A Sweetie Dreamland

by Lucar

Chapter 14: Dark Castle

After a few hours of rest, they reach Dark Castle. Kirby decides to not get too close of the castle to avoid the cannons, so he lets the Warp Star drop them on a bridge leading to the castle, the imposing structure looming before them in the night. Kirby takes the lead, and poses a foot on a block that is part of the bridge, only for the block to disappear under him half a second later. Surprised, he is able to inflate himself and flies back to his friends, looking back at the blocks. A good amount of the bridge is made of those blocks. If they want to continue, they will have to run. Again. They remark before that than the bridge has a separate section a little further ahead that is above the current one. They will have to jump to reach it. Of course, there are a few enemies in the way.

Coo takes Sweetie Belle in his claws, and the filly rains beams after beams on the enemies while the group runs on the disappearing blocks, Rick carrying Kine. They jump on the second section of the bridge, and run again until reaching a third section below. More sections follow, some of them having to be reached by jumping on an unique disappearing block floating in the air. Eventually, Sweetie sees something and shouts to the others to stop on one of the part of the bridge that is not made of blocks. She then takes in her magic a bottle of energy drink that was hidden below some of those blocs before giving it to Kirby. Coo drops Sweetie Belle beside him before the puffball gives the bottle to the owl and Kine, the two of them needing it the most.

After this little break, they restart to run, until reaching the end of the bridge, where Sweetie Belle leaves Coo's claws before passing a door. It leads them inside the castle, which well deserves its name, where they have to go up by jumping on many levels of platforms going from wall to wall with spikes at both ends. After the climb, they are in a long hallway where they are ambushed by many enemies coming from before and behind, mainly Waddle Dees and Bouncys. With some teamwork, the group is able to beat all of them without taking any hit before reaching the door and having to fight a black hedgehog. Dodging his flaming charge, they beat him rapidly, unlocking the door.

They appear in the air, only to fall in water full of Glunks with some Blippers. Because of the unexpected plunge, Sweetie is hit by one of the first Glunks before they are eliminated. Once finished with this underwater section, they get out of it only for Coo to be hit by a stalactite surprise falling of the ceiling. How are there stalactites in a castle? At least, they now know there are stalactites, so they avoid the following ones without problems and reach the door. One room full of enemies later, they end in an hallway with some holes full of spikes, and they are forced to destroy star blocks to jump above them. After the holes, they are in an intersection with two hallways, one going up, the other down, the two leading to a door. Turn out the bottom door lead to a dead end with nothing, annoying the ones taking it. The other door lead to a room where a red caped Blade Knight await them, his arms crossed.

Sweetie immediately recognizes him. "That's you!"

Sweetie Belle is on the boxing ring, an unconscious Waddle Dee with a parasol before her. The fight has only lasted a few seconds, all she has had to do has been to charga at him and punch him in the face, and he has fallen out cold.

She is winning fights after fights now, all as easily as this one, and she feels like at the top of the world. Dedede's training is really starting to pay.

Then, a Blade Knight with a familiar red cape gets on the ring and faces her, sword ready. Her first Blade Knight. He shouldn't be much harder than the others, she will just have to watch out his sword.

Piece of cake.

The knight nods at her, and the fight starts. She charges at him, hooves ready to punch, but when she reaches him, the knight takes a step at the side, avoiding the attack. He then raises his sword, guard down, and violently hit her at the back of her head, knocking her on her belly.

And with this, the fight is already over, but this time, she is the one on the floor.

As she loses consciousness, the knight says something. "This is not because the king considers you as his trump card that you are a trump card right now. You are still weak and vulnerable. Remember that, or you might get yourself killed one day.

"You are the Blade Knight that beat me!"

"Hey Rookie, I have been waiting for you. I have heard some crazy stories since you started this journey. Apparently, you have ridden Nruff?" the Blade Knight says.


"The big boar that was guarding Big Forest."

"Oh! That's his name? I was naming him Grouiky."

"Gr... Grouiky?" asks Blade Knight in disbelief, before guffawing. "Oh this is the best! Grouiky! I will so call it that in the future!"

