A Sweetie Dreamland

by Lucar

Chapter 51: Vocal Volcano and Ice Island: The Squeak Squad's Last Stand!

They see Sweetie Belle and Kirby, now possessing Daroach's body, coming back quickly inside the ruins to take the forgotten chest that they have used to fool the Squeaks before exiting the ruins for the second time, making some of the ponies laugh.

"Eh. Still a filly," says Applejack.

Spike rubs his head thoughtfully. "Now that they possess the big boss of the bad guys, I wonder what will happen."

"Easy," says Rainbow Dash. "They will crush everything in their way and take back what was stolen by the Squeaks." She huffs. "We may not even have an epic final fight this time. They control the most powerful enemy, so I don't see any obstacles that could give them a hard time."

"What about whatever is in the chest?" asks Pinkie.

"If they don't open it, it doesn't matter," answers the pegasus.

"Mmh... I don't know..." says Discord. "I have the feeling that we shouldn't underestimate the Squeaks."


Not long after Sweetie Belle and Kirby leave the ruins, Storo is able to use his mighty strength to break the ice, freeing himself. However, it leaves him kneeling in fatigue, having to take back his breath. After a few seconds, he gets back up.

"They took possession of the boss... I must warn the others."

At this, he starts running, only to be hit by a laser.


"I got you!" shouts none other than Doc, coming back in his saucer. He shoots more lasers at Storo, shocking the big mouse until he finds himself on his back. "Release Storo!"

"Wai- Gaahh! It's me! Doc, stop!"

"Yeah right. Do you think I am stupid?! I will not fall for this again!" shouts back Doc as he shoots more lasers.

"N-no! They... They took... THEY TOOK POSSESSION OF THE BOSS!!!"

The lasers stop coming.

"What?" asks Doc. he looks at where Daroach's unconscious body has been, only to see that it's gone.

"See?" shouts Storo. He then points at what remains of the ice. "They took possession of him, and they used his ice beam to freeze me!"

Doc starts to think. If Daroach had awakened, he would have attacked Storo to free him from Kirby and Sweetie Belle. He would have never left him behind, especially not after freezing him. Seems like Storo is telling the truth, but he should do a last test just to be sure.

"All for Squeak!" he shouts.

"Cheese for all!" shouts back Storo.

Doc releases a sigh of relief, only to become very pale. This is Storo, so what he has said is true. Kirby and Sweetie Belle have taken possession of Daroach! And now, they are probably going toward the volcanoes with his body to find the airship and take back everything they have stolen!

They must stop them and free the boss!

They must warn Spinni and the Squeakers!

They must go RIGHT NOW!

Rapidly, Doc goes above Storo. "No time for you to run! You are too slow!" He activates the tractor beam and lifts Storo, much to the last one's displeasure, before flying out of the ruins.

By now, Sweetie Belle and Kirby are climbing a mountain. They haven't taken long to discover everything that Daroach can do. He can float, teleport, shoot an ice beam from his wand, and create and throw bombs from under his cape. He also possesses some kind of golden rod with a box-like head with a star that can throw stars, which can bounce on the surfaces and come back to Daroach to orbit around him to serve as a shield, much like the electric orb from the UFO ability, except that he can have until three stars orbiting him, and the rod shoots three stars at the same time. Nuff said. Thanks to him, it hasn't taken them long for them to find a first chest in a room full of giant star blocks easily destroyed by his ice beam, and a star from the rod is all it has taken to open the way, destroying spikes blocking it by hitting a switch behind them.

They don't even take the ladder to leave the room. Some floating, and they reach the door leading them inside the mountain. Here, they have to fly up, destroying a few bomb blocks to make their climb even easier, even finding another chest after passing a door that immediately close once open after pressing the switch -there again, the rod is of great help- and destroying one of those bombs.

They reach the top of the mountain where they find a big chest, and they can now see the volcanoes that have been hidden behind the mountain, with lava everywhere. They also spot some ruin at the top of one of the mountains.

"Here we are. Volcanoes. Again. This is becoming an habit. Poyo. At least, thanks to Daroach, it should be alright. We will just need to fly above the lava. Poyo." Sweetie Belle giggles. "We will pass those volcanoes in no time!" At this, they advance.

They don't see Doc's flying saucer in the sky above them, still tracking Storo.

"I saw the boss Doc! He is at the top of this mountain!"

