A Sweetie Dreamland

by Lucar

Chapter 34: In the Wild World

The portal opens in a vast jungle, and disappears once everyone has gotten out of it. Sweetie Belle looks around at the new environment, the jungle remembering her of the Everfree Forest, but far less scary. The tree, while tall, are spaced enough to let the light comes, and it's much more colored. Of course, it's a jungle, she knows that there must be many dangers, predators roaming around, toxic plants, maybe even natural traps. At least, she now knows how to defend herself, and she is among powerful fighters, and thanks to the light of the crystal guiding them, they will not get lost. They will just have to avoid suspect plants, and keep an eye on the bushes, weapons always ready. Ribbon still decides to fly closer in the middle of the group, beside Adeleine.

"At least, we are not in a volcano," says Waddle Dee as they start advancing in the direction pointed by Ribbon.

"Don't talk yet. We are starting in a jungle, but something tells me that we will not remain in one too long," replies Dedede.


"I'm not that scared of going in a volcano," says Sweetie Belle. "After exploring that world full of fire and lava, a volcano sounds lame. And as crazy as it is, the world of fire isn't the most dangerous I have explored. The one with a city covering the whole surface, and the one with the wind and the stars were far more perilous, even if the guardian in the last one was weird. That video game thingy was the most weird fight ever."

Adeleine stares at her. "You fought a video game?"

"Yeah... There was those three windows, and that was all like 'The monster appears', 'Sweetie and Kirby attack', 'Sweetie and Kirby deal whatever how many damages'... There was even a window showing the health points, and the fight was by turns, like it was first us, then the monster, then us again, then the monster again... Really, it was like I was in a video game."

Discord snorts, and whispers "Oh, the irony."

"What have you said?" asks Luna.

"Oh, I was just thinking that it could be fun to have a video game in real life. I could arrange that if anypony want to try."

Pinkie raises her hoof, shouting "Me! Mememememe!"

They then hear Ribbon asks "What is the strongest enemy you have ever fought?"

"I would say... Marx? Maybe Zero. Without counting the beings with godlike powers, clearly Meta Knight, with Dedede being a close second, even if he was possessed. Some other powerful enemies that come to mind and that were impressive to fight are Kracko, both Heavy Lobsters -big mecha lobsters-, and a giant in that world full of caves. I could only see his head in the dark, but he was easily over one hundred time my size. Even his eyes were bigger than me."

Everypony looks at the filly in awe. Then, Discord snaps his paw to make a glass of chocolate milk appears, drinks it, and does a spit-take. "She fought what?!"

"A giant over one hundred time her size," says Celestia. "That is certainly an impressive feat."

Luna looks at Celestia and raises an eyebrow. "'Impressive'? You are kidding, right? Winning a fight against a thing this size would be like winning a fight against an Ursa Major. It's a miracle. Only us, among the ponies, are normally powerful enough to win such a fight." She points at the filly walking around a pit full of spikes. "In the space of a few months, this filly has gone from an innocent, harmless child to a warrior that could give even us a hard time in a duel. And if I understand well the chronology that I have been told, that fight dates from a few months ago. She has probably gotten even stronger since then."

Discord raises a finger. "If I can reassure you, she was very certainly with Kirby, and that puffball is no small fry. And when they work together, they are able to accomplish, to repeat your term, miracles. Like winning a fight against a giant over one hundred time their size. Or a mad jester that gained powers about equal to an alicorn. Or even against both you and Celestia together."

The floor under Waddle Dee suddenly breaks apart, revealing a pitfall, thankfully only a few inches deep and without anything armful. They learn however to watch their steps, because the next pitfall may not be as merciful.

After a minute of watching in worry if they fall in any other trap, Luna talk. "Even so, she has still become stronger than the majority of the Royal Guard, maybe even Shining Armor himself. I don't know how this is possible. Is it this universe? Or is she a prodigy? Or something else?"

"Or fate?" proposes Discord. "You ponies love that fate thing, I'm surprised you didn't propose it."

"Fate?" asks Celestia, as she watches the filly obtain a crystal shard in a pitfall between two tree trunks cut. She smiles. "Maybe..."

