A Sweetie Dreamland

by Lucar

Chapter 33: Waterworld

The portal drops the group not in water as they thought, but on land, showing that this world is not just made of water. They actually seem to be on a elongated island in the middle of an archipelago. This reminds Sweetie of the water world that she and Kirby have visited to invoke Nova, and she wonders if it's a common type of world in this universe. They can see a big cliff a little farther that they could join if they follow the island, and they already start to think that it's their destination.

"This way Ribbon?" asks Adeleine.

After a quick look at the crystal, the fairy answers with a "Yup!" followed by "For now, no shards in the water around us."

Waddle Dee takes a big breath. "Aah... After this arid world, it's nice to be there. The air is refreshing."

Dedede and Kirby follow his example and take a big breath of fresh air too, Dedede saying "Yeah... It makes me want to just rest here and not do anything."

"As nice as it would be, we can't," says Sweetie Belle before sighing. "We still have to save Ribbon's world." She then smiles at them. "But we can try to come back there once it is over. Thanks to the Warp Star, we can go to other worlds. We will just have to find where this world is..."

This makes the others sigh in disappointment before nodding. And at this, they start walking toward the cliff, rapidly beating some volcano-like creature that has been approaching them with clear bad intentions. They have to jump above of walk around a few hole in the way, with fish that aren't Blippers jumping out of them. After them, Kirby sees one of those duck-like green round enemies with a bald top with a dark green spiked hollow hat around it. Those creatures attack by throwing their hat, trying to cut them with it. Kirby understands that it will give him another ability and decides to gives up the fire, wanting to change, before eating the duck, effectively giving him the cutter ability that should be more useful that the fire.

Soon after Kirby getting the cutter ability, they reach the end of the island, where starts a bridge leading to the island with the cliff while passing by two islets with Glunks on them. At the base of the cliff, they find out that there is a tunnel, and enter it.

The tunnel leads to a big cave where they will have to climb, having no other way to continue , and before them, after battling a Glunk and some red crab, they find some floating, green, living green spheric blob smiling at them without moving. Dedede is about to smash it with his hammer, only for Kirby to get in the way shouting "Poyo! and stopping him.

Dedede raises an eyebrow, but before he can ask anything, Sweetie beats him by asking "This is not an enemy?"

Kirby nods, smiles, and jumps in the blob. The face of the blob then turns up toward a platform, before Kirby is suddenly propulsed toward it.

"So they propulse us like cannons?" asks Waddle Dee.

"At least, this is not as risky. I remember the first cannon that I tried to use blowing up with me and Kirby inside. And the second turned into a rocket. I don't think those blobs will ever explode," says Sweetie Belle, giggling at the end.

"Yeah, I know what you mean..." replies Waddle Dee. "I hate defective cannons. I stopped counting the number of time me and the others complained about this to the Cannonmakers."

"Oh? You mean those cannons aren't there from the start?" asks Sweetie Belle. "i thought that that was just another weird thing of this universe, having cannons everywhere to transport us. With the food popping anywhere, that wouldn't have been surprising."

"Oh no, there are actually people creating those cannons. It's a galactic organisation with many subsidiary companies, including one in Popstar, creating and installing cannons to make travelling easier, because it can be hard, with all those walls and platforms and holes."

Sweetie Belle looks at Waddle Dee for a few seconds, and says "O...kay..."

"Hey! That's not a bad idea! I take it! This will make Equus more fun to travel!" shouts Discord, taking note.

"All of my yes!" shouts Pinkie.

"I think I will keep the normal way," says Twilight.

After using a few of those blobs to climb up, finding a shard in the way, they reach the top of the cavern, only to traverse a small passage leading to an even bigger room, with some bridges passing above a small lake not profound, as they see that the ground is only a few inches below the surface of the water, so they could simply walk through the lake. Anyway, when Kirby decides to pass by the bridges, the first one collapses under him, making him fall in the water, making the others giggles.

Dedede has the glorious idea to simply jump above the bridges, before spotting some meat on star blocs in front of a hole in the wall beside them. Not saying no to some meat, he jumps on them to take it, only for some giant lizard with a frog-like head to pop out of the hole and gobble him before getting back in the hole.


