A Sweetie Dreamland

by Lucar

Chapter 43: I Wanna Play a Game

Discord appears behind Twilight in her chamber, the mare too focused reading a book on her bed to notice him. He stifles a laugh, before taking two cymbals, and smashing them together above her head. The sudden violent noise makes her fly up, right through the ceiling, leaving Discord bending in laughter.


Twilight's head pokes through the hole in the ceiling, and glares at him. "Sometimes, I hate you."

"Oh, excuuuuse me, princess! I just had to do it! You are just so easy to surprise!"

She flies back, clenching her teeth. "Now, I will have to deal with that hole. Thank you Discord."

Discord snaps his fingers, and the hole disappears, before he smiles smugly. "You are welcome."

She sighs. "Are you here just to mess with me, or do you have something to say to me?"

"Yes, I'm here to warn you that Sweetie is on another adventure."

She raises her eyebrows in surprise. "Already? It as been barely a week since the last one."

"You can't choose when the next bad guy will appear. But that's why I wanted to warn you first. As nice as it is to watch Sweetie Belle and her friends dominating monsters that would put the likes of Chrysalis or Nightmare Moon to shame, I know full well that some ponies have better to do."

"You? Taking into consideration what others are doing? Is that really you Discord?"

"Hardy har har. You can thank Fluttershy for this. So, warn your friends, and see if they can all come. But be quick, it has already started. Mini-me told me that they were chasing the bad guy."

"Alright. Give me a minute."

She makes a paper and a feather appear in front of her with her magic, and writes.

Sweetie Belle is on another adventure. Can you come ? If yes, then say 'yes' while holding the letter, and it will teleport you to me.

She then duplicate the letter into five exemplaries, gives them the spell to bring her friend if they say yes, and teleports them. Five seconds later, and Rarity appears, quickly followed by Rainbow Dash and Pinkie Pie. Fluttershy comes next half a minute later, and after another half, Applejack appears too.

"So you could all come? I'm glad." says Twilight.

"I warned Big Mac before coming."

"I was finishing preparing Angel's food."

"I couldn't say no at seeing my little sister again."

"And I couldn't say no to more awesome fights!"

"I can't wait to see what is the new bad guy! Will this be another giant eyeball?"

"Please, Pinkie, no! Not all bad guys are eyeballs!" says Rarity.

Pinkie looks around. "Where is Spike?"

"Probably reading his comic books in his chamber," answers Twilight.

Discord snaps his fingers, and Spikes appears in the middle of the group, reading, indeed, a comic book of the Powerponies.

Feeling that he is not on his bed anymore, he looks up in confusion. "Uh?" He sees everypony united, along with Discord. "More of Sweetie Belle's bizarre adventures?"

"Yup!" answers Pinkie Pie. "Sadly, I don't think we will see her doing 'ora ora'."

"Or 'muda muda'," continues Discord.

"What?" they all say.

"Forget it. Let's just watch what is going on," says Discord with a wave of his paw, before he opens a portal, and makes chairs appear for the ponies.

When the portal appear, they see Sweetie Belle walking alongside Kirby, with a paintbrush floating at her left. They are in a place that seem to come right out of a painting, confusing greatly the ponies. But what is more confusing, is that Kirby is now just a ball without any limbs, and Rarity quickly spots that Sweetie Belle hasn't her horn anymore.

"Alright. What the heck happened?" says Applejack.

"We seem to have missed something important," says Discord.

"You sure missed!" they hear from the portal. At this instant, the mini-Discord appears at the other side of it, looking at them.

"Report, soldier!" shouts Discord.

Before mini-Discord can say anything, they see Sweetie Belle punching a Waddle Dee that has been charging at her. When the Waddle Dee falls KO, he disappears in a puddle of paint, to everyone's surprise, including both Sweetie Belle and Kirby.

"Oh? Enemies are creations of Drawcia here?" She looks at the enemies that follow, and more precisely, at a Waddle Dee at the front, and smirks toward him, making him sweating in panic. "So, that means that I don't have to hold back?"

She swings the paintbrush from her to Waddle Dee, creating a direct rainbow line. She quickly jumps on the line, gliding on it with just her hind hooves, and prepares a punch, enveloping her hoof with energy. As she rapidly approaches the Waddle Dee, the terrified enemy turns around to run away. But too late, and Sweetie Belle is able to hit him on the back. The power of the energy boosted punch added with the momentum of the fast gliding provokes the creation of a small shockwave as the hoof connect with the back of the Waddle Dee, and the poor guy finds himself flying so fast that everyone can barely see him. The flying Waddle Dee hits in the way some of his comrades alongside a few star blocks, before he finally crash into a wall, where he explodes, scattering paint all around the impact area.