Passing a legged axe, they enter a small tunnel in a wall leading them in a cliff, high above a part of the jungle but not at the top, just between the two walls of what seems to be a crack. Ribbon finds another shard further down, before she says "The next shard is up. We have to climb."

"Using those vines?" asks Adeleine.

"Or we fly," says Dedede. "But I don't mind climbing."

So Sweetie climbs on Dedede's back, and he jumps, clinging to a vine before he starts climbing it. Adeleine decides instead to paint Kracko again, and jumps on him, using him to fly up while knocking away all the creatures in the way so the others can climb in peace. Every now and then, they reach the top of a vine, and they have to jump on another to go further up, until they reach a hole in the opposite wall, Ribbon pointing at it.

Passing the hole, they can already see another wall with a tunnel in it. The problem? The wall is far away, nothing separating them but some vegetation with vines hanging from it.

They will have to jump from vine to vine to reach the other wall, a missed jump meaning a big fall right to the jungle below.

Kirby is the first one to go, jumping to a vine, then jumping to another. Waddle Dee follows him, and Adeleine simply continues to fly with the painted Kracko. Dedede wait for Sweetie to go on his shoulder again, then takes a big breath, making a vine go toward them. He takes it, steps back a little, and smiles.

He runs... and jumps.


Once everyone has reached the other wall, as Dedede lands, he takes back his breath for a moment, and he guffaws, holding his belly. "I always dreamed of doing that!"

"Darn... I missed an occasion," says Adeleine.

"How could I not think of it?" says Waddle Dee, tears in his eyes.

Kirby looks down in sadness, disappointed too for not having thought of it.

Sweetie jumps from Dedede's shoulder, shaking. "That was scary... But it was so fun! Maybe I should learn to climb ropes so I can do the same?"

Dedede slaps her on the back, knocking her on her belly while still laughing. "I will make sure that one day, you can!"


After fighting a big version of those red reptiles with a white belly and that can breath fire, they reach another cliff at the start of a succession of logs held up by vines, some of them balancing. Thankfully, the logs are big enough so they can walk on them without too much risks of falling, and Adeleine has kept Kracko. However, as Ribbon finds another shard almost hidden by the leaves above them, they discover that there are some logs that fall as they land on them, so they have to hurry on those ones.

Passing another tunnel at the end of the path with the logs, they reach this time a path made of natural pillars, with an Invincibility Candy at the start. A mouth to mouth session later, and they are rushing on the pillars, knocking away blocks and enemies that block their path until the invincibility disappears just before they enter another tunnel.

At the end of a tunnel, they are back in the jungle, only they are now beside a big crack in the ground.

"We have to jump in it," says Ribbon.

Sweetie Belle looks at her, and the crystal, seeing that it is now as big as Kirby. "Is it becoming heavy? It has gotten much bigger thanks to all those shards."

"Don't worry. Like I said, I'm stronger than I look."

"If you say so," say Adeleine. "But remember that if it starts to be heavy, then you can give it to one of us so we can hold it for you."

Ribbon simply nods.

After that, everyone flies down the crack, quickly finding another shard floating in the way, before Ribbon points at another crack in the floor of this place, where they reach a bunch of minecarts, making Sweetie Belle smiles widely. The filly immediately jumps in the minecart at the front, lighting her horn so they can see in the dark, Dedede joining her behind. So Kirby goes in another minecart behind with Waddle Dee, and adeleine and Ribbon go to a third. Sweetie's minecart being the first, she is the first to go, using her magic to push it. When it reaches the start of the slope, the minecart gains speed, making the filly screaming in joy. Waddle and Adeleine have to push their card to start it.

Many creatures have gotten the bad idea to be on the track, and are knocked away by the minecart. Sweetie and Dedede still have to jump above some giant gems or holes, but it doesn't matter much for the laughing filly. In the way, after the railroad splits into two tracks and they have taken the track above, they catch another shard that Dedede firmly grips in his hand so he doesn't accidentally make it fall in the chasm below.

Dedede then says "Oh oh..."


The penguin points in front, showing that the railroad suddenly ends just before another hole.

