A Sweetie Dreamland

by Lucar

Chapter 22: Machine and Eternal

Still having a hard time believing that she has just won a fight against an actual giant, even if she has been helped, Sweetie and Kirby are going toward the next planet, following the trail. Reaching it, they are marvelled by what it his: a planet sized futuristic floating city, with skyscrapers going both up AND down below the world. Going to the surface, they can see huge buildings everywhere, without anything else, of all shapes and size. They are so amazed, that Kirby doesn't see where they are going. When Sweetie looks, she screams "Watch out!", but it's too late, and they crash through a wall at the top of one of the skyscrapers.

Thankfully, nothing too bad, a bump at worst. Slowly, they get up, Sweetie glaring at Kirby. "Maybe next time, you should watch where you are going when you are driving."

"Poyo..." replies Kirby, rubbing his head, sorry.

Looking around, they see that they are in a small room with just a door and nothing else. For some reason, the door looks like the ones in the Halberd. Kirby is the first one passing it, followed by Sweetie Belle, now giggling, remembering all the times she has crashed because of Scootaloo when she is driving her scooter, carrying her and Apple Bloom on their cart.

The door leads them on the roofs, where they have to jump on a second building with a bomb block at the top. Destroying it causes the apparition of water all around the building. The third building has two ways possible: the roof where they would have to avoid Gordos, and through a pathway where they would have to run on disappearing blocks that are above electrified floor, with a Gordo in the way. They choose the roof, where they can take their time to avoid the Gordos, with some food in the way. At the end, they reach a cannon that shoots them at a second cannon below, then a third further, that shoot them through a wall until they hit another more solid. Kirby quickly takes Sweetie on his back before she falls, before flying on the roof of the building they have collided.

This seems to be the end of the way, until Kirby sees at the other side of the building, on the wall, a bomb block that he destroys by sending a kunai on it. This causes the destruction of the whole building, accept for a door on a platform, with an invincibility candy falling on it. Sweetie also sees a Maxi Tomato falling and takes it in her magic, before they take the candy and pass the door.

In the other side, they go inside a building where they have to do some jumping before having to go down, then up, and they enter a room with somehow a strong wind pushing them back and a door under the ceiling. As the invincibility disappears, they eat the Maxi Tomato from before the previous door, before Kirby goes on Sweetie's back and, now with the ninja ability, she runs on the wall until reaching the door. At the other side, they have to take an elevator down passing many Gims before passing another door, which only lead to an empty room. Annoyed, they go back into the room with the wind.

Because of the wind, they don't try to go on the path above, and they rather take the one below, where they have to avoid more Gordos. Kirby then decides to give up the ninja before eating some bird named Birdon, with red feathers and goggles on his eyes. This gives him a new ability where Kirby now has wings on his arms with a mohawk of feathers on his head.

After jumping on some platforms, they see a switch at the end of a conduit, and they understand that they will have to go through metallic doors again. Sweetie activates it with her beam and they jump on the platform above, where they find a closed metallic door with a switch in front of it. Not losing time, they run toward the door, activating the switch in the way which make it open. Behind the door, Sweetie shoots another beam on a third switch in an hallway below, and they quickly pass a second door followed by a third. They find the exit door below a platform at the end, after Sweetie eats an ice cream.

This leads to an elevator that goes up, and they stop at the second floor. Here, they enter one of the two proposed room, only to find a Mr Frosty waiting them. Kirby immediately flies at him and cut him with his sharp feathers, followed by Sweetie punching him all over the body with a vulcan jab, beating him before he has time to throw his ice bloc. This makes a Maxi Tomato appears, and Sweetie take it in her magic. The second room has a Jukid. Beating him makes a biscuit appears.

Walking back the elevator, they reach the third floor, with two more rooms.

"Let me guess, we will have to beat more of those guys until we find the one making the door appears? Like in the previous world?"

Kirby shrugs at her with an expression that say "Seems like it."

In the end, the door has been defended by a Bonker in the fourth floor. Seeing this is the door leading to the guardian, they eat the tomato released by the Frosty before entering it.

This leads them inside a factory, and... Wait... Are those Heavy Lobsters they see in these containers? There are dozens! Thankfully, they are deactivated. But at this moment, they hear something falling behind them, and when they look, they see a silver Heavy Lobster ready to crush them. Jumping back, they ready themselves.

"We have gotten better since then. I'm sure we can destroy it without problem this time."