"Great King!"


Before they have time to rescue him, they hear a loud noise coming from the hole, as if something hitting violently the wall, followed by some Wham! Bam! Paf! Vlan! with some dust coming out of the hole. Not long after the noises end, Dedede gets out of the hole, unscathed, getting rid of some dust on his clothes before eating the meat. He is quickly joined by the others.

"My king! Are you alright?"

"Of course!"

"You scared us!" shouts Sweetie Belle.

"Ha! As if I would let myself eaten by some oversized frog or whatever that would normally end in my plate!"

After this small fright, no incidents happen the rest of the way, excepted Kirby changing his ability from cutter to bomb by eating a Poppy before they enter a small passage. At the other end, Sweetie is almost speared by some human-like creature with red hairs attached by a yellow bow and wearing a brown piece of cloth. The filly barely avoids the spear by jumping back, before Waddle Dee takes the spear and charges at the creature screaming "Yaaaah!". He is able to knock away his, or her spear, before cutting her, then bonking her on the head with the back end of his new weapon, beating her.

"Good job, Waddle Dee," congrats Dedede.

"Thank you, Great King."

"You seem to be good with that spear. You should keep it for now, just in case," says Sweetie Belle.

"This could be the weapon you search," says Adeleine.

Waddle Dee looks at the spear. "Maybe? I wasn't really thinking."

Kirby puts an arm on him and nod to encourage him, with resuming the journey, Ribbon, Adeleine, and Dedede following him. "We will quickly see if you like the spear," says Sweetie Belle beside Waddle Dee. "Let's go." She then follows the others.

After a few more seconds of looking at the spear, Waddle Dee nods while saying "Yes," and follows them.

They pass beside many waterfall before reaching the end of the room, Waddle Dee testing his skills with the spear on the creatures in the way, including another human-like being at the end, and he thinks that this may not be a bad weapon to use. It has a good range and can easily attack the enemies with it, dealing some great damages, unlike the parasol from earlier.

Maybe with some training, he could become a good Spear Waddle Dee.

After the small passage at the end, they end up in a small room guarded by a big Tick, a drop shaped creature with a white body and a red top that can turn into a extending spike with a really big range that can pass through platforms. The group is actually on a bridge linking the two ends of the room, the passages closing once they are all there. The bridge not being large, they are forced to be in a single file with Kirby first, followed by Dedede, Sweetie Belle, Waddle Dee, and Adeleine at the end, Ribbon flying above them.

A red spike suddenly poke out from under Adeleine, poking her on the butt and making her jump in pain toward the ceiling.

"There are other Ticks under the bridge!" shouts Sweetie Belle.

"Then while Kirby and the king deal with the big one, let's deal with them," says Waddle Dee.

At this, the two of them jump from the bridge to eliminate the Ticks under it, just in time to avoid Adeleine being poked again as she falls back. Meanwhile, the teamwork of Kirby's bombs and Dedede's hammer rapidly has reason of the big Tick, opening the exits, and a small hole under the bridge with a shard. Taking it, and after seeing if Adeleine is alright ("I will not be able to sit until I find something to eat!"), they exit the room, and following the passage, they exit the cave.

After another serie of small hole with fishes or those ducks jumping out of them, they get to a big bridge that seems to lead to a wall. The bridge is above a giant waterfall that make it looks like there is a hole in the ocean, an unique spectacle in Sweetie's eyes. At the same time, Ribbon, after shooting some projectiles at an enemy that looks like lightning on a black cloud, looks at the crystal and starts to fly left and right, finding that the wall is actually a big pillar.

She says "There is a shard inside it," pointing at the pillar.

"Seems like it's hammer time!" shouts Dedede.

"No, wait!" shouts back Ribbon, having flown a little further down beside the pillar "There is a hole, and I can see the shard! I can reach it!" She then points under the bridge. "There are other bridges under this one! With a big one made of wooden plank at the bottom passing under the pillar! You can use it to pass! Just watch out! There are many Ticks!"

"Why go under the pillar when we can go around it?" asks Sweetie Belle, making a shield platform and jumping on it with a giggle.