"Oh horsefeather!"

Using her magic on the wheels, Sweetie Belle tries to make the minecart stop. With the sudden brake, it slows down, creating a high pitched noise while making sparks appear behind, until it finally stops just at the end, the front bumping the curved up rail delimiting it.

They sigh in relief.

Only to be collided from behind, the sudden shock making their card bounces, goes upside down, and falls in the hole. Dedede quickly grab Sweetie Belle before inflating his belly, only for the card to fall on him, deflating him and making them fall all the way until they crash on the floor, the minecart on them. A few seconds later, after groaning, Dedede starts to get up, lifting the minecart on him, only for Kirby and Waddle Dee's minecart to fall on it, making his minecart hit his head and knocking him back on the floor, Sweetie Belle crushed under his belly. It's in the middle of more groaning from Sweetie Belle, Dedede, Kirby, and Waddle Dee that Adeleine and Ribbon come, the fairy carrying the human girl.

As they land beside the two minecarts and the four groaning beings, Adeleine shouts "We are sorry! We couldn't stop the cart!"

"Urg... I should say the same thing... Sorry my king. Sorry Sweetie." says Waddle Dee.

"It's okay Waddle Dee... Dedede, can you get up please? You are crushing me."

"I... I don't... wanna get up... mommy... My head hurts..."


After a few minutes, everyone is back up and back to their senses, Dedede rubbing a big bump on his head. Sweetie lights again her horn and looks around, nothing much to see in the darkness beside some stalagmites and small ponds. They look at Ribbon for a direction, and follow the one that she points, this place having not much obstacles beside a greater quantity of creatures than normal, including those one eyed green blocks from the desert world, those lezard-frog creatures jumping out of holes in a wall to gobble them, Gordos, or even a Shotzos on a star block.

After a small tunnel, the next room reveals to contain a path composed only of rock pillars rising from a chasm, a waterfall falling on all the pillars, with Shotzos and blobs of water with a red core suspending from the ceiling. Normally, jumping from pillar to pillar is nothing new, but between the water slowing them, the blobs of water trying to fall on them to hurt them, and the many Shotzos constantly shooting at them, the difficulty is much higher, and it's only through teamwork, Sweetie, Adeleine on a ninja, and Ribbon shooting the water blobs, Kirby, Dedede, and Waddle Dee using bombs, hammer, and spear to destroy the projectiles of the Shotzos, that they reach the end of this path without being hit.

Another small tunnel, another giant room, only this time, no holes, just a flat floor with stalagmites, a pillar going all the way to the ceiling here and there, and water in some parts lower than the rest. Of course, no obstacles doesn't mean that there is nothing, the various creatures still here to try their luck at stopping them. Actually, after a moment walking in water, they reach a small cliff with a waterfall, revealing that this room is not as flat as they have thought, and there are some small pits, some in the water, others not, some of them with food, others with an enemy.

Another small cliff later, Ribbon suddenly says "Wait!" making everyone stops before she points back at the wall of the cliff they have just jumped. "There is a shard behind that wall!"

"Seems like you are doing well holding the bomb, Kirby," says Dedede.

Kirby nods with a "Poyo," and approaches the wall, placing a pile of bombs in front of it before stepping back. The bombs explode, blowing a big hole in the wall, and revealing the shard. Not long after getting it, they reach a small room where they find themselves face to face with a small army of those water blobs.

Dedede smiles and takes him hammer. "Now they are trying to get us by number? Bring it on!"

However, before they can charge in, Sweetie shoots lightning at the water blobs, the lightning spreading from a blob to another until the whole army is hit, and beaten. As the blobs stop moving and the exit opens, Dedede and the others look at the filly, the penguin crossing his arms in annoyance.

"You could have at least left some for me."

She sticks out her tongue at him. "You will have to be faster." She giggles.

Dedede's frown becomes deeper, before he suddenly starts laughing. "I think I'm rubbing off on you a little too much."

She huffs. "At least, I'm not as hot head as you."


"Never. My friend Scootaloo is already the hot head in my group."

"A group of friend can very well have more than one hot head."

