A Sweetie Dreamland

by Lucar

Chapter 66: Onion Ocean

The party has left Magolor and the Lor to go find the other wing of the ship in its next destination: Onion Ocean. But as they fly on the Warp Stars, Sweetie Belle is lost in thoughts, until she decides to talk.

"You know, the more I hear about the Dark God, the more I understand how much I was foolish when I first said that I would fight him if, or rather when the seal keeping him imprisoned will break. I understood that he would be powerful, but I didn't understand how powerful he would be as an incarnation of both Creation and Destruction. Hearing from Magolor that he almost led a whole dimension to the breaking point before he was stopped, I'm now scared. I'm not only scared of fighting this Dark God and his unimaginably great powers, but I'm also scared knowing that if we lose, or if we don't do anything, then he will destroy everything."

Dedede looks at Sweetie Belle before frowning. "I'm scared too. Like you said, if we don't win, this is the End." He smirks. "And that's why we. Will. Win!"

Meta Knight nods. "The Dark God is powerful beyond everything we can think of. It can even be said that he possesses infinite power. But remember this, he's not invincible. Heroes in the past managed to seal him. If they won, then we can win."

"And we've made many friends that will help us," says Bandana Dee. "With our number, we'll not lose. I'm sure of it."


"Oh yes! And of course, we have Kirby!" says Dedede with a laugh.

Bandana Dee laughs. "Yes. If one day, a whole army invades Dreamland, they would be like 'You've no chance against us! We have an army!' and we would be 'Ah yeah? We've a Kirby!'"

"Wrong!" shouts back Dedede. "We would be 'Ah yeah? We have a Kirby, a Sweetie Belle, a Dedede, and a Meta Knight!'"

"And a Marx!"

"Yeah, 'And a Marx!' Each of us is worth a whole army!* So a God? Pwah! He'll have no chance!"

"I agree with you guys," says Sweetie Belle. "But even so, knowing how big are the stakes is still scary."

"And it's perfectly normal," says Meta Knight. "Nobody should have to bear the fate of the universe on their shoulders, never mind the fate of more than one."

More than one universe... That's right. If the Dark God destroys this universe, what will stop him from going to another universe and destroy it too? And the next one? And the next? And the next? Dozens, maybe even hundreds of universe could be destroyed before someone is able to stop the Dark God's rampage. Sweetie Belle gets chills thinking about this.

"Onion Ocean is in sight," says then Meta Knight.

Sweetie Belle looks ahead and see the ocean as they approach it. It's filled with many, many, many islands, some of them just rocks, and there are palm trees everywhere on the beaches, meaning that it's a tropical area.

And it has nothing to do with onions. Unless there are onion-shaped rocks hidden under the water?

They land on the beach at the start of the ocean, and Kirby already starts running toward the water.

"Aah. It'll be good to swim after this desert!" says Dedede as they start following the puffball.

"What is less good is that we now have to deal with those," says Bandana Dee as he points at trees with familiar coconuts further.

"Oh yeah, the explosive coconuts," says Sweetie Belle. "Wow, last time I had to deal with those things was back in that water planet when me and Kirby wanted to invoke Nova. I didn't miss them." At this, she targets the coconuts and explodes them with her beams. "Whoever among the Ancients dreamed of explosive coconuts when they created this universe was crazy."

Passing the trees now devoid of their coconuts, Kirby decides to eat a Parasol Waddle Dee they encounter on the way just in case. After the Parasol Waddle Dee, they come under a floating island with a rope attached to one end to another, passing above another small island with spikes and a Shotzo. Taking the challenge, Dedede hangs on to the rope to pass above the spikes and the Shotzo, and Bandana Dee follows him. The others simply decide to fly.

They find another rope further, after a tree with a ladder-shaped trunk, which Sweetie doesn't even pay attention to. By now, she has seen much weirder in this world. However, the rope passing above fire blocks surprise her. Fire blocks in this area? Seems like they will have to use ice or water in the close future.

