A Sweetie Dreamland

by Lucar

Chapter 18: The Halberd

"Oh boy! Oh boy! Oh boy!" repeats Discord excitedly as he enters the same empty room as last time. He then snaps his fingers, making Twilight, her friends, Spike, and the Crusaders appear on chairs, much to their confusion. "Everyone!" he shouts. "Who wants to see an epic action movie?"

"Discord? What?" asks Twilight in confusion.

"I was about to eat with my family!" shouts Applejack.

"Yeah! I wouldn't be against some action, but there, my stomach is asking for food!" shouts too Rainbow Dash.

"Oh?" Discord snaps his fingers, and bags of popcorn appear beside them. "Well, here is some food!"

"Discord, what is going on?" asks Fluttershy.

"Oh okay, let me repeat myself. Who wants to see an epic action movie featuring a certain white unicorn filly?" At this, he snaps again his fingers, making a screen appears on the wall. The screen shows an image in black and white of Sweetie Belle's head with written before it "Today, Sweetie Belle in a new adventure!"

Everyone gasps. Apple Bloom and Scootaloo then run at Discord's feet. "We are going to see Sweetie Belle?" asks Apple Bloom.

"Please, tell us it isn't a joke," says Scootaloo.

"For once, no jokes!" Discord says, retiring a mask of a clown from his face. "Except this one."

"Oh please! Show us! You said that she is going on an adventure?" says Rarity.

"Exactly! And we are all gonna watch it in direct!"

"Then stop losing time and turn on the screen, or we are gonna miss it!" yells Pinkie Pie, starting eating the popcorn.

"That's what I was gonna do!" He snaps his fingers and the window portal reappear on the wall at the place of the screen, before he sits. The portal shows Sweetie Belle riding a boar beside an ocean not far of a forest and a mountain. "Here is our hero." Then the portal shows, a little farther ahead, something flying above the ocean. "And here is her target!"

"What is that!" shouts Twilight.

"It looks awesome!" shouts Rainbow and Scootaloo.

"Well, it is no less than a battleship!" says Discord.

"A BATTLESHIP?!" yells Rarity. "That thing is a battleship?! And Sweetie is going to attack it?! ALONE?!! Discord! Bring her back! She will get herself killed! Fate can go to Tartarus!"

"Wait!" shouts Apple Bloom. "Something is happening!"

"Yeah. It's shooting at something in the sky," says Applejack.

She can see him, on his Warp Star, approaching the ship. "Kirby! Oh thank Celestia you are there!" But then, the Warp Star is shot down by one of the many cannons of the ships. "Oh no!" She can only watch in horror as the Warp Star crashes in the forest. "Quick Grouiky Junior! To the forest!"


Passing a few doors and jumping above a few holes, searching in and around the forest, she is able to find Kirby just as he gets out of a big black door, between the forest and a mountain, thankfully not hurt. She sees that Kirby is wearing a purple cap, and he has a yo-yo. She lets the boar charges at an enemy that looks like a microphone on feet not far of him, and gets down. She then hugs the surprised puffball.

"Kirby! Thank Celestia! I thought that you have been killed in that crash!"

"Poyo. Poyo," says Kirby, patting her on the back of her head.

She steps back, and looks at the battleship in the distance. "So, it's bad news?"

"Poyo!" Kirby confirms.

"We must stop it?"


"Then, how are we going to reach that thing?"

At this, Kirby takes a determined expression, shouts "Poyo!", and starts to run.

"Wait!" yells Sweetie Belle. "Maybe we should go search reinforcements! Like Dedede! Or Gooey! Do you know where is Gooey?"

Their run is interrupted by the apparition of two big enemies. Sweetie recognizes them as Bonkers by their gorilla-like appearance with dark blue pants, purple clothes, and purple hair with a pompadour haircut. They use for weapon a hammer as big as the one that Dedede use. One of the Bonkers appear before them, and the other behind them, using his hammer to send the boar blasting off.

"Grouiky Junior!" she shouts. She then looks at the Bonker in anger. "You will pay! I take this one Kirby!"

"Poyo!" shouts back Kirby, readying his yo-yo while facing the other Bonker.

Not looking back, Sweetie takes her whip and cracks it in the face of the Bonker. The Bonker counterattacks by bringing down his hammer on her, but she jumps to her left, avoiding it. She then jumps on the Bonker's back, and bucks it behind the head, making him eat the ground. She hops down from him, and shoot a charged magical beam at his butt, causing the Bonker to jump in pain, releasing his hammer. With the help of her magic, she wraps her whip around the handle of the hammer and makes it fly around her, before bringing it down on the head of the Bonker.

This is not enough to knock him out, and he takes back his hammer before taking an explosive coconut from his pocket and throwing it at her. She passes under the coconut before it explode, avoid the hammer again, then buck the Bonker at his right knee. Jumping back to avoid the hammer, she makes her whip cracks at him multiple times and send a last charged beam, making the Bonker finally falls unconscious.

When she looks toward Kirby to see if he has dealt with his enemy, she sees the puffball with his yo-yo wrapped around all four of the Bonker's limbs, waving at her. She giggles, before bucking the wrapped Bonker right in the head, knocking him out. Kirby then gives up his yo-yo, and eat the Bonker, giving him the hammer ability.

"So, what now?" Sweetie asks.

Kirby answers by pointing his hammer toward the flying ship getting away.

"So we are chasing it? Even if we have nothing to aboard it?"

Kirby nods.

She sighs.

Kirby then starts to run, and destroys a bomb block that causes the destruction of a whole wall of seemingly indestructible blocks around it. Sweetie has no choices but to follow him, maybe they will find something. A few more bomb blocks later, Sweetie is forced to jump on Kirby so he can lift her up because it's too high to jump. Kirby takes the floating hot dog and orange juice, then uses his hammer to stick a small wooden pillar in the floor, causing the destruction of more blocs that reveal a Maxi Tomato that Kirby partages in two, giving one half to her.

"Thanks. I haven't eaten because of this."


After eating, they destroy another bomb block, and Sweetie jumps down the way it opens to punch a Kabu before shooting a beam at another bomb block, revealing two Scarfys. Kirby takes them down with his hammer without letting them mutate, and Sweetie has yet again to jump on his back to be lifted up. She uses her horn to destroy another bomb block in the way, and takes the floating candy that it reveals, letting Kirby eat the hot dog, before entering a door.

"Yay! I love free candy!"

"Not fair!" shouts Pinkie. "Why can't I find free candies in the wild too?!"

"The real question is: why is there food in the wild?!" shouts back Twilight.

At the other side of the door, they are almost rolled on by an enemy that looks like a rubber wheel with its eyes at the center of both sides of the wheel. A Wheelie. Seeing the long straight way that await them, Kirby gives up the hammer and eats the Wheelie, gaining a red cap backward. He is then about to do something, when he looks at Sweetie Belle in curiosity, putting a hand under his mouth.



