A Sweetie Dreamland

by Lucar

Chapter 68: Nutty Noon

One their Warp Stars, Sweetie Belle and her friend approach the area called Nutty Noon. In wonder, the filly looks at the tower that they can see, and then, she looks up, up, up. Up. Up! UP! And no matter how much she looks up, all she can see is that the tower disappears beyond the clouds after piercing layers upon layers of them. From the few that she can see, the tower is weirdly built. At many places, it divides into many small structures, some of them stopping there while others regroup to continue the tower. She can also spot a few floating islands around among the clouds.

But beyond the wonder, she's worried, knowing what is waiting them at the top, but that she can't see.

As the party is about to walk out of the Lor Starcutter, the alarm is suddenly blaring, and a big red star with an exclamation mark appears on the screen.

"What's going on?!" shouts Bandana Dee.

Magolor goes to the keyboard and hurryingly starts pushing buttons.

"The Lor is detecting something bad!" At this, a view of all Popstar appears on the screen, and a small window pointing at an area of the planet appear with some infos in it that Sweetie can't read. "Oh no. It says that a giant rift has appeared somewhere high in the sky."

"The place it indics... It's Nutty Noon," says Meta Knight.

Magolor groans. "It's what I feared. The last part of the Lor must have attracted a powerful Doomer."

Dedede waves dismissively at this. "Pchah! The Doomers are jokes! Powerful you say? Yeah, right."

"There are many kind of Doomers in the other dimension!" rebuts Magolor. "What you fought until now were just small fry! Some Doomers can be powerful enough to almost rival Zero!"

"That powerful?" asks Sweetie Belle.

"Yes. That powerful. They aren't called Doomers for nothing."

Meta Knight looks at the screen. "You said that the rift has appeared high in the sky of the Nutty Noon, right?"


"Then I suspect that the rift has appeared at the top of the Sky Tower." He turns to the others. "In Nutty Noon is a very old tower so high that it goes beyond the atmosphere of Popstar. If the rift has appeared at the top, then this means that the mast of the Lor is here, and that we will have to climb it."

"You should quickly go," says Magolor. "If you don't hurry, then the Doomer could return to the other dimension, and the mast would be lost. Or it could attack Popstar, spread destruction, and kill countless people. Or worst. It could return to the other dimension, and call thousands of its kind to invade Popstar and devour all its positive energy!"

They have treated the Doomers like a joke until now, but Magolor reminded them that they are NO joke. They are monsters that could destroy everything in their craving for positive energies. It would be like the Parasprite Incident, but far worse, because nothing would remain of Popstar and its inhabitants. Everything would be devoured. And contrary to the Dark Matters, she doubt that just killing the leader (if there's one) would be enough to stop all the others. If Popstar is invaded by an army of Doomers, then they would have to fight all of them, and she doubts that they would be able to do it if what Magolor said is right and if some of them are THAT powerful.

So they must avoid it.

They could go directly at the top of the tower with the Warp Star, but Magolor said that if the Doomer got its wings on the mast, then it would remain immobile the time to... digest a little, giving them enough time to climb the tower the normal way to get all the Energy Spheres.

But seeing the size of the tower... Hopefully, the Doomer has a slow stomach.

Kirby starts to fly up toward the clouds, and Sweetie follows him until they reach a small group of platforms suspended on beanstalks, and they land on the big one that is actually a small island.

Yeah, giant beanstalks. Hopefully, no giant lives somewhere in those clouds. The giant wouldn't stand a chance against them, but they could lose time fighting him.

They start jumping from island to clouds to more islands to more clouds, passing by bridges of blocks, both the star ones and the ones that disappear when they walk on them, Kirby eating a Blade Knight on the way to replace the Cleaning ability by Sword. As surprisingly useful as Cleaning has been, he much prefers Sword. That is, until they encounter some red round bird named Owgulf that Kirby quickly eats to gain the much more useful in this place Wing ability.

A black door leads them to an island between two clouds with a beanstalk creating more platforms with its leaves, where a strong current going up, helping them in the climbing but forcing them to watch out for the many Parasol Waddle Dees that are slowly floating down. Toward the end of the beanstalk, they also have to watch out for falling Foleys and some Gordos.

