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MLDC: SHAZAM, Equestria's Mightest Mare! - Michael_Ravencroft

Something stirs beneath Equestria, dark forces and evil organizations plan to usurp the peace of the world. Sensing the coming storm, the Wizard searches for one who will defend this world, and become Equestria's Mightest Mortal!

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Lightning Strikes Arc Part 2: Her name means power!

Scootaloo watched as the powerful lightning energy arced from the ancient unicorn’s horn, flashing and roaring as the power lit up the inside of the room, making arcane runes appear as they reacted to the magic of the Wizard. Scootaloo ducted down, covering her head with her hooves, watching each of the lightning streaks to make sure that they weren’t going to hit her. When the lightning ended, Scootaloo cautiously rose back to a standing position.

“Hey, watch where you’re you letting off that magic lightning stuff, you can seriously hurt somepony! And what the hay is the ‘Rock of Eternity’?!”

The Wizard raised his right hoof and waved it, gesturing to, well, everything. “You are standing in it now young maiden, this place is the Rock of Eternity. In it is housed the greatest collection of magical artifacts, knowledge, and history, a fortress of magic, and the very source of the ancient Power. And it is the Power that I used to forge the spell that summoned you here before me. Now, tell me your name young maiden.”

Scootaloo didn’t know what to make of this old pony. He looked ancient, and even though she wasn’t a unicorn, she could still feel deep down that this pony had a lot of power, maybe even alicorn level power.

“S-Scootaloo…my name’s Scootaloo, and you can quit it with that ‘young maiden’ mess,” said Scootaloo.

“Hmmm, Scootaloo…hard to believe that my spell brought a child before me, given that it has been many millennia since the last time one had been summoned to this place. Still…let us see if you are worthy.”

“HOLD ON! Why am I here and what are you planning on doing with me?!” Scootaloo lowered herself into an attack position, flaring her wings and raking her left hoof against the stone floor as she glared at the Wizard. “Because I’m not just going to lie down and let you hurt me!”

The Wizard raised a bushy eyebrow as he gave the filly an inquisitive look. “You are quick to judge and prone to violence.” The old pony rose up from his stone throne and slowly walked down the steps leading down to Scootaloo. The Wizard stopped when he reached the bottom and looked at the filly with his eyes of power. “Show me now, are you worthy of this power?! Are you the one destined to become magic’s champion?!”

The Wizard let loose his magical lightning from his long horn. The lightning zipped through the air and struck Scootaloo, her eyes glowed blue with the same magical light. She could feel her memories unraveling before her, but she could also sense that the Wizard was seeing them as well.

Images of a filly loved by two parents appeared within the living lightning. The next set was of a somber scene, of a tragic death of the father, and the great sadness that followed suit. Feelings of hurt and betrayal by one who was said to love her, but twisted the love until it became hatred and lust, bearing it all down on the little filly. Anger and violence found their way into her heart, as well as mistrust. Her whole life, as far as the Wizard could tell, was nothing short of sorrow and strife. The Wizard waved his right hoof, ceasing the spell altogether. Scootaloo fell onto the floor in a heap, quiet whimpers and splashes of tears hitting the stone floor resounded within the chamber.

“You…you had no right to see that or to make me see it again!” Her expression was warring between wanting to break down into sobs or glare with anger and fury at the old stallion who made her relive those awful memories in an instant, memories she was happy to forget.

“How…why has my magic brought me another like him? This can only lead to disaster…” The Wizard tilted his head to the roof as if seeing into something. “Is my body so weak now that my spells are becoming distorted?” The Wizard looked back down to the filly. “I am sorry; it was not my intention to make you see that which you did not want to remember. But I had to be sure…”

A cloth appeared before Scootaloo, small and white like a handkerchief. The orange pegasus filly eyed the cloth suspiciously, but when she looked up into the eyes of the Wizard, somehow, she was able to feel his sincerity in the act. Scootaloo carefully reached out and grabbed the handkerchief and wiped her tear soaked eyes and face. When she was done, the cloth disappeared with a poof.

“T-Thank you…So, what exactly did you have to be sure of, and again, why did you even bring me here?”

The Wizard sighed heavily. “I am old little one, and I sense that there is a great stirring of power. Something that might threaten the world you now live in. For centuries I have held fast and kept the power that the Rock of Eternity possesses from falling into the wrong hooves. But unfortunately, it means that I could not leave it. I was searching for one who could do what I could not. An individual who could wield the great power of the ancient magic and defend the world as those before me did long ago. Someone who could become magic’s champion…”

Despite the scariness of the situation, she found the plight of the unicorn troubling. “So…you thought that I could be ‘magic’s champion’ or whatever? I’m not even a unicorn! I mean, I have magic, pegasus magic, but nothing like what unicorns like my friend’s sister can do, or you.