Adeleine takes the occasion to repaint Kracko before jumping on him, and the whole group flies around the pillar, Waddle Dee going on Dedede's back. After the bridge, they have to pass a few more holes with ducks jumping out of them, before taking another bridge that leads them to what seems to be a giant forested island.

After some minutes, they reach a river that they have to follow until entering an old structure, the entrance being a big passage by where pass the river. Not long after entering, they are stopped by a precipice, with what seems to be a very old and unstable bridge made of rock the only way to traverse it. Waddle Dee slowly puts a foot on it, only for the part of the bridge on which he has put it to collapse, but not making the whole thing fall.

After nodding at each other, they jump above the small hole in the bridge and run on it, quickly crossing it before it collapses. Once done, they sigh in relief before continuing, having to jump on an elevated floor where is the exit. This leads to a pyramid-shaped room with a bridge above them, the entrance closing behind them, and Ribbon points up. they jump on the bridge where they get rid of a crab, then on another bridge above it with another crab, and finally on a third bridge with a big crab that doesn't last much longer than the others. Ribbon points at the ceiling above the third bridge, and Kirby throws a bomb at it, blowing it and opening a hole, revealing a shard.

They exit the room through a big crack in the wall, leading them outside of the structure, where there is a pile of logs. Jumping on the logs to get down, they land back in the water of the river, seeing that they are nearing rapids, and find three rafts that look like small square boats. Waddle Dee gasps, and rush to the rafts, before taking one and putting it in the water, waving at Dedede.

"Great King! Let's go!"

"Oh oh! I like your idea!" says Dedede. He jumps in the raft behind Waddle Dee, and the raft starts to advance, quickly gaining speed. "Yeeeeehaaaw!!!"

Watching them go, Sweetie quickly takes the two last rafts, puts them in the water, and jumps in one. "Come on! Let's go! Let's go! Let's go!" she shouts excitedly.

Kirby jumps behind her, while Adeleine jumps in the other, Ribbon getting on her laps. Soon, they are gone, hurtling through the rapids with Sweetie yelling "WIIIIIIIIII!!!" and rapidly catching up to Waddle Dee and Dedede, Kirby and Sweetie's raft taking the lead.

"Hey! What do you think you are doing? I was first!" shouts Dedede.

Kirby turns to Dedede, pulls is eyelid, and sticks out his tongue. "Bweeeh!"

"Ah yeah?! This is on! Come on Waddle Dee!"

"Yes! My king!"

"Don't forget about us!" shouts Adeleine while Ribbon laughs.

At this moment, the descent through the rapids become a race between the three rafts, sometime, one of theme having to jump above an obstacle of eliminating a creature in the way, often crabs. Team Dedede gets back the lead, only to be stolen the place by team Adeleine before they reach a big waterfall with a shard floating. Adeleine makes the raft jump and catches the shard, giving it to Ribbon once they land in the water at the bottom. Team Dedede's raft lands behind them, and to everyone's surprise, Team Kirby's raft fall just in front, Sweetie Belle using her tail like a propeller to gain speed.

"Cheater!" shouts Dedede.

"There are no rules!" shouts back Sweetie Belle.

"Oh! So they take it this way?" says Adeleine with a smile, before taking a blank paper and drawing a mast with sail, putting it in the middle of the raft, then drawing a big electric fan, using it on the sail to gain speed, leaving behind Team Dedede.

"Oh no! What do we do my king?" says Waddle Dee in panic.

"Don't worry, I got it!" reassures the king, before turning around, putting the head of his hammer in the water, and making it turn like a propeller. Waddle Dee decides to help him by rowing with his arms, not doing much differences. They are still able to pass adeleine and Ribbon after jumping another waterfall, only for Kirby and Sweetie to put their raft in front of them, not wanting to let them pass. "Waddle Dee! Take my place and use your spear to propel us!"

"Yes, Great King!" shouts Waddle Dee, doing so while Dedede gets in the front of the raft.

Dedede smirks, and says "There are no rules, right? Then it's alright if I do this!" He then puts his head in the water, takes a big breath, inhaling a great quantity, before spitting it right toward Team Kirby, causing Sweetie to stop propelling them.



