• Published 20th Jun 2016
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Comes a Crossover - MythrilMoth

Sunset Shimmer accidentally breaks reality. Massive multicrossover hilarity ensues.

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Comes a New Day

Dawn broke over Manehattan.

The Teen Titans gathered in a small park, resting from the previous night's long, weary battle.

"Man, I can't believe after all that, they got away," Cyborg groused as he inspected his systems diagnostics.

"You seemed to be on the friendly terms with the harlequin clown woman," Starfire said pointedly to Robin, arms folded and mouth set in a thin line.

Robin raised an eyebrow. "Are you kidding me?" he asked incredulously. "She was trying to kill me, Star!"

"Yes, but aside from that, I could not help but notice you complimented her choice of attire."

Robin groaned. "Look, she...she changed back to her old costume, I just think it works better for her. It's banter. Nemesis banter!"

"Isn't she Batman's nemesis though?" Beast Boy asked.

"Actually, she's Batman's nemesis' sidekick," Raven said. With a smirk, she added, "Which pretty much makes it a sidekick fight."

Robin glared at her. "Not a sidekick." After a beat, he added, "Anymore..."

Cyborg held up a finger. "Wait, wouldn't she be Batgirl's nemesis? I mean, it just seems like she'd be Batgirl's nemesis instead of Robin's."

Starfire and Raven both gave him frosty stares. "Because girls only fight other girls, is that it?" Starfire asked.

Cyborg froze. "Yeah I'll shut up now," he said.

"Still," Raven said with a roll of her eyes, "it did seem like Harley was flirting with you, Robin." She smirked. "What's up with that?"

"Yes," Starfire said coldly, "what is the up with that, Robin?"

Robin threw up his hands. "Look, it's complicated! Sometimes she's a whackjob criminal lunatic, sometimes she's a whackjob...almost kinda hero...anyway! We've tangled a few times, that's all!"

"Yes. Tangled. I am the certain that is all it is," Starfire said suspiciously.

"What—look, why—" Robin spluttered. "Titans, focus! What's important here is figuring out where we are, how we got here, and how we get back to Jump City! In case you didn't notice, we don't have money, we don't have our equipment, Cyborg's gonna be in serious trouble if we don't find a way to fix him up after battle like last night's—"

"And I'm gonna need to recharge sooner or later," Cyborg said grimly. "Robin's right, we need to focus." With a teasing grin, he added, "We can razz him about playing with Joker's girlfriend's joy buzzer later."

Robin dragged a hand down his face and let out a long, resigned groan.

"Check it," Beast Boy said with a grin, "wherever we are? I likes that me bein' green ain't even weird here. I mean, did you get a look at some of these people?"

"Yes. The people here are very...colorful," Starfire said. "And yet this seems like Earth..."

"Pretty sure Earth doesn't have anything like that crazy fire ant robot," Cyborg said. "I mean, sure, there's some pretty crazy robots runnin' around, but my scanners didn't know what to make of that dude."

"The hairy man with the tail I fought was definitely not an Earthling," Starfire said, rubbing a bruise on her arm. "His attacks were most unpleasant. As was his smell."

Robin sighed. "All we can do for now is scout the city, see what's up. Beast Boy, Starfire, hit the skies. I'll scout around from the ground. Raven...up to you what to do. Cyborg? Stay put here. I need you to keep track of the rest of us so we can all meet back here without getting lost. Also, I don't want you using up energy unless you have to." He stood, popping his back. "Titans, move out!"

* * * * *

Throughout the night, Trunks had slept lightly.

Much of the afternoon had been spent helping Coco clear out her apartment and make arrangements. She didn't own much; it ultimately took less than an hour to remove all her belongings from the depressingly tiny apartment. Trunks had storage capsules with more than enough room to spare. Coco, for her part, had been impressed with Trunks' capsule technology, and even more impressed that he effectively had a portable furnished bungalow that fit in his jacket pocket.