"They are quick. No surprise with the boss' body. We must quickly find Spinni. And together, we will save the boss!" It doesn't take them long to find Spinni. The yellow mouse is busy looking inside a very small hole, trying to reach something.

"Ngh! Rah! Gosh darn it! It's too far!"

"A problem Spinni?" asks Doc, gaining his attention.

Spinni looks around and sees them as Doc drops Storo on the ground. "Doc? Storo? Yes, there is a problem!" He points up at a closed door in the ceiling. "I smell a treasure behind this door!" He then points at the hole. "But the switch opening it is in this small hole! And I can't reach it! But now that you are there, you can use one of your lasers to reach it!"

"Forget the treasure!"

"Say what?!"

"The boss needs us! The two heroes became ghosts and took possession of his body!"


"They are coming right here as we are talking! We must save the boss!"

Spinni clenches his teeth. "Count on me. I will hide in the shadow, ambush them, and force them out of the boss' body with a quick sneak attack."

"No you fool! This will not be enough! Let's go to the airship, I will tell you my plan. Storo, grab him."

Storo sighs. "You are gonna lift me again?"

"Of course! We must be fast! If we go on foot, they will catch us, and we will have our butts kicked again."

"Alright..." He grabs Spinni. "Sorry buddy."

"For the boss, I can endure being lifted by someone else." Once Doc lifts Storo again with the tractor beam and they fly, he talks again. "So, can you tell us your plan?"

"Well. First of all, we will attract them to Bohboh's lair."


Sweetie Belle and Kirby pass a door after finding another chest by pressing a few switches. As expected, they have no problems passing the various dangers of the volcanoes. In the new section, they quickly spot the closed door above them, and see the switch in a hole too small for them, and too far for their arms. No problems, they are able to hit it thanks to the ice beam, opening the door which drop a big chest that they take.

But still no Squeaks in sight.

"What do you think the Squeaks are doing Kirby? Poyo," Kirby answers with a shrug. "I hope they aren't gone with their airship. We still don't know where their hideout is. But would they leave their leader behind?" Kirby answers with a shake of Daroach's head. "Poyo." Probably no. They seem loyal to each other.

Passing a door, they are now inside one of the volcanoes, in a room with four enemies: a Sir Kibble, a Sword Knight, a Hot Head, and some penguin-like creature with a big beak named Pengi, that can breath ice. Dealing with them with a few bombs and a swing of the golden rod, they pass the door at the top of the room and enter another room with a Bonkers.

The Bonkers immediately attack by trying to crush Daroach under his hammer, only for Kirby to teleport them behind him. sweetie Belle then floats a little above the ground, envelops one of Daroach's feet with her energy, and give a spin kick at the Bonkers' back, sending him crashing on a wall. The Bonkers quickly comes back, throwing an explosive coconut at them, but again, they teleport to avoid it, reappear in front of him, and start to clobber his head with both the wand and the rod. After over a dozen hits, they float back, and watch as the Bonkers remains in place for a few seconds without moving before falling on the floor with all his weight, a door opening just after.

Behind it, they use the rod to pound a wooden stack, which causes a chest to rise from a hole. After this, they pass another door, and this time, they find themselves against a Gao Gao. The big animal starts to spin toward them, its claws threatening to turn Daroach into shreds. Kirby makes Daroach jump above the Gao Gao, and throws a bomb that stop it. With the animal stopped, sweetie Belle takes the rod and swings it down, pounding the Gao Gao on the head, stunning it. The Gao Gao tries to claw them with its left arm, but sweetie Belle catches it and throws it on the ground before pounding it with the rod, making the Gao Gao yelling in pain. While it yells, she throws a bomb inside its mouth. The next instant, the Gao Gao seems to inflate for a second with a small boom before smoke comes from its mouth. And it falls on the ground unconscious, a door opening.

In the next room, thanks to the rod again, they are able to dig through some dirt to find a chest before passing another door, ready for another battle. And this time, they have to fight a Big Metalun. The Big Metalun turns into a metal boulder and charges at them, only to hit the wall behind them as they float out of the way. Kirby takes the rod and shoots many stars while Sweetie takes the wand with the other hand and shoots an ice beam. She follows it by a fire beam, finding that the wand is not limited to ice. It's not long before the Big Metalun is knocked out, and the door appears.