"AAAAAHAHAHAHAHAH!!! Did you like it?!" shouts Dedede as they get the lead, only for something to fall in the water in front of his raft, causing a wave to appear. They find themselves pushed by it as they hear Adeleine laugh.

"Did you like it?!" she shouts, a big cannon at the front of her raft, maned by Ribbon. Adeleine now wears a tricorn on her head, and a black eyepatch on her left eye. Ribbon simply wears a red bandana. Adeleine takes her brush, and points at both other teams now side by side in front of their raft, shouting "Fire!"

Ribbon salutes her, shouting back "Yes my captain!" and fires the cannon.

"Poyo!" Kirby takes a bomb, and throws it at the cannonball, destroying it.

"Fire!" shouts again Adeleine.

"Nope!" Dedede swings his hammer at the cannonball, deflecting it back at Adeleine and Ribbon.

The cannonball falls behind their raft, creating a wave that propulse them closer to the two other teams, eventually ending at Team Dedede's right, while Team Kirby is at their left. A problem appear however as they approach another waterfall, a giant one this time. The problem?

"Captain!" shouts Ribbon in panic. "We are sinking!"

"Aaaah! Us too!" shouts Waddle Dee.

"Quick! We must drain the raft!" shouts Dedede, starting to use his hands to get the water out of the raft.

"It's no use! There are hole in all our rafts!" shouts Sweetie Belle.

Kirby waves his arms around in panic, yelling "Poyo!" again and again.

In their panic, they don't see that they reach the waterfall, and the three rafts fall, everyone screaming in fear. They quickly use all the means they have to slow their fall, Ribbon grabbing Adeleine before flying and Dedede grabbing Waddle Dee, the rafts breaking into pieces when they crash at the bottom. They land in the river in the middle of the broken pieces that start to be carried by the current.

They look at each other, before Sweetie and Ribbon start to laugh.

"That was fun!" shouts the fairy. "You make a good pirate Adeleine!"

"Thanks," says Adeleine as she starts laughing with the rest.

"And you!" says Dedede, nogging Sweetie Belle, making her squeal. "You are one sneaky filly, trying to pull a fast one on us using that trick with your tail!"

"We will SO do it again back at Popstar!" shouts Waddle Dee.

"And this time, there will be a winner!" says Dedede.

"We will invite more people, then! It will be even more fun!" proposes Sweetie Belle.

"Of course!" confirms the king. "I can feel that this will be a big competition!"

Kirby jumps in excitement. "Poyo! Poyo!"

They start walk while discussing the details of a potential boat race in Popstar, when they suddenly stop at seeing what is in front of them.

Waddle Dee gasps. "An Invincibility Candy!"

"Poyo!" shouts in joy Kirby, before running to the candy. Before taking it, he watches Sweetie Belle with some doubts.

"Erh... Go on... But I don't know if they know..."

"About what?" asks Adeleine.

"That if we all want to profit of the candy's power, then Kirby must give it through mouth to mouth."

"Oh yes. We know. What is the problem?" asks Dedede.

"Isn't this... weird?"

"No. Why?" asks Waddle Dee.

"Uh... Because this is the case in my world..." she says with an embarrassed smile.

"Ohh... Poyo," says Kirby, bumping his right arm on the left.

"I see..." says Dedede. "Well, flash news for you, this is a common thing in Popstar. Using mouth to mouth to share the healing properties of food, or in this case, the invincibility of the candy, is absolutely not weird." He smirks. "Of course, this explains this scene that I was told about that happened in Grass Land. Your first kiss, right?"

"Eep! P-please! Dedede!" she shouts, her face all red, making Dedede guffaw.

Adeleine giggles, before petting the filly. "So Kirby did some mouth to mouth with you, and you thought of it as your first kiss, right?" she guesses.

She nods.

"Then knowing that this is a normal thing in Popstar, you can now stop thinking of it this way. That was just... a mouth to mouth to heal you."

"M-maybe... This will take time... Besides..." She turns to Dedede, smirking. "You know that this means that you will have to do a mouth to mouth with Kirby?"

Dedede stops laughing, and looks at Kirby in horror, before sighing. "I few months ago, I would have screamed 'no'. But now, I suppose that I can accept it."