"But then, who will make sure than the hot head doesn't lead us to the hospital with her ideas?"

"After everything you have gone through in the last few months, I'm sure you could handle those ideas."

"You may be right, but I still have to keep a level head to make sure that my friends don't get hurt." She then wraps her cape around her, masking her muzzle and below, and starts talking in a deep voice. "I will be like Meta Knight, strong, but calm, thinking before acting."

"Like Meta Knight, uh? Hopefully, you will not try to conquer Dreamland too."

She smirks. "Well, maybe once I finally surpass you in a duel, I could become queen of Dreamland."

"In your dreams."

"Isn't this universe an universe where dreams can become reality?"

Dedede takes his hammer. "Then you wanna try right now?"

"I would like to, but we have a world to save, remember."

"Are you scared?"

"Not walking in that trap."

He pouts. "You are not funny."

"Sorry. Being fun is not my special talent."

Slap! Slap!

"Alright you two, enough of your bickering. Like said earlier, we have a world to save," says Adeleine, arms crossed, a drawn fan in her right hand, and a penguin and a filly rubbing their head in pain in front of her.

"Sorry..." says Sweetie Belle.

Dedede crosses his arms, grumbling "Next time she uses a fan..."

"How would she use me?" asks Sweetie Belle.

"Wait what?"



Waddle Dee suddenly facepalms. "Urg... Because she is a fan of Adeleine's drawing... That was horrible Sweetie. Leave the bad jokes to Broom Sunglasses, please." However, he then hears Kirby and Ribbon laughing, and see the two on their back. He raises an eyebrow. "Seriously?"

"I thought you said that being funny wasn't your special talent," says Dedede.

"I can still try to be funny when I want."

"Hum hum!" they then hear, and they see Adeleine slamming the fan on her left palm.

Sweetie Belle suddenly runs toward the exit. "Gotta go!"

Adeleine giggles. "Finally. I thought you two would never stop, even with my fan."

"It has slowly become a thing between us since a few weeks after I have started to test her in real fights. Must be some rival thing. I'm sure that if Kirby could talk, then we would bicker all the time."

"And then I would have to slap you two to get you back on track."

They suddenly hear Sweetie shout "Hey! I found a Maxi Tomato! Hurry up, or I will eat it by myself!"

"Poyo!" In panic, Kirby starts to run to join the filly.

"Wait for me!" shouts Waddle Dee, running after him.

Dedede sighs. "I'm definitely rubbing off on her..."

Adeleine and Ribbon giggle, and the fairy says "I wonder if she is rubbing off on you too."

"I don't know."

"You are more friendly!" says Adeleine. "You are not the same Dedede as the one that stole all the food of Dreamland!"

He huffs, and starts to walk to the exit. "Maybe. Or maybe I am just waiting to be able to beat Kirby."

"Yeah, right." She giggles.

The next room is clearly a different part of the cave. The rocks are not the same, and there are square-shaped pillars coming from the chasm below and the ceiling above everywhere, some of them moving up and down. Those pillars are easily the most dangerous obstacles, before if Sweetie and the others don't watch out, they could end up turned into pancakes.

There is one of those pillars just in front of them, but only a quarter of it is hitting another pillar above it, so at least, this one is not too dangerous. However, there is another pillar just after it, and they will have to time well their passage. Just to be sure, they decide to go one at a time so they have enough place to move without bothering the others. Kirby is the first to go, followed by Dedede.

Sweetie is the third, and she waits for the first pillar to go all the way down before going on it. She makes sure to go on the part where she will not risk to be crushed, and she lets the pillar lift her while she can see the second one go down until half of it hit another pillar below. Once the second pillars starts to get back up, she jumps from the first, run, and stop just before reaching a third pillar that she passes with a jump once it is all the way down. She reaches what seems to be a dead end, only for the pillar above her to go up, revealing the way, and she quickly moves before the pillar goes back down.

