A Sweetie Dreamland

by Lucar

Chapter 64: Cookie Country

"It was nice to meet you miss Glimmer. I am glad that Twilight has been able to find such a promising pupil."

"Thank you princess. I will do my best to learn about friendship," answers the lilac unicorn with a bow.

"Oh, so Twilight found a student? I don't know what to think about her becoming more like you Celestia," she suddenly hears from her left, making her jump in surprise with a "Eep!"

"You should really stop appearing without warning Discord," says Celestia.

"Never! It's too funny to see them jump like that. Anyway..." He turns toward Rarity. "Guess what!"

It doesn't take long for her to understand. "Sweetie Belle?" A medal in chocolate appears on her heart.


"Young Sweetie Belle is on another adventure?" asks Luna from beside Celestia. "Huzzah! I have missed watching her! The letter about her adventures were so exciting to read!"

"But we must return to our duty Luna," says Celestia.

"I don't have any duty before tonight! So you can return listening those idiots that call themselves nobles, I will not miss this adventure now that I have the occasion to watch one!" She turns to Discord. "What is this about this time? Another abomination of darkness?"

"From what mini-me told me, not this time. This time, she will have to fight a dragon bearing a crown giving him unlimited power in another dimension. But before that, she must help an alien repairing his spaceship that can traverse through dimensions, and the pieces have fallen all over the world."

"I must not miss this!"

Starlight looks at Discord and Luna with round eyes, not sure what to think. "Alien? Spaceship? A dragon from another dimension bearing a crown of unlimited power? What?"

"Ahahahahahah! You will get used to this!" says Discord. "Even Twilight has more or less gotten used to those crazy things."

Starlight looks at Twilight, only for her to nod. "Wait, he's not kidding?"

"Not at all," answers Twilight. "The dimension where Sweetie Belle is... is crazy. You will see soon enough."

"They can walk on clouds without cloudwalking spell or without being a pegasus, they can breath in water..."

Pinkie puts a hoof on his mouth. "Hush! Don't reveal too much!"

"Oooh! If she's like Twilight, maybe she will have one or two meltdown!" says Discord. "I will have to think of the popcorn!"

"I'm gonna get Apple Bloom," says Applejack. "She'll want to see this."

"No need to go." Discord snaps his fingers, and Apple Bloom and Scootaloo appear beside him, the later on her hind hooves, front hooves in front of her, which leads her to fall the next instant.


"Hey! I was on my scooter!"

Discord snaps his fingers again. "There. Now it is beside the door of the castle."

Apple Bloom looks around, and quickly puts two and two. "We're gonna watch Sweetie Belle? It's been so long!"

"That's right!" shouts Pinkie in joy. "And there will be aliens, spaceships, and a dragon!"

Scootaloo gasps. "Spaceships?"


"Just one spaceship," corrects Twilight. She then frowns. "One minute." A paper appears in front of her. "Is that the spaceship of this list? And that crown of unlimited power, is it the same crown from this list too?"

"The ship, yes. The crown..." Discord rubs his chin. "Maybe. It's not confirmed, but very probably."

"Too much talking!" shouts Luna. "Let's go watch before we miss too much!"

Hearing her, the fillies spot the princesses and quickly bow. "Princesses!"

"No need to bow, little ones," says Celestia. She then looks at the other ponies, biting her lower lip. "Give me one minute." And she disappears.

Discord looks at where Celestia has been before turning to the others. "Well then, let's go."

"So Magolor is an Ancient?" asks Sweetie Belle to Meta Knight as they still fly on the Warp Stars.


"Wait..." She thinks back to that picture that queen Ripple has shown her back on Ripple Star. "The ears! The Ancients in the picture had horn-like ears, like Magolor! If he is an Ancient, then it's no wonder then he possesses the Lor, because it is a creation of the Ancients! Wait, does this means that this Master Crown is the crown that Ripple showed me that the Ancients created? And Magolor said that Halcandra is his world, so was it the world of the Ancients? So does this mean that the Ancients actually come from another dimension? What about the God?"

"Rather than ask those questions in the air, why don't you wait to ask them to Magolor? If he is an Ancient, then he should be able to answer all of them," says Dedede.

"Maybe he even knows something about the origin of Kirby!" exclaims Bandana Dee.

"We are getting close to Cookie Country," warns them Meta Knight.

As they look in front of them, they can see that they approach a land full of grasslands and forests, with many hills that look like...

"Are those hills actual cookies?" asks Sweetie Belle, mouth watering.

"Oh, I think I will come more often to this place," says Dedede.


Meta Knight chuckles. "They are chocolate chip flavored."

"Meta Knight! Please, stop!" pleads the filly.

"And they are very delicious."

"It's already hard to resist! No need to make it harder! I don't want to become a ball!"

"Pff. Chocolate chip flavored hills are nothing," says Yin.

"Yeah. Back in Patch Land, there is a whole place made of cakes, with cakes the size of mountains!" continues Yarn.

Sweetie looks at them. "So that exist. I knew it! I knew that there would be a land like that somewhere in this crazy universe! And remind me to never go to that place! I would never be able to leave it! Ugh! Next time I have the occasion, I will wish to be able to eat what I want without gaining weight! Like Kirby!"

