A Sweetie Dreamland

by Lucar

Chapter 3: First Day part 2

The door opens and out flies Sweetie Belle who falls face first on the floor. She quickly gets up and turns around, before shouting angrily at the Cook Waddle Dee that has expulsed her "Hey! You didn't have to do this!" The Cook Waddle Dee answers her by slamming the door. Two seconds later, the door opens again only for the Cook Waddle Dee to put on it a crud drawing of her with a big red cross above her head and slam the door a second time. This makes Sweetie crosses her hooves and pouts in anger, not believing how she has just been thrown out of the kitchen. After a moment, she sights and asks herself "What now?"

"Seems like you have nothing more to do." says someone at her left. When Sweetie Belle looks to see who has talked to her, she discovers than this is a Blade Knight. Like his name indicates, he his a creature using a sword and wearing a green armor with a part of his pink face visible, again without anything on it. Or maybe he has eyes hidden behind his golden visor. At least, rather than tubby arms like all the creatures she has encountered until now, he possesses actual hands, white gloves covering them. And he has also a real head above his body. His equipment also include a belt around his body, and brown armored boots. On his shoulder pads is a yellow symbol that seems to be a fusion between a trident and a crescent moon. Sweetie remarks that he is pulling a wagon full of weapons behind him, mainly swords and a few spears.

"No. I should have been cooking until lunch, but they expulsed me of the kitchen."

The Blade Knight chuckles. "I saw that," he says before taking a bag that he fills with a dozen swords. Sweetie can distinguish two varieties of swords. The first is the same kind as the one that the Blade Knight possesses, white blade and blue guard of the same form as his symbol on his shoulders with a yellow sphere at the center. The second are swords with a blue lame with two prongs jutting out of it, and a yellow crescent shaped guard. She can already guess what will be her new task.

"You want me to give these swords."

"Exactly." He then gives the bag to Sweetie Belle who awkwardly put it alongside her barrel. These bags are really not made for her. Once the bag given, the Blade Knight points at the end of the hallway behind her, where it separates into two other hallways. "Take the right hallway while I take the left, and give these swords to all the Blade Knights and Sword Knights that you encounter. Normally, there should be enough swords."

"Yes sir."

"Remember. The white swords are for the Blade Knights, and the blue ones are for the Sword Knights."

"I understand. But... why are there two kinds of swords? Why doesn't everyone have the same kind?" she asks while tilting her head in curiosity.

"Because we don't use the same style to fight. See?" he asks while showing his own sword. "This one is sharp mostly at the edges, it's made to hurt by doing big swing to give great cuts." He demonstrates it by swinging his sword. He then points at a blue sword in the bag. "This one is the most sharp at the tip of the blade and the prongs. It's made essentially to attack by thrusting it to impale your enemies. The Blade Knights use the first style, the Sword Knights prefer the second."

"Oooh! I see ! Well, if I have to take a sword someday, I will know what to do. Thank you mister Knight."

The Blade Knight chuckles before replying "You are welcome. Now go."

Sweetie Belle leaves the Blade Knight and takes the right hallway. Thankfully, it's not a hard job. She gives the right swords at the right knights and that's all, and it's not hard to differentiate the two kinds of Knights. Instead of wearing green armor, the Sword Knights wear purple armor with a helmet that elongate behind the head. Their mouth, if they have one, is also hidden, but not their eyes, which are two and yellow. The only part of their armor that is not purple is the one covering their body, being blue. They also wears white gloves and a brown belt. So yeah, easy job.

After her task, she yet again ends up with nothing to do. Rather than starting searching for a new task, she decides to use that break to search something else.

"Excuse me." she intercepts a Waddle Dee. "Do you know if there is a place to sew?"

"Of course! Continue this way and take left. Go down the stairs, then right, right again, the second left, down another staircase, third left, second right, another right, and that should be the first door."

Sweetie stares at the Waddle Dee without moving. After a few seconds, she blinks and says "Can you repeat, please ?" which prompts the Waddle Dee to facepalm.

It has taken some time, but the Waddle Dee has given her a paper with the directions, and after ten minutes, she reaches the room she wants: the sewing room. She wants to try sewing that Rarity plushie that she has been thinking when she has awakened. Better start somewhere to make her new room feel more like home.

The room is empty. Looks like nothing needs to be sewn right now. That's good! No one is here to bother her! She will be able to work like she wants! Time to make a plushie before lunchtime!