Bandana Dee starts to wonder if he shouldn't remain on Dedede's back until they enter the tower. he internally curses not having anything to fly. Maybe he should asks the one that created Dedede's mecha hammer and Sweetie Belle's new whip to create wings for him.

On the way, they find an Energy Sphere simply by passing a door behind some blocks. All they have to do after it is to pass a bridge of those disappearing blocks with some Comos to get it.

They then continue flying up in the section with the current until reaching the next door, where they appear on another island followed by cloud platforms suspended to bigger clouds by small lianas, cutting the lianas dropping the platforms despite them being made of cloud. At the same time, they have to start watching out for those cursed Mopoos flying out of the clouds.

Those guys are quickly becoming number two in the list of annoying pests behind the Gordos.

In a small passage in the clouds, after cutting a liana to drop a cloud platform, they discover a door behind which they find another Energy Sphere. For this one, they have to be quick, because they appear on disappearing blocks, barely letting them time to understand anything.

After that, it's more Mopoos to dodge while jumping between platforms made of clouds or leaves until reaching the next door. More platform jumping follow, and this time they have to avoid the bullets from Shotzos while the Mopoos are more numerous. More annoying, it takes them a few minutes to find the passage leading to the next Energy Sphere, hidden behind some clouds. If that wasn't for Kirby, they would have missed it.

In the next section, they are now in a succession of tunnels of clouds where they have to avoid giant spiky metal balls, of all things. Thoses balls forces them to run to get the next Energy Sphere before one of them destroys a bomb block creating a wall that would have blocked the way.

At this point, they are starting to get really high in the sky, and yet, they still have a long way to go before reaching the top of the tower, which they are approaching. After passing a door, they actually appear on a cloud at the start of a long bridge leading to the tower.

They still can't see the top.

"You said that it goes all the way to space?" asks Sweetie Belle to Meta Knight.

He nods. "Don't worry. Thanks to the black doors, those miles will quickly pass. Just don't look below."

"Too late..." says Bandana Dee, gulping.

They start traversing the bridge, having to pull levers to open doors. On the way, many Scarfies and Mumbies are waiting to harass them along with a few Shells and some others creatures. Despite this, it isn't long before they finally enter the tower itself, only to enter a section with some parts of the tower moving up and down.

This tower will be a pain to climb...

On the way, they find a Balloon Bomb that they use to destroy a giant yellow block and reveal a hidden door that leads them to an Energy Sphere. Here, Kirby press a red switch that opens a door, only for it to close as soon as Kirby stops pressing it. So while Kirby remains pressing it, Meta Knight, the best at flying, passes the door, avoiding the moving Gordo on the way, and takes the Energy Sphere before they all return to the previous section with the moving platforms. A few levers later and they pass another door, escaping the many Mumbies chasing them.

But now, after climbing a ladder, they have to choose between two levers. Pulling one frees a bunch of Scarfies while the other lets them climb the next ladders. This continues a few more time, except that some of the levers free foods, before they reach a door that leads them back outside the tower, at the start of another bridge between two sections of the tower. In this second section, they end up fighting a Moundo.

The Moundo is quickly finished with a hammer tornado from Dedede, and they leave this section of the tower to start traversing another smaller bridge leading to a third section. Here, they find three stakes, and when Dedede pounds the first one, they hear that it causes something under them. Kirby then warns them that an Energy Sphere is just under them. Seeing a hole just in front, Sweetie goes in it to see what is under them, and sees a wall of iron blocks disappearing as Dedede pounds the second stake, and she can see the Energy Sphere.

Sweetie then shouts "Stop! Don't pound the third stake!"

"Uh? Why?"

"The way to the Energy Sphere is open, so I feel that if you pound that third stake, it will block it."

"Oh. A stupid trap."

Rapidly, Sweetie jumps out of the hole holding the Energy Sphere that she gives to Kirby.

"Now pound it just to see."

Dedede gladly does, and Sweetie looks in the hole to see that it causes a wall to appear, exactly like she has thought.

"Yup. If you had pound that stake earlier, we would have been forced to say goodbye to this sphere."

Dedede huffs. "I hate that kind of trap."

"And of course, an Energy Sphere had to fall in it," says Bandana Dee.

"Yeah... What is this with collectibles falling coincidentally in traps? First the crystal pieces, now thoses," asks Dedede.