"You would have to find another Nova for that," says Bandana Dee. "And it's not like we can find one on every world."

"There must have another way to grant my wish! Everything can happen in this universe! Maybe one day, I will find a genie in a lamp. And don't say that's impossible! Now stop talking about food and let's land!"

"Now I can see what you meant. They fly on stars toward a land with hills made of cookies," says Starlight. "We barely started watching, and already, I just said something imp-"

She is interrupted by something pink passing rapidly beside her toward the portal, only to crash on it, revealing it to be Pinkie Pie who starts sliding down.

"Sorry Pinkie. This portal is just a window, not a door," says Discord, snickering.

"But I want to go eat the giant chocolate chip flavored cookie hills!"

"I could create one, but I don't want to be held responsible for half the foals of Equestria becoming obese."

She crosses her hooves. "Not fair! You could just snap your fingers so nopony would become fat!"

Discord raises a finger about to say something before stopping and lowering it. "Hey. You are right." At this, both Apple Bloom and Scootaloo turn toward him with pleading eyes, along with Pinkie. Discord turns toward Luna with a raised eyebrow.

"I say yes to the Cookie Hill!" she shouts, making the fillies and Pinkie cheer.

That's when Celestia appears. "Done. We are free for the rest of the day."

"Then come join us! They are about to explore a land with hills made of cookie!"

"Hills made of..." She looks at the portal, spotting the hills. "Everything can really happen in this universe..."

"They even talked about a land made of cakes, with mountain cakes," says Discord with a smirk.

Hearing this, Celestia's eyes grow wide, and she gulps.

"Don't think about this Celestia!" shouts Luna. "Or you wouldn't be able to sit on the throne anymore! Tartarus, you wouldn't even be able to enter the castle!"

Celestia looks at her with pleading eyes.

"No! Now sit and watch the badass filly kick flanks! They are about to land!"

Kirby's Warp Star is the first to land, Kirby, Meta Knight, and Bandana all jumping from it just before it exploded upon crashing on the ground. Seems like Kirby has gotten more or less the hang of landing. However, Bandana Dee lands on his face.

"Watch out!" they hear Sweetie shout, but they barely have time to turn around before Meta Knight is rammed by Sweetie's Warp Star before it explodes, sending Sweetie, Dedede, and Meta Knight to fly in three directions, Dedede getting his head stuck in the ground when he lands. Yep, this is not yet it for the filly... for the amusement of Discord and some of the ponies.

Dedede gets his head out of the ground then shakes his head to regain his senses. "I thought you had learned to land since then..." he says while rubbing his head.

"Sorry..." says Sweetie on the floor. "I passed more time training to improve my fighting than to learn to land with the Warp Star."

Meta Knight gets up and glares at Sweetie Belle. "Once we are finished with Landia, I will teach you how to land with the Warp Star."

"Can I have my fight against Dedede before that?"

He raises an eyebrow. "You want to fight Dedede?"

"Yeah, she thinks that she has become strong enough to beat me."

"I don't just think it. I know it!"

"Yeah yeah. We will see. Once I get my hands on my mecha hammer, I will clobber you for the... Uh... One hundredth times? I stopped counting."

"That was during our training all those months ago! I'm much stronger now!"

He smirks. "Me too."

"Alright you two. You will see who is now the stronger after our fight against Landia," says Meta Knight. "For now, let's just start to search for the Energy Spheres and the parts."

"How will we find them?" asks Bandana Dee. "We don't have something to guide us like the crystal back then!"

"They use the power of Dreams. I think that Magolor called it 'Dream Matter," says Meta Knight before turning to Kirby. "I'm sure that Kirby will be able to... 'feel' it."


"Your inhaling and Copy ability comes from the Dream Matter. The ability to use powers like in dreams. Use elements, invoke weapons, make wishes come true, traverse through dimensions, without the need to call any power from inside us, that's the power of Dream Matter."

"Wait a minute," shouts Sweetie Belle. "So the Dream power created by the God is called Dream Matter? Does this means that Heart and Soul are called Heart Matter and Soul Matter?"


"But then... Does this make the Dark Matter an actual fourth power? That this universe is composed of Dream Matter, Heart Matter, Soul Matter, and Dark Matter?"

Meta Knight frowns in thought. "The Dark Matters didn't possess any Dream, Heart or Soul, but they were still a creation of The God. So it may be the conclusion. There is a fourth power in this universe, which we have been fighting for some months. The power that doesn't come from our Dreams, from our Heart, or from our Soul... The Dark Matter. And this means that Zero and his minions, despite their name, were not really Dark Matters, but incarnations of the Dark Matter. They were a part of a greater whole."

"Maybe Magolor can confirm it," says Bandana Dee. "If he knows about the Dream Matter, then he probably knows about the other Matters."

"It's even certain. Meta Knight told us that Magolor is an Ancient, and Ancients were champions in using those Matters in their technology and magic," says Dedede.