In the room that follow, they spot iron blocks at the end of a small path full of spikes. Surprisingly, the stars of the rod can destroy them, and now that they see the chest that has been hidden by them, they teleport to it and Kirby's ghost eats it, which causes the apparition of a ladder for some reason. Climbing it leads them to a door to a small room with another door that lead them out of the volcano, where they find another door after a small climbing.

They are now beside the ruins that they have spotted earlier at the top of the mountain, and they enter them. Inside them, the temperature climbs really high as there is a great quantity of lava, and there is even a section where the ceiling is on fire. after a door, they have to climb a big room with lava falls, and in the room that follow, pressing switches causes the destruction of floors made of stone blocks. In this room, they find a door hidden behind star blocks, leading them to a Golden Waddle Dee and a switch. They don't need to be Twilight or Doc to understand that the switch would cause the floor under the Golden Waddle Dee to be destroyed, which would cause him to fall in the fire below, so they just knock him out to take his chest before leaving the room without touching the switch.

A last switch pressed open the way to another door, and they enter a path with another switch that seems to open a door, but they don't know where. So they just advance, pass many blocks in the way, go down, and jumps above pits, one of them with fire at the bottom, before climbing a ladder that leads them to the door that the switch has opened beside a black door, revealing a chest. They take it just as the door closes behind them, but the destruction of a bomb block opens the way for them to reach the black door, entering a hallway where they find a big chest, with still no Squeaks!

Where are they?!

Surprisingly, they get their answer just before reaching the door to exit the ruins, Spinni waiting for them holding a big chest. And not just any big chest! The cursed chest! Once he sees them, he passes the door without saying a word.

"Hey! Wait!"

They chase him. Despite them possessing Daroach's body, and Spinni being slowed down by the chest, they still have a hard time catching the yellow mouse, not helped by the Squeakers getting in the way to slow them down. They try to use stars and beam to hit Spinni, but he is able to dodge all of them with his air jumps. Soon, they enter a tunnel, where they have to climb before they pass a door, entering a cavern. Here, Spinni is waiting on a platform above some lava, and Doc suddenly flies out of nowhere and uses his tractor beam to lift the mouse still holding the chest before quickly flying away.

As Sweetie Belle and Kirby are about to chase them, they then hear a screech, and they see some kind of giant bird approaching. The bird looks like a red owl with a tan belly. The particularity is that this owl possesses a raccoon-like tail, and its wings are made of fire. It also has a small fire on its forehead, as if it is a lock of hair.

The owl looks angrily at them, and screeches again before diving at them with its claws ready. They quickly fly out of the way before shooting an ice beam at it, which seems to have great effects. In return, the owl spits fireballs from its mouth, but Sweetie Belle uses the golden rod to deflect them with a few swings before shooting stars. the owls flies up, and upon reaching the ceiling, dives toward them again like a comet. They quickly teleport out of the way as the owl crashes on the floor, causing boulders to fall from the ceiling. while avoiding them, they charge another ice beam and shoot it at the stunned owl, hurting it more.

At this instant, they find themselves trapped by an electrical net coming from behind, causing them to fall on the floor, the pain caused by the electricity stopping them from teleporting. The owl starts to fly again, ready to attack, Storo, wearing some light grey uniform with a strange black box on his back linked to some gun at his side, suddenly falls from the ceiling on it with Spinni on his shoulder, smashing it on the head with his two fists, making it crash.

"That's enough Bohboh! Go to sleep!" he shouts before jumping away from the unconscious owl.

Spinni then jumps from Storo's shoulder, revealing that he possesses the same uniform and black box that Storo, and runs toward them, stopping just before them. He then takes a small ball composed of something white and throws it inside Daroach's mouth shouting "Eat this!" When the ball enters Daroach's mouth, it reveals to be a ball of salt, and both Kirby and Sweetie Belle suddenly feel a pain far greater than the one caused by the electrical net. "Out of the boss' body, you no-living sheet!" he then says as he prepares another ball of salt.

The pain being too much, they are forced to leave Daroach's body. They then hear Doc. "Bwaahahahahaa! It worked!" They then see his saucer flying above Spinni, and Doc jumps from it, wearing a light grey uniform with the black box. Doc presses a button on a device, and the net stops hurting Daroach.

This makes both Sweetie Belle and Kirby sweat, despite being ghosts. "I don't like it Kirby..."

"Now...!" continues Doc, taking the gun linked to his box. "Be prepared to pay! You made a fool of us! You sent me flying with a rocket, and destroyed half of my saucers along with two of my best machines!"