"Because this universe is crazy enough for that kind of thing to happen," answers Sweetie Belle. "With this universe being made from dreams, I wouldn't be surprised if collectibles fall in traps to make the following quest more adventurous. You know, because some guys dream to be adventurers."

"Screw those guys! There's already enough adventure just climbing this tower!" screams Dedede, making Sweetie giggle.

"I don't mind. It makes things less monotonous. And it makes us work our brain. Of course, for you, this must be hard. You prefer smashing without thinking."

"Hey! I like playing chess!"

"And you lose everytime. You just can't think beyond two moves. No, really. You like playing it, or you just continue in the hope of winning one day?"

"I know that I will win one day! Just you wait!"

"Yeah. The only way for you to win would be by playing against yourself."

Dedede glares at Sweetie Belle. "I will take pleasure clobbering you in our fight."

She jumps beyond the hole, giggling. "And I will take pleasure to stand on the belly of your unconscious body like a podium to celebrate my victory. Now let's go, we are losing time, and the others have continued without us."

"What?" Dedede looks around, seeing that he's now alone. "Hey! Wait for me!"

They join the others just after a black door just as Kirby eats a Super Waddle Doo in the middle of four cube prisms with a star in their center. Using the boosted version of the Beam ability, Kirby then lights the four prisms, opening a trapdoor under him to reward him with some food.

Sweetie approaches Kirby. "I think that I have an idea in how to make it easier. Go on my back. And like this, we will see how this goes."

"It's easy to guess. You'll be able to fire bigger lasers from your horn," says Bandana Dee. "Which is a bad idea. You could destroy the tower."

She sighs. "Alright. I will not test how much powerful I will be like this. I will just use the ability to light those prisms in record time. Come on Kirby."


Kirby goes on Sweetie's back, and the effects on her body are similar to Fire and Ice, only this time, it's with light. Thankfully, a light that doesn't blind too much.

She quickly run to the next room with the prisms, this one possessing five, and she fires simultaneously eight lasers, the lasers changing direction in the air to home toward all the prisms, even the ones behind her, and toward the three Scarfies that have been slowly floating toward her. Again, this opens a door with more food that Dedede collects.

In the next room, it's no less than ten prisms that she has to lights to open the door, this one not only leading to food, but also to a ladder. Taking it, they reach a room where Sweetie can see sixteen prism forming a face. Sixteen lasers are fired, and in less than two seconds, the face is lighten up, and the part with the nose moves up, letting the portal to the other dimension to appear.

Kirby jumps from Sweetie's back before giving her a fistbump while the others join them.

"See? The tower is still here," says Sweetie Belle. "Still, too bad that I couldn't see how big my lasers would be with this ability. Maybe next time."

"If there's another occasion," says Dedede.

In the other dimension, to escape the purple space-wall, they have to destroy many walls of iron blocks blocking the way by destroying bomb blocks, some of them hidden behind moving walls or Gordos. Kirby could inhales some of the star blocks that are just beside to spit them on the bombs, but Sweetie makes it easier by firing her beams, and Kirby's inhaling is needed only once because of stone star blocks in the way, and before long, they reach the door, fight the green Doomer (Kirby getting the Spark ability), and exit the dimension.

Back in the tower, they immediately continue the climbing. After a ladder, they have to use cannons to enter another section of it before passing a door that gets them inside a room where they can only go up to continue. For this, there are many ropes that the group can use to hang on and move despite the strong currents that are present at some moments.

The next door leads them outside the tower, and they have to jump on clouds and floating platforms while avoiding Shotzos and fighting strong currents to continue their climbing, admiring by the way the great view, and how high they now are.

"We must be halfway," says Meta Knight.

"I can't believe that we have already climbed so much. It would've taken hours back home," says Sweetie Belle.

On the way, they find a Cracker thanks to which they easily destroy some star blocks to drop some Shotzos, and despite their seemingly invincibility, Sweetie doubts that they can survive such a fall.

A door leads them back inside the tower, where they have to press a switch to continue... by going down. Well, if it's the way...

