A Sweetie Dreamland

by Lucar

Chapter 27: The Darkness Returns

Sweetie Belle has immediately told Gooey to go warn Kirby in case this Zero decides to visit Popstar. It's even almost certain that he is coming, Dark Matter's actions can be better explained this way. He destroyed the Rainbow Bridges which are a source of good emotions in Popstar, and spread terror and despair in the world, this way, Popstar would have been more vulnerable to an assault of the Dark Matters and their leader. They stopped Dark Matter, and Gooey has been turned good, but now, how long they have before Zero comes? This has been over a month since Dark Matter's defeat, so he could come any day now.

And the day he will come, it will be ugly. But now that Kirby knows about Zero's existence, he can start to prepare. However, they first have had to find a solution to fight Zero. Use the Star Rod? No... It would be too risky to take it and stop the fountain, the inhabitants will need to keep dreaming to keep hope. Recreate the Rainbow Sword? It may not be enough. The sword represents the good emotions of Popstar in general. Good emotions hurt the Dark Matters, but they would need the strongest of them to have all their chances against Zero.


Having passed the night thinking about this, she has made sure to tell that to Kirby the next day, and just after that, Kirby has taken his Warp Star before flying in the direction of Rainbow Resort. Yeah, maybe the Fountain of Dreams can do something about that. Hopefully.

Before that, she has told Dedede everything Gooey told her, and also about her fear. In answer, Dedede has told her that they would go inside their secret fortress in Iceberg so they could hide from the Dark Matters and hopefully not being possessed.

"There is a secret fortress in Iceberg?" said Sweetie Belle at learning about its existence.

"Of course!" answered the king. "In the middle of the ice, and with the blizzards, it's a good hiding spot in time of crisis."

"But shouldn't we try to help Kirby?"

"We can't do anything to the Dark Matters, unless you can somehow shoot love beams from your horn. The better way to help him will be to make sure we don't become his enemies too. I don't know how many Dark Matters there will be, but I doubt I would be the only one being possessed this time. All we can do is hide... and hope."

Sweetie hasn't liked it, but he is right. The risk of being possessed would be too big. And so, the next day, after Sweetie has told Kirby about her idea of using love to fight Zero, and he has gone to the fountain, everyone living in the castle has departed to Iceberg, and rapidly, they have reached the island's secret fortress, which is nothing more than a big round tower large at the bottom and smaller at the top, blue with a yellow horizontal band in the middle, and surrounded by a red wall with yellow rims.

And now, one day later, Sweetie is at the top of the tower, on the roof, alongside Dedede, looking at the icy island all around the fortress with dread, knowing that anytime, Zero can come. She hopes that Dedede is right and that this fortress will hide them from the Dark Matters, but she can't help herself but fear the worse. She doesn't think that this fortress is hidden enough. Also, a giant tower is not what she would call a well hidden fortress... A fortress carved in the ice would have been better. And the colors clash with the ice and the snow around them. Curse Dedede's ego!

"What is that?" suddenly says the penguin, looking at the sky.

Looking up in the sky in the same direction as him, she can see that something black has appeared, and each seconds, it's becoming bigger, or rather, it's coming closer. Before long, she can identify a giant red eye in the middle of the black, and she gulps, understanding what it is.

It's him.

So I was right... I hope that Kirby is ready.

When the black thing, which they identify as a cloud of pure darkness, reaches the space above Popstar, they can see how big it is. It must be about half the size of Nova! And then, it does something unbelievable: it breaks the rings around Popstar! As if they have been made of glasses! Following that, the cloud starts to spread all over the world, looking like a giant octopus, and one of the giant 'tentacles' is coming right toward them!

She can hear Dedede gulps. "M-maybe I should have made this fortress less visible from the sky."

"No, really?!" shouts Sweetie Belle.

The cloud rapidly reaches the sky above the islands, and before long, countless of Dark Matters appear out of it and fly to the surface, some of them coming in their direction.