Once they'd found a nice rooftop to set up "camp" on for the night, Coco had availed herself of the full bath and gone to bed early, while Trunks had kept his senses trained on an unfamiliar sentou-ryoku he'd felt flying around somewhere in the city. It was by no means powerful—not by his standards—but it was vastly beyond the power of the humans in the city, meaning it was potentially dangerous.

More worryingly, it felt Saiyajin.

He'd debated leaving Coco to sleep while he investigated, but then a second power level showed up and fought with the possible Saiyajin for the better part of two hours before both power levels dropped from his senses.

Morning arrived, and Coco emerged from her room dressed in shorts and a tank top that had probably belonged to his mother at some point. "That's the best night's sleep I've had in months," Coco said. "Umm...is it okay that I borrowed some clothes I found in there?"

"Of course," Trunks said.

"Thank you," Coco said. "I—" Her stomach growled, and she blushed. "Eheh..."

"Help yourself to anything in the kitchen," Trunks said as he refilled his coffee cup.

"Thank you," Coco said. "So, umm..." She ducked her head. "Yesterday was kind of...wild, and I don't want you to think I'm the kind of girl who just..." She blushed darker. "Just runs off with a cute boy at the drop of a hat." She rubbed her left arm with her right hand. "It's just...my life has been really crappy lately, and...and—"

"It's okay," Trunks said with a smile. "I saw what you had to put up with. I'm just happy I was able to help. And, honestly, I hope you'll be able to help me too."

"W-well...I'll do what I can," Coco said. She frowned and tilted her head. "So, umm...exactly what is it we're doing again?"

Trunks pulled a photo out of his jacket and showed it to Coco. "We're looking for a girl who looks like this," he said.

Coco tilted her head, frowning. "Okay. Umm...so who is she?"

"Her name's Sunset Shimmer. Well...at least, this girl in the picture is. The girl we're looking for may or may not also be named Sunset Shimmer. It's..complicated."

Coco frowned. "Does this have anything to do with all the weird stuff happening lately?"

Trunks nodded. "That's right." He sipped his coffee. "Most of what's going on right now is very confusing, but there's a parallel world to this world. It's a world of magic, inhabited by magical versions of most of the people who live here. Now, that's not where all the things that don't belong in this world are coming from, but the one who accidentally caused all this is the Sunset Shimmer from that world. She lives in Canterlot. The Sunset Shimmer from this world is apparently here in Manehattan, and has somehow gotten hold of a device from some other universe that's given her superpowers." He grimaced. "I doubt she'll be willing to come to Canterlot, but we at least need to make contact with her and make sure we have a way to stay in touch with her in case..." He frowned. "Well, honestly, I'm not sure what Sunset's planning. All I know is they sent me to make contact with this other Sunset Shimmer."

Coco blinked. "Wow, that's a lot to take in," she said woozily.

Trunks snorted. "I know," he said. "Believe me, it gets crazier than that." He smirked. "You sure you want to come along on this trip? Things could get pretty insane."

Coco rolled her eyes. "As opposed to having a boss who wants me to eat live worms and cakes baked with other people's body waste and other personal fluids in them?" she asked. "I think I'd almost rather be shot at or...or whatever."

Trunks blinked. "Cakes with...I'm sorry, what now?"

"You really don't wanna know..."

* * * * *

In movies, on television, the morning after an epic battle with an army of the undead dawns bright and clear, a metaphor for the end of a long, horrible nightmare and the start of a brand new day where the heroes are thankful to be alive.

As the residents and guests at Octavia Melody's house stirred to full bladders and rumbling stomachs, a light, steady rain fell from an iron grey sky.

The residents and guests trickled into the living room in ones and twos. Octavia padded barefoot to the kitchen, a terrycloth robe wrapped around her body, and started dragging out pans and things to make breakfast. It wasn't long before Marinette joined her, offering to help. As they cooked, Marinette kept sneaking peeks at Octavia, blushing. "Umm...so you and that boy really...?"

"We did," Octavia said matter-of-factly.

"Wow," Marinette said. She ducked her head. "Umm...is it...is it as amazing as it, umm, sounded?"

Octavia smirked. "If you know how to take charge, it is. Word of advice, never let the boy have control."