The Heavy Lobster then opens one of its claws and shoots a mini-lobster at them. Kirby flies up to avoid it, while Sweetie takes her whip, wraps it around the mini-lobster, and sends it back to the Heavy Lobster who then charges at her. The bridge they are on not being large enough to jump out of the way, Sweetie is forced to use a shield to protect herself. This is however not enough to protect her, and her shield is destroyed before she is rammed into a wall. Kirby attacks the Lobster by sending sharp feathers to stop it from attacking Sweetie, and is able to gain its attention, the Lobster spitting fire at him. Sweetie quickly takes the occasion to send a Giga Force Blast at the Lobster, sending it on its back.

Seeing that Sweetie is disadvantaged, not being able to fly, he lands on her back, hoping that it will do what he thinks it will do.

And yes it happens: wings appear on her back. At this, Sweetie gasps.

"OH MY GOSH! Does that mean I am an alicorn now?!"

"Poyo!" Kirby interrupts her, pointing at the Lobster going up.

"Oh, right!"

The Lobster going back on his feet, she flaps her wings and is able to fly away from the bridge. Thanks again the ability giving her instant knowledge in how to use it, or else, she would have probably crashed.

She then avoids barely a mini-lobster sent at her, and she counter attacks by sending a charged beam at the Lobster. It attacks again by sending more mini-lobsters in rapid succession, forcing her to fly around it while approaching it. Avoiding one of its claws, Sweetie then charges her energy into her hooves while Kirby sends his sharps feathers at one of the eyes of the Lobster. Once she has charged enough energy, she then starts to throw her hooves forward at a great speed, sending powerful shock waves hitting the Lobster all over its body, causing dents to appears all over it.

"Take my Meteor Jabs, you piece of junk!"

The Lobster doesn't admit defeat, and is able to grab the filly in one of its claws, trying to crush her. Kirby then flies from her back, go around the Lobster, and uses one of his wings to cut at its left eye, damaging it to the point that it stops flashing red. The Lobster drops Sweetie Belle and immediately slams its claw at Kirby, sending him hitting a wall, but this gives Sweetie time to go behind it, and send a Blast Force into its reactor, causing it to explode. The Lobster turns to her and retaliates by kicking her, sending her hitting a wall. Kirby comes back, and is able this time to cut its right eye, making it stop flashing red too.

Kirby then helps Sweetie getting up, and goes on her back, giving her wings again. The filly quickly flies out of there, avoiding a mini-lobster as the now blind Heavy Lobster goes on a rampage, sending mini-lobster everywhere. She takes one in her whip, goes behind the Lobster, and throws the mini-lobster at the remains of its reactor, destroying more of it and opening a small hole. The Lobster turns around and shoots fire at her position, but she flies out of the way, and goes back again behind the Lobster, charging another Giga Force Blast. Throwing it at the hole that remains after the destruction of the reactor, the blast reaches important mechanisms inside the robot, finally destroying it, the robot falling in pieces.

"Yay! We did it! We destroyed a Heavy Lobster!" shouts Sweetie in joy.

"Poyo!" suddenly yells Kirby, pointing at the remains of the robot, arcs of electricity appearing everywhere on some of its pieces.

"Oh oh..."

As quickly as she can, she spots the door to the Fountain of Dreams and flies through it, just as the remains of the Heavy Lobster explode, the explosion engulfing the whole room, reaching the other Heavy Lobsters.

They can see the resulting explosion from the Fountain of Dreams in the sky not far from the factory, taking the form of a giant fiery mushroom that go high in the sky, and destroying a great portion of the area around it, probably destroying at the same occasion the buildings they have crossed to enter the factory.

While she remains to look in awe at so much destruction caused by her, Kirby takes the power from the fountain, readying them to go from this world.

"Well, at least Kirby, I don't think we will encounter another Heavy Lobster anytime soon," Sweetie then says, giggling slowly.

"Poyo," replies the puffball, creating a new Warp Star.

As they start to fly up in the sky to leave the world, Sweetie speaks again. "It seems like Meta Knight has come to this world before. Between the doors, the Heavy Lobster, or the electrified floor, he probably used this world's technology to build the Halberd. I wonder how he has been able to come here."

Kirby answers her by flapping his wings.

"His bat wings? He can go in space with them?" Then it clicks in her mind. "Oh right. We can breathe in space, so all he has to do is fly in space until he reaches this world."

Kirby nods.


"I really hope he is not preparing another plan to take over Dreamland..."

