A Sweetie Dreamland

by Lucar

Chapter 40: The Mirror World

During the party, Sweetie Belle has been able to tell Kirby about her idea with the music notes, and Kirby has accepted to help her the next day. After a good night of rest, she finds Kirby in the way between his house and the castle, and together, they search a Walky.

After a dozen minutes, they find one at the edge of a forest, the walking microphone attacking them as they approach, shooting music notes from his mouth with a terrible cacophony. They have no problems avoiding the music notes, and Kirby quickly eats him, gaining the Mike Ability, and earphones as a hat.

Now in possession of the ability, Kirby jumps on Sweetie Belle's back, giving her a look very similar to Vinyl Scratch, with purple sunglasses, a mane that would make Rarity faint, and earphones. Seeing her new mane style, she giggles and starts to mime operating a turntable.

"Hellooooo everypony! This is DJ 5-tar ready to make you headbang!"

She raises her right hoof, look at Kirby on her back who smiles and nods at her as he takes a mike, and a song starts to blast from her horn along with colorful sound waves and music notes in rhythm while Kirby shouts in his mike.

"Woooooh!!! I love this ability! Da! Da! Dadada! Dadadadadadada!"

Not far in the sky, hidden behind a cloud, the mini Discord shouts "Heck yeah!" while headbanging. He is also holding a camera, recording the whole thing.

In the Carousel Boutique, Rarity is busy completing a dress for a customer. She is so focused in her task, that she doesn't see Discord appearing behind her.

"Rarityyy!" he singsongs.

She groans in annoyance before turning around to look at him. "Hello Discord. What do you want?"

"To show you this!" He then shows her the camera that he has just received from his mini him.

A few seconds later, Rarity's scream and Discord's laughter could be heard far outside of the boutique.

After her successful sound test, now having an idea of how to at least shoot music notes and sound waves from her horn (the music will be for another time), she thanks Kirby and says goodbye to him before returning to the castle where she starts her training to master this new move. However, a few days later, she can't help but think that she could do more than simply shoot music notes and sound waves from her horn while singing.

What if... she puts some energy in her singing...

She will have to test this later, but now, she is really curious to see what is in this ruined structure she has discovered on the other side of Popstar. Ready to go exploring it, she still asks before that Bandana Dee if he wants to accompany her, which he accepts, excited at the idea of exploring another ruin and maybe discovering a treasure. So the two of them jumped on a Warp Star and flies around Popstar, joining the other side where Sweetie leads them to the area where she has seen this structure.

It doesn't take long before they find it, and they land crash at the entrance.

Bandana Dee groans on the floor. "When will you learn to land with that thing?"

"Soon, I hope..." answers Sweetie Belle.

Once the two of them are up, they approach the big double doors made of metal leading to the inside of the structure, in the mountain, with four stars engraved both at the left and right. Twelve more stars are engraved on the doors, four of them being shooting stars. Seeing that they have no handles, they try to push them open, without success.

"Urg... Don't tell me we will already be stuck outside," says Waddle Dee.

"I'm sure there is a way to open them. If not, we can always try something else to enter. Like blasting them."

"Blasting metal doors will not be easy. Let me think." At this, he places himself against the wall at the left of the door, trying to think of how to open the doors. However, to his surprise, he actually presses one of the stars, and a sound, like an organ, plays from it. "Woah!" he shouts in surprise, bouncing away from the wall.

"Oooohhh!" Sweetie Belle immediately go press one of the stars at the right of the door, producing another sound, different from the first one. "A puzzle!" She presses the three other stars, producing more sounds. "I know! This one is a G, then we have a A, B, and C! The one that you pressed is a F, and the three last ones must be a lower C, D, and E!" At this, she frowns. "Do we have to play a song with those stars? This will be impossible to find the right one!"

"So we would need a music sheet?" asks Bandana Dee. He then points at the door. "Maybe it has something to do with the stars on the door? Don't you think that they are placed like notes?"

She looks at the stars, and smiles. "Hey! You are right! This is probably what we must play! The shooting stars probably mean that we must continue to press the stars to extend the corresponding notes. And it looks easy. Let's see... C C D_____ C D E_________ C C D_____ C D E_________"

"You are right, that's easy! I just need to press those three stars like you said!" And so, following Sweetie Belle's instructions, Bandana Dee presses the stars, and after playing the twelve notes, the doors opens. At this, they do a hoof/fist bump in victory, only for Bandana Dee to suddenly scream at seeing arrows coming at them from inside the ruins. Sweetie Belle rapidly creates a shield to stop them, saving the both of them.

"Okay..." says the filly. "Puzzles: check. Traps: check. We will have to be carreful once inside."

He nods, wiping some sweat on his forehead, before putting his spear in front of him, ready to use it to block any new projectiles.