As Sweetie giggles too, Kirby approaches the filly before asking "Poyo?"

"Yeah, I know this guy. And I think I know why he is here. Leave him to me, I have a score to settle with him."

"You guessed it right Rookie," says Blade Knight as he calms down. "I can already tell that you have been through a lot during your journey. Alongside your new friends, you have been able to beat powerful enemies, including Kracko himself. Now, I want to see how much you have grown since the day I have beaten you. I, Cape Knight, Captain of the Guard, challenge you, Sweetie Belle!"

"Wait, you are Captain of the Guard? You didn't tell me that the first time!"

Cape Knight chuckles at her surprise. "Yes, I didn't. I wanted to see king Dedede's 'trump card' in action, and if I had told you what I was, you wouldn't have fought me like you have fought the others. You were becoming too confident, when all you were doing was throwing your hooves without any strategy. You needed a lesson. So..." He points his sword at her. "Have you learned your lesson?"

Sweetie takes a few steps toward Cape Knight. "This is what you want to see today, right?"

"Yes. Let's see how you now fare against me."

Sweetie starts the fight by shooting a magical beam at Cape Knight, only for him to deflect it with a swing of his sword. He charges at her, crossing the distance between them in one second before slashing his sword at Sweetie Belle. The filly takes a step back to dodge it, and retaliates by shooting another beam right in Cape Knight's face, but the knight puts a hand before his face and the beam hit it instead. Despite this, Sweetie continue attacking by charging at him, and she is able to take him off guard, headbutting him, only for the knight to headbutt her back, sending her a few steps back. She immediately lowers her head, avoiding a swing of the sword, and shoots a beam that hits the knight in the belly, forcing him to jump back. Sweetie doesn't let him take a breath and charges after him, raising a hoof, ready to punch him. The knight sees her coming, and take a step to the side, readying his sword to hit Sweetie in the back of her head. But Sweetie has known this would happen, the same thing happening the first time they have fought each other. She lowers her head, turns her back to Cape Knight, and bucks him in the face, sending him colliding against the wall as he releases his weapon. Sweetie takes the sword in her magic, and places it against the knight's neck, smiling.

At this, Cape Knight stares at Sweetie Belle in silence, before chuckling. "You have gotten better, I can't deny that. But there is still some problems."

"What problems?"

"You are too naive." In the blink of an eye, he takes the sword and throws it at Sweetie Belle. Surprised, Sweetie takes a step at the side, dodging it as it passes beside her head, only to be rammed by Cape Knight charging at her, sending her on her back. Cape Knight then quickly turns her on her belly, goes on her back, and takes her two forelegs before pulling them up, threatening to dislocate them. "The fight doesn't stop until you are sure that your enemy can't move anymore! You thought that putting the sword on my neck would lead me to give up, and you let your guard down, thinking it was finished! This gave me the opportunity to return the fight at my advantage!"

Sweetie grinds her teeth under the pressure of her legs being pulled almost to the breaking point. She then lowers her head, face to the ground, and get a determined expression, before saying "W-well then, why are you talking to me as if you have won, when I can still fight?"

Her horn lights up, and Cape Knight is suddenly bonked on the head by the guard of his sword, making him drop the legs. Sweetie quickly gets up, the speed causing Cape Knight to be sent flying before hitting the floor. She then sits on him, and pummels his head with a few punches, until she stops, thinking that it's enough. She gets up, and takes a few steps back, staring at Cape Knight, horn ready to shoot a beam.

After a whole minute, Sweetie starts to think that Cape Knight is unconscious, only to hear him chuckle.

"You win. You got me."


"Yes. You still have many things to learn, but you learned well from our previous encounter, and your journey." He then takes a tomato out of his cape and throws it at Sweetie Belle who catches it. "Take this Maxi Tomato to heal, and you can continue. Let me also tell you that if you want to get the item you seek in the castle, you will need something to light the dark. Good luck."

