A Sweetie Dreamland

by Lucar

Chapter 1: Welcome to Dreamland!

"Come back here you little...!" BAM

"I said I'm sorry!"

Why? Sweetie Belle could have been teleported to any castle! It could have been Canterlot's castle where the princesses would have helped her! It could have been the Crystal Empire's castle where princess Cadance would have done the same! It could have been the old castle in the Everfree, at least she would have been alone until somepony eventually found her! Instead, she finds herself in a castle where the local king is trying to crush her just for accidently ruining his cake! How is there even a penguin as the ruler of a kingdom? She though that penguins were just animals like Fluttershy loves to take care! Unless there is a species of smart penguins she didn't know? Like, there are the dogs like Winona, and there are the Diamond Dogs?

BAM "Stop there!"


That was close ! Right, she shouldn't think about this, but rather tries to not end as a pancake! Where is the exit? This castle is like a maze, worst than Canterlot's castle! She is sure that she has passed that hallway at least three times! It's hard to say, all those hallways look alike with all those portraits and busts of the penguin currently chasing her. Seems like she has found someone with an ego as big as the one of Rainbow Dash.

And then, say penguin suddenly fall in front of her! Strangely, two yellow stars appear at his sides when he hits the floor. But she doesn't have time to think about it because the hammer is already ready to crush her! Without thinking, she abruptly stops herself before going for the door juste at her left while barely dodging the hammer.

The door reveals leading to the kitchen where many of those stranges creatures are hiding, some of them wearing a cook hat and others having a black bow just above their feet. Yet again, she couldn't stop, because that penguin is clearly not stopping! Instead, she jumps on one of the tables before bucking a bowl of cream right on the penguin's face, hoping to gain some time as she continues running on the long table knocking some of the food on it to the floor. This is without counting on the penguin, now really angry, taking the bowl too before throwing it at her! Thankfully, she sees it coming and jumps on the floor just before, the bowl instead hitting one of the cooks trying to catch her! Rather than jumping on another table, she decides to pass under it, and under the next one, before finally reaching a double door. Looking back, she sees the penguin jumping again, ready to crush her, this time under his weight! Before he falls on her, she passes the doors, leading to a really big room with many tables and chairs. Not stopping to admire the decor, she continues through the room to the nearest door.

"That's enough!" she suddenly hears behind her. Looking back again, the penguin is at the double door, but he has stopped... That's when he starts opening his mouth before inhaling.


To Sweetie's surprise, she is then being aspired ! It's like a tornado is sucking her up to the penguin's mouth ! She can see the chairs and the table also moving, but not as much as her ! And before she knows it, everything becomes black.

So is this how it ends? Eaten by a penguin?

It seems that no, because the penguin spits her at the floor almost as soon, right at his feet.

"Got you !" he says victoriously before making gagging sounds. "Gah! Fur! Pouah!" After a few more gags, he stops and starts glaring at Sweetie Belle, all icky because of his saliva.

Sweetie sits up, trying to regain her bearing, before fixing the penguin, who looks like a giant just before her because of him being a little over two times her size, totally at his mercy... If he has mercy. Tears start to gather at her eyes, fearing what he may do to her.

"Wait ! Your majesty!" suddenly screams someone behind the penguin. He turns around to reveal one of the creatures. Him and Sweetie are about the same size. Actually, Sweetie may be a little smaller.

"What do you want? I have finally gotten her! I will make her pay for ridiculing me!"

"I-I know, your majesty! But isn't trying to kill her a little too much? Maybe it was just an accident! I mean, who would willingly appear above a cake?"

Sweetie decides then to take the occasion. "Y-yes ! Yes ! It was an accident! I'm sorry! I didn't want to ruin your cake! I didn't even want to be teleported here!"

The penguin looks back at her before lowering his head at her level with a suspicious look. "Reeeally?"

Sweetie gulps before continuing "Yes... I just wanted to ask princess Twilight to train me so I could get better at magic, b-but..." She then averts her eyes, rubbing one of her hooves behind her head. "I surprised her in the middle of a magical experiment. I think it was something about teleportation in really long range... Next thing I know, I'm here, or well... I was falling in your cake..."

"See, king Dedede?" says the creature, revealing the name of the penguin. "I was right! It was just an accident!"

Dedede continues to fix Sweetie Belle before finally getting up. Seeing this, Sweetie can't help but letting out a big sigh of relief.

"It seems so. Well then Waddle Dee, toss her out of the castle. She is not my problem anymore." he says, starting to make his way toward the exit of the room.