"Even if Magolor is an Ancient, it doesn't mean that he knows everything about his ancestors. It was so long ago, and many things have been lost to History," rebuts Meta Knight. "But yes, he probably knows about the Matters. But first..." He turns back to Kirby.

Kirby understands and nods before closing his eyes, trying to sense the Dream Matter from the spheres. After a few seconds, he is able to sense an energy that reminds him of the Star Rod, and understands that it is the Dream Matter. Actually, without knowing it, he has been able to feel it all this time, and because of it, he has never payed attention to it, but now that he focus, he is able to see it for real. Quickly, a problem appears. He has no problems to feel the Dream Matter in the air but... IT IS EVERYWHERE! This whole world is made of Dream Matter! With some Heart (reminding him of the Love Love Stick), and Soul (by elimination, and because it reminds him of the power he has felt when Sweetie Belle has sung in their fight), and even of Dark (he can easily identify it), but in very small quantities, put in. This explains why he has been able to feel it like he feels the air all this time.

Wait. He can feel the Matters, but how is it possible? This is not simply because he is using Dream Matter for his Copy ability, right? There must be more.

But rather than focus on those questions, he tries now to find any way to identify the Dream Matter that comes from the Energy Spheres and the oars that he knows are somewhere on this land.

After a few more seconds, he is able to feel Dream Matter that seems to be expulsed from a direction. He is not sure that it is an Energy Sphere, but it's better than nothing, and at least, it means that the sphere must be close. Until they find it, he should be able to learn to better feel the Matters.

So he opens his eyes and waves the others to follow him.

Kirby starts to run in one direction, following a road, and Sweetie Belle and the others quickly follow him.

"You found something?" asks Sweetie Belle.

"Poyo!" says Kirby with a nod.

So they follow Kirby, passing not far of a giant tree with giant leaves that turn like the palm of a mill. In the way, Kirby eats a Blade Knight to gain the Sword ability.

"Did he just eat someone?" asks Starlight in horror.

"Don't worry, the people he eats reappear somewhere close," says Rarity.

"And it starts," says Discord, chuckling.

After jumping/flying above a rather high ledge, they enter a tunnel where Kirby decides to change his Sword to Fire by eating a Hot Head before they find a key with a star-shaped head.

"Oh? Will we find a new treasure chest?" asks Sweetie Belle.

"More treasures for me!" shouts Dedede.

However, it turns out that the key simply opens a door a little further ahead, to Dedede's disappointment. But luckily for them, behind the door, they find their first Energy Sphere floating in the air, which makes Kirby jump in joy.

"You did it Kirby!"

Meta Knight flies toward the sphere to take it before letting Kirby eat it.

They continue through the tunnel, Dedede destroying a stone star block only to find nothing behind it. "Normally, there is food in places like this! I'm still hungry!"

Not minding him, Kirby jumps to continue, only to encounter... a giant cardboard Waddle Dee slowly waddling toward him?


Destroying it with his fire reveals that there are three Waddle Dees hidden inside it.

"They were probably thinking that by using a giant cardboard costume, they would have a better chance against you," says Sweetie Belle.

Not minding the Waddle Dees, hey continue their way, Dedede finding a few fruits in some star blocks.

"Better than nothing."

After climbing a ladder, they exit the tunnel, only to encounter a curious scene.

"What happened to you dude?" asks a Blade Knight to another who is a little bigger with a star on his forehead and glowing with energy.

"I don't know. Some kind of star fell on me and now I'm like this. But look!" The big Blade Knight shows his sword, which grows in size, to the amazement of a couple of Waddle Dees watching them.

"Awesome dude!"

"I know! Now the girls will not resist me."

"It's like Magolor said. That Blade Knight has been infused with the energy of the crown," says Meta Knight.

"Kirby. Eat."

Kirby deadpans at Dedede. I'm not your dog...

"Too bad for this Blade Knight, but we may need this boosted ability," says Sweetie Belle.

He nods and gives up the Fire ability before running toward the two Blade Knights who spot him.

"Watch out dude! It's Kirby!"

"Ah! He doesn't scare me! With my giant sword, I will cut him in two in one swing!"

But before he can do anything, Kirby starts to inhale, which the Blade Knight can't do anything against. Before long, the two knights are inhaled, which lets Kirby gaining the Sword ability. But there are differences.

The green hat is longer, with a star at the end, and a glowing star at the front. Three swords are now coming out of shells protruding from the hat at each side of the glowing star, forming wings, and the sword that Kirby now holds is a bigger version of the one he normally use, with a star now on the gem at the base.

Kirby then turns toward the two Waddle Dees that are on a cracked piece of the ground, and the two quickly run away in fear. Still, Kirby does a few circles with the sword before raising it. Then, the sword becomes huge, the handle now has big as Kirby, and with just one slow swing, Kirby is able to destroy the cracked ground, revealing some food and showing the new power of this boosted version of Sword, to everyone's amazement.

"What the buck?!" shouts Rainbow Dash.

"THAT's the power of the Master Crown?!" shouts Dedede.

"No. That's just a glimpse," corrects Meta Knight.

Hearing this, Bandana Dee faints.