Sweetie Belle looks at her plate with depression. Her tentative to sew hasn't ended very well... The less is said about it, the better. And now it is lunchtime, and there is no plushie. She hears someone coming and looks up, only to see a Waddle Dee sits down before her, with some fruits and meat on his plate. She is not as shocked at seeing meat as she has been the previous day when she has seen the Waddle Dees eat for the first time at dinner, but it will take time for her to get used to it. Apparently, almost everyone here eat meat. But right now, she has something else in her mind, so she doesn't care too much about it. She looks back at her plate.

"Hey, are you alright?" asks the Waddle Dee. Maybe it's the Waddle Dee that has helped her yesterday and has awakened her this morning? She will assume than yes, seeing how much he is friendly toward her.

"Yes, don't worry. I'm just a little sad that I wasn't able to sew a plushie." she answers.

"You tried to sew a plushie? You know how to sew?"

"A little, but not enough it seems. I can sew something like a cape, but definitely not a plushie."

"You simply need more experience. If you try and try again, I'm sure you will be able to sew one. But why do you want to sew a plushie?"

"I wanted to sew a plushie looking like my sister, Rarity. It... It would help me feel better."

Waddle Dee only can look sadly at Sweetie after her answer. He doesn't know what it's like to find himself in a different world, far away from all his loved one, but for a child like Sweetie Belle, it must be hard. She must feel so lonely without them. No wonder she wants something to make her feel like they are here with her. At least, he can help her.

"If you want, I can ask others to sew for you. Can you describe your sister to me?"

"You would really do that for me?" Sweetie asks with hope in her eyes.

"Yes! So?"

"Rarity is an unicorn, like me. See my horn?" Waddle Dee confirms by nodding. "She possesses white fur and a purple mane and tail. She always watch out for her look, so her fur, mane and tail are perfectly groomed, with some curls on the two laters. She is also as thin as a model, which she could be, if she wanted. Her eyes are blue, and she has three blue gems as her Cutie Mark."

Waddle Dee tilts his head at the last part. "Cutie Mark?"

"Erm... How to explain... I can see than none of you have Cutie Mark so... Well, a Cutie Mark is a symbol that appears on our flanks when we find our special talent. I don't have one yet, because I haven't found my special talent."

Waddle Dee nods to show he understands before asking "Do you have any other... family members that you want a plushie of?"

She smiles at how much Waddle Dee is ready to help her. "There is my Mom, my Dad, and my two best friends Apple Bloom and Scootaloo."

"Then describes them to me."

"Are you sure you will remember?"

"Yes, don't worry."

"Alright." And so, she does that. When lunchtime end, Waddle Dee promises her that the plushies will be given to her as soon as they are finished. Sweetie Belle waves at him as they go their separate ways, before coming to a realisation: she doesn't have anything to do... again, and she has five hours until her training. After waiting a little to see if anyone would give her something to do, she decides to ask a Broom Hatter at her left.

Thankfully, he does have something for her: cleaning more rooms ! Better than nothing. Armed with a broom and a feather duster and protected by a kerchief, the same one than she has forgotten to give back this morning, she spends the following hours going from room to room fighting a whole army of dust helped by her loyal companions the Broom Hatters and Waddle Dees, all the while singing her songs to keep the moral up. This is a dirty war, but she will not give up! Until she looks at a clock and sees that it's time for her to quit the front line to go training. And so, she gives her weapons to her companions, bids them farewell, puts back the kerchief around her neck, and starts heading toward the boxing room... after asking direction from a passing Waddle Doo. Thankfully, she is not too far, so she doesn't have too much problems remembering them.

Everything is well, until she is stopped by a running Spear Waddle Dee wearing sunglasses and a red cape coming from before her. "Hey! Rookie!"


"Sorry I don't have much time! I must go patrol! Here, take this!" He gives Sweetie Belle the spear, puts the sunglasses on her eyes, and attaches the cape around her neck before putting it on her back. "The spear belongs to Waddle Dee, the sunglasses to Broom Hatter, and the cape to Blade Knight. Please, give them back. Imustgobye!" And then he is gone.

"Wha- Hey! Come back! Which Waddle Dee? Hey!" But he does not come back... "I don't have time for that! I must go training! I will give them at dinner, or after!" she says to herself.