Sweetie smiles at this. Yeah, at first, Dedede really hated Kirby, but now, after Kirby saving him two times, after having started to know him, having passed some time with him, having competition with him in the Gourmet Races, and now, teaming up to fight a common foe, this hate has pretty much disappeared to let place to some 'friendly' rivalry. She can sees that Dedede has still a big grudge against Kirby, but not to the point anymore of wanting to murder him. Now, again, it's just rivality, Dedede wanting to best Kirby, one way, or another, while respecting him.

She is then kissed given a mouth to mouth by Kirby, receiving the invincibility of the candy. Once the whole group has been given the invincibility, they rush along the river, ramming everything that gets in the way without being hurt by anything. In the way, they take a shard at the bottom of one of the small waterfalls just when the invincibility disappears. Following the light, they continue further down the river, before leaving it. A few seconds of walking later, they reach another river, walking beside it as they climb a hill. They do well, because this river reveals to be full of spiked logs rolling in it carried by the water, so they don't have to jump to avoid them. After having to climb many small and less small cliffs, they reach the top of the hill, and they continue following the river.

Following the river, they reach a beach in which it starts. This beach is surprisingly full of enemies, including even those yellows insects jumping out of sand pits.

"I wouldn't pass my vacation here," comments Waddle Dee.

Dedede huffs. "Bah! We just eliminate all the pests, and no problems anymore!"

"This wouldn't stop them from coming back," says Ribbon.

"Then we will build a big sand wall, and they will not be able to pass!"

"What about the ones that can dig under the sand?" she asks.

"If I see their head pop out of the sand, then I will just play whack-a-mole. I already have a hammer, and this may actually be fun."

She giggles. "And the flying ones?"

"Target practice for Sweetie Belle."

They all giggle at this just as they reach two small towers made of sand, with small walls starting from them, delimiting a round area behind with the sculpture of an elephant. They exit this area by passing two other towers behind the elephant, reaching a section with Shotzos at the end of the beach, before they have to swim in the water to reach a rock with many corals. Behind the rock is a wooden bridge passing through a small rock mountain, some of the planks being regularly pushed up by geysers. Ribbon flies around the mountain rock, looking both at it and at the light of the crystal.

"There is a shard inside it?" asks Sweetie, screaming a little to be heard.

"Yes!" shouts back Ribbon. "And I see a way to enter it at the top!"

So they all fly to the top of the rock, seeing a hole leading inside it. Jumping in it, they enter a small circular round with a star block in the center, a Maxi Tomato that is quickly gobbled, and some water. Ribbon quickly points at some big rock beside the wall. "Inside it."

"It's a big rock," comments Waddle Dee.

"We just need a big boom," says Dedede.

"Leave that to me!" says Adeleine, taking her blank paper.

"Me too!" says Sweetie Belle, preparing her magic.

"Poyo!" says Kirby, putting a dozen bombs around the rock.

Adeleine draws a Bomber and throws it at the rock, Sweetie Belle shooting a big explosive ball at the same time. All those bombs create a big explosion that effectively destroy the rock, freeing the shard that Ribbon takes. "Good job you three!"

"Okay, now let's fly out of there to continue," says Dedede.

"Wait, I don't think we need to," says Adeleine, approaching the star block in the center. "Something tells me that it is not here for nothing."

"We will see." Waddle Dee destroys the block, and a big rock that was under it start to shakes, with some water coming out. "quick! All on the rock!"

They all come on the rock, Waddle Dee having to jump on Dedede, Sweetie Belle on Kirby, and Ribbon having to go on Adeleine. Almost immediately, the rock is propulsed up by a big geyser, ascending them until they are out of the room, back outside. They rapidly jump from the top, landing back on the bridge at the other side of the rock.

"That was good thinking, Adeleine," says Sweetie Belle.

"That was not hard to guess. A single block in the middle of a room, there had to be something."

"Yeah, it is obvious now that you say it," says Dedede. "I feel stupid not thinking about it."

Kirby giggles and nods with a "Poyo," before starting to continue walking on the bridge. But then, a geyser pushes up the plank on which he is, right into a Gordo, getting him badly poked on the head.