"I'll...I'll keep that in mind," Marinette squeaked. She peeked at Octavia again. "Umm...you're not...wearing anything under that robe, are you?"

"I'm in no particular hurry to be properly dressed today," Octavia answered.

"I-I see," Marinette said.

When Flash came downstairs, Lilith let out a long, low whistle. "Wow," she said. "You look way more wrung out than the guys I spend the night with usually do!"

Elsa gasped, scandalized, as she looked Lilith over. "At your age? You seriously—!"

Lilith gave her a lazy smile. "I'm a lot older than I look," she said. "Also, I'm a succubus."

Elsa paled. "I-I see," she said, looking mildly nauseated. "Sorry, I've...I've never met an...an actual demon before."

"Most humans haven't," Lilith said casually, filing her nails. "And I don't usually go out of my way to meet human women. Not that my sister hasn't...done that a few times, but I prefer a man's—"

"OKAY!" Anna exclaimed brightly. "I think we get the idea!"

Breakfast was soon ready, and the entire group flocked to the dining room, where Marinette and Octavia spread out a breakfast buffet comprised of a little of everything. As they ate, the group made idle conversation, talking about their homeworlds, their adventures, and generally getting acquainted with each other. The two pairs of Miraculous bearers especially had a lot to talk about.

"Wow, sounds like this Jafar guy made a real asp of himself," Adrien said as Aladdin finished elaborating on the adventure that led to his marriage to Jasmine. Marinette and Jasmine both groaned and facepalmed, while Aladdin let out a laugh.

"Good one!" Aladdin said cheerfully.

"Is every Chat Noir a dork?" Marinette asked tiredly.

"Only the really good ones," Tikki said with a giggle. "Kind of a...law of proportionate dorkiness. The better they are at being Chat Noir, the more of a dork they are!"

"Wow, then Adrien must be the best Chat Noir ever," Marinette said in a deadpan tone.

By the time breakfast was over, the steady rain had evolved into a deluge, with thunder crashing and lightning stabbing the sky. Octavia looked outside and grimaced. "Well, nobody's going anywhere today, that's for certain."

Sunset Shimmer grimaced. "Sorry, Octavia. We just keep imposing—"

"Nonsense," Octavia said. "Why, it's quite thrilling to see this house so lively for a change!"

Sunset smiled. "Well, since we're all gonna be here a while, might as well catch up on the news." She turned on the TV and tuned in to the cable news...

//—not yet verified. Turning to regional news, this amateur video captured an altercation in Canterlittle yesterday, where a relaxing day at the beach turned into a scene out of a summer blockbuster for dozens of beachgoers. We'd like to caution our viewers that some of the content in this video is not entirely suitable for young viewers—//

"Hey, isn't that the Dazzlings?" Vinyl piped up.

Sunset leaned in, frowning at the video. "It is," she said. "But who's that they're with, and—WHOA! What the heck?"

The rest of the group crowded in to watch. "Oh my goodness," Anna said, blinking. "Those girls are naked!"

"Well, pretty darn close," Adrien said, his face burning red. Marinette elbowed him.

"How is she fighting like that without flying out of that bikini?" Marinette wondered. "I mean...wow..."

"Ugh, big-boobed freak," Etna muttered sourly. Flonne folded her arms and nodded in agreement.

"Shh!" Sunset hissed. "Everybody quiet down, I wanna see what's going on here!"

* * * * *

*So much for my fun day at the beach...*

Everything had been going so well, too. When they all got hungry, Monica led the girls up the beach to Dazzling Delights, looking forward to a nice lunch on the beach. As they approached, however, it was quickly apparent that something wasn't right: a crowd of dazed beachgoers stood around the little diner, silent and unmoving, as an eerie, ethereal harmony filled the air.

"What's going on here?" Tron wondered.

"I don't know," Monica said. She frowned. "I sense magic..."

Kooh launched herself into the crowd with a series of flips, cartwheels, and handsprings, landing atop the head of a tanned, buff surfer, and leaned low, peering into the diner. She flailed and nearly fell, then hurried back over to the girls. "Umm...yeah...maybe we should go someplace else," she said.