And he becomes silent, stopping moving. Sweetie gives the Maxi Tomato to the rest of the group, partaging it between them. Then, Kirby approaches Cape Knight and inhales him, getting a long green hat and a sword similar to the Blade Knight's, and jump on Sweetie's back, sword raised. This turns Sweetie's coat into brown with still some white the long of her head between her eyes and at her hooves. There is also some black at her muzzle, knees and horn, and her mane and tail also turn white with some black at the start of her tail.

For some reason, she suddenly wants to get on her hind legs and neighs, but she stops herself.

She looks at her new appearance, only to be disappointed. "What? Only a change of color? Come on!" She feels Kirby taps the back of her neck, calming her. "Yes sorry. I really hoped for something more than my coat turning brown, like being able to form a blade on my horn. At least, this form looks great."

Finally finished with this room, they pass the door and end in another intersection, with one long hallway right in front of them, and a smaller hallway at the back getting below toward another door. Gooey takes it alone, only to come back shaking his head, signaling that there is nothing. So they take the remaining hallway, Kirby and Sweetie at the lead, until Kirby makes her stop suddenly, a stalactite falling right in front of her. She sees many holes in the ceiling in all the hallway, and there are also some new blocks in the floor that are suspicious. Toward the end, she can see a Sir Kibble waiting them, blade ready.

Kirby then shouts "YAAHH!" and Sweetie charges through the whole hallway at maximum speed, Kirby readying his sword while the stalactites fall and the blocks disappear behind them. Once they reach the Sir Kibble, Kirby swings his sword at him with another "YAH!" and cuts him. They are joined by Gooey and the animals, before they take the door, finding themselves in a room with a green jellyfish.

Kirby starts the fight by raising his sword, the weapon flashing, before he swings it down, releasing a sharp shockwave at the jellyfish, followed by a bomb from Gooey. Sweetie charges, turns around, and bucks the jellyfish in the face, Kirby hitting him with another swing of the sword, before she retreats, the jellyfish sending electricity around him. A last bomb from Gooey ends him, and the blob gives up the bomb ability before eating the jellyfish, remembering what Cape Knight has said about needing the spark to find the Rainbow Drop.

Passing the door, they are back outside of the castle where Kirby yet again leads the charge with Sweetie, cutting the Kabus that appears in the way while yelling "YAH! AAH! YAAAH!" They jump above the gulfs, avoid the Gordos, eliminate some Bouncys, and reach the next door.

Sweetie doesn't know why, but since Kirby is on her back with the sword, she feels like nothing can stop her, gaining enough courage to do all this without stopping despite the risks. She feels like she can trust Kirby with everything, while Kirby trusts her back, and she can't disappoint him!

Back inside the castle, they now are in a big hallway with many intersections, some of them leading to the same point, others leading to dead ends. Sweetie has to jump above a few holes with spikes at the bottom, using her magic to destroy the blocks and eliminate the enemies, not forgetting the tomato in the way. Yet again, they reach the door in record time, where they take a break to eat the tomato, before entering it, and fighting a Mr Frosty.

Frosty throws an ice block at them, only for Sweetie to buck it back to his face. Rick charges and headbutts him in the belly, opening him to a double punches in the face from Sweetie followed by Kirby's sword. Gooey ends him by sending a big ball of electricity, finishing the fight and opening the door.

They end up back on a bridge similar to the first, even to the sections, but with different enemies, including knights, and at the other side of the castle. With another charge, they quickly cross it and reach the door, Coo finding in the way another tomato. They are then in a room inside the castle that is a copy of the first one, where they have to do the same thing, jumping some platforms to go up before crossing a long hallway full of enemies, this time two heads of a mummy, two Scarfys, two Bouncys and a Flammer, with star blocks between them.

In another room, they fight this time a ninja, and Kine stops him from attacking by jumping, and trapping the ninja's head inside his mouth. Confused, the ninja can't dodge the following onslaught, knocking him in less time that it takes to say it. The similarities to the first half of the castle continue after the ninja, the group getting back in a section of water like the first one, this time the room being fully submerged with much more Gordos to avoid but not a single Glunk. After the door comes another room full of enemies, and after this one, another hallway with spiked holes and an intersection leading to two doors, this time with Gordos, forcing Sweetie and Kirby to be more cautious, not charging. Just in case, they take the bottom door, only for it to lead to a dead end, showing that like last time, the right door is the top one, leading to a room similar to the one where Sweetie has fought Cape Knight, but this time with just a normal knight.