Inside the ruin, they are quickly stopped by a sea of spikes on the floor, with the only way to continue a serie of platforms. However, above each platforms, there are giant axes swinging like pendulums, forcing them to time their jumps to not be cut in half. At the end of the sea of spikes, Sweetie Belle almost gets crushed by a pillar suddenly slamming on the floor in front of her. More pillars follow this one, with a few spears coming out of the walls and almost impaling them.

After the pillars and the spears, they see more pillars in the middle of the hallway, those one spinning on themselves while expelling real walls of fire at opposite directions. More fire are expulsed from the walls of the hallway at various height, slowing them down. Halfway through the pillars, lightning shot from the ceiling are added to the obstacles, forcing Sweetie to create another shield above them to not be shocked.

Barely they pass amm that, that they are now attacked by lasers shot from cannons in the walls! They quickly run through this section, jumping and changing direction erratically to avoid them. Halfway through it, many grids of lasers appear, and they have to jump in the holes between the lasers while still avoiding the cannons.

They pass a double door, and rapidly close it, almost out of breath.

"Having this much traps shouldn't be allowed!" complains Bandana Dee.


They become as still as statues, and slowly turn around to see what has caused those stomps, gulping. Here is a robot, about the size of the Heavy Lobster, with a simple round white body, two legs and two arms each ending with claws, and a single pink eye at the center, a black star painted around it.

Sweetie Belle sweats. "Guardian of the treasure: check."

"I should have said no..."

The robot opens its claws, revealing holes from where it expulses fire. Sweetie Belle and Waddle Dee run in opposite directions to escape it. The filly is the first to attack, shooting beams at the robot, but barely doing any damages. The robot turns toward her, and energy starts to gather in its eye. After a few seconds, a big, purple laser beam is shot from it at her. She stops running suddenly, and the laser hit just in front of her. She counterattacks by shooting lightning, which seems to be effective. Bandana Dee suddenly jumps from behind the robot and lands on it, spear raised. He then jumps again to fall in front of it, and pierces the eye. He quickly jumps away, leaving a hole.

"Now, Sweetie Belle! The eye!"


As Bandana Dee distracts the robot who tries to crush him under its claws, Sweetie Belle charges both magic and energy into a giant beam, and shoots it at the eye of the robot, totally piercing it from the front to the back, leaving a giant hole. the robot stops moving, and electricity courses it, before it explodes, throwing Bandana Dee to a wall.

Sweetie Belle joins him to see if he is alright as he slides down the wall. Once on the floor, he groans and says "I hope that this treasure is worth it."

"After all those traps and that robot? Whatever is in those ruins MUST be worth all that."

After resting a little, they continue their exploration of the ruins. Thankfully, there is not much to explore, because they discover that the next hallway contains the treasure at the end on a pedestal. However, they will have to pass a big hole just before that.

At seeing the chest, full of joy at reaching their goal, they start running toward it, only to stop after a few steps when they hear something land and roll behind them. Looking back, they see a giant round boulder rapidly rolling toward them, threatening to crush them. Screaming in panic, they run as fast as they can, and after a few seconds, are about to reach the hole, too big to be jumped above. Instead, Sweetie takes her whip, wraps it around a beam under the ceiling, grabs Bandana Dee, and swings above the hole just as the boulder fall. They land just in front of the chest. Now safe, they take their breath.

"I'm never exploring ruins ever again!" shouts Bandana Dee.

Sweetie Belle giggles. "Oh come on, Bandana Dee. This is not any more dangerous than our adventures!"

"We almost got ourselves killed at least twenty times since entering those ruins. I don't remember this happening before."

"That's true. But if one day, we find ourself invading the fortress of an evil overlord, it could be worse."

"Right... At least, we have the treasure."

"Oh yes! Let's open it!"

They approach the chest, that is almost their size, blue with golden rims, and a round ruby.


"Drat! It's locked!" shouts Bandana Dee, kicking the chest.
"Awww... And we don't have the key." She glares at the chest. "Let's bring it to the castle! We will find a way to open it!"

Bandana Dee looks back at the way they have come from, gulping. "Does this means we have to go all the way back, passing all those traps, with it?"

She sighs. "Seems like it... Come on, I will lift it with my magic."

"So this is why you look like you have gone through a war zone?" asks Dedede in the throne room.

They both nod, not able to speak because of their mouth being full of well earned and much needed cake. Sweetie Belle quickly swallow before speaking. "So, do you know how to open this chest?"

Dedede takes his hammer, says "Of course I do!" and violently hits the chest with it, only for the hammer to bounce. He raises an eyebrow in confusion. "What?" He hits the chest again, with the same result. After a few more hits, he tries to force the chest to open with his hands, jumps and hits the chest with his hammer as he falls, takes it and slams it on the floor a few times, bites it, hits it again, inhales it and spits it, throws a Gordo, only to fail each time. "What is the problem with this chest?!"

Bandana Dee raises his arm. "Maybe we can pick the lock."

Dedede looks at him, and after a few seconds, facepalms. "Why didn't I think of it?"

"Because you prefer doing the brutal way?" proposes Sweetie Belle. She lowers her head to avoid the hammer thrown at her. "See?"