The Wizard smirked at that. “Believe me, Scootaloo, that would not become an issue. But yes, that spell I cast was meant to find me one who was pure good.”

Scootaloo scratched her chin with her hoof, mulling over the Wizard’s words. “Well…I don’t know if it would help, but maybe Princess Twilight would be a good fit or maybe Rainbow Dash! Don’t get me wrong, Princess Twilight is the greatest, I like her a lot, but Rainbow Dash is practically my big sister! If there’s anypony you’d need to be a ‘champion’ then Rainbow Dash is your mare!”
The Wizard smiled at the young filly’s enthusiasm for this mare she spoke of. “Truly you think highly of these two, but it is the spell that choses who is worthy, or who has the potential to be. But…I am curious about something. May I ask to take another look into your memories?”

Scootaloo jumped back a few feet, taking on a defensive stance. “Look, living through that once was enough! I don’t want to have total recall all over again!”

“No, believe me young filly; I will not tread into that part of your mind. Merely, I wish to see what your life is now.”

Scootaloo shifted her eyes and fidgeted nervously. After a few tense seconds of silence, Scootaloo tentatively nodded her head. The unicorn’s horn lit up with the same magical lightning as before, his eyes glowing brightly as he looked down upon her.

“Show me, does this filly have hope?! Does she possess the sparks of good and righteousness?!”

The lightning shot straight for Scootaloo, but unlike last time she did not feel the sadness and pain of her past, this was closer to her present. Memories of the many endeavors Scootaloo and her friends made to discover their special talent flashed before the Wizard’s eyes, the struggles of not being able to fly and having been mocked because of it. The friendships she made with the two fillies, Sweetie Belle and Apple Bloom. Her adoration and idolization of the pegasus mare who took the young filly under her wing and proclaimed her as her “little sister”, Rainbow Dash. The fun times she had learning from the two mares she respected as much as the rainbow maned pegasus, her school teacher, Cheerilee, and the Princess of the region who took the time out of the day to devote to developing and nurturing their unique skills, Twilight Sparkle.

The foals of at the orphanage, the caring matron, the sisters of her friends, and all the other ponies of her town, the Wizard saw it all. It all combined into one, yes the bad was there, and it was most likely it would never leave the filly, but all that she has now had changed her from what she once was. Scootaloo loved and cared about her friends and those closest to her and would do anything to protect them, even at her own risk. Violent prone, yes, but her heart held little malice and much righteous fury. The old stallion’s eyes softened as a content smile spread across his face, lifting the corners of his beard.

The Wizard ended the spell, and unlike the first time, Scootaloo did not feel the crippling sadness of her past memories. She looked up at the old pony and noticed his smile. “Are you okay?”

“Better than okay young one, my search is over. My spell was not wrong; you are different from the last. You can overcome the sadness and the pain of your past and bring forth a shining future. And with my power, you can protect it.”

Scootaloo quickly brought up her hooves and shook them as if stopping him. “Whoa-oh-oh, wait, what are you saying?! I’m the one you’ve been looking for after all?!” The Wizard nodded an affirmative. “I…I…I’m no hero, or protector?! Yes I want to keep my friends safe and all…and I do care about the ponies in my life, but…I don’t even have my cutie mark! I’m just a twelve-year-old, orphan, flightless, pegasus filly!”

“You think too less of yourself, Scootaloo. You –” Suddenly, the Wizard looked off into the distance, his face scrunching as if he saw something threatening.

“What, what is it?!” Scootaloo asked, looking in the same direction.

“It would seem there is something wrong. A danger looms over your two friends.”

Scootaloo’s eyes went wide with shock. “WHAT?! How, why, where?!”

The Wizard’s horn glowed and a portal of light appeared before them. The portal shimmered and wavered until it became still. The texture of the portal started to take on the form of glass, like a mirror. The opening then swirled bringing up the image of Apple Bloom, Sweetie Belle, Fluttershy for some reason, and…



Apple Bloom and Sweetie Belle were walking down the dirt road. The youngest Apple sibling had her saddle bags on, carrying within them precious cargo, well, precious to her anyway. The whole trip, Sweetie didn’t understand why her friend was so secretive about what was in them, and it only made her more suspicious when Apple Bloom told her to come with her to Fluttershy’s cottage of all places, and not tell Scootaloo. Finally, after not having had her question answered yet, and hoping that her friend would just come on out and say it, Sweetie Belle just had to ask.

