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Achieving Divinity: Dragon's Deception - The Joeker

After finally settling in to his surroundings in Equestria, our hero,Tyrath Kyelinth is sent through time by Erlking, the traitorous Goblin! When the 'reunion' goes horribly wrong can he reclaim his memories and past life? Hell, does he even want to?

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[SoL] Chapter 9: The New Offer...

Author's Note:

Small M rating here. Spoiler format will be added to 'M rated' stuff so you can skip it if you want.

;4 days later;

I was walking through the streets of Ponyville, just thinking to myself...

'Will I ever see Rivellon again? I mean... I like it here but... No place like home, right?'

As I was walking I tripped up...

"Ball-admiring cock twats!" I exclaimed. I sat on the ground, holding my knee and rocking back and forth, taking a breath through my teeth and realising an 'ahh!' when I exhaled...

;5 minutes later;

After recovering from my fall, I found myself wandering into Sugarcube Corner... No better way to take away sorrow and an injured knee than candy, right?

"Hey Mr. Dragonbreath!" Came the cheerful voice of Pinkie Pie.

"Hmm?" I asked and held my hand to my mouth and exhaled, taking a sniff...

"Just kidding silly! Although... That hole you blew through the Everfree the other day does worry us..." Said Pinkie. I looked up from my menu and saw a family of three, a mother, father and colt were huddled together and shaking in fear. I looked back to Pinkie.

"Well... I... Err... I sneezed..." I coughed.

"Huh?" She asked.

"I sneezed ok?!" I exclaimed.

"Wow... You did that...?" She pointed to the rounded hole of burned trees and grass in the side of the forest... "By sneezing?!" She asked.

"Yes?" I asked more than said.

"WOW!!! Remind me not use too much pepper in your.... Anything!" She said.

"Noted. Now then... I quite fancy..." I started before...

"A confectionary item for breakfast?" I turned and saw it was in fact Princess Luna that had spoken, she and her sister were standing there.

"What now? Someone's diaper need changing?" I asked with a groan. Sugarcube Corner had emptied when the Princesses entered.

"Not at all! Although Lulu did have that problem when she was 10..." Pondered Princess Celestia with a shit-eating grin on her face.

"SISTER!!!" Exclaimed Princess Luna in horror before scowling at her sister.

"Well, did you know Tia once had a crush on her own cousin?" Shrugged Princess Luna.

"LUNA!" Gasped Princess Celestia, going beet red...

"King Leo of the Underwater Kingdoms I believe." Princess Luna was now holding the grin.

"I... Cannot believe you did that..." Said Princess Celestia, did she have tears in her eyes?

"Sister, I..." Started Princess Luna before Princess Celestia ran out...

"Well fuck..." I sighed.

"Breakfast on hold?" Asked Pinkie, still smiling but rather worriedly...

"Yeah." I said and quickly got up.

"I... Why did I say that?" Asked Princess Luna, holding a hoof to her mouth in realisation.

"Well, in my experience, siblings tend to bring out the big ballistas when backed to the wall." I said.

"Still... She told me that in confidence... And I betrayed her trust..." Said Princess Luna, I went to reach for her awkwardly in comfort... But instead she stood on her hind legs and hugged me and sobbed into my shoulder...

"Shh... Shh... It's err... Ok?" I shot a look of confusion at Pinkie who nodded that I was doing good...

"I... I'm sorry, I should be more composed." She sniffed. Getting down from me.

"It's not me you should apologise to." I told her.

"I know but... Maybe you could go to her?" She asked.

"Me? B- But... I hardly know her!" I argued.

"Please? For me?" She asked, using her damned cutesy eyes...

"Fuck me... Fine. I'll bloody do it." I said.

"Thank you!" She exclaimed and wrapped her hooves around me again and...



Kissed me on the cheek.

"Thank you." She smiled.

"Yeah... Sure." I nodded. I went outside and looked around... Ah.

I saw the Princess sitting on a table outside, her muzzle buried in her hooves, she was sobbing...

'Ah fuck... Come on Ty! You can do this!' I thought.

"Hey Princess..." I said she looked up and her eyes were red, she sniffed a few times.

"I wouldn't have thought you would want to see a freak like me..." She said, looking away.

"How are you a freak?" I asked.

"I had a crush on my own cousin!" She said quietly. I sat next to her.