Sweetie doesn't lose time to destroy the giant explosive coconuts that are just after this second rope, not wanting to see how powerful is their explosion. They then get around a mountain to enter a black door under the water. They come to a new island where they climb a slope full of trees with coconuts before entering a cave with some Glunks, and a green fish with jagged teeth named Barracu, and come out at the other end. They go down another slope with some giant coconuts, then climb a ledge with the help of floating platforms made of leaves (with giant coconuts under them) before passing another door.

They beat some kind of bee with a spear named Pierce that has tried to impale Bandana Dee as soon as they have appeared and continue their way using wooden platforms that start moving when they press a switch, fighting more of those bees and other creatures.

Sweetie Belle uses her whip to destroy a bomb block protected by a Gordo, which destroys a bunch of iron blocks, revealing a door. The door leads them in some cavern underwater where they have to use a key to open a door to get an Energy Sphere, then they return to the previous area, walking on blocks that disappear under their feet while Sweetie destroys more giant Coconuts. After a moving platform, they enter another door, reaching an area with weird wooden totems in fire and big sand castles.

And they encounter a glowing Chilly with a star on the forehead.

"Hehehe. Time for Kirby to have some cool moves," says Dedede.

Sweetie Belle, along with Bandana Dee, groans before giggling. "Ice pun."

Dedede laughs before proudly posing. "Thanks!"

Kirby just shakes his head with a sigh before running toward the Super Chilly and eating him, gaining a hat that looks like a bowl of ice cream with a snowflake and a star at the front. Looking at the totems and sand castles that follow, Kirby starts spinning on himself, and snow appears and conglomerate around him, transforming him into a giant snowball with his face. The snowball Kirby then starts charging, going down a slope to gain momentum before bowling through the obstacles and absorbing every creatures that come in contact, becoming bigger until the ball explodes. From there, it's pretty much a bowling game, with the totems and the sand castles as pins. Like the previous ones, this Super Ability proves to be an unstoppable overpowered thing that can literally roll over any obstacle in the way except walls. And it's not long before they find a portal after destroying a giant sand castle.

Too bad, those sand castles were really good! This one could have easily won a sand sculpture contest.

In the other dimension, for once, they don't have to escape a purple space-wall, but a purple space-ceiling, forcing them to go down. This happens mostly by pressing a switch to move a part of the floor down, pass an obstacle in the level below (destroy some blocks, knock down some creatures, avoid Gordos, etc...), then press the next switch to move further down. Not surprisingly, knowing the area they come from, there are some water sections among those obstacles.

The battle against the Doomer, a red one again, takes place on a very small island in a seemingly infinite ocean, leaving very small space to dodge its attacks, but Sweetie and the others don't mind jumping in the water if it means not being rammed, and the ones that haven't jumped in the water distract the Doomer long enough so the ones in the water can go back on the island without being attacked. In the end, despite that little problem, the Doomer is as easily beaten as the others, and they exit the dimension with two new Energy Spheres.

"They make this adventure look so easy," says Starlight. "Even monsters from another dimension are just a nuisance for them. How powerful are they?"

"That's the question," says Discord. He points at Kirby and Sweetie Belle as they pass a door. "Those two were able to beat a guy named Marx, who had enough power to rival with an alicorn, and that was many months ago. There where many serious threats since then, but either Sweetie and Kirby were forced to use an artefact to beat them, or the threats were facing overwhelming forces, like Dark Mind who ended up facing Sweetie and five Kirbys, or Necrodeus who faced Sweetie Belle possessing Kirby's powers, so it's hard to say by now how powerful they are. But Sweetie said earlier that she must be now strong enough to face an alicorn, so let's take her word. Dedede and Meta Knight are at least as strong as here, and Kirby... Hard to say, he never lost a fight, even against Sweetie Belle, Dedede, or Meta Knight. And I don't know about Bandana Dee. He's weaker, but at least strong enough to put up a good fight. This means that this team could face both Celestia and Luna together in a fight, and win. Those Doomers have no chance against them. They would have to be powerful enough to destroy all Equestria with just one of them to win against Sweetie and her friend. And monsters that powerful aren't common, even in other dimensions."

"Could they even face you?"