"Why? What's going on in—"


The doors to the diner burst open, and a massive blue-skinned man with a long, sawlike nose barged out, flanked by three teenage girls in shorts and T-shirts and a younger girl with long, wavy blue hair done up in ten ponytails. The teenagers were singing; one of them was visibly armed, a submachine gun strapped to her hip.

"Impressive, girls," Arlong rumbled.

Adagio smirked. "This is nothing," she said. "We can do so much more than this once we really get going."

"Heeeeeeeeeeeh," Ikamusume said, impressed. "You can make them all stand still-geso? What else can you do to them-geso? Can you make them puke up all their guts like a sea cucumber-geso?"

"Eww, gross!" Sonata complained.

"I dunno, that'd be kinda metal," Aria said with a smirk.

"Ugh," Adagio said, pinching the bridge of her nose. "Right now, they're all in a trance. It'll wear off in about..."

The crowd of beachgoers screamed and stampeded away.

"Now." Adagio stretched her arms above her head and thrust her chest out. "It's just a sample of what we can do. When we really cut loose—"

"We're not gonna give you that chance!" Monica said, taking a challenging step forward and pointing dramatically.

"We're not?" Tron asked, blinking.

"Yeah, what she said," Kooh said, frowning. "This doesn't really look like something I wanna get involved in..."

Monica facepalmed. "Fine, whatever!" she snapped, passing her bag off to Kooh as she kicked off her sandals. She reached into the bag and pulled out what looked like a massive tiki mask attached to a miniature palm tree; a pinwheel of golden bananas was affixed to the "forehead" of the mask. Digging her bare feet into the sand, she stepped forward defiantly, the bizarre weapon held in a sure, steady grip. "Who are you and what are you planning to do here? I don't want to hurt you, but I will if I have to!"

"SHAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!" The sharkman grinned. "We have a hero, ladies." He cracked his neck, then his knuckles. "Time to introduce this world to the NEW ARLONG PIRATES!"

Aria snorted as she unstrapped the machine gun from her hip. "You're seriously gonna fight us with a tiki mask?"

"She'd be better off trying to hit us with her big boobs," Sonata said with a giggle.

"Ugh!" Monica groaned. "What is with everyone and my breasts today?!"

"Well they are kinda taking up the front page," Sonata retorted, smirking.

"And now we're gonna bury this lede," Aria said, taking aim and opening fire. Monica drew into herself, blocking with her sword; the pinwheel spun as hot lead bounced off, ricochets digging into the sand as Monica was driven back.

Tron groaned. "Ugh...FINE," she snarled. She thrust her hand into the bag Kooh held and pulled out a red-and-black gun with six short red barrels; the entire gun was not much longer than her forearm. She took aim at Aria and opened fire; she was nearly knocked off her feet by the recoil as the six barrels spat dozens of rounds of ammunition at the pirates.

"Oh crap!" Sonata squawked, diving for cover behind Arlong. Aria broke off her own assault and ran, bullets missing her feet by inches. "Squiddie, you're up!"

"Right!" Ikamusume leapt into the air; her ten tentacles lashed out, stretching and twisting and looping. Tron nearly dropped her gun; Kooh yelped and started jumping around. Monica blinked and backflipped away as a tentacle tried to snake around her ankle.

"H-HEY!" Tron squealed as a tentacle wrapped around her waist and lifted her into the air. She wriggled and squirmed, flailing her feet; one sandal went flying as she kicked and struggled. She started shooting wildly at the tentacle, but every shot missed. "L-let go of me, you—kyaaaaa!" she screamed as Ikamusume's tentacle wound tighter, looping around again to bind her arms.

Adagio raised an eyebrow. "Well," she drawled. "This has the potential to get interesting."

With a loud battle cry, Monica leapt toward Tron and sliced through the tentacle binding her, then turned and lobbed a crackling ball of lightning magic at Ikamusume. It impacted; Ikamusume screamed and twitched, all her tentacles recoiling and shrinking up tight into her white cap as her arms seized up at her sides. "Ge-geso-geso-geso," she chattered over and over.

