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Jason's life has grown dull. While some may have thought that the weekly monster attacks might have kept him on his toes, he had grown to learn that as the norm around town. Now, after months of living in Ponyville, he can't shake the feeling that there is a void in his life. He follows his usual routine every day: breakfast, a quick shower, followed by a quick walk to the park to read the newspaper. One morning, he finds two parents playing with their filly in the playground. As he watches, an idea sparks within his mind: why not adopt a pony of his own?

Featured on Equestria Daily

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Jacob was a sad 19 year old boy who had a crummy life with his adoptive parents that don't care that much about him, but themselves. At times, he wanted to end his life, but he didn't have the guts to kill himself. One night however, he saw a shooting star and made a wish.

His wish came true... sorta.

He wakes up in the form of a werewolf and ends up saving the life of a pegasus who treats him as if he was a normal person. Could this world be better than the one he lived in when he was human?

Chapters (5)

Princess Cadance, in an attempt to better understand love in all its forms, has decided she needs to sleep with every species in Equestria, no exceptions. When the only member of one of those species says no, she doesn't take it well, and subconsciously channels a power she wasn't even aware of. A power with a dark past, a darker champion, a deadly enemy, and a horrific side effect.

A.N. Cover art by the exceptionally skilled mix-up, A.K.A. amalgamzaku over on Deviantart.

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Why does he cry? Because he doesn't know what he is.
Is he an Angel? Never knowing a god's kiss.

How long has he lived? Ask him if you wish.
Will he answer though? He's as fragile as a dish.

Will you love him? Give him what he craves.
Will you hate him? Throw him into the flames.

Opening themes: Hello - Pol Rossignani (Evanescence Cover) - Part 1

I'm Alive - Shinedown - Part 2

Emperor's New Clothes - Nathan Sharp Cover - Part 3

Chapters (12)

In a land far far away, a land very different from Equestria, there lived a Firebender by the name of Kurama. Unbeknownst to him, he was to be ritually sacrificed on his twentieth birthday to bring prosperity to his generation. In his final moments he cursed the world. However, he then awoke from the depths of oblivion into a strange world, the world of Equestria. Join him in his adventures to give his flames purpose as he makes friends and enemies beyond his wildest imaginations. In this tale of ridiculous pastel colored sentient ponies, what path shall he decide to take? well.. if he isn't driven to insanity first that is.

This is a HiE, Avatar the Last Airbender crossover. If you're not a fan of Avatar, I wont stop you from reading but a lot of the slice of life will be confusing to you. Enjoy!! (Beware of spoilers in the comment section)

Featured 12/12/15
Featured 1/25/16

Thanks alot guys.

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King Sombra, the tyrant of Crystal Empire is back, only to be imprisoned by princesses and put through reformation with Twilight Sparkle as his teacher. Can somepony with heart as black as night be reformed? Twilight believes so. Sombra in other hoof isn't so sure but something in that mare makes him try.

This is going to be one of my longest stories this far. Marked Teen for sexual innuendo and slightly gory-ish scenes. Nothing too bad though. Also this will not be a story that deserves a dark marking.

For now I'd like to thank Alun Aleriksson, pony of change, Microshazm and Sidetrack for helping with the grammar and overall writing in general. Thank you so much.

Cover art by lorekhearts.

Chapters (32)

With his dark past heavy on his mind, Sombra is put to the test as he begins a reformation process. Though his thoughts are clearer and no longer crowded with the influence of dark magic, his heart is none the lighter. Will Pinkie's motto of "Giggle at the Ghosties" be enough to turn a tyrant good? Or Will Sombra succumb to the power of dark magic once more? But more importantly, will the reason for his tyrannical rule finally come to light?

Inspired by a series of one shots and the very popular "Feeling Pinkie Mean", though with a more serious undertone.

Warning: comments section on the last chapter contain some spoilers.

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Heihachi Mishima has experienced some quite eyebrow raising experiences in his life. Climbing back up from a ravine after two years with sheer willpower, nothing special but something to prove his 'invincibility'.

Fighting his son who became a devil incarnate and then dropping him into a volcano after beating him, a mercy but necessary killing in his eyes.

Ambushed by an army of robots and then nearly killed by them after they self destructed in his face, after being betrayed by his son who was revived twenty years later who fought alongside him in the battle against the robots after they both lost to Heihachi's Grandson, a slap in the face to him which will be remedied at a later date.

