A Sweetie Dreamland

by Lucar

Chapter 11: Iceberg

The Warp Star disappears like the previous times, dropping them on the snowy ground. The animals immediately take a formation around Sweetie Belle, Rick before her, Coo flying above, and Kine behind. Sweetie can't help but smile at how protective they have become after her earlier... 'episode'. Kirby is at her right, looking at her.


"I... I will be ok." she tries to assure him. "Thank you all."

Kirby smiles at her, before he does something that she doesn't espect. He jumps on her back. "Poyo!"

This makes Sweetie laugh. "Kirby! You don't need to..." But she is then stopped by another unexperted event. A sudden light appears around her, and her fur turns into white stone! "Wh... WHAAT?!"

Kirby seems to knew it would happens, because he starts to jump happily on her back, shouting "Poyo! Poyo! Poyo!"

However, the animals are clearly surprised, with how they are watching her with mouths wide open, or more open in Kine's case.

Sweetie looks at her stoned hooves in wonder, still being able to move, before looking at Kirby. "Since when...?" Kirby points at the sky. "On the Warp Star?" He nods. "You got, just like that, the idea that I may gain the same ability as Rick, Coo, and Kine if you were riding on my back?"

"Poyo!" He nods again.

She looks back at herself. "But how... I don't even understand how the animals gain this hability, but at least they are from this world, so there may be a link! But I'm not! I'm an alien! I have nothing to do with Popstar! So... HOW?!"

A paw is pressed on her mouth. When she looks, Rick is looking at her, before shaking his head, as if to say "Don't question it, just accept it."

Sweetie deadpans at him, then sighs. "You are right. Let's just say 'it's magic' and be done with it. Actually..." She looks at her horn. "Maybe it's magic!" She groans "Too bad Twilight isn't there, she would have probably been able to find out... after freaking out about it." She looks at herself again. "Well at least it's neat. I wonder now what I may obtain with your other abilities." She then puts a hoof on her mane to feel it, only to hit more stone. "Wow! Even my mane is all rocky, probably my tail too! I wonder if I can eat rock, now."

The animals look at her with a deadpan expression, clearly thinking "Seriously?"

Sweetie sees their look. "What?" This makes Kirby laugh.

Shaking their head, they turn back toward where they want to go, taking back their position around Sweetie Belle. Rick waves for them to move, and the group's journey on Iceberg finally starts.

If only her turning into stone could also protect her from the cold. Hopefully, she will not catch something. She will definitely ask for a scarf!

One of those things flying with a propeller is their first encounter. It starts to charge at them once they approach too much, and Sweetie shoots it before it gets too close, being the only one that is actually able to deal with it without taking its explosion. This is followed by one of those hedgehogs that give the niddle ability. As soon as they get close, it gets on its belly and spreeds its spikes around to protect itself. Sweetie then thinks about testing something, so she passes Rick and stops before the hedgehog. Raising her right hoof, she then punches it, without even being hurt by the spikes, actually sending the hedgehog flying right into the Bouncy behind it. Sweetie looks at her hoof with a big smile. "Yay!"

Rick whistles and waves a paw, feeling for the poor hedgehog that must have a concussion now.

"S-Sweetie Belle?!" suddenly screams a voice from above. When they look up, they see a Waddle Dee on a bridge, shocked. "Sweetie Belle, is that you?"

Sweetie Belle gasps. "Is that you Waddle Dee? Oh my gosh! I'm so happy to see you again! Are you alright?"

"Y-yeah... But... What..."

"I'm glad! Hey! Look!" She waves at her body. "I'm now made of stone! When Kirby rides on me, I can use his abilities! Like Rick, Coo, and Kine!"

"That... That's good... Hum... Imustgothatwasnicetoseeyouagain!" He then runs away, screaming "We are even more doomed! Fly, you fools!" They then see a Sparky jumping from another bridge above, before running away too.

This makes Sweetie pout. "Oh come on! What a drama queen! I wasn't going to punch him too hard! He is my best friend, and we were okay that we would fight as if I was training! Mph!"

The others can only sweat. "P-poyo..."