She has to wait another pillar to go down before passing it, and she does the same thing for the one following it, jumping above it just as it starts to go back up. The next one is harder to pass, because there are actually two pillars moving and hitting each other, threatening to crush her between the two if she doesn't go at the right time. So she waits for the two pillars to slam into each other, then just as they separate, she jumps on the one going down, and jumps again to the immobile pillar following it. Passing a last pillar, she finally reaches the end of the area, and joins Kirby and Dedede, waiting with them Waddle Dee, Adeleine, and Ribbon. Two minutes later, Waddle Dee reaches them, almost getting crushed between the two pillars before the last one, and Adeleine, Ribbon on her shoulder with the crystal, joins them two more minutes later with some careful jumps.

From there, it's a simple tunnel tilting up, just a big slope that seems to go up, and up, and up forever, until they see light. They exit the tunnel, finally back at the surface, only to look in awe at where they now are. There are mountains everywhere, made of giant columns of rocks of different colors. They are on a narrow path starting from one and passing between them, above the clouds that are like a white sea, hiding everything below. At least, to be above the clouds, they can tell that they are very high.

Waddle Dee places his arms before his mouth, and yells "YODELIHOOOO!!!"


As Waddle Dee starts to laugh, Sweetie joins him and yells "CUTIE MARK CRUSADER MOUNTAINEER, YEAH!!!"


"I'M THE KING OF THE WORLD!!!" shouts Dedede.




"Classic. Too bad the echo isn't answering back, it would be more fun," comments Discord.

Applejack giggles. "Powerful fighters, and yet childish. I'm not surprised that Sweetie Belle would do that, or Kirby, but Dedede?"

Pinkie suddenly pops beside her and wrap a hoof around her. "Silly! It's not because he is a king that he can't have some fun every now and then. Right, princesses?"

"Of course," answers Celestia, giggling. "I remember when I did it the first time. I passed a whole hour yelling silly things."

"One hour, or one day?" asks Luna.

Celestia smirks at her sister. "That was you who passed a whole day yelling at the echo. I remember, you were so young, and you thought that it was somepony else repeating what you said, and you wouldn't give up yelling at them to stop."

Rarity puts a hoof on her mouth to hide a smile. "Oh... That's adorable."

Luna's cheeks become pink. "Celestia!" She then sees Discord wearing a shirt with written on it "Trollestia is best troll!" and blasts him, only for him to opens a hole in the air for the beam to disappear in, the draconeequus smiling smugly at her. She grumbles "One day..."

Sweetie Belle and the others walk on the path, nothing much happening at first excepted the discovering of another shard, but after a moment, things start to become a little harder, with more enemies appearing, and the path sometime breaking up into small platforms, forcing them to jump above bottomless holes. At a moment, the path is nothing more than a succession of very small pillars, only big enough for someone to stand on them, forcing them to carefully jump one at a time until the path return to a more larger way.

Things get more interesting once they encounter one of the human-like creatures with a spear, only this one isn't attacking them, and has the particularity of wearing a blue top hat, for some reason. Instead, she looks at the crystal in Ribbon's hands and says "Wow! Big crystal! Beautiful!"

This surprises everyone, and Ribbon answers "Urh... Thank you."

"Me has gotten small crystal like that. Me has hidden it with puzzle. Me likes puzzle. Me doesn't want losing crystal. You giving big crystal to me?"

"Sorry, but we need this crystal to save my world and the ones I love."


"And we also need the crystal you got. It's actually a part of this big crystal, and thanks to it, it will be easier to save my world. You don't mind giving it to us?"

"Me giving crystal to you. But you solve puzzle first! You follow me!"

The human-like creature leads them a little further, until they reach a group of star blocks forming a big squared of 7x7 blocs, but there is a block missing in the center.

The creature then points at the blocs and says "Destroy blocks, form object! Form good object, and crystal appears!"

"And which object must we form?" asks Waddle Dee.

"Me not telling you. But you already seeing object needed."

"We already see it?" asks Sweetie Belle. She starts looking up and down at the creature, and quickly gets an idea. She signs the others to approach, and whispers to them "I think it's the top hat."

"Yes, I think so too," replies Adeleine. "She is the only one that we have seen wearing a top hat."

"How did she get her hands on a top hat ?" asks Dedede.

"She probably found it," answers Sweetie Belle. "Now let's destroy those blocks and hope that we are right."

