A Sweetie Dreamland

by Lucar

Chapter 19: A Celestial Dispute

"And so, I give you this cape, so it can show to everyone your position," says Dedede, putting a cape of the same red as his finery, with the same symbole and the same white rim, on Sweetie's back, wrapping it around her neck alongside her kerchief.

They are in the throne room, Dedede on his throne and Sweetie Belle before him. The room is full of minions watching the event, including Waddle Dee, Broom Sunglasses, Cape Knight, and Knuckle Joe who has tears in his eyes.

Sweetie looks at it, feeling the fabric on her back. "It's nice. It's warm too."

"And it's strong too. It should be able to protect your back a little."

"Not sure it will do much against your hammer or Meta Knight's sword."

"Of course. Nothing is that strong outside of making you a real armor made of the strongest metal, but it would impede you too much. Now, to go with it..." He then places a headband with the same red and yellow zigzag pattern as his cloth on her head.

Sweetie raises an eyebrow. "And now you will give me a hat similar to yours?"

This makes Dedede laugh. "No, let's not go that far! This should be enough! If you want a hat, you will have to find one yourself... Unless you actually want a hat like mine?"

"No thanks."

Dedede nods. "You can give now any order you want to my troops as long as it doesn't go against me and my own orders. Try to give one right now, anything to anyone. Go on."

Sweetie turns around and look at the observers. Her eyes then fall on Broom Sunglasses. She smirks. He sweats.

"So... If I could order Broom Sunglasses here to wear a dress, he would have to?"

"You wouldn't dare!" he shouts.

"After all the times you made fun of me eating too much and risking gaining weight, it's tempting."

Broom Sunglasses remains silent for some seconds, thinking about something before he talks. "So you wanna play like this! Okay then! I'm gonna wear your dress! And you will regret this!" And at this, he exits the room.

Sweetie stares at the exit, and giggles. "I didn't even gave him the order. I was just kidding. Oh well." She then looks at the crowd. "I actually don't know what to order. Mmh..." She points at a random Waddle Dee. "You! I want you to...! To...! To do something!"

The poor Waddle Dee finds himself looking left and right trying to find something to do. But what will he do?! Should he clean the room? Should he bow? Should he fetch some Maxi Tomato pie, which is now known to be her favorite food? So much choice! Oh! He knows! Girls love those things!

"You are the most adorable commander ever!" he shouts.

Silence... He blushes and slowly starts to retreat toward the exit.

"Hum... Thanks..." says Sweetie Belle, her cheeks red.

Dedede guffaws.

"So, what does it feel to be everyone's superior?" asks Waddle Dee at lunch.

"I still have a hard time believing it. And I don't think I will ever get used to this role. I'm not really the kind to give orders, I'm more for asking and saying 'please'."

"And you can continue to ask and say 'please'. This is not because you are our superior that you have to change. It's just than now, if you want us to do something absolutely, like when we are invaded, we will listen to you without hesitation."

"Even if it's a bad order?"

"Well... Yes. But someone can always propose to you to give a better order if we feel like your actual one is a bad idea. I don't like saying this, but once the king has an idea, it's hard to make him change his mind, so nobody really tries to talk to him; but you, I'm sure you would listen. It would be good to name someone as your advisor. Or even two advisors."

"I see..." replies Sweetie Belle, starting to think. "Mmh... I could ask Cape Knight to be my advisor. He is captain of the guard, and so, he has many experience in giving orders, and would know what to do in time of crisis. As for a second advisor... Sorry, but I don't see anyone. Unless you wanna try?"

"Me? No. Definitely no. I don't know anything about giving orders."

"I suppose. But remember that you saved me the first day, stopping Dedede from attacking me. You convinced him to give me a chance, and to let me live in the castle. You don't know how to give orders, but you can help me taking decisions. And..." She hugs him. "I trust you. I don't need another reason."

He blushes. "May... Maybe... I could give it a try..."