Then, Kirby jumps on her, and her hooves suddenly turn into wheels ! Before she can say anything, she loses control of her hooves, the wheels almost making her faceplant. Trying to regain balance, she finds herself doing like when she has first gone skating, trying to put her hooves under her only for them to go wild. Skating! It must not be different! If she can keep her balance while skating, then she can keep her balance with wheeled hooves! So, remembering her skating, she is able to place her four hooves under her and keep her balance.

Accomplishing this, she smiles. "Yay!"

"Poyo!" congratulates her Kirby.

She tests the wheels, somehow making them roll a little. "Now..." She then looks at the long way before her, eyes half closed, and at all the enemies that are on it. "I'm gonna rolling..." Her smile becomes sadistic. "And they are gonna hating it."

"Po-yo!" shouts Kirby, raising his right arm.

And she rolls, right forward, jumping above holes, above spikes, and sending flying all the enemies that are in the way. She doesn't care about the Scarfys flying above, as long as they are not in the way. At the end, she falls on springs, bouncing her on a level above, where there is another long way, this time with bomb blocks. She destroys the first one, making something explode, but she is not sure what. Same thing with the second one. At the end, she has to jump on a bridge above and turn around, rolling above holes with a plate of pancakes and a normal tomato, that she takes in her magic. Once they reach the door at the end, she stops, and Kirby jumps from her back.

"Poyo! Poyo!" he shouts, jumping on place and smiling at Sweetie Belle.

"It was awesome! Here are some foods for you in thanks!" she says, giving the pancakes and the tomato. She still takes one of the pancakes to eat it.

Once Kirby as inhaled his food, they pass the door, and find themselves in front of a pink round enemy with black feet and fire for hair with a headband. A Burning Leo. Kirby gives up the wheel and eats him, gaining the fire. They then jump on the spring behind them, and are bounced up beside a big cannon pointed up, where they can see its wick poking out of the ground not far. Another similar cannon is alongside it, pointing up too.

Sweetie wonders what they have to do, only to see Kirby lights the first wick before jumping in the first cannon. He then signs to Sweetie Belle to hop in.

"Are you sure?" she asks, scared.

"Poyo!" confirms Kirby.

"Alright..." And so, she jumps in the cannon just before the fire reaches it, only for the cannon to explode, expelling them in a ball of fire. As they hit the ground, Sweetie coughs some black smoke. "You... You were saying?"

"Poyoooo..." groans Kirby beside her. He then gets up, helps the filly, and goes light the other canon.

"You still want to try?" she asks.

Kirby shrugs from inside the cannon.

Sweetie sighs. "Well... There is no other way, unless we go back down the mountain..." She jumps in the cannon.

When the fire reaches the cannon, it makes a few turns, surprising its occupants, before pointing down. Next thing they know, the cannon is launched into the sky like a rocket, the both of them screaming. A few seconds of flying later, the cannon falls back at the top of the mountain, bouncing a few time before rolling, then stopping. Sweetie Belle and Kirby take this to get out of it, their eyes rolling around.

Kirby is the first regaining his senses, and is then startled by something he sees. When Sweetie shakes her head to stop the world from spinning around, she sees what has startled Kirby, and her jaw almost hits the ground.

Before them is a giant bird made of red and white metal and rainbow wings, a blue jewel at its chest, and yellow feather on its head like a crest. The bird looks at them with its big eyes.

"Is... Is that Dyna Blade?!" shouts Sweetie Belle, taking a step back. Kirby places himself before her and takes a fighting stance. But to their surprise, Dyna Blade lowers its wings, inviting them on its back. "It wants to help us?"

Kirby smiles at this, and waves at Dyna Blade in thanks before getting on its back. Soon after, Sweetie Belle follows him, insure. Once the two of them are on its back, the giant bird flaps its rainbow wings, ascending, before flying in the direction of the battleship.

It doesn't take them long to reach it, but once they get too close, its many cannons start shooting at them. Dyna Blade is able to avoid them and approach the ship, only for a big cannon on the deck to charge before shooting a giant laser, hitting fully the bird. The hit ejects Sweetie and Kirby from its back, but they fall on the deck at the head of the ship beside some giant cannon, successfully boarding it.

Sweetie barely has the time to look with sadness at Dyna Blade diving to the ground in pain, about to crash, smoke trailing behind it, before they are attacked by the crew on the deck, starting with a Sir Kibble that Kirby eats, giving up the fire for the cutter. They then hear someone speaking from a speaker.

"Dyna Blade has been shot down!"

"But...! But...! Kirby is on the deck ! And he is with the king's lackey!"

"Hey!" shouts Sweetie at this.

"Relax," then says a voice that Sweetie recognizes. Meta Knight. "We must handle this calmly."

"Lister, you lubbers!" then shouts someone else. "I want you all after those two!" Seems like a commander.

Fighting the crew, they run on the deck of the ship until entering an hallway with Gordos in the way. But some sort of platform on the floor that charge forward once they walk on it is able to get them pass them. Continuing advancing, they reach their first door of the ship. At the other side, they are ambushed by what seems to be some elite members of the Meta Knights consisting of knights using a flail (a big one), a trident, and an axe (this one wearing a skull).

"That's far enough, Kirby!" then says Meta Knight.

"Now you will know the power of Meta Knight!" shouts the commander.

"Fight!" shouts a smaller voice.

At once, the knights jump on the two of them. Sweetie wraps her whip around the knight with the axe and send him toward the one using a trident while Kirby use his blades to cut the big knight using a flail. This is enough to beat them. But further, they are yet again ambushed by more knights, this time one of them using a javelin, but no axe wearing one. Sweetie avoid the swing of the javelin and take it in her magic. The knight not wanting to let it go, he is send flying toward the flail of the big one, sending him flying above the edge of the ship. The javelin knight flying into it has caused the flail to lost its momentum, making it fall on its user's head. Meanwhile, Kirby has taken one of his blade in his hand and has used it to slash a few times at the trident wearing knight, defeating him.

After this embush, they pass another door, leading them inside the ship.

"Looks like Kirby and the pony are trying to get on deck."

"Well then," says the commander. "let's guide them in front of one of the cannons."

"I don't like this Kirby, they will trap us," says Sweetie Belle.

"Poyo!" reassures Kirby. Seeing a Poppy approaches them, he gives up the cutter and eats him, only to discover that this Poppy has been using boomerangs, giving back the cutter ability. He sweats at this. "Poyo..."

"No bombs this time, sorry Kirby."

After this, they take an elevator to go up, Sweetie putting a shield around them at seeing a Shotzo shooting at them from the side. At the top, Sweetie shoots a Bomber, a literal walking bomb with a skull drawn at its sides, while Kirby cuts a Plasma Wisp, a living, floating mass of blue plasma with two gloved hands and two eyes. They take another elevator, then a third, leading them before three Shotzos. Just before they shoot, Kirby sees a bomb block above him, and destroy it, which cause the destruction of the floor under the shotzos, making them fall.

"I would like to know what was the point of putting those three Shotzos above a floor that can be destroyed with a bomb block."

Kirby only shrugs in response.

"She has a point, Captain Vul," says the small voice.

"Shut up!" shouts the commander, now knowing his name and rank, and making Sweetie giggles.