"Those darn Gordos! Always at the wrong place!" shouts Dedede.

"Are you alright, Kirby?" asks Sweetie Belle in worry.

The puffball rubs his head, then nods. "Poyo."

Adeleine paints a strawberry shortcake for him, enough to heal him, before they continue, watching out for the geysers until they reach the end of the bridge, getting back on another rock. However, to continue, they have to swim in the sea for a few minutes to join their next destination, which is another rock at the start of a path composed of big vertical logs with some platforms and other rocks, leading to a tall island that is presumed to contain another shard. But when they jump on the logs, they sink in the floor, so for the ones wanting to continue this way, they have to jump quickly. Thankfully, the logs go back up after a second or two. Sweetie Belle, Waddle Dee, and Adeleine simply decide to swim in the sea to reach the tall island.

Once on top of the island, they jump in a hole leading inside it, in a room guarded by a big version of those green ducks with a few smaller ones. Once the duck beaten, it releases a shard while another hole appears. The hole leads to an underground lake, right into the water. Ribbon rapidly get out of the water before flying up, getting a shard near the ceiling hidden between two walls. Meanwhile, the others jump of a big rock platform made of rock bricks with a spiked wooden log. Jumping on it cause the platform to tilt under their weight, the log starting to roll toward them. They jump above it, the platform not getting back into normal once they reach the other end, and they have to climb some other platforms protruding from a wall.

As Ribbon comes back, the following path is a succession of those platforms made of bricks with logs on them tilting under their weight, and the normal ones protruding of the walls, until they reach the top of the room. they then have to jump above one of the walls, falling back into water, with a hole in another wall just above the surface. The hole gets them outside of the tall island, in front of another one.

"The light points down," says Ribbon. "I think the next shard will be in the ocean."

"I was wondering when we would get under the sea. All we have done until now is swimming at the surface," says Dedede.
Sweetie Belle nods. "Yes. It was obvious that there would be shards in the ocean. That would have been weird if some of them didn't fall in, seeing how the majority of this planet is made of water."

"Well then..." Adeleine paints Kine, the painted fish jumping in the water. Adeleine then jumps in the water after him, gripping the fish. "Time for some underwater exploring!"

The others nod and jump in the water after her. But as they start to go deeper between the two islands, they are attacked all the way by transparent beings using hair-like tentacles, and living green torpedos shooting out of holes in the walls, not giving them any time to take a breath, until they reach the sea floor where there are Glunks shooting their projectiles as they approach. They discover at the bottom of the second island a tunnel going through it, and Ribbon points at it. So they enter the tunnel, and exit it at the other side of the island, finally going into the depth of the ocean, without any islands in the way. Instead, they can see giant corals, big pillars of stone of small mountains, and the sea floor is full of holes glowing in different colors, from blue to pink passing by purple.

"It's beautiful..." says Sweetie Belle in awe. "I will never get tired of exploring the oceans."

Kirby nods. "Poyo."

Dedede looks at the holes. "I wonder what is in th-Bonk! Arg!"

As he has been talking, a rock has suddenly fallen on his head, and they spot a few others falling here and there for some reason.

"It's the second time that I get a rock on the head!" complains angrily the king, smashing the rock with his hammer.

Sweetie shoots an explosive ball at another falling rock, destroying it. "I will keep an eye on them."

"Thank you Sweetie Belle. We will take care of the fishes," says Ribbon as she shoots with the crystal one of the red fish.

After a few minutes of swimming, Sweetie destroying the rocks, they reach a wall with a tunnel near the base. The tunnel leads to a section in the wall full of water with currents going back or forth. To continue, they have to go up, having to choose between many passages that are sometime hard to reach because of the currents, Adeleine being the less annoyed by them thanks to the painted Kine. There is many Gordos in the way, after turning around rocks of going back and forth in some passages, and, again because of the currents, avoiding them is hard, and Waddle Dee gets poked halfway through this section. At the top, another current push them into a tunnel, Adeleine taking a shard just under the ceiling.