"Did you know he was your cousin?" I asked.

"No, not at first. When we found out I told- confided in Luna that I had a crush on him. She helped me through it and after about a day of finding out, I no longer felt anything aside from family love." She explained.

"So? It wasn't that bad. Back in Rivellon there are people who have shacked up, and eloped with their own siblings. You didn't even let it get past 'I slightly like him.' did you?" I said.

"No... I suppose you're right... But I trusted Luna! How could she?!" Asked the Princess...

"Well, siblings sometimes don't know how deeply something affects them. Most likely it meant so much to her it was the only thing that sprang to mind. And she said it without thinking." I said.

"I... You're quite right. I don't know why I overreacted." She sniffed, wiping her tears.

"You felt betrayed. Both of you are at fault. You just need to admit it. Right Princess Luna?" I asked, Princess Celestia spun around 90 degrees and saw her sister standing there.

"Sister... I wish to apologise for my cruel words." She said, starting to cry again, Princess Celestia stood up and trotted over to her sister, she then hugged her.

"I also wish to apologise. I brought the cat out of the bag first and you were forced to defend yourself. I am so sorry." Said Princess Celestia.

"Wow! You're really good at this!" Exclaimed Pinkie.

"I suppose. It comes from having to do the exact same thing before in Rivellon." I smiled.

"So, breakfast for anypony?" Asked Pinkie, the two Princess immediately let go of each other and bolted inside the shop, I followed and saw them each studying a menu intently. I sat next to them both.

Holy shit.

I just got another fucking kiss on the cheek, this time from Princess Celestia.

"Thank you." She smiled.

"Y-y- Yeah." I stuttered.

"Well? Whatcha havin'?" Asked Pinkie.

"I'll have a strawberry muffin." I smiled.

"White chocolate muffin." Smiled Princess Celestia.

"Dark chocolate muffin." Nodded Princess Luna.

Wow, they even like chocolate according to their titles... Princess Luna likes the dark, Princess Celestia like the light... Weird...

"A strawberry muffin isn't healthy you know?" Smirked Princess Celestia.

"Indeed. Also, having sweets for breakfast isn't exactly on any diet plan I know of." Added Princess Luna.

"Are you two saying I'm fat?" I asked.

"No! If anything you could gain a few pounds." Shrugged Princess Celestia.

;10 minutes later, after breakfast;

We exited Sugarcube Corner, waving goodbye to Pinkie.

"Oh yes! I forgot the reason we came in the first place!" Exclaimed Princess Luna, facehoofing (Yes, that is the official term. I asked.)

"Which was?" I asked.

"Tonight we are holding a banquet in the Castle in yours & Creature's honour, to recognise you for your great deeds." Smiled Princess Celestia.

"It's all good." I shrugged.

"No, it isn't. We did you an injustice. We want to show the nobles that we do not think you are just a monster to be treated however they want. That you are our friend." Said Princess Luna.

"Friend?" I asked.

"Yes! You... Do think of us as friends... Yes?" Asked Princess Celestia.

"Of course! I just thought that you thought of me as more of an acquaintance. But friend? Sure." I smiled.

"Thank you!" Exclaimed Princess Celestia and hugged me.

"It's OK... I didn't just propose you know?" I chuckled.

"Pr- Pro- Propose?! No! Don't be silly!" Exclaimed Princess Celestia, going red again... "Ahem." She let go of me.

"You see Sir Draconis, it is just that it has been so long since my sister or I have had any real friends. We have subjects, but they fear us more than anything." Said Princess Luna, looking down sadly.

"It's good. See you both tonight, yes?" I asked.

"Of course." Smiled Princess Celestia, both her and Princess Luna wore smiles that were captivating... No damnit! You can't have a relationship! Especially with ponies!

"We are just waiting for the paperwork to be finalised and you will be full citizens." Nodded Princess Luna.

"Thank you Your Majesties." I bowed.

Suddenly they both took flight back to Canterlot.

"Well, that happened." I said. Looking up at them flying away.

"What is it Master?" Asked Creature. He looked tired.

"The Princesses are holding a banquet in our honor tonight. To show that we have been accepted into their country." I told him.

"That is good news! I hope they have locked the paint cupboard." He smirked.

"Haha! True. But if they do something like that again... I don't know what i'd do." I shook my head.