“Okay, are you going to tell me why we’re heading to Fluttershy’s? And why we didn’t tell Scoots that we were? She’s going to get mad that we left her out of, whatever it is that we’re doing, and I don’t like that we are.”

Apple Bloom stopped in the middle of the dirt road. She cautiously scanned the area, making sure that there wasn’t anypony within earshot. Once satisfied that they were the only two there, Apple Bloom jimmied open her saddle bag and opened the flap, revealing a couple of vials filled with a strange, bubbling, sparkly liquid.

“This is why we’re headin’ to Fluttershy’s cottage.”

“Are those potions?” Sweetie asked.

“Eeyup…Ah, um, Ah made these specifically for Scootaloo…”

Sweetie cocked an eyebrow in confusion. “For Scootaloo, why? What do they do?”

“Well…Ah…” Apple Bloom started to draw circles in the dirt with her hoof, her mind working to find the right words to convey her intentions to Sweetie. “Ah made this to see if it will help Scootaloo to fly…”

Sweetie Belle’s eyes widened. “Really?! When did you make these?!”

“A couple a months ago…ever since the whole Flag Waving Tryouts for the Equestria games – no, even before that, Scoots always wanted to fly like Rainbow Dash. Heck, she’d be happy if she could just fly like the other pegasi in our class. So, when Twilight made Twilight Time for us and said she’d help us develop special skills. Of course, after we made fools of ourselves in front our classmates and Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon in the Princess’ home, Ah wanted to take it more seriously. Not just because Ah could get a cutie mark out of it, but maybe Ah could help Scoots get what she’s wanted more than a cutie mark.”

“So this stuff’s supposed to…make her fly or something?”

“Close.” Apple Bloom nodded in the direction of the road, telling Sweetie Belle that she wanted to continue the conversation while they walked. “Ya see, Ah found this potion in one of Princess Twilight’s books, it was a recipe for makin’ a potion that could cure mostly anythin’, but it was complicated, so Ah studied it hard, even went to Zecora a couple of times for help. It’s finally done, but Ah wanted to test it out on a one of Fluttershy’s animal friends before I did.”

“You’re going to use one of Fluttershy’s critters as a guinea pig…? You do realize this is Fluttershy we’re talking about,” said Sweetie Belle, warning her friend.

“Ah know, Ah told her about it. It’s a healin’ potion, so Ah wanted to test it on one of her injured animal friends. And there was another reason why Ah wanted you to come with me.”


Apple Bloom chuckled nervously. “Y’all did learn that Failsafe spell Twilight taught ya, right?”

“Yeeeeesssssss…she did, it takes a lot out of me, but yeah, I do know the spell. Why does that –?” Sweetie Belle’s expression then deadpanned as she gave her friend an incredulous look. “You wanted me to be there in case something bad happens so I can cast the spell, don’t you?”

Apple Bloom nodded a yes and Sweetie Belle let out exasperated sigh. But she did a little smile did show on her lips.

“Okay, okay, I’ll help. This is a really nice thing you’re doing for Scootaloo, and I know she’ll be really happy when it works.”

“Thanks Sweetie, but, don’t ya mean if it works?”

“Uh-uh, when, ‘cause I know you. If it’s for Scoots, you’ll put 110% into this potion. You don’t know it, but you can be like Princess Twilight when it comes to potions, and I know you like Scoots, so you won’t let anything bad happen to her.”

Apple Bloom smiled happily at that, but caught something in that sentence that made her give Sweetie an inquisitive glance. “Uh, of course Ah like Scoots, Ah like you too Sweetie, we’re friends.”

Sweetie Belle’s demeanor was slowly shifting to that of her sister’s, playing coy with her words. “Oh, I know that, I’m just saying you like Scootaloo, so that’s why you’re putting in the extra effort.”

“What are ya tal…kin’…about…” Apple Bloom noticed the knowing look that Sweetie Belle was giving her. She then averted her gaze, looking straight ahead as her cheeks tinted red. “Shut up…”

“My lips are sealed.” Sweetie said as she giggled.

Soon Fluttershy’s cottage was coming into view. The modest home of the shy pegasus mare, a place of healing and care for many of the woodland animals of the forest. Fluttershy maintained the property regularly, making sure every animal was fed and taken care of, and that any and all equipment she used was properly stored away, not wanting a small or large animal to trip or hurt themselves because of her negligence. So when the two fillies arrived at the cottage, they gasped in horror at the state of the property.