"Run..." says Dedede, stepping back, taking his hammer. "Run!" he shouts.

"No need to tell me this twice!" shouts back Sweetie as she leaves the roof, entering the tower followed by Dedede.

"Alert!" screams the king at his soldiers. "They are coming! We must escape!"

"Dedede! Behind us!" yells Sweetie.

The Dark Matters have already reached the tower, and they have entered by the roof, chasing them. They can see them approaching, at least a dozen, covering everything in darkness.

"My king!" shouts a Waddle Dee coming in front of them. "They are coming from the front door too!"

This stops everyone in their escape attempt, Dedede saying "So we are trapped..." He then turns around and prepares his hammer. Just as one of the Dark Matters reaches them, he swings his hammer and hits the ball of darkness, sending it into a wall, forming a shadow on it. One second later, the ball reforms from the shadow, with no harm caused to it.

Sweetie shoots a beam to another Dark Matter, sending it flying back before it comes back.

It's no use... They seem weaker than the one I fought last time, but they are still invincible to our attacks. "What do we do Dedede?" asks Sweetie Belle in fear.

"We fight, and we try to pass them. Go on my head," he says swinging his hammer again, sending another Dark Matter into a wall. After Sweetie climbs on Dedede's head, they resume their escape alongside the soldiers that join them, while others remain behind in the hope of gaining them time.

It doesn't work...

Sweetie shoots at the many Dark Matters still following them. If one of them get too close, then she warns Dedede who turns around and hits it with his hammer, or the soldiers use what they have to try to stop it. Sometime, one of them end up possessed, either because of a Dark Matter charging at them, or they jump in the way of a Dark Matter about to possess Dedede.

After going down a few floor, they find themselves facing more Dark Matters coming from before them, the ones that have entered the fortress by the front door. They are followed by some of the possessed servants and soldiers, readying whatever they use to attack.

Dedede prepares his hammer, and charges, swinging it left and right, knocking away possessed minions and Dark Matters alike. The remaining unpossessed however are falling one after another, until by the time they reach the next floor, there are only Dedede and Sweetie Belle remaining, totally surrounded.

Dedede jumps to avoid a charging Dark Matter, swings his hammer to knock another away, crushes a possessed Waddle Doo, and kicks a possessed Broom Hatter. Sweetie shoots beams by dozens, and cracks her whip everywhere. She shoots a Dark Matter coming from before, a Bronto Burt coming from the left, another Dark Matter from before, hits a third one with her whip, and hits the bomb of a Poppy, making it explode and hurting a few enemies with the explosion.

They are fighting with everything they have, each meters gained with great difficulty. But just as Dedede is hitting a Blade Knight, and Sweetie shoots at beam at a Dark Matter, another one is able to approach, and hit Dedede from the back, making him fall on his belly and causing Sweetie to roll of his head. The Dark Matter disappears into the penguin, and he immediately gets back up, looking as if he is sleeping.

Like last time.

Sweetie tries to run away, scared to tears, only to see another Dark Matter charging at her...

And everything becomes black.

They are back on the roof of the fortress, now a giant red eye paint on it at the top, a few hours later, looking at their master, waiting. The Incarnation is coming, with the Traitor, and they have already purged the majority of this world of their influence, stopping the master from turning this world of Dream into a world of Dark.

They look down, and here they are, passing the front door with those animals, and that cursed wand gathering love.

For the master.

For darkness.

They will kill them.

Angel is waiting in the last room before the roof for Kirby and the others to bring her her feathers. Those dreadful beasts of darkness have plucked them out of her wing to make her miserable, but soon, she will get them back. Suddenly, something wraps around her from behind, and she is dragged at the hooves of one of her persecutor. She looks at her eyes in fear, the eyes looking back at her, full of hate.

She should have followed Kirby...

