A Sweetie Dreamland

by Lucar

Chapter 55: At least you tried, Yin-Yarn

Upon returning in the castle, Dedede takes an important decision: taking Sweetie Belle's words, he stops his personal feud with Kirby and leaves it to Sweetie Belle to one day do what he has been unable to do. Seeing how the filly is still improving, and how her promise has made her very determined, he knows that it is only a question of time before she surpasses him, so he gives her all his trust. They will still be rivals, but in a more friendly way, like the Gourmet Races, or other competitions.

Just after that, he gives a banquet to congratulate everyone, both his army, the mercenaries, and even Kirby, for the good fight they put up. Thanks to his army, he now knows that he CAN win against Kirby if they all work together. Well... It's mainly thanks to Sweetie Belle actually, and a little thanks to Kracko and Kabula, but the filly is the one that has done most of the work with her idea of sending all the big soldiers simultaneously at Kirby, and her fight against him. But he has also wanted to see if he had himself surpassed Kirby in a 1 vs 1 fight, and he thought that he could do it with his new hammer. And yet, Kirby has still won. So in the end, he has decided to consider this adventure a draw. He has won a part, but has lost the other. So this banquet is for all of them.

Just before the banquet, Sweetie Belle visits the same guys that have created Dedede's new hammer to ask them something.

"Can you make me a new weapon too?"

And during the banquet, Dedede proclames something.

"Tomorrow will be a rest day to recover! The next day, we will repair the damages! So, in three days, we will go pass a one week vacation in Dedede resort in the Popopo Islands!"

"We have a resort?" asks Sweetie Belle in wonder.

"Of course! Why wouldn't I have my own little place where I would be pampered?"

"Well, you are already pampered in the castle, so I didn't think that you would need one."

Dedede frowns at her. "Do we have a bubble bath in the castle?"

"Uh... No."

"And masseurs?"


"And a sauna?"

She sighs. "No..."

"And a good tropical air?"

"For that, there is that archipelago not far."

"Yeah, but we don't have tropical air around the castle."


"So you have all your answers."

"Alright, alright."

Dedede turns to Kirby. "If you want, you can come too."

Kirby tilts his head. "Poyo?"

"Yes, you should come Kirby," says Sweetie Belle. "You saved the world and fought powerful enemies again and again. You definitely needs a vacation. I know I need one too, and yet I haven't been with you all the time."

"But you have trained a lot," says Bandana Dee to her. "I think that out of all of us, you are the one that need the most vacation."

"I confirm!" shouts Knuckle Joe.

She giggles. "If you say so..."

"I don't know," she then hears Broom Sunglass say. "Will she not-" He is suddenly crushed, along with his chair, by an ice hammer dropping on him.

"Next time you are about to make a remark about my weight, I will order you to go 100 laps around the castle with a boulder on your back."

So, after a good day of rest, Dedede and Sweetie Belle start to repair the damage done to the castle by the recent events. Not only by the fights of the other day, but also by the Bomber exploding inside the treasure room when the Squeaks have stolen the chest. So Dedede has decided to oversee the reparations and the rearranging of the treasure room while he lets Sweetie Belle do the same to the boxing room that has been greatly damaged by her fight against Kirby, even if the most annoying will be to repair the hole left by Dedede through the ceiling, without forgetting the one causing by Kirby when he has entered the castle with the Dragoon.

However, as Dedede is busy ordering the Waddle Dees around, arranging the treasures and getting rid of the effects of the explosion of the Bomber (not much, thankfully), he notices that one of the Waddle dee look a little... strange. Dedede looks at the Waddle Dee, and upon seeing this, the Waddle Dee looks back at Dedede, sweating and laughing sheepishly, before continuing to do his job. And he remarks soon that more Waddle Dees are like him.


Meanwhile, Sweetie Belle is helping repairing the ring alongside Bandana Dee while the flying servant are repairing the hole. After some time however, as she is busy putting new ropes at the edges of the ring, the previous ones having been destroyed in the heat of the fights, she sees that the Waddle Dees bringing the new materials are now different. She looks astonished as more and more of those different Waddle Dees are entering the room, but she seems to be the only one that has noticed something weird about those Waddle Dees, or the others just don't care.

"Bandana Dee, you see those Waddle Dees?"

Bandana Dee follows her eyes and spots the Waddle Dees in question. "Yes. They look strange."