As they go down, they reach a big room with many star blocks, and Sweetie simply turns into metal to destroy them and make it faster to reach the bottom. After some slopes, they finally reach a hallway with a locked door, and seeing the iron blocks, and hearing the sound of blocks being destroyed, the Key Dee will soon appear. And indeed, the iron blocks soon disappear, and the Key Dee falls. Sweetie quickly grabs him in her magic before the iron blocks under him are destroyed too, and she takes the key before letting him go, the Key Dee deciding to lie down beside a wall. Using the key, Sweetie opens the door and takes the Energy Sphere behind it, before they pass the black door.

Back outside the tower, the climbing resumes, this time having to avoid the electric projectiles of Volttzos while trying not to get eaten alive by cloudy versions of Pactos. On the way, the destruction of a bomb block leads to the discovery of a black door leading back in the clouds, where they have to fight their way through more Pactos to reach an Energy Sphere.

Once back inside the tower, the party can see that what follows involves some flying. For Kirby, this gets easier when a couple of Starmen come from a level below. Now with the Hi-Jump, he easily cleans the way of all enemies. Further up, he presses a red switch opening a trapdoor just above him, and using the Hi-Jump, he's able to pass it before it closes, and he pulls a lever opening another trapdoor in another passage, which Meta Knight passes to take the Energy Sphere here.

In the next section, they just have to destroy bomb blocks to free the way while avoiding the creatures that they drop, until reaching what seems to be the top of the tower. Excepted than no, this is just the top of the section of the tower they are in. Kirby continues using the Hi-Jump to continue climbing, this time toward the clouds, and the others follow him before they all pass a door. Still in the clouds, they find an Energy Sphere hidden in them before passing another door.

They find a Stomper Boot, and Bandana Dee is the one trying it this time, quickly learning how to use it. When a second one is found before the first one overheats, he enters it, and he's able to use it to walk on a bridge of Gordos and reach an Energy Sphere, which couldn't have been reached by flying because of strong currents.

the next door leads them back beside the tower, and they climb a ladder beside a wall full of Shotzos firing at them before reaching a rope that they can use to better avoid more Shotzos. More ladders and rope follow, the third rope passing above an Energy Sphere between two Gigatzo. Kirby waits the right moment before jumping to take the sphere, and rapidly jumps to avoid the projectiles of the cannons. A lever destroys a wall of iron blocks, letting them pass the next door.

They appear in a different part of the tower, the walls now purple-white instead of the brown stone. And judging by what they can see through the windows, they have reached the upper atmosphere of Popstar.

Almost there!

They climb a couple of ladders, and end up fighting a Super Bonkers. He tries to crush all of them under his giant hammer, and they separate with a jump before Bandana Dee thrusts his spear at him, followed bya few strikes from Meta Knight. The Super Bonkers starts spinning on himself with the hammer, sweeping a great part of what is used as the arena, and they are forced to fly to avoid it, Meta Knight taking Bandana Dee to save him. As the Super Bonkers continues spinning, Dedede falls on him, hammer bonking the head, which stops him, and Sweetie Belle wraps her whip around his neck as she lands before forcefully pulling it down, making the Super Bonkers hit his head on the floor. The Super Bonkers slowly gets back up, only for Kirby, who has expulsed the Hi-Jump ability before inhaling it back, to spit it as a star at him, which finally knocks him out. Kirby then inhales him, gaining the boosted Hammer.

Not really sure what she would be able to do with it inside the tower beside using the hammer the same way as Kirby, Sweetie decides to let him do the work as he uses the giant hammer to destroy every obstacles in the way, including those owl boxes slash cannons, and to pound giant stakes to create staires. A giant stakes causes a part of the floor to become an elevator where they have to avoid the projectiles of Volttzos, and it leads them to a giant spring that Kirby immediately pounds. Sweetie Belle, Dedede, Bandana Dee, and Meta Knight quickly join Kirby before the spring propulse all of them up through a destructible part of the ceiling. They pass through more similar parts before hitting a giant bell, breaking it and making the portal to the other dimension appear.

Sweetie Belle puts her hooves on her hear in pain. "Oow... I think that I've become deaf..."

"What did you say?" asks Dedede.

"What? I can't hear you Dedede."

Meta Knight pokes the both of them to gain their attention, and does some hand signs easy to understand to tell them to wait a little before speaking. They both nod, and they all enter the portal. The trip in the other side is the more most dangerous one until now. Not only they have to escape the wall, like always, but they also have to watch out the moving platforms that could crush them, forcing them to be quick, but also to be careful, and being quick and careful is not easy. But despite it, they are able to reach the door, their hearing having returned by then, and they fight the Doomer. Here again, the arena of the fight is composed of moving platforms that could crush them if they ever fall between them and don't fly back quickly.