"Ditto." Agreed Creature.

"You must be Ego Draconis. I hear you are a good fighter." Came a voice. I turned around.

"Hmm? You heard correct." I said to the pony addressing me.

"Good." He smiled. He looked sort of Zebrican... But not. Weird.

"Pray tell, why are you addressing my Master?" Asked Creature.

"Well, I... That is, our mayor. And our ponies... Need something from you." He said.

"I'm listening." I crossed my arms.

"I know." He shrugged.

"How dare you! You will speak to my Master with more respect!" Growled Creature.

"Very well then." He took a nervous breath. He was obviously trying to keep professional composure.

"Good. Now then, what do you need?" I asked.

"You. We need you." He stated.

"For?" I asked.

"Well, I am a dignitary from Whinnyapolis you see. And this 'Black Ring' as been threatening us of late. It requires you immediate attention." He said.

"Of course, but I also need to leave for Zebrica." I said.

"And why is that?" He asked.

"I have an assignment there as well." I informed.

"Ah, I see. Very well. I'm afraid if you wish to do business with us, you cannot help Zebrica." He said.

"Fine." I lied.

"Good! Then you must leave for Whinnyapolis post haste." He said and walked away, teleporting as he did.

"Well, so much for a banquet." Mumbled Creature.

"Agreed. We must inform the Princesses." I said and we walked to Golden Oaks Library.

I opened the door and saw Spike.

"Hey Ego." He smiled.

"Hey buddy. Is Twilight around?" I asked.

"Sure. Twilight! Ego wants to talk!" He called, she came down the stairs.

"What is it?" She asked.

"I need to send a message to the Princesses." I said.

"Really? Princess Celestia said she'd teach you the dragonfire spell... Fine." Nodded Twilight and Spike got a quill and scroll.

"Dear Princess Celestia & Princess Luna. I regret to inform you that I cannot attend the banquet tonight. I have been called by Whinnyapolis to deal with the Black Ring. I will attend the banquet once I have dealt with the Zebricans and Whinnyapolis. I apologise for the inconvenience. Yours sincerely. Ego Draconis." I said.

"Ban... Quet.... Quet..." Spike repeated the word before Twilight took over for him and finished the letter. He sent it when she passed it back to him tied up with a ribbon.

"Well, we-" I stopped as a scroll came through...

"Turn around." Twilight read when she opened it.

I did.

"BOO!" Both sisters yelled, jumping at me. I just stood there and raised an eyebrow.

"Nice try Princesses. But Ego has had, from his description, really scary and horrible Abominations teleport in next to him in a dark dungeon before. I think compared to that, you seem like a father covering his eyes and 'disappearing' for his foal." Said Twilight.

"Tartarus!" Cursed Princess Luna.

"Hahaha... It's fine, you haven't left yet?" I asked.

"No, we were about to." Smiled Princess Celestia.

"Right. Well, I have been called to action, I'm afraid. The mayor of Whinnyapolis requires our attention." I said. The sisters looked at each other... "What?" I asked.

"Well... There have been no reports of Black Ring around Whinnyapolis... But their neighbours, Saddle Arabia do have a problem. If this is indeed what we think. They are asking for it in a very roundabout way." Princess Luna tapped her chin in thought.

"Which is unusual..." Added Princess Celestia.

"They also said I cannot help Zebrica if I am to help them." I said.

"Really strange... as the royal family are good ponies." Stated Princess Luna.

"And good friends of ours..." Added Princess Celestia.

"Which means we should help ASAP." Said Creature. The two sisters raised their brows at him.

"Creature?" I asked, confused at his attitude.

"Listen. I apologise for how I spoke to you before. It is clear you get on with my Master well enough. In fact I think you are both good for him. I was only protecting my Master." Creature hoofed the ground uncomfortably. He wasn't used to this.

"It is very OK Creature. I understand. Just as I was protecting Equestria when I almost... Killed him." Spoke Princess Celestia. The word 'kill' sent a chill through the Equestrians in the room(Creature and I notwithstanding.).

"Indeed. You are forgiven." Agreed Princess Luna.

"Thank you Your Majesties." He... Bowed?

"We actually prepared travel to Saddle Arabia in preparation for them requesting help. You can leave whenever." Said Princess Celestia.

"Excellent. We will leave when we have prepared." I bowed.