Adeleine nods. "Yes. And to make the right shape, we just have to destroy the blocks of the first and last columns, excepted the ones of the last line. We will have to be careful to not accidentally destroy one we shouldn't. So no bombs!" she says to Kirby.

The puffball looks down in disappointment.

"Let me do it," says Sweetie Belle. "With my beams, I can target the right blocks and destroy them one at a time."

"Then do it," says Dedede to her.

She nods, and turn to the blocks, going in front of them so she can see all of them. She then targets the block at the upper-left corner and destroy it with a beam, before destroying the one below it, and repeating for the four following one under. She then does the same thing at the opposite side, effectively turning the square into a top hat. Once done, the crystal appears in the hole in the center, and Ribbon quickly takes it while the creature congrats them.

"You quick! Impressive! You love puzzles too?"

"I like doing a puzzle sometime," answers Adeleine. "it's so satisfying to solve one."

"If it counts, I play chess," says Dedede. "Otherwise, I'm not too much into puzzles."

"Chess? What is chess?"

"Sorry, it would be too long to explain," says Waddle Dee.

Sweetie comes back at his side. "Puzzles are nice. I could give you some examples of puzzles that I have done. If you tell me where you live, I could come back to tell you."

"Of course!"

Leaving the creature, Barbara, behind, they continue their journey, the path now almost only constituted of pillars more or less big, and there are now floating platforms that fall about one second after someone land on them, sometime forcing the ones left behind to fly. In the way, between two pillars, they find another shard not long before reaching a serie of pillars forming Kirby's name, to the group's confusion.

"How is this possible?" asks Sweetie Belle.

Dedede turns to Kirby. "Anything to say?"

The puffball only shrugs, as confused as the others, before deciding to just forget about this for now and continue, waving at the others to follow.

As they continue to follow the path, they can see that they are nearing a volcano, lava flowing from it. Ribbon looks at the light of the crystal, and says "The light points at the direction of the volcano..."

"Oh stars..." groans Waddle Dee.

They reach the area around the volcano, with lakes and rivers of lava. They follow the path going right into the volcano, some rivers of lava passing through it while it rains small rocks that Sweetie destroys with her beams. The sky is now black with the ash expulsed of the volcano, and the lava gives it a red tint, while the temperature makes the hot days of summer look cold by comparison.

Entering the volcano itself, the cave inside is half full of lava. There are still a floor for the group to walk on, but some of it moves because of the current of the lava, and there are many fire creatures trying to burn them. After a small passage, they enter another room where they can see small hills of rock in the middle of the lava, with cracked pillars at their top, and more pillars after them. They find another shard in one of those pillars, a little before reaching the end of the room, but they have had to take a dangerous path before Dedede could destroy it with his hammer.

In the next room, the only way beside flying is a small suspended path of rock above a big lake of lava, the path having a couple of Gordos in the way. The path is however broken at a few places, so they have to jump more than once before they reach a big rock in the middle of the lake where they can rest a little without risking of falling in the lava. The path restarts at the other side of the rock, Bronto Burts waiting to charge at them on some pillars beside it, and with a small section made of pillars after the Burts. a third section of the path is against a wall expelling streams of lava that they have to jump above, before reaching the small passage leading to the next room, which is just a small room with a cracked rock in the middle. Ribbons points at it, and the rock is easily broken, letting the fairy obtains another shard without touching the lava below it.

They exit the room by another passage, where they have again to follow a path on a lake of lava, thankfully must larger than the previous one. However, not long after entering it, the area starts to shake, and lava suddenly rises behind them, forming a wall a lava advancing toward them, making the group panic.

"I knew something like that would happen!" shouts Waddle Dee.

Kirby starts to run, yelling "Poyo!" rapidly followed by the others.

They run and jump and run and jump, not looking back, not stopping to eat the food or to fight the creatures in the way. Some of the creatures are anyway too busy to run or fly away from the lava too. There are still some parts where they have to take more time, most of the time because it is too narrow. it's especially the case when the path turn into series of small platforms only large enough for one of two of them to jump on. It is worth where there are creatures on said platforms, forcing them to attack them to open the way.

