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"My name is Scootaloo, I'm twelve years old and...as much as I don't like to admit it...I'm an orphan.

Anyway, something happened to me, I don't know...I got sucked into some weird dimension thingy and I got turned into an alicorn! But it only happens when I say a certain word. This old pony told me that this power should only be used to protect others, and stop something bad that would come back to hurt a lot of ponies. I don't know what's coming, but I won't let it hurt my friends, or anypony, and to those who dare try, I got one word for you..."


Cover art by: NeroScottKennedy
Shazam is the property of DC Comics.
Featured: 12/9/14
Edit: Now with it's own TV Tropes page by Darkness Rising!

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Sunset Shimmer's having a bad day. A really bad day. An embarrassingly bad day.

She kinda broke reality. And now the city is overrun with beings from all across the multiverse.

Both Twilight Sparkles are trying to fix the damage, but it's up to Sunset to deal with the metric buttload of crazy...

A wacky tale of unrelenting nonsense and stupidity.

Click here for a complete list of crossover characters!

Now has a TV Tropes page!

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This story is a sequel to The Witching Hour

Midnight Storm has had one heck of a year. She's gone from being a wandering outcast to a respected and liked member of the community of Ponyville, a captain of a secret guard created by Celestia herself, and even a mother.

That was last year.
This year she'll have to deal with chaos entities, rogue dragons, and her past. And that's all just before Nightmare Night!

Follow Midnight and her friends and family as they chart their way through one life changing event after another in part 2 of The Witching Hour!

Cover Image by Valkyrie Girl

Chapters (24)

After the girls suffer the effects of some spiked drinks, Twilight reveals a surprising fact about the human world's equine species—basically, they don't get drunk like humans do. Of course, this raises the question of whether or not the same holds true for Equestrian ponies.

The answer is a bit surprising.

Side story in my Harmony and Valor series. Check out the TVTropes page.

Chapters (1)

Sunset Shimmer, twice savior of Canterlot High who earned her wings by using the combined magic of the Earth elements of harmony to save the world from Twilight Sparkle (you know... the one with the glasses). She's offered to help Twilight's (you know.. the alicorn Princess of Friendship) new student learn about friendship while the whole crew embarks on a trip to the Crystal Empire. This should be a fairly relaxing and stress free trip. Right? RIGHT?!

It should go without saying, but MAJOR spoilers to the season 6 premier.

Sunset vector by mighty355. Other cover art stuff by Novel Idea!

Chapters (22)

This story is a sequel to Sunset Shimmer's Very Respectable Class Reunion

Sunset Shimmer tries her hoof at Equestrian diplomacy. After all, she had an entire high school full of hormonal primate teenagers eating out of her hoof... hand. A bunch of pleasant, sedate ungulates should totally be a cinch, especially with Twilight's help.

What could possibly go wrong?


This time at least, it is very clearly all Sunset's fault.

The awesome cover vector is by Umbra-Neko (who also has a whole gallery of similar vectors with different ponies) and used with her very kind permission.

This story can be enjoyed without reading its prequels.

Rated Teen and Sex for mentions of egregious sexual irresponsibility. No actual sex.

Contains minor (Pony) SunLight shipping. I'm sorry, I can't help it.

Chapters (1)

This story is a sequel to Bad Decisions Make Better Stories

Sunset Shimmer's class at Celestia's School for Gifted Unicorns is having a reunion, and naturally she is a tad surprised to find out just exactly what they've been up to since the last time she saw them. Especially after what happened during their *ahem* last class gathering.

And this time at least, everything is definitely not her fault.

Oh, dear.

Rated Teen and Sex for mentions of egregious sexual irresponsibility, very mild pony bad language, and Princess Cadance. No actual sex. Also has minor Sunlight shipping. I'm terribly sorry, I can't help it.

Contains spoilers for the the Season 6 finale and the prequel story, but can be enjoyed without having seen either. Though little bits here and here may not make sense.

PrincessColumbia has written an unofficial sequel to this story!

Chapters (1)

This story is a sequel to The Monster in the Twilight

Now that Luna has returned to the throne, and the aftermath of her brief appearance as Nightmare Moon is being cleaned up, the story is over. Right?

Not quite.

Twilight Sparkle had nearly been destroyed in the chaos of Nightmare Moon’s return, but now with the assistance of her five friends, she is facing a fascinating new world filled with wonderful things. No longer the scarred monster who nearly destroyed Canterlot and raged through the Everfree Forest for over a decade, now she has been healed by the Elements of Harmony and is living at the edge of town with her adoptive mother Zecora. Not all the fears of her past can be left behind that easily though, and now she must face the consequences of her actions as she faces the most daunting challenge of her life.


Letters is a sequel to the alternate universe story The Monster in the Twilight. In this story, Twilight Sparkle exchanges letters with Princess Luna, two ponies with a common problem of fitting in and making friends after the destruction of Nightmare Moon.

Normally I would try to talk you into reading the sequel even if you haven’t read the original story, but in this case, you’ll probably be more confused than entertained. But go ahead. I don’t mind if you don’t read the first story. You’ll never find out what an Urlock is, but that’s fine. It’s your funeral.

Editing Assistance by Alicorn Priest, Peter and Tek

Credit for the incredible picture All Night Study Group goes to Bibliodragon at Deviantart

Physical books are available on Lulu.com (up to Chapter 82)
Letters From a Little Princess Monster (Paperback) 726 pages
Letters From a Little Princess Monster (Massive Hardback) 780 pages

Chapters (93)

After the Friendship Games, Sunset feels it's time to return home.

Only when she gets there, Twilight's castle is nowhere to be found, Cadance just got her horn, and Princess Celestia is still calling the bacon-haired pony her prized student rather than a failed one. And just reliving her past isn't on the table thanks to a pair of wings Sunset seems to have sprouted upon her return to Equestria.

With Sunset being back before she's supposed to, will the world stay as harmonious and on track, or will everything go down in flames as Sunset has to deal with allegations that she's really a changeling in disguise, a nerdy stallion with blue hair that wants to be her coltfriend, a pretty pink princess in need of remedial magic lessons, and an annoying purple pre-teen pony that will absolutely not go to bed without first being read Starswirl's Complete Mystical Mysteries Compendium?

Only time will tell

Chapters (31)

After putting on the Element of Magic, Sunset Shimmer was shown just how much of a monster she really is. But that wasn't all the Elements did to her.

Sunset has now been forced to serve penance by answering any question truthfully and by doing anything asked of her, whether she wants to or not.

And she really doesn't want to.

Until all of the hatred in her heart is gone, Sunset is at the whim of her peers, unbeknownst to them of course. Can her new "friends" help her down the road to redemption?

If not, there's always that other Twilight Sparkle she keeps running into.

Current editor: Nomad_Sigma
Guest editors: Cerulean Voice, Flint Sparks, Starlight Nova, and Sholan
Extra thanks to Icarus_Gizmo, JustAnotherTimeLord, and HenryAnthonyCourtler

Cover art customized by Amber Spark!

Now with it's own TV Tropes page!
Posted on EQD June 25, 2014
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