They pass the door that the Shotzos were guarding, and end in a big hangar full of smaller ships and weapons. Sweetie is awed at such a military power. Just in this room, they have enough to take over Dreamland, and they could even take over Equestria! The princesses would probably put a fight, but against all those ships and their armement, would they last long?

She shivers. "We must stop them!"


Continuing, Kirby gives up his ability seeing the next enemy: a Bio Spark. A round being wearing purple clothes all over his body excepted before his eyes, with a golden headgear and a headband with a star. He has red hands and feet, and a red tassel at the back of the head. He uses a katana as a weapon. To put it simply, it's a ninja! And Kirby eats him, obtaining the ninja ability! He now wears a skullcap with a headband similar to the ninja, and now possesses a katana.

Kirby looks at himself, turning around, before he puts his hands before him, raise a foot, and shouts "Yooooo!!!"

This causes Sweetie to roll on the floor laughing. "This... This is... Oh my Celestia! My sides!" Kirby laughs too, before pointing at Sweetie Belle. At this, she gasps. "Oh my gosh! Yes! Please! Yes!" She quickly goes back on her hooves, and Kirby jumps on her back. A light engulfs her, and when it disappears, she finds herself entirely covered in a black cloak leaving only her eyes, horn, and tail visible. She then throws a shuriken into a wall, and seeing it hits, she shouts "Cutie Mark Crusader, Ninja! Yay!"

"Noo! I want to be a ninja too!" whines Scootaloo.

"Sorry, squirt..." says Rainbow Dash.

Twilight's eye twitches.

Not long after, they are ambushed by two new enemies: some pink fighter with yellow hair wearing a white gi with a black belt, and having floating blue gloved hands, and a Poppy Bros. Sr, pretty much like the juniors, but bigger. The fighter launches his hand at them, only for Sweetie to throw a smoke bomb at her hooves, disappearing from the enemies' sight. She then fall on the fighter, kicking him on the backhead, and Kirby throws a dozen kunais at rapid succession towards the Poppy, beating him. Sweetie ends the fighter by taking his head in her hooves, and slamming it on the floor.

The battle finished, they continue, beating another Bio Spark, followed by a Gip, some sort of pig-like round creature without any limbs excepted two white wings, on a bridge of star blocks. While beating the Gip, Sweetie accidentally destroys a block by sending a shuriken at it, showing that there is a bomb block under them. Kirby destroys the remaining blocks, and discovers that there are actually two bomb blocks, including one that seems to destroy a wall. Kirby then jump down from Sweetie's back, making her lose the ninja outfit, and lets her go on is back before inflating and flying down. Sweetie destroys with her horn the first block which, strangely, actually create platforms to jump back up. Destroying the second block reveal a secret door, which they take.

"Have we be found...?" then says Captain Vul with sadness.

"What is this place?" someone else.

Seems like they have found some secret room of the captain, and this room has food in it! A flan, which Sweetie immediately eats, a normal tomato, a Maxi Tomato that they partage, and some sort of glowing candy with a small star.

"What is this?" asks Sweetie.

"Poyo! Poyo!" says Kirby excitedly, before eating the candy. He then starts flashing!

"Wh-" Sweetie is about to ask what is going on, only to be stopped by Kirby doing a mouth to mouth to her, making her flash too! And turning her head all red...


"What the..."

"Oh my gosh! Sweetie has a coltfriend!"

"Told you," Discord says to Rarity, the mare having red cheeks.

"Oh my..."

Sweetie sputters as Kirby end the mouth to mouth. "Wh-wha-" But again, she hasn't time to say anything, because Kirby takes her by the hoof and starts to run, forcing her to follow. They take the door, jump on the platforms, and eliminate the next enemy, some sort of robot with a single eye at the left, a blue cap backward, red shoes, and a yo-yo, just by touching it! Taking the door behind it, they quickly cross the next room without even taking the Maxi Tomato.

"They are now approaching Main Cannon number two."

"They'll be burnt to a crisp," says Vul before laughing alongside the small voice.

After the room, they are now just in front of the very cannon that has shot the giant laser at Dyna Blade, and it is now pointed right at them! The cannon is actually two cannons, a smaller round one on top of a bigger scarred one, the big one being the one that shoot lasers. Alongside the cannons is a mechanical arm, the hand menacingly turned toward them. The big cannon then shoots its laser at them, and Sweetie can only cover her eyes, thinking her end coming.

The laser passes around them, but at her surprise, they aren't getting vaporised! After the laser, she looks at herself, and sees her body stopping flashing, like Kirby.

"Did... Did that candy gave us invincibility?" she asks in disbelief.

"Poyo!" confirms Kirby.

"Impossible! How did they survive?!" screams Vul.

"They took an Invincibility Candy in the secret room," answers Meta Knight.

"Grrrr... No matter! The cannon will destroy them!"

At this, the cannon at the top fire a round explosive bullet at them, forcing the two to separate. Sweetie goes to the left, and Kirby goes to the right, where he start to throws kunais at the big cannon at the bottom. He is forced to take his katana to parry the charge of the mechanical arm trying to ram him. While Kirby is busy with the arm, the top cannon turns toward Sweetie and fires another bullet at her, only for her to step back from the impact area before shooting a charged magical beam at it. The arm changes its target and grips Sweetie Belle by her barrel, lifting her in the air. The big laser cannons then points at her and starts to charge.

"Help, Kirby!"

To save Sweetie Belle, Kirby takes his katana and jumps at the arm, cutting right through it, sectioning the hand and releasing the filly just in time before the laser fires. Thanking him, they avoid another bullet from the top cannon, and Sweetie attacks it multiple times with her whip while Kirby throws his kunais. Sweetie jumps away from another bullet, and Kirby avoid another laser, only to be rammed by the arm, still attacking despide not having its hand anymore. Sweetie shoots a charged beam at the base of the arm, destroying it completely.

But the cannons still has a long way to go. Sweetie then decides to try something. Avoiding a laser, she gets on her hind
legs, puts her fore legs at her right, and starts to focus her energy. Before long, an energy ball forms between her hooves, and she throws it, only for it to disappear.

How hard is it to create an energy ball with this energy? I can shoot beams with my magic, this shouldn't be this different!

She doesn't have much time to get annoyed at her failure, because she sees yet another bullet coming at her. Having enough, Sweetie takes her whip and wraps it around the bullet, makes it do a loop around her, before sending it back at the cannons, where the explosion of the bullet damages the two. "Yay!"

Jumping above another laser, Kirby then falls on the top cannon and starts to cut it. The top cannon has time to fire another bullet that Kirby dodges, before suddenly stopping, electricity racing around it. Kirby jumps away while Sweetie wraps the last bullet it has fired in her whip and send it at the bottom cannon, hitting right where it shoots the lasers just as it has been charging. This cause the cannons to explode in a big explosion, revealing that the cannons were probably linked to something important, because following that, the whole top of the ship from the cannons to the head start to explode.

Just before that, the Warp Star comes and takes both Kirby and Sweetie, escaping the destruction of the deck. As the top of the ship finally disappears in an explosion of giant proportion, destroying a good part of its armament, the Warp Star leads them toward the base of the left bat wing of the ship, where it drops them beside a turret with two small cannons.

