• Published 27th Jun 2013
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Immortal - The Grimm Reaper

A white wolf has been spotted in Equestria. Who is he and how is he connected to Princess Celestia?

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Part 1 - Chapter 2

I used to think I could scream, given my unusually high singing voice, but as it turns out, there are others better suited for the mantle of screaming champion; Namely, Twilight.

My ears were ringing as she screamed her lungs out. Clearly, my plan to earn her trust by letting her use me as a pillow without eating her had backfired in some way. Honestly, I just thought she was overreacting. Finally, I'd had enough. If she wasn't going to cooperate through niceties, I'd have to get a little bad.

"For the love of all that's holy, SHUT... UP!!!!!" I yelled, enhancing my voice to overshadow her own screams As if I'd karate-chopped her throat, she cut her scream off with air still in her lungs. She was still wide-eyed and leaning away from me, but seated.

"Thank you!" I said, a little louder than probably necessary. I cracked my neck, not used to waking up so... instantly. My entire body was creaking and I began to feel my age creeping up on me. "Honestly, what do I have to do in order to get you to believe that I mean you no harm? Rip out my teeth and tell you I don't have a stomach? Because at this point, my stomach's really only extra weight. What is it about me exactly, that frightens you?" I asked, looking her directly in the eye. She said nothing, frustrating me to no end. I sighed, lowering my head. Out of the corner of my eye, I spotted Twilight's doll thing. An idea came to mind that I immediately hated, but I was at a loss at this point. With a groan, I picked up the doll. a couple of hoofsteps were my reward.

"Tell you what, say something, anything at all, and I'll give you your...one of a kind doll back." I said, staring her in the eyes once again. She seemed hesitant. A little more pushing was required.

"You do realise that as a canine, I'm showing a tremendous amount of restraint to not chew the eyes off of this thing." I teased. She took another step forward, her mouth trembling. A little more. I brought the doll towards my mouth, opening it slightly. My mind was racing. Please don't make me chew this. Please don't make me chew this. Please don't make me chew this. Please don't make me chew this.

"W-wait!" she called out.

"Ah, thank christ!!" I exclaimed, moving the doll away from my mouth and tossing it to the pony. She grabbed it like a professional hoofball player and held it close. "Now why didn't you say anything earlier?" I asked her.

"You told me to shut up." she replied, looking like I'd just killed her puppy, which in this case would have been merciful for the pup, having to deal with her on a daily basis.

"I see. And did I ever tell you to be scared of me?" I asked.


"Then why were you? You sounded so excited to hear about having discovered an Immortal, yet when you answered the door for me, you turned into one of those ghost hunters that just saw their first actual ghost. So what's up with that?!" I asked, trying to mimic the expression she'd given me (though my mask would have diminished the effects somewhat).

"Twilight has a tendency to overreact with just about anything of little importance." the young dragon I'd seen last night said as he walked down the stairs.

"Spiiike!" Twilight complained. At least she was talking now.

"I see. Well I imagine you have many questions. Feel free to ask, but know that I retain the right to abstain from answering certain topics." I offered. Immediately, Twilight seemed to go into what I could only describe as an inquisitor's mode/trance. I saw a quill and notepad suddenly enter my field of vision at either side, slowly creeping closer to her as she just stared at me.

"Oh shit!" I said, waiting for the onslaught.

"What's your name?" she asked.

"Shiro." I replied.

"How old are you?"

"Lost count after the meteor hit."

"Meteor?" Twilight enquired, looking up from her notepad.

"Yes. The meteor that crashed onto this world, destroying the previous civilisation that roamed this earth. The Immortals survived and continued their lives as usual. We didn't really care for others outside our own little coven at that time." I replied. Twilight jotted the notes down, engrossed in the little tale I'd told.

"And what happened to all the other Immortals?" she asked. My ears drooped and I tried to hide my face under my mask.

"I'd rather not discuss that." I said. I knew Twilight was disappointed. I imagined she'd been leading up to that, hoping I'd let something slip.

I learned quickly that Twilight was not the type to give in easily. On top of trying the classic "face" on me, which I countered with my own discomfort on the subject, I felt her trying to enter my mind through her magic. I allowed her to enter up to a point, then I projected an image to her.

She swallowed and held her throat for a moment, checking to make sure it was still there.

"So... How do you know Celestia?" she asked with hesitance in her voice.

"We're old friends. I can't say more on the matter until I know she's comfortable with you knowing." I replied.

"Then let's go see her." she said as if it were the easiest thing in the world.

"Don't you need to like... make an appointment or something?" I asked. Twilight shrugged.

"I dunno. I haven't been a Princess for very long. I've still got a lot to learn. Celestia's made it known throughout Equestria that Ponyville, that's the town we're in, will become my own little royal abode." she replied.

"Really? Castle and all?" I asked.

"Tree castle! Like this Library. I wouldn't be surprised if this actually became a part of my castle." she replied, seeming to draw on nostalgia.