"Me? Ah! No. Just one snap of my fingers, and the fight would end before they could even attack me. The only way for them to hope to win would be for Sweetie to develop a way to counter my magic with hers, and she's not close to be powerful enough for that. Even Celestia and Luna can't do it, so how could she?"

A smile forms on Celestia's muzzle at hearing him. "Maybe one day..."

By now, the party has reached the extremity of the archipelago, and they are now on an island only made of stone. Following Kirby, they dive in water leading to an underwater cave under the island, full of the habitual Blippers, Glunks, and Squishys (the squids-like creatures), with some other ones, like some blue blobs with red claws on the shoulders that can extend to hurt anyone getting too close which are named Crabys. In a small passage blocked by blocks leading to a dead end out of the water with a hotdog, they even find a living sword with an eye on the handle and blue wings at the sides, named Swordory.

After the walking axes, that's not a big surprise.

After doing some swimming, they reach the end of the cave, and they have to leave the water, using a ladder to reach a door, while quickly dealing with the Leafans in the way, Kirby eating one to gain Leaf.

They appear at the start of a bridge badly made of wooden planks, and as they walk on it, they have to watch out for the Blippers jumping out of the water below to hit them. After passing a stone pillar, they are then attacked by a Kibble Blade, a huge Sir Kibble with a better armor metal colored with red gloves. The Kibble Blade charges at them head down, his blade facing them, and on this bridge, the only way to avoid being cut in half is either by jumping in the water, or jump above the passing Kibble Blade. Rather than jumping in the water and having to deal with the many Blippers that are in it, they choose the second option, and just as the Kibble Blade passes under her, Sweetie Belle turns into metal and falls on him, crushing him badly. She jumps from her back as Dedede swings his hammer, propulsing the Kibble Blade toward Kirby who then sends him in the air with a tornado of leaves. Meta Knight then raises his sword before swinging it down, sending a sharp shockwave toward him. This doesn't cut the Kibble Knight much, but the power is enough to send him flying far in the ocean, disappearing in the water. Just after this fight, they reach a small rock island, and Kirby jumps in the water before coming back with an Energy Sphere.

At the end of the bridge, they pass a door, and they enter a cave half submerged. Traversing it either on land or underwater, Kirby decides to eat a Pierce to gain the Spear ability, gaining a red headband with a frontal crest made of gold, and a spear similar to Bandana Dee's. After passing through an underwater passage, Kirby uses the spear to reach a hidden switch that has for effect to raise a part of the ground, revealing a door that they pass, entering a different section of the cave where they find an Energy Sphere after destroying some bomb blocks.

Back in the previous section, they pass another door just after this one, out of the water, and they are back outside, where they find a big blue boot with spikes under the sole, and shooting stars at the sides. It's big enough for one of them to go inside. Sweetie Belle raises an eyebrow at spotting it, and the other eyebrow when Kirby jumps in it and starts bouncing with it, even bouncing on the creatures on the way, hurting them badly with the spikes.

"That's... an interesting item."

At least, it's effective. Every creature that Kirby bounces on is immediately knocked out, and he can easily destroy any obstacles with it. He can't swim in the water with it, but thankfully, there are always creatures that Kirby uses as steps to bounce until reaching more land. The boot can even destroy a giant seemingly indestructible yellow block. But like the other items they have encountered until now, it seems to overheat with time, and Kirby is forced to give it up before it explodes, only to enter into another boot not far.

Too bad, Sweetie would have loved trying it.

After bouncing on Bronto Burts, they come to another giant yellow block that Kirby destroys, revealing a hidden door. They enter an underwater room with the only exit being above them, with an Energy Sphere, forcing Kirby to give up the boot to swim up.

Pulling a lever above the water, they destroy a bunch of iron blocks blocking the way, and they now swim down, entering another underwater cave, this one possessing some giant eels, named Barbar, coming out of hole to try to eat them.