Dedede huffs. "Whatever."

At this moment, something breaks through one of the windows, quickly identified to be Meta Knight.

"Dedede! Where is Sweetie Belle?" He then spots the chest, and seems to frown. "And where did you get that chest?!"

"We got it from a ruin on the other side of Popstar," answers Sweetie Belle, letting the knight know that she is here.

Meta Knight groans. "Whatever you think, never open this chest! It contains something that must be kept trapped inside! Just hide it somewhere where nobody will find it!"

Bandana Dee facepalms. "Aww really?! All those traps, and we get a cursed treasure?!"

Before Sweetie Belle can say anything, she is grabbed by Meta Knight who puts her on his shoulder. "Wha- Hey!"

"No time!" He turns to Dedede. "Hide the chest! Don't open it!" At this, he flies out the window.

Bandana Dee and Dedede looks at the knight flying away with Sweetie Belle, then look at each other.

"Did Sweetie Belle just got kidnapped?" asks Bandana Dee.

"Naw... Knowing Meta Knight, there must be a good reason for him to take her. Besides, isn't it the dream of any girls to be taken out of a castle on the shoulder of a knight?"

"It looked more like a dark knight kidnapping the princess to lock her." He then looks at the chest. "So, what should we do about it?"

"If Meta Knight says that whatever is in this chest must not get out, they we will do as he told us: hide it."

"What's going on?!" shouts Sweetie Belle. "You know I can fly, right?!"

"I'm faster! The Kirbys are probably still fighting him right now, but they may need your help to beat him! I'm certain they can win by themselves, but I prefer to assure the victory by bringing you! I know very well how you form a good team together."

"What? The Kirbys? They?! Him?!"

"My evil counterpart from the mirror world. He is... extremely powerful. He easily beat me and trapped me. It's only a few minutes ago that I have been able to escape thanks to the Kirbys. And yes, the Kirbys. Somehow, when my counterpart attacked Kirby, he split him into four Kirbys, and they were joined by the mirror Kirby. Now the five of them are fighting my counterpart, but I could see that the fight was still hard for them. My counterpart possesses some abilities that I don't."

"You couldn't help them?"

"I'm still feeling too weak from my fight against him. I would have been a burden."

Not long after, they reach the mirror in the sky leading to the mirror world. It is a giant oval-shaped mirror in a golden frame with four stars at the corners, a crown at the top, and angel wings at both sides.

Sweetie finds it absolutely majestic.

They traverse it.

The mirror world is so alien, and yet so familiar. Sweetie Belle can recognize from the sky many landmarks, but they look different. Being in the sky, they are actually above a cloudy area, where Meta Knight leads them through a few mirror doors until they reach a beautiful section with yellow clouds, structures that seem to be made of crystals, including a big one simply constituted of a wall in a circle all around them, with windows and stars. On top of one of the structures in the center of the circle formed by the wall, is another mirror similar to the one they have taken to come in this world, with many other, smaller mirror doors around it. Without losing time, Meta Knight passes through it.

She notes to herself to visit the mirror world one day.

The other side of this mirror seems to come from Tartarus. She recognizes the wall from earlier, however, it is now half destroyed, without any stars to be seen, and there are no clouds anymore. Instead, all she can see is a dark, purple, swirly sky that gives Sweetie Belle goosebumps as they land on a platform where Meta Knight drops her before pointing down with his sword. Just at this instant, she remarks that she can hear a battle happening below them, and sees an electric ball flying toward the sky, followed by the area flashing a few times as she hears explosions, before she recognizes the distinct sound of a tornado.

Looking down, she can see five Kirbys, a familiar pink one using the Sword, a yellow one that use Bomb, a red one that use the Hammer, a Green one that use the Tornado ability -it's the first time that she sees it, but she recognizes it by the tornado-like hat on his head like described by the minions after the Nightmare Incident-, and a dark grey one using the Spark, fighting a dark grey version of Meta Knight, with black bats wing, red armored shoes, a scar-like scratch at the left side of the mask going through the eye, and a silver colored sword similar to the one of Meta Knight with a sapphire in its hilt. Also, the masks as a thinner and more angled slit, making him look angry.

Dark Meta Knight -she will call him that- spins around himself, creating many tornadoes around him. The Kirbys pass between them, and Green starts to spin around himself to become a tornado, and flies toward the dark knight, only for him to jump to dodge. In the air, he parries Pink before kicking him to send him away, only to be hit by the hammer of Red in the back, making him crash into the ground. Despite this, he creates a mirror to deflect a bomb sent by Yellow, before creating more mirrors from where he summons swords to stab Black, Pink, and Green.

"So, an evil counterpart that also possesses the Mirror ability?" asks Sweetie Belle.

"And rustless, without honor, brutal... He is everything that I am not, making him extremely dangerous."