"You stole my sunglasses and made me fall for hundreds of meters! And you dropped a bowling ball on my head!"

"And you sent doves to peck me! It hurt so much! And you possessed me and used me to hurt Doc and the boss!"

"And worse of all...!" continues Doc, and they all points their guns at them. "You took possession of the boss. Let's go boys. Remember, don't cross the streams."

"Right, Doc!"

And they shoot from the guns some kind of orange streams toward Sweetie Belle and Kirby who look at them in horror. When the streams reach them, they find themselves not being able to move as the streams circle them, trapping them in some sort of cage.

"Now Storo!" shouts Doc.

While still holding his gun with his left hand, Storo grabs a small black box and throws it under Sweetie Belle and Kirby. The box then opens, and they find themselves sucked in it. Once they are inside, the box closes, trapping them.

"Heck yeah!" shouts Spinni while jumping in victory. He then raises his gun above his head. "Who you call?!"

"Squeak Squad!" answers Storo.

"Who you call?!"

"Squeak Squad!"

"Who you call?!"

"Squeak Squad!"

"Enough you two! We must see if the boss is alright!"

"Ugh..." they then hear. "Don't worry. I'm alright. But what happened?" asks Daroach as he slowly gets himself rid of the net while rubbing his head. "My body hurt so much, I have the mother of all headaches, and I'm thirsty."


Daroach suddenly find himself trapped in a bear hug from Storo, streams of tears falling from the big mouse's eyes. "And I'm about to have my bones crushed. Release me Storo!"

"I can't!"

This makes Spinni chuckles while he rubs his eyes with his fingers. "Storo, stops being a crybaby. Big guys like you shouldn't cry."

"I can't!"

"Ahah! We beat the heroes and saved the boss! And it's thanks to me!" shouts Doc. "When we are back at the hideout, I want 50% of the-"

A white star suddenly pops out of the trap. The trap then breaks into pieces, releasing Sweetie Belle and Kirby who are back to normal.

"Oh come ooon!!!" yells Doc.

Sweetie Belle makes her bones pop as she giggles. "What? Did you forget that we are not real ghosts?"


"Uh... I propose that wegetoutofthere!" shouts Spinni as he starts running toward the exit of the cavern in panic.

Doc jumps on Storo's head. "Come on you big idiot! Get us out of here! Gallop!"

"Yes Doc!" shouts back Storo as he picks up a sprint.

Not wanting to let them escape, Sweetie Belle grabs Kirby and throws him at them before jumping on a shield to chase them. Kirby is able to reach Storo and clings to the black box on his back before going on it. seeing that he is here, Doc turns around and slams his own black box on Kirby, only for Kirby to dodge it with a jump before landing on Doc and punching him on the head.

"Ouch! You dare to hit someone with glasses?!"

Kirby raises an eyebrow. "Poyo poyo poyo?" Like he cares?

"Release me Storo! I will deal with him!" says Daroach.

Storo does so and Daroach starts to float beside him as he swings the golden rod at him, only for Kirby to jump again from Doc's back to land on the black box. At this instant, they reach the exit of the cavern, where a ladder made of ropes is waiting for them. Looking up, the ladder leads to an airship, a blimp with a grey colored balloon with two yellow stripes and a red spike at the front. At the back, there are two elevators with propellers that extend from something that looks like Daroach's hat. The gondola itself is of the same red, with a door open from which comes the ladder, a red Squeaker holding it.

Spinni is already climbing it, but upon seeing kirby on storo's blacl box, and sweetie Belle quickly approaching, he jumps from it and gives the puffball a surprise high kick that send him crashing into the filly.

"Good job Spinni!" says Doc.

"No time to thank me, let's go!"

One by one, the Squeaks grab the ladder, with Storo being the last, and once Storo starts to climb it, the airship starts to fly away toward the ocean visible further behind the volcanoes.

Sweetie Belle looks up at the airship. "Do they think that it will stop us from chasing them?"

The next instant, Sweetie Belle and Kirby are on a Warp Star, flying behind the blimp above the ocean. As they are approaching, the blimp turns around, somehow able to fly backward, and three cannons appear around the gondola while the red spike opens to reveal a prod.

They then hear the Doc talking through speakers. "Did you think that we would let you chase us all the way to the hideout? Think again! This airship is my baby, and prepare yourself to have a taste of its power!"