After the room, they charge through another long hallway like the one after the battle against Cape Knight, with no stalactites but with Scarfys and some other enemies, leading to another room where they fight another of this enemy that look like a big living block. Not having anything effective against him, the fight last longer, with the block being able to charge Kine before being put down.

They are yet again outside of the castle in a similar section with gulfs and platforms, but this time the wind is blowing, forcing Sweetie to watch her jumps, Coo making sure to be close in case she misses. In the way, they catch a bottle of energy drink before reaching the door with four Gordos floating around. With some careful jumps, they pass it, and following the pattern of the first half of the castle, they end up in another hallway with all the intersections leading to dead ends or crossing back, exclusively guarded by all three types of knights they have encountered in their journey. Following the same way that the first time, they pass the door and fight another giant Gordo. He doesn't last long against them.

The door opened by beating the Gordo leads FINALLY to something new. They are dropped on a pillar of disappearing blocks above a floor full of spikes, and they have to jump on platforms above them to avoid falling. From there, it's a vertical hallway where they have to jump from platforms to platforms while avoiding two Gordos and a Shotzo, until the hallway shrinks and spikes get out of the walls, so it's only wide enough for Sweetie and the others to pass one by one, or two with Kirby being on Sweetie. They still get some scratches in the way, but they are able to reach the door without being hurt too much, and they enter a dark room.

"Gooey! I think it's here!"


Gooey enters Kine's mouth, and the fish produces a lightbulb that light the room, they destroy the blocks and Glunks in it, and discover that the blocks were hiding icons in the following order: a flame, a stone, spikes, an ice block, and a crescent blade.

"Is this a clue? Do they represent abilities that we will have to use?"

"Poyo..." says Kirby with an arm under his chin.

"So they represent the fire ability, the stone, the needle, the ice, and the cutter?"

"Mmh... Poyo." Kirby confirms.

"Goo." says Gooey as he gives up the spark ability. They then end in a Rainbow Drop Room with a few different enemies where they have to get up. Gooey eats the Flamer under the hatch and they pass a trapdoor that close behind them, meaning they can't come back to change ability. Getting up a few more platforms, they reach some blocks in two walls. In the first wall, they are ice blocks, vulnerable to fire, meaning that it is the way. The following room is similar, but this time Gooey eats a Rocky before destroying the blocks vulnerable to it. Like indicated with the icons, this is followed by the same thing happening with needle, ice, and cutter. After destroying the blocks vulnerable to cutter, they appear under the Rainbow Drop, and take it.

"We did it! We did it! We did it!" screams Sweetie Belle, jumping in joy with the others. Kirby open his mouth, and the six other Rainbow Drops get out of him, before they all levitate around him... only for nothing happening.


Coo flies to the drops, staring at them in hope of finding what is going on. "Coo?"

"Googoo! Googoo!" suddenly exclaims Gooey.


"Googoogoo! Coincoin! BAM!" Somehow, Gooey is able to imitate a... duck...? before punching a wall with his tongue.


"Are you saying we must first fight king Dedede before we are able to repair the bridges?"

"Googoo! Googoo!" confirms Gooey.

"Well, okay then... He must not be far now. By the way, Dedede is a penguin, not a duck."


"Whatever..." says Sweetie, shaking her head. "Let's continue. Beside, we already knew we would have to fight Dedede to stop him."


They climb up the platforms, take the door leading to another vertical hallway with more platforms full of Broom Hatters, and start to climb it too, the Broom Hatters letting them pass. Among them, Broom Sunglasses say "We are with you. Nice look by the way."

"Thank you Broom Sunglasses!" says Sweetie Belle as she passes him.

Passing the door, they have to fight another brown parasol. Five seconds later, they pass the opening door.