She frowns. "The Kirbys seem to have the upperhand, but you are right, this could get ugly. I'm going!" At this, she jumps from the platform, a hoof enveloped in energy. Dark Meta Knight isn't waiting for something like that to happen, so she is able to take him by surprise just as he flies and prepares his sword to summon more tornadoes, and her hoof connect with the top of her head. They both fall to the floor, creating a small crater with Sweetie Belle pressing against him. She quickly jumps away as Dark Meta Knight swings his sword at her, and she lands among the Kirbys, smiling at them.

"Need a hoof?"

Twilight, her friends, Spike, Apple Bloom, and Scootaloo suddenly find themselves teleported in an empty room of the castle that is turned into a theater. Before they can express their confusion, Discord appears in front of them.

"No time to explain! It's already started! We are missing it!"

At this, he opens the portal, showing Sweetie Belle and... five Kirbys? Battling a darker version of Meta Knight. It opens just as bombs are raining from the sky thanks to Sweetie Belle having the yellow Kirby who possesses the Bomb ability on her back. However, the knight skillfully runs between the explosions, before sending a shockwave at her, that she blocks with a shield, while the black Kirby approaches him from behind and electrifies him before being slashed. Meta Knight then jumps high to avoid both the hammer from the red Kirby, and the tornado from the Green Kirby, only to be slammed by a shield from Sweetie Belle. Back on the floor, he is received by the pink Kirby that slashes him a few times before he is able to parry and counter him.

All of this happens in the space of a few seconds.

"Woah nelly!" shouts Applejack.

Meta Knight suddenly disappears in a mirror that splits into three shards, each with a Meta Knight inside. The three mirror shards then start to fly around erratically. One of them is hit by a beam from Sweetie Belle, only for the mirror to break into smaller shards that home in on her, but the shards are stopped by the red Kirby destroying them with his hammer. The two last Meta Knights then flies out of the last two mirrors, one of them diving toward black Kirby, and the other one diving toward the pink one. Black Kirby shoots a ball of electricity toward the Meta Knight charging at him, only for the Meta Knight to break into mirror shards that cut him. Meanwhile, pink Kirby has parred the one charging at him, and green Kirby takes the occasion to sweep him with his tornado, before he is crushed under the red's hammer. Red Kirby jumps away to let place to the green one coming back, but Meta Knight then starts to spin on himself, becoming a slashing tornado that counter green Kirby's tornado in a violent clash. He is then rammed by Sweetie Belle inside a shield, and a bomb from the yellow Kirby send him flying high in the air, where he uses his wings to stabilise himself before he raises his sword, creating mirrors on the ground from where he summons giant swords, doing it three times, each time the swords appearing at different places.

"That's so intense!" shouts Spike and Scootaloo, shaking in excitements.

"Too intense!" squeaks Fluttershy, hidding her eyes behind her hooves.

After finish summoning the giant swords, Meta Knight then starts to fly around while sending dozens of shockwaves from his sword, making them rain on the Kirbys and Sweetie Belle. He stops advancing to dodge another electric ball from the black Kirby, but finds his left foot wrapped in Sweetie's whip, before being slammed on the floor, where red Kirby crushes him again. Meta Knight jumps away from red Kirby, only to land beside a bomb, courtesy from yellow Kirby. The explosion sends him toward Sweetie Belle, who punches him violently to send him toward pink Kirby who slashes him.

"Yeah, that's intense. But I'm confused," says Rainbow Dash. "Why are there five Kirbys? And why is Meta Knight black and looking all evil?"

"Maybe he is possessed by a Dark Matter?" proposes Twilight.

Rainbow Dash looks at her in confusion. "I thought that they were all exterminated after Zero Two's defeat."

"Maybe there are some survivors."

"No, this has nothing to do with the Dark Matters," says Discord. He then looks at a letter. "If what the mini me says is right, then they are actually fighting an evil mirror counterpart of Meta Knight."

Twilight gasps. "A mirror counterpart? As in, from a mirror world?"

"Exactly. Right now, Sweetie is in a mirror version of Dreamland. As for why there are five Kirbys, I'm not sure. There is something about Kirby being attacked by this dark knight, only to be split into four version of himself. The fifth Kirby is the mirror version."

That's when they suddenly hear Sweetie Belle who starts singing.

"Ah ahahah aaah
Ah ahahah aaah!"

And she shoots music notes and sound waves from her horn toward Meta Knight, the soundwaves ramming him while the music notes explode in contact.

At this, they all raise an eyebrow. "Sweetie Belle has turned singing into a weapon?" asks Apple Bloom.

"What? Rarity hasn't shown you?" asks Discord.

"Shown us what?" asks Spike.

Despite Rarity groaning, Discord answers. "You are lucky that I have a photo." He snaps his fingers, and a photo appears in his claw. He then shows it to the others, letting everypony see Sweetie Belle's look, or rather, DJ 5-tar. "With the help of Kirby and one of his abilities, she became like that."

"That's Sweetie Belle?!" asks both Apple Bloom and Scootaloo in wonder.

"She looks so cool!" says Spike.

"I think that I still have the recording somewhere. It would be perfect for a sweet rave party."

