• Published 27th Jun 2013
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Immortal - The Grimm Reaper

A white wolf has been spotted in Equestria. Who is he and how is he connected to Princess Celestia?

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Part 1 - Chapter 1

Following those four wasn’t difficult, even after they’d separated and gone to their respective families. What was difficult however, was staying unseen. While Twilight and the others had a moderately mellow reaction to seeing me, I couldn’t just expect the same from all of them.

It wasn’t being discovered that frightened me; it was being discovered by the wrong entity. Should that wrong entity report me to the highest authority as a trespasser or a potential threat, my plan to return to society would go up in flames. I needed the aid and word of one who would listen and see that I meant no harm to them; I felt Twilight was that one.

Gliding through the air like a giant flying squirrel, I landed with practiced precision to the front entrance of the Library. The scent of Twilight ended here. I knew this was where she resided as her scent was stronger than any other that passed through this door. I pricked my ears as I heard voices from within. She was with company once again, older mares. Perhaps the elder sisters and sister figure of the three young ones?

"You let my dear sister poke a strange creature near the Everfree Forest?" a very Manehattan sounding accent fell through the door.

"No, Scootaloo poked him, Sweetie belle just wanted to." Twilight's voice replied as though she'd been explaining that detail a hundred times already.

"Way to go kid, you looked fear in the eyes and poked it with a stick." an older tomboyish accent commented. This must have been Rainbow Dash, the mare mentioned back out in the field.

"Actually, it was asleep, so I just looked at it and poked it." Scootaloo replied.

"Meh, we'll say you tried to wake it up." Rainbow Dash said.

"Ah ain't never heard of a Timberwolf that looked like that before. Timberwolves are made out wood. If it ain't wood, it ain't a Timberwolf, it's just a-."

"Wolf!" twilight cut in, sounding as if she'd hurried across the Library to gather something.

"Here it is. Wolves were the ancient ancestors of the Timberwolves. Legend has it that they were born from Wolf magic, containing the spirits of the deceased." Twilight said as if reciting a passage.

"So ya'll are sayin' Timberwolves are really just."

"Ghost wolves controlling bodies made of wood." There was a pregnant pause and I pressed my ear against the door to try and hear anything further.

"But wolves died out long before the three pony races even existed." a timid sounding mare piped in.

"So what does that make him?" Scootaloo asked. A scream from Twilight followed suit as she realised what I was.

"HE WAS AN IMMORTAL!!!" she screamed.

"Immortal? You mean like you and the other Princesses immortal?" Rainbow Dash asked.

"Princess Celestia was telling me about Immortals and that there used to be a total of twelve, but only the Alicorns remained. Oh she'd be so excited to hear that another one survived!" Twilight gushed. I imagined her shaking her hooves in excitement. Then again, I had no idea what she even looked like; though she was an Alicorn, I knew that much.

I decided to take a chance and rap on the door. I was met with a question.

"Who is it?" Twilight called out.

"A customer, who else?" I joked, covering my mouth as I chuckled.

"Strange, I don't recognise that voice." an eerily high pitched voice commented. As I heard Twilight's hoofsteps, I composed myself, ready to meet her at eye level. As the door opened, she was considerably smaller than I'd expected an Alicorn to be. In fact, I stood over her. It took me a moment to notice this as I looked around for the tall pony but saw a fairly regular sized pony with a dropped jaw.

I raised an eyebrow at her and she slammed the door in my face. "It's him!" she said to her friends. Shuffling was heard within the Library. They were obviously trying to hide. With a sigh, I knocked on the door again.

"If I were dangerous, would I bother speaking to you?" I challenged. Nopony gave a response and all I received was silence. "I'm an old friend of Celestia's." I offered.

"An old pet?" the timid pony asked.

"She wishes." I replied. No response afterward. "Look... what Twilight said was true. I am an Immortal, a pretty lousy one, but an Immortal all the same. Oh the stories I could tell you... The rise and fall of the Unicorn Dominion, my own personal encounter with Starswirl the Bearded..."

"You knew Starswirl the Bearded?" Twilight called out from inside.

"Yes, he tried to experiment on me." I replied, recalling that particular incident. The door opened a crack, but that was enough for me. I waited a second before sticking my nose through. The door slammed in on it. Fortunately, I was protected by the bone on my nose, but that would only protect me for so long. I placed my paw against the door and a small ring of magic grew from out of it, growing no larger than an apple. I pushed ever so gently and the door flung open half way, allowing me the time to pull my face out of the way of the now returning door.

"Be careful with my bone! It's very important to me!" I called out, covering the remnant of my friend and checking for cracks. I noticed one of the ponies spying me through the window on the side I avoided eye contact so as to prevent scaring her further.

"I was awake when Scootaloo began poking me with that stick and I didn't attack, doesn't that count for anything?" I begged. Still nothing. It was clear I wasn't going to get through to them. I'd have to prove it to them, but not outside. I took a few steps back, looked around; coast was clear. I crouched down, a large white ring of magic growing and rotating around me. I pushed against the ring and I was propelled upward. I spiralled around and flipped myself so I would slow down. My paws touched the ground on the second floor balcony and I sighed in relief.