The cannons then shoot three missiles homing at them, and energy starts to cumulate around the prod. With a beam, Sweetie Belle destroys one of the missiles and Kirby is able to avoid a second while inhaling the third that he spits back at the blimp.

"The UFO would have been perfect for this," says Sweetie Belle. "Whatever. Let me attack the airship while you dodge, okay?"


More missiles are shot from the cannons, and two yellow Squeakers jump out of the airship and air jump toward them. Sweetie Belle lets Kirby dodge the missile and quickly sends the Squeakers toward the ocean with a few beams before she starts attacking the airship itself by shooting explosive balls. At this moment, the energy at the prod stop to accumulate, and the next instant, a giant laser is shot from it, lasting for a few seconds. The blimp then starts to go up and down, left and right so the laser chases Sweetie Belle and Kirby, forcing Kirby to constantly maneuver to avoid it until it stops. While Kirby is busy avoiding the laser, Sweetie Belle is forced to attack the missiles that are still shot from the cannons and the yellow Squeakers jumping from the gondola so Kirby doesn't get himself overwhelmed.

Once the laser stops, Sweetie Belle can returns to attack the airship, only to see that there are now two green Squeakers on the balloon, the mice starting to throw bombs, and energy starts to accumulate on the prod again. She quickly deals with the Squeakers, and starts attacking the prod, hoping to destroy it before it fires its laser again. She spots however a missile coming too close, and quickly punches it from below, causing it to spin around and fly back toward one of the cannons, destroying it and leaving only two cannons. Done with the missile, she returns to her task of trying to destroy the prod.

One of the doors of the gondola opens again, and Storo shows himself, holding a barrel that he throws toward them, his strength making it really fast. They are hit, and Kirby loses control of the Warp Star for a few seconds before he is able to stabilise it just in time to avoid the laser shot from the prod, and Sweetie Belle uses a shield to protect them from a few shurikens thrown by Spinni. When she sees Storo about to throw another barrel, she clenched her teeth and uses her magic on Storo's feet to make him lose his balance, almost making him fall in the ocean as he grabs the edge, forcing him to drop the barrel. At this moment, the laser finally stops, and she is able to finally destroy the prod, making Doc screaming in rage. Only for Daroach to show himself with his wand and to shoot an ice beam at them, Kirby barely dodging it.

As the battle continues above the ocean, and that Sweetie is able to destroy a second cannon, leaving the blimp with just one, the sky starts to grow dark, passing from day to night in the space of a few seconds, and auroras appear in it along with the stars. The heroes and the Squeaks are too busy fighting to pay attention to this however, and they don't see that they are approaching icy lands.

The last cannon is destroyed, and Storo is yet again almost sent to the ocean while Spinni takes a beam in the face, forcing him to return inside the ship. With no weapons remaining at the front of the ship that has been greatly damaged, Doc makes it turn around, leaving Sweetie Belle and Kirby face to the propellers and the giant hat. Two more cannons appear at the back of the gondola, and tornadoes are suddenly sent from the propellers. More Squeakers come, either to air jump toward them or to throw bombs, and Daroach appear again to shoot another ice beam.

Kirby is forced to fly down to avoid the barrage of projectiles, leaving Sweetie Belle to attack the yellow Squeakers following them. Once the Squeakers are dealt with, the filly attacks the cannons to diminue the number of projectiles and make attacking the propellers easier. They avoid a barrel thrown by Storo, then shurikens from Spinni, and the two cannons are destroyed in less than one minute. Done with the cannons, Sweetie Belle now attacks the propellers, only for the giant hat to split in two, revealing a big cannon that shoots giant explosive bullets, the explosions as big as the hat itself.

Sweetie Belle decides to deal with the cannon as quickly as possible, but the Squeaks are clearly becoming desperate, because more Squeakers are coming out, and Storo, Spinni, and Daroach are attacking more often with barrels, shurikens, and ice beams. With a Giga Force Blast, Sweetie Belle is able to destroy the big cannon, and the giant hat with it, rather quickly, and after dealing with the annoying Squeakers, she starts attacking the propellers again. However, despite the destruction of the cannon, Kirby has great pain avoiding the constant assault of the Squeaks, and the Warp Star is hit more than once, but for Sweetie Belle, he keeps control of the vehicle and doesn't lose focus, even if he can see that the Warp Star is reaching its limit. Thankfully, Sweetie Belle is rapidly able to destroy the left propeller, and the airship starts to lose control, which leads the Squeaks to have a harder time attacking. The battle definitively ends with the destruction of the second propeller, as the ship starts to lose altitude, explosions littering its surface spewing tons of smoke.