"Now I want to see this!" shouts Rainbow Dash.

"Me too! Me too! I will give it to Vinyl, and she will use it for my next party! This will be Sweetie Belle's first hit!" says Pinkie Pie.

Rarity only sighs while shaking her head. There is nothing she can do, even if it hurts to see Sweetie Belle with... this mane style.

They then hear a big explosion, and see the Meta Knight being propulsed toward Sweetie Belle who has now the green Kirby on her back, causing her mane and tail to become like tornadoes. She then summons a tornado from her horn, and the Meta Knight is propulsed in the sky, where he is hit at many reprises by red Kirby spinning on himself with the hammer while he is slashed by shockwaves sent by the pink Kirby, and electricity throws by the black one. Flying away from the assault, the Meta Knight summons more giant swords all over the area despite being clearly weakened.

And then...


He is cut by the real Meta Knight in the blink of an eye, stopping him right away. Cracks then start to spread all over the dark counterpart's body...

"Ugh... How... could I lose?"



And more...


And more...

"I will not die..."

And more!

"I will not die!"

And more!

"I will not-"

And he finally splits into countless mirror shards.

The original Meta Knight looks at the falling shards. "Did he just said 'master'?" That's when the area starts shaking, and flashing, to everyone's surprise. "I have a bad feeling..."

Suddenly, a black hole opens in the middle of the area, between the Kirbys and Sweetie Belle, and sucks all of them inside without leaving them any chance to escape and making the ponies panic. Seeing this, Meta Knight flies beside the black hole and throws his sword in it just before it disappears.

"Whatever you will fight now, this is the best I can do to help. Good luck."

Sweetie Belle lands with the Kirbys in an unknown area, the sky looking like a maelstrom disappearing in a giant black hole. They then see Meta Knight's sword fall in front of them, and Pink immediately takes it, replacing his sword with it while his green hat disappears. Just in time, because they can see some giant shadowed figure slowly floating down from the black hole in the sky.

The figure reveals himself to be a being wearing some hideous mask with four long yellow horns. The mouth of the mask is open, showing the being's pink face, with glowing yellow eyes, and two fangs protruding from his mouth. His body is enveloped in a dark blue cloak, and with his arms crossed, they can't see much. All they can see are his arms, metal-like with big spikes, and ending in hands with sharp nails. There are also two mirrors floating around him.

"I must say that I wasn't expecting my underling to be beaten. Congratulation."

"Who are you?" asks Sweetie Belle.

"Call me Dark Mind." At this, he smiles, and spreads his arms, revealing that his body looks like a big red-orange orb with a black eye with orange lines going to the red pupil. This surprises everyone excepted black Kirby, recognizing this orb. "Once I am done with all of you, I will be the supreme ruler of the two worlds! And, I will be your end!"

At this instant, he shoots a wave of star-shaped colored projectiles very similar to Nightmare's that Sweetie blocks with her shield. Dark Mind then teleports behind them, and opens his cloak again to shoot more stars. Using Meta Knight's sword, Pink is able to cut through the stars and attack the orb, causing Dark Mind to float back in suffering before teleporting. Once he reappears, everyone attacks him simultaneously with all they have, the mirrors deflecting some of the attacks. Quickly, he swats Pink, Red, and Green before shooting stars at Yellow, Black, and Sweetie Belle, the filly using another shield to protect all three of them while Black sends another electrik ball at the orb, forcing Dark Mind to disappear.

"At least, he doesn't spam teleport like Marx," comments Sweetie Belle.

When Dark Mind reappears to throw more stars, she then shoots at the orb a charged beam that she has been preparing while Pink stabs him with the sword. Surprisingly, cracks then appear on his body, and he breaks into mirror shards like Dark Meta Knight. Once the shards disappear, they are transported to some ruins, with a switch in front of them, a door behind it.

They all raise an eyebrow at this. "What? Already? This can't be over like that!"

Pink looks at the other Kirby. "Poyo?"

Red shrugs. "Poyo."

Yellow shakes his head. "Poyo poyo poyo."

Green puts an arm under his mouth and starts to ponder. "Poyo?"

Black then shows the door. "Poyo! Poyo poyo! Poyo!"

They all nod. "Poyo!"

At this, they activate the switch, opening the door, and pass it, leaving a confused Sweetie Belle behind. "Erh... Poyo?"

It doesn't take long to reach a mirror door, finding in the way a Maxi Tomato to heal all their wounds, having to pass a door that close after a few seconds to find it. Passing the mirror door, they end in a new area with the maelstrom sky, only this time, the floor is the one from the ruins, and there are platforms. They spot Dark Mind floating down, ready to restart their fight.