The remaining enemies that haven't been hit, a few Waddle Dee and Bronto Burts, look at the remains of the punched Waddle Dee in horror, before turning to look at the filly now smirking toward them.

"Still wanna try your luck?"

Drawcia's minions then take a determined expression and all charge at her at the same time. at this, she huffs, and throws the paintbrush at one of the Bronto Burts, hitting him between the eyes and stunning him, before she bounces at the paintbrush, grabs it, and with a swing, clobber a Waddle Dee about to punch her. She then grabs the stunned Waddle Dee, and use him like a club to hit the other Waddle Dees around her before throwing him at another Bronto Burt. She then sees the first Bronto Burt waking up and she prepares to attack him, but the Bronto Burt finds himself attracted by a vortex, and his life ends in Kirby's stomach. With one quick charge, Kirby then headbutt a Waddle Dee, and bounces on him to hit another Bronto Burt. Using the paintbrush, Sweetie draws a line that Kirby use to go from one Bronto Burt to another, and eliminate them one by one. Sweetie ends the small battle by wrapping her whip around the last Waddle Dee that has remained a little too far, and forces him to come closer, before she uses the paintbrush as a baseball bat and sends the Waddle Dee flying high in the sky, where he collides with a flying platform, leaving a paint stain under it.

"There. If Drawcia saw this, I hope that she now understands that she shouldn't have taken my horn, and that she is doomed. Let's go Kirby."

Kirby looks at Sweetie Belle, sweat visible on his head, before he nods. And so, the two continue, and rapidly pass a door.

Discord waves his paw. "Ouch. she seems pissed. I wouldn't be at the place of her enemies."

"I certainly don't want to take the punch she gave to that Waddle Dee," says Rainbow Dash. "It seemed to hurt a lot."

"Yeah. She could destroy my trees," says Applejack.

"So what happened?" asks Rarity. "Why doesn't she have her horn?"

As they see Sweetie Belle and Kirby fight their way, and even inhale a Waddle Doo to gain an ability, mini-Discord speaks.

"A painting witch appeared and made as if a foal had painted Dreamland. Sweetie Belle and Kirby fought her, but she used this paintbrush to take Kirby's limbs and Sweetie's horn before fleeing. But Sweetie has been able to take the paintbrush from the witch, and now, they are chasing her."

"A magic user that can change the colors of a whole kingdom and remove body parts?" says Twilight. "A cousin of you Discord?"

They see Kirby eating a Wheelie before jumping on Sweetie's back, changing her hooves into wheels, and they both go down a succession of slopes, ramming many enemies in the way.

"Not at all. She had those powers thanks to this paintbrush. Now that she lost it, she may be just as powerful as you when you were a unicorn," answers mini-Discord.

Sweetie Belle and Kirby pass a rainbow framed portal, and they see them appear in a new area that is actually a really weird town where the buildings are made of all shapes and colors. There are even pis in the sky along with floating structures. And the whole place seems really cartoonish, as if it has been drawn by a filly or a colt.

They all look at this town before looking at Discord. "Are you sure that this witch is not your cousin? This town looks like your work," says Applejack.

Discord frowns, and a paper appears in his claw. He looks at it, and says "Nope. No cousin witch." He looks at mini-Discord. "What was her name?"


He looks back at the paper. "Nope. I have a cousin Jevil, but no cousin Drawcia. Gosh, it has been a long time since I saw cousin Jevil. I wonder if he is doing well." He then raises an eyebrow. "Wait. Bill is dead? Bah! I didn't like him!"

The ponies exchange looks, not sure what to think about Discord actually having a family.

Except Pinkie. "You have a family? Could you invite them? We could have a big chaotic party together!"

"It would be best to avoid. Some of them aren't the kind of folks that you want to encounter. Trust me."

Sweetie Belle has seen many weird and incredible things since appearing in Dreamland, and this town easily enters the top 10. Really. It looks like a town that a foal would imagine if a pony asked them what would be a city in the future. She can see that the city is even inside a giant dome with the sky painting in it! She knows because she can see the real sky through holes in the dome. Moreover, this town seems to be full of conduits that Sweetie and Kirby have to use to continue their way at some points.

