A Sweetie Dreamland

by Lucar

Chapter 10: Ripple Fields

The Warp Star leaves them on a palm tree in Ripple Fields, the third island known for its great lake. The ride on the Warp Star has let everyone time to calm their laugh, although Sweetie still giggles a bit now and then. What she has done with Grouiky will be a source of laugh for a long time. She still has a hard time believing she has done it.

They jump of the tree, Coo taking the Waddle Dee coming from behind in his claw only to let him fall in the water a little farther. Kirby flies above the water in question while Rick and Sweetie Belle jump on blocs to traverse it. Back on ground, they quickly get rid of a Bouncy, then reach another tree. When passing under it, Kirby, who is in the lead, suddenly jumps back at seeing a coconut fall. Sweetie is about to ask why, until she sees the coconut exploding at hitting the floor.

And now explosive coconuts? What next?

She then sees on the tree, and the following ones, what she remembers Waddle Dee has described as Glunks, creatures that look like sea anemones with a green body and pink tentacles like 'hair'. They also possess two big round eyes. Waddle Dee as warned her about those creatures for if she ever go in the water. They can't move but they shoot water projectiles at regular interval, hurting whoever is hit. Those Glunks being on the trees, Sweetie, Kirby and the animals don't pay attention to them, Coo still making sure to fly under the trees while Sweetie shoot the following coconuts in the trees. After a moment, Kirby decides to help her by throwing bombs at some of the coconuts, and also at the Glunk on the floor they cross at the end of the path. They jump above a small wall, only to almost get hit by a rock falling on the slope above it. Well, it looks like a square rock, but Sweetie sees the closed eyes on it, proving that it's not just a rock, but an actual enemy made of stone named Rocky.

There are not many Rockys, but Sweetie has seen some on the mounts around the castle. Their real appearance is the one of a generaly brown stone on yellow feet without any arms and two eyes. They tend to possess a white and blue headband around their head. At seeing him, Kirby decides to give up the bomb ability and eats him, giving him a crown of rock with gems around it on his head, and the ability to transform into a rock, probably that with all the water around, it could be useful. At the other side of the small slope is another, bigger slope going down, with many Glunks in the way. Kirby uses his new ability and turn into a rock at the top of the slope, slidding all the way down and stricking all the Glunks, opening the path. After the slope is another Rocky falling from edges to edges, and Sweetie hit him with her beam, but he barely flinches. Yeah, their defense is solide, it will take more than a hit to knock them down. Rick jumps beside the Rocky and punch him, hurting the Rocky before waving his paw in pain. Punching rock is a bad idea. Sweetie finishes the Rocky with another beam, letting them continue.

They reach the top of another slope, and this time, Kirby jumps on Rick. The hamster suddenly turns into a round rock, rolling on the slope and crushing all the minions on it before falling in the water at the bottom, crushing a squid. Still on the slope above, Sweetie sees that there is a door in the water.

"So we continue in the water? I hope we will not drown." she says, worried.

Coo winks at her before jumping in the water without even taking his breath. Doesn't he fear to miss air? She then takes a big breath, block her breathing, and jumps in the water too, the group passing the door. At the other side, they are still under water. Luckily, they aren't far under the surface. Sweetie quickly swims to retake her breath, only for a blade from a Sir Kibble to graze her. She immediately shoots him with a beam. Meanwhile, Kirby, not getting back at the surface, uses some water jets to beat a Glunk that block their way. It surprises Sweetie Belle how she is the only one taking back her breath, the others all remaining under water.

Raising an eyebrow at this, she returns with them and encounter her first living Blipper. First living because she has seen some on Dedede's plates. They are round fishes that are red in the back and orange in the belly... and they wear swimming goggles. She facehoof at this. Why does a fish wears swimming goggles?! Because they swim? They are fish! They don't need goggles!

Rick punches the fish aside, and Kirby use his water jet to destroy the blocks blocking the way. Sweetie shoots the Glunk on the ceiling above the blocks, and Coo uses his claws to knock a second Glunk on the floor under those same blocks. Sweetie quickly reaches again the surface with the others, taking back her breath, and Coo destroys a floating block, letting fall an energy drink right in Kirby's hand before it reaches spikes at the bottom. He drinks some of it, before giving it to the animals to heal the wounds from the battle with Grouiky, Sweetie not needing it, to her relief. Back in the water, they avoid the projectiles of a Glunk under them, get rid of him, and enter a door bellow.