As the ship starts to fall, Sweetie Belle and Kirby follow it, seeing that they are now above a land of ice with many mountains that look like giant crystals with a forest, and even a tower! Seeing the night sky despite still being daytime, this place must be close to Rainbow Resort. But the most interesting is the building not far from the tower possessing a roof looking like Daroach's hat and hears.

No need to bet anything to guess that it is the Squeak Squad's hideout. And the airship crashes just in front of it!

As soon as it crashes, the Squeaks run out of it toward the hideout holding many chest and Doc screaming "My babyyyy!!!" Once the last Squeak enters the building, the door is closed and barricaded before Sweetie Belle and Kirby can pass it. And it's a solid door!

"How will we enter?" asks Sweetie Belle. "If we aren't fast, they will open the chest! And who knows what they will unleash!"

"There is a back door," they suddenly hear the recognizable voice of a certain knight.

"Meta Knight?!" shouts Sweetie Belle, spotting the knight behind them.

"Dedede warned me, and I came as soon as I could. Quick, follow me."

They nod, and follow Meta Knight who leads them behind the hideout, to an entrance in a grotto not far.

"Here," he says.

"Thank you Meta Knight, it's nice to have you with us."

He just nods at this. "Let's not lose time."

They enter the grotto, and appear in a big underground cavern full of treasures. However, they don't pay attention to them because they don't have time and Storo, Spinni, and Doc are there.

"Drat!" shouts Doc. "They got there before we could close the back door!"

Spinni suddenly becomes pale. "Is that the famous Meta Knight with them? I think we are screwed..."

"Don't care! As long as we retain them until the boss opens the chest!"

Meta Knight readies his sword in front of him. "I don't have time to lose with the small fry like you!"

Sweetie Belle and Kirby look at each other and nod. "Me and Kirby will fight them. You will take the occasion to pass the door and join Daroach."

Meta Knight nods.

Without saying more, the three of them charge toward the Squeaks, Meta Knight and Sweetie Belle with their weapons ready. Kirby jumps above a laser from Doc and gives his saucer a high kick that destabilises it. Meanwhile, Storo goes in front of Sweetie Belle and readies his fists to smash her, but she jumps back and wraps his fists with her whip. As planned, Storo uses his strenght to pull the whip and makes her fly toward him, and so, she bounces on his fist and kicks him on the head. At the same time, Meta Knight simply dodges Spinni's shurikens and flies toward him before cutting him with his sword. After attacking, Meta Knight bounces on Spinni's head and charges toward the door, successfully passing it.

"No!" shouts Spinni.

Big mistake! He finds himself with Sweetie's whip wrapped around his neck, and the next instant, he is used as a wrecking ball on Storo. Doc helps them by throwing a bomb toward Sweetie Belle, only for Kirby to eat it, gaining the Bomb ability, making Doc groan. Kirby quickly throws a bomb at the flying saucer, damaging it to the point of making it crash, and Kirby gives up Bomb to it what remains of the saucer to gain UFO as Sweetie Belle finishes Doc by wrapping her whip around him before putting him in the way of one of Storo's punches. With the old mouse now planted in a wall, Kirby focus on Storo, shooting lasers at him, while Sweetie Belle attacks Spinni by throwing spikes of ice that the mouse dodges. Rather than attacking Sweetie Belle, Spinni throws his shurikens at Kirby, taking him by surprise and knocking out the UFO, leaving Kirby vulnerable for Storo's hammer, but he is saved by Sweetie's whip wrapping around him before pulling him back. However, in return, she gets cut in the back by some of Spinni's shurikens.

She clenches her teeth and sends a shield toward Spinni who jumps away, only for another shield to come from above and to crush him on the floor. stunned, he can't resist Kirby inhaling him and spitting him back at Storo. Spinni KO, Storo avenges him by trying to crush Kirby with his hammer, only for Sweetie to put a shield on the way, barely resisting the mouse's strength as it cracks. Kirby runs toward the pile of treasures and starts inhaling it, making Storo panic, but he can't go to stop him with Sweetie Belle attacking him with a big punch in the belly. Once Kirby has inhaled everything, leaving nothing of the pile, he slowly walked back toward Storo, and once close enough, spits everything at him, and the big mouse ends up buried in the treasures. Sweetie Belle and Kirby stare at the pile of treasures, waiting for Storo to come back to continue the fight, but nothing happens. After a few seconds, they understand that he is defeated.