They don't encounter any enemies for a few seconds, before crossing a lonely Flamer after destroying a few blocs. Before the Flamer can start charging at them, Kirby quickly gives up his rock ability, giving back at Sweetie Belle her normal appearence, before eating him for his fire, thinking that it could be useful in this island. With the fire, not only he gains the hat, but Sweetie's mane and tail catch fire too!

"Wha- WAAAAH!! I'm on fire! Water! Quick! Quick!" She runs around in panic, jumping of the bridge on which they have found the Flamer, tapping the fire on her head to try to stop it, without succes, Kirby clinging to her neck for dear life. But then, she realizes something. The fire doesn't hurt! "Oh right! Fire ability! Kirby is riding me! So I have fire ability too!" She gasps. "Does that mean I can spit fire?!"


"Wait Kirby, I must see!" She takes a big breath, only to spit nothing, to her disappointment. "Aww..." But then, Kirby taps on her head to gain her attention. When she looks at him, he points at her horn. "Wait, my horn? Of course!" She then points her horn before her, and concentrates like she does when she uses her beams. Befole long, a fireball is shooted from her horn! She then screams "This is awesome!"

A sudden chill creeps at the backs of Kirby and the animals, having the feeling that they have unleashed a beast. Does she still need to be protected?

At least she stopped thinking about the giant fish almost eating her.

At the same time, far enough, Waddle Dee spies the group with binoculars. He then says "We are SO doomed... Maybe I should go say to everyone to go hide..."

Broom Sunglasses, also with binoculars, and eating pop corns, then says "No need. Let her have her fun. If what I heard about what she has done in the forest is true, then it should be funny. This filly as great potential! Now just sit down, take some pop corns, and enjoy."

"But..." Waddle Dee starts to say, only to be hit by a broom.

"I said enjoy."

Waddle Dee sighs. At least, I warned everyone around. I hope they will spread the word. He then turns to Broom Sunglasses. "What is it about the forest?"

Broom Sunglasses chuckles. "Ooh boy. What a story."

Sweetie and the others pass under the earlier bridge, approaching a door, only to have a bad surprise in the form of blocks of snow disappearing under them. Coo quicly catches Kine who has almost fallen. Now watching on what they walk, they enter the door to a small tunnel leading to some blocks of ice. Sweetie Belle immediately understand what she must do, and shoots a fireball, melting the blocks and opening the way. Behind them is a small room with another bag.

Opening it, they discover the same blue blob that they have saved in the forest. Like previously, he licks them one by one, ending with Kirby, before jumping away, now spitting fire.


"Wait. Is he copying your ability by licking you, Kirby?"


They get out, and continue, only to encounter nothing for a while, excepted a Propeller that Sweetie beats without problem, and a Shotzo, a living canon that are numerous in Dedede's castle. Sweetie remember thinking they were normal canons, until she saw one of them move alone. Like Gordo, they are invincible, so they have no choice but avoid it. Luckily, the next door is just before it.

Taking it, they reach a new area where they are welcomed by a penguin spitting ice at them. Kirby quickly jumps on Rick so he can spit fire back and cancel the ice until the penguin stops. He then jumps back on Sweetie Belle while Rick punches the penguin. Too bad, she would have loved to see what it would have been with the ice ability. Would her mane and tail become ice and would she be able to shoot ice balls? It would be cool!

The area is full of those penguins, but with Sweetie Belle raining fireballs on them, and avoiding the snow blocks, they have no problems reaching the next door. Guarding it is a Sir Kibble, so Sweetie thinks it's the occasion to see how she is with the cutter ability, but Kirby refuses to eat it, so Sweetie has no choices but to burn it.

The door leads to an area guarded by a big, living grey block with a face and two feet. The block then jumps, trying to crush them under it. They avoid it, and Sweetie shoots fireballs, nobody wanting to try their luck at punching it. The block then charges at her, but thankfully, it's slow, so she doesn't have any problems avoidind it. A few more fireballs, and it stops moving, falling on the ground. This opens the next door.

They end up on a platform, below them being slopes. Just above them, on a block, is a Rocky. Everyone understand what has to happen next. So Kirby gives up the fire and takes the rock before jumping on Rick. Now with the form of a round rock, Rick starts to roll down the slopes, crushing all enemies they encounter, followed by Sweetie Belle and Coo, the last one having Kine in his claws. Many slopes later, they reach the bottom, where there is another door, which they take after Kirby jumps back on the filly, turning her into her rock form.