"I sense we've gone off topic. If you're ready to go to Celestia, I suppose I am too. Though I'm not too sure how she'll react to seeing me." I said. Twilight, as I expected, attacked the little bit of information I'd given.

"I thought the two of you were friends." she said.

"We were... but we had a falling out. She's probably still mad at me. Youth isn't the only thing Celestia keeps forever. Grudges are just as everlasting when it comes to her." I replied.

"Well, let's see how she reacts. Maybe if I told her how nice you were being to us even after we treated you like a monster, she'll think better of you." Twilight proposed. I smiled and followed her out of the Library.

I'm afraid that'll only validate her current opinion of me. I thought as we left.

Twilight and I got our own car on the train; Primarily because nopony was comfortable sitting in the same car as a strange white coated timberwolf. I rounded it up to the fact that Twilight was also there and royalty often had their own car. The train ride was very quiet sans the clickety-clack of the railway and the occasional sounding of the locomotive's whistle. I dreaded the thought of seeing her again while at the same time, my heart was begging to see one of my friends after all this time.

Twilight tried to enter my mind from time to time, but I kept scaring her off with different images, some of them variations of my past horrors. I found that showing her images of how I used to hunt like a regular wolf gave me more time between her attempts to infiltrate my mind than any other image.

I looked out the window and spotted the approaching castle. Out of frustration, I laid myself down on the seat and covered my face under my paws. I imagined I looked quite the sight, cowering at the sight of a castle.

The trek from the station to the castle itself was as strange as I expected. Ponies looked at me wherever I looked, some of them having the sense to look away as our eyes met. The guards at the castle entrance, although having seen Twilight, started at me. Spears touched my throat and it took Twilight's words to lower them. While it was somewhat comforting being in the presence of another Princess, although not involved in the past, I was still assaulted with discomfort. Twilight had a curious mind and my attempts to bar her from knowledge she sought was wearing thin on the both of us. I promised myself that as soon as I'd finished speaking with Celestia that I would let Twilight see what I saw every day.

It wasn’t a long walk from the entrance to the gates of Hell (a.k.a the throne room), but the wait was maddening. Thanks to my sensitive hearing, I heard the conversation prior to my “audience” with them. Fortunately, I managed to redirect my hearing elsewhere as Celestia used her booming voice. The conversation between the Princesses was as follows…

Twilight entered the throne room. “Ah, if it isn’t my newest family member. Welcome home, Twilight. is this a social call or is there something you wish or need to discuss with me?” the alabaster Alicorn enquired, greeting the younger of the two.

“Neither, Princess. In fact, I have good news.” Twilight replied. Good news, yeah right. There was a moment’s silence between the two. I could only imagine Celestia was curious as to what could constitute such a description. Knowing Twilight as well as I did, I got the sense that it could be any number of things. Undoubtedly, Celestia thought the same.

“And what would that be?” Celestia asked. It sounded nice to hear her voice without venom or disdain. But it woudn’t last for long.

“I discovered an Immortal!” Twilight said excitedly. Celestia didn’t hesitate for a moment. Although she was far off in her assumptions as to who it was Twilight spoke of.

“Oh no! Is Sombra back? Is it Chrysalis? Abbadon?” she sounded frantic. Of course, I understood why she’d jumped to those conclusions.

“No…He said his name was Shiro.” Twilight replied with the hint of confusion in her voice. I chose that moment to turn my ears around into another direction. Just in time too as Celestia chose then to start screeching like a banshee in the electric chair.

“WHAT!!!” her voice carried throughout the hallways. My ears were barely saved from the ringing that would have ensued had I been focusing them on the throne room.

“GET HIM IN HERE NOW!!!!” she boomed a little louder, just enough to give me a headache. While I wasn’t a very aggressive wolf, not for thousands of years at least, I really didn’t like loud noises, and it had a tendency to… upset me.

The doors opened for me, just enough to see Twilight’s confused and hurt face. My ears were ringing, unaided by the creaking of the doors. Out of habit, I challenged Celestia’s loud voice. A ring of magic appeared in front of my mouth and rotated slowly.

“STOP YELLING, OR I’LL GO DEAF!!! YOU CAN’T EFFECTIVELY YELL AT A DEAF GUY NOW CAN YOU?!!” I bellowed; my voice amplified through the magic ring. Even Twilight covered her ears as I spoke. The ring disappeared in front of me and I stood rather shakily before what my mind called the devil incarnate.

There was a long and arduous moment where I just stared at her and she stared right back. Her eyes were filled with total and unfaltering rage while mine reflected guilt and determination towards closure. I had to speak with her, I needed to speak with her; to face my demons.

The silence broke with her voice. “How dare you. How dare you come in here! How dare you raise your voice at me and how dare you even show your face in Equestria!” she yelled. I stood my ground under her judging gaze.

“I dare because I’m done feeling sorry for myself, Celestia.” I said, taking a step forward.

“Why? No-one else is ever going to feel sorry for you! All you have is yourself and for good reason too.” she snapped.