They climb up again, platform by platform. Nothing block them. No enemies, no traps, nothing. They are getting close.

Nobody says anything. They are ready to face the king and anything he will throw at them, and end this.

Here is the door.

They appear at the top of the main tower, at the center of the castle. Dedede is there, still sleeping, and yet looking at them, expressionless. Without saying anything, he charges at them, hammer raised. They charge too.

Sweetie and Kirby are the first to reach Dedede, and the penguin swings down the hammer at them. Kirby stops it with his sword, the weapons clashing with a loud noise. Rick comes at their left and punches Dedede in his right cheek, not even phasing him. Coo is behind Dedede, Gooey in is claws, and throws his sharp feathers at his back, slightly hurting him.

With surprising speed for his size, Dedede jumps back and turns around before he swings his hammer, catching Coo off guard as he is sent toward the edge of the tower, dropping Gooey. The blob then jumps back while throwing his blades, hate in his eyes toward the penguin. King Dedede seems strangely focused on Gooey, attacking him relentlessly.

Now that Sweetie thinks about it, why were Dedede's minions so focused at imprisoning Gooey? Does he have something against him? She thought he was against Kirby!

"You... trai...tor..."

Wait... Was that Dedede? That wasn't his voice! It has sounded more... evil... dark...

Gooey then answers. "Gooey! Goo feel!"

"Feel... Feel... Hurt... FEEL HUUUUURT!!!" Dedede slams his hammer, Gooey dodging again. Cracks appear in the floor around the impact while Dedede becomes red. He continues to slam the hammer around, trying to hit Gooey. "Darkness... not feel! BAM! Darkness... not hurt! BAM! Darkness... every...where... not hurt! BAM !

He is then headbutted from behind by Kine, the fish thrown by Rick. Dedede turns around, only to be charged in the belly by Sweetie Belle before Kirby hits him in the chin with his head, causing him to step back. Sweetie continues with a charged magical beam, which sends the king on his back, before Coo dives beak first right in his belly.

Sweetie runs toward Gooey, and says to him "I don't know what's going on, but it's clear that this is not Dedede, and you know this. Can you tell us what we are fighting?"

"Goo..." he says sadly.

He doesn't have time to say more, before Rick is thrown between them, badly hurt. When they look back at the king, he is back up, Kine under his left foot, and Coo in his right hand. He then slams the owl on the floor before kicking the fish, and turns toward them and jumps. Sweetie and Gooey jump away and avoid Dedede falling back, but then Dedede turns to Gooey and inhales him before spitting him back at Sweetie Belle, sending the two of them and Kirby toward the edge.

They get up and Kirby points his sword at Dedede, yelling "YAAH!" Sweetie nods and charges at the king while shooting a magical beam at his face. Once she reaches him, she runs around him, Kirby slashing his sword without stopping. Dedede tries to hit her with the hammer, only for her either slowing down or fastening up to avoid it. Eventually, Sweetie Belle bucks his belly, forcing Dedede to bend, and Kirby uses the guard of his sword to hit him between his eyes.

Dedede falls on his back.

He doesn't get up.

Kirby and Sweetie Belle look at Dedede. "Is this it?" she asks.

"Poyo!" confirms Kirby.

Goo joins them. "Goo!" He looks at Kirby and nods.

Kirby nods back, understanding. He jumps from Sweetie's back, turning her back to her normal colors. He then spits the Rainbow Drops, and they start to float around, before merging one by one. Once the last one merges, they take the form of a sword with the colors of the rainbow, from the guard to the top. When Kirby takes it, the sword ability disappears, and the Rainbow Swords flashes in every colors as something starts to get out of Dedede.

Something dark, with a single eye.

"What is that?!" asks Sweetie Belle, scared of that... thing made of darkness. She remembers Nightmare, that has seemed also made of darkness, and of how powerful he has been. Will she have to fight this thing now?

The thing flies away up far in the sky, with no means to follow it. That is until Kirby jumps on her back, and her mane and tail turn into the color of the rainbow, like Celestia's. Then, the Rainbow Sword somehow leads them to the sky, after the black thing.