Victorious, they fistbump before running toward the door to join Meta Knight in fighting Daroach.

They join Meta Knight inside the building itself as he is still fighting the leader of the Squeak Squad, the floor here is covered in ice. He sends a tornado with his sword, only for Daroach to teleport out of the way before sending stars with the golden rod, the stars orbiting him after Meta Knight has dodged them. Sweetie belle attacks Daroach by throwing a Giga Force Blast, hitting him in the back and sending him to a wall, destroying the stars.


They spot the cursed chest at a corner of the room, and Sweetie Belle looks at Kirby before pointing at it. Kirby understands and runs toward the chest before eating it, ensuring that Daroach can't open it in the middle of the fight. Daroach would have none of it, and teleports beside Kirby to hit him with the rod, only for Kirby to jump aside to avoid it before punching him in the face, following by another punch, and a kick that sends daroach toward Sweetie Belle. The filly greets him with a Vulcan Jab finishing with a Smash Punch, and Daroach is sent to Meta Knight who is ready to cut him. But Daroach is able to teleport just before the swing of the sword and reappears behind Meta Knight where he kicks him toward the filly before sending an ice beam at them, freezing the both of them, only to take a high kick from Kirby.

Daroach quickly counterattacks with a swing of the golden rod that sends Kirby flying. He teleports in Kirby's trajectory and swings the rod again, this time sending him crashing to the floor. At this moment, Sweetie Belle and Meta Knight recover from the ice beam and the knight sends a few sharp shockwaves at the mouse, cutting him. While Daroach is in pain from the cuts, Sweetie Belle air jumps toward him, grabs him, and slams him into the ground beside Kirby who is able to punch Daroach in the belly, knocking his breath out of him and making him release his rod. Kirby takes it, and swings it, pounding Daroach on the head, sending him crashing head first in a wall. Kirby then starts to spin with the rod, and throws it toward Daroach, the rod hitting him on the head.

When Daroach falls from the wall with the rod, he doesn't move anymore.

Meta Knight flies toward him and takes the rod. "This doesn't belong to you."

Sweetie Belle sighs in relief. "We finally beat them... Thank you Meta Knight for the help. Without you, we may not have been able to stop Daroach from opening the chest."

Kirby spits the cursed chest and taps it. "Poyo?"

"Well, I suppose that I will take it back to the castle."

"No," says Meta Knight. "The chest has already been stolen from the castle once, it can be stolen again. We will have to find another place to hide it."

Sweetie Belle nods. "I understand, but where?"

"I'm thinking of somewhere out of Popstar." He takes the chest. "If you want, you can come."

They nod, before Kirby looked down in sadness. "Cake..."

Sweetie Belle rubs his back to comfort him. "Sorry Kirby. We haven't found it even in the hideout. I fear that Storo ate it. But don't worry, like I told you, I will bake you another."

He smiles at her in return and bounces in joy. "Poyo!"

"So... it's the end?" asks Fluttershy.

"I'm not so sure," answers Twilight. "They still have to deal with this chest, and anything can happen. I feel like it has been too easy."

"The Squeaks still put a really good fight," says Applejack. "Too bad for them that Meta Knight joined Sweetie Belle and Kirby."

"And this battle against the airship was awesome!" shouts Scootaloo.

"Eheh. You got the words out of my mouth," says Rainbow Dash.

"However, they should do something about their hideout. I'm surprised that nopony found it before with that big hat that screams 'here is Daroach's hideout! Come and take back our treasures!'" remarks Applejack.

"Probably because nopony in their right mind would come in that cold place," answers her Rarity.

"So we continue watching?" asks Pinkie Pie.

"Yes. At least, until we are sure that nothing will happen," answers Discord. "With this chest, who knows?"

"Ugh..." groans Daroach as he wakes up.

"Here boss, take this," says Doc upon giving a Maxi Tomato to Daroach.

He groans again. "Urg... Tomato..."

"I know boss, but in your state, this is the best."

Daroach has nothing to say to this and begrudgingly eat the tomato.

"Sorry boss, we failed..." says Spinni.

He huffs. "We lost, but we will not give up." He looks at Doc. "Repair the airship." He then takes a key with a star shaped head out of his clothes. "We will take back the chest."