But being caught in a storm after flying helplessly across the sky for who knows how many kilometres at who knows many miles per hour, after being blown away from the robot explosion, to end up face first crashing into Canterlot Mountain and to fall into Canterlot Castle to be in a coma for a month to wake to a land of talking horses AND THEN to end up in the middle of a battle between the Ponies and the Changelings that takes place all across Canterlot - now that is something he didn't expect to happen.

"I will crush all who stand in my way! Just as I have done so before."

Tekken Crossover
Fight Scenes guaranteed

Chapters (3)

A Japanese warrior monk, known as Saito Musashibo Benkei, finds himself still alive and kicking, despite having died only days earlier. He finds himself in a strange, confusing, yet wondrous land, full of magical talking ponies who speak an equally bizzare language.

Follow Benkei as he copes with his new world, discovers new allies and friends, and comes to appreciate his new life. But Benkei was not sent to Equestria by chance to enjoy himself and live the rest of his days happily and care free. He was sent for a reason.

He was sent to help.

He was sent to enlighten others.

But most importantly, he was sent, to save Equestria.

Meanwhile, an oddly intelligent bunny by the name of Akeeta befriends Benkei, discovers the truth behind her consciousness, all while dealing with mixed feelings about a certain white bunny.

Note: Character tags will be added as they appear in the story. The mane 6, Spike, and Princess Celestia are the main cast from the show appearing in this story, but appear later on.

This will be my first shot at a historical fiction (sort've, since it's a legend crossed with MLP) , which means I actually had to do a fair bit of research on Japanese warrior monks and folklore to accomplish accurately and smoothly. That said, this is fiction, this is the MLP Universe, and Benkei himself is from a legend, so its still gonna be pretty unrealistic in that sense. I decided against using the japanese names for armor as it just serves to confuse people. However, if you prefer the japanese names, here is a helpful diagram. Also, the weapon Benkei is holding in the cover art is a naginata, in case that wasn't clear.

Also, for those wondering, no, Benkei will not be speaking Japanese for the whole story as I don't actually speak Japanese and have been relying on painstaking crosschecking with google translate to get the simple Japanese phrases that have been included to make sense when translated back to English. Don't worry, he'll be speaking English soon enough.

Lastly, this story will be updated every month . Its sortve a background project I want to continue to write to see how far I can take it while I write other things.

Side Note: Sex Tag is for references to sex, talk about sex, and some heated situations. This is a teen story, and there will be no directly written clop. Sorry!

Comments are very much welcome, even if you just want to say you hate it, so long as a valid reason is provided to enable me to grow as a writer. Thanks for reading!

Below is a simple summary of Benkei's REAL legend that happened preceeding chapter 1, and partially during the prologue.

Japanese legend tells of a man named Saito Musashibo Benkei. The origins of his birth are unknown, and the first time Benkei was seen, he was a fully grown man. After joining a monastery of monks, and then being exiled from it Benkei built a shrine next to a bridge and stood guard. He defeated 999 swordsmen before being bested, and in a display of honor, he became his adversary's retainer. Benkei fought during the Genpei wars, the giant of a man bringing death on the swift wings of his naginata, a bladed pole sword. He lived a long and exciting life, but all good things come to an end, and Benkei died defending the bridge to his master's castle. He defeated 300 samurai before finally dying of mortal wounds, but Benkei did not fall. He died standing up, at least that's how the legend goes.

Chapters (7)

This story is a sequel to The Cake Batter Incident

After being revived by his dark magic, Sombra finds himself in Ponyville, under the care of Pinkie Pie, his assigned reformer. However, with a strange voice in the back of his head and Pinkie's odd allure, Sombra finds himself feeling something that hasn't been felt over a thousand years...

Will he be able to overcome the trials that come with being Pinkie's "friend"? And how will he prepare for what's to come?

Coverart by: Sutexii

This is inspired by RainbowBob's Feeling Pinkie Mean, the first SombraPie story to grace this site. Give proper credit where needed and go favorite his series, and a follow wouldn't hurt, either.

The following stories correlate to "The Not-So-Normal Adventures of King Sombra and Pinkie Pie" during Chapters One and The Intermission in this order:
Sombra VS Hearts and Hooves Day
A Crown For My King
April Fools!
Pink Is Your Color
The Best Form of Flattery

The following stories correlate in between The Intermission and Chapter 12 in this order:
Tough Scales
Can't Sleep Alone
Same Love?

The following stories correlate between Chapter 27 and the Epilogue in this order:
Different Perceptions
Last Resort

And check out the sequel!
Meeting The Family

Chapters (29)
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