"AHH! Squiddie!" Sonata cried. "You stupid boob girl!" She hauled an aluminum baseball bat out of nowhere and ran at Monica. Monica blocked swing after swing, her breasts bouncing and swaying alarmingly as she was driven back by the sheer force of Sonata's attacks.

To Monica's right, Tron and Aria engaged in a running firefight, their seemingly bottomless magazines raining shells on the beach as bullets bit into the sand. Off to her left, Kooh leapt up behind Arlong, her heavy spiked mace raised high above her head. Arlong glanced up, grunted, and blocked with a massive forearm, then grabbed Kooh and threw her into the ocean. She broke the surface and spluttered.

"KOOH!" Monica yelled, momentarily distracted. Sonata smirked, reached out, and grabbed the tie front of her bikini top, giving it a sharp yank. It came undone; Monica's breasts spilled out for all the world to see. She gasped and crossed her arms over her chest, blushing furiously. "H-HEY!"

Sonata stepped back, her baseball bat held behind her back as she raised one hand to her mouth and giggled into it. "Gotcha," she said cutely.

"This is ridiculous," Tron muttered, touching her earring. The eyes of the stylized skull flashed. "SERVBOTS! Lock on and pick up!" She ran over to where Monica's bag had fallen during the fight, keeping up her running firefight with Aria, and picked it up. Kooh rushed up, dripping wet and swearing profusely. Monica backed up to the others, keeping a wary eye on their opponents, who had broken off pursuit and were smirking smugly at them.

"This isn't over!" Monica yelled, pointing dramatically. "You will not—" She realized her bare breasts were jiggling around, blushed scarlet, and wrapped her arms tightly around herself.

With a roar of turbines, a massive armored hovercraft with the Bonne family crest on the front drove up behind them, cannons mounted on the bulky robot arms locked firmly to either side of the cabin. The canopy opened, and a Servbot emerged. "Lay down cover fire!" it cried, waving a little yellow hand at the beach. The cannons raised slightly and launched two grenades, which landed feet from the New Arlong Pirates; the concussive force of the explosion sent them scrambling. Tron, Monica, and Kooh jumped into the cabin; the Servbot closed the canopy.

"GUSTAFF AQUA, MOVE OUT!" Tron ordered.

As the hovercraft peeled away from the beach, one of the Servbots looked around. "Miss Tron, internal sensors are detecting anomalous breast mass readings!"

Monica squawked indignantly as Kooh broke out laughing. "Wh-what?!"

Tron's cheeks flushed. "Wh-why are you even scanning for that, you stupid Pervbot?!" she fumed. "Just...nevermind! Get us out of here!"

"Yes, Miss Tron," the Servbots all chorused.

As Monica pulled a shirt out of her bag and put it on, Kooh commented, "You know we're going in the opposite direction of our hotel, right?"

Monica sighed. "We'll have to double back by taxi once we get back to the garage," she said. She clenched her fists, fingernails digging into her palms. "Dammit, those guys...!"

"We're not doing the smart thing and letting this go, are we?" Tron asked. At the fierce look on Monica's face, she sighed. "Didn't think so. Alright, I'll send some Servbots to spy on those freaks and see what they're up to. Next time we go in, we go in with a plan."

Monica sighed. "You're right." She leaned back in her seat. "I owe that blue girl big time for..." She blushed. "She's gonna pay for that..."

"So much for that relaxing day at the beach, huh?" Kooh said. "I didn't even get to tease any boys with my sexy body..."

Everyone, even the Servbots, turned to stare at her.

Kooh blinked. "What?"

* * * * *

Sunset Shimmer shook her head as the video of the beach battle ended and the news moved on to another topic. "Wow. Just...wow."

"That...was really, really hot," Flash said. Sunset and Octavia thumped him upside the head.

Elsa and Anna were both burning crimson. "This world is...very different from ours," Elsa said.

"Even I think that was a little...too liberated," Anna agreed.