In the next area, a strong wind pushes them forward, the only one able to resist it being Coo. In the way, they have to jump on blocks to avoid the two chicks and the Cappy that are between them. Sweetie destroys some more blocks, revealing that they are coming close to a hole where they have to jump on a small pillar to pass it. Rick take Kine in his arms, run toward the hole, and is able to jump on the pillar before jumping again, landing at the other side of the hole, some blocks stopping them from being pushed further by the wind. Seeing her turn quickly coming, Sweetie gulps, regretting not having wings like Coo, before jumping. She quickly sees that she has jumped too far, passing above the pillar, but not reaching the other side of the hole.

"Oh no!"

Kirby doesn't lost time, clings himself to Sweetie, and inflates. The two of them starts to float, with Kirby leading them to join Rick and Kine while Coo places himself under Sweetie just in case. They land beside Rick, who takes the trembling filly in his arms while Kirby pats her back.

"Thank you, Kirby." says Sweetie Belle. It's the second close call! The journey is really starting to become dangerous. She has to pay a closer attention to everything, or else... She gulps, trying to regain courage, before saying "L-let's go."

They look at her for a few second, and nod. Rick let her go, before turning and destroying the blocs. They then reach a wall of indestructible blocs, forcing them to jump on them. Still pushed by the wind, they barely have time to jump again to avoid the snow blocs, and the Broom Hatter that is somehow able to walk on them without destroying them. They land on other indestructible blocs, and jump again to avoid more snow blocs with a Kabu on them. The process is repeated another time, this time with an hedgehog.

After that, they finally reach a place where the wind is not as strong, but somehow too strong to let them walk back. They are between floating indestructible blocs before and behind them, with doors on them. They now have to choose. The problem is that the wind stop them from reaching the first door. Coo being the only one able to reach it, he will have to carry everyone one by one.

Not knowing which door to take, and if one of them leads to the Rainbow Drop, they decide to split the group in two. Coo carries Kirby and Kine to the first door, while Sweetie hops on Rick, and the hamster jumps before the second one. After Coo is finished with his task, he comes back to Rick and Sweetie Belle. The idea is that the two smallers groups will enter the two doors, and if one of them is a door without a way back, then the group taking it will wait the other. If the two are doors without way back, then... they will just wait about 10 minutes, then continue the journey in their separate way.

Sweetie's group enter one of those rooms with a bag and a more powerfull enemy. Lucky for her, the enemy here is one that she knows very well: the brown parasol.

The parasol seems to be a different one than the one they have beaten, because it clearly doesn't recognize her. It attacks directly by spinning toward them, only for Sweetie to stop its attack with a beam. Rick quickly gets behind the parasol and takes it in a bear hug, trapping it. Sweetie then charges her horn, and releases a charged beam, more powerful, that the parasol take right in the face. Rick then slams the parasol on the ground, jumps, and fall on it with all his weight, crushing the parasol under his belly, defeating him. Their enemy beaten, Coo take the bag, brings it back to the floor, and opens it.

That blue blob, again! How does he get captured so quickly?

Well, at least, they saved the blob, again. Now they can join Kirby. Coo carries them one by one to the other door, and once done, they enter it, finding Kirby and Kine waiting for them in the other side.

"Poyo?" asks the puffball.

"Nothing. Just that blue blob that we had to save, again."

This disappoints Kirby, because this means they still have to search the place where the Rainbow Drop is. He then jumps back on Sweetie, turning her into stone.

The group united, they resume their journey, where Sweetie discover that they are trapped between two wall of snow. The only way is up, by jumping on ice blocks, snow platforms sticking out of the walls or floating in the air, and ice platforms while avoiding stalactites falling from the ceilings. At the top, they find a door, and a tomato that the whole group rushes to eat!

After the door, they find themselves in a small tunnel, where the only way is blocked by star blocks. Destroying them leads to a way down, and more blocks. After much more blocks, they find a door above ice blocks, and yet the tunnel continue. They explore further, only to find the way blocked by more ice blocks. They will need the fire ability.