They have gone everywhere they could, fighting many creatures possessed by the Dark Matters, including some friends. They have helped all the unpossessed beings they have found, using the wand given by the Fountain of Dreams to collect their love. With its help, the Dark Matters have almost been chased from Popstar, only one place remaining. And after climbing that tower, fighting many enemies, collecting Angel's feathers, they finally reach the top floor, just before the roof.

Kirby and Gooey, respectively using the Needle ability and the Fire ability, followed by Rick, Coo, Kine, a pink octopus with a red bow named ChuChu, a big white cat with orange fur on his head, back, and tail, and with brown ears and some more brown on his back named Nago, and a small green bird with a white belly named Pitch, expect to see Angel to give her her feathers, only to stop in shock at what they are seeing.

Angel is here, but she is now heavily hurt, injured all over her body with some burns and frostbites, back against a cracked wall. The responsible of her state is just in front of them, blocking the way. A grey furred filly with a mane and a tail made of dark purple and dark pink hairs, looking at them with an expression promising suffering, and a whip floating at her right, ready to hit.

Kirby easily recognize her, his fear getting true.

Sweetie Belle.

So she has been possessed too... But not any longer! Kirby takes a determined step forward, ready to fight his friend to save her. Gooey comes at his right, puffing some fire. The animals are behind them, ChuChu jumping on Rick's head, and Coo and Pitch flying toward the ceiling.

Kirby then charges at Sweetie Belle, and the filly answers by shooting a fireball at him. He jumps his left, avoiding the fireball that almost hit Nago, only for the cat lowering his head at the last second. Rick takes Gooey, and throws him at her, the blob ready to headbutt her, only for Sweetie to put a shield around her, stopping him. The blob stopped, she makes the shield disappear while he is sliding down on it, and she hits him with a punch from above, crushing him between her hoof and the floor.

Kirby then comes from her right, and is able to hurt her with his needles, followed by Coo and Pitch approaching her, Coo attacking her with his claws while the smaller bird use his beak to poke her horn, understanding that it may be a weak point. Sweetie hits Pitch with her hoof as if he was a fly, causing him to be sent toward a wall, only for Nago to catch him with a jump that would make a goalkeeper proud. Gooey takes the opening to breath fire at Sweetie's face, making her step back and freeing him, before he slaps her a few time with his tongue until he is hit by a shockwave sent from one of her hoof, knocking him on his back.

Kirby hurts her again with his needle, only for him to be wrapped in her magic and being sent flying toward Coo, his needle hurting the owl. She is suddenly punched from her left by a pink tentacle from ChuChu, the octopus still being on Rick's head. The hamster has approached the filly from the left while she has been busy fighting the others, and they have taken the opportunity to attack. ChuChu unleashes a storm of punches at Sweetie followed by Rick charging at her, knocking her on her back. He is about to stomp on her belly, only to be hit by a beam that forces him to take a step back.

Getting back up, Sweetie unleashes on them her Vulcan Jab followed by a Smash Punch, a powerful forward punch releasing a shockwave that sends Rick and ChuChu hitting a wall. Nago suddenly falls right on her, crushing her under his weight, before taking her left hind hoof and using it to slam her on the floor one, two, three times. At the third time, he is stopped by a kick in the face from Sweetie's right hind hoof, stopping her in midair where she is sent into a wall by a flaming comet that is actually Gooey. Kine uses it to slap her with his tail a few time before jumping away, only for Sweetie materializing a shield under him, before sending it up, crushing the fish between it and the ceiling. She then send another shield to fend off an approaching Gooey.

Coo, Kirby in his claws, releases the puffball above Sweetie Belle, letting him fall head first on her, where he hits her back with his needles, poking her through her cape. Still upside down on her back, Kirby kicks the back of her head before jumping away, only to be bucked, and as he flies away because of the hit, the whip wraps itself around him, and he finds himself used as a wrecking ball on his friends, hitting Nago, Kine, Coo, before knocking ChuChu out of Rick's head. He is saved by Rick taking the whip and stopping it, freeing him. Kirby then releases the Needle ability and eats the whip, getting an ability he has never gotten until now: the Whip ability, gaining a whip similar to Sweetie's alongside a red stetson hat with blue stars all around it. He approaches Sweetie as she is busy...