As they start approaching the wing, beating everyone in their way with Sweetie shouting how awesome and unbelievable what they have just done is, they can hear the crew speaking again.

"Ahh! Main Cannon number two was destroyed!"

"The cannon's a wreck! We can't use it!"

"What?! How could this be?" shouts Vul.

"They are now heading for the left wing!"

"You don't think they'd..." speaks the small voice in worry.

"Everyone!" shouts again Vul, angry. "We need to keep Kirby and that pony away from the left wing!"

"That pony has a name!" shouts Sweetie Belle. "And it's Sweetie Belle! Remember it!"

"Don't play tough with us, you little pest!" shouts back Vul.

Thanks to another small ride from the Warp Star, Kirby and Sweetie reach the side of the ship, where violent winds are pushing them from behind because of the speed of the flying ship. In the way, they encounter Laser Balls, big floating orange balls with eyes who can shoot small lasers.

They find themselves reaching a wall, forcing them to go down by destroying the floor thank to a few bomb blocks and using rope ladders. A few rope ladders later, they are now at the bottom of the side of the ship, where they have bigger risk falling because of all the holes. Big holes.

Sweetie then looks at Kirby ninja and gets an idea. "Hey, Kirby, get on my back! I think I know how we may be able to cross this section easily!"

"Poyo?" says Kirby in wonder, before he jumps on Sweetie's back, giving her the ninja ability. The filly then approaches the wall of the ship at their left with a big smile.

"Ninpo! Walk-on-the-wall-no-jutsu?" she asks.

Kirby gasps, and smiles. "Poyo!"

And so, with the ninja ability, Sweetie run toward the wall, before starting to run ON the wall, running above the holes and the platforms full of enemies looking at them in wonder, shooting the Laser Balls and a bomb bloc that destroy a wall in the way.

"That's cheating!" screams Vul.

"No!" replies Sweetie Belle. "That's ninja!" she says as she grabs a Maxi Tomato that is in the way in her magic, giving it at Kirby. With the katana, Kirby cut the tomato in two, and the two half fall right in their mouth.

They are however stopped by a Mr Frosty throwing an ice block in their may, forcing them to land on the floor before him. He then turn his back on them to get another ice block, showing his naked butt. Bad idea for him, because Sweetie wraps her whip around his right foot, and with the help of Kirby, sends him flying. After hitting him on the wall a few time, they give a big tug, and the Frosty passes right THROUGH the wall. This apparently destroys something important, because the whole section starts exploding alongside the left wing, forcing Sweetie and Kirby to enter the hole. The wing is destroyed just as they enter, leading the ship to tilt on its left.

"The left wing is destroyed! Damage to 74% of the wing!"

"Arggh!" yells Vul in both surprise and rage.

"We're starting to lose stability because of it!"

"Retract the sails! Give more lift to the left wing!" orders Meta Knight.

They then find themselves in a small section, with the only way through a small conduit in the ceiling above some electric floor.

"Hey! Where are Kirby and Sweetie Belle now?" asks Vul.

"It looks like they're inside the cabin now..."

"We got them on radar! They're in the ducts!"

So that's where they are. Anyway, Kirby on her back, they wall jump to the conduit and walk slowly inside it.

"What're they doing there?!" they hear Vul ask as they climb some ladders, reaching a small room with blocks spitting fire in the floor.

"They're moving through the ducts now!" they hear as Kirby helps Sweetie fly above the fire, reaching an elevator.

"Are they lost or something?" asks the small voice.

"Good question. Where are we going Kirby?" asks Sweetie, only to be answered by a shrug. Leaving the elevator, they reach a small room with a switch guarded by a Sir Kibble. Dealing with him, they find that the switch opens the door, but when they stop hitting it, the door starts to close back. So they go beside the door, and Kirby uses his kunais on the switch, opening the door, and they quickly pass it before it closes, entering another elevator.

"Wait... I thought of something. Heeheehee," suddenly says Vul, worrying Sweetie.

"What does he have prepared now?" asks Sweetie to herself.

They have to deal with a Knuckle Joe guarding a door once they leave the elevator. He is able to punch Sweetie a few times, before she wraps her whip around him, trapping him, and Kirby finishes him by cutting him with the katana. They only find a Maxi Tomato behind the door, healing the injuries that Sweetie has just taken.

Getting out, they have to go up. Some wall jumps later, they enter another small conduit leading to another Knuckle Joe that Kirby beats with a few kunais. Jumping on two platforms, they reach another door, this one leading in a big room full of weapons of all kind.

"Have they made it into the armory?" then says Vul.

"They have their pick of the lot now."

Well then, jackpot. Seeing a hammer, Kirby decides, with regret, to take it, giving up the ninja. Feeling like Vul is preparing something bad, Sweetie also takes a sword to use alongside her whip, it may help her. And, heck! Now that she has a better control of her magic, why not take more? So she takes a trident, and for good measure, a javelin. They eat the Maxi Tomato in the room, and take the door.

They appear in a big hallway full of crates half plunged in the dark, not a sound is heard.

"Are we all ready?" shouts Vul.

"Are we really doing this?"

"Hmph. I know we'll regret this."

"Shut it! Now is our only chance to finish them!" yells the captain in anger. "This time, we will succeed! Heavy Lobster, away!"

At hearing this name, Kirby gulps and urges Sweetie to move. That's when they destroy a few star blocks in their way that they start hearing heavy metallic footsteps coming from behind, approaching. Looking back, Sweetie can see in the dark glowing blue eyes coming closer and closer at each footstep. Whatever it is, it is big!

"What is that Kirby?"

"Poyo!" answers Kirby, urging her to run.

They find themselves having to pass around, above, and below many crates, and destroying more blocs in the way. They eventually start hearing the crates being destroyed behind them. A group of crates suddenly explodes in a fiery explosion, damaging the structure and urging them to go faster.

Vul then starts to laugh like a maniac. "Crush them! CRUSH THEM!!"

"He is crazy!" shouts Sweetie as Kirby helps her fly above a big wall of crates, hearing more explosions behind.

"Ahh..." they hear someone sigh. "Looks like our ship is falling apart..."

"Don't worry about it! Just press on!" says Vul.

They reach the end of the hallway, and they now have to jump up from platform to platform just as the last crates are destroyed, Sweetie seeing the silhouette of the Heavy Lobster through the smoke. But they are able to escape it by climbing, until reaching a big room with a few more wooden crates.

But then, the floor under the crates explode before them, the Heavy Lobster passing right through it in a deafening racket of exploding wood and metal hitting metal. This causes a wall at their right to fall, revealing a room full of big cylindrical metal things that seem explosives.

And here it is, four times their size, two glowing, now red flashing eyes looking right at them. Like says its name, the Heavy Lobster is a giant mechanised bipedal lobster made of golden metal, with two powerful golden claws that could snap them in two. It also possesses two small wings for some reason...