"Are you kidding me? Of course they look strange. We can see through them."

Some of the Waddle Dees seem to hear her and start to sweat. Yeah, she is right. Their body is flat, and made of yarn, the yarn only forming the outlines, with nothing else forming the rest of the Waddle Dees except the eyes and the pink cheeks, so she can see through them. Actually, she is wrong about the flat part. They seem flat, but they actually possess a depth that she can see when they are in profile, still only able to see the outline, but rather than forming the Waddle Dees' left and right, they now form their front and their back. The closest one quickly decides to speak. "Uh... We are a rare type of Waddle Dees! We were recruited by the king to help in repairing the castle."

She raises an eyebrow. "Waddle Dees made of yarn? I have never seen one until now."

"I... did say that we are rare. Hehehe..."

"And yet, Dedede has been able to find some of you when I have probably explored more of Popstar than him?"

"He knows where to find us."

By now, more and more of those Yarn Waddle Dees are entering the room along with a few other yarn versions of Waddle Doos and Bronto Burts to help in the reparations. When he sees Sweetie Belle look at the Yarn Waddle Doos with a raised eyebrow, the Yarn Waddle Dee sweats even more.

"Uh... They come from the same place as us... There is a whole place in Popstar where everyone is made of yarn..."

Sweetie Belle looks back at him, before smiling. She whispers something to Bandana Dee who go talk to other, normal Waddle Dees, before she jumps down from the ring, giggling.

"Is that so? Yeah, I guess that it's possible for Popstar to have a place like that. After all, that's Popstar, where everything can happen."

"Yeah, exactly," replies the Yarn Waddle Dee with a giggle.

The two giggle as Sweetie Belle approaches the Yarn Waddle Dee, until she is just in front of him. And then, she whispers to him "I don't need to be Apple Bloom or her sister Applejack to know that you are lying."

This stops the Yarn Waddle Dee. "Uh.... What?"

Sweetie Belle then punches him in the face... only for her hoof to pass through him.


"Well... Darn..."

"We are discovered!" shouts another Yarn Waddle Dee.

"We must attack!" shouts a third.

Sweetie Belle then uses her magic to grab the Yarn Waddle Dee she has tried to punch, and throws him at the closest Yarn Waddle Dee running toward her. The two collide, and the yarn making their body separate into colored threads that fall down on the floor.

"Sweet... It's Drawcia all over again. You hear that everyone?! Don't hold back! The castle is invaded by clones of yarn!"

She is answered by the servants and soldiers still in the room all charging and attacking the clones of yarn from behind the stands.

"Watch out!" she continues. "Their bodies are empty! You have to attack their outline made of yarn to defeat them!"

"Yes madam!" shout back the others.

She then shoots a stream of fire from her horn, and sweeps the area in front of her, burning a dozen Yarn Waddle Dees along with two Yarn Waddle Doos and a Yarn Blade Knight that has just entered the room.

"Bandana Dee!"

At her call, Bandana Dee finishes the Yarn Waddle Dee he is fighting by cutting his outline of yarn with the tip of his spear before running toward her. "Yes?"

"Go find Cape Knight and give the alert! We must warn everyone about the clones invading the castle!"

"Alright, but what will you do?"

"I'm gonna find Dedede."

He nods, before going out of the room, cutting a Yarn Broom Hatter in the way. He is quickly followed by Sweetie Belle who trusts the servants to finish the few remaining clones in the room. When she exits, however, she sees Bandana Dee fighting his way through many clones while dozens of servants and soldiers are wrapped in ropes, or yarns, on the floor, captured by the clones, which would explain why normal servants had stopped entering the room. She quickly uses her magic to unwrap them.

"Follow Bandana Dee, fight the clones of yarn, and save all the prisoners that you find!"

"Yes madam!"

Her orders given, she takes the way to the treasure room, fighting the clones and saving the servants and the soldiers who join her or take other ways to cover more ground. Upon reaching the treasure room, she comes just in time to see Dedede, wrapped too, being sucked inside a sock worn around the neck of an unknown being made of yarn.