He teleports around a few times before surprising them by swinging the mirrors around, using them to ram all of them, knocking all the abilities from the Kirbys, including Meta Knight's sword. Green is the one catching the sword, while red recuperates the Spark, and Pink gets the Hammer. The Bomb and the Tornado are however lost, Dark Mind destroying them with a swat of his hand, leaving Yellow and Black without abilities. Following that, Dark Mind teleports around again a few more times before shooting his stars. Black inhale a red one, gaining Fire, while Yellow inhale a blue one, gaining Ice. Green cuts some of the stars before stabbing the orb, Red and Sweetie attacking too both with electricity.

After teleporting a few more times, Dark Mind does again the trick with the mirrors, but seeing this coming, they all run away, and Sweetie shoots a beam, successfully hitting the orb. When he reappears after a few teleportations, he is attacked by Pink on the head, and he decides to teleport away before attacking by shooting more stars. With the sword, Green opens the charges by cutting the stars, and all together, they attack the orb, which eventually shatters Dark Mind. With a flash, they are now transported to a cavern.

Sweetie Belle sighs. "How many times will we have to do this?"

"Poyo?" says Yellow.

"Poyo poyo?" says Green.

"Poyo poyo poyo?" says Pink.

"Well, no matter how many times we will have to fight him, we will beat him."

What follows is that they have to choose between four path, each starting with a star bloc and each going down in water. Separating, Black is the lucky one finding a Maxi Tomato, while Red and Yellow find cherries. Back together, they use the Maxi Tomato to heal before continuing, passing a Gordo, getting out of the water, and finding another mirror door.

Like the previous time, they are now in an area with the maelstrom sky, this one having the floor of the cavern, with some ponds. When Dark Mind appear, they can see that he starts to become irritated. Without losing time, Red throws an electric ball, but Dark Mind places a mirror in the way. The mirror is destroyed, and the shards then home in on Red, who is saved by Green deflecting them with the sword. To his surprise however, Dark Mind teleport in front of him, grabs him, and shoots a few stars at him, knocking away the sword. Yellow catches the sword and uses it to stab Dark Mind and force him to release Green. Dark Mind then turns toward Yellow and slaps him before teleporting around, shooting stars everywhere, too fast to be attacked. Green inhales a green stars to gain an ability, and ends up having Cutter.

Once he stops teleporting beside Yellow, about to grab him, Sweetie attacks him with a few beams. Dark Mind sees however the beams coming and places the mirrors in front of them, stopping three beams while he is hit by the others, and is also stabbed by Yellow. The mirrors are shattered, and the shards now charges toward the filly. Grinding her teeth, Sweetie creates a shield to stop the shards, but not just a simple shield, a mirror shield, deflecting the shards. However, Dark Mind teleports before being hit by the shards.

Dark Mind now looks toward Sweetie Belle, seeing that she has now two mirror shields floating around her. He can't help but chuckle at this. "Trying to imitate me?"

She smirks. "Why not?"

The mirrors reform around him, and he immediately uses one to ram Yellow about to stab him from behind, knocking away the sword. He still gets cut by Green's cutters. Red catches the sword just as Dark Mind teleports beside him, about
to ram him with another mirror, only for Red to be wrapped and sent away by Sweetie's whip. All the other Kirbys, excepted Yellow, take the occasion to attack him, and his body shatters for the third time. They are then transported to an icy mountain beside a tower. It doesn't take them long to find the door behind a door, however, they decide to explore the area to see if there is nothing. And effectively, they find a Maxi Tomato. Now fully healed, and Yellow now possessing the Sword Ability, they take the mirror door.

Back under the maelstrom sky, the area now just possesses an icy floor, making walking around rather difficult, the ice making them slip. Then, Dark Mind floats down above them, clearly angry, and promptly drops some weird blue ball before trying to ram them with his mirrors, forcing them to step back. The blue ball then starts to float, and explode in a giant explosion that hit all of them, propelling them in all directions and knocking out all the abilities. Green is able to inhale back the Cutter, while Black catches Meta Knight's sword. But all the other abilities are lost because of Dark Mind teleporting around at great speed, dropping another blue ball between two teleportations while shooting many stars. Seeing the ball, Sweetie quickly attacks it with her own projectiles, promptly destroying it, to Dark Mind's annoyance. Meanwhile, Pink, Yellow, and Red have inhaled some of the stars, gaining respectively Spark, Parasol, and Ice. Red now having Ice, he stops slipping on the icy floor, and is able to reach Dark Mind to attack him. Dark Mind then shatters, only to reappear behind Red, expelling him with a big punch and knocking away the Ice.

He turns toward Black just as he sends a shockwave from the sword. He places a mirror in the way, and like the previous times, it is shattered, and the shards charges at Black. sweetie however places one of her mirror shields in front of Black and reflects the shards back to Dark Mind, who placed his second mirror in the way of the shards to reflect them in the direction of Sweetie Belle before teleporting. He appears behind the filly just as she reflects the shard again, and rams her with his mirror. He teleports again in the way and punches her, sending her flying toward Black, who is able to catch her, sliding back a long way on the ice.