The Heavy Lobster raises its right claw, and bring it down right at them, Sweetie and Kirby barely escaping it. Kirby jumps toward its head and use his hammer to hit it, making it slightly tilt, only for the Lobster to charge its head back at Kirby, sending him to a wall. Sweetie runs as far away from it as possible and sends the three weapons she has taken toward it. The javelin brokes in two upon hitting it, and the trident gets the same fate. The sword, however, only bounces, barely scratching it. The lobster turns toward her, and shoots from its left claw what seems to be some sort of mini-lobster that fly in her direction. She creates a shield, and the mini-lobster explodes on it, destroying it.

Kirby comes back with his hammer, only for the Lobster to jump and fall on him, trapping him under its foot and making him lose the hammer. It is hit on the head by a charged beam from Sweetie Belle, succeeding in making it step back, freeing Kirby. But before the puffball can get up, the Lobster kicks him right at Sweetie Belle, sending the two of them toward a wall. The Lobster then opens its two claws, and spits fire from them. Seeing this, Sweetie takes Kirby in her magic and runs away from the flames, the jets following her behind. When the Lobster stops, it shoots some slime made of paint, followed by another mini-lobster at her, and she barely jumps away from it before shooting the slime. Leaving Kirby, the puffball starting to run around, she approaches the Lobster and cracks her whip a dozen times against its head, but this barely fazes it, and it charges at her with the help of some rocket behind it. She is not able to dodge, and the Lobster drags her on its head for a few meters before sending her flying in the big room with the cylindrical things.

She slowly gets up, heavily hurt, and watches as Kirby is able to inhale a mini-lobster and spit it back at the Heavy Lobster, damaging it, only for it to charge at him too, and Kirby barely jumps out of the way, only to be rammed by a claw. Sweetie then gets on her back hooves, puts her front hooves at her right, and charges her energy into a ball, only to fail again. Kirby jumps above the Lobster's fire. She sits on her bottom, and close her eyes, grinding her teeth, shaking.

Darn it! We will die if this continue! I don't wanna die! She opens her eyes, and sees Kirby almost getting crushed by the Lobster falling on him, but he then get caught in its claw and is violently thrown to a wall. She tries another energy ball, and fails. Tears start to flow from her eyes. Come on! There is nothing else I can do! Focus Sweetie! It's like magic! It comes from deeper, and it's harder to keep it flowing, but it's the energy coming directly from my own spirit! I can do it! She then hears a scream, and Kirby is flying right at her. She is able to catch him, and remarks that now he is somehow wearing a grey cap backward, but the Lobster quickly follows, jumping and falling just before them. It then opens its claws.

Closing her eyes, she loses all focus, and prepares another energy ball.

Sometime it's best to let your instinct do the work. And a life threatening situation is the best way to make it happen.


She throws it, a ball as big as her, right between the Lobster's eyes, making it fall on its back.

"What was that?" shouts Vul.

"A Giga Force Blast!" answers the small voice. "It's, like, the most powerful technique that a Knuckle Joe can use, but it's really hard to use! It's the first time that I see one!"

"Must be a beginner's luck," says someone else. "She was clearly failing the previous attempts."

Kirby then gets up, see the Lobster starting to get back on its feet, and jump in the air. He then takes a bucket full of paint, and splashes it all over the Lobster's head, including the eyes, covering them.

"Captain Vul! Heavy Lobster's eyes have been destroyed!"

"What?! Paint ability, you say?!" shouts Vul.

"Oh no! He can't tell his left from his right anymore!"

"Rassa frassa blassa! Arrrgh!" screams the captain in blind rage.

The Lobster charges right in front of it, Kirby taking Sweetie Belle before dodging, now without any hats on his head anymore. The Lobster continues its charge until hitting one of the cylindrical things, making it stop.

"Oh no..." says Vul in horror.

The Lobster turns to its left and fire a mini-lobster at nothing, hitting a wall, before jumping and falling on nothing.

"Good job Kirby! It's now vulnerable! We can destroy it!"

"Poyo..." says Kirby, stepping back. He then takes Sweetie's hoof, before a Warp Star comes and he jumps on it with her.

"Why are we running away?" she asks.

The Lobster then opens its claws, about to spit fire.

They get out a window just as Vul screams "Heavy Lobster! STOOOOP!!!"


A big part of the right side of the ship is blown away in a deafening explosion, including the right wing, to Sweetie's awe. Rapidly, the Warp Star drops them at the back of the ship, at the edge behind the bridge.

"The Heavy Lobster caused the right wing and the surrounding area to be destroyed!"

They then hear Vul taking big breaths, before saying "Alright... Having both wings destroyed may be just what we needed..."

After a small silence, someone else talk. "They are climbing around the outside of the ship, heading for the helm."

"Where do we go from there?" asks Sweetie.

Kirby looks around, then down beyond the edge. "Poyo!" he says, pointing down.

"We have to jump?!"

Kirby nods, and signs for her to go on his back. Slowly, Sweetie climbs, and Kirby inflates before letting himself falling down. The filly uses her magic to shoot at all the enemies trying to attack them in the air while Kirby fall around the floating white cannons pointing up, not wanting to go up. At the bottom, they reach a door with a glass of fruit juice, that Kirby gives to Sweetie.

"Are you sure? You need healing too."

"Poyo," confirms Kirby with a smile.

Sweetie looks at the juice, then drinks some of it, before giving the rest to Kirby, smiling. "Like this, everyone is happy."

Kirby can't refuse it, and so, he drinks it, before they pass the door. They end up at the left side of the ship, at the bottom, the wind back, and before a wall with a bomb block.

"They are moving along the base of the ship," says someone in the speakers as Sweetie destroys the wall with a beam.

"Not much we can do to him there... But the wind is strong," says Vul. Sweetie jumps on Kirby's back so he can fly her above the big hole that follow.

"And it's cold," says the small voice.

"And it's high."

"And it's scary."

"...All right, you lot," says Vul.

They reach a serie of yellow platforms moving rapidly up and down. Sweetie takes her time to calculate her jumps and not fall, because like she has heard from the speaker, it's high, and it's scary. Thankfully, Kirby remains beside her to make sure she doesn't fall while eating a Plasma Wisp to gain the spark ability. At the end of the platforms, Sweetie destroys another wall while Kirby deal with a Broom Hatter. Another wall later, and they enter a door.

At the other side, they have to pass a door with a switch, only to enter another room with two switches, each switch opening a door during a certain amount of time. To enter the next room, they have to make sure to pass the two doors without the second one closing before they reach it.

The next room is harder, because there are three switches, including one behind a door. This means they first have to open this door, reach the switch behind it, get out, and hit the last switch to continue. Thanks to Sweetie's beam, they are able to gain a few seconds, and they pass the doors.

They now reach an elevator, but when they try to use it, the way is blocked, so they have to take another one, destroying some cannons on wheels in the way, leading to some food, and a switch that destroys something. Taking again the first elevator, this time, they are able to get all the way down.

As Kirby sends a big ball of electricity on a chicken-like enemy, the ball hit a wall not far behind it, destroying it and revealing a door that they go through.

"Nooo!" suddenly shouts someone. "My secret stash of food!"