Too bad they weren't the first one pulling that trick on them. They don't even hide in the hole contrary to those lizard/frog-like things. A good slap from Sweetie Belle is enough to make them understand that they should try to eat something else.
While exploring the cave, they eventually find an Energy Sphere in a small room full of stone blocks, before passing a door that leads them to a new section of the cave, where they have to destroy a bomb block to continue, causing the water it has been blocking to fall, the current carrying them. This happens a few more times, having to watch out for some bats and falling stalactites on the way, before they pass a door and enter a room without any seemingly way out.

Bandana Dee spots a switch that he presses, causing a wall to open, creating a strong current that pushes them for a small moment before they slow down just before a part of the cave where there are parts of the ceiling and the floor moving up and down, threatening to crush them. Thankfully, the movements are really slow, so they easily avoid being flattened before reaching the end of this section.

In the next one, they are in a long passage going up with some small current, and when they enter a small room out of the water, they have to choose between two ways back in the water, each one starting with a switch to destroy the iron blocks blocking the entrances. So they split into two groups, and enter the two ways, only to discover that they cross every now and then, one of them eventually ending in a room full of food for Kirby and Dedede's pleasure.

Another cave full of currents later, they emerge in a section where they end up fighting a bunch of weird slug-like creatures named Clayn, before encountering a Moundo, a large living blown rock with what looks like snow on peaks at the top of the head, a jagged mouth, and wearing sandals. He also wears a headband looking like the one that Kirby wears when he possesses the Hammer ability, but it's white and red rather than white and blue.

Like expected of that kind of being, he's rather slow, and mainly attack them by trying to crush them under him with a jump, or by charging at them. There's still a moment where the Moundo is able to surprise them by spinning on himself before sliding around like a curling stone, managing to ram Bandana Dee with this move. Despite this, a stone-breaking punch from Sweetie Belle ends up knocking him out, and Kirby inhales him to gain Stone. They then find an Energy Sphere in the water just after, before passing a door.

They enter a section similar to the one before the previous one, but this time, they have to choose between three ways, so they divide into three groups. Meta Knight is the unlucky one, because he ends up choosing the one leading right toward a Gordo, while Dedede and Bandana Dee manage to find another Energy Sphere.

The next section is a half emerged cave with strong currents, both water and air, and Sweetie takes the lead to ram into any enemy getting in the way with a spiked shield. This continues goes on for three level, the last one with some pits with Gordos, forcing them to jump.

After the door, in a cave without water, they find a Super Hot Head. Kirby doesn't lose time to eat him, and at Sweetie's request, he goes on her back, the filly wanting to see what will happen. And the result is beyond everything she has expected.

With the normal Fire ability, her mane and tail simply turns into fire, and she can shoot fire in a way that she can now do with her magic, fireballs, fire streams, and so on, with some advantages like not having to worry about the hot temperatures of deserts or volcanoes.

With this boosted version, she gains not only a mane and tail of fire, but also wings of fire, and her eyes now glow in a fiery color. She now can summon fire and bend it at a level that would make Celestia awe in wonder, serpents of fire flying around her, perfectly following the movements of her hooves.

"Hey! Stop playing with fire! You will burn us!" yells Yarn from her belt.

"Don't worry. I'll keep it away from you. By the stars, I feel like I could control the sun!"

With this boosted version of Fire, she can give it the form she wants, dragon like Kirby, but also phoenix, alicorn, and much more! She can create fire tornadoes, rain pillars of fire, swing her hooves in a cross-like manner to send a cross-shaped fiery projectile, and much, much, MUCH more. The most impressive move being the possibility to create a sun-like giant fireball that can turn everything into ashes.

Sweetie Belle learn all those moves while destroying the weird moving statues that follow, leaving only molten stones behind, and toward the end, to Dedede and Kirby's joy, she cooks a giant octopus that has been hidden in ambush under a shipwreck, leaving the two gluttons, helped a little by Bandana Dee, to eat the cooked cephalopod until nothing is left while they reveal a portal to the other dimension.

In the other dimension, they have to escape the wall by swimming and fighting their way through many Barracus, and destroy many stone blocks before reaching the door and fighting the red Doomer on a patch of land between two sections of water. With two new Energy Spheres in their possession, and Kirby now possessing the Fire ability again, they return to Popstar before taking a door to a new section, leaving behind the burning carnage.