After taking a door and going through a conduit, they enter a building. The inside of the building is revealed to be full of iron blocs that they can't destroy, and they are forced to take a second conduit that leads them to a series of cannons in a big room with spikes on the ceiling. After the cannons, they reach a room with three conduits, two of them leading to the same empty room. So they take the third, pass a room with some Waddle Dees, take another conduit, and enter a similar room where they have to walk on some blocks to make them disappear and reach the next conduit, Kirby eating a Waddle Doo in the room to take back the Beam ability.

In the next room, they are ambushed by a group of Spear Waddle Dees, the enemies throwing their spears at Sweetie and Kirby from platforms further up. Because she doesn't have her horn anymore, Sweetie Belle can't create shields to protect the two of them, so they are forced to dodge the spears. Sweetie Belle uses the paintbrush to draw two lines, one for Kirby, and one for her, and they use them to rapidly approach the Waddle Dees and attack them, Kirby shooting a whip-like beam that turn around him while Sweetie uses both the paintbrush and her hooves. The enemies are rapidly eliminated, and a cannon appear at the center of the room. Jumping in it, they are propelled up, and reach the top of the building, destroying the iron blocks in the way, and enter the door.

They are now in the sky above the town, in a UFO-like purple structure. From there, they simply have to continue through a succession of conduits linking a few more similar structures of various colors, each with enemies waiting for them, and even with spikes, before reaching a portal.

The area after the portal is not as crazy as the town, consisting of a ravine in a mountainous place with a big red sun setting. The road is rather straightforward there. All they have to do is to follow the path while eliminating all the minions trying to stop them. with the lines of the paintbrush, they easily pass above holes with air currents and reach the door in just one minute.

The area after the door is a little more complex, because there is no actual floor, only platforms above a big gulf with more air currents. Just as they reach the first platforms, they are attacked by a rocket-like enemy. Kirby seems to recognize this enemy because he drops his actual ability before inhaling the rocket. The next instant, Kirby turns into a pink rocket with a star symbol, and flies further in the area, leaving a surprised sweetie Belle behind. She shakes her head to regain her senses, draws a line, and glides beside Kirby.

"You can turn into a rocket?"

Kirby turns back to normal and lands on a platform, before nodding. "Poyo."

Sweetie Belle lands beside him. "You really can turn into anything, uh?"

He laughs at her remark. It seems like it. Kirby then jumps on her back, and she gains a strange feeling in her hooves. With one thought, her hooves then turn into rocket reactors, and she is propulsed up.


This causes Kirby to almost fall from Sweetie's back, and without limbs to help him, he if forced to bit Sweetie's mane to not fall. Just in time, because Sweetie Belle starts to move her hooves to try to gain control of this new ability, and the same ordeal than with the Jet ability happens all over again. Before long, she is able to learn enough to be able to fly without losing control, and a few minutes later, she is able to change direction. Now with her fore hooves at both sides of her body, and her back hooves pointing behind, she flies rapidly around the area and finds the door in record time. The only problem...

She hasn't learned to land.

"Uuuh... How do I land? HOW DO I LAND?! AAAAHHHHH!!!"

When the dust settles, Sweetie Belle has her face half in the floor, and has left a big trail in the earth behind her. Kirby is bouncing a little further.

"Uuuugh... Note to self..." She spits earth. "Learn to land with the rocket hooves... Reminder... learn to land with the Warp Star too..."

Discord explodes in laughter, to the point of toppling his chair. Rainbow Dash and Pinkie Pie are laughing too, but not as much.

"Oh my," says Fluttershy. "I hope that they are alright."

"It seems like she is more annoyed than hurt," replies Spike. "Still. Those rocket hooves were sick! I want the sames!"

"Absolutely no, Spike!" shouts Twilight. "You would crash, and create holes everywhere in the castle!"

He pouts. "After some training, it would be alright."

As awesome as is the Missile ability, Kirby decides to eat a Wheelie in the next area to not risk another accident like this one. Besides, thanks to platforms and bubble blocs forming a path, the Wheel ability is perfect for this part, and they reach a new portal in a few seconds.