"Magolor did say that the crown possesses infinite powers," says Sweetie Belle. "But seeing this... We hadn't realized what it meant. The fight against Landia will be hard. And it puts into perspective how powerful the Dark God must be."

"Oh... Stars..." At this, Dedede faints too.

"Poyo!" shouts Kirby to gain their attention. Then, with a smirk toward Meta Knight, Kirby's sword grows... and turns into a giant version of Meta Knight's sword. Seeing this, Meta Knight turns his back and crosses his arms.

"The size of the sword doesn't matter."

"And yet, you seem upset," says Sweetie Belle with a giggle.

"I'm not. Just wake up those two so we can continue."

"Alright alright."

So Sweetie forms a bucket with her shield and fills it with water produced from her horn before emptying it on Bandana Dee and Dedede. Once they stop coughing, Kirby starts moving, followed by the others.

"So this is some of the power from that crown?" asks Applejack.

"Whoever wears it must be more powerful than an alicorn," says Twilight. "And it's a dragon who wears it! I'm... scared..."

Kirby and the others come to a group of Sir Kibbles. His sword then turns into a giant cutlass and he swings it down on the Sir Kibbles, dealing with them and destroying the ground under them, revealing some fruits.

"Hey! Leave some for us!" shouts Dedede.

More uses of the sword lead to it turning into some wooden stick like in some dojos, a meat cleaver (the ponies looking at it in horror), and even... a paper fan.


Then, it turns into a giant fish.

The buck?

After destroying a big chunk of ground, they discover a star-shaped portal.

"Oh. Like Magolor said. This means that we will have to fight one of those Doomers. With a name like that, I wonder what they will be like," says Sweetie Belle.

"Only one way to know," says Bandana Dee.

They all nod, and jump into the portal. When the ponies can see Sweetie and the others again, they are now... in a monochromatic version of the land they have been. However, only a straight road is present, floating in what seems to be a space tunnel with planetoid floating here and there. The space seems to distort to form shapes like stars or squares.
And somehow, there are Waddle Dees here! And contrary to everything else, they have their colors!

Also, Kirby doesn't have his super ability anymore.

"What is this place?" asks Rainbow.

"This is Magolor's dimension?" asks Sweetie. "I have so many questions..."

"No time to tell us about them," says Meta Knight before pointing behind them. "We must run."

They all turn around at this, and they see a... purple space wall approaching, everything that enters it disappearing, as if this whole place is erasing itself.

"I didn't miss this!" shouts Sweetie Belle before running with the others.

Running and jumping above holes, they try to escape the purple wall, not minding the Waddle Dees who don't even try to run away. They punch away a giant one, then come in front of a pile of three big stone star blocks that are even bigger than Kirby. But to everyone's surprise, he's able to inhale all of them! Which he couldn't before! He then spits all of them under the form of a giant star with two smaller stars orbiting it, destroying everything in its way.

Bandana Dee raises his arms in frustration. "His inhaling ability has become more powerful! As if he wasn't already powerful enough!"

"Bandana! The wall!" warns Sweetie Belle while Kirby continues.

Bandana Dee turns around and sees that the wall has almost reached him. Screaming in fright, he runs away with the others.

Following the way, destroying everything in the way -mainly blocks and some Waddle Dees-, they eventually reach a door that leads them to a similar place, only this time, no purple wall following them, letting them take their breath.

"Magolor will have some explaining to do," says Dedede.

After a few seconds, they move again, and it doesn't take long for them to spot two Energy Spheres floating further. But knowing that a Doomer is around, they remain calm and look around while approaching. But when they get close enough, the spheres start to glow, and from behind in the light comes a purple thing that surrounds the spheres and fuses them into a single sphere. The purple thing on the sphere then separates into two halves, forming a fanged jaw all around it. Then, two yellow eyes, two wings, a tuft of hair on the top, and a tail with two tail-feathers on the lower part, appear. Finishing forming, the purple thing turns toward them.

"This is a Doomer?" asks Dedede. "I'm disappointed..."
The Doomer doesn't like what Dedede has said, because it charges at him, only for Dedede to intercept it with a swing of his hammer, crushing it. But the Doomer doesn't give up, and spits some purple orb as big as Kirby at Dedede from the ground, hitting him in the face. The Doomer is then covered in a green aura, and is lifted in the air by Sweetie Belle, before being slammed on the ground. It is lifted again, and Sweetie sends it toward Meta Knight who slashes it three times, with Bandana Dee impaling it with his spear just after. Kirby finishes it by gripping it before suplexing it, slamming it head first on the ground.

The Doomer explodes, leaving the two Energy Spheres. Curiously, its destruction causes colours to appear in this previously monochromatic place.

"Since when can you do a suplex without the Suplex ability?" asks Sweetie Belle.

Kirby answers her by punching the air.

"He trained, obviously," says Meta Knight. "Smart move. It can save him in case he doesn't have an ability during a fight. It's probably not as good as if he had the ability, but it's still better than nothing."

Dedede gives the two spheres to Kirby. "Did you really need it? You kicked my butt the first time without any abilities after all. No need to make Sweetie's job any harder..."