"So soon?" Asked Princess Celestia.

"There ain't no rest for the wicked. Money don't grow on trees. I got bills to pay, mouths to feed, there ain't nothing in this world for free." I said walking out of the library quickly.

"Can you just slow down?" Said Twilight, catching up to me.

"I can't slow down, I can't hold back, but you know, I wish I could. There no rest for the wicked till we close our eyes for good." I concluded, putting my Dragon Wizard Armor on.

"Wait, are those... Medals?" Asked Princess Luna, I looked down and saw three medals... One had a crown on, the other had a crowned Pony head on it. The other had a heart on. All three were golden.

"Yes...? I don't know where I got these..." I mumbled.

"They are our medals... Saviour of the Crystal Empire, Saviour of Canterlot, Saviour of... Equestria?" Asked Princess Celestia as she inspected them...

"I don't know... I didn't take them... Want them back?" I asked.

"No... We'll look into this. For now, you best go." Said Princess Celestia.

"Yes Your Majesty. Come Creature. To the train station." I said.

"Wait. Twilight, did I ever give you a crash course in foreign politics?" Asked Princess Celestia.

"Hmm... No! You didn't!" Exclaimed Twilight.

"Well. Ego shall do that for you." She smiled.

"I... I will?" I asked.

"Yes. Twilight so wanted to learn about Saddle Arabia. Even so, I must send a full citizen of my kingdom as well. Otherwise they might think we think less of them. They are not like that, but we cannot risk it, you understand?" Asked Princess Celestia.

"Of course." I bowed.

"This is a test for you Twilight. You must report on everything. Stay at Ego's side. Be careful." She said and they nuzzled.

"You can count on me!" She exclaimed.

"Can I come?" Asked Spike.

"Sure." I shrugged.

"Spike. You can go." Nodded Princess Celestia.

"We also called your friends here so you can say farewell." Added Princess Luna.

"Darn tootin' you should say bye!" Exclaimed Applejack.

"Girls!" Exclaimed Twilight and they all hugged.

"Creature, we sh-" I cut off as they all hugged both of us as well!

"You didn't think we would not say bye to you as well did you silly?!" Exclaimed Pinkie.

"I suppose not." I chuckled and patted two of them on the back, as did Creature.

"Darlings, be safe." Said Rarity.

"See you round pardners." Said Applejack and shook our hands/hooves.

"I promise you more free cupcakes when you get back!" Laughed Pinkie.

"I'll try an' do a sonic rainboom for you!" Exclaimed Rainbow Dash.

"I'll introduce you to my animal friends!" Smiled Fluttershy.

"That sounds great. I mean, I was planning on impaling myself on a spear while there, but you all just convinced me otherwise." I chuckled.

They all laughed nervously at the dark humour.

"Of course we'll be back!" Exclaimed Creature.

We all headed to the train station.

"Well... This is it." Said Twilight.

"Good luck!" All 5 mares exclaimed.

"I will see you when you get back Twilight Sparkle." Nodded Princess Luna.

"Be careful my most faithful student." Said Princess Celestia and hugged Twilight.

"I will!" She exclaimed.

"Bye Spike!" They all said.

"Bye guys! Bye Rarity..." He said as she kissed his cheek.

"Before you go Ego..." Said Princess Celestia she trotted up to me.

;Princess Celestia's POV;


"Hmm?" He asked, he held his arms out expecting a hug. Was he in for a surprise...

"For luck." Instead I kissed him... Everypony's mouths dropped... I've never kissed like this before... I don't think he had got a kiss like that either... We kept going...

"What?" Asked Spike, wondering why their mouths were open. "Oh..." Said Spike... Seeing us.

I broke off the kiss...

"Nice. Brimstone and burnt sulphur..." I said. I then pursed my lips a few times before licking them.

"Really?" He asked. Oh, OK... Oh sun, I was doing this... Ok... Come on Tia... You can do it... Tell him you want him.

"Mmm, tastes... Familiar... And I... I think I love you..." I confessed, wrapping my hooves around him, he returned the hug.

"That was... Quick." He said...

"I know, but I feel some kind of... Connection to you. As if I know you. Like I've felt this for you before..." I explained, looking into his eyes.

"Ah..." He said. I hope he felt the same as well... This was completely new to me. And him I think...