The being has an orange floating body with red and green yarns forming waves pattern crossing each other, and yellow stripes at the bottom, and a large grin at the top, under a big button from which come black yarns forming a mustache, purple yarns forming his eyes that come out of the body itself, and three more stripes at the top, one yellow and two reds. He also wears a green hat with a yellow band. He doesn't possess legs, and his arms only seem to be a stripe of yarn wrapping around two knitting needles that possess evil faces. The one that he has in his left arm has yellow eyes and a single horn, while the one that is in his right hand has purple eyes and two horns.

Wait! Evil knitting needles! Those are probably the corrupted knitting needles that Adeleine has told her about!

In the room, she also spots a few more Yarn Waddle Dees, and real Waddle Dees wrapped in ropes.

So far, none of them have spotted her, the Waddle Dees looking at their master, and the master being too busy gloating.

"Nyahahahahaa! Dreamland will be mine!...Not sure what I'll do with it, but I'll figure something out."

Is this guy serious?

Ok, so this time, she will be facing an idiot. But this is no reason to underestimate him. He has been able to capture Dedede, he possesses corrupted powerful artefacts, and he can create clones of yarn. If she doesn't watch out, she will be sucked in the sock like Dedede.

So, first of all, take the sock away from him.

As the yarn guy starts to turn the treasures into yarn (Oh, sweet, he can change the world like Drawcia. It's probably thanks to the knitting needles., Sweetie Belle wraps the sock and the thread of yarn holding it around the guy's nech in her magic, and quickly lift it up.

"What?! Hey! Come back here!"

The yarn guy tries to catch the sock, but Sweetie Belle is able to get it away from him before putting it around her neck. Spotting her, the Yarn Waddle Dees get in front of the yarn guy while the real Waddle Dees start to cheer.

"That's Sweetie Belle!"

"She will save us!"

"You!" shouts the yarn guy. "How did you get here? You escaped my minions?"

"No, I haven't escaped them. I eliminated them. I also saved all the servants that were captured, and..." TUUUUUUUUUUUT!!!!!!!! "...your minions are gonna have a bad time. Now, I give them five minutes before none are left in the castle."

"Drat. You got me. Seems like I will have to take this castle the hard way."

"Don't count on it! By the way, who are you?"

"Me? Nyahahahahaa! I'm Yin-Yarn! Remember it, because I will be your master!" He then uses the knitting needles to knit a Yarn Bonkers that quickly joins the Yarn Waddle Dees. "You have no chance against me! I can knit minions faster than you can-"

Sweetie Belle shoots a stream of fire from her horn, burning all the minions of Yin-Yarn and Yin-Yarn himself. Both him and the Bonkers survive, but Sweetie Belle then uses her whip to wrap one of the outlines of the Bonkers before pulling, unraveling him while Yin-Yarn is busy putting out the fire burning him.



She may have actually overestimated this guy...

She wraps her whip around the button that serves as his nose and pulls, sending Yin-Yarn toward her before she punches his button, propulsing him in a pile of treasures.

As she unwraps the Waddle Dee’s prisoner in the room so they can leave, she says "Listen, Yin-Yarn! I can say that you are not a fighter. You are probably led into that whole conquest thing by those corrupted knitting needles. So drop them, and leave this place."

Yin-Yarn crawls out of the pile of treasures before saying "You think that I have being manipulated by those needles? You are wrong. They are a tool, that's all."

"You think that, but is it true?"

"Stop trying to 'save' me. I will show you that I am serious."

As he floats up, the eyes of his needles suddenly glow, and Sweetie Belle finds herself wrapped in light. When the light disappears, Sweetie Belle looks at herself, and sees that her body is now made of yarn, exactly like the clones of yarn.
"What?" she shouts in surprise.

"Nyahahahahaa! Now you are at my mercy!"

"Alright... You turned me into yarn. But what was the point outside of me feeling weird?"

"Uh... Well, aren't you weirded out by this? Aren't you wanting to cry and to plead me to give you back your normal appearance?"

She deadpans at him. "Why would I plead to you when all I have to do is beat you? And frankly, I have seen weirder. Having my horn taken away was far worse. And at least, I still have all my limbs." She looks back at her body. "The only problem is that some of my powers may not work anymore, or not as well, like my metal body."

"Uh... Then how about this?!"

Yin-Yarn starts knitting something green. Soon, that something takes the form of a green dragon, with red wings, yellow horns, yellow marks on his back, and buttons for eyes. The dragon roars, revealing his arrowhead-tipped tongue, only for Sweetie to wrap the tongue with her whip before throwing the dragon at Yin-Yarn, and the both of them crash into a wall, the dragon exploding into threads of yarn.