Funny, when the arena is more dangerous than the enemy.

The Doomer is still easy to kill, and they return to the tower with two more Energy Sphere. Back where they have destroyed the bell, they pass a black door, climb a ladder, and pull a lever to open a door and exit the tower to walk on clouds. Here, thinking about the portal they have taken, it reminds Sweetie about the rift, and she looks up.

And she now can definitively see it. They still have a little way to go, but the top of the tower is now visible, and above it, the portal is here, a big hole in space through which she can see the other dimension. It's not even star-shaped like the other portals they have passed until now.

They hurry up, and pass the door not far before them, appearing not far of the main section of the tower (they were in a offshoot that served as a bellfry), and after climbing a ladder, they enter it. They quickly defeat the Giant Edge that welcomes them with his sword, and Kirby eats him to gain Sword before they pass a door. In the next room, they cut a rope to drop a platform and reach an Energy Sphere trapped under it before passing another door, and after climbing a slope, yet another door.

A Moundo get in their way, but doesn't last long, and they eaily destroy the metal blocks in the next room to get the Energy Sphere trapped among them. Two doors later, and it's a Water Galboros that attack them, they in return, they make it eat some lightning bolts.

Lightning sure has a shocking tast.

The next room has some fire blocks easily destroyed with some water, and two rooms later, they encounter a new enemy looking like a big UFO that Meta Knight reveals is called a Dubior. The Dubior surrounds itself in electricity and charges at them, only to be stopped by a magical wall, stunning it. They then all quickly finish it before moving on. The destruction of a bomb block lets them have the last Energy Sphere of the tower and they continue climbing it, and finally reach the top after some ladders.

And yet, they can see another offshoot going a little higher, going almost inside the rift.

Using the Warp Stars, they fly to it, and they find the mast floating on a passageway.

Bandana Dee looks around. "Where's the Doomer?"

"If it's like the others..." says Meta Knight before looking at the mast. "it's right there." At this, Meta Knight raises his sword, and swings it down, sending a sharp shockwave at the mast.

When the shockwave hits the mast, it seems to wake the Doomer, because it appears just after, its fiery body enveloping the mast the same way than the others enveloped the Energy Spheres before looking at them with its glowing red eyes, clearly pissed at being awakened like that.

While fighting the Doomers, Sweetie Belle has understood something about them: the more they have tail feathers, the more they are powerful, and judging by the number of tail feathers than this one possesses, too much to be counted, added to its size making others look like babies, it's easy to guess than this Doomer must be one of those Doomers that can 'almost rival Zero'.

Hopefully, its phoenix-like appearence doesn't mean that it can come back from death.

But Sweetie Belle smirks as she takes her metal whip, because...

One: this Doomer almost rivals Zero.

Two: they don't need an artefact to beat it.

Three: Kirby and Sweetie Belle have gotten much stronger since the fight agains Zero.

And four: Dedede, Meta Knight, and Bandana Dee are with them.

To put it simply, this Doomer... is DOOMED!

The Doomer roars, then swoops at them. They all lower themselves to avoid its attack, and Sweetie starts firing her beams while the others all jump at the Doomer to attack it with their weapons. The Doomer teleports at the other side of the bridge and fires a few fireballs, bigger than the ones fired by the smaller Doomers, but as easy to avoid or destroy, but as they are busy with the fireballs, the Doomer flies above them and drops even bigger fireballs, and Sweetie destroys the one about to fall on Meta Knight with her whip before jumping and punching the Doomer who teleports away.

A shadow appears under Dedede, and before he can understand what's going on, a big jaw made of darkness comes out of the shadow and closes on him before going back in the shadow.


After a couple of seconds, Dedede is able to escape the shadow slightly hurt, and the Doomer reappears to fire more fireballs, only to get Dedede's hammer in the face. The Doomer does a succession of teleportations, firing a fireball after each one, until it does reappear, instead, four black holes appear in the air beside the bridge. One by one, the black holes disappear until one remains, and the Doomer rapidly flies out of it right toward Sweetie Belle. Dedede inhales her to save her being slammed, and he spits her back at the Doomer once it reappears, Sweetie unleashing a storm of attacks with her whip while she air-jumps.