They get close to the next planet, that seems to be a big rock divided in two parts: the south is surrounded by clouds, and the north is surrounded by millions of small yellow stars. The whole thing is turning around itself rapidly, but the clouds are turning in the opposite direction.

They approach by the north, only for the Warp Star to hit one of the stars and exploding, sending them flying, bouncing on a few other stars before Kirby is able to stabilise himself with his wings and take the filly on his back.

"Thank you Kirby. I didn't think that those stars were that solid, some of them are hollow."


"Here is a door," points Sweetie Belle a little at their left. Surprisingly, the door is not black, but white, but seeing this whole world seems dark, in the end, it's no wonder.

Taking it, they are teleported at the south part of the world, at the surface. They can tell because of the strong wind suddenly pushing them. With the help of his wing, Kirby is able to use it to rapidly fly them above countless of creatures, Scarfys, Bio Sparks, Grizzos, Bronto Burts, or even Bombers. They quickly reach a section where Kirby has to slalom between floating electrified blocks, not easy between the enemies harassing them and the wind, and they are shocked more than once, but they are able to pass it and reach the door.

They are now in the north part of this world, walking on yellow stars, and...

"Minecarts!" shouts Sweetie Belle, immediately jumping in the one in front of her.

"Poyo!" follows Kirby, joining her.

Like in the fire planet, Sweetie uses her magic to propulse them, gaining speed and ramming enemies until they crash into a wall of stars. Luckily, there is another minecart above them, only for this one to not go far except leading them above a small hole with a star block. Destroying it, they discover a door leading to a room with a few Simirrors, creatures whose bodies are totally hidden under a mage outfit constituted of a robe and a wizard hat with a star. They just can see their hands, one of them wearing a wand, and feet. With the wand, they can create mirrors to attack their enemies, create illusions, or to deflect projectiles.

Kirby decides to eat one of them to gain their ability that could be useful in this world against all those powerful enemies. It gives him a two colored blue jester hat with some parts made of mirrors and a wand with a diamond-shaped head. He then jumps on Sweetie, not changing much her appearance outside of giving her a reflecting mane and tail, but it gives her the possibility to create similar mirrors from her horn, far more useful than her simple shield.

Going back in the previous area, they take another minecart above the previous one, this one crushing a wooden pillar that open the way. One fun ride later, and the minecart leads them right in front of a door. Before taking it, they eat the food not far to heal the damages from the electric blocks from the previous area.

The door teleports them beside a small Warp Star at the start of a tunnel made of stars. Taking it, they are able to traverse the whole area, Sweetie taking a Maxi Tomato in the way with her magic, before they crash on a wall of stars, finding themselves facing a Chef Kawasaki and a Big Mam at the same time. Kirby takes on the chef, sending sharps mirrors at him from Sweetie's back, while the filly attacks the Big Mam with more mirrors. The chef throws plates at her, only for Sweetie to take them in her magic, dodging one of Big Mam's attacks, before throwing the plates in her face, followed by a charged beam. Kirby then warns her about something, and she jumps at her right, avoiding the chef's ladle, the chef instead grabbing the Big Mam that ends up in his cauldron.

"Aaah! Sorry!" he shouts, before a whip is suddenly wrapped around the cauldron. Sweetie makes it do a loop around her before sending it at the chef's head, spilling the soup and knocking him out alongside the Big Mam, making a door appear.
This leads them at the south part of the planet, at the bottom of a small mountain, with wind pushing them up. Using it to fly, they avoid the Scarfys, the Gordos and the Shotzos in the way, using the mirrors to defend themselves when needed, until reaching a floating water section inside of a tunnel, where they end up reaching the door to the guardian.

Eating a floating Maxi Tomato beside the entrance, they advance until they are stopped by three floating windows opening in front of them : one big rectangular at the top, one smaller under it, and a last even smaller rectangular one at the left.
The second window then shows a new figure, a human magician with a blue mage outfit, a red bow, and a magician staff in his left hand. What a shock that has been to see that there are actual humans in Dreamland, even befriending one of them, a girl named Adeleine that love to paint. She can even give life to her paintings! So knowing this, she has no problems recognizing what is this magician.

Text appears in the first window:

A Magiacian appears!

And the third window shows:

HP: 080

This makes Sweetie giggles. "It looks like one of Button Mash's video games."

The magicien suddenly gets out of the second window and the first shows:

Kirby and Sweetie Belle attack!