"Don't worry Dedede. This just means that it will take a little longer to beat him. Anyway..." She points further away, at a portal that has appeared. "Our way home is here."

Following their search of the spheres and the oars leads them to a succession of wooden platforms made of logs. A little before, Kirby eats a Leafan, some plant being with a red round body, a white face, and leaves fanning out, using them to fly. Eating it gives Kirby a new ability with a hat made of leaves with a gem at the front. Thanks to this new ability, the Leaf, Kirby can attack with leaves in various ways that can cut the enemies.

Following Kirby's lead, they use Warp Stars wooden platforms higher in the sky, above a forest, and this time, Sweetie is alone on her Warp Star, no one wanting to crash. Thankfully, she doesn't ram into anyone, and she follows Kirby's example to jump just before reaching the floor. The best would be to avoid that the star explodes when hitting the ground, but no matter how much she tries, she can't slow down enough to avoid it. Kirby too, apparently.

They follow the platforms and pass many Comos along with a few other beings before reaching a door, Dedede eating the meat just beside it. After the door, they find some kind of red cannon with a blue star that Sweetie recognizes as a Cracker, that activates when Kirby takes it, starting to fire bullets in an arc without stopping. Thanks to it, they are easily able to destroy metal blocks blocking the way to an Energy Sphere before it overheats and explodes.

Passing another door, entering a giant holed tree that they have to climb. At the top, back on wooden platforms, Kirby finds another Energy Sphere hidden in leaves before they pass another door toward a section where they end up against a Gigant Edge, a giant knight covered in green and teal armor with a white chest plate, a black base, a spike on the helmet, and a black metal shield with a spike at the center.

The Gigant Edge swings down his sword at them, only for Meta Knight to parry it, opening it to the others, but despite their attacks, the knight is remains strong and after spinning with his sword to force the ones close to him to jump away, he charges at them sword pointed at them. Sweetie counters it with a shield, and Meta Knight ends the fight with a slash on the knight's chest, who falls on his back unconscious.

Leaving the Gigant Knight behind, Kirby uses the leaves through a hole in a wall of logs to cut a rope, dropping a platform and opening the way to another Energy Sphere not far before a door that leads them to a succession of wooden platform forming a stair back to the ground.

"You have gotten really better with your spear Bandana," says Sweetie Belle.

"Thank you. Like you, I have trained hard. Now look what I can do." At this, Bandana Dee twirls his spear above his head very rapidly, and he starts overing.

Sweetie Belle looks at him in awe before applauding. "Impressive!"

"Why can't our guards do that with their spears?" asks Luna.

"Because it should be impossible!" shouts Twilight, eye twitching.

"Breath Twilight. You know by now that you shouldn't think logically with this world," says Fluttershy.

Kirby leads them to a cave, having to reveal the door by destroying a bomb block. Inside the cave, they have to pass a few Shotzos while going down ladders before finding an Energie Sphere at the bottom of the section, below the next door.

The door leads them to a different part of the cave with a big underground lake and many crystals, and sections of the ground moving up and down. Despite the moving floor, they don't have any problems reaching the door to the next section, the only particularity being a door blocking the way that they have had to open by pressing a switch just in front of it.

Still in the cave with the lake, they get to drop a few Shotzos in pits by destroying star blocks under them before reaching two sections of ground moving back and forth in a larger pit. Before those two sections of ground is a closed door, and after them is the key opening it, letting them take the sphere trapped behind the door. After more Shotzos dropping, they reach the next black door.

Now they have to watch out for sections of ground full of small spiky crystals, forcing them to jump above them. After a long corridor full of obstacles, they encounter a Key Dee, a rare kind of Waddle Dee that looks more like a monkey, with a yellow furred body, a pink face, a yellow tail, and red swirls on the cheek. Like their name indicates, the Key Dees are key keepers, and divide into two kinds: the ones that will not let you open the door that their key opens, meaning that they will make sure that you don't get the key, even jumping in pits if they have to, and the ones that will help you open the door that their key opens.

This one if clearly of the first kind, because upon seeing them, he starts to run toward the nearest pit, so Sweetie quickly fires a beam at him to make him drop the key, which opens a door just after the pit, letting them get another sphere. Just after the door is a black door that leads them to a new section that they have to climb, exiting the cave.

"So, Sweetie Belle. Will you finally show us what your new whip can do?" asks Dedede.

"Only if I'm forced to. I want to keep some tricks hidden for my fight against you, and even for my future one against Meta Knight."

"It's always good to keep some attacks hidden to surprise your opponents," approves Meta Knight. "Remember how you and Kirby reacted to my tornadoes? I didn't show them to him at our first fight in Orange Ocean, so I was able to use them to surprise him."

"Does this means that you have some hidden moves? It has been months since our last fight, you probably got some new ones."

"You will see the day you decide to fight me." He looks at her. "I'll be waiting for that day. I'm always searching challenging opponents to improve my skills."

"Maybe you should fight Dedede. He has become much stronger since you both fought each other when he tried to recruit you."

At this, Dedede and Meta Knight look at each other, then nod.

"The day after my fight against Sweetie Belle."