They enter a tunnel fully immerged in the water, to Sweetie's horror. She tries to quikly swim through it, hoping to reach the end before she drowns. Not an easy task because of all the Glunks in the way, forcing her to use her beams, helped by Kirby's water jet. They are able to reach another door, leading back to the area under the surface. She gets her head out of the water, and takes a big gulp of air before seeing a floating door above the surface. Coo then take her in his claws to help her pass it, while Kirby inflates to fly throught it, and Rick is able to jump into it.

They reach the top of a tall cliff. Before them, another cliff. Between the two cliffs, a Scarfy, and a big hole full of enemies. Diagnostic: they have to jump in the hole, making Sweetie gulp. Coo takes her again in his claws, and starts to fly down, Sweetie shooting the enemies in the way with her horn. Kirby starts to fly too, following Coo. As for Rick, without fear, he jumps in the hole, falling right on a block before looking down at were to jump next. Two Waddle Dees with green parasols and a Gordo are following below, making his next jump difficult without taking a hit. Kirby decides to transform into a rock and fall right on one of the Waddle Dees, while Sweetie shoots the other, and also the Bouncy on another block under the Gordo. With the path open, Rick jumps, falls around the Gordo, but miss the block, falling directly in the water, getting close to be hit by a Glunk. Kirby, still a rock, as fallen on another Glunk, and Sweetie shoots the one that has almost hit the hamster. They then take the door under water to the next area.

Another tunnel under water, this time with pipes creating currents leading right into spikes if they aren't fast. Sweetie would like to ask about the presence of those pipes, but trying to avoid drowning, she has to keep her mouth shut to not let air escape. They quickly pass the currents, avoiding the spikes, and enter another door in the way.

This leads to a room, thankfully without water. Before them his a big green jellyfish, and above, a moving bag. This is becoming an habit. The jellyfish remains here for a moment, before skidding across the floor toward them. He then jumps before them, before sparks of electricity get out of his body, electrifying everyone in a shocking surprise for a few seconds. This is followed by him jumping high before shooting a star shaped at Kirby, who is able to get back of his shock and avoid the projectile before inhaling it. Before he can spit it back, the jellyfish falls back on the floor, producing a shock wave toward them. They are all able to jump above it before Kirby spits back the star at the jellyfish, followed by Sweetie shooting him. The jellyfish jumps again, only for Sweetie to shoot him another time on the head, making him fall on it. Kirby then inhale him, getting the spark ability. This gives him a hat made of blue electricity surrounded by a golden circlet with a gem.

The enemy beaten, Coo takes the bag, letting Rick open it to reveal a blue sunfish with a big round mouth that is somehow able to breath despite the absence of water. The fish then happily jumps on place at being free, before jumping on Rick's paws. Sweetie smiles at seeing a new friend.


"Hiiii!" says Kirby.


The fish nods at them in return.

"Will you help us in our journey, too?" asks Sweetie Belle, the fish answering her with another nod. "Thank you! My name is Sweetie Belle! This is Kirby, Rick, and Coo! As for you..."

"Kine !" suddenly says Kirby, jumping. The fish jumps on Rick's paws too at hearing the name given to him.

"So it will be Kine. Welcome to the team!" says Sweetie Belle.

They then get out of the room by the door, getting back were they come from.

Oh no! I forgot to take my breath! then thinks Sweetie Belle in panic, only to discovers something in her panic. "Wait..." she then says. "I can breath underwater?! How is this possible?!"

Kirby, Rick, Coo, and Kine stare at her, before laughing, to her embarrassment. Rick then starts to take big breath to show that he can too, followed by Coo and Kirby doing the same, to her amasement. She then places her hooves on her eyes, not believing it.

"So in this world, we can breath underwater? This is... great! But so confusing! Urg... This is like the food, the doors, and everything else, I will just stop thinking about it. Although..." She turns to Kine. "Can you use abilities when Kirby is with you too?"

Kine ponder this for a moment, before he suddenly takes Kirby in his mouth, to the puffball's surprise. Not long after, Kirby fully enters the mouth, and out of it comes a lightbulb, illuminating the tunnel. Kine then spits the lightbulb, hitting an orange frog that was swimming toward them, before Kirby get his head out of the fish's mouth.


"That's neat!" shouts Sweetie Belle, making Kine happy at her compliment.

Kirby decides to remains in Kine's mouth while underwater, even if this is not pleasant. They open the way, using the lightbulb to beat all the enemies they cross while the others follow them. Kine being a fish, he also has less problems swimming against the current, this could reveal being useful. After a moment of passing currents, fishes, frogs, and Glunks, they reach the next door, leading to a dark area.