Wait, is she about to put Pitch in her mouth?

"Poyooo!" shouts Kirby in panic, running to get closer before wrapping his whip around the bird, saving him just in time. Releasing Pitch, he then wraps the whip around Sweetie's neck, and uses it to make her flying around him for a few loops before throwing her in the path of Gooey charging again like a comet. Violently hit by the attack, she crashes head first into a wall, cracking it.

She doesn't move after that.

This is not the end, Kirby knows it. The Dark Matter is still in her, and if she wakes up, hurt or not, she will restart the fight. They must purge the Dark Matter out of her, but for that, they still need to fight Dedede -it's obvious it's him waiting for them on the roof-, and they must not forget Angel.

Speaking of Angel, they must heal her.

Kirby waves at Coo and shouts "Poyo!"


Kirby points at Angel, then at the door from where they entered the room. "Poyo poyo!"

"Coo!" shouts back the owl, saluting before passing the door.

Not even a minute later, he comes back with two bottles of energy drink in his claws, and gives them to Kirby who nods at him in thanks. Kirby then approaches Angel and slowly move her, hoping to wake her, not wanting to force her to drink while she is unconscious. Angel's eyes open not long after, and she looks at Kirby, the puffball smiling and giving her a bottle.

Drinking the bottle, then the other, is enough to heal her. Once done, Kirby gives her the feathers, and soon, her wings are back like they were before.

"Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!" she shouts, flying around in happiness.

Smiling, Kirby then takes the wand given to him by the Fountain of Dream, a cone with yellow and red parallels lines. Something suddenly gets out of Angel, shaping back and forth between a star and a heart. The Heart Star flies at the wand, making it flash.

Hopefully, it will be enough to fight Zero, but before, they must get the Dark Matters out of this area. Looking back one last time at Sweetie Belle, Kirby and the others bid Angel farewell before taking the exit door leading to the roof, ready to fight the possessed king, again.

Consciousness comes back to Sweetie Belle, her body hurting. Why is it hurting? She can't remem- No, wait, that's right. Zero and his Dark Matters have come conquering the world or whatever, then she has gottten possessed by one of them alongside Dedede and everybody else in the fortress. She... She could only look then, as the Dark Matter in her has been doing horrible things with her body, hurting innocent people, destroying things...

Oh Celestia, what she has done to that angel...

And then, she has fought Kirby, Gooey, Rick, Coo, Kine, and three other animals, and... SHE HAS ALMOST EATEN THE BIRD ALIVE! Oh Celestia... It makes her sick just thinking about it.

That's when she feels that she is in someone's arms, against their chest. She slowly opens her eyes, and sees that the person is actually the big cat that she has fought earlier, transporting her to the roof of the fortress. The cat sees her opening her eyes and smiles warmly at her.

And she understands that she is free.

Just then, they reach the roof, and she hears a familiar voice asking "Are you alright?"

Turning her head, she sees Dedede looking at her worried. She can see that he has been badly hurt too, probably fighting Kirby and the others, but he doesn't seem to mind that much. This shows how much stronger than her he is.

And he is free too.

And the sky is not covered in darkness anymore.

And minions are starting to get on the roof too, bringing healing items, mainly bottles of energy drink.

They are free too.

They are all free.

Tears appear in her eyes, both of relief, but also of pain. Seeing this, Dedede's expression becomes uncertain, before he sighs, and takes Sweetie Belle in his arms, pressing her against his chest and petting her head. In return, Sweetie hugs him, putting her hooves around his neck, and her head under his chin making sure to not poke him with her horn.

They remain like that for one minute, before someone says "Excuse me..." When they look, they see a Waddle Dee, Sweetie's friend, approaching with two bottles of energy drink. They can see that he is also a little hurt, but not as badly as them. "Here are bottles to heal."