"Very well."

"The ring in my castle?"

"Anywhere is fine, but no low-blows. I know that you used an electric cage against Kirby."

"This is not a low-blow when it affects both the fighters. This cage was a danger both for me and Kirby. I was just advantaged thanks to my heavier weight. But ok, no electric cage unless you ask for-"

"Watch out!" suddenly shouts Sweetie Belle as she uses a shield to push Dedede just as a pillar of boulders has been about to fall on him, Meta Knight avoiding it with a small jump.

Groaning, Dedede gets up from the floor. "Thank you Sweetie Belle. Could you just move those shields a little slower next time? I don't think that I needed to be projected that strongly..."

"Sorry. I didn't have time to think."

Dedede then looks around and sees that there are more of those pillars. "We will have to keep an eye."

"I will remain behind you so I can see when a pillar starts to fall on you, my king!" shouts Bandana.

Following a road, they are able to avoid being crushed by more pillars, and find a hole in a ledge leading to an Energy Sphere. Avoiding more pillars they pass a door that leads them out of this area full of pillars, before a new section with wooden platforms like earlier. Here, after pressing a switch destroying iron blocks, an Invincibility Candy falls on Kirby, and he quickly does a mouth to mouth to all of them to give them the invincibility before they all start running, easily reaching the end of this section of platforms thanks to it.

Just after the platforms, they enter a door that leads them inside a tunnel, where stalactites constantly fall, new ones taking the place of the ones that fall before them. Thankfully after a ladder, they find a Prism Shield, some kind of horn that makes a prismatic shield appear above the one that hold it. Dedede takes it, and everyone regroup around him under the shield, Sweetie Belle not having to use her magic anymore to protect them.

With the shield, they are able to pass many stalactites and even a few Shotzos firing from the ceiling, and they reach a switch that destroys iron blocks, letting them find a new Energy Sphere. Giving up the overheating horn, they climb a ladder toward the exit of the tunnel.

Outside, they encounter a Hot Head glowing with the energy of the crown and a glowing star on his forehead between tree stumps.

"Ooooh! Let's see what the boosted version of Fire looks like!" says Sweetie Belle excitedly.

"And again a moment where we will just follow and watch Kirby destroy everything without us doing anything," says Dedede with a sigh.

"Not much we can do about this," says Bandana Dee.

So Kirby gives up Leaf and eats the Hot Head. With the energy of the crown, Kirby's fire hat is bigger and hotter, with four horn-like decorations protruding from the star on the forehead. Kirby then raises his arms, and a huge column of fire comes from the hat before it separates and starts to fly around. Then, Kirby lowers his arms in front of him, and the fire, now looking like a fiery dragon, comes from behind him to burn everything in the way, turning the tree stumps into ashes in not even one second!

Again, this leaves everyone in awe.

"Boy..." says Discord before putting sunglasses. "That's hot."

The ponies and Spike are too awed by the terrifying display of fire power to groan or laugh at Discord's pun.

"This thing is powerful enough to burn all Ponyville in ten seconds flat!" shouts Rainbow. "And you are telling me that this is just a small part of the crown's power?!"

"And Sweetie will fight... Ohhh..." says Rarity in horror before fainting.

"I'm... sure that they will find a way to surpass the power of the crown..." says Applejack with uncertainty.

"How will they be able to surpass something that possesses infinite power?" asks Discord.

"With something that has infinite plus one power?" proposes Pinkie.

This makes Twilight groan.

With the help of the boosted Fire ability, Kirby is able to burn many obstacles before burning a giant tree that reveals a new portal toward the other dimension. Like the previous time, taking it leads Kirby to lose his ability, and they appear in a monochromatic version of the place they have been, here, a succession of wooden platforms. And like the previous time, they have to run away from the place being erased by a purple wall following them.

Again, Kirby's improved inhaling ability is of great help to gain time, because he's able to inhale big and heavy things like the stone star blocks or big creatures, and spits them back as a giant projectile that destroys every obstacle in the way, so they don't have to lose time destroying or passing said obstacles. Kirby takes the occasion to eat a Como, gaining the Spider ability. Thanks to this, they quickly reach a door toward where the Doomer, similar to the previous one, is waiting for them.

And like the previous one, it doesn't last 10 seconds against the team. Too easy.

With two new Energy Spheres safe inside Kirby, they take the newly opened portal back to Popstar and continue their way.

"They form a really good team," says Celestia.

"They are the five more powerful fighters of this planet, and they are all friends. Of course they would form a good team," says Luna.

"The five more powerful is up to debate. Remember that there is Marx who is very powerful. Certainly more powerful than Spear-Boy here," says Discord. "And we can add Gooey and Daroach at least."

"They are still very powerful. Nothing will stop them."

"I wonder if there is somepony that will try to fight them," wonders Applejack.

"Nopony would be so stu-"

"The knight earlier," Pinkie interrupts Rainbow.


"Hey! It's Whispy!" suddenly points the pink pony as the group approaches a familiar tree.

"Again? Pfff... The fight will not even last five seconds. If there is even a fight," says Rainbow.

"A living tree?" asks Starlight.