"I dunno, I kinda wanna see Jasmine in one of those," Aladdin said. Jasmine made a stuck sound and slapped him upside the head.

"Aladdin!" she hissed. After a beat, she added, "Maybe...maybe on our anniversary..."

//This just in: we've received word that the National Guard was placed on alert when a group of unidentified vehicles which have been described as giant mechanized animals was seen travelling in a convoy near Keating Bluff—//

* * * * *

//—the National Guard was placed on alert when a group of unidentified vehicles which have been described as giant mechanized animals was seen travelling in a convoy near Keating Bluff—//

Lamia jumped to her feet, startled. "What?!"

//The unidentified vehicles have since separated, breaking radio silence and identifying as non-hostile, but local authorities are keeping track of their movements as—//

The house began to shake, dishes rattling. Sunny Flare's mother let out a shriek, then staggered into the room, eyes wide. "Umm...Sunny, dear? I...I believe your, um, guest...h-has a v-v-v-visitor..."

Lamia and Sunny glanced at each other warily. Lamia frowned, slipped on her shoes, and rushed to the door.

Her jaw dropped.

CrossCondor was parked on the front lawn.

"H-how?" Lamia wondered. She glanced down at her morpher, which was still and silent, none of the code lights flashing. She looked back up at her MechAnimal, sitting there on the wet grass, gleaming in the weak morning sun. She shook her head. "Must be a recall relay or something..."

"Well, I did use the recall relay to find you," a female voice said.

Lamia tensed. "Okay, who's in there?" she yelled. "That's government property, and—"

The voice laughed softly. "Calm down, Lamia. It'll all make sense in a second. Or...actually, no it won't. I'm still processing it."

Lamia took a step back. "How...who..."

And then, CrossCondor changed into a sleek, feminine robot. Lamia stared, wide-eyed and slack-jawed.

"So...a funny thing happened to us after you all left," the robot said...

* * * * *

Naria had spent two days performing extensive reconnaisance of the human city.

Whatever the accursed Zyuohgers had done to Genis-sama, whatever they'd done to the Sagittariark, her situation was grim. She had no means of teleportation and a limited supply of Continue Medals.

She had to make every last one count.

She was resting underneath a bridge when a small, abhorrent creature jumped out at her, making an obnoxious racket and invading her personal space. She growled in annoyance and fired at it repeatedly, but it dodged every shot, showing absolutely no sign of fear of her, no instinct for self-preservation.

After firing fifteen shots at it without either killing it or scaring it off, Naria became contemplative.

"This tiny creature...it is annoying, and yet agile..."

She smirked and produced a Continue Medal.

"Come closer," she beckoned. "I have a special treat for you..."

* * * * *

Lamia sat on the grass, mind working furiously. She was partially in shock, but keeping her inner fire focused on the problem at hand kept her from freaking out. Mostly.

"So this alien robot did something to the MechAnimals," she said. "And now...now you're all sentient?"

"That's about the size of it," Airazor said. "And we can do this," she added, gesturing to herself.

Lamia frowned. "Can...I mean, you can still combine, right?"

"We think so," Airazor said. "We haven't tried it because we'd rather not waste Energon needlessly right now. Rodimus Prime shared his supply with us, but apparently it takes a lot of conventional fuel to synthesize it, so..." She shrugged. "I'm sure the guys back at base can figure out a way to synthesize Energon more efficiently when we get back home."


"It's what we run on now," Airazor explained. "It's good stuff," she added, flexing a mechanical bicep. "I feel like I could blow up Skullcaesar's ship if I tried."

Lamia's morpher chirped twice, indicating an incoming comm. She tapped the responder. "Lamia here."

"Senpai?" Hatoko's voice, hesitant and confused, said from the watch. "Your plane...it change? Talk, make robot by itself?"

"Yeah, she just finished explaining the whole thing to me," Lamia confirmed. She chuckled and added, "I'm sure you're just as confused as I am, but apparently this is just something we'll have to deal with." She winced, then amended, "Ahh...shinpai shinai da ne?"