Chicken coops were demolished, various feed was strewn all around the yard, and the cottage’s front door was busted up along with long deep gashes running around it and everywhere else. The two fillies couldn’t believe what they were seeing; it looked like a monster went berserk on Fluttershy’s house and everything else. A deep concern for the mare crept into their hearts. They wanted to shout and call out to Fluttershy, but they didn’t know if what caused the damage was still there or not and they did not want to alert it to their presence. Carefully they walked through the damaged area, minding any protruding pointy things that were in their path. As they walked around the yard, Sweetie Belle gasped when she saw the pink tail of Fluttershy further behind the house.

Apple Bloom and Sweetie Belle quickly ran to her. When they rounded the corner their jaws hung open. Fluttershy was lying on the ground; two large puncture wounds were on her right flank, blood trickling out of it in a small steady stream, indicating that the wound was deep. Her breathing was shallow and her body shook. Sweetie Belle gingerly touched the mare’s forehead and found that her fur was damp, apparently from sweating profusely. The unicorn filly gently shook Fluttershy, biting back the urge to cry and shout out to her.

“Fluttershy…? Fluttershy please wake up, what happened here?! Fluttershy please you’re really scaring me!”

Fluttershy’s voice was weak and raspy, as if just the one word was a struggle.

“We’re here Fluttershy! What happened, can ya move?!” asked Apple Bloom.

Fluttershy breathed in and out, trying to speak, but her throat felt like sandpaper and she was very weak. “R-Run……Get……Away………!”

“Run? Run from what?!”

“I thought I smelled apple filly!”

Apple Bloom felt a chill run down her spine. She recognized that voice. It can’t be…! There’s no way they can be here!

They quickly turned around and saw a large creature stalking towards them. Its upper body was that of a tiger, but the rear was like that of a goat. The creature also had two heads, one was a tiger, and other was a goat with razor sharp teeth to match the tiger heads’. The tail arched up, revealing a third head, a snake which acted as its amalgam’s tail. Apple Bloom knew what this creature was, she had hoped to never see this thing again, but here it was, standing right before Sweetie Belle and her, the Chimera from the Fire Geyser Swamp.

“Well, looks like that mare wasn’t lying when she said she was coming here,” said the goat head.

“Good thing my venom killsss slowly, elssse they might’ve ran away at the sssight of dead pony,” said the snake head.

“Yeah, yeah, we’re all so happy to have you sister, quit milking it!” The tiger growled in annoyance.

Apple Bloom shook her head in disbelief at the sight of the creature her big sister had beaten when she went on the delivery trip on her own. But why was it here and not in the swamp?!

“H-How did you find this place?! Ah thought ya couldn’t leave that darn swamp?!”

The goat head chuckled, sounding like a “baaaah” when she did so. “It took us awhile to get out of there, but all we had to do was figure out the route where you and that sister of yours used to get in and out!”

“Your sister has made a fool of us for the last time! Every time she or the big red one go through our swamp they end up getting the better of us! Well no more! We’ll go to them, while their unprepared, and unknowing of our presence! And we will finally have our fill of pony meat, and one filly fillet!” The tiger head growled.

“B-But why did you hurt Fluttershy?! What did she do to you?!” Sweetie Belle cried.

“Oh, her, she tried to stop us, gave us this weird stare that…well…”

The snake head tail slipped between the two heads and smirked smugly. “Ssshe had you two frozen ssstiff, but luckily I was able to ssslip around and give her a quick bite on her juicy flank. And now she’s filled with my venom and dying oh so slowly, painfully, but slow all the same.”

Sweetie Belle and Apple Bloom looked to each other, and then to Fluttershy. The poisoned mare gave them a desperate look, pleading with them to run now. Reluctantly, the two fillies readied themselves to run as fast as they could, but were cut off when two blazing streams of fire shot out on either side, cutting off their escape. Apple Bloom and Sweetie Belle huddled closer to Fluttershy, utterly frightened at what they saw. The Chimera’s tiger and goat heads had flames dripping from their maws, the glow of the fire making the already fearsome look in their eyes even more sinister.


“You weren’t worth the effort before,” said the goat head.

“But now you are. You should feel honored,” said the tiger head.

“Now letsss feassst!”


“Oh no…Nonononononono! You have to help them!” Scootaloo pleaded as she turned to the Wizard.

“I cannot, much of my power is weak and I cannot affect the beast from here. And as I said earlier, I cannot leave the Rock of Eternity.”