"Yes, they exist in this world," says Applejack.

"Hello Whispy!" shouts Sweetie Belle.


"Sweetie? Kirby? Dedede, Bandana Dee, and even Meta Knight? You are on a new adventure altogether? Nothing too bad I hope."

"No. With just help a new alien friend to repair his spaceship before we go fight a dragon in his world," says Bandana Dee.

"Repair an alien spaceship? Wait..." He shakes his leaves, dropping the oars that are in a sphere like the Energy Spheres. "Are those oars a part of his ship?"

"Yes! Yes they are!"

"Then take them. I have no need for oars. But can I ask something from all of you?"

"What do you want?" asks Dedede.

"A fight."

Dedede facepalms, while Sweetie deadpans. "Really Whispy? You want to fight me, Kirby, Dedede, Meta Knight, and Bandana Dee at the same time?"

Whispy smirks. "I don't expect to win, but I have some new tricks. We never know. At least, I want to try."

The five look at each other. Kirby simply shrugs while Meta Knight nods, and Dedede says "Whatever."

So in the end, they accept.

Whispy looks at them in determination. "You won't be disappointed."

Suddenly, with a roar, Whispy's size doubles, surprising everyone, Pinkie even doing a spit take as she has been drinking a glass of chocolate milk from Discord.

"That's a new trick alright!" shouts Applejack in wonder.

Meanwhile, Sweetie and the others barely start to prepare themselves for the fight before Whispy starts inhaling!

"What the...?!"

Sweetie quickly forms her shield-claws around her hooves, using them to cling to the ground, and Meta Knight rapidly flies out of the way before the vortex becomes too strong. But Kirby, Dedede, and Bandana Dee are not only surprised, but they can't do anything to escape the vortex in time, the group being too close to Whispy to escape it by running. So Whispy is able to inhale the three of them before spitting them at Sweetie Belle who doesn't have time to put a shield or to move away.

While Sweetie Belle, Kirby (who has lost the Spider ability), Dedede, and Bandana Dee are getting up after this, Meta Knight starts flying around Whispy Woods while slashing him, only for one of Whispy's roots to come out of the ground and to slap him like a fly. At the same time, Whispy shakes his branches, and apples of various sizes start to rain, along with a few Gordos. Bandana Dee twirls his spear above him to himself and the others beside him from the apples, and Dedede swings his hammer at the Gordos to get rid of them. When Kirby finally recuperates from Whispy's surprise attack, he starts inhaling the apples, getting a good dozen in his mouth, before spitting them at Whispy. As for Sweetie Belle, she starts to do what works best against Whispy: shooting fire! She also uses her magic to throw some of the apples at him, but it's not as effective as Kirby spitting them back. After getting rid of all the Gordos, Dedede follows Kirby's exemple and starts inhaling the apples to spit them at the tree.

Comos then come from the branches, and Kirby takes the occasion to eat one to regain the Spider ability, and Meta Knight cuts the others, before the group is forced to run to avoid being inhaled by Whispy again. While he inhales, roots come from the ground under the group, the first one successfully hurting a surprised Bandana Dee that gets inhaled as a consequence, while the others are able to avoid the following roots. When Whispy spits Bandana Dee at Kirby, Sweetie uses her magic to stop his course, saving the both of them, before attacking a root that has come out beside her, which hurts Whispy, only for the root to start sweeping the ground, forcing her to jump above it.

The roots then all come back in the ground, and Whispy suddenly jumps (!!!) to try to crush them!

"You are ki-" BAM!

Too surprised by this move, Dedede isn't able to escape in time before Whispy falls on him. Whispy then puffs air at Meta Knight who is just beside him, getting him on his back, before he jumps again, successfully crushing him while freeing Dedede trapped under him half buried. He jumps a third time toward Sweetie Belle and Kirby who have been attacking him at a distance with fire and webs, only for them to escape in time before Bandana runs at him and twirls his spear beside him, hurting Whispy greatly.

Whispy then starts spinning rapidly before jumping a fourth time, only this time, his roots are stretched all around him, and somehow, he doesn't get back down.

"He's flying?!" shout Bandana Dee and the majority of the pony watchers.

Laughing, Whispy starts flying around before swooping toward the group. Kirby flattens himself against the ground to avoid him while the others are forced to jump or fly out of the way, Sweetie getting on a shield. Despite not hitting anyone, Whispy comes back for a second charge, and this time, he shakes his branches, making apples fall around him. Bad decision, because Kirby gives up Spider before inhaling the apples, Dedede doing the same, and they spit them at Whispy, stopping him and making him fall back on the ground. Meta Knight and Bandana Dee then jump at him and both give a big swing of their weapons, cross-slashing the tree. Then Sweetie Belle, surrounded by a fiery shield and spinning on herself, rams him on his forehead strongly enough to uproot Whispy and make him fall on his back.

The tree returns to his normal size, signifying the end of the fight.

"You win..." he says painly.

"Are you ok?" asks Sweetie Belle.

"I'll heal." With the help of his roots, Whispy is able to get back up. "It was worth it. That was the best fight of my life."