"Do... Do you not love me?" I asked. Looking away. Oh well, it was worth a try... Well, now I just want to cry...

"Allow me to respond." He said. He turned my head with his knuckle on my chin and kissed me deeply... He ran a finger down my cheek.

"Good response." I breathed with a small chuckle as we pulled away.

"Yes, I... Feel the same for you." He admitted. He did love me!

(Slight M rating for teasing, blacked out for insurance purposes.)

"Thank you!" I said and hugged him. He then grabbed my flanks and I gasped, biting my lip, failing to suppress a moan. He went right next to my ear, feeling his breath on my ear was soooo good... "Mmm...." I moaned as he ran his hands through my mane, kissing my neck...

"Celestia. I... Want you... Right here. Right now." He told me, he pushed me to the floor... We didn't care everypony was watching

"Oh yessss... So commanding. I am yours, My Lord Dragon. Yours to command." I breathed, there was now nothing between us... "Make me yours. Make me your mare." I begged.


(M rating over.)
;Tyrath's POV - 5 minutes earlier;

Princess Celestia was just standing there... Not moving, a few minutes went by with us staring at her as she looked into the distance... Then she started drooling slightly... Her tongue lolling out of her mouth. Her eyes looking up in... Pleasure? Her flank started quivering, her hind leg slowly 'pawing' the ground.

I saw her tail raise slightly... I could swear she moaned a little...

And was there was a small pool of clear liquid forming beneath her...? Did she urinate? Strange...

"Princess...?" I asked, she shook her head and held her hoof to her mouth...

"Was it a dream...?" I heard her say quietly...

"Err... You've been standing there for a good few minutes." I said with a nervous chuckle...

"Oh..." She said, her ears flattening... It seemed like embarrassment.

"Erm... Sister..." Princess Luna got her attention and went and whispered something to her, she gasped and then the liquid I assume is urine beneath her disappeared in a yellow aura and her tail lowered, she was blushing heavily.

Then I saw a flash in her eyes... As if she just thought of something.

"Ego... Can I talk to you?" She asked.

"Sure." I shrugged and went inside the waiting area out of view of everypony.

"There is something you can do to put me at ease..." She said.

"Sure." I shrugged.

"Ok..." She started.

"Hold on, is that normal?" I asked.

"Hmm, what?" She asked.

"For ponies to urinate anywhere?" I asked, her eyes became pinpricks and colour rushed to her cheeks. It must be because I'm an ailen, it's just custom I suppose.

"Oh... Err yes." She answered. Was she lying? Probably not.

"Ah, OK." I nodded.

"Ok... Now, when somepony has done something bad and is seeking forgiveness, the one they are asking usually show they have forgiven them by... Sharing a kiss." She said.

"Huh?" I asked.

"It's just a thing. And if you are to be a citizen of Equestria, you should get used to our traditions. I thought I should warn you about it to save you embarrassment. And I want to know if you have truly forgiven me." She said.

"Err... Fine." I said. Why not? We weren't having sex, we weren't in love. It wasn't wrong. Just their custom. It was just me forgiving her. If it was going to put her at ease, sure.

"Ok..." She took a breath, she surged forwards and kissed me... It felt deep... But what do I know? I've never been kissed or received one until now. It's a shame my first kiss is just proving I have forgiven somepony for something I already did...

She pulled away with a smile.

"Thank you... My Lord Dragon." She whispered, her hot breath hitting my ear as she walked out. Why did that make my heart stop for a second?

"Sir Ego? I also wish to talk." Came the voice of Princess Luna.

"Of course." I smiled.

"Well, I want you to put me at ease, we have a custom-" She started.

"Where somepony seeking forgiveness is kissed by the pony they are asking to show they are forgiven? Your sister told me." I replied.

"Ah. Well, yes." She said and I kissed her as Princess Celestia kissed me... She gasped a little as I did but pushed back.

"My, that was..." She shuddered. "Forgiving. Thank you." She smiled. I walked out with her.

"Of course. We can stay in contact with communication magic." I said.

"Just... Please... Come back to me- Us." Said Princess Celestia as I got on the train.

"I will." I smiled.

"Promise?" She asked.

"I promise Your Majesty." I said, kissing her and her sisters hooves.

"I... Goodbye." She smiled as the train doors shut and we began our journey...