"Each of those boosted abilities make her superior to an alicorn, and they will fight a dragon that will be able to use all those abilities at the same time?" asks Luna. "How will they win?"

"The dragon will probably not use some of those abilities like the sword one, but in terms of power, it sure shows that this crown is no joke," says Discord with a frown. "Whoever wears it could become godlike. This dragon will certainly put everything they fought until now to shame."

"But can they win?" repeats Rarity for Luna, and everypony else.

"Of course. Sweetie Belle and Kirby were able to beat Marx despite his superior power, so now that they are five, and that they are all more or less as strong as Marx, a being wearing an artefact giving godlike powers isn't impossible for them to beat, dragon or not. But... It will be really hard. It would be as if you six-" He waves at Twilight and her friends."-have been forced to fight Nightmare Moon for the first time."

Twilight gulps. "Yeah... I see..."

Following Kirby, the party jumps in the water, swimming toward the deeper parts of the ocean, not surprised to learn that some Energy Spheres have somehow fallen all the way down here, like that has been the case with the crystal pieces in Aqua Star. Sweetie doesn't mind, the depths of the oceans are always wonderful to explore, but they are also full of mysteries, so who knows what dangers they will encounter down there? But no matter the dangers, they will continue.

At the bottom, they press a switch, which causes a part of the floor to raise, revealing a hidden structure.

Submerged ruins? Nice!

They enter them, and they have to swim their way in a succession of hallways full of spinning spiked walls in the way. After destroying a bomb block, they discover a not so hidden door leading to a room out of the water with a few of those cardboard Waddle Dees, a locked door, a lever above them, and a red switch. Sweetie Belle fires a beam at the switch, causing a trapdoor to open under the Waddle Dees, dropping them in the water below before closing. Bandana Dee then pulls the level, oening another trapdoor above the first one, dropping a key that they use to open the locked door and find an Energy Sphere.

They return in the hallways with the spinning spiked walls, and after passing a couple of rooms full of those walls, they reach the next door. After pressing a few switches to open a few walls, they find an Invincibility Candy in a small room. Using it, they are able to swim their way through some groups of fishes ang Glunks without having to fight, finding an Energy Sphere after Kirby has found a door hidden behind algaes. They have to open two more walls before finding the next door, Meta Knight cuting the three Barracus ambushing them in front of it.

They appear in more hallways, those ones with giant spiked shells moving back and forth. Nothing to worry about for them with how slow the shells are, even if the party itself is slowed by the water. Things get a little more worrying when they have to escape a giant spiked shell chasing them, many obstacles, mainly blocks, slowing them down. The same thing happens with a second shell, but thanks to a hole in the floor, sadly only big enough for one of them, Bandana Dee is able to hide in it and let the shell pass while the others continue swimming until reaching a wall of metal blocks that they can't destroy in time, so they are forced to enter the passage just above, which has strong currents that forcefully carry them up toward the next door. They are quickly joined by Bandana Dee holding an Energy Sphere.

"The shell brock the blocks and revealed this sphere," he says before giving the Energy Sphere to Kirby.

"Good job Bandana Dee," congratulates Dedede.

At this, they pass the door, and they appear at the top of a place that seems to be a palace, and they can see through a hole in the wall that they are in an immense caverne with a breathtaking underwater city.

"Woah..." say Sweetie Belle and Bandana Dee in awe.

"That's Popstar, always full of wonders to discover," says Meta Knight.

After a few more seconds of admiring the city with its shell-shaped houses, they start swimming down, and they discover a very special bomb with stars patterning it and with a skull symbol, called a Balloon Bomb. When Kirby takes it, it slowly starts to inflate, and once it reaches its limit, it explodes. Knowing about this item that can be found sometimes like all those other items until now, they start running, trying to find if there is something that needs to be blown by the bomb. They soon find a bunch of metal blocks as well as a big yellow block, and they use the bomb to destroy them, only to find some food. They find a second bomb after a ladder made of coral, and after a small course where they have to use red switches to activate trap doors so they can jump above holes full of spikes, they throw the bomb at a wall of yellow blocks, revealing an Energy Sphere, and a Maxi Tomato.