Dedede drops Sweetie on the floor, before taking one of the bottles, the filly taking the others, healing them, but not completely. At least it doesn't hurt that much anymore.

"Thank you Waddle Dee," says Sweetie Belle. "Are you okay?"

"Yeah don't worry, I got punched a couple of time, nothing more. Still, that cat has one heck of a punch."

Speaking of the cat, he is still watching them, sitting and chuckling a little at Waddle Dee's comment. That's when Sweetie sees that Kirby, still with the Whip ability, Gooey, and the other animals are also there. When she sees him, Kirby immediately hugs her, happy to see her alright. He is followed by Gooey, Rick, Coo, and Kine, before being joined by the last three even if they don't know her, and not wanting to be left out, Waddle Dee also joins them, leaving her in the middle of a giant group hug, making her giggle.

When the hug ends, Kirby presents the three new animals to her. When he says Pitch's name, she just have to says something.

"Sorry for almost eating you."

Pitch waves his left wing, as if to say "That's ok."

"Nice meeting you three."

"I think we should stop right there with the presentations," then says Dedede, looking at the sky. "Kirby has a job to finish and he has rested enough."

Sweetie follows his eyes, and sees that there is still a giant dark cloud far in the sky. It's smaller than before, but she can see it growing back little by little.

"So Zero is still up there?" she asks, frowning, grinding her teeth.

"Yes," answers Dedede. "And he is not giving up. Kirby must somehow go up there and beat him to end this once and for all."

"But how will he go into that cloud?" asks Waddle Dee.

At this, Kirby takes the wand and shows it at them.

"What is this wand?" asks Sweetie.

Kirby points at her.

"Me? Wait, that's right. After I told you about trying to find a way to use love to beat Zero, you went to the Fountain of Dreams to see if it could help. Is it a gift of the fountain?"

"Poyo!" Kirby confirms with a nods. He then turns in the direction of the cloud with a determined expression and brandishes the wand toward the sky. From the wand, dozens of Heart Stars get out of it, float around, before fusing with the wand, now giving it a yellow heart at the top, on the biggest part of the cone.

Gooey goes beside Kirby, and the two of theme nod, ready to go.

"Wait!" shouts Sweetie Belle, approaching them. "Let me come with you! Like last time!"

"Are you sure Sweetie Belle?" says Dedede. "You aren't fully recovered from... that whole experience."

Sweetie sighs. "I know but..." She looks at Dedede in anger. "I wanna help Kirby, and fight Zero. This will make me feel better. Beside..." She smiles at him. "Don't you want someone to save the world in your name?"

Dedede looks at her with doubt, before putting his hand between his eyes, rubbing and sighing. "Alright... Go on... Just... Be careful."

"I will," she says, before turning back to Kirby and Gooey. "So, I can come?"

"Poyo," says Kirby, nodding, before jumping on Sweetie's back. This causes Sweetie's coat to turn pink, and the color of her mane and tail to turn... like princess Cadance's? And now she has wings too.

Sweetie facehoofs. Off course the wand made of love would turn her into a filly version of the Princess of Love. She doesn't have her Cutie Mark however. Bummer. The best part however is that the transformation has healed her entirely.

Kirby then brandishes the wand in the direction of the dark cloud, and Gooey wraps his tongue around him, before the wand makes them flying toward the cloud, and their enemy.

After a few minutes of flying, they finally reach the cloud, and enter it, the wand opening a small tunnel to let them pass. At the heart of the cloud, they are in a pocket of emptiness totally surrounded by darkness, with oval-shaped agglomerations of darkness flying all around them in a maelstrom. They are really in the eye of the cyclone, but where is Zero?

Darkness suddenly conglomerates before them, forming a Dark Matter bigger than the others that possessed them, about the same size as the first one they have fought above Dark Castle. The newly formed Dark Matter doesn't lose time and attacks them by shooting the now familiar dark lightning, that Sweetie blocks with her shield. Kirby and Gooey both counter attack at the same time, Kirby using the wand to throw heart-shaped projectiles that seems to heavily damage the Dark Matter.