And... eeyup! Pancakes, flan, tomato, and a Maxi Tomato! Just what they needed after the Lobster! Enjoy!

"So you were the one hoarding them!" shouts Vul. "You scallywag!"

This makes Sweetie giggles as she eats the pancakes with Kirby.

Stomach stuffed (for Sweetie) and now fully healed, they restart their exploration of the inside of the ship and pass another door.

"Kirby and Sweetie Belle are headed for the reactor!"

"If we lose the reactor, this is all over for sure!"


"Never fear," reassures Vul. "I don't think they can do anything to the reactor."

"So long as a reflected laser doesn't hit the reactor, it will be invincible," says the small voice.

Seriously? deadpans Sweetie Belle.

"Eeeyah!" screams Vul. "Don't even say things like that!"

Too late. Sweetie and Kirby look at each other smugly.

"Stop with that look, you two!" shouts Vul.

Sweetie answers by sticking out her tongue.

"You...! You...!" They can hear that Vul is about to explode, making Sweetie giggles again. This guy is so fun to mess with, even if he tries to kill them.

They pass the door, and end up just in front of the reactor, in a room full of tubes where they can see Wheelies rolling inside.

Wait, is this reactor being powered by Wheelies? That's slavery! We must save them!

The reactor itself is constituted of a square bipyramidal crystal floating between two big machines coming out of the floor and the ceiling, with electricity racing through blue prods around the crystal. The bottom machine possesses a cannon, and they can see another smaller machine going down from the ceiling above them, targeting them. The small machine then shouts a laser at them, which they dodge, the laser bouncing on the floor.

"Ah!" shouts the filly. "We can use this laser to destroy this crystal! Kirby, try to make sure that this machine's lasers reach it!"

"Poyo!" salutes Kirby, only for the two of them to be hit by flames coming from under the floor. When they look down, they can see some burners moving under the floor. Then the cannon starts to charge, and they quickly get out of the way as it fires.

The small laser gun comes back, and is targeting Kirby. The puffball quickly flies beside the core, and dodges the laser shooted at him. The laser hits the crystal, making it crack.

"Yes! That's it!"

They avoid more flames and another shoot from the cannon, and this time, the laser gun targets Sweetie. Because she can't fly, she has no choice but to make sure that the laser bounces from the floor right into the crystal. So she places herself between the laser gun and the canon, and dodge the laser, which bounces on the floor, and hits the crystal, creating more cracks. Another laser, and it's finally destroyed, making the whole room starting to explode. The Wheelies escape from their chambers and roll everywhere before escaping the room alongside Sweetie and Kirby.

"The reactor has been destroyed!"

"All of our Wheelie power sources are escaping!"

"Ahhh!" screams Vul. "What are you idiots doing?!"

Finally, the Warp Star comes and take them out of here, and it's not long before the belly of the ship explode, and the whole structure starts to lose altitude.

"We did it! I don't believe it! We destroyed that battleship!"

"Poyo!" shouts Kirby happily, only to become serious again when he looks toward the bridge of the ship. He then points at it. "Poyo!"

"Uh? Wait, you want to return on it to go fight Meta Knight?"


She sighs. "A-alright. I suppose he deserves some punishment for trying to take over Dreamland. Let's go."

And so, they fly toward the bridge.

"All systems failing! N°3 and N°5 engines are gone!"

"We're junked! Nothing left to do but crash!"

"Attention to all crew !" then shouts Meta Knight. "Evacuate ship immediately!"

Wow! He cares for his men! thinks Sweetie at hearing this.

"Ahhh!" then screams Vul. "This ship is done for! I gotta get out of here!"

So much for the captain...

They run inside an hallway as the whole ship is shaking, hearing some explosions here and there and fighting some sort of flying casino wheels that flash in various colors.

"I'm escaping now!" talks again Vul. "Don't think badly of me!"

"So... Now it's time for the rest of you to escape as well," says Meta Knight, as they find a glass of fruit juice and a strawberry shortcake, healing the burn from the reactor.

"I will stay until the bitter end."

"We should finish off Kirby and Sweetie Belle then all escape together!"

Wow... They are very loyal... Are they that bad?

"...You are all about to perish. Do as you please," says Metal Knight with a touch of sadness.

We will not kill them, we will just beat them. What does he think? she thinks as they pass a door to an elevator, eating rapidly a Maxi Tomato in the way. They go up, up, up, and finally reach the bridge, where they are waited by many knights like they have fought at the start.

"Wait Kirby!!" shouts one of the axe wearing knights.

"I cannot let you go any farther!" shouts one of the flail wearing ones.

Sweetie takes her whip and cracks it on the floor. "Come!"

The big knights then send their flails at them, forcing them to jump. Back on the floor, Sweetie quickly wraps her whip around one of the axe knights and make him fly around, hitting many knights in the way. Kirby starts to run around, charging electricity around him, and dodge a trident before sending a big ball of electricity, shocking some of the knights. The knights surround Kirby and ready their weapons, but Sweetie uses her magic to create a shield around him, protecting him. The shield his destroyed, but the knights are electrified by Kirby surrounding himself in electricity. Sweetie wraps her whip around him, and make him fly around her, electrifying even more knights. She then dodges an axe and punches its bearer, then hurls him on a group of knights, knocking them like quills. They aren't giving up, and a big one sends a flail at her, but she crouches, letting the flail pass above her, before shooting a few beams at him. Kirby sends another ball of electricity, and is able to defeat the remaining knights, or he thinks. A last axe knight tries to attack Sweetie from behind, only for Sweetie to punch him in the face from above her shoulder without even turning around.

The axe knight, on the floor, starts to talk. "Lord Meta Knight, please take care!"

One of the knights with a flail get up. "We'll go on ahead then!"

"Yes, hurry up before the ship sinks in the ocean," says Sweetie. She turns to Kirby. "Let's go."

He nods, and the two take another elevator, going up to a door leading to a last small room with a Maxi Tomato, healing the few cuts they have gotten in the fight.

They pass the door.

They enter a room, and here he is, on a platform above them, back turned to them.

Sweetie then talks. "Meta Knight, why? When I met you at the Fountain of Dreams, it didn't seem like you wanted to take over Dreamland. You helped us protect it, and the world."

Meta Knight stays silent for a few seconds, before speaking. "Three times now... It has been three times now that Dreamland as been threatened. First, a self-centered auto-proclaimed king took all the food for his own person. Then, a being threatened to cover the world in an eternal nightmare. And last month, that was an incarnation of darkness. With Dyna Blade, we can count it to four. And all those times, the inhabitant of Dreamland, of this world, have done nothing to help. They wait in their homes, hoping for someone to do the job for them. And Kirby as always been the one answering the call, always risking his live to help, without taking anything in return. And then, you came too, Sweetie Belle, joining Kirby in becoming Popstar's shield."

Meta Knight then turns around, facing them. "But there are only the two of you. If you were to fail, then who could defend Popstar behind you? Me? Dedede? And then who? That makes only four!" He swings his sword. "That's why I did this. I want the inhabitants of Dreamland to become more active in defending their lives, even if I have to force them. All of them would become like you two, their own hero, and together, they would be able to help defend this world against the likes of Nightmare. This is why I built this ship, the Halberd. To defend. To attack. To show power. But now.... I failed."