Thankfully, the room behind the door has no less than six enemies that they knock out, all of them giving a different ability, among them a Flamer. There is also a Rocky, an hedgehog, a Sir Kibble, a green parasol, and a penguin. At this, Sweetie looks at Kirby with pleading eyes, seeing an opportunity. Kirby understands and sighs, accepting. Beside, he is curious to see too how Sweetie will use his abilities.

Turns out Sweetie has been thinking right about the ice ability. It transforms her mane and tail into ice, and she can shoot ice balls from her horn. She can also skate on the floor, to her joy.

The needle ability gives her spiky fur all over her body except where Kirby is to not hurt him. Enemies trying close quarter combat with her will end up turned into cheese.

As for the parasol, it makes a parasol appears out of her horn, serving as a shield, the downside being that when it's open, she can't see where she goes. She is also able to use it to slow her fall, like Kirby and the Waddle Dees.

And finally, the cutter ability. With it, she can use her tail to send sharp crescent waves behind her. The waves have a boomerang effect, so after flying behind her for a seconde, they turn back and pass her to attack whatever is in their path before her. Thankfully, the waves don't have any effects on her, as she has seen after accidentally getting hit by one.

After testing all those abilities, Kirby finally takes the fire one, and they get back in the tunnel. Sweetie Belle first destroys the ice blocks under the door, only to end up in dead ends. So they take the remaining way, destroying the ice blocks blocking it, until they reach the end of the tunnel, and the door.

The next area in nothing more than a serie of slopes where the stone ability and Rick would have done wonder. Insteed, they pass it the normal way, punching and burning all the enemies they cross, watching out for the Rockys and the stalactites. After the door, they end in a small room with a new enemy and another bag.

"Again?" whines Sweetie Belle. "If it's this blue blob again...!" She then looks at the enemy. "Hum... Hello, mister...?"

"Frosty," answers the bipedal white walrus-like creature. He wears dark blue overalls and light blue shoes. No tusks on him, thankfully. He then turn around and lower himself to do something, exposing his... nacked buttocks...

"I... didn't need to see that..." Sweetie says with round eyes.

Thankfully Frosty turn around, only to throw an ice block at them. Sweetie quickly gets out of her shock and shoots a fireball at the bloch, destroying it, then shoots again at the walrus. He doesn't like that, because he then charges at them, rather slowly. Avoiding him, Coo use his claws to scratch his bald head. Trying to slap the owl, Frosty ends up percuting the wall, and Sweetie takes the occasion to shoot a fireball at his butt, making him jump in pain to the point that his head hits the ceiling. Back on the floor, on his belly, he is vulnerable to Rick, the hamster kicking him in the nose, stunning him even more. He is still able to get up and roar in rage, only to eat a fireball from Sweetie, which finally knock him out as smoke comes out of his mouth.

In the bag is the blue blob...

"Are you sure you don't want to come with us? You wouldn't get captured like that." proposes Sweetie. The blob seems to understand her, because rather than jumping away, he starts to think. After a moment, he finally nods, accepting her proposition.

He then says something. "Gooey!"

"Is that your name?" asks Sweetie, and Gooey nods. He seems to be in many ways like Kirby. Gooey then wraps his tongue around the unconscious Frosty... and eats him! After that, he starts spitting ice !

"So he can really copy abilities ! He is like you Kirby!"

"Poyo?" Kirby raises an eyebrow. He has really though that he was the only one with this ability.

Let's hope that the guys he eats reappear too...

The following area is another tunnel, this time with water. Gooey immediately jumps inside Kine's mouth, the fish almost shocking with how he has been not expecting this. But then he discovers that he can now use ice, surrounding himself of ice crystals. So Gooey can also influence the animals?

Well, anyway, they all jump in the water, Kine using the ice ability to freeze the fish and Glunks that attacks them. Back on the ground, it's Sweetie's turn, using her fire ability to destroy the blocs in the way and burn the frogs behind them. They reach another water point with more frogs and Glunks, all turned into ice cubes by Kine. The fish also use the ice to destroy more blocs in the way, finding a way up to a room where there is a tomato, to everyone's joy. That is, until Gooey wraps his tongue around it and eats it whole. Everyone stares at him for a long moment of silence, before tears starts to fall from Kirby's eyes at having his favorite food stollen from him under his nose.