"Yes my king!" the creature, Waddle Dee, says while saluting, before approaching Sweetie Belle. "I'm sorry for what happened. Follow me, I will guide you to the castle's exit. I'm sure you will be able to find your way home... Wherever it is."

"Hum... Thanks mister Dee. I live in Ponyville, Equestria. Do you know how I can get here?"

"Ponyville? Equestria?" Waddle Dee tilts his head before putting an arm under his... chin? After a moment of thinking, he says "Sorry, I don't know where it is. It's the first time that I hear of this kingdom."

This surprise Sweetie Belle. "R-Really?! But it's like the biggest kingdom of Equus! Ruled by princess Celestia who moves the sun, and princess Luna who moves the moon!"

"Woah! Really? But that's impossible! The sun and the moon are... Wait, did you say 'Equus'?"

"Uh... Yes. Equus. You know, the world!"

Waddle Dee looks at her for what seems like minutes, before his eyes suddenly grow bigger and he takes a step back. "O-oh... Oh..."

Seeing his reaction, Sweetie starts to get worried. "W-what? Why are you looking at me like that?"

Waddle Dee starts to look around trying to avoid looking directly at her. "Well..." He then sadly looks at the floor, bumping his two arms together. "Do... Do you know anything about Dreamland?"

Sweetie Belle raises en eyebrow in answer. "Dreamland?"

"It's the name of the kingdom where we are."

"No. Never heard."

"I see..." Waddle Dee starts to walk to the exit. "Follow me... Oh! And you don't need to call me 'mister'. Waddle Dee is alright."

"Mmh... Okay? Then you can call me Sweetie Belle."


Sweetie Belle follows Waddle Dee outside of the room. Once they are back in the hallway, she can see that the other creatures that are like Waddle Dee have gotten out of their hiding places, cleaning the damages caused by Dedede's rampage. Some of them look at Sweetie Belle in curiosity before getting back at their job. Sweetie doesn't pay them too much attention, worried about Waddle Dee's reaction earlier.

"Can you tell me why you seem sad please? Is there a problem? I..." She gulps. "I can go home, right?"

Waddle Dee frozes, then turns toward Sweetie in panic. "O-of course you can go home!" He starts rubbing his left arm behind his head. "It... It's just that it may be harder than I first thought... And take longer..."

Sweetie bit her lips, starting to panic. "How much longer?"

Waddle Dee looks at her sadly for a few seconds that seem to last forever, before saying "Until... we find a way to send you back to your homeworld..."


"You mean I'm in another world?"

More silence... Then Waddle Dee nods. "Popstar."



She starts crying. "N... No... That's not true... Sniff I can't... Sniff Why... Sniff" Waddle Dee almost immediatly hugs her, patting her back. "Rarity... please... come save me... I don't wanna be alone... Sniff Rarity... Rarity...!"

"Hey... Let's think positive! I'm sure we will find a way! I mean, it's Dreamland! Where the dreams come true! Everything can happen!"

After a few more seconds of crying, Sweetie eventually answers "R-Really...?"

"Yes! Really! And meanwhile... Well I was about to ask the king if he would accept to shelter you. So you will not be alone!"

Sweetie's body suddenly gets tense in Waddle Dee's arms. She also stops crying even if she still has some tears in her eyes. "Are you sure? I mean, he almost..."

"I know. He can be a little scary and you don't want to make him angry, but once he calms down, he can be good. I mean, he listened to me when I stopped him from... you know... He will probably ask something in return, but it's better than letting you outside of the castle alone."

"If you say so..." she says, sniffling a last time.

"There. Better?"

"Yes... Thank you Waddle Dee."

"You are welcome!" he says while looking very happy, his eyes closed and almost bouncing. "Now follow me."

"Okay." says Sweetie Belle with a small smile. Better than seeing her crying, thinks Waddle Dee before walking, followed by the filly.

In the way, Sweetie Belle asks a few questions, and eventually learns that the creatures are all called Waddle Dee, but a few of them call themselves in a different name to reflect something special about them. She of course asks how they can recognize each other, which Waddle Dee answers that they just do. Sweetie decides not to ask more about it, fearing a potential headache. Like everypony else in Ponyville, she learned not to ask too much thanks to Pinkie Pie, and she can tell that this subject is a potential Pinkie Pie level of weird. She also learns the names of a few other creatures wandering the castle, like the ones with only an eye are called Waddle Doo, or the flying ones that are pink balls with insect wings and yellow feet are Bronto Burt. Them and many others constitute king Dedede's army. But if Sweetie must be frank, they don't look dangerous... In the contrary, a good number of them look adorable. Most of them don't even possess a weapon.