There was a pause. "Close enough," Hatoko replied. "Wish my English was better, sumimasen. Ahh...my helicopter, says has new name, is...is okay?"

Lamia shrugged reflexively. "They're sentient now, I guess they can call themselves whatever they want. Heh, gonna be fun explaining that when we get home. I guess we just roll with it. Mine's calling herself Airazor now."

"Ahh...helicopter say name is Moonracer now."

"Got it. I think we'll have to get everybody together later, but for now, just sit tight, okay?"


Airazor rubbed the back of her head. "Poor thing," she said. "She doesn't take big shocks very well. I mean, she's come a long way since that day at the airport, but..."

"Okay, that's gonna take some getting used to," Lamia muttered. She was about to say something, but stopped as the sunlight glinted off an insignia emblazoned on Airazor's upper chest:

Lamia blinked. "What's that supposed to be?" she asked.

"Hm?" Following her gaze, Airazor chuckled. "Oh, that? Right, so, the race of robots Rodimus Prime comes from, they all have these faction symbols somewhere on their body apparently. He decided to make us honorary Autobots, but then he got this weird look on his face and said it'd make more sense for us to wear this symbol. Apparently there's some legendary clan of mythical Autobots from the distant past that were unsung heroes of his people's history or something..." She tilted her head. "Maximals, he called them." She shrugged. "I liked the sound of it, the others did too, so we decided to go with it."

"Huh," Lamia said. "Well, as long as it doesn't interfere with anything important, I'm fine with it." She stood and stretched. "Well, I guess we should—"

Sunny Flare burst out of the house, shooting an odd glance up at Airazor before turning to Lamia. "Trouble," she said. "Giant monster, down by the canal."

Lamia looked up to Airazor. Airazor nodded firmly back. Lamia morphed, Airazor transformed, and they took off.

* * * * *

The Power Rangers stared at the giant monster. "What...the..." Franklin said.

"Is...goofy," Hatoko said.

Forrest shook his head. "Okay, I've seen some crazy stuff since this all started, but...just...what?!"

Lamia forced down a shudder. Or a giggle. She wasn't sure which. "Okay, so...yeah, it's...yeah...but it's still doing a lot of damage. We need to do something." She turned to Airazor and the other Maximals. "So...you guys ready for this?"

Airazor nodded firmly. "Maximals, transform and combine into PowerMega!"

PowerMega formed, and the Rangers jumped into the cockpit. As the last connections settled, the viewscreen lit up, showing their adversary.

It had proportionally short, stubby human legs and wore a diaper. Above the diaper, its long torso was covered in coarse brown hair. A long, hairy prehensile tail waved around behind it. Its long, hairy arms ended in monkey paws which held oversized rattles. It had the head of a pug, wet eyes and squashed, ugly nose shining in the sunlight.

"PUPPYMONKEYBABY," it announced, shaking its rattles and dancing.

* * * * *

"Dang, son!"

"What just happened? Where are we?"

"I don't know! The readings are...they're completely..." A pause. "I've never seen anything like this. I...I have no idea what's going on!"

"You? Have no idea. What's going on. Well that's a first."

"Dude, it hurts enough to admit, don't rub it in."

"Hey. Hey guys. Look. Do you see what I see?"

"Whoa! Is that...is that another robot?"

"Fighting...fighting a giant monster?"

"Dude, what the heck kind of messed-up monster is that?!"

"Hey...hey, I think I know that bot. Isn't it from like, Power Rangers?"

Four teens looked at each other.

"So...what's the play, little bro?"

The young teen strapped into an elaborate suspended control harness tightened his jaw. "We help," he said.

He dropped to the floor of the cockpit, then launched himself skyward in a mighty leap.

The giant blue and yellow robot he was technopathically linked to vaulted toward the distant battle.

"YEAH!" exclaimed the teen behind the pilot and to his left, pumping a fist in the air. "Let's call it a crossover!"

Author's Note:

First person to nitpick any stray use of "the" in Starfire's dialogue gets slapped upside the head for failing life, the universe, and everything.