They run through the passage at the end of the room, only to discover that the only way to continue in the next room is up, either flying or jumping on floating platform, while the lava is rising below them. Dedede grabs Waddle Dee and inflates, Kirby doing the same, while Sweetie Belle jump on a shield that she creates and Ribbon grabs Adeleine to lift her. Sweetie spots a shard floating above one of those creatures that look like a Kabu made of sand, and takes it in her magic before making it fuse with the crystal in Adeleine's hands.

The more they go up, the more the room get smaller, and after a moment, they decide to give up flying to simply jump from platforms to platforms, finally leaving the room not long before the lava. They end up in a cave with a big crack in the ceiling, the rock around it red hot. They don't have long however to look around, before soon, they see the lava getting out of the hole where they come from, and they are forced to jump on a bunch of rocks that thankfully float on it. They look around as the lava fills the cave, until it stops.

But when they have started thinking that this is the end, they see lava rises further from them, two black eyes and a big mouth appearing on it. The creature literally made of lava now looks at them, and seems to press himself, causing lava to rise and charge at them. Luckily, there are more floating rocks around, so it is not hard for them to jump on other rocks to avoid them, Sweetie meanwhile shooting ice balls at the creature.

"You know, I'm not that surprised to fight something made of lava. I mean, I fought something made of clouds."

"Yeah... But how are we going to hurt it?" asks Dedede. "It's too far for us to reach ! Only you can attack it! And Ribbon with her crystal!"

The fairy gasps. "Oh right! I'm going!" And so, she goes toward the creature of lava and shoots at it.

At this instant, the creature presses itself again, causing columns of lava to rise beside their platforms. On a hunch, they jump on platforms where there are no columns of lava beside them, just as the columns starts to fall on the platforms they have been.

"Wait..." suddenly says Adeleine. "Is this lava part of its body? If that's the case, then maybe we can attack them to damage it."

"We can try," says Dedede. "But isn't attacking the lava like that a risk to melt our weapons?"

The creature then presses itself again, making more lava to flow toward them, only for it to disappear under their platforms. It's not hard for them to guess that this is bad, and so, they jump on other platforms. One by one, the platform they have been on are then lifted by columns of lava toward the hot ceiling. Just at this instant, Kirby throws a bomb at one of the columns, and they can see the creature flinches.

Kirby turns to the others and nods. "Poyo!"

"So it works," says Waddle Dee. "But can we attack it without burning our weapons?"

Dedede frowns while looking at the creature. "Only one way to know."

The creatures makes columns of lava appears beside their platforms while sending more lava toward them. Because of the columns, they have more difficulties to jump on other platforms, but they still manage to do it. Dedede makes sure to jump on a platform beside one of the columns, and attack it with his hammer. Surprisingly, the hammer doesn't melt, and the creature is hurt.

"We can attack it!"

"Then it's time to get serious!" shouts Waddle Dee in determination, using his spear to attack another column before it disappears.

Sweetie Belle and Ribbon continue to attack the main body without stopping expecting to jump for the filly. Adeleine joins the assault on the columns by painting the Ice Dragon, his ice breath doing big damages to them. At this, the creature multiplies the attacks, giving them more brutality, and making combinations to try to trap them, only for Sweetie to cheat, using shields so they always have a platform to jump on, even when all the others are threatened by lava.

Between this and the now almost constant pain, the creature enters into a great rage, and suddenly goes into the lava, before the whole cave starts shaking, and the creature emerges back beside them, and charges at them. They are forced to run, or rather jump away to escape it, jumping on many platforms all the while avoiding its attacks and attacking back. After a few minutes, they reach the end of the lake of lava, getting on an upper area where there is none of it. The creature still follows them, sliding on the ground outside of the lava, before stopping. Not in its element anymore, the creature changes tactic, and instead breath fire at them.