Pink throws an electric ball from behind, and the shock opens Dark Mind to Yellow's parasol and Green's cutters. He tries to punch Yellow, but the puffball is able to dodge by closing the parasol and dropping at the last second. Meanwhile, Black is joined by Red. They both nod, and Red inhale Black before spitting him toward Dark Mind, Black readying the sword. Dark Mind sees him coming and sends a mirror to ram him. Black cuts it in two, then slashes the orb, forcing Dark Mind to teleport. Black then turns toward Pink and raises the sword. Pink approaches and electrify the sword, covering it in electricity. Sword still raised, Black turns toward where Dark Mind has teleported -beside Red and Sweetie, attacking the both of them-, and swings down the sword, sending a sharp electric shockwave. Meanwhile, Sweetie is able to ram Dark Mind's head with one of her shields before she escaped with Red on her back. At this instant, the shockwave comes from behind and cuts him with great effects.

With this attack, Dark Mind's body starts exploding and glowing white, and the area disappears into light. When the light disappears, Sweetie and the Kirbys can see that they have been transported to yet another area, on a long, but thin platform floating in the sky. They now seem to be inside a swirling storm, because they are surrounded by red clouds rapidly flying around them, even above and below. The red remind both Sweetie and the Kirbys, excepted Black, of the planet-sized cloud of darkness in which they have fought Zero Two.

Speaking of Zero, they spot Dark Mind, still alive, floating not far of the platform. However, he is now nothing more than the red orb with the black eye, the eye actually closed. The orb then pulses once, two, three times, before it grows until it becomes as big as Zero himself, and the eye opens.

Two mirrors appears around him, and he starts moving them in an erratic figure-eight pattern all over the platform, and because of how thin it is, dodging them is almost impossible. Black kirby is still able to cut one, which seems to hurt Dark Mind, surprisingly, only for the mirror to turn into four familiar cutter-like blades that almost cut Black. He is saved by Sweetie Belle placing a mirror shield between him and the blades, remembering that the mirrors where turning into homing shards previously. Thanks to the mirror, the shards are deflected toward Dark Mind, but they do nothing to him, Dark Mind closing his eye at the last second to protect himself.

The mirror reforms, and Dark Mind shoots a laser at it. The mirror deflects the laser at the other, which deflects it toward Black Kirby, only for Sweetie's mirror to deflect the laser too. She then uses her second mirror shield to deflect the laser back at Dark Mind, hitting the eye. She then looks at Black, and they both nod. Black then jumps on her back, and Sweetie Belle transforms.

Her mane and tail become yellow and all spiky, a yellow aura appears around her, and she gains wings with yellow sharp feathers.

She smirks. "Showtime."

She flies up, face to face with Dark Mind, and sends some of her yellow feathers toward him. Again, he closes his eye, but Sweetie takes the occasion to charge at one of the mirrors, which she cuts with her wing while Black sends a shockwave to destroy the other. Now without mirror, Dark Mind flies away and opens his eye, shooting at her a giant laser that she dodges with an aileron roll. He doesn't stop, and shoots more giant lasers, the filly flying left and right to dodge them as she charges toward him. His lasers not working, Dark Mind sends his now reformed mirrors away and shoots a smaller laser at one of it. The laser is deflected toward the second mirror, and the two mirrors then start playing pong with it, forcing Sweetie to keep an eye on it. Before long, the laser is deflected toward her, and she dodges it, only for it to be deflected again a few times before it comes back. This time, she deflects it, Dark Mind deflects it back, and now, the two of them are playing a dangerous tennis match. To add difficulty, Dark Mind shoots a second laser.

Having enough, Black sends another shockwave toward the eye. Of course, Dark Mind closes it, but thanks to this, he is not able to deflect the lasers, and they disappear in the storm around them. At this moment, as Dark Mind open his eye, he receives an electric ball, followed by a few cutters. The responsibles are Pink and Green, both respectively on Red and Yellow's back, the two last Kirbys inflated to fly. Pink waves happily at sweetie Belle.

She waves back, then cuts a mirror about to ram her with her wings before flying away to avoid the blades it produces. The other mirror rams Pink and Red, but thankfully, they are able to remain in the air. In retaliation, Sweetie Belle shoots a beam at the eye and is able to hit, before she has to dodge a big laser. Dark Mind then creates from his mirrors clones of various flying enemies, forcing the Kirby to attack them. With them busy to eliminate his minions, dark Mind flies toward them, the mirrors turning in circle before him, trying to ram them. He is taken in surprise by Sweetie rapidly passing just in front of him, her wing slashing both his eye and the mirrors, stopping him in his course, before he receives sharp feathers in his eye.

Then, he does something unsettling : he spins everything upside down including them, somehow, totally screwing up their balance and visual perception. Using this, Dark Mind is able to hit all of them with his mirrors, before shooting another big laser toward Sweetie Belle. However, she is still able to dodge the laser simply by letting herself drop. At this moment, the world goes back to normal, and after a few seconds, they are all able to regain their senses, and Black sends another shockwave at the eye.