Kine uses the lightbulb to light it, so everyone can better see where they go. It turns out that they are in a small pocket of water at the start of a tunnel. So they get out, Kirby remaining in Kine's mouth so he can still use the lightbulb to light the way. Kine can jump on the floor outside of the water, but Rick decides to take him in his paws to help him. They do well, because they see a door that they wouldn't have been able to see in the dark. However, taking it, they see that it only leads in a small room with some water without any exit. Returning back, they continue their way.

"You know..." then says Sweetie Belle to Kirby. "I wouldn't be surprised if the Rainbow Drop is behind a door like that in the dark. You should try to keep this ability just in case.

Kirby looks at her from Kine's mouth and nods.

In the way, they encounter a new enemy, which is a Sparky. A green creature that looks like a tear drop with two yellow orbs of electricity at the top, and two eyes. After him, they find more water, and a door leading outside, under the surface.

Barely escaping the charge of a Flamer and the jump of a frog, they get out of the water back on ground, Sweetie shooting a coconut in a tree just before them. This is followed by more enemies, and more jumps on small pillars of ground outside of the water, until reaching the next door.

They appear back under water close to the surface, continuing their way. Kine swims under water with Kirby, shocking all fishes, squids and frogs they cross, while Coo takes Sweetie and starts to fly above the surface, just in case, Sweetie shooting the enemies in her sight. For more efficacity, Rick jumps on one of the pillars of ground, and jumps from platforms to platforms, knocking down all the enemies that aren't shooted by the filly. At the end, there is another door.

Another Flamer avoided, they encounter some sort of blue eels with light blue underbelly coming out of pipes. Avoiding them, they reach a hole in the way. Jumping in it, they fall in water again. Finding nothing after destroying some blocs, they eventually find a door that only Kine can reach because of the strong currents. However, clinging to Kine, they are all able to reach it, entering a dark room. Illuminating it, they find a secret door, and take it.

They end up in another room with familiar walls. Jumping on some steps, they reach a few blocs that are different from the normal ones, making Sweetie smile at recognising where they are. They look to be made of iron. But...

"What? We need another ability to destroy them?" she whines at seeing they have made all this way only to get out empty hooved.


Well, nothing to do there for now. They get out and get back on the surface with all the eels, continuing their way, until they encounter a Rocky. Kine looks at him, thinks for a moment, and a lightbulb appears in his mouth before disappearing. He then points one of his fins at the Rocky, trying to say something at Kirby. The puffball understands, gives up the spark ability, and eats the Rocky to get the stone. Kine then quickly jumps back with Kirby in the earlier hole, leaving behing Sweetie, Rick and Coo.

"You think it his the right ability ?" asks Sweetie Belle to the animals. They answer with a shrug.

Before long, Kine and Kirby come back, Kirby's big smile telling everything they need to know.

"So this makes three?" He nods. "Yay!" Sweetie and the animals jump in joy at finding another Rainbow Drop, Sweetie hugging Kine, who passes from blue to red.

After this little victory, they resume their way, reaching a new door. The other side his revealed to be a VERY long submerged tunnel full of currents and frogs. Letting themselves carried by the currents, they only have to watch out the frogs. Sadly, Kirby's rock ability is not very effective in this area, beause there are some frogs coming from above them. So Sweetie and Rick are the ones leading the group, followed by Coo, then by Kine with Kirby inside his mouth. In the way, they find a bottle of energy drink, and Sweetie take it with her, planning to drink it with the others once there are no more currents. After a time, they finally reach the door, only for Sweetie to wonder how they will be able to drink the bottle underwater.

Kirby then looks at her with an arched eyebrow, and Sweetie understands what he means. She sighs, seeing no other way, blushing.

"Alright... Take it and... do it."

She gives the bottle to Kirby, who eats it. Then he quickly gets out of Kine and do a mouth to mouth with her, giving her some of the drink. He does the same with Rick and Coo, who aren't as embarrassed as Sweetie who hides her face behind both her hooves and her tail.

They arrive in a big submerged tunnel, finding before them a giant angler fish three to four time Kirby's size. It is brown with a glowing yellow lure, darker yellow fins, and many sharp teeth. It could gobble them in one go ! There are also yellow one eyed starfishes rolling on the walls of the tunnel, and squids floating around.

The fish then starts to fire arrow-shaped lasers from its lure at them, the squids start to swim to reach them, and the starfishes jump from the walls, floating toward them while spinning on themselves.