Thus Sweetie Belle, now wearing a white kerchief with green stars around her neck, a red cape, sunglasses, and a spear in her magic, continues her way to the boxing room. Sweetie wouldn't be surprised to learn that the Waddle Dee was playing superheroes or something like that, because as Scootaloo would say, she must looks awesome. Oh! The games they could play together with her wearing this! Of course, the spear would be a fake. She can't help chuckling at the thought, before sighing at remembering that she is alone.

She finally reaches the boxing room a little in advance. King Dedede is not yet here, but there is already a few weights, smaller than the one she has used this morning.

Well, rather than wait, why not start now?

And she jumps on the ring, puting the spear beside her before starting to lift one of the weights. When Dedede shows up, she is in the process of lifting two of the smaller weights at the same time so she can try to get better at manipulating more than one object at once. He smiles at this.

"So you have already started. Impatient, uh?" He jumps on the ring. "Why are you wearing this attire?" he asks, seeing the cape and sunglasses. He didn't ask anything about the kerchief earlier, but now that's curious.

Sweetie puts the sunglasses above her horn to better look at the king. "A Waddle Dee gave them to me a little before coming here. He wanted me to give them at their right owners, but I didn't have time. He was gone before I could protest, so I had to bring them here. Beside, he told me that they belong to a Waddle Dee, a Broom Hatter, and a Blade Knight, but he didn't precise which ones, and I didn't want to lose time asking all the Waddle Dee, Broom Hatters and Blade Knights living in the castle. So I will just wait for dinner."

"The spear too?"


He nods. "You know? It gives you a look. Cute, yet badass. You should keep that look for when you will eventually fight Kirby. This way, he will know that you are not just another simple soldier."

She looks at him while raising an eyebrow. "Wouldn't it be more effective if I just look cute and innocent? Like this, he will lower his guard and I could take him by surprise."

Sweetie Belle's idea surprise Dedede, who remains silent for a few seconds before he suddenly starts laughing loudly. He then slaps Sweetie on the back, making her fall on the floor with an "Eep!", and says "You definitely have potential! Your idea may actually work! Well then, let's start!"

For the first half of the hour, Sweetie simply trains by lifting the weights with her magic until her horn aches so much that she can't use it anymore. She has to thanks Dedede for pushing her beyond her limit. Once he sees that she can't use her magic anymore, Dedede decides to changes the training.

"Alright! Let's do something else, this time without your magic."

"What will we do?" Sweetie asks from the floor.

Dedede takes his hammer, and smiles menacingly. This makes Sweetie gulps. "I will attack you. You just have to dodge. Don't go beyond the edge of the ring."

"Say WHAT?!!"


It's all the warning he gives before he starts swinging the hammer down at her, Sweetie Belle barely has time to jump out of the way. She quickly runs to the ropes of the ring before turning around to look at Dedede. "You are crazy! It's not training, it's torture!"

"No!" he answers. He takes his hammer in his two hands and starts running after her. "It's tough love!"

I'm gonna die...

Sweetie Belle is roughly dropped on a chair. The poor filly can barely keep her eyes open and she aches absolutely everywhere. Well, actually, not too much in her horn, so she can use a little magic again. She can't believe it. By some miracle, she has been able to avoid being hit by Dedede's hammer. She guesses that the threat of being stuck in an hospital bed at best, crushed to death at worst, has given a spring in her legs that she didn't know she could have. For thirty whole minutes, she has run, jumped and rolled without stopping, until Dedede has told that it is time to stop. By then, once the adrenaline has disappeared, she couldn't even crawl. So Dedede has taken her under his arm and has brought her... Where has he brought her, actually? She fully opens her eyes, and sees that she is beside a really big table in a room that is not where she has taken her breakfast and her lunch. In this room, there is just her, Dedede on a throne-like chair at her left, and a few guards. Oh... There is also all the food on the table. Meat -some kind of bird-, omelette, fries, a big watermelon, a bunch of grapes, fruit juice, cookies, and a cake. Sweetie Belle starts to drool.

"After effort comes comfort!" says Dedede as he starts eating the meat. "You have done well at your training, so you deserve it."

She watches Dedede eating the bird. It would have disgusted her, but her own stomach screams at her, so she starts eating. Beside, free cake and cookies!