"It works!" shouts Sweetie Belle in happiness. Thanks to this wand, this redoubtable enemy is now nothing more than a slightly more powerful minion of the same level than Dedede's lieutenants. But this doesn't mean the Dark Matter is weak, so they must keep their guard up.

As for Gooey, making sure to keep contact with Kirby and the wand, he shoots star-shaped projectiles, probably filled with the love of the wand, hurting the Dark Matter as much as the heart-shaped projectiles.

The Dark Matter charges at them, and Sweetie flies away to avoid being rammed, using more shields to protect themselves of more dark lightning. Eventually, the Dark Matter stops and throws his small orbs toward them. Remembering that those orbs are explosive, Sweetie create another shield and expand it like a balloon, forcing the orbs to explode before coming too close, but causing the shield to be damaged before she makes it disappear. Not minding the slight aching in her horn, she shoots back at the Dark Matter her own heart-shaped beams, before flying away from another charge.

The Dark Matter still charging at her, shooting dark beams that Sweetie dodges with more or less success, she decides to stop, turn around, and prepares a jab that she fills with her energy. The energy itself being filled with the love of the wand, the resulting punch sends the Dark Matter flying back, hurting him a lot, probably doubled by the fact that she has hit him in the eye. More projectiles from Kirby and Gooey eventually finish him, the Dark Matter exploding like the first one, expelling darkness all around him with a big screech of pain.

This fight has definitely been far more easier than the first Dark Matter. Either this one has been less powerful, or the wand is too powerful.

Suddenly, the cloud flashes, forcing Sweetie, kirby, and Gooey to close their eyes. When they open them after the flashes, they finally see him.

A giant white sphere, with a single big eye in the color of blood, and a big, black pupil.

He stares at them, they stare back, Sweetie grinding her teeth. Here he is, the responsible of so much suffering in all Popstar. Because of him, she has been forced to hurt innocents, and fight her friends, almost killing someone. The leader of the Dark Matters in person.


The fight starts with them throwing what they have at Zero, the giant ball not even flinching at taking them as he starts to charge at them at great speed despite his size. Sweetie doesn't have time to get out of the way and takes the full force of the charge, sending her flying in the darkness before she comes back, Kirby and Gooey still on her back. Keeping her distance, they bombard Zero again without stopping. He ripostes by creating from his body a dozen of small Dark Matters that immediately fly toward them.

So he can create Dark Matters? Well... This sucks...

Sweetie flies away from the Dark Matters chasing her, Kirby and Gooey shooting at them to destroy them, then barely avoid Zero charging at her again, taking the occasion that she is so close to him to punch him, which doesn't seems to do much. She immediately goes away from him before he rams her again, and has to avoid more small Dark Matter flying around her, more and more numerous, to the point that she has to attack a few of them to diminue their number alongside Kirby and Gooey.

She sees Zero sending from holes in his body projectiles made of liquid red like his eye, and uses a shield to stop them, recognizing, to her disgust, what the projectiles are made of.

"B-b-blood?! He is shooting his blood at us?! What the buck?!"

Because of the blood on her shield, she doesn't see Zero approaching, and finds herself hit by another charge destroying the shield, causing Gooey to be thrown out of her back, where he takes his Dark Matter form and starts to attack the other Dark Matters around him with his own lightning, much less effective than love. Zero is still creating more of them from his body, the Dark Matters flying everywhere in chaos. Before she is able to recover from being rammed by Zero, Sweetie is rammed by one of the Dark Matters, sending her flying into another one, then another one, before being saved by Kirby destroying the next Dark Matter about to charge her.