They quickly catch up to it, seeing the form that the black thing has taken. It is two times her size, and it possesses a grey cloak around its body open at the front, letting appear its black body. The edges of the cloak at this opening are red and yellow in a zigzag pattern. On its shoulders and around its neck his a piece of dark blue armor with pauldrons rimmed orange. Its head his totally black, with black hairs and a single eye behind a grey visor. It also has a sword.

Sweetie gulps. This thing looks tough. "Who... Who are you?" she asks.

"Dark... Matter," it answers with its voice that seems to come from the deeps of Tartarus. "Die."

As they continue to go up! Up! Up in the sky, Dark Matter charges at them, sword ready to impale them. Sweetie is able to move out of the way, and Kirby slashes at it with the Rainbow Sword. Sweetie 'flies' away from it and shoots from her horn a few beams in the colors of the rainbow, hurting it once before it dodges the rest. Dark Matter points its sword at them and shoots back energy beams, Kirby deflecting the first before Sweetie moves out of the way.

That's when Sweetie looks down, and sees how high they are.

WAAAAHH?!! We are in space?! And wait, is this Popstar?!

Below them, Popstar appears as a giant star with two rings around it in a crosslike manner. She remembers seeing one of them from Dreamland and wondering what it was, well now she has her answer. Actually, she remarks that they are at the levels of the rings, one of them not being far.


Kirby's scream bring her back to the fight, and she instinctively move away, dodging Dark Matter trying to ram them. Sweetie remains beside it so Kirby can slash at it as much as possible, Dark Matter parrying some of the attacks. It then slashes at Sweetie Belle, forcing her to go away to dodge while she fires back a beam. Following this, Dark Matter points up its sword, forming a sphere of dark energy, before it throws it at them. Sweetie is about to move away again, only for Kirby to swing the Rainbow Sword at the sphere, deflecting it back at their enemy, which seems to really hurt it.

Sweetie charges back at Dark Matter, and yet again, the two swords clash for a whole minute, the two sword users not backing up. Dark Matter is suddenly hit from behind by something, opening itself to more slashes from Kirby until it backs away, seeing who has attacked him from behind.

The attacker is none other than Gooey, back in his form with all the yellow spheres behind him, and a determined look in his eyes. Seeing him seems to make Dark Matter angry, because it charges at him and swing its sword, only for Gooey to dodge and headbutt it.

Sweetie doesn't let this chance passes, and comes behind Dark Matter so Kirby can use his sword to attack while she shoots her rainbow beams. They move back again as Dark Matter swings its sword at them, opening itself to Gooey shooting some dark lightning from his mouth. It then turns around itself, shooting many energy beams at all of them. Gooey moves out of the way while Kirby simply deflects them with the sword. Dark Matter continue attacking by sending a dark orb toward Gooey, but the blob destroy it with a dark lightning. Sweetie takes the occasion and charges, Kirby readying the sword. As they pass beside it, Kirby slashes it, and dark energy starts to get out of its body as it seems in pain.

Its body explodes in an explosion of dark energy, before reappearing in a new form. A dark ball with many little yellow orbs and a single eye at the center.

The resemblance with Gooey's actual form doesn't escape Sweetie Belle, which would explain how they know each other, but she doesn't have time to think about it because they suddenly start to fall!

Panic is about to start for Sweetie Belle, until Dark Matter comes back to continue the fight, charging right at her. Forgetting about the fall, she quickly gets out of the way and Kirby slashes again. Gooey approaches and fires his lightning, but Dark Matter fires its- or his own lightning even more dark than Gooey's all around him, hitting all of them. They back away, and Dark Matter attacks again by sending his yellow orbs at them. Kirby deflects one back at Dark Matter, only for Sweetie to be hit by two others that explode at contact, and Gooey is hit by four others. Hurt, Sweetie counterattacks by shooting beams at Dark Matter without stopping while Gooey shoots his lightning, but Dark Matter doesn't give up, and shoot countless dark energy beams at them, hurting them even more.