"At least, you wanted to do something to help everyone," says Sweetie Belle. "But your method is wrong. What you are telling is that you want to form a dictature, and force everyone into one big army. But you can't force people to become warriors, to risk their life, even if that would be for the better. You would no be better than the ones you want to protect Dreamland from. This is why there are people like us, willing to fight to protect them, so they can live in peace. And if failing means the end of Dreamland, then that means that we will do everything in our power to not fail. And even if we fail, as long as we can still fight, we will continue to fight, like your troops have done."

She sighs. "It's not long ago that I was one of those inhabitants waiting in my home for someone to save the day, back in my world. And that someone was my sister and her friends. They protected Ponyville, Equestria, or even the world more than once, doing everything they could. Just a few weeks before I ended in Dreamland, they fought a giant centaure that had absorbed the magic of everyone in the kingdom, and they lost. And yet they came back, and this time, won. This is what it truly means to protect everyone. Not force them to take a weapon, but be there to take the weapon for them and do all we can to bring back peace."

Kirby nods, looking at Meta Knight.

Meta Knight closes his eyes, and stays silent for a few seconds. He then says "Your belief is strong, but so is mine. Sometime, to do what is right, you must take hard decisions. I have seen wars where the leaders were forced to recruit simple civils to have an army big enough to defend what counted for them. I strongly believe that this is what Dreamland needs, but you strongly believe that you will be enough... So..." He throws a sword at Kirby's feet. "Let's see which of us put the more strength in our belief. Survive this fight, and show me your strength!"

They nod, and Kirby takes the sword, gaining the green hat of the sword ability. Sweetie takes her whip in her magic, and lights her horn. Seeing they are ready, Meta Knight jumps from the platform, and lands in front of them, his golden spiked sword ready. "Let me warn you, Kirby. You beat me in Orange Ocean, however..." Some sort of energy starts to build up in his sword. "I was going easy on you!" He then swings his sword, and out of it comes a tornado, taking Sweetie and Kirby off guard. The tornado sends them flying into a wall, shaken.

Meta Knight doesn't let them breath, and charges at them, his cape becoming bat wings that propulse him, revealing his round body and his armored feet. Kirby quickly gets up, and parry his sword, before jumping above the knight and cutting him on the head. As he turns around to follow Kirby, Sweetie Belle shoots a beam at him, only for him to deflect it before sending from his sword a sharp shockwave at Kirby, who is able to stop it with his sword. He swings back his sword at Sweetie charging toward him, slightly cutting her in the left cheek as she jumps back.

Kirby charges at him, and Meta Knight parries his sword. Sweetie takes this to crack her whip on his back, hurting him. Using his wing, he flies away from the two of them, sending a few shockwaves that Sweetie is able to stop with her shield. Sweetie shoots back her beams, only for the knight to either dodge of deflect them. He then charges back at them and slashes his sword at great speed, cutting them multiple times as they are not able to parry all of them. Sweetie counterattacks by punching him in the face, her hoof surrounded in energy, making a small shockwave at the impact "Yes!" she shouts at this. She follows the punch with a serie of jabs, doing a real Vulcan Jab, hitting Meta Knight a dozen times before sending him flying with a Rising Break, before throwing a Force Blast at him.

Knuckle Joe would be proud!

Meta Knight stabilises himself in the air thanks to his wing, only to be cut by Kirby jumping at him. He counterattacks with a slash, and Kirby is sent to the floor. Meta Knight then sends a tornado toward Sweetie Belle, and she is barely able to dodge it. Landing on the floor, he jumps at Kirby who parries his sword. The puffball tries another slash, but Meta Knight sidestep it and attacks Kirby at the back, only for him to slash three time at the knight. Sweetie takes it to use her whip, however Meta Knight jumps back and sends a shockwave at her, cutting her. Kirby sends his own shockwave at him, and is able to hit, before going back close and personal, the two sword users trading blows after blows, parrying, counterattacking, slashing, jumping or dodging.

Sweetie keeps her eyes on them, trying to find an opening. She eventually shoots a charged beam at Meta Knight, only for him to dodge it while continuing fighting Kirby. The knight then separates himself from his opponent and sends a tornado at him, and another at Sweetie Belle. Kirby dodges the first one, only to be hit by another one hidden behind it, and the same thing almost happens to the filly. To stop him from sending tornadoes, Sweetie shoots dozens of beams at him, forcing him to parry them of dodge them. He then charges at Sweetie Belle, slashes Kirby in the way, before reaching her and swinging his sword, forcing the filly to use a shield against his endless attacks. Meta Knight is then hit from behind by a shockwave from Kirby, and the knight flies away.

Sweetie looks at Kirby, and the two nods. Kirby jumps toward Meta Knight, and parries a shockwave from him, before hitting him with a slash, landing, and running. As Meta Knight is about to follow him, he sees Sweetie Belle throwing a charged beam at him. He easily dodges it, only for Kirby to jump in the way of the beam and deflecting it back at Meta Knight, knocking him from the air. Sweetie then sends her whip toward Kirby with her magic and wraps it around him. She makes him gain momentum by making him doing some loops, and she finally sends him toward the knight, the puffball raising his sword. Meta Knight gets up, sees him coming, and prepare to parry him, only for a Force Blast from Sweetie Belle hitting the sword, causing him to have his sword deflected out of the way. At this moment, Kirby slashes his mask, making Meta Knight take a step back.

The mask then splits in two.

And they see his face.

Sweetie's jaw hits the floor. Two small oval-shaped yellow eyes, a mouth, a round body... He looks like Kirby! The main difference is that he possesses real hands instead of tubby arms.

His mask destroyed, his face revealed, Meta Knight wraps himself in his cape and disappears after going up.

Sweetie gets beside Kirby, mouth still open in awe. "He... He is from the same species as you Kirby! This is the first time that I see someone else that is really like you! Wait, does that means that he can also copy abilities?"

"Poyo," says Kirby, shrugging.

And then the whole bridge start to illuminate.

"Oh no!" shouts Sweetie Belle. She quickly go beside Kirby and wraps the two of them in a shield. Just in time, because not a second later, the whole bridge explode, followed by more and more explosions all over the Halberd. However, the explosion of the bridge destroys her shield, and the two of them are sent flying outside, Sweetie wrapping her hooves around Kirby.

They soon land on the remain of the deck around the bridge, hurt and burned, but alive. They slowly get up, and looks around them at the wreck that the ship has become.

"T-that was close... We must get out of there!"

"Poyo!" says Kirby, nodding.

That's when they see a Wheelie approaching them. A few seconds later, the Wheelie stops beside them, and nods.

"You wants to help us get out of the ship?"

It nods.

Kirby smiles at the Wheelie, and jumps on it, a helmet with goggles appearing on his head.

"Thank you Wheelie!" says Sweetie Belle, jumping on Kirby's back.

The two of them now on him, the Wheelie starts to roll.