"Hum... Gooey... In the futur, could you avoid eating the food by yourself unless we tell you you can please? We all wanted a part of that tomato." Sweetie says with sorrow, confirmed by all the animals nodding at him, disappointment in their eyes and Rick patting Kirby in the back.

Gooey sweats before rubbing his tongue against the back of his head, smiling sheepishly. "Googoo..."

The second half of the tunnel being similar to the first half, it doesn't take long for them to find the door. Back outside, Sweetie quickly uses a fireball to eliminate a Propeller, before they jump on a big bridge with a few other smaller bridges above it. They encounter a few Poppys, but Kirby doesn't dare to give up the fire in case there are more ice blocs. Gooey decides to do it instead, giving him the bomb ability, which he uses immediately to eliminate some of the enemies. Sweetie then looks at him with hesitation, before her curiosity win.

"Gooey? Do you want do get on my back please ? I wanna see what the bomb ability gives me."

Gooey looks at Kirby, and the two nods. Kirby hops off of Sweetie, and Gooey jumps at his place. With him on her back, Sweetie tries to test how the bomb ability work with her. She uses her horn, and a bomb materialise before her face before she catches it with her hooves. With a "Eep!", she immediately throws it as far as she can before it explodes. She does another test, this time not wanting the bomb to materialise before her, bur farther, and it does! She looks at one of the bridges above, and is able to materialise another bomb on it! The main dowside is that the bombs are smallers than Kirby's, and are less powerful, but still! She can materialise bombs wherever she wants! And because the bombs fall, she can hit enemies hidden behind obstacles!

"We are so so SO doomed..."

"What? I love fireworks!"

They have to watch out when they reach the next door, because it is on a snow bloc. Sweetie, with Gooey still on her back, his the first to jump and pass it. Rick, is the one following, jumping on a snow bloc a little below before jumping again to pass the door. Coo, with Kine in his claws, and Kirby just fly through it.

In the next area, they are immediately attacked by one of those black hedgehog thing like Kirby and Sweetie Belle have encountered before freeing Rick. The hedgehog jumps and fall back toward them like a meteor, forcing them to disperse. Kirby quickly jump on Rick and the hamster starts to spit fire at him, while Sweetie Belle materialises bombs after bombs. The poor creature doesn't last more than ten seconds against the onslaught, opening the way under some ice platforms.

It becomes rather calm for a moment, not much traps beside a few snow blocks, and some enemies trying to surprise them from behind. But when they pass the next door after beating a Scarfy, they find themselves on snow blocks, Coo warning them of the danger. A quick jump later, and they see that they have done well, because there are spikes under the snow blocks. Not thinking about the barely escaped trap, they start traveling the tunnel in which they have ended up. They go up with a few jumps, they beat a few Sir Kibble embushing them, jump above more snow blocks, and jump again above spikes in the way, Sweetie exploding some Glunks at the same time.

After two rows of spikes, they end up at an edge, with two ways possible. They either go below, or they continue before them where they would have to jump above a few more rows of spikes. They decides to go below, where they have to destroy a few ice blocks, before falling in a water point. Kirby going inside Kine's mouth, they eliminate two frogs and destroy a few star blocks, before revealing a door that only kine can reach, currents stopping the other from swimming toward it.

They all look at each other, questioning if they should take it or try the other way too. Kirby decides to take the risk and sign to Kine to go. They enter the door, only to get out a second later, Kirby smiling at them. Kine approach them, and Kirby sign them to cling to Kine. With the help of the fish, they all enter the door, into a room with ice blocks in a side, and star blocks at the other. They see the walls, and immediately understand where they are.

"It's one of those rooms with a Rainbow Drop!"


With Kirby still inside his mouth, Kine jump on an ice platform, and spit fireballs after fireballs to destroy the ice blocks, revealing a Rainbow Drop! Kirby doesn't wait to take it, everyone jumping in joy.

"This makes four!" screams Sweetie, before turning to the star blocks. "I wonder what there is behind those blocks." She answers her question by using bombs on the blocs, revealing a Gordo on a socle similare to one that had the Rainbow Drop. "Seriously?"

They return where they have had to choose a way, and take the remaining one, avoiding spikes and snow blocks, until they reach what is seemingly a dead end. Gooey then uses his tongue on one of the snow blocks, showing that the rest of the way is hidden below those. After that, it's not long before they reach the door... on more snow blocks. And it's not hard to guess that those ones don't hide some secret way or room.