"Thank god I didn't jump through the wall" I said as I opened the unlocked window and crept through.

"I can't see him."

"Where'd he go?" the ponies began to look through the windows near the front door, their backs turned to me. I crept to the middle of the room, grabbing a random book with my tail. Sitting down, I opened the book and found, ironically enough, the past history of Princess Celestia. Her autobiography from the events of Nightmare Moon a thousand years ago.

"You think he gave up and left?" the one I assumed was Rainbow Dash spoke up. Her appearance gave her name an even truer sense of reality.

"I do hope so. He was such a brutish looking thing with that skull on his face." the posh pony said.

"I'll have you know, your younger sister thought I was beautiful." I spoke up while still reading the book. A chorus of gasps erupted, followed by a few screams. I squinted as the sound hurt my sensitive ears.

"And my skull is of great sentimental value to me, so I'll thank you to abstain from making it the cause of your judgement on my appearance." I added, looking up from the book For some reason, i brought my paw to my eye.

"Oh, right, no glasses." I muttered as I put my paw back down. As soon as it touched the ground, Rainbow Dash bolted for me, undoubtedly hoping to catch me off guard. I sighed as she went from across the room to right in front of me in a second. She went right through me, crashing into a stack of books behind me. An orange Earth pony with a stetson was next. She rose to her hind hooves and tried to fight me hoof to paw. I rose to my hind legs too, towering over her, but I managed to counter her moves as if she and i were of the same height. I got her into a strangle hold and held her there for a few moments, cutting off her windpipe before letting her go, coughing and sputtering.

"Are you all done yet?" I asked as I returned to four legs. Rainbow Dash glided around into my field of vision and tried to kick at my face. I lowered it just in time to prevent her from hitting my skull mask. By now, Applejack had gotten her second wind and was ready to try for me again. She ran at me, stopped and spun around. I knew what was coming. I leaned back just in time. Her rear hooves were a hair's breadth away from my face. I reached out, grabbing the hoof with my teeth. She yelled out as I sank them a little too far. Immediately, I let her go, the damage done She hobbled back to the watching group, leaving me to Rainbow Dash.

"I got him!" Dash declared. I sighed again and removed the skull from my face. This was going to hurt. I threw my head down onto a magical ring and it forced my head back up tenfold. My face collided with Rainbow Dash's own and she was stunned in the air. I shoved her towards the group of ponies who looked on in amazement.

"Ow... that's the dumbest trick I ever learned." I said, rubbing my nose before placing the skull mask back over it. With another heavy sigh, followed by a yawn, I picked up the book and went over to the fireplace, sitting in the comfy chair in front of it.

"When you're all ready to stop freaking out and actually talk, I'll be here, testing Celestia's memory." I said.

There was absolute silence for the longest time and as I read on, the ambience from the fire made me drowsy. Before I knew it, I'd nodded off. I don't recall the dream I had then, but it was undoubtedly a nightmare as I woke up gasping. I looked at my surroundings to find myself outside the front door of the Library. A storm had been scheduled and the wind was making its way under my fur. I shivered. Usually, I had the protection of a cave from the natural elements. I stood up again and tried the door. Locked. I repeated my last entry method, but stopped as I entered Twilight's room. She wasn't in her bed. With a raised brow, I checked under it just in case she'd acted like a filly. A small baby dragon slept in his basket at the foot of the bed.

Creeping past, I managed to enter the room I was in before. Twilight was sleeping by the front door, barricading it shut with her body. I kept quiet as I approached her. She seemed so peaceful, it would have been a shame to wake her and try to persuade her again.

With submission in my heart, I gently lifted her up onto my back and carried her over to the still going fireplace. With careful precision, I let her slide slowly off my back onto the floor beside me, the fire feeling warm against my side. I quietly returned to her bedroom and grabbed her blankets, finding a strange doll made of different kinds of stitching underneath. Blinking a few times, I resigned to take it also. I almost tripped over the blankets, but managed to keep quiet enough to avoid disturbing her. I threw the blankets over her and placed her doll in her hooves. She hugged it tightly and it was too sweet to not love.

I realised immediately afterward that I'd forgotten to get the pillow. I couldn't chance going back up for it incase I finally hit a creaking board and woke her or her dragon. A passing thought stuck to me and I decided to take the chance. I gently lifted Twilight's head and positioned myself just right so she could use me as a pillow. My body felt toasty warm by the fire and Twilight's body succeeded in covering the area the fire didn't reach with warmth on that side. She seemed comfortable enough. I let myself relax under her and I closed my eyes once again, hoping to dream of better times.

Author's Note:

So here's Chapter 1. Though this story is rated dark and sad, you'll find that the wolf, whose name will be revealed next chapter, is actually quite a funny guy. Like those sad depressing guys who's kind of clumsy from time to time, but good with kids.

Anyway, I hope you like it so far.