They can see that they are approaching the atmosphere, they must finish this fight quickly! Gooey lands on Kirby's head, and restarts shooting his lightning, this time rainbow colored, and Sweetie charges back at Dark Matter with some difficulty. Kirby slashes relentlessly at the dark orb, wanting to end this fight, but he is unseated by a lightning from Dark Matter. Losing Kirby from her back, Sweetie starts to fall faster, only to be catched by Gooey going under her.

"Th-thanks, Gooey... You are a savior." she says, hugging the blob, making him go red.

But when Dark Matter looks at them, his eye is suddenly filled of hate and pain, and he charges at them with the full intention to end them. Gooey flies away from Dark Matter, wanting to keep the filly safe. Sweetie shoots some beams -back to normal- at the dark orb, but they don't have any effects on him. They then pass beside Kirby, his sword ready, and as Dark Matter flies beside him, he swing his sword, cutting him heavily.

Dark Matter stops, and dark energy starts to get out of him. As he moves in pain, more and more dark energy go out of him, until finally, he explodes with a last high pitched screech full of pain.

Sweetie Belle sighs in relief. Finally, it ends. Their enemy is no more, and all should go back to normal. Or... Well... They first have to survive the fall. Now that Dark Matter is no longer distracting her of the problem, she is about to scream in panic, when Kirby suddenly catches her right hoof. Looking at him, she sees that he uses the Rainbow Sword to fly.

Kirby smiles at her, reassuring her that everything is alright, before pulling her on his back. Gooey then uses his tongue to cling to Kirby's feet, and together, they descend back at the surface of Popstar, the yellow of the star letting place to oceans, grasslands, mountains, and other places. Guided by the Rainbow Sword, they return above the Rainbow Islands just as the sun is starting to appear above the horizon. When they reach the first island, the sword flashes, and a rainbow appears behind them, the end going toward Grass Lands. When they reach Big Forest, the rainbow cuts, and the second end go to the island. Another rainbow start to form from Big Forest, and goes toward Ripple Fields. The same thing happens with all the other islands, giving a spectacle that Sweetie will never forget, seeing the islands with all the rainbows linking them.

Eventually, they reach Dark Castle, where the sword drops them at the top where they have fought Dedede. Speaking of the king, he is back to consciousness, admiring the view of the Rainbow Bridges coming back with a big smile. Alongside him are the animals and many Waddle Dees tending to all four of them. Sweetie recognizes Broom Sunglasses and Cape Knight among them, and she hopes that Waddle Dee is there too, but she can't recognize him with all those Waddle Dees. Oh! Here he is, waving at her!

As they land, the Rainbow Sword disappears in a flash of rainbow light, not needed anymore.

With conscious steps, still hurting from her battle against possessed Dedede and Dark Matter, she slowly approaches the king, quickly helped by Waddle Dee.

"Are you alright, king Dedede?" she asks.

"Yes, this thing did nothing to me while it was in possession of my body. I just have to recover from our battle, but a quick meal and I'll be back fully recovered."

Sweetie smiles at him, and suddenly jumps around his neck, starting to cry. "I'm so glad! I was so scarred! You became all evil and you threatened to kill me and you were all weird, so I had to ask Kirby for help and we fought you and also Whispy Woods and Mr Bright and Mr Shine and Kracko and that big fish who almost ate me and-"

"Hey hey hey! Calm down! Seems like you had quite the adventure."

"Yes! We had to explore all the Rainbow Islands! And..." She yawns, the whole day of adventure catching back to her. "And I even learned how to shoot magical beams... And I beat Cape Knight in duel... I have become stronger..."

"You will tell me that later. It seems like you need to sleep."

Sweetie Belle nods, her eyes starting to close. "Yes..." She yawns again, then rubs her head under his chin. "I'm so glad... you are back... Dedede..."

Seeing that Sweetie Belle has stopped talking, Dedede takes her in his arms, the smiling filly curling into a ball against his chess.

A warm smile appears on his face. "I'm proud of you little one. I knew that I could count on you."

Kirby has watched all this from farther, smiling. Maybe he does care actually.