More lasers are shot from Dark Mind toward sweetie and Black, and she counterattacks by shooting her own beams at him, the mirrors deflecting some of them. The Kirbys are able to approach them, and using a cutter blade like a sword, Green destroys one while Pink destroys the other simply by punching it. They are cut by the blades, but at least, they have hurt Dark Mind, and stopped the mirrors from deflecting Sweetie's beams. Seeing the way open, Sweetie Belle charges toward the eye, dodges another laser, and cross-slashes it. Black then jumps from her back and gives it a vertical slash before using it to bounce back and land on her before she loses the ability.

With this last slash, Dark Mind suddenly stops and close his eye, before he pulses. With each pulse, he becomes smaller and smaller, until he returns to his original size. The whole storm then become unstable, they see the platform start to crumble, and Dark Mind flies away.

Sweetie Belle frowns. "You will not escape!" She turns to the other Kirbys. "We are going! Try to catch up as soon as possible!"

They nod. "Poyo!"

She nods back, and flies after Dark Mind, out of the storm, in the sky above the mirror world. When he sees her flying after him, Dark Mind starts shooting his star-shaped projectiles by dozens. She dodges them as much as she can, helped by Black cutting some of them, and shoots beams at him in return. He starts flying left and right in an erratic pattern, trying to dodge her beams while his projectiles become more hard to anticipate. He even charges at her more than once when she expects it the less! Generally, when this happens, she counters it with a slash from her wings.

Soon, his body starts exploding, and yet, he continues, still hoping to escape. At this moment, Sweetie Belle and Black are joined by the four other Kirbys on their Warp Stars, and when Dark Mind tries again to charge at her, they charge at him in return, stopping him.

Seeing that Dark Mind is stubborn and refuses to die, Sweetie Belle places both her fore hooves at her right side, and starts to charge a huge quantity of energy along with magic, forming a growing energy ball glowing yellow. She puts in as much as she can, and thanks to the ability given by Meta Knight's sword, it's a lot! After a whole minute of charging it, the Kirbys protecting her, she waits for Dark Mind to charge at her again.

"Let him come!"

Once he is close enough, she rapidly puts her hooves in front of her and throws a beam of energy bigger than Dark Mind's current form, totally enveloping him inside it. The power of the beam pushes Dark Mind back, and little by little, his body gets disintegrated, until he fully disappears. The beam itself rapidly disappears in the sky, leaving for a few seconds a sparkling star.

Seeing their enemy dead, Sweetie Belle takes a huge breath, then looks at the Kirbys, smiling at them. "We won."

They all raise one of their arms and shout "Poyo!" in return.

At this, she sees a Warp Star coming at her left, and Black jumps on it. As Sweetie Belle returns to normal, she quickly create a shield under her to continue to fly, and when her own Warp Star joins her, alongside Meta Knight, she jumps on it. Once Meta Knight is close enough, Black gave him back his sword, and Meta Knight nods at him in thanks. Black then waves at them as they approach the mirror leading back to Dreamland.

"Already?" says Sweetie Belle. "That was nice to fight alongside you. We form a good team. I won't mind coming back to this world every now and then to explore it, and then, I will visit you."

"Black nods and smiles at her. "Poyo!"

The four other Kirbys wave goodbye at him, and Black flies away, probably to rest after this adventure. Sweetie sure won't mind some rest after all she has gone through today. Exploring a trapped ruin, fighting a robot, fighting an evil mirror counterpart of Meta Knight, and then, fighting the mirror version of Zero and maybe even Nightmare. That is a lot!

One by one, the Kirbys pass the mirror, and she follows them, Meta Knight coming last. Back in the sky of Dreamland, she then watches as whatever Dark Meta Knight has done to Kirby seems to wear off, because the four Kirbys suddenly fuse back together.

That's funny, Dark Meta Knight has attacked Kirby thinking to stop him before he becomes a nuisance, but somehow, his attack hasn't killed Kirby, and has actually split him into four, which has caused their doom both at him and his master. As to why his attack has caused this, maybe this has something to do with Kirby being the incarnation of the three Great Forces.

Meta Knight nods at them, and flies away. Sweetie decides to do the same. She says goodbye to Kirby, and flies toward the castle, wanting to go to bed as soon as possible.

The end appears in the portal, and Discord starts clapping.

"You know," he says to the ponies. "When she comes back to Equestria, you will be out of your job as heroes."

"We can always work alongside her," replies Pinkie.

"I'm not so sure," says Rainbow. She waves at the portal. "By the time she comes back to Equestria, she will be able to beat any bad guys in ten seconds flat! They appear, she comes, she punches them in the face, done!"

Discord laughs. "Then I can't wait for her to come back! Things will become more interesting! And she will be such a good inspiration to the youths! Just, look!" He points at Spike, Scootaloo, and Apple Bloom, the young ones mimicking the giant beam.

"One day, I will throw giant beams like her!" shouts Spike.

"Me too!" reply the fillies.

"If Sweetie can, then me too!" continues Scootaloo.

"Oh, Celestia..." say some of the ponies.