After a ladder, they pass a door, and they are now in another succession of hallways, closer to the city, and this one is full of those giant eels, including some really HUGE ones. When Sweetie almost finds herself eaten by one of those huge eels, she fire a big explosive ball inside its mouth, knocking it out with some smoke coming out of its mouth. That's before they enter a big room with dozens of eels, the smaller size.

"Screw it. We smash them all," says an annoyed Dedede.

"Agreed," says Sweetie Belle.

"I'll help," says Meta Knight.

Kirby then points up. "Poyo! Poyo poyo!"

"There's an Energy Sphere?" asks Sweetie Belle.

He nods.

"Ok. While we clean the room of those eels, you go find the sphere."

"I'm coming with him," says Bandana Dee.

"Very well," says Dedede before smirking at Sweetie Belle and Meta Knight. "I bet that I can eliminate more eels than you two."

"You shouldn't make a bet that you know you'll lose," says Sweetie Belle. "Me and Meta Knight can use projectiles to deal with those eels from a distance, while all you can do is throwing your hammer."

"And I'm not interested in such a competition," says Meta Knight.

"Spoilsport!" huffs Dedede.

With this, they go in the room first and start beating up the eels, starting with the top of the room to open the way to Kirby and Bandana Dee. After two minutes, all the eels in the room are knocked out, and Kirby has taken the Energy Sphere.

As they leave the room after destroying a bomb block, Sweetie says "I win."

"What?" asks Dedede.

"I've knocked out more eels than you."

"Hey! I thought that we wouldn't do this bet!"

"I said that you shouldn't make bets that you know you will lose, I never said that I didn't accept it," she said smugly.

Dedede gapes at Sweetie Belle. "You... You..."

"So, when we are finished with this journey, the next day, you will only eat fruits and vegetables. No cake, meat, chocolate, or whatever else you can think of. Like you said, you need a diet. Bandana Dee is my witness, so you can't make it look like the bet never happened. I will make sure to pass the word to Cape Knight, and the cooks too."

"You... You're heartless!"

"No..." She smirks. "I just do what you would do."

Dedede continues gaping at her as she starts swimming. After a few seconds, he closes his mouth and his eyes, and starts sniffing.

"Hey. No need to cry my king. It'll not be so bad," says Bandana Dee.

"I'm so proud of her," says then Dedede, shocking Bandana Dee, Kirby, and Meta Knight. "Is it what a father feels?"

They are now inside the city, and they soon enter a building where there is, surprisingly, not any water inside. After looking around a little, they are eventually stopped by the floor shaking, and out of it comes an obese purple fish even bigger than Dedede, with a white belly, yellow designs on its back, big droopy lips, and rocks, barnacles, and corals around its eyes.

"Oh? This fatty wants to try his chance against us?" asks Dedede.

Kirby points at the fish. "Poyo poyo!"

"The fish possesses the wing?" asks Meta Knight.


"Okay then," says Sweetie Belle. "Hello Mr Fish. Can we have the-"

The fish suddenly roars at them before inflating like a balloon until it's all round. It then rolls toward the party who all easily dodge the attack, Bandana Dee and Meta Knight slashing it as it passes. Still round, the fish then bounces toward Bandana Dee who is about to run, only for Sweetie Belle to get in the fish's way before punching it violently in the belly, her hoof sinking a little in it before the fish is finally propulsed backward toward the ceiling. The fish rapidly bounces between the ceiling, floor and walls like a flipper ball, gaining momentum, and almost crushing someone two times before he bounces one last time from a wall to body slam Sweetie Belle and crush her against the opposite wall.