"Urg... Okay, this hurt..."

She doesn't know if she must pity this guy or not...

She sighs. "You know, seeing how you can create clones and chance the world, I really thought that you would be has hard to fight as Drawcia. Seems like I was wrong. At least, if Drawcia had painted a dragon, he wouldn't have been destroyed in one hit."

Yin-Yarn floats away from the wall. "Wait... You fought Drawcia?"

"Oh? You knew her? Yes, I fought her. She tried to turn Popstar into a giant painting, but I killed her."

"YOU KILLED COUSIN DRAWCIA?!!" she suddenly hear two high pitched voices yell that come from none other than the two knitting needles that are now looking at her with extreme shock.

She looks at them in surprise before smiling. "Well, hello there! You are alive?"

"Arg!" The expressions of shock on their face turn into horror, before they look at each other.

"Brother..." says the one with the yellow eyes.

"Yes brother?"

"We goofed..."

"Yes... We goofed..."

Surprisingly, since the needles have started talking, Yin-Yarn has stopped moving and talking. Wait...

"Are you the real Yin-Yarn? And was this guy just a cover?"

"Arg!" Horror return in their face.

"So I'm right. So, who is Yin, and who is Yarn? Unless you have other names?"

The needles look at each other before Purple Eyes starts speaking. "I'm Yin..."

"And me Yarn..." continues Yellow Eyes.

"But don't expect that you knowing about our real identity will change anything!" they yell at her.

"Of course. This doesn't change the fact that you are screwed," says Sweetie Belle.

"Arg!" Horror expressions, take three.

"Unless you have something better than your dragon?"

At this, the needles look at each other again.

"Do we do it brother?" asks Yin.

"Yes. We do it," says Yarn.

At this, the needles float out of the arms of the fake Yin-Yarn who unravels, revealing a thread of yarn glowing white. The needles then grow, before they start using the glowing yarn to knit something. Soon, they give back form to the fake Yin-Yarn, except that now he possesses a big, round, orange body with his facial features, but more evil looking. He also still has his green hat, bigger, but now, he also possesses two bacl bladed wheels. Once finishing, two threads of red yarns from the fake wrap around Yin and Yarn, taking their place at the left and the right of the fake.

"Now fear the Mega Yin-Yarn!" shout the needles with an evil laugh.

The Mega Yin-Yarn then rises Yarn before bringing him down on Sweetie Belle to crush her, but the filly quickly jumps back, the giant needles instead hitting the ground, making it crack.

"Ouch..." groans Yarn.

The mouth of the Mega Yin-Yarn then opens, shooting missiles at Sweetie Belle. Thankfully, they are rather slow, so Sweetie Belle has no problems avoiding them, running around while she shoots back explosive balls at the tank. Before of the many treasures in the room that form obstacles for her, she eventually decides to jump on a platform to fly around the tank, making dodging his missiles easier. Sometimes, while shooting his missiles, Yin and Yarn knit above the tank smaller missiles that home in at Sweetie Belle, and the filly is forced to destroy them.

By then, the treasure room has turned into a war zone, the explosions from the missiles sending gold and other objects everywhere, some of the objects being sadly destroyed. The floor, the walls, and the ceiling are now full of holes, and the destruction starts to spread to the neighboring rooms. Eventually, more and more of the ceiling starts to fall on them, until the floor can't support it anymore, and Mega Yin-Yarn finds himself falling in the room below, quickly followed by Sweetie Belle on her platform, and so, they continue the fight despite this.

Mega Yin-Yarn suddenly plants the needles in the floor, and uses them as support to lift himself in the air, before he starts turning around shooting a barrage of missiles all around him continuously.

"Stop! You are gonna destroy the castle!" shouts Sweetie Belle.

"We don't care!" reply the needles. "Just die already!"

There are so many missiles that it becomes hard to dodge all of them, and Sweetie is forced to destroy some of them, and she also has a hard time hitting the tank. So instead, she sends a few cutter blades at Yin and Yarn, hoping that one of them would hit their mark. And bingo! One of the cutters successfully cut the red yarn linking Yin to Mega Yin-Yarn. Losing one of his supports, the tank falls on the ground on his back, now only able to shoot missiles going up. Quickly, Sweetie Belle charges toward Yin and takes him away.

