, and a canvas and a paintbrush appear in the air. She paints a parachuted bomb, and the next instant, a dozen of those bombs appear above Sweetie and Kirby. Sweetie Belle uses her paintbrush to explode them, then starts to paint something on her canvas as the background turns green. A Shotzo soon appears beside her, and it starts shooting at Drawcia. The witch avoid the projectiles, and her canvas reappear, making the background turn red again. She paints a hole, and next, holes appear in the floor, including under the Shotzo who falls in before the holes disappear. Sweetie Belle takes the occasion that she is busy to kick Kirby toward her, and like in their first encounter, Drawcia find herself hit in the face by a pink ball. The background turns back to 'normal'.

"I didn't think that I would see a paint battle like that," says Pinkie.

Drawcia creates some kind of mini versions of her, at least a dozen that start to fly toward both Sweetie Belle and Kirby to attack them. As Sweetie is busy fighting them, Drawcia then charges toward her. The filly sees her coming, and after a swing of the brush to get rid of the little pests, she turns around. When Drawcia comes close enough, she is greeted by a buck that send her back, only for her to be rammed in the back by Kirby, and she ends belly on the floor.

The background turns green again as Sweetie Belle starts to paint something. A black cloud appears above her, and shoots a lightning toward the witch. As the cloud shoots a second lightning, Drawcia flies up to avoid it, and she shoots a purple ball to destroy the cloud. She makes her canvas appear, and paint spikes on it. The ground under Sweetie Belle then starts to form a bump, and she quickly jumps aside before a giant colored spike rises from it. More spikes follow this one.


Paintbrush in the face! She shakes her head to get rid of the paint now blinding her, leaving her vulnerable to an assault of the two heroes. Again, Sweetie kicks Kirby so he hits Drawcia, this time on the belly. After this, the filly glides on a line to approach the witch, before she bonks her on the head with the paintbrush, sending her crashing on the floor. She follows this by hitting her many times with the whip, greatly hurting her as she is rammed again by Kirby.

Drawcia flies up again, and as the background turns red, three canvas with three paintbrushes appear in the air. On them, she paints a Spear Waddle Dee, a Bronto Brut, and a Cappy, and rapidly, the arena is invaded by a dozen of each. However, Sweetie Belle smirks, and starts to paint, the background turning green. And then, Dedede appears, and she jumps on his head.


The painted Dedede smirks, and swings his hammers around him, sending flying many enemies. Drawcia counters it by painting again on the three canvas, and the arena start shaking as she paints Paint Roller, Kracko, and Dedede, and the three beings appear below her.

Sweetie's Dedede sees his clone and charges at him, and the two clash. This leaves him open to Kracko who shoots lightning at him, eliminating him. Angry, Sweetie Belle takes her canvas again.

And Zero Two appears behind her.

"Woah nelly!"


"Did she just invoke her worst enemy just like that?!"

The painted Zero Two looks down at the three worms in front of him. Paint Roller paints himself something to counter that, but he is not able to paint something better than a Dark Matter who is quickly slapped away by Zero Two's wing. Kracko shoots another lightning at him, and while it seems to hurt him (this is a painted clone after all, not the original), Zero Two still attacks by shooting his explosive projectiles at them. The three clones are destroyed, and Zero Two turns toward Drawcia. However, the witch shoots no less than five purple balls, which are enough to eliminate the clone of the leader of the Dark Matters. But as he explodes, Sweetie Belle jumps from behind him, a giant painted sword in her hooves above her, and she swings it down at Drawcia, slashing her vertically, but still not killing her.

The witch is about to shoot more purple balls at Sweetie Belle.

She has forgotten Kirby.

Sweetie Belle quickly uses the paintbrush to create a wall between her and the pink ball, just in time as Kirby unleashes a giant explosion.

As Drawcia has been busy with Zero Two, Sweetie Belle has given a Bomber to Kirby, knowing that it would give him an ability that she has never seen until now, but that her friends has described as extremely powerful.

The Crash ability.

The explosion covers the whole arena, with Sweetie not being hit thanks to the wall. Of course, Drawcia is not protected by a wall, so she takes the explosion fully. When the explosion ends, the wall disappears, letting Sweetie and Kirby see Drawcia seemingly exploding as her body turns white and the background turns dark red.