Scootaloo looked from the portal to the Wizard, back and forth as she desperately thought about how to save her friends. In the end she couldn’t think of anything better, with that thing’s two fire-breathing heads and the snake head tail, it almost had no blind spots. She then looked directly at the Wizard, her expression serious as determination burned within her eyes.

“The power you were talking about, can it save my friends?!”

“Yes, but realize that by me bestowing this power upon you, you carry with it all the power, knowledge, and skill of the ancients. A power that can nary be matched by others and will call upon you to fight against the vilest evils of your world, knowing this, will you accept it?”

Scootaloo nodded vigorously. “I will, just tell me what I have to do!”

The Wizard’s cloak and beard parted down the middle, showing the symbol of a blue glowing lightning bolt on his chest. “You must speak the magic word Scootaloo, say ‘Shazam’.”

Scootaloo gave the Wizard a confused look, but complied with his instruction. “Shazam…?”

“No, you must speak it with your good intentions and righteous fury poured into it. Feel it in your heart and speak the word of power!”

Scootaloo closed her eyes and concentrated, letting the good memories and feelings fill her heart and the righteous fury burn inside her and give her strength. She then opened them and spoke the magic word of power.


A powerful and massive bolt of lightning shot down from high above Scootaloo. The bolt struck her and empowered every cell, every atom in her body. When the lightning bolt ended Scootaloo was completely transformed. Her height was equal to Princess Celestia, with large majestic wings, and a long horn protruding from her forehead. She was donned in a red suit, her hooves in golden ornate horseshoes. Her chest plate was golden as well, with a lightning bolt symbol engraved in it. Within the engraving, it appeared as if the very lightning that transformed her was living within it, almost like a glimpse into the magic that now resided in her soul. Scootaloo’s tail was longer, along with her mane, which was now a tad bit spikier and long enough to partially cover her right eye. The lightning from her chest arced to her horn, and then to her hooves, traveling along her graceful form as if recognizing its knew wielder.

Scootaloo, after getting over the shock of being struck with lightning and still being able to breathe, lifted one of her forelegs and gasped at how tall she had gotten.

“What the…What the heck, I’m an alicorn! Eep!” Scootaloo put her hoof over her mouth after hearing that her voice had changed. It was smooth as silk, but strong like a waiting storm. “My voice changed too! And…I-I feel stronger actually. Really strong, like I could split a mountain in half and not even break a sweat! Is this the power you were talking about…hey, Mr. Wizard, are you alright?”

The Wizard was sitting on his haunches, and the power in his eyes had dimmed considerably till they became just plain white. He even seemed tired; the strength that radiated from this old pony had somehow gone all at once. Scootaloo feared that she might’ve just hurt the old pony by speaking the word of power. But the Wizard looked up at the newly christened magical warrior and smiled contently.

“Do not worry about me child, I am most happy…Happy to see that the power of the ancient magic has found one with as good a heart as yours.”

“You don’t look so good…”

“I am simply tired young one, and it is time for this old stallion to rest. Go now and save your friends…farewell, Scootaloo…truly you are a remarkable filly, I am glad to have met you…”

The Wizard’s horn lit up with magical lightning and before Scootaloo could inquire further, she was struck by his spell, sending her through the portal in the form of pure lightning. The old stallion’s body shimmered; particles of golden light began to rise up from him as his form began disintegrating with each passing second. But there was no fear in the Wizard’s eyes nor was there regret, there was simply peace. He had fulfilled his last duty as a member of the Council of Magic, and protector of the Rock of Eternity. The Wizard then closed his eyes and let go, and with that the rest of his body turned into particles of light that rose into the air and disappeared completely.

At that moment a new tapestry was created in the hall from the entrance to the throne room. It unrolled and revealed a young alicorn stallion, his coat was a gleaming silver color, and his mane white as snow. His eyes were glowing with the power of his magic as the lightning bolt symbol glimmered and sheened from catching the light from the crystals. He wore a white cloak around his body that flapped in the wind as he stood before two creatures, one was a black and red centaur with two long horns on his head, and the other was a beast with a lion’s mane, spiked whip-like tail, and large bat wings on his back.

Near the bottom of the tapestry was golden lettering that read “The 51st Champion, Quiksilver of the Unicorn Kingdoms. The Liberator. Banisher of Lord Tirek and Skorpan the Beast.

Author's Note:

Next time in
SHAZAM, Equestria's Mightiest Mare!:

Scootaloo is sent back to Equestria, but can she figure out how to use her newfound powers to save her friends from the Chimera?

And Cheerilee pays Princess Twilight a visit, the topic, Scootaloo. Will their talk affect Scootaloo's life as much as her powers?

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