Sweetie uses this to form a spheric shield filled with love around her body, before expanding it, hitting and destroying dozens of the Dark Matters, clearing the area, before charging right toward Zero's eye, punching it with her right hoof filled with love energy, making the eye bleed. Kirby takes this occasion to shoot the heart-shaped projectiles into it, hurting Zero more. The white ball decides to fly away in the darkness, and they can see him at the edge of the area, barely visible behind the agglomerations of darkness, where he shoots his blood at them. Sweetie is able to avoid them, flying around the projectiles while shooting love beams back at Zero, the leader of the Dark Matter being able to dodge some of them thanks to the distance.

Gooey comes back on her back, and immediately starts to use the love of the wand to destroy the Dark Matters that are coming back, helped by Kirby and Sweetie, until Zero comes back, charging at them from above. Sweetie flies away at max speed, the giant white ball missing her from an inch. Looking at Zero, Sweetie flies a few more meters before doing a U-turn, charging at him, surrounding herself with another love filled shield, hitting Zero from the side like a comet. She flies away, and starts another charge, but Zero does the same, and the two collide. Zero being far stronger and bigger, Sweetie is the one losing the clash, and she is sent away, only for Zero to continue his charge and ram her, getting the filly lying on his head with his speed.

Rather than letting herself being sent into the darkness again, Sweetie runs on Zero, shooting love beams all the while, and jumps from his back before turning around, shooting again her love beams alongside Kirby and Gooey. When Zero turns around to look at them, he shoots more of his blood alongside creating more Dark Matters, still not giving up despite all the attacks he has taken. Sweetie creates another shield around her, and charges again at Zero, passing through blood and Dark Matter, until hitting him right in his eye, where she follows with a charged love beam at it. Then, she does a love filled Vulcan Jab, heavily hurting the eye which bleed even more, cracks forming in the white around it. Zero tries to fly back to stop the filly from attacking his eye, but Sweetie doesn't let him go, too determined to kill this monster there and then.

He shoots his blood at her, but despite being hit, Sweetie doesn't give up her attacks, only focusing in the eye with more jabs and beams, without interrupting, more and more cracks appearing around the eye. The Black Matters around are however getting closer and more numerous, despite Kirby and Gooey attacking them to keep them away.

"Poyo!" shouts Kirby.

Sweetie looks back at all the Dark Matters, and goes a little away from Zero. She creates another shield around her, and like earlier, expands it, hitting both Zero and the Dark Matters, destroying all the black balls. The shield hitting Zero causes the cracks to grow even more, before the eye suddenly gets out of the white body in a big explosion of blood, leaving behind a big bloody hole. As the eyeball continues to float, stopping bleeding, the white body eventually disappears in the darkness. The eyeball then looks at them, much to Sweetie's surprise.

Sweetie gulps back some bile, before saying "He is still alive?"

The eyeball charges at them, not giving up the fight, and rams Sweetie in the belly, throwing her back. Clenching her teeth, she creates a new shield around her and charges back at the eyeball, hitting it with force, making it bleed. She flies away, and comes back, hitting it with another charge, then another, then another, not letting the eye any respite, because he must pay, for everything!

Who know how many worlds he has destroyed or plunged into darkness?


Who know how many has died because of him?


He only knows hate, anger and pain.


And with his Dark Matters, he spreads them in the universe, causing untold suffering, like they have done to her, and forced her to do.


Never again!

This! BAM! Must! BAM! End! BAM! NOW!

She gives one last charge, sharping her shield as much as she can at the front, like a spear.

And she pierces him.

The eyeball starts to spiral, totally losing control. Blood is spewing of it in quantity far greater than it should possess for its size. And finally...

It explodes.

But this is not the end. Even with Zero beaten, there is still the cloud of darkness around them. While Sweetie recuperates her breath, Kirby brandishes the wand, and focusing on it, spreads a giant wave of love all around them, destroying the whole cloud, ending the threat of the Dark Matters. They can see the wave spreading to the whole planet, reforming the destroyed rings, giving back the beauty of Popstar.

The world is saved.

But Sweetie doesn't think about that. She is too busy looking at her hooves.

Her hooves covered in blood.