The Doomer slaps her with a wing before roaring, and it fires four fireballs homing at Bandana Dee, only for him to destroy all of them by twirling his spear. So the Doomer starts teleporting around eratically while firing dozens of those homing fireballs at the whole party. Seeing that it still does work, the Doomer flies down to the middle of the bridge, taking a few it on the way, and starts spinning on itself while firing even more fireballs, those ones not homing. Then, like Kirby with the Tornado ability, while spinning and firing its fireballs, the Doomer starts moving around, plunging the bridge into chaos.

they run and fly around to avoid the Doomer while doing all they can to destroy the fireballs, protecting each others when they can until the Doomer finally stops, dizzy, and they all take the occasion to attack it. Once it recovers, the Doomer disappears, and the same shadow as the one that has almost eaten Dedede appears under Kirby who quickly flies away just in time to avoid the same fate. The shadow then starts moving in the bridge in search of a prey, and they make sure to remain away from it, until the Doomer decides to fly out of it, almost ramming Meta Knight who strikes it in return a couple dozen times in just a few seconds with lightning speed before avoiding being slapped by its wing like Sweetie Belle.

The Doomers disappears again, and a dozen black holes open in both sides of the bridge. After two seconds, they all disappear immediately excepted one, the Doomer flying out of it almost as soon toward Bandana Dee who jumps at the last second before pointing his spear down and impaling the Doomer as it passes under him, stopping it right there and leaving it open for the others. After being attacked from all sides and being badly hurt, the Doomer suddenly encase itself in stone, its wings, tail, and other features disappearing to only leave its round body and its eyes.

With it's body now in stone, the attacks, while still damaging, have less effects, just enough to make the stone crack. The Doomer then disappears and teleports a few times above them, invoking creatures of Popstar that seem to be under its control to attack the party while it starts bouncing in the air in a way that reminds Sweetie of Drawcia's soul. They fight the Doomer's minions while avoiding being crushed or body slammed, and each time they have the occasion, they attack the stone, cracking it a little more each time.

Then, the Doomer does the biggest error of its life: it invokes a Super Blade Knight.

Kirby immediately releases his current Sword ability before eating the boosted knight, and now armed with the giant sword, he strikes the Doomer, greatly damaging the stone encasing it. The Doomer, becoming panicked, now attacks exclusively the puffball, and unleashes dozens of minions at him while teleporting, bouncing, and flying around. The others deal with the minions, leaving Kirby to attack the Doomer again when it tries to slam him, destroying a part of the stone, the Doomer's body now visible again in some parts.

The Doomer becomes more eratic, and rolls on the bridge like a boulder to crush everyone, only for Kirby to stop it with another strike, almost destroying the stone. Black holes appear everywhere, and the Doomer flies from black hole to black hole, disappearing in one, reappearing from another, and so on, becoming totally imprevisible. But Kirby doesn't lose his calm, and when the Doomer comes out of a black hole directly from his left and charges directly at him, he strikes it again, finally totally destroying the stone and leaving the Doomer vulnerable.

The Doomer quickly disappears before being striked again, and reappears further above the bridge, starting to charge what seems to be an ultimate attack, wings pressed agains its body. Sweetie Belle immediately wraps her whip around Kirby and after spinning to gain momentum, throws him toward the Doomer. while flying toward it, Kirby raises his giant sword, and brings it down on the Doomer, cuting it vertically from the middle. But he doesn't stop here and strikes it more times, each times the sword taking a different form, and by the time Kirby passes the Doomer, all that remain of it are bits that slowly disappear until nothing remain, leaving the mast.

Above the bridge, the rift also disappears.

They have done it. Popstar is saved.

Gosh, those small Doomers were really nothing compared to this one. Magolor wasn't kidding. But now, they can take the mast, and return to the Lor Starcutter to finally finish repairing it (without counting the Energy Spheres that are still missing and that are in the other dimension). And then, it will be an interdimensional trip to Halcandra to defeat the rampaging dragon named Landia.

While Kirby brings the mast with him, Sweetie decides to wait by sitting at the edge of the bridge to admire the view. From where they are, Popstar is halfway turning yellow, the surface still partially visible. It's a really breathtaking view, so why not enjoy it before they fly back to the surface?