The new area is a gloomy one. They are now in a forest made of dead trees, and are not far off a graveyard beside water. Sweetie also spots a really spooky town, and the clouds look like ghosts, with a moon glowing a ghostly yellow. She is not as scared of this area than she would have been at first, but the sinister atmosphere still makes her shiver, and she gets closer to Kirby.

They decide to pass this area as quickly as possible, and so, Sweetie Belle draws a line that they use to climb a small wall. On it, they discover a propeller creating strong air currents, and they use it to reach a floating platform. A second propeller propulse them to a higher platform where Kirby eats a Bobo to gain the Fire ability, better adapted to this area than the Wheel. After two more propellers, they enter a big hollow tree full of small cannons that propulse them at the base. After the tree, thanks to the paintbrush, and the Fire ability that gives Kirby the possibility to charge forward like a comet, they pass above a succession of gulfs before reaching a door.

The door leads them closer to the spooky town, in a maze-like vertical area where they have to go up, passing platforms and using cannons. Some of the passages are blocked by blocks with a lightning symbol on them, making Sweetie suspect that they are only vulnerable to electricity, making her regret her horn. Because of this, they are forced to do a few detours. Because of those blocks, when they find a Sparky in the way, Kirby decides to give up Fire to obtain Spark, and being able to destroy the blocks. That is only to discover that there are no more of those blocs before reaching the door, much to their frustration.

Now they really are in the spooky town, and they quickly reach a fork with three ways once they destroy a few bubble blocs. However, one of the ways is blocked by iron blocs, and another is full of spikes. They decide to take the third path, where there are no mortal dangers, to see if it leads somewhere interesting, and they indeed find a cannon that propulse them through the path with the spikes and through the iron blocs. After crashing against a wall, they follow a path further down, until they reach a section above a gulf with many platforms with cannons on them. Using both the cannons and the paintbrush, they reach the next section where they have to destroy many star blocs and fight a great number of Bronto Burts to reach the portal and exit the area.

And now, they seem to be back to the first area, with the hills.

"I hope we haven't come back at the start of our journey." She swings the paintbrush and create a line that they use to continue. "you know Kirby, I'm surprised that we haven't fought ghosts in this spooky area, not that I'm complaining."

Turns out this path is a succession of platforms above a giant gulf, with some platforms having some green paint hampering them. Thanks to the paintbrush, they have no problems going from platforms to platforms before reaching the door.

The next section is rather familiar for them, consisting of a succession of big platforms and ground parts forming slopes, where they have to go down. Too bad there aren't any Rockys to gain the Stone ability. Unstead, they just use the lines of the paintbrush to rapidly go down, and Sweetie swats away clouds entraving the path. When Bronto burts come in great numbers to try to stop them, Sweetie sends Kirby deal with them with Spark while she continues destroying the clouds, until they enter some room that is a dead end full of floating bombs with a skull drawn on them. Sweetie deals with them easily by sending the paintbrush, making them explode and making a door appear.

In the next section, they end up in front of an unknown static area, and kirby and Sweetie are not sure what it is, or what it causes. Taking a risk, Kirby rolls into the area, only to have nothing happening to him. Seeing this, Sweetie Belle follows him, but when she enters the area, the brush suddenly lose his colors to their surprise. Sweetie quickly makes the paintbrush float out of the area, and the colors return.

"No way. An area that makes you lose your colors? That's possible?"

The paintbrush bounces up and down to nods.

"Well, darn. This may complicate things. It doesn't hurt you, at least?"

It goes left and right.

So the paintbrush returns in the static area, losing its colors again. Sweetie Belle still does a test, and swings the paintbrush, only to not being able to create a line.

"Yep. I will hate those areas."

At this, she exits the area, Kirby having eliminated a few Bouncys that have been waiting. Not long after, they enter a section where big bubbles are floating up. Smiling at this, Kirby enters into one, and starts to float with the bubble, only for the bubble to pop at hitting a big star block blocking the way. Sweetie Belle quickly uses the paintbrush to catch Kirby before he falls in the gulf below. She then sends the paintbrush to destroy the star blocs. The path open, they both enter a bubble, and slowly float up, both of them laughing. Kirby uses the Spark to destroy some more blocks blocking the way before they exit the bubbles to continue.

Sweetie Belle giggles again. "I hope there will be more bubbles."


