A Sweetie Dreamland

by Lucar

Prologue: A Sweet Falling

With the bell ringing the end of the school day, the fillies and colts can finally taste freedom! Or at least until the next day... And without counting the homeworks... Well it's good enough! And yet, among the young ponies are three fillies, one of them sighing sadly despite this great moment.

"Oh come on Sweetie! Are you still thinking about what Diamond Tiara said? Just forget her!" says one of the three fillies, a pegasus with orange fur and purple mane and tail. Her wings ruffle thinking about punching a certain pink filly for making her friend sad.

"Scootaloo is right. You know she told that only to hurt you for her fun. It's better to not pay attention to her," follows another of the three fillies, a yellow furred earth pony with a red mane and tail and a pink bow tied to her mane.

The third filly, a white unicorn with a curly purple and pink mane and a similar tail, sighs again in answer before saying "I know Apple Bloom, I know... but it's hard! It's like when she insults your family or Scootaloo's wings ! Even if we know better, it's hard to let it past when she hits a touchy subject, and you know how I am with my magic..."

"Yeah..." answer her two friends before sighing too, knowing that Sweetie is right.

"Well... at least it's temporary !" suddenly says Scootaloo, trying to raise Sweetie's morale. "I mean, you are training with the help of Twilight at Twilight Time, and you have gotten better since we started!"

"And won't you get a little boost once you get your Cutie Mark ? I think I have heard that unicorns have better magic once they get it," continues Apple Bloom, putting a hoof under her chin at the second sentence trying to think back to when she heard that info.

"Maybe ? I heard it too, but not everypony have the same opinion. Rarity was already good at using many objects at the same time, and she got her gem finding spell just before getting her Cutie Mark, and she didn't tell if she got better after getting it. Maybe I should ask her."

"Or ask Twilight, I'm sure she knows about that stuff," replies Scootaloo.

"Yes, I will ask her. But still... Even if it's true, I don't want to wait to have my Cutie Mark to get better at magic..." says Sweetie as she starts to think. Scootaloo is about to propose something, when the unicorn suddenly exclaims "I know! I will just ask Twilight if she can train me more!"

But Apple Bloom is not as excited. "I don't know Sweetie Belle. What if she is too busy? Remember she is a princess. It's already good that she helps us once a week."

But this doesn't stop Sweetie Belle. "But Twilight loves to teach ! Especially magic! I'm sure she will say yes! I have to go girls, bye!" she says before charging in the direction of the big crystal tree castle that is the home of the princess.

"But what about our crusading?!" yells Apple Bloom, trying to stop Sweetie Belle, without success. Seeing this, she sights.

"Shouldn't we follow her?" asks Scootaloo.

"No. Let's just go at the clubhouse. If Twilight refuses, she will join us here. If not, well... let's just search ideas for our crusading. Better than nothing."


On this, the two remaining fillies take the direction of their clubhouse, not knowing that they won't see their friend for quite some time.


"Sorry your majesty, there are no dummies left..."

"Then go make more ! Or I will use all of you as replacement!"

"The next batch will not be ready for some time."

"I don't care! JUST HURRY!" A chorus of "Yes!" followed by a stampede happens almost immediately.

Four beings are left in the room at the end of the stampede. The first is a large penguin, or penguin-like creature that is actually breathing heavily in both tiredness and anger, swinging around a large hammer before finally putting its head on the floor. He wears a red cap with a big white ball at the top and a golden rim, and a finery of the same color, without the gold. He has  tan clothes around his body with an obi with a pattern of red and yellow zigzag, and also yellow mittens covering his hands. His blue head with a yellow beak that look like a mouth is the only body part visible alongside his yellow palmed feet. Finally, a symbol that looks like a peace sign made with his fingers is visible on the back of his finery.

He takes a big breath and screams "Curse that Kirby! I hate him! I hate him! I! HATE! HIIIM!" before violently hitting the floor with his hammer, making the whole room quakes. The three other beings in the room with him lose their balance and fall on their face or on their back as a consequence. They all have a rounded body, two of them are identical to each other while the third has more unique features. The two that could pass for twins possess pear-shaped tan faces surrounded by orange close to red with tubby arms of the same color. Their feet also are a lighter orange. The third being looks like the other two, but doesn't have the same pear-shaped face. His round body is entirely of the same orange-red as the other two, and his feet are the same light orange. The main difference is that this one only possess one big round eye with two strands of hair above it. A particularity of those three beings is that they don't seem to possess a mouth.