She may have gone a little too far with the food. Now her stuffed belly hurts, and no matter how much she tells herself that it has been worth it changes that. At least now she can relax in that warm bath with the other servants, the kerchief, spear, sunglasses and cape on the floor just outside the giant bathtub. She could fall asleep right there...

"Hey Sweetie Belle! Where were you?"

"Uh?" She opens her eyes to see a Waddle Dee approaching her. She has no problems guessing who is this Waddle Dee and smiles. "Hey. Sorry for not being here at dinner. King Dedede took me with him to eat after the end of our training session."

"Wow." says another voice at her right. When she looks, she sees a Broom Hatter, without his broom and his hat, on a floating chair. "You are saying that in just one day, you got close enough of the king to the point that he left you eat with him at his private table? What have you done after we left the boxing room?"

"Wh-? Oh! You are one of the Broom Hatter that were with me at the boxing room!"

"You didn't recognize me?"

Sweetie Belle smiles sheepishly at him. "Sorry. I just can't manage to differentiate you from the other Broom Hatters. Same thing with Waddle Dee here."

"I see. If it helps you, I'm the one who had the feather duster."

Oh yeah. The one who got too hot even if it was not hot. "Nice seeing you again!"

"Me too. And don't worry about the kerchief, you can keep it."

"Really? Thanks!" she screams excitedly. "I like it!"

"N-no problem," he says while waving dismissively at her. Is it Sweetie or are his cheeks a little pink?

"So it's true?" exclaims Waddle Dee with stars in his eyes. "You ate at the king's table?"

This makes Sweetie blush. "Yes." Using a hoof on the edge of the bathtub, she gets herself half out of the water to show her slightly rounded belly. "Here is the proof," she says with a laugh, patting it before getting back in the water. "Too much cake..."

"How did you do it?"

"Apparently, with my magic, I have become his trump card against Kirby. So now he is training me."

"So lucky!" cries Waddle Dee.

"Indeed. Lucky you." says Broom Hatter.

At their words, Sweetie laughs in embarrassment, hiding the bottom of her head under the water. Strangely, Broom Hatter's cheeks become even more pink.

Waddle Dee then looks above the edge of the bathtub. "What about that cape, those sunglasses, and that spear?"

Sweetie gets her mouth out of the water to answer. "It's a Waddle Dee who gave them to me, so I could give them to who they belong, but I didn't have time because I had to go train with the king. I wanted to do it at dinner but... Well, finally I couldn't."

"You said that one of the objects are sunglasses?" asks Broom Hatter. "Can you show them to me?"

"They may be yours? Then of course! He told me that the sunglasses belong to a Broom Hatter." Sweetie uses her magic to give the sunglasses to Broom Hatter.

"Yep, they are mine." he says. He puts them on him before relaxing. "Better... Thank you."

"But there is still the spear and the cape. Wait..." says Waddle Dee. He then puts his arms before is... mouth... before screaming "Is there someone here who doesn't have his spear or his red cape?!"

One of the Waddle Dees starts jumping. "Oh! Me! Me! Me!" He then comes beside Sweetie Belle to look at the spear. "Yes, it's this one, and I know to who belongs that cape. I will bring them with me once I get out. Thanks!"

"You're welcome!"

"And this ends a good day of job well done." says Broom Hatter. "I like days like this. No problems, everyone is happy, all is good in the world. Of course, this means that tomorrow will probably suck..."

"Don't says that...!" screams Sweetie Belle before suddenly stopping. "Hum... You don't mind if I call you Broom Sunglasses?"

"Broom Sunglasses? Eh, it's cool, I like it. Ok, I don't mind. As for tomorrow, we will see. And I reserve the right to say 'I told you so.'"

This makes Sweetie sigh.

Sweetie Belle walks toward her chamber, drained of her energy. She is ready to fall asleep at any moment, her still full stomach not helping. If she ever get to eat with Dedede again, she will have to watch out what she eats, or she may end up as fat as the penguin despite the training.

She opens the door to her room. Despite the dark, she can still see a little thanks to the moonlight from the window. Thanks again Waddle Dee. After a brief detour in the bathroom to brush her teeth, she finally move to her bed, only to be greeted by a great surprise that she has totally forgotten : on her bed are five plushies, all exactly like she has described to Waddle Dee. Without being able to stop the tears, she gets on the bed, covers herself, and take the five plushies in her arms, nuzzling all of them while repeating "Thank you" again and again until she finally falls asleep.

And so end her first day in Dreamland.