The fish bounces away, freeing her, and he deflates. Dedede then jumps and drops on it, getting on its back, before attacking it with its hammer has much as he can until the fish decides to jump on its back to crush Dedede, only to have Met Knight slashing its belly repeatedly while Kirby spits fire. The fish rolls back on its belly, bounces away, and spits blobs of water toward everyone. Kirby then gives up Fire and inhale one of the blobs to get Water, while Meta Knight and Bandana Dee destroy the others. Sweetie Belle uses some ice to freeze one of the blobs and kicks it at the fish's face, stunning it. Kirby surfs his way toward it, tilts his head so that his hat of water faces it, and a stream of water is propulsed from it at the fish, seemingly hurting it a lot before it recovers.

Irritated, the fish grows until reaching twice its size, then inflates until it before a giant ball over half the size of the room before it starts rolling. Thankfully, when the fish has recovered, Kirby has thought to run away, so he's able to jump out of the way of the giant ball. The others have also seen the attack and they all either fly or jump out of the way, and the fish ends up slamming against a wall, shaking the whole building and causing stalactites to fall from the ceiling. Sweetie shields them all, and once the stalactites stop falling, they all charge at the fish as it slowly turns around to face them, deflated again, but still its giant size.

After some attacks, the fish inflates again, and everyone immediately run away, only for the fish to surprise them as it turns toward Meta Knight and Sweetie Belle, which have both flown toward the ceiling (Sweetie on her shield), before spitting a huge geyser that propulses them against the ceiling. After a couple of seconds, the fish stops and deflates, only to immediately inflate again before rolling in the center of the room. He then starts spinning on himself, and at the same time, spits more water. Kirby and Bandana are able to avoid the attack by ducking, but Dedede is hit and propulsed backward a few meters. A lightning bolt from Sweetie Belle suddenly strikes the water and electrifies the fish, stopping it as it yells in pain. Once the electricity stops, they all rush at the fish, excepted Sweetie Belle who prefers firing beams, until the fish inflates again and everyone run away before it starts rolling around erratically, then stops, and spits another geyser.

Dedede gets an idea and opens wide his mouth before starting inhaling the water from the geyser and growing into huge proportions, becoming as big as the fish. When the fish stops spitting its geyser, deflated, Dedede then spits back all the water he has inhaled into his own geyser right back at the fish and propulsing it into a wall. Once Dedede has spitten all the water, returning back to normal, Sweetie Belle fires a stream of ice that she has been charging, and with the fish absolutely drenched, she's able to trap it in ice. Meta Knight then charges at the frozen fish and starts spinning like a drill with his sword in front of him, drilling the ice and breaking it, and the fish, in pieces, releasing the wing of the Lor Starcutter that has been inside its belly.

"Mmh... Fish savored ice cream? I wouldn't mind trying," says Dedede.

"Too bad it ended this way. If only this fish listened..." says Sweetie Belle.

After taking the wing, they swim back to the surface and use the Warp Star to return to the Lor Starcutter. Once back, they fix the wing, to Magolor's joy.

"We are halfway done! All that remain are the Emblem and the Mast, and the Lor will be able to fly again!"

They then return to the living room.

"So, what do you want to ask this time?"

"The Dark Matter, what is it? We already know about Dream, Heart, and Soul, but nothing about Dark beside Zero and the Dark Matters than we fought," says Sweetie Belle.

"Oh? You fought Zero? And you survived? That's incredible! Zero is known as the most terrible creation of the Dark God."

"Ah! Yes! Those two not only fought Zero twice, but they also killed him twice! The second time for good!" shouts proudly Dedede while pressing Kirby and Sweetie Belle against him.

Magolor's body goes stiff at hearing this. After a few seconds, he starts laughing before turning toward Dedede, eyes closed, rubbing his hands against each others, and sweating. "Excuse me. I may have heard it badly. Did you just say that Kirby and Sweetie Belle were able to kill Zero?"

"That's what I said."

"We had to use artefacts using love, but yes, we were able to definitively end Zero's threat," says Sweetie Belle.

"Sweetie Belle is even the one who gave the finishing blow!" shouts proudly Dedede while hugging the filly. "She's my pride."

"S-stop it, Dedede!" shouts Sweetie Belle embarrassed.