Back at the Lor, Kiby throws the mast at it, and it goes back where it belongs, completing the majestic spaceship. When they enter it, Magolor is jumping in joy.

"Oh, yeah! Yeah! YEAH! You did it! The Lor is back in business!"

Sweetie giggles. "That wasn't easy. The Doomer was like you said. It was really powerful."

"As I thought. It was probably a Grand Doomer. Those guys are like the worst nightmare of anyone still living in the other dimension. And yet you were able to kill one. I wasn't expecting less of you, after all you have done."

At this, Kirby spits the Energy Spheres they have collected.

Magolor quickly counts them. "And you got all the Energy Spheres that have fallen in Popstar! The Lor will have no problems opening a portal toward Halcandra. Just wait that I place them back in the engine, and we'll be able to go. While you wait, you should rest. I don't doubt that you probably need it after battling that Grand Doomer. There's also some food in the kitchen. Make yourself home."

Dedede rubs his belly while licking his lips. "With pleasure."

"This doesn't mean that you should empty the fridge!" shouts Sweetie Belle.

"Oh, but he can," says Magolor. "I don't mind."

"Ah! Take that!" shouts Dedede in victory before he runs toward the kitchen, followed by Kirby who wants his part. Bandana Dee eventually decides to follow them, a little hungry too. As for Meta Knight, he just goes to the living room, wanting to continue his book. Sweetie follow Magolor, wanting to see the engine.

"Ooooh! We're about to see another world in another dimension! We're about to see another world in another dimension!" shouts Pinkie Pie excitedly.

"We're already seeing another world in another dimension," says Applejack.

"I know! I meant another another world in another another dimension!"

"But now, we have to wait," says Discord, his head resting on his claw. "I hate waiting. So boring."

"After the excitement we got in that tower, I don't mind waiting," says Rarity. "While they were fighting that thing at the top of a tower that goes all the way to space, my heart was racing! One wrong move, and Sweetie could have fallen to her death!"

"Remember that I'm here to assure that it doesn't happen. Beside, she can air-jump, so she wouldn't fall too far before she recovers. Unless she's unconscious, but her friends would be here to save her. See? No need to worry."

"I will worry as much as I want! Especially knowing that their next target is a dragon possessing an artefact making him more powerful than everything we know!"

"Have faith. I'm sure they will win. Somehow."

"Hey, they are reuniting in the bridge," says Scootaloo.

Hearing her, they look at the portal. "Already?" asks Rarity.

In the portal, everyone is now in front of the screen, Magolor pushing buttons while the screen shows the path of the Lor, letting them see a little of Halcandra. From what they can see, the area of Halcandra where they go is composed of plateaus with a big volcanic activity. Magolor then pushes a last button, and the ship takes off before opening a star-shaped portal by shooting some beam from the star at the front of the emblem.

The Lor emerges from the portal in the other dimension, and they already can see Halcandra just in front.

At seeing it, everyone gasp in horror.

Halcandra is nothing more than an archipelago of islands floating in space that seems almost entirely desertic, only a few plants visible here and there. On one of the plateaus, they can see a futuristic city... totally in ruin. It must have been beautiful in the past, but now, all that remain are skeletons of skyscrapers and factories and piles of scraps. And then there are the volcanoes. So much volcanoes...

"Welcome to Halcandra," says Magolor. "Or... What remains of it after the Dark God's rampage. Yeah... It's not pretty, but you get used to the volcanoes after a time."

The alarm suddenly starts blaring, and the screen zooms to show a four-headed dragon, the top head wearing a crown, firing big fireballs at the ship. A helm materializes in front of Magolor, and he quickly takes it to pilote the ship and try to avoid the fireballs in panic. But despite this, the Lor is hit, and it starts to lose height too fast.

"Brace yourself!" he shouts.

"They're gonna crash!" shouts Rainbow Dash.

"Oh please oh please oh please..." starts repeating Rarity.

Sweetie Belle, Dedede, Kirby, and Bandana Dee cling to each others while Meta Knight opens his wings to better balancer himself. Magolor does everything he can with the helm to try to avoid the worst as the alarm continues blaring and the ground gets closer and closer.

And in a deafening racket, the Lor Starcutter crashes in Halcandra.