They are on what is actually a boxing ring with the penguin's symbole at the center of it. Around the ring are stands, all empty, and above it are projectors to illuminate it. Crushed pink dummy parts are littering the ring, and some are even on the floor beyond the edge.

"M-m-my king... I propose that... Well... Maybe we should go elsewhere while we wait. You have been destroying those dummies for hours." proposes shyly one of the first two creatures.

He is answered by the penguin turning his look full of promising doom toward him, making him suddenly go up before running toward the opposite corner of the ring in hope of escaping say doom.

Lucky for him, the penguin takes another breath before letting his hammer repose on his right shoulder. "You are right. There is nothing more I can do here. Beside, I'm hungry. But once the next batch is ready, I'm returning here, YOU HEAR?"

"O-of course, my king!"

"I will warn the cooks to start preparing your meal, your majesty!" then says the cyclope creature before saluting, jumping above the edge of the ring, and exiting the room.

The king watchs him go before pointing at one of the two creatures left, the one that haven't talked yet. "You! Follow him and tell the cooks to bring my meal at the throne room! This is where I will wait." The creature salutes him before exiting the room. He then looks at the remaining one. "As for you, just follow me." he says before walking toward the exit too, followed by the creature.

They just have to cross an hallway full of portraits and busts of the penguin with dozens of the same creatures either cleaning or guarding it. A carpet of the same red as his finery cover the floor almost entirely and his symbol appears almost everywhere alongside red golden rimmed banners. After it, they reach the throne room where the same red carpet continue toward the throne itself, also red with golden rim like his cap, with a blue symbol at the top. The carpet end in a hexagon at the foot of the throne, with yet again the symbol at the center, this time blue in an orange circle. The floor itself is paterned like a checkerboard in white and yellow. Windows with differents geometrical forms are on the left grey wall, where a tower of the castle is visible outside. Grey columns are present between each windows and the same banners are present at the ceiling. Finally, a blue curtain is at the left, toward the throne, to cover all the left wall to hide the sunlight when needed.

Once the king is seated on his throne, the creature at his right, he starts thinking about what happened a few days ago, the event that is making him SO angry! He wanted to prove to all the kingdom that he was the rightful king ! For that, he sent his army to take all the foods, because as the king, he deserves that! But then... BUT THEN! That pink puffball! He appeared from nowhere and assaulted his castle, and even had the gall to send him flying through the roof of his castle! And then, he turned into a giant balloon and took his castle through all Dreamland to give back all HIS food! It took him and his army days to rebuild the castle at its rightful place at the top of the mountain, and that was an absolute pain! Since then, he has been training nonstop, slaughtering hundred of dummies build like that pink pest to vent his anger while thinking of a plan to get his revenge.

"I will make him pay! I swear it!" he says while slamming his left arm on his throne.

That's when the doors of the throne room open to let enter a few of the creatures wearing cook hats while pulling a white covered table full of food on it. Meat, fruits, and at the center, a big cake that is only waiting to be devoured.

"Ah! Finally!" he says happily while putting a napkin to protect his clothes from what is going to be a messy dinner, like each time the king eats, to the despair of the cleaning crew.

Too bad for them, this dinner will be far messier than the previous times...

Unknowingly to everyone, a purple light appears near the ceiling. It remains a few seconds, growing a little bigger, before suddenly disappearing with an almost inaudible pop. It's only when everyone start earing a high pitched scream that they look toward the ceiling, only for something to violently hit the cake which explodes, spreading it everywhere on the food, the creatures, and the king. Especially the king's face...

"Oh! Come On!"

Of course it had to happen! Of course! Of all the times, she has to reach Twilight in the middle of one of her magical experiments! What are the chances it would happens? She is normally reading! Well hopefully, she hasn't gotten teleported too far. Actually, if she is to trust her smell and her taste, she has been teleported at Sugarcube Corner and has fallen on a cake. She will have to apologise to Pinkie and the Cakes, even if it's not her fault. At least it tastes good ! Is that strawberry?

Quickly, she takes the cake off her eyes to have a better look at her surroundings, only to froze at seeing that no, she has NOT happeared at the bakery, if the angry look she is getting from that penguin whose face is full of the remains of the cake is proof enought...

"Oh boy..."