"Hellooooo everybody!" suddenly shouts a high pitched voice from the entrance. Sweetie Belle, and everyone else, turn toward it to see a Broom Hatter. Only, he is wearing a pink dress full of frufrus, pink high heels, and a wig of long blond hair. There is lipstick where his mouth should be if he had one, and too many makeup on his face. The sunglasses are a giveaway of who he really is. Sweetie's jaw drops. "How is everyone going today?" he continues in that false girl voice. He then takes a pink fan and flaps it at his head. "I'm Princess Sunglasses! Nice meeting all of you my beauties!"

"W...Wh... What the heck..." murmurs Sweetie Belle.

"Oh my star!" suddenly exclaims the false princess at seeing her. "What an adorable little pony I am seeing here! Oh look at you, you are SO adorable that I just have to hug you!" He tends his arms toward her. "Come here cutie. I will smooch those adorable little cheeks, and then I will do some brushy brushy to your mane."

"Uh... No thanks."

"I insist! Come here!"

"No thanks..."

"I insist!"

"No thanks!"

"Then... Here I come!" he shouts, running in her direction.

"Eep! Nope!" She jumps over the table, knocking down her plate, and runs toward the end of the room, followed by 'Princess Sunglasses' doing kiss noises.

"Don't be scared! I just want some girl time with you! I will hug you, and pet you, and brush you, and dress you in cute little cloth! And then I will tickle that little tummy of yours, so I can listen to your irresistible little laught!"

"Nope! I don't wanna!" Sweetie shouts just as she exits the room by the opposite door. "Help! I need an adult!"

"But I am an adult! Come here, you little ball of cuteness!" shouts 'Princess Sunglasses' as she exits the room after the filly.

Everyone in the room is silent as they continue to hear the filly and her pursuer shout more in the hallway until they can't hear them anymore.

And the whole room explodes in a roar of laughter.

After the "Princess Sunglasses Incident", the rest of the day has continued as planned. The banquet has come around dinner time, and Sweetie has gotten her two promised Maxi Tomato pies, and she has promised herself after that to avoid them like the plague afterwards, unless she wants to become a literal 'ball of cuteness', and go to sleep with the great mother of all stomach aches each times. Those things aren't made for mortals.

The following week is one novelty and event after another. Rather than facing Waddle Dees, and all kind of other 'small' opponents to train herself in fighting, Dedede is now sending his stronger troops, composed of Bonkers, some beetles-like beings named Bugzzys, big lions with fiery manes named Fire Lions, Mr Frostys, Poppy Bros. Sr, or even some giant living alarm clocks named Mr Tick-Tocks. This sure make the trainings more intense!

With those more intense trainings comes her finally starting to learn more spells to fight, using Kirby's abilities as inspiration, starting with the fireballs, then ice balls, and from there, various utilisations of the fire and ice elements, and by extension, water.

Then, one of the fortresses has been assaulted by a famous group of mouse thieves stealing some great treasures, and she has been sent to see if she can do anything. Sadly, the thieves have escaped above an airship, and they have disappeared as quickly as they have appeared, and she couldn't do anything to help tracking them. She has only gotten the name of the group of thieves, and their leader: the Squeak Squad, and Daroach. Wherever they are, one day, she will find them, and beat them, and take back the treasures. They aren't famous for nothing, it is far from being their first larceny.

Dedede has defied Kirby in another Gourmet Race, only to lose again. He has been training hard, but the puffball has only become more skilled after the first time, and it has been yet again another close call. Seems like it will become something like a monthly event, much to Sweetie's joy. Those races are just so fun to watch!

No news about the Meta Knights. They seem to have disappeared after their defeat, because all their bases have been abandoned. Sweetie wants to hope that this is good news, but with Meta Knight, this can mean anything. Maybe right now, they are building a flying fortress that would pass the Halberd for a toy ship.

And then comes the most weird day so far: the day where the sun and the moon have started to fight.

"What the heck?" shouts Sweetie, seeing through a window the moon pushing away the sun, turning the day to night in a few seconds. Then the sun comes back, and the two start to turn around, bumping each other for at least one minute, before the sun is able to push away the moon, turning the night back into day. Only for the moon to come back, starting the fight again. "Am I dreaming?"

"Nope," answers Broom Sunglasses at her right. "This is not a dream. The sun and the moon are fighting."

"How is this possible? Are the ones controlling them having a dispute?"