But then, she starts to laugh again, and her body transforms. As the laughing continued, her body turns into some purple ball with her hair and her eyes, but then, the laugh turns more erratic, more crazy, and her body turns into a pinkish red as it fully forms a ball, the eyes and the hair disappearing. They all remark then that there is an aura around it still forming her original body, but that is also changing form to also turn into a ball that is expanding as Drawcia's body gets smaller and starts shift, the laugh becoming... gurgly.

Then everything becomes white.

"I don't like this..." says Applejack.

The gurgly laugh becomes even more distorted, soon becoming electronic-like. The white disappear, and they can see Sweetie Belle and Kirby again. The world around them has changed. It's now entirely white or grey, still warping, but now more erratic, and as Twilight would say from her experience in the mirror world, pixelized.

Above Sweetie and Kirby is... a giant ball of paint, mainly pink and purple.

Five yellow eyes appear at the top.

A giant yellow mouth opens below them.



Whether it's Sweetie Belle, Kirby, the ponies, or Spike, they all jump back at hearing the screech coming from Tartarus. Even Discord has a little start as he shouts "Yike!"

Drawcia, or whatever she is now, then jumps, disappearing beyond the white 'pixels' above, before reappearing in the background, screeching again. She then expulses from her body three balls, blue, yellow, and red, that quickly approach Sweetie Belle and Kirby. Once close enough, the balls are actually revealed to be creatures made of paint strangely looking like Dark Matters, four flaps opening to reveal a single eye.

The blue one then flies up before diving toward Sweetie Belle, ice surrounding it, the yellow one starts to shoot an energy beam in a circle around itself, and the red one has fine appearing around it and charges at Sweetie. The filly quickly jumps out of the way of the blue one, then rolls to the side to avoid the beam of the yellow one, before jumping up to let the red one pass below her.

Drawcia screeches again, before she starts bouncing around while approaching Sweetie Belle, until she tries to crush both her and Kirby under her weight. They quickly run/roll away, Drawcia hitting the 'ground' behind them a second later. She then returns to the background, and expulse more of those paint things with an eye, two blues and a yellow.

Thinking quickly, Sweetie wait for them to open their eyes before she throws the paintbrush at them, effectively launching them back at Drawcia, seemingly hurting her. Drawcia then teleports beside Sweetie and Kirby, an X shaped hole forming in her body, and out of it come familiar crescent-shaped blades, those ones looking like rainbows. The first one surprises Sweetie Belle, cutting her, and she quickly steps back with Kirby to avoid the others.

Once Drawcia stops, Sweetie Belle create a line toward her to approach and punch it, but before she is able to come close enough, she teleports away.


More of the balls are coming, two reds, a yellow, and blue. She is able to send back one of the red ones and the yellow one, but she has to avoid the last red and the blue. Drawcia then tries to crush them again, but now that they know the attack, they have even less problems avoiding her, and this time, Sweetie takes the occasion to punch her strongly, seemingly stunning her as she starts to spasm. So she punches her more while Kirby rams her, causing dozens of drop of paint to be expulsed like blood, covering them a little.

Eventually, Drawcia teleports away out of harm's way, before dividing its body into many balls of paint that are expulsed in the sky as everything turns orange. The balls then start to rain on Sweetie Belle and Kirby, and they can hear the crazy witch's distorted laughter as Sweetie uses a line to protect herself and Kirby. Soon, all the ball disappear, and Drawcia reforms in the background, screeching again.

Quickly, Sweetie Belle takes her canvas again, and as everything turns green, she paints while avoiding being crushed again.

And Drawcia, in her first form, appears beside her.

The two Drawcias glare at each other.



The two fly up, and Sweetie Belle sighs while laughing. "I love this ability, but darn, it's draining."

Drawcia charges toward her clone, but the clone easily flies around her before she shoots a purple ball at her. The background then turns red, and Drawcia covers herself in fire before flying around like a comet, almost ramming Sweetie Belle and Kirby as she tries to destroy her annoying clone.