“I don’t need pity, I don’t need the weight of what I did weighing me down anymore. I’m done. I came here to face my past and leave it behind. I’m sorry, Twilight, I led you here under somewhat false pretenses.” I said, turning to the lavender Alicorn who was more confused than conscious at this point. She seemed to break away from her train of thought as I spoke to her.

“I still don’t understand what the problem is, aren’t you both friends?” she asked. Celestia scoffed.

Like I’d still call this traitor my friend after what he did.” she said. Twilight looked to me for an answer, but now was not the time to give it.

“My friends are dead, as am I. Celestia and I are shadows of our former selves.” I replied to Twilight.

“Don’t place me in the same boat as you, Shiro. I can barely stand to look at you.”

“Yet you’re doing a fine job all the same.” I snapped back. She just glared at me, not bothering to hide her anger towards me. I took a deep breath and relaxed under her gaze. Snapping at each other would not get anything accomplished other than further distaste between us. I then felt something arise from her. She seemed to want something. I had an idea of what that something was.

“Twilight, would you leave the room for a moment? There are a few things I imagine the both of us would like to get off our chests.” I said. Twilight seemed unsure. She even looked to Celestia who nodded, confirming my suspicion.

“If you’re sure…” she began.

“Tell you what, let us sort this whole thing out and with Celestia’s permission, I’ll show you what happened to us.” I offered. My negotiation skill had not rusted at all over the years. No sooner had I finished my offer than Twilight had made a dash for the door. I found her inquisitive nature rather humorous in that aspect as her legs skittered around towards the exit. I chanced an amused chuckle at her expense. No sooner had the door closed, than I found myself with a ten inch horn rammed into my side. I hadn't expected Celestia to start so quickly.

I had a funny feeling that I knew what was gonna come next. And sure enough, I was right. I felt her horn charging her magic between my intestines. I couldn't remove myself from the pinning either as she was actually forcing me towards the door. With a mighty slam that rattled even those powerful and large doors, I was pinned in place. I didn't have time to react as she ripped her horn out from my side, making me turn in reflex and then impaled me again right through the heart. I coughed up blood, which didn't really matter so much other than the fact that it was messy.

"Hurry up already, you're boring me to death!" I growled at her. Celestia clearly took this as a challenge as she released her magic into me. She stood back, letting me fall to the ground as her magic went to expand my body. Unfortunately for her, I'd found an escape for this.

Using my own magic, I began to disturb the expansion of Celestia's like shaking fizzy drinks while it was still in the bottle. I protected my organs and skeletal structure as it was a bitch to regenerate. There was only one way that magic could escape. I reared my neck before throwing it forward, opening my maw. Celestia got a glimpse of the magic rings encasing my tongue and inner mouth like japanese paper seals on a wall or "cursed box". She growled at me and ran for it, leaping over her throne just as her very own magic escaped my lips. The golden energy looked like a beam at first, but as the last of it left, it formed into a ball like a fast motion lava lamp.

I chuckled at the sight before me. Celestia was crouched down with her hooves over her eyes hiding behind what used to be her throne but looked more like a footstool at that point. Without warning, the massive doors I was leaning against creaked open slightly.

"Princess? Shiro?" Twilight's voice creeped into the room. I hurried to my paws and met her before she could open the door any further.

"Not yet, Twilight. We're still...arguing the issues. Tell you what, go get Discord. When we're done here, I'll go a round with him too, okay?" I said beginning to close the door again. I caught her befuddled look before I felt a great and familiar pain stick into my flank. I opened my mouth and yelled before slamming the door shut on reflex. Celestia had stuck me again.

"Come on, what are you, an Alicorn or a freaking sword-fish? Get the hell off!" I yelled, forming a magic ring on the tip of her horn. The force of that spell alone threw Celestia off me and broke her neck. The sound echoed, followed by her collapse. The ring from before emerged from the wound and rested on the surface, preventing blood from leaking onto the floor.

"Fine, don't talk to me. I prefer it actually, your voice, although soft and calming to the untrained ear possesses that high pitched background noise to it that gives me a headache." I said, limping slightly towards one of the courtroom benches Half way there, the ring disappeared and the wounds were gone from my thigh.

"This isn't the time for talking, Shiro!" Celestia yelled at him.

"She speaks!" Shiro exclaimed with mock surprise. All he received was a groan as her bones mended slowly.

"You might wanna remove that crown before it gets bent in our little skirmish, C. Wouldn't want you to look like you got your ass handed to you like old times." I mused, taking off the skull fragment on my nose which remained undamaged.

"Please, you couldn't beat me if you tried." Celestia boasted.

"What did you get senile over the years? You never won against me, ever." I said.

"But when the rest of us teamed up against you-."

"You still lost. I think you're confusing my skills with Shaiya's." I said. Celestia took a moment to think that part through.

"Oh yeah. Well I've a chance of beating you now. You've done little else but stew and fester in your own sorrow while I spent the better half of the last fifteen hundred years preparing myself for the eventual encounter I knew we were going to have." she declared. I sighed and returned to my saddened state as I recalled the events that followed.