"Controlling? Nobody controls them."

"I don't understand! The sun and the moon are best friends! Why do they fight?" shouts Waddle Dee at her left.

"Wait... Are you saying that the sun and the moon are actually ALIVE?!" yells the filly.

"Oh right. You said that in your world, your princesses move them, right?" says Waddle Dee.

"Yes! They are just... a rock and a ball of fire in the sky that the princesses move to make the day and the night! They aren't alive!"

"Well, here they are." says Broom Sunglasses. "Don't ask why. They are just alive."
Sweetie stays silent at this, mouth wide open. After a whole minute of day and night alternating, she shakes her head. "Right... It's Dreamland. It's crazy." She then walks toward the exit of the room where they are. "I'm going out."

"Why?" asks Waddle Dee.

"I don't know why the sun and the moon started fighting, but I know that Kirby will want to stop it. And this means another potential adventure where I can help him. So I'm gonna find him, hoping he hasn't already started."

Riding on a Bronto Burt, asking him to help her finding Kirby, it's not long before she finds him among other inhabitants of Dreamlands, watching the two celestial beings fighting. So he is just staying here? Doesn't he know how to stop them?
Duh! Of course he wouldn't! It's not like he knows everything! But maybe he could have just go up on his Warp Star to ask them to stop fighting. Would they even listen to him? Probably not. But now what?

That's when she sees some round pink being with just a face and two feets wearing shoes, a red bow under his mouth, and a jester hat half blue half red, coming behind Kirby while hoping one foot at a time on a ball. She recognizes him as Marx, a friendly but somewhat crazy guy that likes to mess around, doing more or less annoying pranks and other tricks. She remembers again the day he inhaled some helium to talk in a squeaky voice like her, making her laugh.

As Sweetie approaches with the Bronto Burt, Marx shouts "Hey, hey, hey," attracting the attention of Kirby and the others around him. Sweetie then lands beside them as he continue. "Can you make peace between the sun and the moon?" he asks.

"How?" asks Sweetie. "Would they listen to him?"

"No," answers the jester. "You need to ask the giant comet Nova for help!"

This makes some of the inhabitants gasp. "Who?" asks Sweetie.

"Nova. He is so powerful that he can stop the sun and the moon from fighting. But first, there's something we must do. To ask Nova, we must gather power from all the stars around us." He then looks at Kirby. "It will be difficult, Kirby, but you can do it!"

"But how do we gather that power?"

"With the Fountains of Dreams! Starting with the one from Popstar!"

"So there are more... Which means that we have to go to actual other worlds?" She turns to Kirby. "We can do it, Kirby?"

"Poyo!" he confirms with a nod.

"We... We are going to explore more worlds... Wow! I... Oh my gosh! I wonder how are the other worlds! This will be so awesome!"

Kirby laughs at her excitation.

"We are counting on you," then says Marx. "Good luck!"

"Thank you Marx! We are going to stop this fight! Don't worry! Let's go Kirby!"


A Warp Star then comes, and Kirby and Sweetie Belle jump on it, starting their way to the Fountain of Dream of Popstar.

They reach the fountain a few minutes later, still as beautiful as ever. The Warp Star drops them not far of it, and they approach.

"So, how do we do?"

Kirby rubs his chin, thinking of how they can make the fountain give them that power they need to call Nova. Finally, thinking about how the fountain works with dreams, he closes his eyes and dreams of the fountain giving them what they want.

Suddenly, a big column of light appears on the fountain, and the next instant, Kirby can feel this power entering him. He immediately releases it, under the form of another, slightly bigger Warp Star. He jumps on it, and he signs Sweetie Belle to come.

"That's wonderful, Kirby!" she shouts, jumping on the star.

With the both of them on it, the Warp Star start to go up in the sky. They soon pass the atmosphere, and continue to go up, into space. Sweetie looks back, seeing the giant star that is Popstar, with his two ring, the sun, and the moon, still fighting around it, becoming smaller and smaller. She then looks around her with a big smile, laughing, not believing what is going on. She is flying in space! She can see the stars all around her, some close, other so far! And they are actually going into other planets!

"This is awesome!"