"I... see..." says Magolor slowly, sweating even more. He then shakes his head and clears his throat. "So, to answer your question, I'll have to start with the three other Matters. You may know some things about them, but probably not everything. By the way, forget everything that you may have learned about the Dark Matter from the Dark Matters and Zero. Despite what their name suggests, and even if their bodies were made from Dark Matter, they also could feel negative emotions, which real Dark Matters wouldn't be able to do, meaning that they also possessed some of the other Matters, but only negative versions of those Matters. Real Dark Matters would be more like newly created robots, without any dreams, feelings, or will. Now, let's start speaking about the three first Matters. But first, let's return to the bridge. It'll be easier to speak about them while using the screen."

So they leave the living room and return in front of the screen. Magolor then starts pushing buttons as he starts talking. "So, as you know already, those three Matters are Dream Matter," A star appear on the screen before shrinking and going to the left side. "Heart Matter," A pink heart appear on the screen, then shrinks like the star before going to the right side. "and Soul Matter." A light appears on the screen, then shrinks before going in the center.

"Dream Matter is the energy of creation. Using our dreams, it can create anything, and give great powers to the ones that can use it, like the possibility to grant wishes, or to shift abilities. Each time that you encounter someone that can use more than one ability without using magic, then there's a strong possibility that they use Dream Matter."

"Dark Nebula... Logic, he was a being of nightmares, so he was certainly made of Dream Matter, and used it to shift between fire, ice, and spark," says Sweetie Belle. She looks at Yin and Yarn. "You two probably use it too, as well as Drawcia, to create and give life to your creations. And of course, there's Kirby."

Magolor's hands drop at his sides as he slowly turns toward Sweetie Belle, seemingly deflated. "You killed Dark Nebula too, right?"

"Uh, yes. Why do you look so gloomy?"

"Nothing nothing. Let's continue." He turns back to the keyboard. "Then comes the Heart Matter, the energy of feelings. The strongest your feelings, the more powerful it is. Someone using this energy can boost their power to unimaginable proportions, and accomplish miracles. Finally, the Soul Matter, the energy of the will."

"Like that?" asks Sweetie Belle as she envelops her right hoof into energy before unleashing it in a small shockwave with a punch.

"Yes. Like that. With this energy, you can turn your own soul, and by extension your body, into a weapon, and even survive beyond death. If you encounter someday someone with a strong will, you may end up having to fight their soul to definitively kill them. The soul can either be unleashed by killing the being a first time, or the being can choose to unleash it. Just watch out if this happens, because souls are pure will, so if the being unleashing it wants you dead, then the soul will do everything to kill you without a care for what happens to it or around it. A battle against a soul may also be triggered if the being totally loses their mind."

Sweetie turns to Kirby. "Do you think that this is what happened with Drawcia?"

Kirby shrugs. "Poyo."

"What do you mean?" asks Magolor.

"There was that witch named Drawcia that we fought. We seemingly killed her the first time, but then, her body transformed into that... thing."

"Then it's probably that, yes." Magolor then turns back to the screen. "So, as you discovered by then, each of those Matters can be used in a positive way, and a negative way." All the symbols on the screen form a second symbol under them: a black star, a black heart, and a black light. "Because those are all Matters that come from inside us, and thus, are defined by us. Our dreams and nightmares, our love and hate, our will to do good and evil..." He then pushes a button, and the symbols on the screen disappear, and a black ball with a red eye appear in their place. "That's the difference with the Dark Matter. Dark Matter is the energy of the void. It doesn't come from inside us, but from outside. It isn't defined by anything. We just use it. In clear, the Dark Matter is perfectly neutral no matter what. And so, you can use it to do some magic without needing to draw from inside you." Magolor raises a hand, and a purple ball with a black hole in the center appears above it. "The exceptions are the Dark Matters. Because they had bodies made of Dark Matter, they could use it everywhere, even in places that doesn't possess much of it, like this world. And because the Dark God is its creator, the same thing apply to him. Of course, a mage powerful enough would be able to draw Dark Matter from very far for their magic." The ball disappear. "To put it simply, contrary to what you may think, Dark Matter isn't evil, but it isn't good. Like I said, it's simply neutral. So don't fear it. Who knows, maybe one day, it'll become your best weapon."