And then, Meta Knight appears above them, flying, a new mask on his face. Without a word, he sends a shockwave at them, the Wheelie barely dodging it.

"He doesn't give up..." says Sweetie. "Keep an eye on the way, I will protect us!"


As the Wheelie rolls, jumps above holes, and go left and right to avoid explosions and falling debris, Sweetie shoots a beam at Meta Knight, only for him to dodge. He charges at them, sword ready, and Sweetie stops him with a shield that breaks at the impact before shooting another beam that forces him to go back. Meta Knight goes above them, and point his sword down.

"Dodge!" she shouts, and the Wheelie goes to the left, avoiding the knight diving at them. Sweetie uses her whip and hits him, pushing him away, only for him to come back with a charge. "Jump!" she shouts, and the wheelie jumps, dodging his sword. Sweetie then use her magic and takes the sword from Kirby, the one that Meta Knight has given him at the start of the fight, and uses it to parry Meta Knight's next assault. The knight attacks and attacks again on the sword, until eventually, with a big swing, he is able to send it away. Sweetie then shoots him with another beam, this time charged and made of both her magic and her energy, and is able to send Meta Knight flying.

"Poyo!" suddenly shouts Kirby.

"What?" asks Sweetie as she turns her head, only to see them approaching the end of the ship. She clings to Kirby, closing her eyes, and Kirby cling to the Wheelie, closing his eyes.

And they jump.

After the longest jump of their live, they land on the ground, the Wheelie able to turn around in the air to face the sea, and the Halberd. Sweetie and Kirby open their eyes, and stare in awe as the ship, once formidable, now an exploding wreck, crash in the ocean, propulsing tons of water in the air. The Halberd sinking in the ocean, the Wheelie turns around, and they start their journey back home, the sun setting in the horizon.

"I'm surprised Meta Knight hasn't followed us. I wonder where he is now," says Sweetie Belle. She then sighs. "That was intense... I'm exhausted. Still..." She laughs. "Destroying a battleship all by ourselves... That is not something I was seeing myself doing when I appeared in Dreamland. Nobody will believe me back home."

Kirby laughs at that. It sure is one heck of a story !

Sweetie then looks back toward the ocean. I hope Meta Knight will change his way. He wants to do good, but his method isn't the good one. She looks back forward. One day, maybe he will help us protect Popstar, the right way.

She closes her eyes, and starts to sing.

"Lonely kniiight you have looost the way of the heroooo
To retuuurn you will haaave to restart back from zeroooo
Lonely kniiight don't lost hooope in the light of the woooorld
And your friends
And look back at the sky to search your glimmering guiding staaaar.

Discord closes the portal.

"Oh boy! Explosions, mecha, ninja, humor, lasers, what may be the start of a romance, suspense, turnaround, revelations, not so Manichean, and a final where the heroes go toward the sunset with a song. They gave us quite the spectacle!"

"You don't say!" shouts Rainbow Dash. "They took down a bucking battleship! With lasers! And robots! Just by the two of them! And Sweetie Belle can now throw energy balls! ENERGY BALLS!! And she got to be a real NINJA! WHY IS SHE THE ONE HAVING ALL THE FUN?!!"

"I really hope they will become friend with Meta Knight," says Fluttershy. "He is a good... uhh... ball, in the end."

"Well, as long as he got in his head that to protect the world, he must force others to fight, this will be hard. I hope that getting his ship wrecked and being defeated in battle will knock some sense into him," says Applejack.

"Yeah, he was being a meany, but he was so cool !" shouts Pinkie Pie. "Did you saw when he threw tornados with his sword? And his cape that can turn into bat wings? And his mask?"

Scootaloo then goes at Discord's feet. "Please! Send me in this world so I can be with Sweetie! I want to go on adventures like this too! This will be so awesome!"

"No Scootaloo!" shouts Rarity. "This is not a game, or one of your crusades. Sweetie has truly risked her life in this, and she almost got herself killed more times that I dare thinking! If that wasn't for that candy that gave her invincibility, that laser would have... And that mecha... And that Meta Knight really tried to kill them too! One wrong move and she could have lost her head!" She takes a big breath. "This is like the time we were sent to deal with that dragon, or all the times we had to go through the Everfree Forest... And she had many weeks of training behind her to help. Do you think you would be able to go through it? Knowing that you could die at any time?"

Scootaloo remains silent for a time, before she answers. "I would probably have to train first, like Sweetie, but if she has been able to, then I can too."

"Me too," says Apple Bloom. "And with our help, she would be able to better fight bad guys, and protect the world, even if it's scary. Because we are a team."

"Exactly!" exclaims Scootaloo. "It's like with Rainbow Dash. She is the most awesome pony by herself, but it's when she is with all of you that she is at her best!"

"Well said Scoot!" shouts Rainbow Dash.

Rarity smiles at this, and shakes and head. "Even if it's a good reason, you will still not go to that world," she says.

"Why?" whines Scootaloo and Apple Bloom.

"Because Discord is already gone," then says Applejack, laughing.

"What?!" they shout. When they turn around, the draconequus is indeed gone.

Fluttershy giggles at this, before she sees Twilight fixing the wall where the portal was. "Twilight? Are you alright?"

"Uh? Oh yes! Yes! I'm alright! Food can heal ! Everything float without reason! Sweetie can become a ninja with Kirby getting on her back! Nothing make sense! But I'm alright!"

Pinkie then pops beside her. "And this is why this world is so fun! Because as Discord would say, 'what is the fun in making sense?'"

"And that's why I love that world!" suddenly shouts Discord from everywhere.

"Not helping!"

Rarity giggles, then looks at the wall where the portal has been. Please Sweetie... take care of yourself...

Sweetie gets on her bed, even more stuffed than when she has gotten back in the castle after all the food she has eaten on the Halberd. She has told everyone what she has done, and Knuckle Joe has given her the Maxi Tomato pie as a reward. She has tried to eat only a piece, but after taking the first bit, she has eaten the whole pie in ten seconds flat. It was that good.

The worst part? As a reward for saving Dreamland in his name, Dedede has promised more pie tomorrow, and Knuckle Joe has promised her another one for doing her first energy ball, which was a Giga Force Blast, and for doing his special Vulcan Rising Blast combo. Ugh...

Oh. And Dedede will make her his second tomorrow, making her the superior of everyone in his army, and another banquet is planned to celebrate that. Re ugh...

Just... Curse that world...

Under the night sky, on a cliff, Meta Knight looks at where the Halberd has sunk. Beside him are Captain Vul, which is a bearded bird with tan feathers, a beak similar to an albatross and wearing a captain sailor outfit, Sailor Waddle Dee, which is just a Waddle Dee wearing a sailor cap, and some of his knights.

"I don't believe we lost..." says Vul. He takes his captain cap and lowers it to cover his eyes in shame. "I failed as the captain."

"We all failed," replies Meta Knight. "We did everything we could, and we lost. Kirby and Sweetie Belle have been better."

"What do we do now?" asks the Waddle Dee in his small voice.

"You and everyone else will repair the Halberd. As for me..." He looks toward the sky. "I have much to think about."