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To learn from the past to make the future, to see mistakes and remedy them, it is our duty to eternally improve upon our past.

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Life is strange. Sometimes, it;s even weird. But if you were Twilight Sparkle, life is very strange indeed. But not too strange. Nothing really outlandish, other than Pinkie, but she was unique.

She has a dream about a cloud that wants to know more about life.

So she explains.

After all, it's just a dream.


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'Life must endure. No matter the cost' Such is the mission of The Facility. Forever keeping the seeds of life tucked safely away, forever preserved.

So the creators thought. But sometimes, the worst happens.

Faced with the failure of its purpose, the automated systems find themselves without guidance. Everything is dead, and the Gates have not found the answer. Their purpose will fail, and nothing they can do will stop or slow it.

And the last chance in an AI. A true AI. One that thinks on its own. One that chooses not by program, but by soul. Broken from its hibernation, allowed control, the automation gives the last hope of life to it.

The AI is the only thing that might be able to save the cause. The last thing that can save the last seeds of life. It can find a path where others would not.

But will the path chosen be reflective of the mission? Or perhaps it will work to escape a dying facility, and use everything it has to break free.

One last, desperate chance. A gamble on an AI that was once called, 'insane'. The seeds of life are in danger, everything is in jeopardy.

Can anything be done? Can Twilight save a dying facility? Or will the AI use her to escape, and leave them all to die?

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This story is a sequel to Mourning

Changing old habits is hard. Changing yourself is even harder. Controlling those urges that you never once controlled is near impossible.

But perhaps trying to change a life that has lasted centuries is the hardest. A life of anger and paranoia and never once giving a single thought to anything else. Even after the greatest of revelation, changing the habits of a century is near impossible.

But it might just be Chrysalis' last chance. Can she change, can she truly depart from her old life and ways and try to find something new?

Or is she doomed to repeat the mistakes of the past?

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Chrysalis is angry. Enraged at the ponies for somehow overcoming her in her hour of victory. She is hurt badly, but alive.

But as time passes, her mind begins changing. She starts thinking, and gains a new perspective on herself, her actions, her life, and her swarm.

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Two weeks ago, Sweetie Belle and Diamond Tiara vanished without explanation. They left behind a town filed with concerned, distraught ponies, searching for them. But nopony could find them.

Rarity has many, many reasons to be upset. The final fate of her little sister is unknown, their last moments together... harsh and angry. She can barely move herself to live anymore.

Until one filly knocks on her door. A filly that she knows Sweetie was near before she disappeared. A filly who knows the true story of what happened two weeks ago.

Sweetie told her to go back, and tell Rarity everything.

The fire blazed, and all that's left is the ashes. It's time to bring what's hiding in the darkness into the light, and put the nightmare to rest.

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sequel to: Second Chances and the Cost of Life

Twilight lived and died a hero. Her body reanimate by Death itself to act as its reaper. But Death cannot grant life, and she fell in a way worse than before. She became a monster, but was stopped by her own friends.

She slept once again, but Death needs her. So it makes deals, stretches the rules, just to get her to live once again. But living again is difficult, particularly when Light itself remakes you.

Twilight has a new life, and a duty that must be done. The only question;

Will she manage to live a new life, instead of her old one? It's going to be hard. Time to see.

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Semi-sequel to The Last Sparkle Before the Night. Reading not required.

Twilight Sparkle died. She died saving everypony from the changelings, slaying each and every one of them with a single spell. The results?

Regrets. Pain, suffering. No chance to say goodbye, no chance for anypony to say sorry. She left behind betrayals not forgiven, and not one pony was left unburdened by her sudden passing.

There is no such thing as a second chance. Unless something special happens.

After all; Death has its servants as well. And with somepony as special as Twilight Sparkle, perhaps it might see its way to asking for her services.

Death pays well, but asks for everything. Can Twilight find her chance, or will she turn into nothing more than a pawn of the end?

has a sequel: Once More, With Feeling

Chapters (4)

People always say that they want one last chance. One more try to do things. Regret is one of the stronger feelings that a pony can suffer. It is a reminder of something that they could have or should have done. Something that chases after them throughout their lives.

Sometimes it is worse. Sometimes, things change suddenly, and leave no time for anypony to do what they want to do. Things happen so fast that actions are left in stone, and nothing can ever change it.

There is no such thing as a second chance. There is only ever the mending, and that is a blessing for the healing it offers. When it is missing, nothing heals. When something is bad enough, some might contemplate simply lying down and never waking again.

Twilight wakes, and something is wrong. What could it be? She can find out.

But will she want to?

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Equestria is drained of magic. Unicorns can barely levitate, pegasi find themselves straining to move clouds and fly. Earth ponies are weak, and their growth is far less than normal. they are all cursed, such that no pony can go near any other pony not of their own kind.

And it is slowly failing. What remains decays, the magic too thin to continue on. Equestria has one last chance to find harmony, or it will die, and the magic will be gone. It will be hard, almost impossible really, a fool's errand if not for the grave importance of the task.

Six mares are the only ones who can help. And they can do it, should they try. there is really only one problem;

Nopony knows about the decay. Nopony chose those mares but destiny. They need to accomplish a task without knowing it, how to do it, or even that it is something that needs to be done. And they must:

Or everypony will find death when the magic finally fades.

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A hag: someone with the power of nature, to use as they see fit. Sacrifice, and deals, power at a price, and more defines them. It is a hard thing to be a hag, and a harder thing to deal with them.

So when one of them, old and only partly wise arrives in a land that has no hags, she is confused. Lost. Upset. She does not know Equestria, and makes assumptions that are not wrong...

But not wrong doesn't mean right. It only means that you might be able to understand how the assumption could be considered correct. So, how will the hag deal with Equestria? A friend? An ally? An enemy? Its doom? Any of the above, willing or unwilling, knowing or not knowing? Everypony has their own opinion. Time to see who is right.

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