Like before, the others let Sweetie jumps first with Gooey, showing to the others that there are spikes under the blocks, followed by Kirby, Coo with Kine in his claws, and finally, Rick takes a big risk by jumping through the door.

They appear in a cavern with a high ceiling, facing something that remind Sweetie of what Spike would be if he was obese. The creature is some sort of round bipedal dragon about the size of Dedede. He has light blue scales with a cream belly and teal spikes on his back. The problem? For a dragon, he is adorable! The other problem? He's roaring at them, showing them his fangs.

So, her first adventure, and she ends up fighting a dragon? Hum... Cutie Mark Crusader Dragon Slayer, yay?

Yeah, not sure about that. She has already almost gotten herself eaten by a giant fish, and this oversized lizard has a rather big mouth. Well, if she keep her distance, she wouldn't be eaten, right? Yes! With her bombs, it should be a piece of cake!

That is until the dragon starts to run toward them, mouth wide open, and there is not much space in the tunnel to avoid him. Sweetie starts to panic, until she gets an idea. She materialises a bomb juste before the dragon's mouth. The dragon still running, the bomb ends up inside his mouth, and Sweetie sees that it is gobbled, the bomb ending in his stomach. One second later, they hear a small boom and the dragon's belly briefly inflates. He then stops, smoke getting out of his mouth. Kirby takes the opportunity, gets on Rick, and they attack the dragon with fire.

The dragon quickly replies by spitting ice on the both of them, freezing them. The fire ability gets knocked out, but Kirby is fast enough to get it back before it disappears. They then step back.

So it's an ice dragon? It should have been obvious, with all the ice and snow and cold... This also means we have the right ability, with the fire.

Sweetie quickly gets around the dragon, going at the opposite side of the tunnel. Coo dives toward him to poke him with his beak before having to fly back because of the dragon's ice breath. Kine jumps before his face and slap him a few times with his tail before retreating too. Having enough, the dragon jump high before falling back, Kine barely escaping being crushed. But somehow, this make stalactites to form in the ceiling before falling. Coo is hit in surprise by one of them, and Gooey takes one too, protecting Sweetie. This gets the bomb knocked out of him, but he quickly uses his tongue to take it back.

Before Sweetie could ask if he is alright, the dragon slams a foot on the floor, making a stalagmite appear before him. With one hit from his tail, he sends it toward the filly, who is hit, the attack violently sending her to the back wall, which gets Gooey a little crushed. Yet again, the bomb ability is knocked out. Lucky for them, the dragon is attacked from behind by Rick breathing fire at his back, which get his attention. The hamster retreats as the dragon breath his ice at him, using his tail as a propeller to move forward, chasing them.

Meanwhile, Gooey yet again gets back the bomb, and Sweetie uses one on the dragon's head. Coo, who has taken Kine in his claws, release the fish above the dragon, Kine headbutting him before jumping away. The dragon roars, then starts to jump all around the tunnel, making raining stalactites. Gooey leaves Sweetie belle to use his more powerful bombs to destroy a few of them, then attacks the dragon with another. Sweetie finds herself having to use her beam, destroying more stalactites to save her friends, even if Kine still gets hit.

The dragon then kicks the floor a dozen time, making a circle of stalagmite to appear around him, before he uses his tail to send them all over the tunnel. Coo save Kine while everyone else his able to jump abole the projectiles. In mid-jump, Sweetie counterattacks with a few beams and Gooey throw another bomb, before Rick takes Kirby and throws him too toward the dragon. Kirby surrounds himself in fire, and rams the dragon on the head like a meteor.

This gets the dragon to finally lose consciousness, falling belly first on the floor, almost crushing Kirby who has to run away. Everyone look at the beast, before approaching him slowly. Kirby pokes him a few times to see if he wakes up, and confirms that they have beaten him by raising his left arm with a big smile. Sweetie sighs in relief.

Wait until she says to Spike that she has beaten a dragon alongside a hamster, an owl, a fish, a blob, and a puffball. Still, that has been a tough fight.

Fourth island done, three to go. Next one: Red Canyon.