"hey! Let me go!"


"Help, brother!"

Sweetie Belle looks at Yin, then at Yarn. "So, what now? You can't knit anything by yourself, and your tank is stuck."

"I can still do this!"

Yarn floats up from the floor and charges at Sweetie Belle, trying to headbutt her. The filly however puts Yin's head in the way.


Sweetie Belle then grips Yarn, and smiles sadistically at him. "Got you."

"D-don't think that we will give up!"

"Oh really?"

Sweetie Belle looks at the two needles before she starts taping them together like drumsticks.

Tap! "Ouch!" Tap! "Ouch!" Tap! "Ouch!" Tap! "Ouch! STOP IT!"

"Do you give up?"

"Yes yes! We give up!"

"Good. Now, you will answer some questions for me. First, what have you done to Dedede?"

Yin is the one answering. "We sent him in Patch Land"

"Patch Land?"

"It's the world that mother created using our powers. A world full of yarns and buttons where we have been living since."

"Living is a big word..." says Yarn. "We have been sealed here for a long time until we were able to escape."

"Okay. Have you sent any other people in Patch Land?"

"The puffball," answers Yin.

"Kirby? You were able to send him? Oh well, I don't have to worry then. I'm sure that one way or another, Kirby will be able to save Dedede and come back there."

"Ah! I'm not so sure about this!" shouts Yarn. "After our escape, we ran havoc in Patch Land, and divided it into seven parts by taking the magic yarns holding it together. We gave seven of the magic yarns to guardians, before coming to Dreamland! When we captured your king, we made him into one of the guardians! Your Kirby will have no chance!"

"News flash, Kirby is stronger than Dedede, who is himself stronger than me."


"Exactly. The instant you sent Kirby to Patch Land, your plan was screwed. If that wasn't me, Kirby would have eventually come back after defeating all your guardians, and would have kicked your bottoms. No, to be more exact, you were screwed the instant you decided to invade Dreamland. At least, you tried."

They both sigh. "We should have stopped at Patch Land..." says Yarn.

She giggles before continuing. "Last question. You guys were corrupted like Drawcia, but who corrupted you? Is it the Dark God, or one of his creations?"

"Oh... You know about the Dark God..." says Yin. "Well... He was calling himself Dark Crafter."

"Dark Crafter... Okay, noted. Thank you. Now..." She jumps from her platform and walk toward the immobile Mega Yin-Yarn. Once beside the tank, she uses the needles to unravel him, leaving only the magic yarn. Upon taking it, everything flash, and once the light disappears, Sweetie Belle is back to normal, as well as everyone else that has been turned into yarn she supposes. Now with the magic yarn floating beside her, and Mega Yin-Yarn's yarn wrapped around the needles, she walks out of what remains of the room they are in. "Let's have some fun!"

When Kirby comes out of the sock, followed by a blue being made of yarn that looks like Kirby with bigger eyes, big eyebrows, and a crown, and Dedede, he is not really surprised that Dreamland hasn't been turned into Yarnland. The moment him and Dedede have returned to normal, he has known that Yin Yarn has been defeated, and he has known that it could only be the work of a certain filly.

Speaking of the filly, she is just in front of them, on an orange swing with Yin-Yarn's head and hat visible above her. She holds in her hooves Yin-Yarn's knitting needles, using them to knit something while she swings back and forth. Judging by the various objects made of yarn around them, from plushies to a rocket passing by a robot and even a clone of yarn of Sweetie Belle swinging at her right, whatever she is knitting can be anything.

Oh, it's a giant sword.

At this moment, Sweetie Belle spots them, and wave at them.

"Hey! Kirby! You finally finished saving Patch Land? As you can see, I saved Dreamland in your absence, and I even made two new friends thanks to who I'm having great fun! Right Yin? Yarn?" She says the last part while smiling at the needles.

"Y-yes!" answers the needle with the purple eyes.

"We are having so much fun!" continues the other.

The two needles are clearly sweating, and they swear that they can see tears at the corner of their eyes.

Both Kirby and Dedede fall on the ground laughing while the blue Kirby-like has his jaw dropping.

"Oh! You have a new friend!" shouts Sweetie Belle. "Hello! My name is Sweetie Belle! I'm Dedede's second in command! Nice to meet you!"