"Those new tricks of yours really took us by surprise," says Dedede in awe. "In a 1 on 1 fight, you may have been able to win!"

"Dedede is right!" says Sweetie Belle. "You can now jump! And fly! That was wonderful Whispy! You have become so strong since our first fight! Now I want to fight you again, but alone!"

"Hehe. Now that you know my new attacks, I know that you will win."

"Maybe, but it will still be an awesome fight."

Meta Knight nods. "Now you truly deserve your title of Forest King."


"Thank you."

"Hey!" they hear Bandana Dee shout. When they look, they see him beside a small pile of apples. "I've assembled the apples! Now let's eat them to heal!"

"Good job Bandana!" congratulates Dedede.

"Just one for me will be alright," says Sweetie Belle. "I don't want to have a stomach ache."

"That tree is wonderful! He makes me want to have one like him in Equestria!" shouts Luna in joy.

"There is a whole orchard of apple trees not far from there, I could-"

"Don't think about it Discord!"

After eating the apples to heal, and saying goodbye to Whispy, the group take the oars and uses the Warp Star to fly back toward the Lor Starcutter. Landing beside it, Magolor comes out.

"You got the oars! Wonderful! Just throw them at the Lor! The ship will not the rest from there!"

Kirby nods, takes the oars, and throws them at the spaceship. The sphere around them disappear, and they get back to their normal size before they start to fly around the Lor until they stop in front of the holes at the sides. The oars then enter them, and just like that, they are repaired.

"That's great! We also got 13 Energy Spheres," says Sweetie Belle.

Hearing her, Kirby spits the spheres into a pile.

"That's a good start! I will place them back in the engine! Thanks to them, the Lor will have enough energy for at least one of the rooms to open.

"The room?" asks Bandana Dee.

"You probably saw the two closed doors at the sides of the cockpit. They lead to rooms. Sadly, I haven't yet gotten time to accommodate them. I only found the Lor recently, you see. Then Landia started his rampage."

They nod in understanding before Sweetie asks something. "Magolor, you are an Ancient, right?"

"They are my ancestors, yes."

"So what can you tell us about them and the Dark God?"

"Oh, you know about the Dark God?"

"I know about The God creating the universe and the Great Powers. I know about the Ancients worshiping him and creating artefacts with his help, life the Lor here. And the big lines from the rampage of that Child of The God to the civil war, and the God's sealing. But... If you are a descendant of the Ancients, and that you come from another dimension, does this mean that the Ancients come from another dimension?"

"Exact. Halcandra is the homeworld of the Ancients." He starts laughing. "Boy, I will blow your mind with the next revelations. The God is also from this other dimension. You see, The God, with the four Matters, created the other dimension, then later, the Ancients would use the power of those four Matters to create many things like you said." He waves a hand above him. "They created the Master Crown, so they could use a power close enough to The God without having to call him every time!" He waves his other hand. "They created the Clockwork Stars! Technological miracles that can use the power of Dreams to grant wishes!" He now waves his two hands at the Lor Starcutter. "They created the Lor Starcutter! A spaceship that can open portals and travel to other dimensions!"

He turns back toward them. "But all those things aren't their best creation. You asked earlier how the Lor could already know about Popstar and all those locations. The truth is that this probably isn't the first time that the Lor comes to this universe. Because you see, the Ancients, and the God, with the power of Dream Matter, Heart Matter, Soul Matter, and Dark Matter, helped by the divine powers of the Master Crown, of Star Dream and the Clockwork Stars, of the Lor Starcutter, of Heart Crystals, and of much more, created this universe!"


"The Ancients wanted a universe that would be perfect in their point of view. Where dreams come true, where love would be everywhere, where you could live for your convictions thanks to strong souls, and as a result, they created this universe. A universe, where things only seen in our wildest dreams can happen, where the feelings are given form and power... Isn't it marvelous? And this means that with the power of Dream Matter, they created Popstar, a world that would incarnate the dreams. If I remember well, there must be a Fountain of Dreams somewhere there. And the planets around also possess Fountains of Dreams so the inhabitants could use the Dream Matter that compose this world to always dream, and even invoke a Clockwork Star to make those dreams come true. Many others exist in this universe. Worlds of Dreams, but also Worlds of Heart and Worlds of Soul. Who know what other wonderful things the Ancients would have done to this universe if those incidents hadn't happened? Now instead, this universe has become home to many horrors, incarnations of nightmares, of darkness, of evil... It has become the prison of the Dark God, and many of those great artefacts that have helped in the creation of this universe have been corrupted, destroyed, and forgotten." He sighs in sadness. "What a waste..."

He looks back at Sweetie and the others that look at him in awe. "At least. This universe, and you with it, exists. Even if something has gone wrong to destroy that 'perfection', it's still better than not existing at all. Don't forget this." He laughs. "I know that this is hard to absorb all of this, so you should take time to think about this while you go find the next part of the Lor. And how about this. I imagine that you have more questions, so each time that you bring back one of the parts, I will answer, of try to answer at least one of them. After all, as an Ancient, it kinda means that I'm your father, and as a father, it's my role to educate you. Ahahahah!"