Dedede get himself in front of the group, and starts inhaling, sucking the fire into his mouth. Once the creature stops breathing fire, Dedede finishes inhaling it, and after a second, spits it back at the creature, surprisingly hurting it. Once Dedede is done, Kirby jumps above him and throws many bombs in the creature's mouth, hurting it even more. Irritated, the creature slams the top of its head to the ceiling, causing rocks to fall on them. Sweetie however uses a shield to protect everyone, the rocks cumuling on it. Once the rocks stop falling, she looks at Adeleine still on the Ice Dragon and nods. The human girl nods back and the dragon readies its tail. Sweetie then drops the rocks around her, and uses her magic to throw one at the Ice Dragon. The ice Dragon then turns around and uses its tail to send the rock toward the creature of lava, the rock hitting it between the eyes. Quickly, Sweetie throws the other rocks one after another at the Ice Dragon, and the big reptile sends them back at the creature thanks to his tail, never missing, until the creature goes into the floor, forming a puddle of lava that charges that them.

They either jump above or run around it, and the creature eventually emerges, only to hit the ceiling again to make more rocks raining, before breathing his fire. While Sweetie and Adeleine use ice on the fire to stop it, Kirby gives up the bomb ability and inhale some of the rocks, gaining the stone ability. Once Dedede and Waddle Dee are done using their weapon to swap the rest of the rocks away, Kirby nods at Dedede, miming him opening his mouth wide. Dedede smirks, and inhales Kirby, and spits him at the creature. While flying, Kirby turns into stone, and crashes right in the forehead of the creature. He bounces up while turning back into normal, goes right above it, and turns back into stone, falling on its head. Dedede then inhales Waddle Dee and spits him above the creature. Waddle Dee lands on Kirby still in his rock form, and prepares his spear.

Adeleine looks at Sweetie Belle, and makes a small movement of the head toward the Ice Dragon. Sweetie nods and readies herself, wrapping herself into a spheric shield. The Ice Dragon then breaths ice at her, turning her into a big ice ball, and use its tail to throws her at the creature's forehead. The impact cause the creature to tilt its head back, making Kirby fall. Before that, Waddle Dee jumps, and Sweetie Belle breaks her ice shield, using it to bounce up beside Waddle Dee. She then shoots ice at Waddle Dee's spear, wrapping it in ice, surprising him, before Waddle Dee nods as he falls back toward the creature. He then points the ice spear down, and impales it in its forehead.

After that, the creature starts to get smaller, and smaller, and also colder, its body turning into stone, and its face disappearing. In the end, the creature looks like the rest of the cave, before crumbling into boulders of different sizes, releasing a shard. At their victory, the members of the group exchange high five and fist bump, screaming in joy, sometime with a hug, and the Ice Dragon gets some petting, to its pleasure.

Everypony look in awe at the fight they have just witnessed, even the princesses.

Rainbow is the first to comment about it. "Okay... That was awesome."

Rarity then takes a big breath. "I can finally breathe. I was so scared that Sweetie would get burned to death by the lava. And when she was used as a projectile wrapped in ice... I... I think that I have gained some white hair."

"Did they have to kill this... living lava?" asks Fluttershy.

Celestia sighs. "This creature could have stopped anytime... It was being hurt, and it could see that it was at a disadvantage. And yet, it continued the fight. And they needed the shard inside it, so they couldn't stop. The outcome could only be this. I'm sorry, Fluttershy, but not every fights can end with the enemy being knocked unconscious. You who love animals, you know that it is often the case."

"Yes... For some species of animals, the males often fight each others for the females, and sometime, it ends with one of the males getting killed, frequently because they refuse to stop before it is too late." She sighs sadly. "Why didn't it stop?"

"We can only guess," says Luna.

They then see that the volcano start to shake violently, and the lava gets up, forcing the group to run. A portal is quickly opened, showing a white, spheric world, with a moon, a real moon, turning around it. They can see shapes at the surface, and Twilight can swear she has seen them before. One by one, they jump in the portal, before it closes just as the lava reaches it.

Twilight quickly teleports to her personal library, takes a book, and teleports back, before opening it, revealing a map. It's a special book, because she has gotten it in the mirror world with a few others, so this map shows nothing on Equus. It's actually a map of the whole mirror world, showing all the continents and the oceans. And the shapes of the continents... They are exactly the sames as the ones in that white world!

This white world, it's not just any world.

It's Earth.