Sweetie and Kirby raise an eyebrow at this, until they understand that it's the moment to attack. So they shoots a few mirrors toward the magician until he goes back in the window where he can't be attacked anymore.

The Magician takes 60 damage!

HP: 020

"So we are fighting a video game? That's the most weird fight ever."

The Magician attacks!


She quickly raises a mirror shield before her and Kirby, just in time to not be burned by flames thrown from the staff of the magician at them.

Sweetie Belle raised her and Kirby's defenses!

"Alright, once I go back in Equestria, I will tell Button Mash than no, real life video games aren't funny! Not when you can be hurt!"

Kirby and Sweetie Belle attack!

"It's our turn! Quick!"


A few mirrors later.

You beat the Magician!


Then, a new figure appears in the second window, bigger than the magician. This reveals to be a human dark knight, with purple armor, horns on his helmet, red glowing eyes, a rather big sword, and a red shield with a skull.

An Evil Knight appears!

HP: 180

"How many will we have to fight?"

Kirby and Sweetie Belle attack!

As soon as the knight touch the floor, Sweetie sends a Force Blast while Kirby throws a few mirrors.

The Evil Knight takes 120 damage!

HP: 060

The Evil Knight throws knifes!

The knight then throws knifes at Sweetie, only for the filly to run to avoid them.

Kirby and Sweetie Belle avoid the attack!

Kirby and Sweetie Belle attack!

Sweetie uses this to attack the knight with a Vulcan Jabs while Kirby throws a mirror copy of himself to him, finally making the knight explode.

You beat the Evil Knight!

Thinking that this is not finished, Sweetie prepares a Giga Force Blast and Kirby prepares his wand. They do well, because the next enemy appears: a big, brown colored dragon. Not one like the Ice Dragon! No! A REAL dragon, like in Equestria!

Sweetie gulps.

A Great Dragon appears!

HP: 250

"Alright, that's not so bad."

The Great Dragon gets the first attack!

"Oh! come on!!!"

"Poyo!" Kirby jumps in front of Sweetie Belle and puts a big mirror shield in front of them. Thanks to this, the filly doesn't have to stop her attack.

The Great Dragon slashes with talons!

The dragon slashes toward them with one of his claws. Kirby braces himself, and intercepts the claw with his mirror, only to be expulsed by the strenght of the dragon breaking the mirror.

Kirby blocks the attack!

Kirby takes damage!

Sweetie doesn't move her eyes from the dragon, she knows that Kirby will be alright. It's not that that will seriously hurt him.

Kirby and Sweetie Belle attacks!

She throws the Giga Force Blast at the dragon, and continues with using both her whip and her beams, quickly helped by Kirby when he comes back, attacking with mirrors.

The Great Dragon takes 200 damage!

HP: 050

The Great Dragon breaths fire!

They run out of the way of the fire, Sweetie getting the end of her tail and her cape a little burned.

Kirby and Sweetie Belle avoid the attack!

Kirby and Sweetie Belle attack!

The two of them end this fight by shooting a charged beam and mirrors, making the dragon explode.

You beat the Great Dragon!

Kirby and Sweetie Belle defeated all the enemies!

"Yay! Finally!"


You gained 156 EXP! (Not that it matters.)
Your Kindness went up by 2!
Your Maturity went up by 4!
Your Eye Sparkle went up by 3!
Your Roundness went up by 2!


The third window disappears.

Your Heroism went up by1 !

The second window disappears too.

Your Love went up by 3!

And the last window disappears, ending this whole crazy nonsense. The door then appears.


"Poyo," says Kirby, waving at her to forget about this and go toward the door.

"Yeah... Still, that was the most weird thing in my life, and I saw many weird things."

Kirby gets the power of the Fountain, and then, a smile forms on his face before he starts to jump in joy, repeating "Poyo! Poyo!"


"Poyo!" he waves at her.

Sweetie stares at him, until "Wait. Are you saying we have the necessary power to invoke Nova?"

"Poyo!" he nods.

"Oh my gosh! Yes!" She takes Kirby's arms, and they start to jump together. "We did it Kirby! We did it! We will see Nova!"

Kirby then stops jumping and creates a new Warp Star before waving at her.

"Yay!" They jump on the Warp Star. As they go up in the sky, Sweetie asks herself "I wonder how he looks?! How will he stops the sun and the moon from fighting ? Will he become our friend? Ooh! I'm so excited!"

"Ho ho ho ho ho! They have done it. I knew they would succeed. Now, it's my time! Ohh ho ho ho ho!"