The fun doesn't last, because they quickly reach another static area along a slope. thankfully, nothing happens while they are in it, and it is rather small, so the paintbrush can float above it without losing its colors. After a section above a gulf full of blocks with enemies, they reach another static area, where Kirby eats a Twister just before. Twisters are top-like yellow-orange enemies with floating round arms that turn around themselves at great speed, granting Kirby the Tornado ability, the same one that one of the Kirbys has used against Dark Meta Knight. With the Tornado, Kirby is able to turn around himself to become a tornado, and to fly erratically for a small period of time. It may be useful in those static areas where they can't use the paintbrush to go in the air.

It's in this area that they find the portal, leading them to a new area full of volcanoes.

Sweetie Belle groans. "Yay... Volcanoes..."

Thankfully, thanks to the paintbrush, they are able to glide/roll above the lava, advancing greatly. The last stretch before the first door is a little harder, because there is lava both above and below, forcing Sweetie to be careful where she draws the line.

The next section after the door is even harder. There are very small space, so she has to go slowly to avoid drawing too high, making her remember those games where you must not touch the edges. Luckily, there are cannons in the way making their path easier. They have to watch out for a moment, when they are forced to remain on a moving platform with green paint, to avoid a Gordo in the way, the green paint making dodging it harder. Sweetie is actually forced to take Kirby out of the way, and gets hit at his place.


"Don't worry. I'm alright. Darn those Gordos."

Jumping from the platform, they have to run to pass a rotating stream of fire in the way, before reaching a series of cannons propulsing them up. From there, they just have to take a small path made of stone blocks, with a bridge made of small stone blocs in the way where they find a Maxi Tomato under it. Not being able to levitate it, she has to jump beside the bridge before taking the tomato. She splits it in half, and gives one to Kirby before eating the other, healing her earlier wound.

Not long after, they pass a door, entering a section where they have to go up. Barely they start climbing that they see below them a sea of lava rising.

As they start running, Sweetie Belle shouts "Again?!"

They climb, they run, they climb, they run, and they barely pay the enemies in the way any mind. Sweetie Belle abuses of the paintbrush to make them go faster, and they are able to remain far enough above the lava despite the many obstacles like a stream of fire. Soon, they reach the portal and enter it before the whole room is filled with lava.

They appear inside a building, the floor, walls, and ceiling all white. They can see a glass-tube above them, the tube going all the way out of the room, above a door. The tube is also linked to a big white board.

"What is this place?"

Before Kirby can answer anything, he is suddenly grabbed by someone really fast, the only warning being the sound of wheels rolling. Sweetie Belle quickly turns around to see that whoever has grabbed Kirby is now jumping and lands beside the start of the tube, where they drop Kirby inside. She is able to identify at this moment who is this guy: round orange body, two round eyes but no mouth, a cap, rollers, a paintbrush. No doubts, she recognizes Paint Roller as he has been described by Dedede. His left hand has also two fingers folded down for some reason, making some kind of sign that Sweetie doesn't recognize. He is probably another creation of Drawcia, the real one being an ally of Dedede and having no reason to attack them.

Paint Roller then takes a canvas and paints a Bomber in it. The Bomber becomes alive and fall in the tube behind Kirby. Paint Roller then paints three other Bombers, all going in the tube. To avoid the Bombers that start walking toward him, Kirby rolls away, only to be stopped by a metallic door above the white board.

Sweetie Belle sends her paintbrush toward Paint Roller, but he bounces away, dodging it, and lands beside the white board.

"Release Kirby!" she screams at him.
"Nope! And you should avoid attacking me!"


"Because I wanna play a game. And you can guess that if you eliminate me, then you will not be able to save your friend."

She grinds her teeth, before looking at Kirby, the puffball watching the Bombers coming closer in panic. She says "Alright, I'm listening."

"Cool! It's actually really easy." He points at the board. "I will paint dots on this board. With your paintbrush, you will have to connect the dots correctly to form a picture. Do it correctly, and it will open the door in the tube, and let your friend escape until the next room. Connect all the dots of all the pictures in all the rooms, and you win! Easy peasy! Of course..." He points at the Bombers. "It's limited in time. So, be quick."

Sweetie Belle smiles. "Connect-the-dots? I like those! Alright, I accept your challenge!"

"Cool! Then, let's start!"

Paint Roller then takes his paintbrush, and rapidly draws a series of dots on the board in a swirl pattern. He moves away, and Sweetie Belle takes his place, quickly connecting the dots to form a swirl. Once all the dots are connected, the door blocking Kirby opens, and they all go to the next room, where Kirby is blocked by another door, with another board. On the board, Paint Roller paints dots in a heart pattern that Sweetie quickly connects, opening the door.