After walking a moment, they finally reach the throne room, which has been cleaned from the earlier... incident. Sweetie shivers just thinking about that table getting crushed while she has barely avoided getting the same fate. Now that she thinks about it, she still has some cake on her, and some other foods from the kitchen. If the king accepts to let her live in the castle, the first thing she will do is taking a bath!

Speaking of the king. Here he is, on his throne, listening to a trio of Waddle Dees, one of theme being a Parasol Waddle Dee as she learned earlier, recognizable by having a red and white parasol, actually closed. As Sweetie and her new friend get closer, she can hear the king talks.

"So they made him a home?" he says before crossing his arms. "Mph! Of course they made him one! They just couldn't let their 'hero" sleep in the wild! At least now I know where he is. Good job you three. Dismissed."

The three Waddle Dees salute before exiting the throne room, passing by Sweetie. King Dedede then notices her presence and asks to the Waddle Dee with her "What is she still doing in my castle?"

Waddle Dee signalizes Sweetie to remain where she is before approaching the throne while bowing. Once he is close enough, he says "Excuse me my king, but I learned something about her which may change your opinion."

"And what did you learn?"

"That she can't go back to her home. She comes from another world."

At this, king Dedede screams in shock "An alien?!" before turning his eyes to the filly who is now trembling, looking at the floor, her ears pressed against her head. "Is that true?!"

Seeing her cue, Sweetie walks closer before stopping just behind Waddle Dee. She bows, then looks hesitantly at the king and answers "Yes your majesty. I am from a world named Equus."

"And how can I be sure you are telling the truth? You said that you have come here because someone accidentally teleported you here. If what you say is the truth, then they would have to be really powerful to be able to teleport you at such a long distance."

"Oh yes! Princess Twilight is one of the most powerful being in my world, and is also really smart! Her special talent is magic and a few months ago she became an alicorn, like princesses Celestia and Luna, and they can use their magic to move the sun and the moon!"

If Dedede has been drinking, he would have made a spit-take! Something powerful enought to move the sun and the moon?! How is this possible?

"You are kidding me!"

"No! I swear! That's why I wanted to ask her to train me, she is so good at magic! With her as my teacher I would become like my big sister! I would be able to use at least ten objects at the same time, and I could lift heavier charges rather than just things like brooms! Maybe I could even shoot magical lasers from my horn!" Sweetie suddenly lost all her excitation. "But now it will never happen..."

"Don't say that!" shouts Waddle Dee. He will not let the filly lose her morale like that! "I told you! I'm sure we will find a way!"

"And how?" asks Dedede. "It's not like we have spaceships. And even if we had spaceships, we don't even know where is her world."

Waddle Dee has to stop himself from glaring at the penguin. "With hope!"

At his answer, the throne room is invaded with Dedede's laugh. For a whole minute, the king slams his arms on his throne while bending because of how much his belly is hurting. Tears start again to appear at Sweetie's eyes as she lower her head more and more at each seconds the king passes laughing. Fortunately, Waddle Dee is there to make sure she doesn't get too depressed by hugging her and whispering to her comforting words.

Once Dedede finally stops laughing, he then asks Sweetie Belle "Anyway...Huff! Huff! I suppose that until you eventually finds a way to go home, you hope that I will let you stay at my castle?"

"Can I?" she asks back, looking again at the king.

"You could."

Thanks to Waddle Dee, Sweetie understand what Dedede implies. After sighing, she asks "What do you want me to do for you?"

"Easy. As long than you remain in my castle, I want you to work for me like all the others inhabitants of this castle. If we ask you to clean a room, you will clean it. If we ask you to cook, you will cook. If we ask you to guard, you will guard. Understood?"

"Yes. I understand. I accept."

"Then welcome in my army... aah... I don't think you told me your name."

"Oh! I'm sorry your majesty! My name is Sweetie Belle!"

"Then welcome in my army Sweetie Belle! You will start tomorrow morning. Waddle Dee, I charge you to give her a room before spreading the news."

"Yes sir! Follow me Sweetie Belle."

The two start to depart before king Dedede says one last think. "Also, welcome to Dreamland Sweetie Belle. I hope that you will love your stay."

Well... only the future will tell...