The tunnel is full of Glunks with some crabs and explosive fish, and with the current pushing them, they have to constantly be on alert to deal with them. Further in the tunnel, they reach a small room with a pole, a shard being at the bottom corner behind it. Again, Adeleine is the one taking it thanks to paint Kine. In the tunnel after the pole, they encounter fishbones and Gordos, the last ones making the way much harder to pass without getting hurt.

They eventually end in a tunnel going into a circle, the exits closing, with a bigger version of those explosive fish, round, green back, white belly, and yellow fins and tail, swimming in it, its size making avoiding it almost impossible, so they have to swim away purchased by it. There are also Glunks in the way, Ribbon shooting at them so they don't slow them down while Sweetie Belle and Ribbon attack the fish from a distance with beams and crystals. Like all the other fights against the bigger versions of their enemies, it doesn't take long before they knock out the fish, opening the way.

Out of the circled tunnel, they reach another, bigger tunnel with strong currents pushing them from behind, rocks carried by it, threatening to ram them. Again, Sweetie Belle is the one dealing with the rocks with her explosive balls, the others warning her when there are Gordos in the way. Adeleine find a third shard in a small hole in the floor, and not long after it, they reach the end of this section of the tunnel, a small passage without currents above it getting them out of it.

A few minutes of swimming in the passage later, they end up in a large cave with another tunnel going up, where they encounter a familiar orca. The killer whale looks at them in the middle of the cave, not doing anything except raising an eyebrow.

Sweetie Belle and Adeleine gasp once they see him. "Acro, is that you?" asks the filly with a big smile.

"Poyo!" Kirby waves at him.

Acro closes his eyes in happiness, swimming up and down while nodding.

"So this is this world that you moved in?" asks Dedede.

He nods.

"Well now, we have one more reason to come back to this world," says Adeleine.

"Who is he?" asks Ribbon.

"A friend," answers Sweetie Belle, as she hugs Acro, the whale licking her, making her giggle.

"His name is Acro, and he was living in Popstar before he moved away," says Waddle Dee. "We befriended him after the incident with Zero. He... he was one of the possessed."

"Oh..." Ribbon approaches Acro, petting him. "That must have been horrible... I can see that you are a good whale."

Acro nuzzles her.

"Speaking of... Acro, do you have some small crystal like the one that she has?" Dedede says, pointing at Ribbon's crystal.

Acro tilts his head, before spitting a shard, and letting it land on his head.

"Yes! That's it!" shouts Dedede in happiness.

"Acro, is it alright if with take it?" asks Adeleine.

The whale tilts his head again to show his curiosity.

It's Sweetie Belle who answers him. "The Dark Matters are back, and this crystal is our best way to deal with them."

At this, Acro frown, before nodding, and showing the crystal to Ribbon, the fairy taking it. "Thank you. I will try to come back to play with you after we have beaten the Dark Matters."

"And when we will come back to pass some good time in this world, we will invite you," says Sweetie Belle.

He smiles and nods.

At this moment, the crystal flashes and opens a portal to the next world. The new world looks more like a normal planet, round with jungles and volcanoes visible at the surface.

"Volcanoes?" asks the filly, before she sighs. "We will have to go in one of them, right?"

"I hope not," says Waddle Dee. "I don't like the thought of walking surrounded by magma."

"As long as you don't fall in it, you will be alright," says Dedede. "Now come." He then takes Waddle Dee and throws him through the portal, before going in too.

"Goodbye Acro, see you soon!" says Sweetie Belle, waving at Acro with Kirby, Adeleine, and Ribbon, the whale nodding at them. She then crosses the portal with the others, the portal closing behind them.

"The more I hear about the Dark Matters, the less I like them. Why did they possess this poor orca?" asks Fluttershy.

"Weeeell..." says Discord, uncertain. "Dark Matters spread hate and pain to make worlds easier to plunge in darkness... What do you think they could do to make others suffer with an orca?"

Celestia frowns. "An orca is a powerful predator... I can easily guess. Whatever those Dark Matters are, they must be some of the most horrible creatures that I have heard about."

Discords turn to her. "And you haven't seen their leader. Zero was nightmare fuel. Even for me, he was disturbing. I just hope that whatever took his place will not be like that."