"You weren't kidding, you are good."


In the third room, Paint Roller paints the dots in a zigzag pattern, easily passed. For the fourth, this is a sword. The fifth, some kind of shoe for humans that Sweetie has never seen before. The sixth, a car.

"Wow, this one was actually harder," says Sweetie Belle. "I should ask the real Paint Roller if he will wanna play with me."

The seventh drawing is also a little hard, but Sweetie is able to form an eagle.

"How many pictures remain?"

"I will not say!"

The eighth is easier, the picture forming three spikes. The next one is a little more complex, but the dots are connected to form a Maxi Tomato. For the tenth, she has to think a little for the last dot, but once she recognizes the shape, she forms a parasol. The eleventh is the harder so far, where she has to understand that the four dots in the center aren't to be connected. She loses some time, the Bombers almost reaching Kirby, but in the end, she forms lips.

The next one is thankfully easier, the picture being the one of an open door. but the next one, while not being hard, is rather time consuming, because she has to draw a Gordo, and the next one, a Poppy. The next one is probably the hardest of all. There are so many dots to connect, it takes time for her to understand how to connect them. But rapidly, she recognizes who she is painting, and from there, she has no problems. In the end, she leaves the room with the completed picture of Dedede.

But the next room has a bad surprise. There isn't a board, but Kirby is reaching the end of the tube. However, there is no exit. Instead, there is a big spike at the very end. And no apparent way to get him out of here.

She turns toward Paint Roller. "Hey! What the heck!"

Paint Roller laughs. "Wahahaha! Did you really think that I would let you save him?! You won, so you can go, but you have to say 'bye bye' to your pink friend!"

Sweetie Belles looks at Paint Roller in shock, before her shock turns into anger. She then draws a line going from her to him, before jumping on it. Paint Roller tries to run away, but she throws her paintbrush, hitting him at the back of his head and stunning him on the floor. Before he is able to go back up, Sweetie reaches the end of the line, jumps, and falls back on him with a powerful energy boosted kick on his back, almost making him bend in two despite being a ball. The violence of the attack made him drop his paintbrush and his canvas.

Sweetie looks at the canvas, then at her paintbrush, and gets a wonderful idea, making her laugh sneakily. She takes the canvas with her hooves, goes in front of Paint Roller, and says with the most evil smirk ever "I wanna play a game."

This makes Paint Roller gulp.

Sweetie Belle then use her paintbrush to paint something on the canvas. Eventually, she finishes drawing, and out of the canvas drop a giant bomb a little over the size of Paint Roller, with two parts protruding from it at the sides. However, the bomb is not lighted. Sweetie Belle quickly paints something else, and before long, she has two ropes.

"I don't think I wanna play your game..." says Paint Roller in fear.

But Sweetie Belle doesn't listen to him, and before long, Paint Roller finds himself attached at the bomb, his arms attached to the parts protruding from it with the ropes. Sweetie Belle is now standing beside the end of the wick of the bomb, holding a torch, still with that evil smirk.

"Here are the rules: escape the bomb before it explodes. If you escape, you live. If you don't escape, you die. In both cases, the bomb will destroy the tube and Kirby will be saved." She smiles sweetly at him. "Easy peasy."

She lights the wick, and runs out of the room.

Paint Roller looks at the fire getting closer.


The fire gets closer.

"Drawcia please! Save me!"


"Someone! Anyone! Help!"



Sweetie Belle, hidden in the previous room, hears him screaming, and then...


The whole building shakes, and Sweetie can see the explosion passing the door, while hearing the sound of the glass of the tube being broken. Once everything calms down, Sweetie Belle returns in the room. Judging by the paint spread, Paint Roller hasn't been able to escape in time.

She laughs. "You lost." She then sees Kirby rolling toward her, a little burned, but nothing bad. "Are you alright?"

He nods. "Poyo."

She hugs him. "I'm glad." She releases him, and looks at the portal at the end of the destroyed room. "Let's go."

Kirby looks at her, then at the destroyed room, sweating, and nods.

That filly can really be scary sometimes. Dedede is a REALLY BAD influence on her.

In Twilight's room, silence reigns after what they have witnessed.

"Note to self:" says Discord. "never piss off Sweetie Belle."