"Emergency dispersion!" shouts Sweetie Belle, causing the whole group to separate to not be hit by any of the enemies. Coo, however, still get scratched in his right wing, and Sweetie get a cut on her left cheek. Kine, Kirby still in his mouth, quickly gets above the fish and Kirby turns into stone inside him, hitting the big fish right on the head, three starfishes start turning above its head while its eyes get all googly. Kine quickly swims away.

The fish then starts to fire sparks and arrows everywhere in the tunnel in a wild attempt to hit them despite its eyes looking at two directions at the same time. Many of them hit nothing or the fish's minions, but one of them manage to hit Rick in the belly and Sweetie Belle is barely able to avoid one by spreading her legs at the last moment, the projectile passing under her belly. Sweetie shoots back some beams with her horns at the fish, one of them hitting it in its mouth. Too bad they don't have bombs!

Coo swims toward the fish, clings himself on its head with his claw, and starts to poke it at the left eye, making it trash around violently. The fish then charges in hope of getting rid of the owl, barely missing Kine and Sweetie, before hitting the wall, Coo getting out of the way juste before and a starfish getting crushed.

The fish turns back toward them, very angry, its left eye closed. It then charges again at them, mouth wide open, to Sweetie's horror. Coo is the unlucky one being targeted, and the poor owl find himself trying to swim away to not get eaten alive. But birds are not made to swim!

He is saved by Sweetie hitting the fish's right cheek with a beam, getting its attention. The fish charges at her.

"Horseappeeeeeuuuuuule!!!" screams Sweetie Belle now trying to not get eaten. The fish is almost at her, until Kine falls on its head with a stone-shaped belly. This doesn't stop it, but the sudden weight forces its head to get down, the lure hitting Sweetie, who then clings to it. The fish gets rid of Kine with one good swing of its head, unknowingly getting Sweetie to be carried around by the lure getting wild. In panic, she shoots the fish in the right eye.

Bad idea...

This causes the fish to heavily swing its head back in pain, carrying the lure and Sweetie still on it. Then with her weight, the lure swings back right in the fish's mouth, getting the filly stuck inside as the fish closes its mouth, accidentally bitting its lure. Its eyes open back because of the sudden pain, and twitch, the fish becoming immobile. With the lure inside its mouth, its inside can be seen being illuminated, some light escaping from the mouth.

With the fish immobilised, the animals swim toward it in hope of saving Sweetie Belle, Kine in head. But then...

A small explosion is suddenly heard from inside the fish, then another, and another. As the fish restarts to move around, more explosions are heard inside. The fish collides with a wall, then charges at another, before finally releasing the lure, and Sweetie Belle with it. She fires another beam in the mouth before getting out of range of the inside. She then screams "And don't try to eat me again!" while releasing the lure.

Before the fish can do anything, it takes another hit from stone Kirby inside of Kine. It seems to be the final straw, because the fish's eyes finally close, and it starts to fall toward the bottom of the tunnel, not moving anymore.

Sweetie looks at it for a few moment with angry eyes. Kirby approaches her to see if she is alright, when she suddenly hugs him. Then, he can hear her starting to cry.

"I... I really though that I would get eaten...Sniff I was so scared... I... Sniff I... Sniff I wanna see my mommyyy!"

Kirby hugs her back, patting her on the back, rubbing his head against her. Rick, Coo and Kine join the hug too, being there for her.

While they are flying above the Rainbow Islands on the Warp Star, Kirby looks behind him at Sweetie Belle in worry. The filly, while clinging to the Warp Star to not fall, is currently pressed against Rick, the hamster giving her comfort. Coo is at her other side, his wing wrapped around her. Kine sadly can't do much, beside being close. He had forgotten that the filly was just, well, a filly. A child. He is young too, but he has always known how to live by himself, facing danger head on without fear, not being bothered by things like almost getting killed in battle. But Sweetie Belle hasn't. Apparently, she comes from another world, living what anyone would consider a normal life, with a family, friends, a home, safety. But now, here she is, by herself, forced into a life risking adventure, and just lived her real first near death experience.

Thankfully, he, Rick, Coo, and Kine are there for her. Dedede too apparently, taking care of her in his castle. But right now, he is seemingly sleepwalking and scheming evil plans while sleeping. And he is not sure that treating her like a potential living weapon to fight him count. A part of Dedede's army seems to truly care for her, too bad they are actually forced to fight her. Why don't they rebel? He will probably never know the answer. Or maybe it's just blind loyalty, or because Dedede is strong... Whatever. In the absence of Dedede and his army, they will watch over Sweetie Belle and make sure that nothing happens to her. And he has an idea... Hopefully, it will work as he thinks.

He has taken a detour to let the memories of the event pass, but now, they are starting to approach the fourth island: Iceberg.