She stops, and sends no less than six of her minions, two of each color. In return, Drawcia Clone sends the mini versions of her at them, and they destroy each other, the mini Drawcia disappearing while the eyeballs of paint are sent back to Drawcia.

She is then hit at the back by Kirby ramming her thanks to Sweetie kicking him. Sweetie then wraps her whip around him, and does circles with him, hitting Drawcia more. She teleports away, and divides her body to make raining balls of paint again. Sweetie rapidly puts Kirby on her back before she jumps on Drawcia Clone. She then creates a line to protect themselves from the rain. Once the rain stops, Drawcia Clone flies toward the real one as she reforms, and rams her in the mouth, stunning her.

"Drawcia!" then shouts Sweetie. The clone turns around to look at her, and Sweetie signs toward the paintbrush, then toward Kirby.

The ball blinks in confusion. "Poyo?"


Drawcia Clone joins Sweetie Belle, and together, they use the paintbrush on Kirby. One swing, two swings, three swings, and Kirby is now covered in pink paint. The pink paint then expand, forming a ball as big as Drawcia, before Kirby's face appears on it. As Kirby then rams Drawcia with all his weight, Sweetie paints a Bomber, with a giant (creepy) smile on her face.

Holding the Bomber, Sweetie Belle looks toward Kirby who is rammed back. "Kirby!"

He turns toward her. "Poyo?"

"Eat!" She then throws the Bomber at him. She then turns to Drawcia Clone, and they both nod.

Kirby eats the Bomber.

He flashes white.



"Oh... Sweetie Belle invented the nuclear bomb model Kirby. Why am I not surprised?" says Discord.

Twilight facehoofs. "Why must it always end in explosions?"

"Because explosions are awesome!" shouts Pinkie.

"And the bigger they are, the more awesome they are!" continues Rainbow Dash.

"As long as it doesn't happen somewhere like Equestria, then I suppose that I can't argue against that," says Applejack.

Once they can see what is happening again, they see that the background has yet again changed, now becoming an agglomeration of the backgrounds of all the area that Sweetie Belle and Kirby have traversed. Sweetie Belle, actually, is coming out of a metal painted shelter by a big door alongside Drawcia Clone. And Kirby, now back to his normal size, is simply looking up at the real Drawcia as she moves erratically around as if small explosions are happening in her body.
After a last sudden move, the eyes and the mouth disappear, and she starts to lose size. In a last effort, she returns to her normal size with the eyes and the mouth, and screeches. But then, the same portal that Sweetie and Kirby have used to join Drawcia appears behind her, and it starts to suck her inside, the witch doing all she can to resist, vainly. Soon, she disappears inside it, and it starts to shake, the whole world shaking around with it.

And then it breaks, and disappears into nothingness in a big pillar of light.

And everything disappears into light, only leaving Sweetie Belle and Kirby in a rainbow void. Even Drawcia Clone has disappeared. But now, they are back to normal, Sweetie Belle now having her horn again, and Kirby having his limbs.

The filly looks around in worry. "What now? How do we get out of here?"

At this, the paintbrush floats away from then, and points in a direction. A rainbow beam is shot from it, and it opens a portal. At the other side of the portal, they can recognize Dreamland.

Sweetie Belle sighs in relief and turns to the paintbrush. "So it's over?"

It bounces up and down, before starting to float away.

she frowns. "You... aren't coming with us?"

It's a no.

Looking at the paintbrush sadly, Sweetie Belle says "I understand. You will return wherever you come from, right?" She sighs again. "Well then... Thank you, Paintbrush."

Kirby nods at the paintbrush. "Poyo."

They walked toward the portal, before turning again toward the paintbrush. "I hope that we will see you again one day. We know someone that could better use you in Dreamland."

They then see the paintbrush starting to disappear in light. They wave at it.



And it is not here anymore. Quickly, they pass the portal, appearing on the road where their adventure has started, everything is back to normal.

Mini Discord appears on-screen.

"And so ends another colorful adventure! And I must say, holy moly, I wasn't expecting this final! And as our heroes return to their homes for a well deserved rest, I end with this: that's all, folks!"

And the portal closes.

The ponies look at each other, wondering the same thing: what could top Drawcia?